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12-13-15 Fantasy Football Weekly

Dec 13, 2015|

Ramie Makhlouf and Tim Allen take your calls and questions and tell you who to start in your league today.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Attention fantasy football players. Kickoff is coming blitz gets you ready to play. The nerves on him and our fantasy football weekly show presented by Dave and buster's makes the right call for your team with the latest news injury reports. Analysis yeah. Here are your experts Tim out. Or treaty a 1057 FM. Congratulations. To every body. You're in the playoffs so I'm not involved so Mostar. Wait you're only in two leagues. Once in awhile it's gonna happen. It will happen chair. So I have four conference championships in two Super Bowls little I had little leagues are you last year's and you know what I doubt if you look at Adam brought down near bright from a monetary. Perspective. You know ran for itself yeah I'd have to play fantasy football for a long time crap and not come out ahead now that that's exactly yet. Welcome everybody week fourteen in the NFL week fourteen in your fantasy playoff match up although. If you're in some goofy leagues like guests Sparky and I aryan. That Giants did it runs all the way through the seventeenth week of the season that's a regular season. And then the playoffs start in the NFL playoffs for fans at that stupid touchdown on this a couple of Almonte without wherein. Annoyed that we all the way to week seventeen and then re draft in the playoffs for your fantasy playoffs and I so's I'd I'd. I'd salmon Robby and also Brendan chilled says your sports flash and Greg Janet is here as well. Who are just kicking around the daily fantasy you know I was so filled in for bill earlier this week. Did an entire segment on daily fantasy. And god just kick it around whether or not it's gambling in and all that stuff. I I spent a whopping. Four box this week whoa you know high rollers and stuff but now man the amount of pleasure that is derived from. Full four dollars five bucks is just amazing. I just this is. Pierce that's generally absolutely love with the exception degenerate but it but it got on foreign box. You know how do you beat that. You're spread and more than that on your Mikell rant today. I don't mean it grids Padilla. They are there are so gross and the public knocked there's nothing rib about that doesn't map there's that one ounce of ribbon that they call it whatever you want. As a bunch of spare pork that they put into red mold first one of the season come and my way. Are right now we are der is on im an arts fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallets OC need to win allegedly I should say allegedly Informix. It's sees me just say that word your covered on just about everything well could be read that very well could be your about speculation is that it's not. So the gut feeling. Beat the Bears defense last week didn't work out for it and now it worked out for the Bears either now or me as a Bears fan oh. In a big game today Rami we're hitting a breakthrough here in week fourteen. I would have Piaf well. So I got the gambling cover drive even the smoking is cover dress. We got it through throwing the drinking what yet doing some day drink all your vices I'm due yeah. Very well rare occurrence all your vices you can talk about on the air stare him down the bear all. Of a root canal in the morning hole. So I wanted to silly without all yeah yeah that's what do you just escape without call and then your all is good. Not yet there's nothing like getting a root canal and hung over fine. I don't care. Guy that dance by. First out of the program all information on him for the first time this year I think weather's gonna. Played maybe a larger impact than people think. So we'll have the weather forecasts of the outdoor stadiums. And delegates all the injury reports gronkowski. And others and find out if that's going to be a goal or no. And the second -- the program we'll get some advise a look. Most times when you call its fine or that sweeter hit us up on FaceBook or you know whatever. Most times you have an idea where he and ago. We're just there it's kind of provide all the resources and tools for you to make a final click right right just death like it and sometimes go with your gut. Because you've been. You don't play in this game for awhile in your knowledgeable with the NFL. So trust yourself also but between all of us. We'll get you win here it's playoff time congratulations you are in the playoffs and hopefully you know move and on to win the Super Bowl let's let's dig in. Bills Eagles. I let's start here. Okay. Yup LeSean McCoy. Former eagle not happy. With Chip Kelly no you have current eagle DeMarco Murray. Not happy with the situation in Philadelphia what's the common theme running backs okay and Chip Kelly correct wreck. Right here's the deal DeMarco Murray was the leading rusher in the NFL last year cracked. Yes broke the cowboys' single season rushing record landing a couple of pretty good running backs by the names of Smith endorse yeah. Did you realize that in last week's eagle game. DeMarco Murray had fourteen snaps. Not fourteen carries and not fourteen touches. Fourteen snaps he play typical game in the NFL what are you get offensively 67 the offense a place champs yet he had fourteen was on the field for fourteen of them and he's led the entire NFL in rushing last year. Something's going on you know the weird thing to me is that Chip Kelly has the personnel control. He's the one who decided to bring in DeMarco Murray and pay him all that crazy money. It's not like this was thrust upon him by some general manager who he doesn't see eye to eye with yet now this was a Chip Kelly decision. He said I want DeMarco Murray I'm gonna pay him all that money to get him here and then he gets him there and he gives them fourteen snaps this is this. If opera drama that the NFL loves you have a couple of factors here you have DeMarco Murray. And squawk and stepping up men that he backed Dawson and I was only talking the owner because I was sitting next him on the plane. Pacquiao your flapping your gap you're a little displeased with okay that's fine. See if DeMarco Murray chip on his shoulder right in his you also have LeSean McCoy returning to Philly. And run and well. Does that play out with soap opera today be careful with stories like that they either are huge pay off for a complete Dodd. So be careful we're gonna have a lot of questions on that was shot McCourt fear of the eagles' defense what do you do have LeCroy. LeSean McCoy elect lukoil which film that no look a look coy Goya Coca what what would your game plan B I know from the Philly. Shut him down and I don't know. Because I got some stats that say that that bills passing game to be a problem today regardless check injuries before that injuries in this one nothing really to report for the Buffalo Bills. Charles clay he's probable with a knee injury so he's gonna play. For the Philadelphia Eagles also nothing really to report for fantasy players I mentioned a couple stats that suggest that that Buffalo passing game. May be something you want to invest in today I did Tyrod Taylor has scored twice six or more fantasy points in his last two games against tough defense is Kansas City in Houston. This week he faces the Eagles have given a more fantasy points to quarterbacks in the last four weeks. Than any team. In the NFL and our team in the league has given up more fantasy points to opposing wide outs this season out of Philadelphia I like Tyrod Taylor I like Sammy Watkins what's the weather going to be like in Philadelphia today Greg. Just real quick with the DiMarco Marreese situation earlier reports have him benched and running back board. With Darren Sproles to start no kid on gap C it again this hold back down I didn't flap my yapping was upon those have just a crock. He would everyone tried to back down but DeMarco Murray made the decision to go there to chase the money now you got to deal with it DiMarco. Titans Jets we either bring it the weather in Philly 65 degrees and cloudy skies all right how tight this yes. We out Mario does is run and wild. Who'd a thought. It just year 87 touchdown run I knew he had a good matchup last week. I didn't know he exploited it like that now we talked about Marcus Marietta happy I said I liked Marcus Marietta last week but I'm not gonna sit here and say. I liked him that much can't almost 25. Fantasy points just running the football that's amazing he didn't attempt one pass he walks out of that game with 25 points. It's crazy. At and you know that game between Tennessee Jacksonville thought man fantasy points on plenty. While but in this one Jets. Here we go again fits Decker among ourselves. But not the numbers. He got a lot it. You just don't now I jumped. I jump on the bandwagon I don't know if any player who's switched teams in the off season as had the impact. Both for their team and for fantasy players that Brandon Marshall is an amazing. And I'd let's check the injuries for the Titans and Jets. Kendall Wright the waters here for the Tennessee Titans he is out. With a rib injury that's all we have to report for the Tennessee Titans for the Jets tight end Kellen Davis he's listed as probable with a hand injury. He should be able to go today those are the only injuries to report. In this game here's some stats about that. Jets passing attack Brian Fitzpatrick a scored six touchdowns. 25 plus fantasy points in each of his last two games and this week you faces old team the Titans who've allowed an average of more than 21 fantasy points. Per game two quarterbacks going back to week ten jump aboard on the flip side the Titans are allowing more than 25 fantasy points a game. Two opposing wide outs since week ten no I like that just passing game this week weather in New York today for Greg Greg sorry. Or 67 degrees of there's guys. Steelers singled and maybe an NFL matchup that you just love. Man fantasy no fantasy Nana fell just everything. Everything is awesome about this game the right thing missing in this game is lay beyond bell. Outside of that EE you know he'd this game I could see this gave me in 1713. Or 3734. My guess is more on the higher scale that thinks about the a's offense is clicking right now that they are in in Cincinnati's defense although they can be opportunistic in and do put up some numbers I just I just. You gotta go of that Pittsburgh offense. As well as Cincinnati softens. You gotta love it let's dig into the injuries and. Injuries to report in this one I do have some stats to report in this one though Andy Dalton has scored eighteen or more fantasy points and all but one. Of his home starts so far this year he like I'm playing in Cincinnati. Jeremy hills averaged just 69 rushing yards with no touchdowns and three career games against the Steelers defense and I stay away from Jeremy held today what's the weather in Cincinnati Greg. Semi degrees includes guys all right. Colts Jaguars. And jags the jags as we've been talking about the last couple months here it we can't sleep on him Alan Robinson coming off a huge game. What a buck fifty and three touchdown catches although. Allan who earns back into the of folds here and on the other side of the football. You have the Colts. And that stranded tread water until Andrew Luck is there but. Now. It one and done if they may even make it in right you would think with or without Andrew Luck. I mean a loss Andrew Luck finds it somehow come playoff time because we know that. Everybody assumed he was the next big time franchise quarterback and that that's in him somewhere stale I'm not giving up and Andrew Luck I don't think anybody else should but. Unless he finds that yet they're not up. A threat in the playoffs little step back of a season for Andrew Luck not only for his performance but for the injuries as well the injury speak in a way it's for the Colts and jags. Well we know Andrew Luck is out there was some doubt as to whether or not Matthew Hasselbeck would be able to play quarterback which have had Charlie Whitehurst under center. Hasselbeck though listed as probable. With a neck injury full practice on Friday so he should play if we're any thing otherwise obviously we'll let you guys know for Jacksonville. No real injuries to report there wide receiver Brian Waters he's questionable with a back injury -- Brian Waters. You got bigger problems and that TY Hilton last time these two teams played he was held to six point seven points. And that was with hassle back under center. Meanwhile Thomas Julius Thomas has three touchdowns. And a combined 33 point nine fantasy points in his last three games starting to figure it out in Jacksonville and the Colts and surrendered almost nine fantasy points per game. Two opposing tight ends this year it's definitely edges that are Julius Thomas. 77 degrees and clear skies. By. It still that LeSean McCoy I think it's just it's just amazing to me. Now I guess it's the as Zack Greinke says it's all about the money you know he does it uses come right rounds they had. Hadn't mab DiMarco chase the money out. Don't under I mean I understand why DiMarco chase the money. He should you should try to make as much as he can make for whatever your chosen profession is a certain were all trying to do sure I don't understand why Chip Kelly. Again with personnel control in Philadelphia. Says yeah this guy I'll be a good fit for me let me pay in some silly money bring him in and not use him. Just amazing that's the side of it I don't get it. I think it's utilizing. A player. For his strengths and not be in cookie cutter and say well. Now this guy is you know if you haven't have been signed DeMarco Murray and he doesn't exactly fit your offense mold a little bit around it goes. Adam a ton of money at says. And if he doesn't fit your offense watch breathing and exactly we've seen situations before where GM will bring in a guy that coach doesn't necessarily want that's not what happened here now. I'm not saying kowtow to the player. But I am saying there is some give and take. Going on in for pro sports especially in football. Play around the strengths Dez Bryant if you don't target him. But there's an example right there you don't target Dez Bryant your season lost anyway so you want him pull an upset today or whatever you don't target him. At least ten times today something needs to be fired right. The only weapon you got threat that at 32 Sutton is it yep all right we'll take a break a second how the show get ready we're gonna get you win. In your fantasy playoffs weeks fourteen in the NFL week fourteen in your fantasy match up it is der is on seminars fantasy football weekly. Presented by Dave and buster's in wallet Sosa here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Consider it. Why are good favorites green Brothers I don't. Maclin takes the football and slams it into the plus side in front of a black hole. In the Chiefs tie the game at twenty to twenty. Chargers Chiefs. Welcome back on the fan it is there is on Ammon arts fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallet Sosa is we run down the full slate of games in week fourteen in the NFL week fourteen in your fantasy matchup we'll get to the Chiefs Chargers here just the second. That highlight from the chiefs' radio network. Or one game in Rami. We saw the Bears own a Cardinals beat the Minnesota Vikings. That's a closer game and a lot of people thought not me of course because I was all over that game yes he where. I thought it would be close. Yes the right is don't. Generally get blown out they have enough defense that uneasily get blown out. And that was close so little turnover action at the end there but Carson Palmer a couple of touchdown passes and David Johnson looks like he's going to be a good one. Really does has a knack for finding the ends on the let's get to have this one some curve balls thrown at you in this game between the Chargers and the Chiefs. Number one of Philip Rivers come under the weather a little bad got a foot injury. Any sick buddy they say he's still gonna go. And yet he is probable another factor here is the forecast. That Greg's got his hands full with that. That could be the year weather impact the game of the week here we'll check that out in just the second but the Kansas City Chiefs find themselves right in the thick of things in the fourth off race has pretty cool. Yeah I thought they were done an opening month and a half nobody thought that nobody in this position so yeah. Ever since the Jamaal charles' fumble against the Broncos. And like a Sunday or Monday night game the Broncos come back score a couple of touchdowns take that thing late. You thought the Chiefs were done especially when Charles got hurt and not the case. However the Chargers didn't just riding out the storm. Here and Philip Rivers keeps losing guys that he wants to throw the football to announce check out the injuries this week Stevie Johnson is out with a groin injury. And dontrelle Inman the other wide receiver he's out with a neck injury and you mentioned Philip Rivers he is probable with the illness and the foot injury. For the Kansas City Chiefs T Anthony Thomas there wide receiver is out with a concussion those are all the injuries. In this game in his last four starts at Arrowhead Stadium Philip Rivers has five touchdowns and five interceptions he's also down several of his top receiving options as I mentioned. And their offensive line is is banged up he's working down to Patrick offensive line. Charters on the other side of allowed almost twelve points per game to opposing tight ends since week ten so there is a Chargers start today. It's probably Antonio Gates to Chiefs have been tough against tight ends though. Mean allowing gays to put up excuse me. The charters have been giving up a lot to tennis Travis Kelsey I like I don't like Antonio Gates because the Chiefs have been tough against tight ends that on the chiefs'. Oka and held them down. Whether. Saturn or maybe an issue here whose jails for messer once fit deford agrees with the 90% chance or rain in some extreme winds and jetstream winds were so what does that mean. I mean it did you get a number now extreme winds finally our via they've that what that means to me is. At least 35. Right on this at forty but yeah yeah. I don't have a miles per hour premiere a look at them because ending that yeah because that's that's important here out guess that weather's going to be a factor in this next one to Redskins there it's. A little bit you know I didn't hear but the winds in the in this area but that Chicago greens today I mean the Soldier Field sod is is average and a good week okay so that your retirement the range some rain yet. It's going to be a mess get this game you really I can see a lot of things happening in this game I could see Forte just having a bust out he used to for a big game he has. Really is from the other side of the ball Redskins lose that a tough one to Dallas on on Monday night and it looked good deal when it. I could see this John Jackson run and while the little bit on the Bears. Mean Torrey Smith and that niners have been tough on wide receivers actually off except stories read right. In overtime which is knots in never said a loss a game. And made me angry. You. Got broken too angry okay China Allen Justin shot. There were numerous times throughout their game I didn't yell at my TV because then. I'm sort of resigned to the Bears fade I think a lot of people are getting a little carried away with them I never thought they were a playoff team so I'd ever got angry enough DL at my TV but there are numerous times during that game. -- watching it just going how how how. How have been how we left. Last week and we have via a little work to do before we left to you so about ten after quote after twelve. And yeah I'm listen to the for the game. And I'm not engineering in yet threat and I knew that the early punt return so that the Bears hold on three and out the opening game. They punt return for a touchdown it is it's called back I knew right there with some funky was going on in Chicago. Idea yeah I so the Bears and Redskins any injuries Rose to be worried of. It's take a look you know Matt Forte he's been battling some injuries but he's listed as probable will go this week. As is Al Shonn Jeffrey. However. His other favorite target Martellus Bennett is put on the IR Leon with a rib injuries the surprising Mattel's batted done for the year. Actually coach said he never complained about his rib injury until this week apparently it's been bothering him for a while. He just hasn't really told anybody about it. For the Washington Redskins tight end there Carter's questionable with an ankle injury and wide receiver Andre Roberts is questionable with a knee injury he was limited. In practice on Friday mark he's will slash let me go back to the Bears real quick. He is out with a foot injury and Zach Miller mark tells Bennett's back up these questionable with a rib injury he was limited in practice on Friday and Eddie Royal is questionable. With a knee injury we'll have updates on all those guys before they kick off at noon. Couple stats in this one Washington has surrendered the eight most fantasy points to wide receivers this year. I like cal shun Jeffords be too he's the most targeted wide receiver in the NFL. When he's on the field on the good side I mentioned Chicago has been sort of tough against wide receivers they've allowed the third fewest fantasy points to the position. Over the last four weeks and that's including. That game winning touchdown last week no San Francisco weather this afternoon Greg. 57 degrees with a 60% chance rain were on Falcons Panthers. Sixty degrees 60% disarray in mid fifties it's like here you know you could be 76 out of me now you got a lot out of this weather does that mean it doesn't look nice it's gray and great game crappy but the with the temperatures cool so way to go box. Think what we're comfort with well you'll see way to go box and knock off the you know Golden State Warriors. Warriors -- what Tony for no movement. No longer undefeated no and the Falcons do that to the see what you did their mom. And then now it's the NFL I mean he can't yeah they can't but and I think he can't. It's almost like the NFL wants close games it appears that way to me this year among all years. It it really does but imminent not that it's fixer I like this they're not known is that you know x.s and now it is at all but I mean I I don't think the NFL's complaining about tight game do. Not at all this one. And problem division races to probably that's not the case the magic carpet ride is probably going to continue and it really feels like to after the Carolina Panthers it took me about nine weeks kind of by Ian. Looks like they're gonna roll right into the Super Bowl this everything about it. And that the human interest stories the on the field the off the field that just everything indicates that to me according to whatever formula ESPN has come up with. They say that the Arizona Cardinals aren't the most likely team to win the Super Bowl in the NFL right I'm paper right and I that's I I could buy that but the magic carpet ride you know what that. Intangible brings to the NFL right. And I think it's the Panthers are checking injuries Panthers and felt nothing really to. Report in this one done nothing at all to report for the Atlanta Falcons and for the Carolina Panthers just Brenton birds in their wide receiver he's no doubtful with a groin injury did not participate practice on Friday since Brett conversant if ever I was is not play Bratton person. With some other going to be like this afternoon Greg. Seventy degrees and partly cloudy we'll get to Adam Burnett the genius in the circle of trust up next continue with our full slate of games week fourteen in the NFL. Week fourteen in your fantasy match up. Your fantasy playoff matchup can grass a year in the play are you for having it and we'll get to some money well that when this is for them down Alia. My right. Pitcher it's all about giving them information entertaining along the way and helping them win some casts its as simple as that this just means I can focus. I'm there and and their fantasy day you know and not really worry about my. That's the that's the benefit to me sucking right arm for everybody that's expected der is on him and on its fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallets hosts a sports last. And your calls tweets and emails of the top of the hour here. On the fan. What do you trust this week it's. The circle of trust. With the Sheen yes. Der Solomon and our fantasy football weekly show. Presented by Dave and buster's on sports Radio One 057 F. He I'm wondering about something. Here will bring in Adam Burnett here the genius it is said deeper sleepers in a circle of trust here. I'm wondering. By the people that listen to this show. There's just think just think out of the box here a little bats. Next year I don't know whatever week it is week three week seven of the NFL of your fantasy season. Would you go to Las Vegas was Rami and I. Three nights. We'll do the fantasy football show live from one of the casinos and I'd. We'll sit in a sports book after that and just gamble and gamble our football tails off okay. Little out all involved. Maybe a lot. And by about 6 o'clock. Night game a kick off we do it all again connect. Would you guys if the price were right we're gonna throw this out there as a as sort of a unscientific poll if you will Brett. If the price were right you guys know what a trip to Vegas is 56 on a pox hotel and airfare. The Sabbath. Whatever it if the price were right would you go with Rami and I went. Home and I would love it I would absolutely love it so side Ned sighed through without their let's start out with Adam Burnett at number doubt would you go. Whether I went well earlier this year and that's why it was an unusual but one week. And I was running up down escalators or 4 o'clock in the morning so I had a fantastic. Time I will certainly feel that you would. Not very good a week fourteen people it's not reveals that. There there may or may not be I'd have to walk off my friends that with me yeah it was great Kart oval. I'm sure we'll answer it it's like a stair master yeah I ran I ran off I ran up and fight told crashes. That's like having water with your Jack Daniels and their justification as well I'm hydrating myself but. I was for an awful lot of the beer I'll. There you go on dollar bottles of amicable but that's one. It would meet me very very well all find the deals for it Alia. I'm definitely shipped him off absolutely a winner bid to Vegas on this could be followed you around like a puppy dog little nooks and crannies so that Tim Allen experience it's we'll get it done. Hole for sir I'm week fourteen people got to leaning on us a little bit here Adam what he had getting another is that some craze is legal in Vegas to all the leagues in the box and Bryant won't push it right for the that the that you're if you're told O'Neal might be over the line shifts. This image justice bitch yeah it's just a little bit yeah. I have what do you layover at the end of the book that's why I can't leave this one them and after depend on them all eyes are on my pick this week I really like Blake portals. I think he picked up his sixth 300 yard gain survivors Colts. Or does is justified the election list yours real high draft where as he looks to be a franchise quarterback to me. My running back just up from the 49ers. Ashamed to roll he bases the Browns 31 ranked run defense I think the Browns are terrible and quit on the coach. I'd play anybody gets brows at this point wide receivers going to be Sammy watch built with the Eagles blog the most being two points to opposing wide receivers. I didn't get beaten Miller coming back this week thankful to pull out the pitfalls and some points. Opposing tight ends the kicker is going to beat Matt Prater of the wind. Is scored in double digits in three straight games. The defense beat Kansas City Chiefs and Chargers offense or doubtful means with their play. Might consecutive streak mentioned gavel on the show I think that it's been nice and I think he is going to be changed Collins inside linebacker for the Patriots. He returned after a four team absence. Yet he total tackles last week IDD player should Evgeni counts in the lineup. The areas Adam Burnett week fourteen his circle of trust Adam we'll talk soon thank. Saints are getting here let's. You're gonna fly through these things here Saints in boxing and everybody and every body you've read ye hear you look you see it. Ever once in Winston. Hey everybody. Right yeah. He should do well today he shed Martin's Evans a terrible off the defense cities face he had an and you know what don't discount Drew Brees I think he'll put up some numbers today two let's dig right in. To the injuries here for the Saints and Bucs nothing to report for the New Orleans Saints except that Mark Ingram was put on IR this week he has done. Swore this isn't I am tower. Sure. If we go on a long yes then also nothing to report for the Tampa Bay. Buccaneers. New Orleans allowed more fantasy points to quarterbacks than any team in the league this season there's that James winds and think up and up again and Evans scored twelve more fantasy points in his last five games including twelve point one in is in last week's match up. Against the Atlanta Falcons alike that Tampa Bay passing game all around this week was my going to be like in Tampa this afternoon very eighty degrees and clout he's guys trying. It's ran. Lions and Rams Todd Gurley is well he's now performing well right now is calm yeah that's a little bit of a challenge. In. Staff burden in this one. I don't think so I think that's a little bit of a tighter game points are a little down in this game tell you the truth but injuries Sagan play a part doesn't. Look like at wide receiver Lance Moore is questionable for the Detroit Lions he was limited in practice on Friday. With an ankle injury for the St. Louis Rams. Let's see here K scheme them he's probable with concussion but I think it's going to be next fall's. Under center again for the St. Louis Rams and tied and Lance Kendrick he's probable with concussion and he's back passed a protocol he will be back today Wes Welker. It's probable with a calf injury he should be in the lineup for the Rams today you mentioned Todd Gurley struggling. Held under a hundred yards for a fifth straight game last Sunday just 41 yards. After he went for a hundred plus in each of its first four starts still leads NFL rookies though with 835 rushing yards so far this season and a blow up soon show and you'd think so maybe today against Detroit maybe you would think so. It's indoors so that shouldn't be okay. 49 rounds are human and well Adam mentioned John drawn of the niners. Against the Browns Johnny Mann Zell the go for it. You need to San Francisco's kind of they're bad. I could see the Browns put up some points on the ice as I gotta believe that people have somebody. More reliable than Johnny men's L made an in depth chart now man I don't know we'll get some questions to their injuries. For the Browns in nine. Tried and Vance McDonald he is out with concussion for the San Francisco 49ers Carlos Hyde he was put on IR with that foot injury that's kept him out. Much of this season. For the Cleveland Browns not much to report their wide receiver Andrew Hawkins he's still out with concussion and wide receiver. Taylor Gabriel also out with concussion wide receiver Travis Benjamin. He is questionable with a shoulder injury he was limited. In practice on Friday wide receiver Brian Hart line. He was questionable with a hip injury he was limited in practice on Friday and wide receiver Marlon Moore he's questionable with a rib injury he was limited. In practice on Friday so a lot of Johnny men's Els targets. You know struggling to get on the field I'd like Bart and show. Love new contract did you know he's been in the league for eight years already I didn't know that yup. They showed his contract and what he's done this year compared to his first eight years I don't care departed has been around for eight years for us I don't remember hearing his name until last year. Greg tells me all those wide receivers I just mentioned though are active Blaine Gabbert has thrown at least one touchdown pass in all four of his starts this season conduct Colin captain nick. Failed to throw a touchdown pass in five of his eight starts over the niners before he went out enterprise and a report this week got a Sampras Cisco that says that. It's all but certain that count Tampa nick will not be in a 49ers uniform next year. What do you think about count cap next few lands in the right place a lot of people think he'd be perfect for that Chip Kelly offense. If they decide not to resent Sam Bradford I would agree there highway I definitely think he deserves another shot. Yes Adelaide and reports are that and going back to that Philly team Chip Kelly will be back for the Eagles next year and kind of. It. Well we'll see where you are thinking we have well we have both agreed coming into this year this a make or break year from -- use either the mad scientist in. In certainly a successful way or just a complete debacle in the NFL and they'll never be back in the NFL has had note apparently will get one more season I tried out with some other going to be like this afternoon Derek 65 degrees and mostly cloudy. Yeah Seahawks Ravens. RC have Jimmy Claussen who's gonna start for the Baltimore Ravens time. Jimmy Claussen. Is now going to get his second start against the Seahawks. But for two different teams. He started against the Seahawks for the Bears earlier this year yes okay yes. And now he's gonna start against the Seahawks again for the Ravens this time. The only other time that's happened in NFL history was that a few years ago Kyle Orton actually it's happened four times okay portends most recent being Kyle or. With the second different team against the same team said. What rally times accept me for almost immediately after he asked it. Andrus is silly I know in his ears. From the NFL red zone network he treated out that it's happened only four times. So Thom when I wonder Rose last time that happened. One of our listeners he treated and after time SN said that it was cal or I'll Lauren against the Browns against the Packers playing for both the Bears and the Chiefs that. Loss and against the Seahawks for the Bears when he started earlier this year threw for like sixty some yards no touch he's not good at and they got a shot out yet. He's not a yep love the Seahawks defense today. Injuries Seahawks and Ravens and on the ravens' side a ton of them yes a lot of them hang on let me scroll down. Where there it is. Let's see here for obviously the four sad in the Flacco in the Steve's math let's just start with the Seahawks real quick Marshawn Lynch still out with the -- injury probably out for your fantasy season altogether he may be back for the playoffs for the Seattle Seahawks for the Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Marlon Brown he is doubtful. With a back injury tight end cracking Gilmore he is doubtful. With a back injury. And quarterback Matt job he's questionable with a chest under he won't play today as I mentioned it'll be. Why what's his face Claussen you know what what's what's the weather going to be like this afternoon Greg 65 degrees and part. Lee cloudy. I'd still some games to get to we'll do that next stop the our result for you guys had us up on FaceBook and Twitter and answer our poll question if we did the show from Las Vegas next football season. Would if the price were right would you come along with a us Rami myself. Do the show from those them radio studio most of the casinos have them. We'll do right in the casino. They had over to the sports book and hang out. And watch her fantasy players bet on some football. Sounds like a lot of fun I don't get in Las Vegas RF to pay anything I was like we're true I don't know. Presented the price is definitely right for me all right we'll take a break to come back and finish up here. In our full slate of games week fourteen in the NFL week fourteen in your playoff match up will be back on the fan. You know. Time for us yeah. Rates Bronco raise. Radio network on that called jurors on seminars fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallets OC here on the fan Tim Rami and some results coming in on our unscientific poll here. If you would go to Las Vegas with us next season for the show you show with us basically. In Vegas a hotel and airfare gets a good price point a decent price point and Seth some fun in Vegas all wrapped around football. It us up on FaceBook and Twitter on that policy questions answered at the top of the hour here. Raiders. The tough match up here for that passing game and I know it's tough off. For that dual offense and dad to us to sit a guy like a Mari Cooper. Raven crab shoot two Crabtree who's been as you heard right there as sort of a touchdown guy but. If you've got some alternatives. You may be kicking yourself for start and some of those Raiders today at Denver. Married very tough era. I mean these two teams faced each other once already and it did not go well for the Raiders injuries Broncos and Raiders injuries in this one let's take a quick look here running back Taiwan Jones for the Raiders he is questionable with a knee injury is limited. In practice on Friday for the Denver Broncos Peyton Manning still out. With a foot injury wide receiver Andre Caldwell he is questionable with a quad injury was limited in practice on Friday. Vernon Davis who hasn't really had the impact a lot of folks not he would when getting to Denver he's questionable with concussion he was limited in practice. On Friday right wide receiver Bennie Fowler he is questionable with an ankle injury limited in practice on Friday and Ronnie Hillman. Is questionable with a foot injury the running back also limited in practice on Friday I mention the last two times these teams met didn't go well for Oakland. Broncos L David Carr to nine point 86 fantasy points this was in week five tail they held Murray to five point seven fantasy points. And Marc Cooper was held to 47 yards and four point nine fantasy points off that's tough is shut down this offense last time they faced each other. What's the weather going to be like in Denver this afternoon Greg. 45 degree. Is in clear skies victory sex industry. Like scheme into the Sunday nighter. Patriots haven't sort of an issue wide receiver do they get healthier gronkowski does make the trip to Houston for this game. But still no official word on whether he's going to parted just flashed across ESPN as we came out of the break ground gronkowski will play tonight he will play that's what they're saying all fantasy owners are rejoicing I'm now one would think so injuries Texans and Patriot Julian. Al many is out with a foot injury is still Danny Amendola as questionable with the end knee injury he was limited in practice on Friday. Gronkowski is back up Scott Chandler he is questionable with a knee injury he was limited. In practice on Friday I just mention ground. Expected to be back tonight according to ESP and for Houston. Running back Alfred blue he's probable with a back injury limited in practice earlier in the week but full practice on Friday so he appears to be. Good to go his back up Christopher Paul also good to go is probable with a knee injury he should be out there today Cecil shorts and the Andrei Hopkins both wide receivers. Probable for this one as well what's the weather going to be like this afternoon out there Greg. It is indoors all they got in Houston you have to weather should be that guy that's all that money. Giants and Dolphins I think there's lot of fantasy implications here in this in this football game. Now button. I'd was listening to chuck and wicked the other day that it. Had a great stat robbing Evans clock in all all year long about how tight these games the NFL are ya and I'll controversial. Or how. Game changing they are in the final few minutes of love of the games here as of late. Think the Giants for example they're five and seven. If the game if every giant game this year ended with a minute fifteen left on the clock okay. If it just stopped right there in a minute fifteen into the Giants would be ten in two. What's maybe ten and two. So I'll I will widen the window a little bit I would love to see a study on this year's NFL games. If you stop to every game at the five minute mark. In the NFL. How many wins and losses would be exchanged. It's been a great season heart extremely and a lot of late game fireworks bit big time big time Monday Night Football Giants. Against the Miami Dolphins in. Juries nothing for the New York Giants for the Miami Dolphins tight end Brandon Williams is out. With a foot injury wide receiver shard Matthews is out. With the rib injury one quakes that in this to a New York has struggled to stop opposing running backs a love Lamar Miller today giving up almost forty points per game. Two opposing running back so far this year and was sweating and be like in Miami today Greg 77 degrees and clear skies. That brings us to I finally schaeuble I don't want accurate us. Green Bay yeah what's your official line on this game now I thought I saw four points and read it it's flop and all over the place. Greg can you take that out what is the lie what's what's the latest line on this thing right now while he finds that let me go through the injury is real quick Tony Romo. Is out with a shoulder injury dissed them put him on IR but he's done for your fantasy team for all intents and purposes. And for the Green Bay Packers Ty Montgomery. He's questionable with an ankle injury limited practice on Friday Mike McCarthy saying near the end of the week that he is good while not good to go with that so far. So good for Ty Montgomery I think that'll depend on pre game warm ups I'd stay away from him today one quakes that in this one Randall Cobb. Just a huge disappointment for fantasy. He scoring fewer than nine fantasy points in each of his last four games. During that time he's averaged 45 yards I like him today however why. I just do assisted you know the spin the wheel and once in awhile you come up with a good game and today's are good game for Randall Cobb. So already Lacey goat Sparky and LeRoy made a bet on the Wendy's big show Sparky said Randall Cobb won't go over a hundred yards the rest of the seat us in the way. I've crazy generally I've been dated Greg two things you got the F forecast and a us. Point spread on this year's four cares it's going to be 56 degrees. What they 90% chance of thunderstorms. In the line. The Berlin where you go it's either between six or seven. So about a touchdown yes. I still like the pack in this aren't Cowboys. There's just a bunching yuck you know that. Right there's a general slate that's one way to describe his car full slate of games. In the NFL week fourteen we fourteen in your fantasy match up. For the most part it's a playoff match up you're listening to der is on im an arts fantasy football weekly. Presented by Dave and buster's in wallets Sosa take you call Selby and get a win here you need it. 4147991250. Hit us up on FaceBook and Twitter. You can email live at 1057 FM the fan dot com and the poll question. Look we're not saying that you need to do to hang out with us all time would love to hang on have few Beers with the if you worded. Have an opportunity at a fair price to go to Las Vegas to do the show with us and we're not asking for your credit card no not not nothing like that I don't just check in the pulse here that's at all yet. Would you would you do would you be insist is fun time obviously we'll do the show and hang out in the sports book and wants a full slate of games the NFL will take your calls next. Week fourteen. Tim Rami Brandan Schulze has sports blast Greg Janet is here as well. On the fan. Der Sar. We show presented like Dave. Even busters on sports Radio One 057 M. Five dollar number two jurors on M and arts fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallets Sosa a couple of things to get too we'll get your calls. It is up on FaceBook and Twitter. He'd email live at 1057 FM the fan dot com. Number one is just. Check my text messages from him and got a message from our guy over here Brendan jolts yes and I'll read it to you OK only it says. I love you babe. And in areas where. Well no I am like that net Null. Now completely out of room and that I don't care what you like or dislike Brett what I really commanded me chair within the next text message said disregard that was from my girlfriend. Sure it was president and I do love you Tim Idaho and it was a mistake block a kick or because we've all sent that tax then right after we sent to your. Well what did I oh I didn't mean to express my feelings so strongly. Now we're trying to take that back and pretend it was for someone else number two taking inventory at arm a little bit of a poll question here but he's sober that's the thing I've never done it's over. Now there yeah yeah I've poured my heart out going on in now. A little intoxicated and then pull it back out I admit now allows for him what isles. Not that word the alpha male type Rami. From but I'm just a poll question if weird do the show in Vegas to seven Vegas get away in the fall. How would you go to Vegas with us for this show we do the show gets in nice price point on it sure I would at a hotel and airfare and just can't come into football and drink and in Vegas now would you would you do it and watch and that the sports books and the on the whole deal. So take that poll for us and then now finally Dave and buster's sort of a ER million Milosevic are really million dollars do it I'd imagine that's that's a lot never been to Vegas but I imagine that's what I love until sites and games and absorb alcohol solace to me in the and the Sparky fan there at Dave and buster's justice pastors all the senses working watching Vikings and Cardinals and playing lots of video games and I was drinking ruby red Mo he does because those are delicious never heard of them you know how they're so good look at how he won't even now. Now you won't even know what and what booze is and I believe has. I'm not mistaken romped. Brendan just gave me a thumbs up okay that's the boos that's an ego then there's a lot of other stuff that's and it there you don't even know there's romped but they get all your buddies together and head out. To my favor plays Dave and buster's in while a Towson 45 flats greens. You won't miss any of the great football action and talk about some great food options the wings are amazing also five dollar appetizers during games Sunday and Monday night's 42 -- bud lights or Miller Lite. For only 350 and check out the million dollar midway the latest technology in gaming. That's three send the kids before the game starts and he go play some games with them at halftime make sure that there are alive and well then back to the football and when the greening goal play as they will be this afternoon. There are free raffles did you hear me three. Raffles every quarter for some great prizes because Dave and buster's is all about fun great food. And of course football it's also a great place to hold your company holiday party have a quick business meeting follow that up with a fun team building event with food. Drinks and games galore your team can even take over the whole place that's Dave and buster's in Wallach cosa. Highway 100 block south of north avenue and Mayfair mall tellem Rami. From the fans censure or what most of my night inside of Star Wars battle pound Lucas is if that's where you'll find me when a remedy for 14. 7991250. Hit us up on FaceBook and Twitter and email live. Now 1057 FM the fan dot com's playoffs and he need to win to continue congratulations. You're and it's a it's a great feeling to be in the tournament. Some. Really challenging and difficult matchups here this week and he had a mess or the playoff situation that sure and so will help you out with a let's does start things I was sack in green field. I like we always do it. What's up young man. I'm good are you do real real used our mark things are great guy and I can not make it out and foreign. Man. So I'm actually help in all of might get seems so I need to work these forward charge actions she yelled and then Ryan Parent would keep his merry. A some good choices there them. I think im leaning yelled and yelled that's gonna get the touches and looks like a decent match up. I think the weather's gonna affect the Dez Bryant Choi it's tough to sit does but why. Yeah I like yelled and here I think its have its a fair amount of points and I mean he's got Matt Cassel and sand shields is actually for the struggles at the Packers defense is that he's done a pretty good job against number one wide receivers he had not I don't see a huge day at a desk and I just don't now has this whole revenge factor gone on in there trying to make a story of the cats or no catcher would probably I'm out what what harass him be rainy and and probably a little sluggish. You might see a couple of two on you can plots revenge all you want if you're not good you're not mean Clint Eastwood to never movie where he's seeking revenge if he has one bullet in his in his revolved respond that inning get very far no he's done so prices back there you go TJ yelled at. All right you got at 7991250. As it's week fourteen you gotta have the playoff victory here today. A lot riding on us this is a good question in the Wendy's and box because if you want to deals from Wendy's fast and easy to slugger to Wendy male. Dot com this is Dan from Carthage College says up right by my house sort of idea Richard Rodgers or Ben Watson. That's good that is good. I at the Saints are just gonna throw I mean to know Mark Ingram they've got CJ Spiller and in and high tower. And are going to throw. Richard Rodgers coming off the big game writes don't think he repeats that not a huge fan of it up out you know high ceiling passing attack for the Packers I think those days are done for now. I don't know this week after after the benching in missing curfew last week. This week there they're gonna do all they can to get Eddie lacy and they should involved and rejuvenated and back. Russia and into his role with this offense any laces Guinea a fed a lot especially with the rain falling. At least that's how I see display clocks in here and there via kindly I think I would to play against a while I think the Packers and out. For the Packers are gonna throw the balls much as we usually see them throw the ball and there will be some targets are for Richard brought some with the song. Some but not as many as Benoit agreed 7991250. Mill alive at 1057 FM the fan dot com. To Mac Juan and we say hello to block hello blocked. Staples Celek let's open our structure here without not to mention the chain of unproven guys saw I need one or my flexed. Gold landing shake. Buck Allen or TVs are used about it Parker or Tim Hightower. You know also get about Spiller read or DGB but I don't know both guys are viable option. Boy they are tough matchups Allen you've got against Seattle. Yeah. The Murray you've got against you Denver. Yeah staying away from Murray. Missed the first guy eliminated from that list. Yeah I'm Tom leaned in toward the Vontae Parker or not that's a little risky just because a namesake who as you mention them in. But. My entry is a little did end up to the Giants can get into their shoot matches. All you know Parker coming off what 49 yards and a touchdown last week. I'm go with the Monta Parker it's a Monday night play in you're gonna stay in the game and who knows. You know maybe hauls off and then throws up don't fourteen to seventeen point game. Yeah I'm with the money goes Parker's left. Or right good. Good luck or ship to come. John let's not won on the Internet and Kansas City says hey Tim Rami and crew somehow I made the playoffs at 66 and one half K I'm very weak at running backs so it doesn't really matter who I start my question is a wide receiver. Besides the obvious start of the Andrei Hopkins US start to more from the or I need to start to more from these options brand in the felt Colston. Eight in DeSean Jackson Hank Quan Bolden needs to votes. Mom. DeSean Jackson would be in for me. I don't know he said as fumbling issues and ended they say he's gonna go right back to be in the punt returner. Despite the fumble and and kind of thrown a game going on Monday night and really make DeSean Jackson today but out of this group I think he's one of the two that I would pick. Okay so does John say I'm. And what does that leave us with Colston look fell Aiken and Bolden. Aiken I don't like that matchup and all. Bolden. Is Hayden back to you know Greg can you check that as Joseph Hayden back for the for the Browns even if he is he hasn't really been. Shutting down opposing number ones this year the get go full load. Jackson emboldened via Bolden Jackson matter you it by the way. Why I want to make sure that we I don't think we've ever discusses before. Bolden as the old Hayden is still in. Concussion protocol so okay yeah that makes a on we've never talked about the history for Rami but who Lotta shows like what we do here. They'll throw up on the call screener on the screen over here like you know Joseph and all creek. He needs to choose one of the following. Okay we don't get that prep time like a lot of shows Duke good and that's by choice we don't want we don't want that we want to spontaneous to work it out. On the air did you see you know it's and it's not. Pre planned here that we already know your question and we already know the answers. Once you call and once you get on the air that's all we gotta talk it through on what we do we do and I think that's the best way to do it or 7991250. Northwest side and we say loaded Tony what's happened and. Morgan government moves on IR coddled and ability at the air serve our current sort of the ball secondarily. I have. About Gregory added Dalton are mister Bowles secondary is are struggling while a doorknob in my office. Boy it's tough to go outside a big band right now the guys just just roll it. And I agree and that's what I got to do I would have to although Andy Dalton a solid year and be really is is a fine fine quarterback this year. I still got to go with Big Ben is just so many weapons at you don't. Bryant did in brownies don't get much better than that and throwing a Wheaton. Oh man I mean I I think you come out good either way you could have a shoot Matt's going on Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. There have a were gonna go Big Ben for you are right Sony are sort good luck 7991250. Hit us up on FaceBook and Twitter. As since week fourteen in the NFL week fourteen in your fantasy matchup once again inching closer to kick off week fourteen of the NFL week fourteen. In your fantasy playoff match up you listening to der is on seminars fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallet Sosa on the fan. Is Matt Forte twisting out of the ten. Touchdown. Touchdown. Worked day in from five and 8126 graders leave here at Soldier Field. Yeah out. And areas. He unimpressive highlight from the Bears radio network. Welcome back teller as you know tackle welcome back there is on Emmitt guards fantasy football weekly presented. To you by Dave and buster's in wallets OC you're on the fan Tim Rami week fourteen in the NFL week fourteen in your fantasy match up a playoff match up get a daily fantasy question got you covered I'm now on to. 7991250. Early reports in on our poll question would you go to Vegas with us and not that the animal look. Brackett every ten minutes it's super super cool hang out Rami Mac lock well. I don't know what kind areas but now we're not gonna advertise. I often get the sense that. You know I've Armas stand up to me is number radio host oh probably must be girls and fun to hang out dog and pony saying oh god must be the life of the party yup I often feel like I disappoint people. Think that the but. Just kind of just trying to get away a little bit and you gotta you know we'll have several months to plan for this will do it too far enough away from the holidays if you if you want to do is a sense point I'll do is stand up comedy set. You will do us the F Saudi set and a little loans off on the side where there bring everybody into our hotel room. And obviously I'll just it was sad for the people who traveled to Vegas with a TCU all right but the only people I've added there the only stipulation on that we have to do it like 1 AM fine hook up. But. Okay I've dead stand are actors after a few too many twice her only twice one time it went great. The second time I gave up halfway through just started talking to people in the crowd into giddy and you have to do a shot. In I will fly. Okay so there you go this we're gonna throw that check it you pop in addition to airfare and hotel Briere thorough in free of charge a shot. And a standup comedy show from yours truly. A hall I just say imagine just saying stay out of my luggage man that's all I. To stay out of it make it animals run around and but right 7991250. Let's go to Joseph in new Berle and Joseph your on the fan. Bigger as I'm PP ER question here. Though and so like CJ Anderson can play much at all bowl Ronnie Ronnie Hillman her Emanuel Sanders and reflects. You know. Ronnie Hillman is banged up too he has a little banged up and they've that you don't. John Thompson. Is probably gonna get some carries student alleviate that you know I like Sanders here. I don't -- while a thing it did doesn't appear that he's good fantasy quarterback doesn't. No not to Maris thomas' have an an OK year it does seem like it but it's okay. I think Sanders is that is the call here despite their anger at despite the potential. In more touches out of Hilemon. Go sand Sanders I especially like him to get at least in the end zone so it'd have nothing to also grab you sex you know. I I'd 7991250. An email live a 1057 FM the fan dot com's comes from my Cindy Cindy to the Wendy's -- Wendy's mailbox easy for me to say it PP our league need one running back and won lacks. Hilemon Murray would head James Jones Dante among creek banks of the shows Cindy. From Waukesha. Maybe mine creed fear despite young girls can we have some Geneva and running back and a flex. Okay me of when than mine creep for ZAM in the flax obviously care and the running backs would be Hilemon Murray would head. PPR news San. Yes Pete clearly. Little short passing game to would have as tempting. Crazy don't doesn't know why we Murray had alternate you know how many goat's would had. He that's around win into marrying a Danny would have tied 7991250. And Dan you're next on the fan. Big guys quarterback question leg got got to pick one of these obviously. Tyrod Taylor believe portals are you like Manning. Good choices. I've got. Tyrod Taylor loved Tyrod Taylor yeah in ended in a daily and I really liked our match up here I you know again you look at the factors here. Philly I really believe if if just human nature takes over in some decisions in the NFL. Would you run it on that defense set Philly defense them after everything that's gone now of LeSean McCoy. Might be their body or whatever but there's been some squawk in here and there. I think they're gonna shut him down they're gonna force Taylor to throw and that's a good thing for Tyrod Taylor. I'd yeah and I think he's gonna run it been potentially run a touchdown and think you're sitting OK with Tyrod Taylor I agree yup nearly at some points area thanks good luck. And I'd 7991250. As. Know week fourteen is say obviously playoff time probably 99%. Of the people listening to us right now right except for people in those goofy les accused spark I know. A real quick public service announcement if and Rainey get to the social media stuff it around 1135. Tweet your quest it's fine fine if you wanna include my handle and it at Rami is tweeting. But include the station handle too so Brendan and Greg can get access to those in and rely on them on the year out is I'm not giving them my past work. You get to my Twitter account. No that's just happened because people do bad things including myself people do bad things with that. When they get that information dirty pool wicked has left Milwaukee twice now. Clearly it's Twitter oh that's right yes. That it actually left is if you listen to Twitter he's been to Detroit did the city and off of chucking wicked now. 7991250. An email live at 1057 FM the fan dot com. Two I Greenfield we sail and. Caretaker. That are particular culture yeah. Aren't so I can not. Can figure out what to do this situation I've try to get many. It's quite possible good arms. What a bad match up of Julio Jones have. This week would you consider sitting him particularly Elvin. I'd think about it. It sets that's a tough call this one of those calls we say. Added I do that if you don't sit and why did I do that even it even though Carolina wins a game. Julio Jones comes up with a couple of touchdowns in the box eleven. I don't think I would consider it I would talk about it. I I have to start Julio Jones and I also think that Atlanta's going to be playing from behind you saw green Bay's offense. Come to life against Carolina about a month ago or sell right. And they did get the job done a little bit but he's got such a tough match up. They got its going to be shadowing him in the name escapes me fruit for the the up Panthers. He's good. Army he's legit Gooden norm and yes. Breakout season. Breakout season but I still think that the repetition of trying to get it to Julio Jones. Probably gonna pay off for your Ronnie what do you think I mean I'm I'm not Bob posted gone the other direction here but now. I'm with you I just think in hindsight it. Playoff time I did I start to have rookies Darius fumble when he was limited later arm because the coach got manna. I'm with you 100% really yes he not even tempted didn't scenario that note. It's the home ice. I like TJL the man but you draft and Julio Jones for this time of year. I stud are well like it senses I mean that he agrees with Julio was not been good lately I understand. Thanks for the god appreciate thanks you're right yelling at yourself you do a self starter I know John I know but it all out. Only reason wise I don't want to have any regrets he's one of those guys that you start that you do I know he hasn't been good but you plug him in every week. You don't sit Julio Jones. Some players don't play that way and fantasy football I get I get I get what you're saying and I'd lean toward that philosophy but some players don't man they go on matchups and they go on. You know what looks. Like it's it's a horrible situation in a might be for Julio Jones got an email here in the Wendy's and boxed it's live at 1057 FM the fan. There's a Esther Kendrick west or Darren McFadden. Our mouths again this is the cowboy team a McFadden coming off I get. Popped in smoked on Monday night a couple of fumbles. I don't see the Cowboys really being in that game they're gonna throw more well McFadden of getting his is touches. Come. On the other hand sort cans requests but we here we go the gut feeling of the week. He's healthier. He's he's and often times up there the only time he's gonna be removed from the game is probably inside the five for Spencer ware. I like last year I attitude now. You guys go to 7991250. Let's go to Jose your necks on the fan Jose. I. They haven't sure. I don't know how dark side to side and either Aaron Rodgers or Tyrod Taylor. Who nice. Oh drivers are rich. I'd listen and Jose this is a great one. Well. Robbie does your philosophy holds true now which philosophy or you reference number there's certain guys you start no matter what yes. Still yes. I like Taylor. I do. I'm not a lot of Tyrod Taylor my day Taylor I love Tyrod Taylor today but no. Believe it or not I think to have the bigger upside. Is Tyrod Taylor. Maybe the safer play is Rodgers because he'll probably get his two is Aaron Rodgers man and not this year I yelled c'mon. Hold on hour to get their spin on this you guys behind the glass there spin really we like Rodgers back here you still like Roger. A day form that big day form today in the rain you know he's so other big day in the rain on Thanksgiving. In what a big day that was. All right now miles Aaron Rodgers I'm out vote is Aaron Rodgers dude Matt how is Aaron Rodgers. My bigger lead I got Aaron Rodgers so why know. Who yes. And I don't like I'd I just don't like the smell of it I think to win the game pretty well. But in defense of score a lacy or Starks touchdown. It get had that James Jones thirteen yarder. Maybe one more late to cop from my story or he's gonna throw for a at least two touchdowns today. Two and how many yards is there's there's there's the move the rubble on this thing to do Taylor is gonna rush for probably fifty sure of. Then that's what puts Rodgers over the luck is that he's here to get over 300 army is honest with you has ever been on this show OK okay. I love Tyrod Taylor today. He had a great match up. Everything in my brain when we break it down by match up statistics everything else. I wanna say Tyrod Taylor because of that the match up and they Bryant knew the situation yes. But my knee is not a sly old child when I say it when it comes out of my mouth Mike gut is screaming no. My gut is screaming no you don't sit Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs it's the playoffs that's why you got Aaron Rodgers. Oh my brother Taylor you go sit down. Jose I'm telling you dude. You have the show all go to show the show is has voted Aaron Rodgers over to god it's let me play as a seed of doubt your head and say you just listen to Tim just gonna tell you man I'd like Tyrod your undermining the show right now I'm sorry you know we'll go with rob you're undermining the show we're going Rodgers I don't like when you were -- that would view with -- -- -- thank you object. That is what should sound it is jurors on M and arts fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallet Sosa covering everything fantasy. And the NFL and week fourteen it's the playoffs you need to win Brendan Schultz has your sports last Greg Janet is behind the glass. Tim and Ronnie for the ninth season of fantasy football coverage here signed Jose appropriate for the tenth anniversary. To go to Vegas I didn't even think of that see ya it's just a little hall all the synergy in the world slow you got lasted ten years and will be valuable as some for you on the fan. I welcome back social media portion of the program here der is on M and arts fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallets OC you're on the fans getting closer to kick off. Week fourteen in the NFL week fourteen in your fantasy match up and thanks for answering our poll question today. If we did the show next year in Vegas and just sort of a get away it doesn't necessarily have to mean you gotta stick biased you don't if they if all time. But there you and little fun. Was Ronnie and I in Vegas I can assure you that and do the show and go to the sports book in our Rami will do stand up at 1 AM in in our hotel room. And on target just shot. I'll buy a bottle or whatever. Fight Don host of the college basketball weekly show what's coming up a noon said for sure he's in Rami. He goes in no way I'm going into your hotel room at one again. What does he think we doing tonight I don't know I don't know. You never know our social media lets see Alou got listed on to make a very tasteless jokes you yeah. America should hold back or you wanna hear now let's hear that everything's out there. Today I'm not bill Todd Reid dude saved Tony Romo don't put them at all. There is it's. I told you died died ward. Brandon Roy. I format on Twitter sure Kendrick Lester Dez Bryant's. I'll like last year. We had not a big fan of that game and I carried it in not in Lambeau today when it comes to fantasy I mean obviously there's going to be some fantasy points scored but. Not a big fan of the real real high ceiling fantasy game for those players in green bail like west. I'm Morgan on FaceBook you clearly needs to out of the three Geovany Bernard running Helmand or Spencer ware so sent one. Bernard. Hilemon and where. Mean. Could be a track meet Cincinnati Pittsburgh really could GO Bernard is sold due for a swing pass like sixty. Is any. Yeah but if you don't get that nearly an acting to get much out of him in a given week then I think you get okay. He threw what do you think in here he'll litter aware of where isn't that the goal goal line guy now again. Look the circuit request could pull a hammy again tweaked that hammy and minutes where all day especially in those conditions in Kansas City. I like Bernard here I think it's the safer play Hilemon staying doubt where a sort of share when I got to sit one we got to pick 20 we get so yeah. I GO Bernard EM okay. And then I think calmly and toward toward. Hilemon here that's thousand scenario they aren't they go next I nick onto energy Aybar or pointers. Gabbert. Or whore here. We. Feel like Hoyer out of these two I think Mohamed to probably good weeks and Rose playing ever could have. Sunday Night Football now stuff yeah Boyer Hoyer. All right Greg got to face what you do yelled in our Lamar Miller. Like them both I love Lamar Miller today mullet because he jailed in guy but I love Lamar Miller yes. I yell let's go Millar I Ryan on Twitter Jordan Matthews Michael Crabtree Donte' in my people are brand in the follow my increase. Given to me again Jordan Matthews Michael Crabtree down to remind people of random thoughts of PPI reflects. I'm tempted. Matthews a little banged up the and I'm going to write Crabtree while I'm Leo Montreal I will tell you this for the Colts either Hilton or Mon creep has a really good day yeah I'll say month period. Hilton is not inhabited you can't count on him to have good days anymore. All right Aaron on Twitter cooks or Landry and PP. Landry a little banged up so as cooks but. Saints are going to be thrown all day. A goal cook agreed Tillman or door keeping our. Nor well I didn't that's not my answer. I just figure if gore. So you are you say Gordon I'm confused I kind of you are safeguard your dad say I don't want to say either one of tell you got through what Manny got an amateur has got to go one. Gore I will agree with you say go to that's Rouse lead when you say I don't like it. Greg on Twitter will tie or Austin's a ferrying Jenkins. Jason at first one will die of Geoff Jenkins Jenkins. All right needs one of these for reflects deep yard McFadden I effort gates Jordan Matthews or Kearns just want it to one of these guys I for. Yeah I mean if he's healthy go and let's go yeah. Right Tom on that sweater big banner Andy Dalton. We've we had their own before big man yes right people are flexed Graham feud Allen or Lacey. And three. Thought you know and. Or lacy I think Eddie lacy gets fed today as long as he doesn't fumble early on he should get. Quite a few touch I don't drink and I agree and don't freak out on the second or third series of Starks is in there right. Place he'll be back is as Ronnie said as long as he doesn't fumble. He's gonna get the rock as they I think they know they need to get him going if they're gonna have a shot come playoff time they need to get Eddie lacy Roland numb with him and I think this is does the make or break week Freddie lacy and I'm with you. Aaron Maclin are Cooper's. Maclin is fair and just turn it up here. Cooper half match up man that sets at Denver match up that I just don't like for the Raiders. And Macklin since some conditions that might not be favorable to throw so that being said this is going to be a whether. Know if if if the weather was fine in Kansas City a go with Maclin. Since it's not. I'm goal at the late game start of a Mari Cooper I leave despite the match up. He. And. You mean to me again normally what I go and base my decision off whether it never works out I will I will disclaim you on that what's the dress against Mac owner Cooper. It can't start who extreme winds in Kansas City extreme defense in Denver big time. Did you get did you hear what they did to Mari Cooper in that Raiders offense and they faced each other only 54 fantasy shut them down I heard no I'm going Maclin on goal Cooper. Tiebreaker boys like Maclin are right. Our eyes our guys over there she. Have pointy PR needs to Vincent Jackson Eddie lacy Rashard Matthews or Daren Sproles needs them to of these Jackson lays siege Sproles and who Matthews. I'm a say Jackson and Lacey ominous cities. Roles. And Lacey because of the Murray benching yes I I understand why are doing that I still say. Jackson and listen all right so the choice is Jackson or Sproles. We like Sproles Sproles that the peck died such yet they're Smart the lightning round is up next. And is. You asked the question we give the answer we don't break it down we don't justify it anyway. Just question answer boom will do that next and the fans. For the lightning round we are just minutes from kickoff 107 now and I'm. He's just weeks and yeah. New weekly presented by the law offices to resign and Menard on sports Radio One hole I had seven FM. Bouts of breaking news things just took a little bit of a turn here. Philosophically. Yes they did some breaking news from Green Day Jay Glazer of fox sports you know what. I didn't do during the break I mean just make sure this is actually gently hint yet let's make sure that looses out conclude check mark and 883000. Followers some assuming that is the real Jay Glazer. Treating out scoop ridge. Packers head coach Mike McCarthy is taking back over play calling duties today first time all season. Oh OK let's go back to July and August are approaching. They don't training camp and the whole deal in the season your fantasy drafts and the Packers break down beef free Jordy Nelson injury. Don't mess with that is something that was not broken at the time. We talked about you guys talked about it and big show we talked about it on the on several of the shows and TV shows and things like that. You freaked out over five minutes of bad football that's all that happened don't do that in the NFL. Don't mess with your strength. That's what he did and that's in the Jordy Nelson thing was and you know not a huge factor in this. You freaked out over a bad five minutes of football not give back to your strength that's your offense I'm glad to hear that. Glad here or Armon. I think it's gonna make a difference I would think so little flip beat passes out to the side on third and a half a yard what he'd do one. What card the envy loses his mind but there were times last week where looked like he was already calling the plays a little bit toward the end there for sure press the other list in front of them. Am very vocal with their writers I'm assuming in the headset to Tom Clements very interest day and then Monday he comes out he says or maybe it was Tuesday. That may be. Maybe I need to be a little less vocal and talk a little last may be out maybe I'm impeding the progress between Aaron Rodgers and Tom Clements and go back to what. Your strength wise well we have three minutes left in the show you know we got a you don't RI. Start with let's go win it and only zone Alex and toes so what's a question. And guys that people ask this question. RB to help CPR Dexter McCluster bird DeMarco Murray. Oath. Yeah. Some of wealth from what Greg and mend some reports of sand number is going to be events dining around him yeah I got to homer cluster McCluster Steve blisters unless they're. Got an email earlier in the Wendy's inbox from Jack says please help RB to. With Batavia it's Murray who I feel needs to start just because he's the starter happy PR Darren Sproles Ryan Matthews Charles Sims bull all Powell Sproles. Agreed when we got on social media Brendan. Cooks Matt Jones are Geovany Bernard. Just one cooks just one. Yet coats. I got need to receivers my six Brandon Marshall Brennan cooks. Real salt doesn't functions come hand in Brandon Graham and while no Marvin Jones. Marshall or strokes. Yeah thank you very much this email is. From Jason I need two running backs to lock up second spun playoffs Eddie lacy James White Danny wood had TG Elden. To a month two of them lacy Elden. It would have been ES agreed social media Brendan would head or Langford. Langford would had a quarter and all right Dave in Kenosha your question. Yeah guys and they want running baked. Skater league that right now our Alpert march Mitchell owns or Ryan Mathews. I'm gonna go Ryan Matthews here. All right thank god it is Steven Kettering Ohio mark tedious Bryant or Eric Decker. I'm the say Decker Decker social media Brendan said one of these Doug Baldwin and Alan Robinson -- Beckham junior or Amare Cooper Cooper. A yes staff Tony Caledonia question. Accept that you didn't read my question I don't look at her Baldwin Cooper Beckham junior. Or a problem Alan Robinson. That's your question right there you got to sit Cooper yeah you're fine last tall we have twenty seconds left in the show it's christened South Milwaukee. Emanuel Sanders or shrink or. Emanuel Sanders. Gold more. You single or again the object is Emanuel Sanders says thanks for the copy Ben seconds to say all right and college basketball weekly is up. Don will go to Vegas with us but he won't be in our hotel room at 1 am. Okay fair enough good luck in week fourteen we'll talk again next Sunday morning on fantasy football weekly.