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Dec 3, 2015|

What are you most confident in, concerned about, and curious towards when it comes to tonight's game between the Packers and the Lions from Ford Field? And we preview the game with former Texans GM and NFL Network analyst Charlie Casserly.

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Isn't what he's big show live from planes Carmen leave at six and Ross and you know three. Yeah Tommy Mac golf along with. Steve Sparky Phifer and are you former Packers Gary Ehlers and and LeRoy Butler rent planes farm athletes sixth and Ross and in Oak Creek for the ninth annual WS says Pete toy drive for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Presented by Abra auto body class young express and X ball management. And driven by Boucher Keogh were in the southeast Wisconsin sun room studio stop on by. Drop off the toy in the young expressed why box speaking of young express appear within an hour ablaze department we know creek. Get on down here during the 3 o'clock hour that's one of the young express matching gift hours. Dropped it on dollars option becomes -- it's a Christmas miracle thanks to John Young who will match donations up to five. Thousand dollars once again it's planes department Lee sixth and Ross and in Oak Creek lots to get through this afternoon Charley casserly of the NFL network he doesn't think Aaron Rodgers is the problem he'll join us. At Q 35 contests nick we'll take your fantasy questions today not tomorrow at four. Today at three B and start emailing those questions right now we'll live at 1057 FM the fan dot com or email them live Eric email them at 1057 FM little man. Gary tracked down Ryan Grant the former Packers running back will join us at 335. And George currents the former Packers linebacker he'll join us. At four O clock you want to do that here you want to start off the show that. Where she got over awkward. Good luck. And one inexplicably got a little nicks looked him yeah. History mob we got bar we clear and I think -- until it's probably still on the board at the moment as they make that they didn't give us a good part that you do yours there will be missed governor part. Are you going to do man who do you see where to mix your young when he makes that with the studio I matter. Aren't we are just talking the moves are right Agassi era but I got and a hat and I were just this year as she was very bar. Honestly and a delay other C colorful skirt round hole a form fitting black sweater. Like god that's like. You find that on that window drapes in the house in the 19880. I see a letter. I don't know but it's working for me it is out of what you know you're looking there Bart we're very good routes there. How Weaver. What do we do numbers Kellogg and hernia and a half in an occasion Dario and have good yeah what march is on top of her game today meant. So that tells what index look at today it brought you by sight and sound solutions we got the DirecTV hooked up for us out here this figure in the southeast Wisconsin son rooms studios don't wanna sell ABC audio video a short though they're usually the sponsor of house Wendy nix looking check them out. And all your home entertainment needs at ABC audio video. Dot com aren't that's the fun stuff people are quick people are on edge it. People are on edgy there are factors taken blood taken on the line I know what you're talking about really don't know what a little bit about where you thought about this girl you are and you Ronan and his fans are on the I had loads and then I was at a chuck you look at this morning yeah. Almost every single prediction I heard was somewhere around your age of 3513. Packers here. Everybody was predicting blowouts this more really everybody has all the Packers fans I talked to air on edge titles comics. But some of it and try to find some room in our numbers I don't a dollar now a lot of comics are actually sports fans. But people I run into when I'm around about doing the stand up comedy to our Packers fans here they don't have a lot of confidence in this team which brings to the question we ask you. Before each and every Packers game what are you confident concerned. And confused about 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057. FM the fan. Dot com GE would be confident about. Car. Of people aren't punishment he hit yet there are some that you're confident about you know her practice. You know our army doesn't become confident. Eddie lacy has rushed. For 200 you're a for a hundred yards back to back first time it's career he's the the the Detroit defense is pretty good I think a real last. 34 games from like they they being only allowing 55 yards rushing per game. Before they're they're allowed a 133 yard rush drills before they've made all that change your partner rod. Although I am confident Eddie lacy if they gave give him before blog that he can you'll get another aren't your horse. And I'm confident that he won't fumbled football. Hello how often so you're confident any gets at least honors are harder and will not fumble the football and our fumble Rivera the big thing for tolerance LeRoy what are you cop. It about an identity recently. My recent acts like Mike Daniels themselves would you give me three sacks this offense a lot of alliances it in the middle or why he set out there. I mean the garden consistent all year and they've that's what all the pressure we're coming up the middle. It was coverage the last time they played these guys. They insect. Matches that but he did get a marked the spot a couple of times he barely missed a couple. Barely miss a couple so I think this is bush wrote up the middle. To get a couple circle Stafford look at that watching them on film you like to sit in that market red behind sooner sharp and on an eight descendant. About 78 yards deep. Quick push up the middle. Gatti and property. Three sacks from Mike Daniels. Marquis Woody confident about any guys jump L seven last night broke it did. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan that count you're near fair yes there's your don't want laptops that right. You can gallery sex that Maclin on us on right now is that they have their everything Null. No other there's another line was the Mac it's not. This is why we get things that class our records you. But there and are not sure I was going out you have to look at ever again I don't wanna are honest and yeah had a very good actor Gary said they edit edit did have a good offensive line that are setting yep well. If you if you go look at their offer July are now I think they've got a car from there was in Chicago last year. There's are very good got to bring their only they they're moving guys in around that they're not they're very good efforts of luck but. Know what's been happening is no big gaping kitten room for ball real quick order 123 balls guard. Rookie a good opportunity here Barrett. Barrett hysterical likely he would reported far probably are let Marty go Jumbo colder get a little party was immortal fives three step drops here and those guys could hold a mile. Now they don't want to three to get rid of football in Calvin Johnson right house gets their thing all alone they Fireball Roberts of why go just it is it's always seem to have a much spirit scheme good idea early on. And it's working out there is just what the coaches. But Gary you brought does that yesterday for the Packers here he's double tied it looks they give you got to go out and Pettigrew here for the last respected they got you touted tight there. And they can try to run the football about who throw like fell a few left you have been a critic of the third out back out of the backfield if he can call and I Robert they're grieved me that I grew they tell that they're worried weren't you brought awareness Jackie. Weren't you wrong with our par become their third receiver the slot you know I was serves I wanna get that ball well Lance Moore right Wendell. A lot of this is kind of misleading because a lot of the Philly tape and turned it off but that I feared he plays because they would do is inept it involves. I mean Philly yeah did didn't even challenge they'll. I mean so you. That wasn't the film I want to look at it I wanna look at the last on a tactically look at that. You know you also look at when they played Minnesota. This jar was beaten him batters. I mean he was just I mean it go to hospital and get X rays on his old body like Wolverine. They do it or the tables that meant if they're good and I've hit fifth and Annika you know he's dead at a park it was confidence. They get to pack and I think it in my office bar which is not really a scramble. But there's Joseph and Bob got in there those names sports. They wanted to get it out watching you want to people but I get it out a little put a man demanded the one on one of his whip 81 let him have it. But I would say there's. The cattle will be featured put down. Would be Golden Tate he could featured guy used to Packers and look at as so many comment doubt that they thought they can give him. In the slot. Well Casey Hayward they love that matchup. They love that matchup used a lot of wires he missed greens a lot of reverses. And things of that nature. You get that ball out quick but appeals don't do it you can see said is the red in his lap. I'm confident. That's a big airplane. Look racquet. God I. Yeah they're goals direct to your goals valiantly illegal drugs in my the played LA to a little yeah yeah you're right row that we gave you and this guy to look right Luke and it's not because they played run for a 110 yard yeah Alex I know they got it doesn't get it didn't get to this this is the one thing though. We don't what excise people say. A big playoff games whatever you know if an NBA team could survive the first five minutes of the storm of a home court advantage all that through. That rule I have an idea what it is true but the Packers I feel like. If they don't score early in this game if it's lake. Three and out there are some way that after one I think it's huge advantage the Detroit Lions if if it's not fourteen not that are 143 or something like that. So get out here early lead and it's close past the first quarter and at second quarter I think that's advantage Detroit here outlaws they are intelligent guys that. They went yeah right now that I have not. You've run hurt. Laura did what you. Changed. He yeah. He's they're believers. Didn't. Hit too late yeah but it didn't it could have rot did you forget. What happened I can't I just ask the courts what have you what. Quite a what chance I've had tried ghastly old little ask him that he's fitted aids oil well. But I I did a month go to questions by you experts. Why don't confident in my era if not obligated shades of the offense and a good job and apparently don't go on to fit the sitting in. Now I just I had a very good against detoured first are you write about Dan and that's way want to artist mark and I think you can't let like. Nobody kid like 67 out I mean. Yeah and hit a home as that's that's not very good if you go all know it regularly Aaron Rodgers numbers. As did did you he's rip them. How hard agree what has. Always say their last year any confidence. Aaron Rodgers next right you don't really Q and you see you can't Aaron Rodgers topics we are top whatever odds that's why some of them are about to this guided L land it's built we're good enough. Yeah. The Cubs knew that they're tough but what about this back get the nod there's a if you listen to this red now which are nobody's Gammons too little bit different systems they showed the ball wasn't totaled half right now and rent a stretch of but the game you can't do the weather well evident from the fan and you've got to get a gallbladder. You don't get a call or we can guard Robert Lee had to work your partner we're there you know I'm confident we're -- dog. At this is sort of an intangible you guys tell me if this is just media he Ortiz are on home. Answers now OK now I thought of this this morning before you guys talk I'll let out what in minutes now. If I'm a Packers fan the thing I feel good about going into this game is that Aaron were the Packers and especially air writers seem to play their best football when their backs against the wall. We all went into that Minnesota Vikings game saying. There's a must win I think it was about you put out my two games to Minnesota Vikings with six left to play and they have the tiebreaker is essentially down three games it's a must win what they do they come out they beat the Vikings thirty to thirteen. Am I I can't necessarily tell you how they're gonna win this game but. I if I had and that's the one thing that he'll get a lot of heart that Aaron Rodgers and the Packers didn't come out on the AA roundup because their backs against the wall but he nobody scared that this is Q how. I would did you ask yes but. Anything is there any game played tonight battling to center yeah I. Prop are what you said yeah I have a follow yet goals from offense they employ. And -- spend a little Roy says must win game right yes lower right there's a lot people let's say that welfare perspective the guys that art of that locker right now playing currently. The Rodney. Do you think this packer team in that locker room. Look at the lads and take them seriously. Today to the point where they're all jacked up list beach we got weeks ago we got beat I don't know man I still think there's any arrogance it's still revolves around this team of bad their lives little blip on the radar alas I will get all that would otherwise have won two out of the last three as the Packers or they've won three straight coming in just yet. Three on a last forums aren't three straight though three straight. Cents a pack gonna wanna actually no bail it out right or right but Vegas we put a first down and I thought there was in my phone. Of us who love. Then on Brett or. Come on man you're opera you know to beat them. I'm a team. 40 I think they can about what they're rated today it somehow the subway and make up about playing their best of voters endorsed him anywhere around. Is your team facility Troy Brown okay they wanna play a fast pace are fit so does Detroit. You know if you look at the numbers Aaron Rodgers in that building it puts up great numbers. When Randall Cobb reaches in and snatches their hearts out inept bills. So yeah you would have to say rob it. Out of all of us probably will be right I don't take it out on lap let me tell us I don't think ran a couple of another hundred yard receiving game the whole rest of the year low dinner. Take he thought. Dinner yes low there's no reason you don't win your dreadlocks and a cowboy have another hundred yard receiving it still win big red up the street not. When he's right here in the southeast Wisconsin earlier closed Barrett and when are we got my islands to the somewhat more those Wendy's bacon fondue Fries. Because teases finally had to stay with Wendy's new bacon fondue prized natural cut cease all prized slow drizzle with delicious creamy Swiss grew year fondue. The top with sizzling apple would smoked bacon try them. At Wendy's two day at participating Wendy's for a limited time where there are some burgers to implement a flyer better than destroyed and the Wendy's go to bacon cheeseburger try that out to that go to Stanford does I know Wendy's for a lot of demand Mac and she is eight Buddha. Gordon that good is geared up. He led it there you're like who can them home or just don't know who did it there and barked at him and Newbury by the way we got more bucks tickets. All the way anymore brought the blades are employee ticket but at Austin Ross and you know Laurie armor asking for a ten dollar donation or any toy that drop off in the young expressed toy box he walk away. With some bucks to get tickets are on the way air right there for Monday night game transpired all right comment yup good sport our hearts are they should be here by 3 o'clock and would you Ziyang expressed matching gift hour you come here dropped ten dollars and our donation bucket. It'll turn into quade and you'll walk away with some boxing gets behind and I hit at least two what is it you were 4222. You know you got a fantastic you know ten dollars for two bucks tickets hander held without a great college donated toys and that ten dollars will be double B it is out here in the 3 o'clock hour explains why led the nation but they can say two words are about 3 o'clock related. Camp has been there all yeah we'll talk about that too yeah displays farm in week six that roster okay you know that's pretty quiet. Debris rat her out that's why does not mean I go to the break up my bad joke. How are currently get out that I read I don't like this life partner and I got a good a year and look at our team room gather there's there is what what what don't you see. Signature. Yeah. Not I don't know I. I'll go to Odessa a moment and you are thrown and no I don't. I don't know who vote on a roll and high pitch again no dry. Yeah yeah. There's a lower your. You go look at there's not a thank you don't Eddie sketchy age that you're whatever you ask them. I got on the brink of its. Struggles football's George RBs you know our guys JG yeah yeah. I'm glad I have it would have brought Calero are road dogs they're putting horrible and we rebuke every apart slowly reported for I don't develop megabytes color -- -- -- Dodgers runner yeah I read a lot of had a little Sparky room I can't risen just a phone call away for Laura both internationally get where you're just marking remembered Rose junior yet to be who you would there's no way they would tell you have a good the united. Spousal thousand dollars we're program what do you competent concerned and confused about as the Packers take on the Lyons tonight seven guys and I twelfth pick even Ellis live at 1057 FM the fan back coming in a little vacuum Thursday. Paul McCartney bringing us out of bracelet the greatest artists the his there are using bring us out of breaks I don't not a near our so that'll be fun now I'll let 45 dollar gift card on the line for your Phillies for a quarterback there's Andy's run at the end when the Wendy's big show returns all live from the ninth Manuel spoke USS Detroit drive from the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Blazers Armon fleet sixth and Ross and in Oak Creek and on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Fans the wind is big shells. Live from planes Harmon played at six across and you know break for the ninth annual double USS feet toy drive for Children's Hospital. I'll Wisconsin. I can confirm the bucks to get to have arrived make a donation. But ten dollars or more drop authority on the expressway box he walked away with your tickets to Monday night's fox game. Resting your right now we most confident concerned and confused about heading into tonight's game between the Packers. And the lines you can Dallas up at 7991250. Or email live at 1057. Half and the fan dot com and it is a throwback Thursday presented by legends of the field you can text live near artists you'd like to hear next week to three Q. 961 for your chance at 45 dollar gift card from legends. Of the field by the way Chris Middleton and the big show broadcast live next Tuesday of masters he's on sunset drive. In Waukesha courtesy of legends of the field and Chris Middleton will be signing autographs right after we go off the air from 6 PM until seven. PM around the horn with our nominees quickly on a throw back Thursday I won with Paul McCartney for the second straight time going for the three Pete. With two pocket give me some to pocket. On a throwback Thursdays keep Sparky Phifer who would you like to hear. Material from all the cardinal are going to be awesome it's going to be so get Barfield treated dropped in some Beatles. So I'll greatest hits not held all three guys out cool yeah solo. Sweet wonderful. Probably maybe I'm amazed at some point that's my favorite song ever I'll go through doors are the doors mark is gonna go with the doors all right Gary Ellis and. Our. Block. OK I don't like it when people do that but are a lot weren't brought up to Portland. Hunt LeRoy sort of alert or will. You know as a method to my madness. With sugar that you're the first Jamaican you know we fluids union nor should be they're more keys. Maybe I do. I'm Gil loved Bob Marley that are right. And in Rondo yes he's used to blaze up every day. Wait till meet you aka guard setup if we me you are where there. Whilst we've everybody active and I'm a Wendy's big show up the tickets away from him and put him on the morning show and I try to get them back there that's that yeah I change for me. One always want to get out of it 3 in the morning you would know the issue was that they want more than just you're in return for Bart. Soul we didn't I don't want a part of higher value than Bart don't I've. Lot and decide they want more they wanted you and Clemens and secretive partly why I mean I think parts of rising star in the event in the fan family but -- I'm I'm sick in the big chair on the Wendy's big show I think we got a lot of people. Bart who would like to hear the throw back there is that. I've done your job of horse not Dan Hartman and out it's not what you Jolie what he got off the air out now. Avenue NE dot incarnation of Jefferson starship. Jefferson starship. Nor did the airplane talents and start chip counts do you let that song out called Amanda right. Adds Boston. Now they do don't you want somebody to love. Yeah yeah yeah they do on our way and were. That is trying to pay is not scared by nominating John I'll come on are you sure about that. Are larger some starts there earlier and if he commits a lick where those bad names that you just make up artist ever Bard hasn't nominee Eric come your mark marketers are. I'll starters this era start he starts yeah that's right you're right set it up and prepared as we. That's not 1000 marching band my first your margin and we marched us Serra by Jefferson SARS Larry yeah so that nominee Gary and I wants and don't mama don't go to. It's all right follow. Tom a notes this is they tell but though it's. How. That prevent. Me Gary both blood coupons Sparky was their doors for Laurent go to Bob Marley bar wants to hear Jefferson starship go that he one of those story around stars live here artist at three Q 9625. Dollar gift card to legends of the field. On the lot all right we'll do what we're confused about when we do you pick a lane at five because it's already threw thirty were expecting Charley casserly. Of the NFL network any minutes of real quickly around the horn. Gary what are you concerned about heading into Sunday's aren't doing him a insolent. You think about it really concerned about Aaron Rodgers now being able to finish game winning drives. You know you look at all these hall of fame quarterbacks historic thing about that that they're Diaw was you know finishing. Game winning drives and we just never seen Aaron Rodgers do their that your team was from behind you get two minutes left according game. Finish so concerned about his inability. To finish getting when he dropped chloride. You're concerned that's what but to and a lot of it too tackles. So he announced that a deal with. She's for real ago grown man that a bit concerned because now you can do to deep drop bags. Because he's Gerut can walk back to court so they can play well and give Aaron and up to not just get happy feet. Hopefully can do some damage Sparky your concern. I ever third about their commitment to run the football I don't wanna watch another fifty past game not from Aaron Rodgers and run the ball twelve times. I wanna see them on the full ball and I don't want to them they allotted early if they get down ten nothing. His run the football that's the one thing you're doing pretty well here the last couple weeks continue to do. My concern in. Coming in when I woke up this morning I was pretty sure I had my concern it was third down their poor play on third down Sparky talked about that a lot. And they had an article about it at. Our Green Bay football insider west hot grits will join us a little later this afternoon from Packers First down play has really been a problem for the green bay Packers and Gary LeRoy you'll backed us up you're. You know do well on first out has set itself up for long third downs that explains why they have such poor percentages. On third downs 'cause they can't get any yards. On first last month. Against the against the Lions writers in the offense gained 81 yards on 341. Down plays that's 2.3. Eight yards per play Orioles were runs vs pass I'm about to get to that James Starks rushed for seventeen yards on 71 down carries robbers was thirteen of 26. For semi one yards and a touchdown. On first down and make past 26 of 38 times he was sacked once for minus seven the winds allowed only three gains of ten yards or more the longest with a twelve yard completion. The Justin Perillo. In the fourth quarter whereas today. The average distance the Packers faced on second down was eight point 66 yards that's a season high and it's one of four games in which they come up. Against an average of greater than eighteen. They don't gain any yards on first down no wonder they have such a bad percentage on third kids are set themselves up for 3637. Third and eight every time they get out on the field how much of that is being predictable here. We're there some war I mean I don't know how they are because they're always governor Ron pairs. If there author martz I don't know affairs first round is. Predictable for them you know maybe Aaron Rodgers just arguably more predictable than in all. Well Charley casserly of the NFL network he doesn't think Aaron Rodgers is the problem again we'll get back to this talk to Charlie what I what we're confused about when we reset the big topic whoever does not liberal on today's big show. Great Lakes dragway pick a lane comes up at 5 o'clock we can't have Charley casserly all day care we got jam packed Jeff. Charley casserly will join us next threat blades farming fleet at sixth and Ross and you know creek for the ninth annual WS says. 057 FM the fan's. Days. You know it's really okay. Okay. So when he's big Johnny throwback Thursday presented by legends of the field relied explains harmlessly at sixth and Ross and you know creek for the ninth annual WS SP toy drive. For Children's Hospital a stack of box tickets down here. Three guys to come and claim I got to do is put ten dollars in our donation box or drop a toy in the young expressed what box you walk away with two tickets to Monday night's box game. Right here points farm fleet sixth and Ross and you know creek text liven it like here next throwback Thursday at 32. 961 for your chance at a 25 dollar gift card to legends of the field joining us right now on the great mid West Bank how wide. Guys and and that analyst for the NFL network you can follow him on Twitter at Charley casserly team throughout the week. On NFL networks on the NFL network at 5 o'clock central and check out after the Packers and Lions today the NFL network's new series chronicling Brett favre's return to Lambeau Field Charley casserly joins us now. On the Wendy's big shot Charley thanks for a few minutes later on this afternoon. And Cerrato. Doing real well Charley yet it is a I don't know if you heard they're coming out of the break if Paul McCartney bringing us out of the brakes all afternoon long it's it's a throwback Thursday we asked people to nominate. An artist that they'd like to hear on a throw back Thursday any old school musicians that you'd like to hear Charlie had a throwback. Wrecker. That stricter standard and that thought I'll ride out there I'll start in the legs Charley casserly wants to hear the drafters are alike. Arnold wrote I don't put up for a trying to why Iraq honoring. We'll see yeah I'm sorry wrong. I ended up as we did generally I have daughters that zone who was born and when I was down. Grabbing aren't we do. I would more interest in the go to promote borrowing now. On his I'll it is made by guys are here very happy as a host of that belief. That. You have been trying to track you down for I don't know. 1012 days now after I saw some comments from you I'm out NFL network riposte conceive 5 PM central. Every day. About about this Packers team in their struggles and and you seem to think Charlie correct me if I'm wrong that. It's not so much Aron Rogers that's a problem but the people around Aaron Rodgers. I didn't know mostly. On an Indian and had against the Bears. Annual Bouchard has the capacity yet Rose why I thought he should've pulled the trigger and it. I especially one. Sure the highlight of it IP and this that at the end of the game of the goal line and right footage also for you pull the trigger but I'd be inside in a pretty picture. I think it but a combination of a number of things I think. And he. They don't really happy number one receiver I can't sit bats receiver and he best in the slot. But outside of that I don't think ever receive an opening in height and cupboard and have been dropping the football which is now which is not characteristic. Their receivers I don't believe me this slash. Number one of the game kind of disappeared there awhile. But it did come back of late so that's positive or there. I had it figured at that time might need that shot. And and the other thing is the offensive line he's been around a walk fracture and now I actually read article. So he's you know you combine almost think that you just break out and he's still pretty darn good. You know I'm a high shot that. And that's why that was my thoughts. She'll walk. Yeah I think it's out I think through Ellis Johnson will let him when it's these years have always hit two good. Hall of fame tight quarterbacks and it is seeing when it come down there argue that you like you just mentioned some throws does not pulling the trigger. It seemed to be a disconnect on timing and things that make do you think Sam had to do it. Mayor McCarthy not. Caught on plays anymore not compliments it. You know I I would have no idea on that. I would think you're this far along in this season right which is slightly thing then and I think. Clark he would straighten that out long before that allow. I think play calling and is what you see as far as just what it is the execution. Yeah echoes back on the offensive coordinator. Coach you have a lot they would that during the week do. So I just charged a what are bar here in packer nation and returned a cure all. What is going on what the offers you know they talked about drop passes. Then there it's instead they came out today they're Tom Brady receivers. They lead the league in most dropped passes and yet they are they want and that the pictures and misses from their bitter receivers. And get tastier way to win a lot of against the Packers are free throws from those same challenges. But yet there's you're struggling offensively what kind of been the difference between the pictures in the Green Bay Packers. Well first of all gronkowski. That's a huge one helmet he's hurt and coach you guys that I that. And it hurts now but you know alcohol. Almost all those wins now. Okay so yeah he had two guys there which in their offense. Rock out he's better than any player package at the receiver a tight end positions it has to. He's a true pro ball player I know how Pro Bowl player receiver trying to pick element speed guy. But the way H game of these highly highly productive. I think their offensive line has played better I can't tell you about who they've played I have got to look at the schedule as to the difficulty of the schedules there. I mean they you know they did beat Pittsburgh in the opener and Pittsburgh that. Amid should be a playoff team. They beat the Jets in a time the Jets. We're pretty good football team and and that that was a heck of a gain. When it be stand so anyway. Most are a couple of things that I actually all the difference their running game and await one. It when they gave and it's fair on a consistent basis that targets don't even use. Mean our former NFL GM Charley casserly here on the Wendy's big so broadcasting live from the night that it Debbie Estes. For Children's Hospital on with skies and Charlie what we always talk about Ted Thompson Aaron. His lot so maybe not use free agency as much as other general managers and really rely that draft and develop I mean you've. That coupled ever teams obviously throughout your career. Just how difficult is it to do what he's doing without really using free agency year rating hero. Well there's no question is it's difficult. But you know on the hill usually rarely but he got it you know Peppers. I'll certainly was an excellent sign up warm and an example of one that that would salute another excellent side form. So again it's not a staple where that bullet how to do it that those two about obviously. Usually successful putt that. It it's it's hard at Duke I think it they have a great flaw Mueller and first outings. And assists and had a lot of little started at cap that they do a great job of film study as a group for. A couple of weeks there. Where you can chill out everybody good luck right doesn't do and I think that's why. They do a great job of finding guys in the middle to late rounds. Which become good football players and help teach them how to free agency so I think it's their system. Well multiple weeks of sitting in a room watching. Regained. Every play they have drafted and that is a long tedious process but I think it has paid enormous dividends for the. But at the same time Charlie a lot of cancel save ride but. If he doesn't have air Rogers how good is this football team that how much does that you know potential hall of fame or consistent whole bowl. Quarterback really kind of help out a general manager in how long he's gonna be a general manager when you have that level player like a Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers. Watch it and no question about it if you get a chance to win everywhere. Well we can say the same thing about Indianapolis when they had Peyton Manning had a great run and he got hurt and went to a forty rightly. So the Cowboys who Romo and makes steak and won a game. I till Brady now we don't know I mean and he did block almost got there and I think if you went away it would drop out of Brady's level and lost praise. You won eleven games and back capsule. Eleven and five so and so and sometimes a place. Benefits from our quarterback. But sometimes they're able to have an opportunity in Gwinnett went to. Would be coaching and sometimes you know the guy's been up metallic and went around as well so. I know that always say they want to do it that's all he's done a lot of they all say okay he spent a lot we've looked a lot of all the good players too. Okay Packers are pretty consistent winner will walk thought example Eli Manning who syllables. The chilly parent you know I think you're close one other time. Our cars and pop but we're seeing lead going into Arizona he was in Cincinnati they didn't have that success you can have. Top quarterback and still not have success based. Charlie let's let's go back a little bit. And draft war room. Mary Joseph Williams is sitting there Reggie Bush. I think Vince was just sitting there to just those two guys. Who I don't know. Yet he was there you chose. Mary away it would look the best kicker you want to thank Peyton Manning. It will went into that could allow people Warner review boosted that particular there. You know rich young was really never a consideration for so what's the process. I think his deficiencies. I'll ask don't and we're and we all. There at I've been there. We saw Reggie Bush and Albert. But did not accuse of all time player and we thought. Bill why. Yeah at least a wide receiver which to be bothered me as far as the durability questions. Okay so we saw an admirable and very. Well thank you but good role player. But yeah nine million dollars a year for that first pick in the draft back and I'm a guy go play sixty play. It Reggie Bush you stop him and out which again on the back. Salt that's the simplistic way we look at it. Her chart your direction Packers look quicker as they hit being her struggling here late talk. We look at it Detroit Lions are they they come in and they can they beat the Green Bay Packers your upper level for the first learn about wearing some years. Another Green Bay Packers were there are tonight where what what has happened with the Lions how they've been a return this thing around. Well I think Europe they've done a better job of protecting Matt Stafford. That seems to have been a priority. I think I'm I'm told it was just simplification. Of what they were doing on the offense. And I think that you know there are some games and had to go to one listed went and all of a sudden it's all men analogy when themselves. Those are some of the things that it people told me about it openly with that line. Oh. As Charley casserly former NFL GM now an analyst. You can see M weekdays at 5 o'clock central on around the NFL after tonight's game check out the timeline. Chronicling Brett favre's return to Lambeau Field all that going down. On the NFL network tonight Charlie are you in the prediction game did you have a feeling about who's gonna win this one tonight. They're here you know I have my feeling. Yeah. I. I'd tell. Might go and the Lions but that's probably an emotional thing the Packers are still better teams so. I'll go with the Packers. All right I don't know why you saw you're gonna feel better about it. But what are your feelings with the Lions Charlie can you explain that we're where you feel and about. You know but they got some momentum going now all we emotional at home plate a plate practiced pretty tough on home you know Stafford it's kind of got this thing gone. And a packet the fact that line defensive line I don't know why but there are just played pretty good this year taken over that line of scrimmage all. I think they had a chance to do that tonight. Again catch amount around the NFL weekdays at five on the NFL network at the time line crackling Brett favre's return to Lambeau Field. After Packers Lions all that happening tonight on the NFL network and also check him out on Twitter at Charley casserly tolerance Charlie a real honor and a pleasure thank you very much. What it actually. And Charley casserly joins us on the great mid West Bank outlined some things fade with time but after eighty years great mid West Bank is simply. Better visit great mid West Bank that count to learn more about the portfolio loan product that may be just a ticket to get you. Into a home just coming up a whole it's like coming up next. For we've had first response under Franklin fire department showed up of their choice. Then Kenosha police showed up it's that you're not cut out you lost. War coming here will do more than you and they did more than Franklin who showed up on Monday that notion of please shut up on Tuesday. We have a new champ in the building for a first responders will say about those guys come I'll. Guys if you're going to Green Bay I'll make sure you stay here check throat do you peer. They have all were thirty water view rooms are if they're amazing French hotel. They also have a center floor Derrick with god that surrounds the the hotel. Also if you trailed Richard Green Bay for football games or for any other reasons they shut told people here. Go lord she card it's good and all other harper eagle locations like county Clare in Milwaukee another great locations in Plymouth walkers are anchor no sure. Our biggest Irish tour starts from checked out of here they treat you as the gas not as a tourist guest coach at burger friends not a set told people here in two. Your run out who the new champ is right after this on the Wendy's big show a lot of complaints -- fleet at six and Ross and you know creek. It's a ninth annual WS this. Of Wisconsin and back right after this on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan's. Novak Thursday presented by the legends of the field read the ninth annual WS SB Troy driver Children's Hospital of Wisconsin attempt plains apartment we. At sixth and Ross and in Oak Creek them young express matching gift hours coming up in just a couple minutes. 3 PM hour whatever donations are made out here. Atlanta's farm fleet will be matched by John Young of young express up to 5000 dollars still got a lot of box tickets so if you make a ten dollar donation or drop off the toy. In the expressed by box walk away with two tickets. For Monday night's Bucs game we have these gift certificates for masters ease and legends of the field come meet. Chris Milton at a let at masters he's courtesy of legends of the field next Thursday. Will be signing autographs from six until seven after the Wendy's big show signs off like the USA Thursday that he's their third I have right here I was younger I'd let me just make sure very. It is. Who's that it's our next Tuesday. Masters eased. On sunset dropped 250 dollar to gift cards for master these. And legends of the field brink to big bags of toys into the southeast Wisconsin Sunderland studios. We'll give you one of these cards when these guys want America out yet you guys can definitely have one of these and and these guys are talking about. They stop out here every year is marquis which fire department's North Shore apartments that you say have already been out here. So you've had Franklin out here they want yes arm and those guys do a great job Paul Gilbert and all those guys or to high school pulled Everett notion trapper. So they come every year so they gave Monday and Battle Creek had had their old battle along with you guys you three fire departments I haven't seen other fire departments those are the aerial creek in L sophomore Derek where are you. Where are way off but. So they came out money drop it off Robert pictures on Twitter and all that fight. Then the Kenosha police now I don't think we've ever heard from and writers are doing as they showed up Tuesday. While bill Michaels was on the air. And zevil will have any. Well and it's always that we got much cash and walked inside he came back out with six shopping carts full of toys. Data out did frankly at that now worthy champ the first or spotters that flat and walked doric. And now could you champs. Hope she knew champs head man this is a whole different level now IO crews across street listen and I know they are good they're always about try to win on Friday at the very end of the day. Oak Creek you've got your work cut out for you or anybody else because you are fire department or sure apart about a showed up has come out are you that we put him up. On in our at our trailers. They didn't fill one big man. Maybe for all Big Ben and his fair all the debris. Big bands over toys every young express taught by that is all. Believable. Plus congratulations much are you guys. Other champs and we're joined by Toby Carlson and Greg sykora of the North Shore fire department guys thanks so much for coming out once again and amateur for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin we appreciate it. Yeah I think you guys. It's truly an honor for us to be your eulogy so we come order every year we look forward to it. There are a lot of cooperating forces that come to go to actually make this happen for us. We of them and dorsal for our department Norfolk muscle firefighters association. This year we also were joined by our maple deal school. In the story people they don't you know a lot of ways as well fifth and sixth graders fixes Chris Carr's class I saw her and and awesome so very caught me. In all. For small things all in all to all of where putters that don't it was literally is the cool thing when you can. Were glad to be with these schools and we walked into the saluted with these boys often. You know you you see fifth and sixth graders that are willingly hand in these things go would have to go to and topple out and it's true socialist you know all. Mortars that thankful to be here Morgan continued to its every year and we hope that it keeps getting bigger and bigger. You know we look at the part apartments that kimono recall mourner reader to know that haven't been here you know noted new list a great cause. Com you should be involved in the service thing and appreciate all your guys' efforts as well. But Donald in his field serials and line you currency that's well there it's Franklin horror and also. Those jokers and got immortal is and we do. Thought I could take pride and it's thank you vessel watchful of publicity and your ability to talk with your. But that's Iowa too old record department or any other front when that was normal gladly go to championship with some comical mourned throughout. Yeah that's I'll just isn't as competitive as you guys are this is all I mean this is in good fun and it's for a great 'cause it's you gotta love to see somebody come out here. And dethrone you guys as the firehouse champions you know we love it. Now did that regret that let me ask you got some real quick who are ranks who here between Toby Toby and Greg who is out I don't know I don't even know how the the rankings work as far as lieutenant in and all that stuff you know I watched rescue me for many years whenever all right. Oil and I don't this yeah. That's how I let my vicinity TV yes and I'll tell the truth. Upset that I'm of the talent you put Norfolk where apartment okay regularly offered lieutenant okay and we outlaw Kabul for a for Arizona for adults and and each you'll have vehicle operator new listeners all. That's grew real Willis today but there's a lot more individuals back to the finals that you know truly contributed the white communities you guys cover with the North Shore. Are the seven northeast are civic duties in northeast Milwaukee Tony so it starts it's a little with Parcells. And the Eagles all the way to grown your far north Milan Noble's northeast Mort beat Tony communities in between. Oh and as we we appreciate it so much thank you guys we really can't thank you enough and and I'm sure we'll see guys out here. Again next year because you as you come through on and so many levels going out there and saving lives and then doing stuff like Hester to help out the community what quick thick so. Who said there was the go to a school. They actually contacted us the rail and for just a project to get involved in the community heard about our program and they call it snake we get involved we actually get trying to bring him down here. That early work out to both schools were going around so we had last year and over that we have a teacher gap breakdown students from their class and they did kind of a similar thing they raise money and that she let go outside shop. It's hard classic TV and they she came out and all the kids were outside it was so cool very cool activity that's Toby Carlson and Greg sykora from the north sharp fired up. Harmon they've laid down the gauntlet for you other fire departments get on out here to play poorly fleet or police six and Ross and in Oak Creek it's the ninth annual WS has. For Children's Hospital of Wisconsin partly they're tells me called her already coming into the godfathers mark easily bettered it this break. The godfather fancy football contests they could stands acts. Takes your questions next. On the Wendy's make sure he won't be here tomorrow so get your questions and today wind him up if there's a line opened at 79912 that he is not here email them live at 1 o'clock seven FM the fan dot com he's not here or to reach your questions about what a class evident that he and it's not here is that they'll come Saturday -- I thought he was water tool right now Zaire some awful movie on the boat as as mama cat could you imagine you're short of someone I would be a madhouse poll and insanity. I mean John McLaughlin draws cracking immaculate Comcast liquidated. I'll handle FR it was a joke that is nice as of and I really felt we hello I'm Johnny Mac I got love each other event do with a quick break your fantasy questions that stuff the way these big joke of Sports Radio at a fives evident that the fans.