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Nov 20, 2015|

It's Week 11 in the NFL and that means the phone lines light up for Fantasy Football expert Tom "The Godfather" Kessenich only on The BIG SHOW!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

God father. Fantasy football is here to help you win your fantasy league. The big show is ready for you to get him now what's your questions for Tom aspect we'll have more 147991250. Front you buy der sauter Menard and they weren't for the average show. Only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. It is that time here on the Wendy's big show. You know him as the godfather mania has that name for good reason. He's the best in the business is the high stakes league manager for super stat saint. And our fair fantasy football expert is Todd casting Tom how are this afternoon. I'm doing all right I'm a little you know I like become on the show and have a little something in the grip you know so opened. Really jumpstart. That segment. And I got not. I'm a little disappointed with myself I don't know maybe it's. Just week eleven. All kinda smack him around a little bit but I cannot but I'll I'll see it like reverse order. Let me ask you isn't as nothing to do offensive football you see the cal that's by the Detroit Lions new president that he'd be he gonna Rudd any other here in the NFL. But he can read this one. Yeah that's I think that has to be extremely encouraging it's your alliance and you got someone who just. I'm completely in confidence for the rest of the NFL but don't worry folks. I'll I'll take good care of your teen years I I think if your alliance and this season has an absolutely magical it not you've got the white guy in charge clearly. Look at your questions did seven died died 1250 you can email us live at what 057 FM the fan dot com time test next. Is qualified to answer all your fantasy questions he's not just get a pick and choose one or two. But he's call 54 is qualified to answer ma you asked the question you kiss the ring and you make your way out of the room that so we do this thing. Lets us start off with Bubba and walker shot a bubble are just drop time casting. Maria and I don't drop out oh Mike Clemens he had done just think back on the line please and Bob amen to put you on hold. And there while we wait for time to ethnic to get back on the once tell everybody where you'll be stay in the Sunday when you go wash him. It. Went well two guards are auditor got lucky there aren't that that water view. 20 Victor do you. Don't know when your degree in bag for a football game offering any other reason stay ex jet total fear. Bill lord it Carty is good all other harbor and eagle locations. Are like our county player in the war the end of the great employment while Rashard acknowledge your best Irish tour dark aren't just superior. They treat you as a guest not as a tourist. Sorry about that time yet to back now rent. There aren't Bubba Waukesha what's a question. Yeah you're a go ahead would have. Hey I hear a small part Brothers them that if you're gonna conflict are here. I got welcome and I got Fitzpatrick in every week get in their start on you know what do you think. I'm still if you're probably mean you start Russell Wilson every week I'll still stardom here. It's certainly not difficult matchup our home. San Francisco is not very good you know Seattle to the need to win this week soul I think Russell Wilson does well I mean keep rolling it. Mexico. Got a father real Griggs but I. God father us while arguments ceremony. He's really all. He's very tall. I you know in talking about this my serious radio show on the Internet I honestly. I don't know what to say about this guy because we just have nothing now but could lose serious. He has good weapons to merit Thomas is great Emanuel Sanders should play. There's certainly nothing scary about the master the Bears defense is very good so they can't lob the ball and also you particular patrol a lot so. There are reasons for optimism air but it. I honestly don't know what to think because we just have nothing on this guy other then. The garbage time stop that he he got in last week and in the city being so. It's a complete dark role in this weaker I think you've got shot. By and I certainly can't tell anybody the stardom and any continent right now. Our worries email lot of 1057 FM the fan dot com I got father I just lost Adam and I need help bad. Who I start this week this is a nod PP our league. That is James White Wes Welker or Vernon Davis sets from Bernie Upton. Each. I mean he wasn't all the little bit matchup is Stan it's the best matchup for wide receivers in the league this week Baltimore gives up a total points to wide receiver sort course walker I guess I just. I can't stir Vernon Davis and Dellucci and actually involved in the game. Were you surprised that Welker was as involved in their offense is he was last week. Get a lot of targets. Yeah how shocked actually and it's peaked out at polls was an you know because he firstly just to do anything and and he over threw it over targeted Wes Welker and and he missed a touchdown to Kenny Britt about a seventy yarder. They inject about Austin gone you know they really stopped early after the first series reality I think it speaks more to nick polls. Not knowing what to do it seem all that plus walker got sort of animal that. Let's go back to the phones and Aztec in South Milwaukee what's the question for the godfather aspect. I regard door and our got a PPR. I need to start little three ago Brandon Marshall. There it sure is Jerel or Randall Cobb. Well I don't know why your including Larry FitzGerald he's a great start of every week. Brandon Marshall getting it done every week so keep certain. Yeah grow and we have on Twitter at 1057 outs on the fence of the dugout rather. I it just me certain guys that. We were about to. Thought her twelve minutes yeah he's doing now and I would have our anchors a column Williams now. Negated names do you he wants to collect a PP ER. I'm sure people need these good it did that push into the playoffs and he needs one book lacks Carlos Williams Andre Johnson alliance more. He also says banks got by. Are you also star. You know all. Well Atlanta Morris has been putting up some decent numbers and it's a great matchup zone as we. Yes score again last week. But it Carlos links course every. Game. To us how he worked every game. I'm gonna go Carlos Williams here because they certainly want I want the ball a lot even with shady McCoy looking great. They they wanna wanted to try to keep the ball Brady so much a school Carlos Williams I think Lance Moore gushed out here. Andre Johnson's not the number one target would Hasselbeck is the now I don't know now it's now I want to go color and that you. Yeah I mean you are you know the number one guy markers number two. Keep an article we cleaners to be a game shows in enjoy on this outside the two questions tomko. You got standard scoring I need to out of these three. Dovonte Adams and watching and being vehement. And you start gaining mental for sure he's in a number one receiver for the MVPs and certainly am. And I do like same lock this Mika that the Patriots will give up production the wide receivers. And you would think while close and beat on it straight keep operate. When AZ mail again as one from Jeremy guys need to a four for flex spots not DPR Lankford for sat TY Hilton and Stevie Johnson that's Jeremy. Stevie for her courtesy or what if Matt Forte starts the year do you think Jeremy like for its production just disappears. Yeah I I'd stay away what the matchup obviously not good Denver's run defense is very good so I'm only certain Lankford if Forte is who'll. Aren't let's go to Evian bay view what's a question for the godfather aren't. They got rather any two out in the -- keep our lead Jeremy Maclin mark agent or the armpit Adams. Maclin match it's really good. No bowl come. I don't know. Muscle going there I get let's go to Iowa City. It's. Actually it. I guess I I feel I don't believe the bunting in Adams but I. It's once yeah. I don't know are going and all that well Minnesota run defense is very good so I think cultural let's go to Monday Adams. Golf routes on track bar that I need one of these four running back and that standard. James why. Lacey. It'll our blue. That group I guess sort Khalili she she likes. Keep taking your questions your calls your emails your tweets for the god father of fantasy football Comcast tickets 7991250. Live at 1057 FM the fan dot com to resent our Romo. What set with a mask and you can and you don't show too when I start Romo and not this week I'd like to see if usually the quarterback needs a week Richard to to tune up in and find his rhythm right Tom. I'm sure more uncertain Romo you would great match up you get definitely depend on options obviously about starting all the Carson Palmer some like battery Chargers but. Yeah I mean I it's a great match up you. He's got Witten so yeah if spirits. Are top tens and keep taking those questions 7991250. Live at 1057 FM the fan dot com tweet. At 1057 FM the fan get in as many of you as we can between down 430 after this break on Sports Radio. And just short of four Tony. On a football Friday means were taking your fantasy questions at the godfather fantasy football contest nick high stakes league manager. For stats sink 7991250. You can also email us live at 1057 FM the fan. Dot count Matt on the east side uses the Wendy's email lot of 1057 FM the fan dot com nine PDR godfather keeper league I'm currently first in nine want I'm hesitant to make any moves because things have gone very well so far however. Got offered this Trey that I am pondering. I would be trading Carlos hiding Matt Jones and receiving Jeremy hill and Gary barn age. Please let me know what you think that's Matt and the Isa. Why. Yeah I don't Q what you're getting there yeah I mean. You'd be tight end help I don't know Jerry Armitage is gonna be magically transforming your roster. I like the guys are giving up more long armies at this keeper league right yeah. Yeah no I don't I don't really understand. The point of the. All right let's go back to the phones and go to Kurt Kurt what's a question for the godfather. Hi PP ER I need to start for you these guys. Aram. Sammy Watkins Borchard Matthews. Jordan Reed and Travis Kelsey. Sit Matthews. LeRoy what do we have on Twitter at 1057 FM PER. Eighty lazy west that guys on five year with what he did against Denver and make sure that in. PP ER he needs one. Needs one yet church and I don't see any round flier and got an outstanding matchup the streets India goes well. Here's and here's a nutty thing if you lost Jamaal Charles who was having a great year went way. And you picked up Turkey and request. You didn't looser all trials he's not Jamaal Charles number particular. And I'm I bet most people when the season started because you. You knew Jamaal Charles could could go down with an injury this season they probably handcuffed him with Nile Davis and you're gonna start Kendrick west out of nowhere. Yeah I mean that that was yes he was the number two guy going into the seats that second straight year. A third string running back has emerged in the AFC west to be a dominant fantasy player last year EJ Henderson in Denver this are sure. That's true I got him and Langford and won only a few of them that look at you waiver wire vulture when and and there. If you drive the better wouldn't be in this position owls got to go to the negatives let's go to John downtown Utley jobless sequestered for time just. Yeah Agee. I Garrett any order or Doug martz. You Tinsley then run. What was W would you call did you see where do you pop idol wouldn't ever called me that is a PCR. Dead people. The Al spangler. Well but you can you can see Mikell is lineup at what I'm glad it's evident from the fans decked what language was. Don't know pilot Graham. For my father do. I think it was a bookie is the biggest pitcher who put heat on time casting grapple we'll hang up on the button down field he's in the Wendy's email aboard PPR need to start 32 receivers are one flights. A Marty Cooper Randall Cobb a Manuel Sanders Stevie Johnson Tyler I've heard and Chris Johnson. Moon you doll that. You start 32 receivers and a flak here. Receivers and slaughter beach receivers are Stevie Johnson torture Cooper for sure. Couple Sanders and EE act top Robinson's fingers are. Tony northwest sadly it's a question. Oh Tony go at the. I vote to question a little quicker not PP or Stevie Johnson. Or also just for you started at quarterback Andy Dalton. All of Mets used pepper. I think Dalton bounces back and I was standing in the last week but I do you think you bounced back I think air patrol a lot of experience on a and speak out and help the nostalgia Prius an announcer under three is probably the key to leave she plays so's TD terms. It's on Twitter alone okay go up aberrations. Cherry tree Brady forcing it and mine creep. For me that in four T adult. No I have big. Help. DeAngelo column by now live point ROB be higher around Philly senators now Ed Landry are about what I said nobody can stop the that makes sense. Already heard a lot more. Somebody hung up while we're NC that quests over the could have possibly had the same question I don't know the good. Guys. It's terrible question let's go off this slide Becker. And tell us that he dealt 7991250. Usually note I guess that's the godfather for a favor what you get. Parade finished FL are yet I need to start to receivers out of three. To various comments Amare Cooper Danny Amendola. Standard. That's actually. Happy I can't that the Marion almond he's certainly not that Smart group this outstanding natural. Morry corporate America I don't think any mental all costs. Yeah corporate trounced. And I'll guarantee and adults about the first quarter lugging costs made in one shot. That's rare that a team does that I am within a he's got deployed take a lot of hits. Now about him there's no guarantee you'll make it out of the game you played yeah now he's he's got her ability issues though it has about that. Made in Waukesha wide receiver PP ER question using the Wendy's email digs or loss fell. So those. Still time to get your questions and to the godfather 7991250. Email us live at 1057 FM the fan back camera tweet your questions. At 1057 FM the fan couple open lines for you right now Tom in Greenfield. I think element real quick update you very good I like him a lot. But they clearly have become Apollo one team with a Adrian Peterson and so there really limiting trip cheaper water passing game and assuming. Rick Peterson does well on Sunday and it I think it's safe assumption he always does well against our first. They want to have to sort. All right let's go to Tom in Greenfield what's a question for the got father time. Who do you see Eric call the pick up for me at. Robert turban and they just signed up the street is now they're number two which still the only need to know about rod cement so anybody gambled on rod Smith eat together. They'd stayed put a guy. He just picked up off the street and hit him on the depth chart that doesn't that doesn't speak very highly of ruts. I writes up a former Denver wide receiver look really. Right yeah he was met Tom and Walker's shot uses the Wendy's email Green Bay or Arizona defense. Our corners or hear me into Packard has shown what. Back to the phones at 7991250. In back to the nominee falls with Jason what's a question for time testing yet. That's rather. With serious Murray or Crabtree or two or French my mom for Lankford. Well certainly isn't their Forte plays and sit Lankford so. Or it them. I'm a little treachery your. What do we have on Twitter Laura. Let's see here PP our need to start to Woody's injury. Jordan Matthews DEX or John Brown. While ground game do you just can't start on the other two hour backed up what led to worry over Crabtree but of the previous caller okay are. What about this one here he said John brown and yes yeah all right let's get in none Thomason Milwaukee what's the question time. They are integrating our star running back Doug Martin's. Or Chris. What it. Using Wendy's email ms. The rest the wrestler on ms. emails and says 61 half point PP ER Eddie lacy shady McCoy or Jill Bernard. Who is in which of those three guys is not producing. Antibodies question Andy and I industry as the current both Purdue's. You know I understand. Esque question. Tom usher. They have posters of the listeners. And the fan. Smarter or. Or dumber than the listeners of your Sirius Satellite Radio show and I do. They just beat down any semester. I think the listeners are sure are a bit. Good answer that's a great answer it is validation orgasm. You wanted to they sneeze about the back of what he really think. I'm can run for office and into Connecticut alsop that would probably a lot all McCoy not PP are. Sherri. All right let's go to Rose in Jefferson what's the question for the got father Rose. I think that the PP Arab League adds up flex position I have James Barrett. Tyler I erred or chase to the. Some wiggle Witten here and he gets Tony Romo back it's good matchup with. Barrett bat in Sosa uses the Wendy's email got I don't need help and Antonio Brown I'm buying in ninety PR. Com mark Aiken or Marvin Jones. Thank and that top one that's real cost I mean you're gonna get targets. AJ green and see all trying to Patrick Peterson Sunday night which means Marvin Jones should be open a lot I mean. Look at last week game and Seattle for example. Patrick Peterson was thrown at one time the whole game that's the only individual want Adam walks meanwhile on the side of the field Doug Baldwin look like Jerry Rice. If he would get all targets so. If form holds Marvin Jones to be in for it big big game on Sunday ranked you know I think Tariq it might be candidates safer. But if you want to go to the upside it's definitely mark and David in Hartford sequester in some time. Yeah need to pick up one wide receiver and keep your league I've got. Devin conscious are tied my primary or should I pick up and layered. Nick dig a liar or hurt. The column Kate. Golden gate from the labor war yeah. Yeah I'll pick him up our our. She brought Twitter at 1057 FM the fan I can do a couple Witten is a good amount to lest our Forte. Don't know I are now. I don't know. Should I start Romo about that yours and Allen but I mean that a lot of Romo questioned after. Yeah I mean depends on options I I think he's got top ten upside so. I'm not starting him over someone was clearly a top ten. Quarterback but you know I would stardom over Indy dole much or more for Tyrod Taylor and hill Sanchez. Flacco color of those guys Amendola. In the dole. Get back to the phones Aaron in Franklin what's your question. Spike and it just answered my question all the city gets out and ask him and he dulled mental year old all but I have Dez Bryant entirely forgot my rob do so I don't know what you on the start both those guys doesn't that doesn't matter. Circuit got an ankle scored the most points Tony Romo in the district. Sparky we have an email and in Racine using the Wendy's email happy winter weather warning football Friday guys you have got other PP our league Dante Mon three or John Brown. Our democracy last call will be David and west Alice you're gonna get your question into the godfather go ahead at. You got out of it ER. RE bra. Gates. Areas we got other fantasy football contest neck high stakes league mantra over at stats think if your fancy football player and you know follow him on Twitter. At Tom -- sneak you are doing yourself. A disservice week on the dot father and we called that for good reason he's the best in the business he joins us every Friday at four males appreciated top. Art art or order read more talking in one week we need fantasy football Dicey go to an expert. Like Tom classic when you're dealing with an injury you go to the experts at midwest orthopedics busting hospital. Doctor Brian McCarty heads up the team over there and what a good team it is I went over. With some bone Spurs in my knee at the start of the year is just about oh. Ten months ago now but I had knee surgery now. I'm in the best shape of my life will you be in the best shape of your life after you recovered from an injury I can't guarantee that results of vary based on patient to patient injury to injury surgery to surgery. If you're willing to put in the work in the rehab. I will guarantee you this. When you go in there they're gonna do for you what they did for me which is put together plan designed for you your body and your injury to get you the best possible results you can possibly get in your recovery and have you living the highest quality of life. That you can possibly let ID get a hold of them. Simp you go to their web site my much MO as. H dot com that's my mosh dot com tell what the problem is set up your appointment and start the process to date. And let them design a plan for you to get you back on your feet and living the highest quality of life that you can possibly live that website one more time is my mosh. Dot com here doctor McCarty every Saturday morning at eight on the sports medicine show along with big time might mean different right here on the and my much. Dot com will find out who on the Wendy's big show knows fantasy football. Right after this and one lucky let's there'll play against us for a chance at a prize here on the Wendy's big show on a football prowess yeah slash. That the field WS his. Along with their new inventory of vintage and current Bobble heads first on the fan is or shift to power the NFC north. From the Green Bay Packers to the Minnesota Vikings Vikings running back Adrian Peterson seems to think so. I assume there is now face. But I just shift their slam you rebounded to mean I was teams in this league is risking an eagle. Anything like on fund you can Green Bay today in Green Bay Mike McCarthy optimistic that Eddie lacy we'll be able to play Sunday. When the Packers face the Vikings in Minnesota. The Packers head coach not so sure about rookie receiver time and gummery. I did not complete practice just so grateful this will be a big day for him sort of this it's just not quite there. Gummery dealing with an ankle injury the Vikings have won their last five to lead the NFC north. High school football going on this afternoon and Waukesha Catholic memorial falls to green Bay's Notre Dame nineteen to seventeen. Catholic memorial senior quarterback Alex Braves throwing three interceptions. In the fourth scorer along. Division to homestead rolls over Waukesha last. 48 to twelve right now at camp Randall is Kimberly over arrowhead. Fourteen to 614. Seconds left in the first quarter to gain a mile in the Big Ten as the badgers host northwestern. Both teams with a 82 record the kick at 230. Hockey tonight. At the Bradley Center as the admiral's face off against Rockford. Faceoff 7 o'clock our pregame coverage beginning at 630 yet they brought to my coaches pub and grill solved thirteenth street. Enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at coaches just 1095. Reservations at four and fourth to weigh 18175. Mike Clemens. Every Friday we make our picks to click in fantasy football than points are awarded on a standard keep PR basis for that week with quarterbacks getting six points. For a passing touchdown. And points are awarded for the season. First place that week it's ten points second placing it third play six of on. And so forth we need one caller to play against us in the big show and I was fantasy football this week Gary pick a number between one and four. Gary pick a number between one in four. That that's goal with about 222. Caller to 79912. That didn't there will play against us in the big show knows fantasy football. Well they get the prize closet C if we got some for you if he can beat everybody. On the Wendy's big Asia as I've been doing all season I finished in last place last week when Peyton Manning. And I think just the first I would bet Midas points in the big should've spent about all the years they've endured it. I think I accomplished being the first one to get minus points for a week Peyton Manning got me minus. Point 26 points so I had to go first this week I will go way if I'll go with. Gimme Adrian Peter isn't on the board couldn't get to that at that. Decree it cheered Peterson. For the big show knows fantasy football. Who's next Gary you get to go next you finished fourth argument Cameroon Cam Newton all right are just bounces for looking at a toll want. That the gotten our listener is TJ. In Germantown. There's a ready to go Mike. Yeah luckily Brady go atmosphere here various DJ in Germantown who would you like for the big show knows fantasy football. I am thinking of I'm. Haven't really. I'll block and certainly a couple sucking here you do and it's going to be a whole crowd thought throughout. Aaron Rodgers. And LeRoy stop to slow again if you beat everybody on the big Australia veered from us let might get your information just in case that doesn't. LeRoy Butler you get to go next to a low Joan who we know Jones and the kids Steve Sparky piper thank you to everybody else take care Derek Carr goes to Steve spar five. All right so there you have it eighteenth goes to mean Gary goes with Cam Newton. Our listener TJ in Germantown he wants Aaron Rodgers Roy went with Julius Jones Sparky takes Derek car season standings right now read as follows I'm in last place. With 38 points and by a wide margin I am just having a terrible terrible year. In fantasy in every way shape and form LeRoy is in fourth place of 54 points and he gets pretty tight listeners and Gary. Tied in second place with 66 points and Steve Sparky Phifer atop the heat was 76 points. On the season. And Sparky as a leader. In the big show and those fans I hope I'll go to college my number one but number one guy on the board of the slopes all need that fast who are the greatest player in this league. NC try and that's may I just got done and everybody and mark who was gonna have a huge game I thought for sure you are gonna take them but no better way to follow your fantasy team than what the NFL Sunday ticket and no better way to get the NFL Sunday ticket. And to go to side some solutions I sat solutions is correct and now through thanks giving weekend. Allen over a sign sounds Lucia hotel with the NFL's our ticket for free which is an offer for wop. But this is the deal. You're getting to the three very similar to that what he differed stricker tree. He's gonna show his thanks to you guys are disabling your cable different and go to DirecTV you get to animals and a ticket a free two of these 33 HDTV. Free Blu-ray player or a. 100 dollar visa gift used this Christmas present she commutes to shop with with the visa gift card. Or to be a big selfish like Rami and assorted adult years I keep it all. It's still the all up to you how you want to pick and what you want a picket signs out solutions in brick the mother is a catch you do have to get the choice package or a ball in order to get all that stuff that's 2999 months still probably a lot less you're paying for cable right now. And that does include fox sports Wisconsin call Allen today they can get you hooked up. On and ready to go to 625102725. To six to. 5102725. Green Bay put. All the insider Wes not good Stearns the Wendy's big show next on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. The Wendy's big shelf. Served up hot fresh I'm running back off along with Steve Sparky Phifer and are pair former Packers Gary Ehlers and and LeRoy Butler a busy weekend is upon us and whether your plans include tailgating in Madison tomorrow out in the field and search of that buck. For watching green may try to break their losing streak on Sunday make sure you're enjoying only the best in quality meats from Robert specialty meats. All Robert to help you select and prepare the right cut of beef pork chicken or other delicious items. For any occasion including Thanksgiving next week re can guarantee a memorable family celebration when with one of Roberts fresh Turkey's. A holiday ham USDA prime beef tenderloin or. Al Capone stuffed pork grossed just filled with flavor Paul Roberts today at 262549. Meet for the best selection. And when you visit Roberts pick up some of their cherry wood smoke beef jerky in five distinctive flavor is the perfect snagged. Any time including during commercial breaks here in the Wendy's break she can also check him out. Online at Robert specialty meats walker shot. Dot com that's Robert specialty meats Waukesha dot com for specials and money saving coupons for the best in meets chop Robert specialty meats. Your home town butcher. This guys on the inside. Accordingly football so later Whisenhunt who wins on the free. He's more do you buy the law firm of jurors on in minority. And that guy covers to Green Bay Packers for the Green Bay press gazette Packers and us right here. On the fan Green Bay football insider Wes had Chris joins us on the great midwest bank outline how are you this evening less. Rami and Patrick are you what I'm doing well I'm doing while I'm I'm doing better then then I at least a couple of the other guys here in the studio because Garrett and Gary is Sparky are are very very concerned about this game actually both of them said yesterday they don't see how the Packers win Sunday. Against the Minnesota Vikings do you see a way that the Packers can win Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings west. Oh I definitely do and hopefully I don't have too much out at the background here it's not matter. I you know I don't know I think it's definitely possible either that he hadn't been resilient but pat I know it happened and. These last two weeks coming off losses but historically. And Aaron Rodgers that dumped them that's worked coming off before performances now that you said. They're going to be somebody step up it doesn't matter that he won at beaver. But he knew that they are now because right now. They don't have anybody Ewing that in and I think that he. Aaron Rodgers Knuble eventually work on and on keep never. It just going to be about what players around them all on the eat and decided to call it part taking ownership for well and it really started distinguished themselves. I don't believe that. But what's the word would regulation this week in the inning -- he's loaded he's playing with tomorrow. You're all. Earlier this week. And you obvious that all of their final practice tomorrow I probable for this game I think everybody and it's efficient you'll be back out there. I know the questionnaire that Mike McCarthy sort of alluded to a little bit earlier this week. It's still be encouraging start will be the featured back Lee to be the change eight. I am curious sort late he can get on our run at any point knuckle report how you look deeper to retake bet job optically. But again you need to get back the point what are your aggression out last year and dots are trying to move past the really really sluggish for. Well I I uses it was to milk carton of that we but I'm not. Matt you got me define our worries that. I'm looking. I mean last few weeks he's under radar. Because in most all the they're about to watch and Aaron Rodgers. OK for the last few weeks a lot of guys has not been playing well. And has not been a bigoted bill I've Dave Matthews Bebop player of the week I think he steps up has a great game. And I'm Ronnie told me that he ate dinner with a no they him and his wife and yet is in a walk in bu don't rolled his ankle. I didn't say any of that went yeah I don't address the rest Riley rolled up on. Yeah it. Big if by the Whalen Robert Horry get into the answer I wanna that it looked at the Shell yup I love Roy's. Arguments style because you're at odds he's really passed I want ID at sparking Derrick inherently Roy just kinda jump and and everyone. I liked it. I gotta get credit for that out but I agree with you adequate Matthew he'd have a big. On multiple arena one they're racing eager to get tutored and almost seventeen under rushing yards against the Packers and I think thirteen or fourteen regular season game the guys had some big performances averaging like five snapped yards per carry. If they're going to be successful stopping him that the key to being able in this game. And and that has really the difference maker there yet the guy that thinking in helped contain him and that way. I think I have a deeper front that can handle him it's going to be about oh linebacker. Respect level you think in doubt when he does break pre. It'll look past Russian perspective name Barone albeit not sack the quarterback it went 42 consecutive. I would at least once actually needing more production there that's why I think Matt is in debt help bumble. Tom what soccer is an agreement press is that here on Sports Radio wanna phi seven FM the fan. When you talk about. This backer team knowing that they have a short week coming up. With the Bears and there's sold much focus on this Vikings games trying to stop a three game losing streak try to get back in first place you have to go on the road play. There McCarthy evidently it more and Albany has been in the past. And giggle all the concern about this short we ignored everything that's going into this Vikings game. Absolutely are the I think it's a big huge game that they cute stretch coming up there with what it. Each team and kind of forget what they act that it would weary yet another Thursday night out to that against Detroit. This B Jerod but it perfectly after the first loss in Denver. Our state Carolina he is January you know this upcoming stretch and indeed what defined our season. In it now the Packers go back in and lose another one year old and suddenly Chicago and in the Lions on short rest those are going to be very key games. Not only to their divisional just trying to make sure that he's done that while are on they're they're being helped by a lot of mediocre teams right now in terms that the team controlled their own that. But at the same time you don't want to lose that after adamant spectacle art. It's seen that kind of altered you know our record. Opera but yeah I think I think everything's gonna be able form the big key is seeing Zach we're going to be able to enact even ELP. What happens I'm Montgomery after Yeager baited ankles eat back out there for the opera that special teams unit. I think overall small things that debt deftly equate that the big production for the Packers and you want a guy in particular on the kickoff return unit but I think they've mr. the last couple weeks. All right let's get to some drama 'cause you know highly Roy loves to talk about. All there's room that they. Are scheduled. Locker room situation where rob in my ski and and risers. In Bolivia mom what what was it like inside the locker room as we. Hey you know it's tough for me at stake and obviously I'm I'm here to cover it factored I'm not I'm not without the meteor reporter I think some other people might. I'd take all the more pleasure in that and I do but. That being said obviously. To rob had a pretty a pretty talkative article earlier and earlier this week I should say. Kind of bonding that you guys did yesterday on whether or not the other could be personal issue it Aaron Rodgers and I'll that might play into it. I personal feeling is. And I think you guys probably echoed it a little bit yesterday obviously that argument abused in any contact that I'm writing or stories maybe opens ought not. With my own personal life Hugh. I thought rob did bring up a good point and that you don't know exactly what's going on to other injury. Whether something away you're always going to be a question mark with somebody that playing well. In it has happened before I think there are of that sort they would Russell Wilson right partner bought out. Or did drop partners are expecting his performance. If it. I go back toward Justin and I know we thought about that some went paper is you know we in here I think that's huge for this team and it caught a lot of this stuff dad. At least for the time being. That's the biggest thing they have been a stretch like this and what. Six here seven years wherever it is now since 2000. If they can finally put that losing streak that bad. I I think everybody's gonna be better off but it did so it's kinda remind you wow. This is what it's like when you covered two and seventeen when when they went in cart going right but the Packers so many years now everything's just the ball in the right direction. You know are just saying you know since Aaron Rodgers than ever show anymore I. I don't know I think Johnson may begin extra. On your star rod in a new three wood Johnson sit on our own use that you're not gonna get it anywhere else. I think I I part about that on Wednesday night or are you that W directed at her and it got that they Matt. About your dad retired and we thought that was a really insightful and are you. And I but you. Battle that you do a good perspective on what exactly or not. That was a little bit more tightlipped what are your that the puck went back out but at the same time it does you more also what's going out what this scheme and in exactly where their mind is at right now after pretty trying my. Talking with our agreement football insider westside quits for a few more minutes here. On the Wendy's big show and then after the whole robbed a masculine B Ahman Aaron Rodgers saga last night west I'm sure you saw TJ Lang tweeting out that. He didn't say who the reporter was or who the player was but said a a reporter call the players' parents and asked them if they knew what was going on with the Packers offense and said that that reporter lied to his parents and said that the player. Gave him the OK first of all you were at that reporter where US and second of all. To me that's that's overstepping your bounds would you agree. I I can Q Herm and I am not very well won all culprits story this week it was the pock you're like the myriad Randall I community college coach. I don't know parents were invited out call it all law now. Ops you'll listen I don't know who won I don't know exactly what I'm sure I'll amend it might end up finding out depending on what sort Eric meant exploded but. You know my personal thing and then an industry just meet. This isn't I'm not that that. Mega power of journalism you figure it out. I think it always. I've asked for permission even it didn't need some controversial I wanted to that's earning a lump. Boat you know it is work in the Congo I asked them to you by the doctorate I mean. It that we that I do it I don't know the situation obviously you know he just pretty pretty hot about it it seemed like wow. In and again it you know it's probably. A lot of different and we're confident in coming and a player right now and not they said not to beat a dead horse but. I think she did a victory here it Vikings in. After going perfect all season long you've been wrong the last two weeks on your predictions. What do you have this Sunday Packers and Vikings. Well I'm gonna go to double or not but I guess I'm gonna go at the Vikings note that the Green Bay packer guard level or game losing streak or what not what. Three straight. I just look at this he ran out that that I'm means factored in a terrible losing streak it's the fact that you can order out and then added that. Mike Zimmer on you know that the double a gap blitzes is structured defense. I've done a really good job against Rogers I think it's going to be on the for the Packers I don't I think if it will still be close and you can be very close to last year's 27 Orleans or Green Bay. I just wonder what I need and Peterson back to keep you expect earned it allowed record comparable to do what he does that's which is really. At a pretty good level managing the game allowing you know this this team and that's running up against you in particular that. That's a Green Bay football insider west's top courts find his work inside the Green Bay press is that it Packers Muzak count. Follow him on Twitter at west side will talk on Monday see how the Packers did see how you did west thanks a lot. Let's not Quist joins us on the great mid West Bank outlined some things fade with time but after eighty years great midwest bank is simply. Better be the great midwest bank that count to learn more about the portfolio loan product. The may be just a ticket to get you. In 28 home quick break and reset the big topics discussed on today's big show give you the final say on a it's Great Lakes dragway pick lane on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan.