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12/03/15: The BIG SHOW 5pm Hour

Dec 3, 2015|

A preview of tonight's Packers game with Wes Hodkiewicz and a recap of the Bucks season so far with Gery Woelfel, live from the 9th Annual WSSP Toy Drive!

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5 o'clock hour of the Wendy's big show and live in place farming lead at six and Ross and it Oak Creek whereas the ninth annual WS ST toy drive. For Children's Hospital of Wisconsin I'm Ronnie back Bob along Wednesday's marquis Phifer pair of former Packers Gary Ellison. And LeRoy Butler and normally we would be doing Great Lakes dragway pick a lane right now but I joining us. And the southeast Wisconsin summer and studios is Gary Wolfe Fultz let me just say this portion of the show brought you by. The legendary Great Lakes dragway in union grove a 2016 season pass makes a great gift idea. Does go to Great Lakes dragway dot com great racetrack way which is you and your family a safe and happy holiday season. I thanks again to all the folks that were just out here making that. Big gold donation and he'd still our fee to get down here today if he can't get down here today. Writer from 6 AM until 6 PM tomorrow for that one big final push to make the holiday is a little bit brighter for those kids. Unfortunately have to spend it at Childrens hospital of Wisconsin if you can't get down ablaze farm fleet go to 1057. FM the fan back comedy make him make a donation there. As well as I mentioned are Milwaukee basketball it's Medicare woeful in the southeast Wisconsin senator and studios Gary how are this evening and do well always a pleasure to have you out here at the toy drive and part of it because. Well thank you think you've driven me and what a wonderful teacher I was like great I mean you if Europe parents of Kim worked that in an era that I mean yeah pilgrim park middle school you got to be awfully. Thankful that she's teaching your kids no question which is better Murton replace about 18145. Dollars and I was at a strapped up and I know those fans fabulous that is outstanding out doing what they did last aren't let's let's get it to some bucks cut your hair. I'm telling people to be patient. And not panic. I don't know that I believe myself caring when I say the sports of sit ups it's I think a good bit of Hidden Hills are your best out there and I stuff we've talked about it I'll I'll try and I'm trying to it to stay strong because let's start the season off. Preaching patience and they're reaching preaching. Tempered expectations went from fifteen to 41 wins last year he went. 4445. Games this year take that next that maybe what a playoff series you should be happy let's not get carried away this is a rebuild this is the year. For the bucks we all know that. Gary I'm just not seeing the progress that I had hoped to see so far in the season almost twenty games. Into the scene I'd be okay if they're losing these games and by seemingly getting better as the season went on record I'm not seen that that's what concerns me. Well I think from my perspective what what's discouraging is. The three guys that you really wanted to see continual growth where Jabari Parker yeah tennis. Yeah and though Michael Carter Williams. Outside of Jonas. I don't know if you have seen it grow now with Jabari obviously domino media treatment. Michael Carter Williams certainly. He has taken a step active mind he's he's very good players wells last year boom it and so I mean from that standpoint. Plus I think people forget that the Eastern Conference is so much better than a year ago and he's come in. In. Washington Goran are here what's while you're well. It might remote as it. Yes it the most underachieving team Indians in via wrist area Alison before the season started yes said the Wizards will have big problems this year. I he said he had a source or whoever he was talking to whoever was Gerry Austin called before the beginning of the year the Wizards were not edited you force the Hawks story burger all. Thoughts are okay I don't sit here yeah yeah yeah heaven and that's in like class definitely exceeded expectations last year but with the Wizards. They they got issues I mean what number one and lost Paul Pierce that was a huge blow her out right off the bat they lost their leadership and a guy that wasn't afraid of the ball yardage situations. Number two Randy Wittman isn't cutting it I don't sheets takes you know. I don't agree I really feel. Should have that job to begin with how tired and we talk about the saw a sports he's retread coaches you know it doesn't help him. You can sell the jobless with that wow you must do you horse that the problem as you can sell job I mean. Neitzel clipper. Hear what they've ever write great pride when logo and other teams was there awarded Diaz or threes you're right about where you know you think got Woodstock stop him from becoming the exact yes. Going to be a little hot dog wasn't yeah in a little idea yeah yes you know. Me yet and it's very tired I mean there are exceptions but you know who knows that mean Clippers were up against this year those that don't know could sell laws with the wasn't right he knows the personnel the guys know him so what do you like he's coming in a situation he doesn't know the team he knows what it was earlier this year. Yeah and they're struggling and editors like those private reduced team's depth that really have regressed and our entire Lukas who wore the arc parking and springer. Earlier slog gamblers error. There are other real stuff and then worst Toronto Toronto's right there on wells will play Miami Heat and did it in India faces there's another area that last year was buried in his seat right now Paul George Karl Morris or the ball every he would like to be MVP candidate right. Now that he's lines up as balls Cleveland Indy Chicago Toronto Miami Atlanta Orlando Boston either on the games ahead of the box right now. That's those are the playoff teams of the season and others Charlotte Detroit new York and Washington. And then the box thirteenth in the east right now why geared to manage your question because you know you know in my that's very well. You know. It's hard for me to turn. OK now I know I don't go with Brandon I. You know now I Laura Taylor and now I'm with you don't make or break and it's true. Oh how hard I don't make a shot in Iraqi hand knowledge it to end zone yeah. And that's when he gets here B what about your headset opted out that I think the you don't wanna face facts that you don't want face Barrett they did replace automatic 18 points a night. Childress yeah you know that's why I was a guy just those guys are currently on his door right now I don't think they're Victorian I didn't want to do. Well. That's Augusta yeah yeah I don't allow people is that what it wasn't gonna sign them an okay argued inevitability of money that's garbage you know it could sign on the fate once. Now I just think that what a point guard to mean. It is I don't know you'd distribute get everybody involved but you gotta make Asia. I mean I've noticed Berger a number one in the league. And defense are. But seventy points just in our economy people not here do we have to wait for this thing that you know more when they held the wheel do you think they'll say listen you know we don't want to make some three. It's not jump start his team now. I think they're gonna make some trades and had a rough there's going to be blockbuster trades that they're gonna make trade easier trigger right now on the horizon right now. Gathers a possibility I don't know what to traits are there hurt OJ Mayo and know while. We're normal now that that's that's a Toronto yet or does that just talked that's thoughts there's nothing I mean it would cause you gotta write or talk about this why would they go out and get. Owens well and they just sign when roll right you don't monster contract. Yeah that's rooted plays there's nothing there and I think of it they get yeah that's Parker. He and aunts to Knuble those are three heavy investments him run like while with the break that up at this point. I mean you never say never to anything but right. My guess who in his they'll try to bring some veteran players T try to stabilize. I'm a big Baylor star I think god you just let it flat. I think if they haven't OJ coming up that day it's gives you a lot of firepower. But our main if he's w.s playing good image Vasquez to try to you know keep Indies game to Ukraine have our our our. Off the bench. Or do you just put Bayless in the starting lineup and then maybe wrote it best is AF CW opted to. Lot what I thought was into Singh last night. Was they started Tyler Ennis OK okay me because Bayliss and now plays for whatever reason okay and and my feeling is that he's going to be traded in a proud that I like and yeah we also a solid favorite okay he he's that's hurting. Bayless. Then you know MCW it's definitely you know put he put in Tyler Ennis I had a pin in if your Michael Carter Williams you gotta be thinking like what's going on here right you know. In I talked to Michael the other day and at some point like this that did coach cute give you any indication of missiles that temporary thing you know and he goes no. Doubt they'll be cut his hair you play better. No one yeah yeah yeah other heralded Hideki like I was now does this. The only Tutu Arnold is right if that's that they had a point RB you can't turn the ball over and that's why not as Steve is back. Yeah ma'am Brendan I am today may I. Not. Now it is not Doug Brandon night with the pace that bad a dagger in yards out and we Iguodala had Delgado so he's become a dagger in my heart I give yeah today yeah. I have my definitely drive beat. Join these reds aren't so I'm letting go I don't let's not. So would you rather have Brandon Knight. Yeah I have a nod out Middleton and Greg Monroe. Yours are very Smart out of that you could have I think you you're gonna go to your -- there's not sure why nobody said they did early Tuesday and speed you do it it's definitely right now I'm glad once you seriously I know I heard this morning avatar ultimately I don't I don't. I don't think that. That's okay they'll let me you Henman wrote a whole the media told everybody that Milton was the one making calls recruiting him to come to Milwaukee and uplift actor. And we America or not he said yeah I reached out an entire it melted modestly effective yep everybody could give him the Cerrato is like the bus so we get him could get him more their body else that wasn't the case. He came here. Because he wanted to win short. Is he had a year and that now would Brett and I am now that's not that's the other thing Brent Sadler Greg Monroe too. So wouldn't I have recruited him like Milton did don't know. I can't say we're going to don't. Can see Sparky dismissed Gary woeful. Junkie I Harry again Gracie has learned as an underdog and I opened this everybody dreads are the party got. Right our thanks to the Rasmussen family who don't agree just dropped off to shopping carts full of toys and Childrens hospital of Wisconsin lives so they walked away with 250 dollar gift card. Two masters he's at legends of the field come up to masters these next Tuesday watched the Wendy's big show broadcast them after that six that until seven. Chris Middleton will be signing autographs at that masters east. And walk it's not Waukesha courtesy of legends of the field were out here at the ninth annual WS that Pete toy drive. For Children's Hospital of Wisconsin presented by Abra auto body glass young express an ex wealth management driven. By Boucher Keyon Sparky and expressed they've been big part of this toy drive for the last few years. Now they have been and they've been doing matching hours all week long haul we can't and I am and every 3 AM and I don't any cash donation you make a will be matched up to 5000 dollars battle when we're on our week for the week Brett and I are snakes not to look at the Cubs got an eight iron rod if I. Saw the 5000 dollar weekly and the guy that young expressed are very good what they do they won six awards from into magazine what do they do their successful transporters expedited for which means. If you were gonna shipping department you're trying to. Get stuff from where you are to another company or to a store wherever somewhere else either in. The continental US or in Canada up. And that's who you call they haven't ever done time rating over 98%. They have over 171000. Vehicles. Out their disposal to use whatever you want you're not gonna find anybody better than John young and his crew over at young express check about Ed young express dot top. JUNG. Express dot com again that's JUNG. Expressed that count. Young express your success drives ran. Latest apartments lead at six that Ross and you know creek for the ninth annual WS has Pete toy trafford Children's Hospital still time for you come down. And make a donation if he can't go to 1057. FM the fan dot com and make a donation there will talk with our Green Bay football insider was hot quits live from Detroit had a tonight's game. Between the Packers the Lions at 5351 more segment with Milwaukee basketball insider Gary woeful right after this on sports Radio One 057 event the fans. And in. Yeah. You know it's really yeah. Okay. But he has not recognizing greatness of all day. I was waiting for it adds yeah they're all back up there and it's almost 530 wait to read our lead towards a good shot that the field. For the lead these big shots I live in he would like here next week to 32. 961 for your chance. And it's funny five dollar gift card to legends of the field mean Gary we nominated to box marquis went with the doors for wants here Bob Marley park with with Jefferson starship. Goes one of those are your own tech slimy artists that 32961. For your chance. That that 25 dollar gift card to legends of this field and speaking of legends of the field. Age along with the masters he's dropped off but 250 dollar gift of tickets and all you got to do is drop off but two bags of toys in the young expressed toward box. You walk away with those gift certificates were out here with our Milwaukee basketball insider. Gary Wolff or more with him in just one sack Wilson be checking in with our agreement football insider west hot too it's coming up in just a few minutes at about 535. Our roaming are you forgot who work reader I'm doing right now. So I'm glad you enjoyed being a German who like you enjoyed Garrett looking through it was a hilarious that markets handle the bullpen catcher for the Brewers yeah you got to know Michael so yeah he gets done. Meaning you walk outside or we're talking outside Gary Arsenal box sent. He's out dressed in the first thing handles us news and Paula. You'll ever asked ala suburb Y can't draw a like you gotta be kidding. Well why that's a scary if you are walks into the room again did you knew I got bark is eligible for a catcher for the verse like the last twenty years where it will it will Brinker to repeat the guy that catches the pitchers warming up the bullpen periodic contributor. That's a job I've always want to zinc and he's only he's got really not on the team. What do you tell our coaching staff Kyle our coaches are kind of like a coach it's happening if he's not out of what he's like to go over street between the coaching staff and a pitcher bullpen right now he's been there Cirillo Garner. You're who hears prior brother because you know that's our you know where you're seen as working. When it's over just do what you got to let him George yeah I do have all our our. Yeah I think Charl. I don't think there are under were figured out everywhere and actually all eyes will be several years here what do you server comes more cold weather com I would say. If you would appreciate that your pro war and foreign. I wonder where your front on the air toward your footer over at record friends that electing George so get over there right now they're due to proper guidance to give it right here for the right person. If you're lucky due to public you're to have keep them dropped comparable in warm outside this winter. Doctrine to date experience electing George difference check out. The area's best selection of hole where the clothing and winter sports you're you're great gift ideas for the holidays. And even for yourself for more dramatic style green at their location where it's Blum our role. Orchard remodel I'm LJ outdoors dot com back in Georgia got their starts here. You are pokey pulled all my opinions the last three days bill you go to Q are there at him and human insulin. It's total lacking enjoys many to solely Horry can give them would you Brendan so. I don't know yeah in my class. Allegra I like there were crunched for time out or ar yeah we are we haven't talked to Wes nod for the Packers make on the lines tonight Boca what. And in your opinion is at the top of the list that the Bucs need to fix to get this ship righted the and that's why Dallas top of the list yeah yeah Foley. My personal thing yes knock down three point shooter somebody that just a shooter like a Kyle court so it's not here's how it's not deathly they don't have sorry Alan. Would he bring a lot of retirement yeah it's another arm yes however let you know and that's easier said than done I mean everybody wants knock down three point zero but to me pretty neat wants us who have been Rogen double team them global in the low block so that's why James Jones is he still would likely won't use. Just shoot exactly and that's Mario on him and Marty Miller wrote type guys. Who's got the reverse you Google got a minimum. Does your got to be got your run. What Amy and support of the second a couple and it's a woman yet. Arsenal grants as a tiger several workers I had absolutely yeah Gary is how. We are jockeys video today and a pack of pick your exposed all of bubble security like Harrison but I don't go have your big game and I saw Packers Lions of course you know that. Well we've had Ryan Grant all today it out and out of your hurting and if you were running into me a little bit well. That you'd always. Aaron Rodgers a result lays it is street in India at the conference is not according to run the football a little bit more and he's he's not seeing him here and there release opportunities through that. Well I think steal votes for me as of this 34 weeks we're used to that Rodgers heard. I don't have looked at her I have note don't Caesar he's not the same guy. I mean anybody that's watched them. Only thing event a year he's gonna have children for. Yeah I mean you thought you guys have been there they don't announce who the public that hey this guy's got a blown shoulder you know they were put him on a couple weeks exactly tomorrow yeah exactly so I mean they're playing you'd like to most active you know I mean does the same thing about Rodgers hurt yeah that's my. Well we know. Do like there are bigger picture and rental car came other bases his shoulder still bother him with I assured Damon Jones is healthy unit so. Do those who does your free pass through because Rodgers hurt. Because like it is Carlos appear as though Rogers are so we give free Kraft but we do okay why don't have been how we do know his ankle earlier smaller. We do know Randall Cobbs Aureus are rated due to your free restroom. No I mean they don't let me Rodgers is in the spotlight and he hasn't come close the Foreman were no it will blow right OK he's those guys in your work close. Either all Erie in our ideal I Google guys are I think that team is. Bring out all across the board a plane other guys think is banged up Norris on both sit. I saw about couple roadblocks situations the last few games and was fortunate one you let it go across its. Lee can't be used to do my guys and also on their their stand in a mop. You know where you we ask you want to it was easier when I would get out here for a lawyer but I ME Minnesota's Brian closer and artists like he can't play a shoot almost 1% but hey you guys have been there you know it's like. That's our Milwaukee basketball and salary can find his work on the Milwaukee Bucks kitchen and there are builders like talking always Gaza sports on sports junkies at Racine sports zone. Dot com and follow my Twitter at Gary Roberts with an. Or what numbed will record a loser. I don't know so that I don't I don't know. I'll that's Zach great field yeah he's our lead off collar every week on the fantasy football weekly show they called directory as a from somewhere you've grown man why you got Arsenal is that eleven hours how old are his act. Thirteenth when analysis fanciful and knows that he's gonna have my job yeah some day I don't any sport I figured. It. You're. There you don't know who you're so we are solos that gets new moon where your school that. Green bill Welker you are transfer. Brilliant yeah. I'll. But what about your car is that is huge raise your ideas though too that's why didn't recognize the west of Asante is like 68 inches shorter at least. I don't know good. Also called him and let him know there are those Ramon. Oh it can't get out provoking. All the fairways all. Are there is Brothers are all via okay group that you got here to support the toy draft. We appreciate your body other certain let's take some guides and what things voters that has called Aaron thanks once again to Gary willful talk with our Green Bay football it's not a west not quits live from Detroit next because I'm the Wendy's big show live complaints department's lead at six that Ross and it Oak Creek for the ninth annual WS ST toy drive for Children's Hospital. This guy is on the inside. You leave football insider twist pike who wins on the face. He's bored you might the law firm of jurors on in minority. That is the Wendy's big show live at glades partly sixth and Ross and you know creek for the ninth annual WS SP toy drive for Children's Hospital. Of Wisconsin I'm Robin back laugh along with Steve Sparky Phifer and are pair former Packers Jerry Ellison. And LeRoy Butler in the southeast Wisconsin some rooms studios airplanes farm athlete six and Ross and it Oak Creek stopped stop got to make a donation between now six if he can't come out tomorrow will be out here 6 AM. Until 6 PM and he can owls make donations online. At 1057. At and the fan dot com big boys guys right joining us right now on the great midwest bank allied covers the Packers. For the Green Bay press gazette Packers us right here on the big show is or Green Bay football it's not a west not quits what up last. Yelled and doing. And an aria. I'm doing well I'm not currently an elected seven Laura or he'll looking down a little bit intimidating. How's Detroit street uses everything that they say it is us. You don't and finally I went to close barbecue yesterday I don't know if I'll ever get over there are. Certain. You know unbelievable tremendous site I got a cracked a rib and then we are not the needle relatively all. There'd been active portrait and passed it hasn't. Well let's let's get it in the game to that the Packers making a roster group before they take on the lines tonight. Yet he did only the second time this year in all thirteen week but it actually out of players they are on go here you undrafted rookie. Make that roster. They signed their that it promoted. I'm John Crockett would the other you left a that they brought in and and have another ankle issue during. Opting to organ and always behind you all open it. And now if they brought him up so there's a lot of different you you don't eat a lot and using. Typically you don't pick ID cut. Current position for an old players who either. It must occupy everything we need to air or there's the bulk rocked like it may be a deterrent and and that they decide to promote him but it finally did make it transaction. After I think not on nine week not having any kind of movement on the active roster. Sure he's a reactor tonight for tonight's game. We don't have the inactives yet unfortunately that they're on it one more minute. I would think you the chance to beat I would you know typically allowed the earth that the lack you eat. It was placed on the kickoff out cupboards being so I think with the opt ordinary. People even in on it good enough to be act. Yeah LS. What's the mood like there because I mean a lot of players understand that we're Jewish cold sought earlier. You know split among themselves and we just so a shot of Aaron Rodgers and you're not nerves got to walk around. Amid this is a must when you you can narco. This far deep in the division. And not stop losing three in a row army. So are you under is I mean do you think that he's got to understand the magnitude of this particular game based on interviews is leak. Yeah I think they do there I mean that's the biggest thing right now actors and they got it and the and if you're gonna puke herbal tight he Hackett you're at the playoff. You know boot you'd Detroit Lions quite not the right team only with or win them even in and you beat handily winning streak or on golf. They need to find a way to make something happen all kind of the that the ball or any lately or dispute or show at the super per alpaca. Being need to find a way it more out of the offense. Can't scored thirteen points began back when people in the beaten like well as we want them and not. And now obviously there and the position now where it the other back in all of them out when game. Haven't won in a sort of the last year so I mean does need to be proud. Rock. What receiver has the biggest games I've those factors. Are. I hear it ever there. Like I think. I think we're gonna get him involved I don't know up and make it an act you'd like rock more competent with him that he is interception point. Pete bird and I and it hit by talk about it I don't think there's. A packed their projected on the field and that it on me like I'm on the opera per game maybe not every out that I have to finally. All mine yet is that the probably need something after Garrett. I'll be trying to get more out of that position and there were keepers there but. I think one way you know change all of Europe at about week six target on Adam and the struggle that eat at lately. Might be time to maybe get some other guys involved in the up up. I said earlier. And I think Randall Cobb yet another game this year of a hundred yards receiving or more. Agree or disagree. I disagree I could and having maybe not. You know I that's under or are you at you and pat burrow under dark olive. Julian Edelman. But your point I think which are kind of under leading at the ups and Matt. Typically that commonplace with the majority ultimate you're gonna have it in there. He spent OK for the most part luck we haven't been yet at guard or yard. Like that. But he hasn't been ten dollar your of the Packers needed. And that come down to know that they're gonna cover all you'd have to make or not a situation even I don't elude that we shall stop bothering him. That the certainly ballot I'm out out in an actor thing up. But they need to find a way to get more out of it right now all I Iraq. Ought brawl. How that all I eat at the open or oh I'm in right now but it had happened to mark. Wes any other Nuggets tidbits you wanna share us before tonight's game between the Packers in the lines. Well we talked about ever dared to and it's all these guys one guy that won't help them and Corliss squad and activated yet you'll hit another week of practice. He we can you. I'd be ready let our public people whatever production there they're tight and Matt eat Richard brought up and Burrell. And your prediction for the Packers Lions Thursday night football from Ford Field in Detroit let's not go it. I picked the Packers went 22 to seventeen and as I wrote our day idle all you can really Africa. And you know you look at an opponent. Or they won there. A lot Chicago in the article that doesn't make any sense. Right now that the popular hard to be gone with the Packers going to Detroit after losing. You know the last two games you're with operative or operating a lot better than they are now so I'm trying to go one on appeal and he just not gonna find a way to. Get it not been in the irked at not being in between. But I think beat you and not at the early if you look at our paper still pretty good at it like he need and then you look at the morning. That's agreement but violence at a west not quit on his work inside the Green Bay press is that it Packers Follow him on Twitter at west hot I'm sure those actives and inactives. Will be up at let's not as soon as they are released we're talking into tomorrow as you how this plays out see if you're right. I think it lets not Izturis on the great midwest bank outlined some things fade with time but after eighty years great mid West Bank is simply. Battered in the great midwest bank that count to learn more about the portfolio loan product it may be just a ticket to get you into a hole. From a coach that we're good friends over and over I will. I mean you're nets convince me it's a good I don't know what happened tonight maybe your trickle over more maybe your drink a little bit less rights. Where northern rural electric responsibly yes yes we're in northern brewer they can assure you how to make your own beer. So what alcohol by volume you can control that you. And you can control your weight they're two tasty little taste and drove it tastes architects like darker his life back and control your weight in his own if you like your hair of your Beers share. So there's a lot of great things that goes into making your brother the most cigar local bonds I have my beer hotel all day long and listen doesn't dual fuel I don't right now. Out of Gillick Gary Ellis or micro view that it. The new fuel is ready right now where you got to go personal summer of finger Whitaker with her artwork and to me how a possible. You know as often or throws or things like him from time that's a lot like Green Bay Packers you know you'd like. How's that possible that there are doing the word or two and I think he was three. Up boxes are ahead of me right now guys. You can go hit two cases right now for Tony books. Two cases right now it's going to treat you know all the BUQ golden northern Peru look at our 200 including children. What a quick break after this we'll have the full injury report for Packers Lions and our predictions. Some Wendy's big show we're at points department we have six to Ross and you know creek is the ninth annual WS SP toy drive for Children's Hospital. Presented by Abra auto body and glass young express. And X wealth management and Boucher Kia and her back right after this one more segment this Thursday on sports Radio One 057 offense defense. Does this week for the. We don't hear about 87 we get it OK here's this weekend he'll be an Abraham injury report on 1057 FM the sure to call he'll be an Abraham. Voted best and rated vesting year after year QB and Abraham tell you mean business 80805678. QB dot. Com finally. Got a lot to get here in this final segment of acute injury report in just one sack but first Gary this game is Indy tried but folks are heading up to Green Bay. Where did a stay. What I wanna go Syria guards shot voted your guys they got thirty quarter you're wrong slot and checker Marcin Gortat Gregor for our game. Are any coach are you going to Green Bay slid shut wrote nuclear galore to cart is good all the Hart do you location like. Comic flair in Milwaukee you know the great location a little more sharper knows your. Best Irish tour dot com shut sort of here they treat you as a guest not as a tour. Lance Moore is out for the Lions the following players are questionable Calvin Johnson Matt Prater Glover Quin. Koran read Travis Swanson. And Larry war effort for the Packers Nate not not Naipaul runs are Ty Montgomery. Is out of this game in the following players are questionable. Bryan Bulaga. TJ Lang Cory wins late to Marius Randall. And JC shredder as you heard Wes Hodges say just a moment ago actives and inactives should be up any minute go to at west not on Twitter. They get up to the minute info. I'm your Green Bay Packers are thanks to Sean coats business agent for the local 2337. Mil rights and pile drivers he challenges all the Brothers and sisters to stop out and do their part. And planes farm in week six and Ross and in Oak Creek where we are for the ninth annual WS this Pete toy draft for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and Jake Kesler electric. Just dropped off who dirt bikes a basketball hoop. And a cart full of toys. Packers seven seeing us Lions. Sadly I say Packers 24 Lions seventeen LeRoy. Packers went four lines when Gary Ellison practiced really for like 41. Pakistani for linesmen also thanks to the same Francis police department who donated. 65 dollars everybody who stopped out here planes farming fleet in Oak Creek today to make their donation thanks to Charlie casserly. From NFL network fantasy expert Comcast nick Ryan Grant the former Packers running back George to its former Packers linebacker. Milwaukee basketball inside a Gary woeful. Green Bay football insider west side could you miss that fan on demand that 1057 FM the fan dot com after the game check out Gary Allison and bill Michaels. With the tires on and Menard greening goal post game show watch the game with Steve Sparky Phifer at Quaker steak and lube in New Berlin part who's the winner of a throwback Thursday. Bob Marley win not today Carly is your winner for a bar went there back in the studio Steve Sparky five for Gary dollars and LeRoy Butler. I'm running back while saying thanks for listening to the Wendy's big shelf. We'll talk again tomorrow final day of the toy drive on sports Radio One 057 FM the bank. I don't do it.