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12-20-15 Fantasy Football Weekly

Dec 20, 2015|

Tim Allen takes your calls and questions and tells you who to start in your league today.

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Attention fantasy football players. Kickoff is coming let's get you ready to play. Come to the nerves on the Menard fastest football weekly show presented by Dave and buster's and make the right call for your team with the latest news injury reports. Analysis now. Here are your experts Tim out. On sports Radio One 057 FM. Bad welcome both Florida another addition of jurors on M and arts fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallet so so weeks. Fifteen in the NFL week fifteen. In your fantasy match up and for a lot of folks it's. Well it's a semi finals this week end and hopefully we can get to the Super Bowl. For next week we'll talk abouts your fantasy league we'll talk about daily fantasy is well. As my name is Tim Allen Ronnie Mac Lofton is off today. Brendan Schulz this year he'll have the sports flash for you throughout the program until kickoff at noon Greg genetic is here. Then we have a new weather girl in the studio. That would be my son Ty he's gonna handle the weather forecasts and all the outdoor stadiums. You know what you doing over there. You think you can handle that I very good all right. Daily fantasy. I know Greg Greg bring it on this Greg you. If a guy. Our big daily fantasy players we are yet. Fortunately cashed in 20 my four teams. Last week. And so that. Brings me to a run of four of the last five weeks have hit the money. In my daily fantasy. Now again it's it's sort of peanuts it's couple of bucks here it's three bucks there eight bucks there in terms of the return. But any time you hit the pay window you got to be happy with that right oh yes and it makes up for everything your putting them big time. There isn't a place. In this country that I can have more entertainment for a dollar. Then on the daily fantasy site and I'm quite frankly I'm surprised that. On any of the daily fantasy sites is not having me do a testimonial theirs and theirs and a guy that you don't want doing. But it's testimonial for these I. Absolutely. Love the daily fantasy sites I do I I I just do I if you have to stay in control them. He can't be flown out there rotted away your income bracket is guys but he can't be flown out there. Twenty dollar teams and fifty dollar teams in spending 200 dollars a week on this stuff I wouldn't recommend that lets you know hey look everything's relative. My eight dollar could be you know you're twenty dollars. But man oh man I I absolutely love it I've got a couple of guts Florio. Coming up. And out first hour the program will run through the entire rundown of week fifteen in the NFL second hour the show taking calls a 7991250. We will also. Check the emails live that's LI VE at 1057 FM the fan dot com in a sub on FaceBook and Twitter. Now we'll check the injury report says I said the oh forecast the outdoor stadiums what really not a factor a couple of game. This year and there throughout the season. He had some windy games course yet the Thanksgiving night game. And I'm still. Going to say this. If the weather was fine on Thanksgiving night. No way the Green Bay Packers lose to the Bears sorry guys I think that leveled the playing field so. All that is coming up. Here are on now fantasy football weekly. As so were two games in now Thursday night Tampa Bay took on Saint Louis Saint Louis gets the win to Avon Austin a couple of touchdowns. Todd Gurley a short touchdown run. On the other side down. Mike Evans a decent well big day didn't get in the end zone but a buck 57 receiving. For Mike Evans Austin some faring in Jenkins finds the end zone. As the year Rams beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and then yesterday the Cowboys lose to the New York Jets and nothing really jumped off the she gets or maybe Darren McFadden. With a double digit fantasy points for you did not find the end zone Dez Bryant did Kellen Moore comes in for Matt Cassel. In Dallas and well threw three interceptions and a touchdown. Fitzpatrick. Sort of a game management type game Decker finds the end zone as the Jets beat the Cowboys a Dan Bailey I guess if you if you're in a kicker league had a nice night. But there you go to games and we get a full slate. Of games here in now week fifteen of the NFL week fifteen in your fantasy match up. Which game we gonna start with Greg what are you want to start with here. When ago Bears Vikings. Served ordinary the Ellis do that the Bears take on the Minnesota Vikings. And it were all wondering and you guys are probably wondering semi final game you absolutely need need to win. For today or Langford. Matt Forte. I suppose he got to go with him I mean he's a guy that could brush up the the biggest and run up the biggest number there Alison Jeff for you'll check the injury report here in just the second. Finds himself on it we'll see what's happening there. And of course the other side of the ball Adrian Peterson like him got a minute and a daily. I think he has an opportunity to run up a big game. AP is had an outstanding season. So maybe a guy that's it that's might wanna go let's check injuries for this one shower Greg. Sure both Al son Jeffrey incidence that Miller. I've been dealing with injuries all week but both are expected to play for Chicago. From Minnesota and no big injured report port Charles Johnson is out. John well Zach going to be even a factor though none me more. Maybe you begin your week Warner to Burton obviously. Now on not at all and the forecast is they play outside bears' and vikings' young man. I'm sorry got a huge Micah. That's you Brandon 36 over side very get a what you did run down the are games we're gonna go in order here Greg Oca. So whatever you have on your injured report over there. There's certain okay then you go with the next game correct what's the next game you have. Oh lead is let's go right now with. Carolina and New York. Okay Carolina New York Giants O'Dell Beckham junior 25 games in as 24 touchdowns. Think about that. 45 game career is 44 TDs guy averages about a touchdown a game. You have to continue to go with oh del Beckham junior six straight games of a hundred yards or more eight touchdowns within that span. However it is a tough tough match up. Against what is a Norman Johnson yeah and that that may be a little bit difficult. Eli Manning now has 48 tees on the season there again I've talked about Eli Manning over the years on this show. For quite some time. He is an underrated fantasy quarterback. I guess the worse you could say about him assault throw the pick once and awhile little bit on the inconsistent side but. You know when you get Eli Manning. Here's a guy that they aegis simply stay with the entire year and your probably not disappointed overall on a particular match up Piaf maybe. Do you do you decide to sit him in Hammond and I know that some folks are going to be. Contemplating whether or not they sit Eli Manning today against a united mile a good Carolina defense. I Carolina gone for their fourteenth win. There are some injuries to play a key role on the Carolina offensive side namely in the running game is Jonathan Stewart. Greg is going to be ruled as out in this game so that's. Maybe a little different dynamic for the Carolina Panthers. Greg Jon Stewart is out so you have. Fuzzy Whitaker and Cameron artist's pain could pick up. In your free agent lawyer Greg Olsen was them in practice all week but is expected to play. For Carolina. But at the Giants you have Dwyane here's where a receiver is a game time decision Monica. And it's itself Ozzie Whitaker. Cameron artist's pain or Tolbert. Correct that much either Howard most likely gonna get a gore and here's pry going to be Cam Newton. Well either and I even well Stewart was taken some of those goal line carries away throughout the season a given that Stewart's and I held a year. Very good no question about that but. You know that that's the thing in a semi final game here what the Super Bowl on the line for you guys need fantasy leagues. You really want to start a Fazio Whitaker. I mean that's what word that state man that's that's the way it goes in this thing the running game for the New York Giants on the other hand. And noticed in one of my main leagues that Rashad Jennings was available. I don't think that that was a Smart move for someone to drop him if for no other reason to play a little defense make sure nobody has him. I like to know who we dropped. Are who we picked up. To drop. Rashad Jennings for the Giants ground game is. You'd so hitter missed you never know who's no touch ball no question I agree with you. Right I totally agree with you but again why would you give someone an opportunity go ahead and pick him mop. And it could cut your own throw but I said if you're certified as Whitaker earrings are shy Jennings I. Either one I gas and have that you get you have to gamble if you know the injuries what's gone on this year. I mean I read an article the other day that a guy had. A lineup of Tony Rome all. Jamaal Charles. Marshawn Lynch and in the draft he handcuffed with Rawls. Any Ed Keenan Allen and Steve Smith. Think about that lineup come a Greg are just off weren't. Felt that that's got to be the worst fantasy year ever I'd let's check the a forecast for Carolina and the Giants. 39 no problem aside thirty and I was gonna Tennessee in New England yeah New England. Is Tom Brady is this a smoke screen or we back to Tom Brady being on the injury report for seventeen years. It says illness and he's questionable. All indications are that he's going to play. You would think. I'm quite against them today so I no probably doesn't but she got to remember Brady they went through a span of I don't know what it wise and I just that Ronnie would know what. Was on the injury report some years ago for like four straight years every week for three or four seasons. In some capacity they found him on the injury report listen to agers do the pages it is lol tomorrow bowl of the injury report. Okay so the running game here we go again we talked about the Carolina Panthers in there if be running attack at least four namesake. Now we've got to talk about the same thing with the and New England Patriots and that is Brandon Bolden. That's James White and now the newly signed Montae ball. I would think there Bolden is the play here. But. Would it surprise you that James White finds himself the end zone twice. Would his receiving skills you most likely. You're running back played today were probably be jeans worn died the other side of the ball it's Tennessee and then -- notice a little bit hit and miss but when he does hit it's bigs so. Netted know if Europe. You know looking at Tennessee. And playing from behind I would think Mario owner could get a bunch a garbage points in this game facing a New England Patriots injury report for the pats in the Titans. No big real injuries for Tennessee Kendall Wright is out. But general hasn't done. It was anything the last couple weeks anyways. As you said Gallagher Barnes is also James wade and Burnham Bolden will be doing under the care is. Julian Edelman is out again moments stellar game view newly acquired Leonard had Dickerson is expect to do see it. Decent planes and to you know Leonard hacker since citing for the New England Patriots. Danny Amendola is listed on the injury report as probable also he will play Tom birdie is questionable but. All indications that he will play as well ride very good in the. Forecast for the pats and Titans no problems in Foxboro pride. Whether or not really an issue anywhere anywhere and all we'll take a break. Continue the run down week fifteen the NFL week fifteen in your fantasy matchup once again. You listening to der is on Ammon arts fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallets OC here on the fan. Hi welcome back jurors on M and arts fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallets those on the fan listen every Sunday Wheldon and one more week at least it's a semi final week today hopefully will gets in the Super Bowl next week. And that'll be our final show next week but that doesn't mean we can't continue. Either this week end or next week to talk about the daily fantasy because. It's a game I really really like. Adam Burnett from our circle of trust in the studio today. Adam or your daily fantasy player. I am not I would love to play but I spend a lot of my money on ice fishing lure is and other. Fishing tackle you do you are aware that you can play daily fans alike will dollar I know Bradford just a dollar. I have a little bit of a gambling problem so for me once I get into it I am and a goal full bore and I'm going to be the guy that's spending 200 dollars a day on some of the bar when clear. If it's should. So when I I I do like the concept of it this all right meets you absolutely love it hopefully. I don't shut these things down nine knows California. The latest state. They have well there are shooting for some sort of injunction on it and assists OK here's why it's. Here's why it is a game of skill people it is not gambling it's gambling I suppose because there's money involved. In that regard and but in terms of odds. Gambling is supposed to be a game of chance. Right C don't need any expertise. To winning gambling in daily fantasy you do here's why it's not gambling it's a game of skill because if if there were a game of chance then you could draft. All I don't know cold Beasley. Letter to hang person. Instead. Of an O'Dell back arm. And Adrian Peterson. Right yeah. So it is a game scale there is some knowledge and use your expertise and knowledge are let's not to figure which lets talk about the year bills against the Redskins. You like that. Actually with a couple of scores just about every week. The quarterback position for the Redskins has not been a complete nightmare Kirk cousins has done an okay job. Toss in a 300 yard game and there and hey at least keeps it honest for yet if that's what you gotta go with other side of the ball Tyrod Taylor he can now. They too often any time Sammy Watkins com and on big time speaking to daily fantasy. He's a guy that you need to take a look at just about on a regular weekly base. Says our mistake of look at the injuries here. For the Buffalo Bills and the Washington Redskins. For the Redskins wide receiver RJ Roberts is out with a knee injury we don't start him anyway I know now. DeSean Jackson. Was limited in practice all week but is probable to play of the knee injury bring back crisper Thompson. Is questionable with a shoulder injury and he earlier this year had as little flash in the pan am there but I don't know if anyone's hang in their hand on Thompson. For the Buffalo Bills tight end Charles clay is out with the back injury. And you also have robber woods probable to play with a hip injury and Carlos Williams is a game time decision. ASE and he had his run of what 56 straight weeks with a touchdown. And before he got hurt LeSean McCoy is really do and a nice job surprise that that didn't pop up for me. On the our daily fantasy. That LeSean McCoy would be an option that are take a look at that during one of the one of the breaks you're the forecast. For the ski and this year. 44 no problem pride Kansas City taken on Baltimore Kansas cities the not way up there are in terms of us salary. Utilized can city. They were gonna four sets Smith and Flacco all being hurt and that really is killed a lot of fantasy teams but. A buck Allen is as stepped in here a little bit Camara Aiken I guess those are the two EE you may wanna think about a year. I in this match up but still it's half tough task against a Kansas City deep other side of all Alex Smith a viable option. Depending on who you have and what the match up this. He can put up some numbers Jeremy Maclin you know we talked about gut feelings last couple weeks. I just see you know our number two will take your calls. I have a gut feeling on a shark cans or west. At some point you would think he'll have a blow up day before the season has done. Could be today against the Baltimore Ravens. Let's Kelsey finds his way on on to the injury report was checked the injuries for the Chiefs Ravens match up. No real big injuries for either team. DMZ Thomas is out with a concussion but he prior were plenum anyways. Travis Kelsey is probable. But he is full participation. In practice all week okay so he should go he should be fine here he'll be fine. Spencer waiter is a game time decision but early reports have him being active but now playing much roll today soldiers are Kendrick west pick is a good one. Yeah could could very well be a like Camelot or Maclin you dislike. Media like damn match up there forecasts Ravens and Chiefs. 44 and clear all so. By it. We gonna hit a break here will get one more in Houston and Indianapolis the Texans take on the Colts. And injuries gonna play a part in this one. Is he starting to disappear for people. Adam I'll bring you in on this one C starting to just kind of fail here. No you have to roll from he's been good all year and unless you have a superstar receiving corps. Well at the worst time army's that'd that's the timing of fantasy I would rather get beat with my best guy. Then angry then play a hole from a prayer especially in my semi finals via iTunes is still really good. Yates is once and teams for the Texans and I think I would roll pockets Hoyer being out. Yeah you're right TJ Yates agony at the start today let's check the injuries for the Colts in the Texans and and it looks to be a an issue here for both sides of the ball the quarterback position turn to him as you stated brand a lawyer is also TJ Yates. Will be your starter at running back L for blue. Was a full participation in practice weeks and he is probable with his back injury. For the Colts injure what is out. And mess let Matt Hasselbeck will start again despite his back. Injury that he suffered last week side he's gonna go on weathered not an issue there you want us. Please and one more game since were moving here rowing give Adam a little more time after the sports last. Let's goats you Atlanta and Jacksonville by Jacksonville we all know that that offense is on the rise write them much like the Raiders in that regard. You look at at a big time keeper league. EE need to take a look at some of these Jacksonville players 'cause they're young. And it looks like the arrow is pointed up the arm to arm I yell they guys know I'm talking about turns and Robinson yelled and bore holes. You know Julius said Thomas even young enough to where you can hang your hat on this offense Atlanta on the other hand. That offense has failed miserably. Since about the mid season mark. Dovonte Freeman. Everyone thought he was gonna run away with the rushing title all purpose number one fantasy running back. He has disappeared. Julio Jones. Has disappeared. Matt Ryan. Failed miserably when you have that kind of talent I think maybe you need to look more. At the hierarchy. Maybe the offensive coordinator may be the head cult may be and the system in general much much like the Detroit Lions where there is talent there. M for those guys to under achieve that the way they're doing you have to take a close look at the Atlanta Falcons that all being sad. Were all hole open there's a bunch of points in this game hungry because that means Julio Jones steps back up. At this point. As good as Julio Jones is. I think you got to look at your match ups and consider depending on who you have buckets crunch time here it's semi final. At the Super Bowl on the line here are some sort of fantasy les are having there's the Super Bowl today. You really have to take a look at it as good as he has he is just not found the end zone in a million years he's really. Hasn't put up but a ton of fantasy points. Could it be today. It could against Jacksonville's. Could happen I see some points in this one Freeman probably finds the end zone in some capacity. And you don't Jacksonville's offense gonna do their thing let's check the injuries for the jags and the Falcons. No big injuries for the Falcons. For the Jacksonville Jaguars. TJ yelled and is doubtful with the knee injury so that means Denard Robinson. You're gonna be our starter we're gonna get some questions on Denard Robinson for sure I'm starting them in one of my leagues mean Atlanta's Atlanta's run defense is not good at all allowed eighteen rushing touchdowns this year. Atlanta Falcons think about that where we're at what what week fifteen here. Denard Robinson is a great place that. Least on paper it. All Greg if he's in if he's available in your leagues go presumably put him in your lineup he definitely we will have a had a good day that. No other big injuries for the Jaguars Elin her earns. Was limited in practice but he is probable with die injured. And I'd very good net game is in nine Atlanta. You know Jackson it is okay the forecast in Florida 65 partly club I'd very god I was. Take a break get a sports flash that I hear from Brendan Scholl civil talks. In studio at number net circle of trust you better bring it here. You ready for this we already talked almost Mike Tyson just hits it affects you a little bit deeper sleeper choices. I. That's what we do we get from the a circle just in the genius Adam Burnett will do that next top of the hour I know what will kick it around here we'll talk it through. As a lot riding here. On a semi final match up or a Super Bowl match up in your fantasy leagues maybe of a daily fantasy question where he kind of now wavering between a player or 27991250. Of the top of the hour hit us up on FaceBook and Twitter. You can email us show live at 1057 FM the fan dot com it is fantasy football weekly der is on am an ardent. Dave and buster's in wallet so sick here on the fan. What do you trust this week it's. The circle of trust. With the Sheen yes. The der Sar. And aren't fantasy football weekly show presented by Dave and buster's on sports Radio One 057 F. Yeah in seeing a little bit closer to kick off week fifteen in the NFL week fifteen in your fantasy match up week fifteen in your daily fantasy league. Or game if you will. It all gets everything you need to know till the top of the hour there won't help you out with the decision or two we get a quandary here you Bure wavering. Well hell be out top of the hour 7991250. Can hit us up on FaceBook and Twitter. You get some emails say as well live at 1057 FM. The thing on dot com Tim Allen today no Rami Brandan Schulze is here Greg Janet. Behind the glass and our weather person my son Ty is here. And Adam Burnett circle of trust will be a deeper choices here a lot riding here in week fifteen. I didn't go with the with. Goal with some safer picks here. But some guys that are little bit out of the box Oca. I think Matt Ryan does well today against the Jaguars when you look at the Jaguars stat lines. Quarterback to pick you apart. Jaguars played a lot of shootouts. I think Matt Ryan in this match up is safe next week against the Panthers Matt Ryan is not seeing. Little different so if you're sitting there with maybe. Joseph Flacco or someone like that and you've been ride and I don't know with Cleveland quarterback her whole year over in Q stand or Mans now. Matt Ryan I cut alike to pick today I agree a lot. These guys I'm actually using this week I'm not also a member him client okay arm I'm playing Matt Ryan over Brock costs Wyler and Alex Smith. My running back is gonna be Denard Robinson the Jaguars I think shoe laces worth a flex play Alexander and the Falcons given up eighteen rushing touchdowns this year. They've given up fifteen to tail backs I think in a PP our league rob sisco and I'd catch some swing balls I think he'll be very valuable for it to an errant. Wide receivers going to be Tyler Lockett. Yes four straight teams of double digit scoring PP our league's. I looked at his ownership and the number was very very loyal to me in the sites that I play I was very surprised by then the Browns pass defense is absolutely terrible Browns are a joke. I would play anybody against the Browns. Tight end is going to be Julius Thomas the Jaguars. The Falcons defense is allowed four touchdowns to opposing tight ends in their last six teams Thomas has scored in four straight yep. Knock on wood I hope it is that straight. My kicker he's been really clutch this year. Chris Boswell the Steelers he has three or more field goals in three straight games gunning at the Broncos defense. I still see the Steelers being able to move the ball against the Broncos but he some of those drives coming up short occurred my defense is going to be the New England Patriots. The Titans have allowed 44 sacks this season. The Patriots have the league most. IDPs I went with two. To Davie on cloud any of the Houston Texans you do when you have absolutely Oca he has ten tackles and three sacks in his last two games exported in my lineup. My other defense event linebackers going to be too ball sheared of the New England Patriots. Is coming off to sack performance against the Texans. I'd very good there's your circle of trust and Greg you got an update on some of the players in the injuries that we've gone through already. Yet correct for the noon games you have Carlos Williams Spencer ware and DeSean Jackson all active. While you have Chris Thompson and TG yelled and I'll. I'm very good you and you mentioned Tyler Lockett let's get to that Cleveland Seattle game marred here's here's the issue here. Does at some point the Russell Wilson to Doug Baldwin connection is going to going to come up short right I mean is a guy's got a TDs in the last three weeks. At some point comes to an end does it happen today. Maybe not. That you like Tyler Lockett in this Adam I like both of them okay yeah I like I would if you have Baldwin play am I got beat by Baldwin last week. I'm in I'm in the consolation bracket which is really exciting to me edgy ball's pitching part yeah that's like it's been good to Bryce Brown the united started tailback for the Seattle Seahawks. ID. I don't know. I I just you know you've been looking at a guy that. I had a at a little a cup of coffee there was Buffalo win and prior to that made some hate late in the season with the Philadelphia Eagles now he lands. In Seattle there. Tom. They signed Christine Michael. I don't like I don't like the play. But you might be forced to go at him because he's starting tailback in the NFL. And a match up isn't horrible. That's going to be tough injuries are for this when the Browns in the Seahawks. As you said Marshawn Lynch still remains up for Seattle and Thomas Rawls placed on season ending IR. You're gonna roll of the committee of Christine Michael Derrick Coleman and Bryce Brown you as a running backs Bryce Brown has its companies eternal machine. Yup Christine Michael knows offense so that could possibly be a play but. No matter what is going to be committees are you don't know who's gonna get the ball in the end and certainly of Bryce Brown fumbles early that may take you out of some points and you know as for Cleveland no big injuries to report. Wide receiver Andre hawk her and draw organisms are it is out but Taylor Gabriel is expected to return to action as they've. Found the end zone earlier this year that's not so bad but forecasts for this one now Browns and Seahawks doesn't showers and see yet. Phi at Cincinnati Bengals C with out Andy Dalton. They go up and play the San Francisco 49ers. I'd do like. AJ green in this one. I referred we'll check the injuries here and a second but I do like AJ green he's still an M McCareins got low confidence. He saw him throw a couple of TDs. In that game last week that dollar and got hurt and do like AJ green but will go ahead and check the injuries on this one outside a Dalton. What's going to impact this game niners and Bengals. Bengals are Murton and the injury report in you dog is out with his right thumb fracture. Tailor our effort is out as well with his concussion. That is about it on the offensive side of the ball for the Bengals as for the 49ers. Anquan Boldin. Was limited in practice but he is probable with a hamstring injury. And that is about it died very good in the of forecast for the vandals in niners 56 chance of record good serves those girls are Torrey Smith. Is a game time decision as well okay so that's there that's a tough. That's a tough one to in my wanted to be ready on your facts Ethier. Near in your fantasy leagues to make a little bit of a change some of these injuries. Agony impact your semi final this week or indeed if it is your super ball. You definitely want to have a player in there that actually plays and take a quick break. Coming up in the next segment we'll finish up the full slate of games in the NFL week fifteen which week fifteen in your fantasy league. A fantasy firsts. Believe it or not that's coming up next year Honduras on -- arts fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's. In a while it's OC you're on the fan. Through games here a week fifteen in the NFL week fifteen in your fantasy matchup thanks listing of the fan here jurors on im an arts fantasy football weekly presented by. Dave and buster's in wallets Elsinore Rami today Tim Allen. And a cast of characters here Brenda Schultz Greg Janet camera now my son tie with the weather forecast move to. Miami in San Diego and it's a fantasy first for me. By Ty. How does it feel to actually. Have a player on your team. That your friends with my. I mean I wouldn't say friends but. Definitely acquaintances go to him Gordon yeah yeah yeah of the it's cool mutual acquaintance yeah it's cool wearing his Jersey on Sundays it's cool seeing him on TV and it's. It's different so when you see him this summer. Woody until. And down and I don't that he under achieved the BR. LBR that he might be overrated. Easy easy. Well Adam what do you think Melvin Gordon. I think Danny wood heads really good and I think Danny wood heads abilities made them pull the plug on Gordon faster. Then they would have if wood had wasn't there he's not fit in that offense very well at all that's the politically correct answer to him okay. I'd very good died injuries for the Chargers and Dolphins. And the Miami said the ball you have Rashard Matthews is a game time decision. With a rib injury. That's what it for the Dolphins for the Chargers. Wide receiver Stevie Johnson is expected to miss another game. But where's your dontrelle Inman will return that's been through action with his neck Bagram Ted and lenders drain is also a game time decision with an ankle injury. I had the forecast San Diego Miami 61 no problem. Let's go to a Denver taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers Adam mentioned it. In his circle of trust. I I do I agree with you that Pittsburgh's offense will be held in check a little bit more than normal. There's still gonna get theirs they're that good that offenses that good Denver's. Not so I was got to help out some way shape or form to keep them in games eight of four field goals last week lose to the Raiders. And they're gonna have to find the end zone to win this game as good as their defense this they're going to have to get in the end zone in this game. Let's check injuries Broncos and Steelers. Peyton Manning and remains out for Denver so Brock as well we'll start again. Armor index CJ Anderson is expected to be active again Lessig is active but didn't see any playing time but he will see playing time. To day. Emanuel Sanders and the mayor's Thomas for the wide receivers were both. Limited in some practice in some gym reform are both probable Emanuel Sanders and limited for a month now and that is it for. Offense for the Broncos for the Steelers. DeAngelo Williams is probable as he was. Limited in practice with an illness but that's it for the Coca Steelers. Tried very good in the forecast Broncos Steelers 42 and clear arts this Sunday night game flexed the and Arizona in Philly. A couple of birds go and at its Sunday night for this is seem like the Cardinals place Sunday Night Football every week. If you think Al has a house in Arizona it up kid and this is this is it'd and and and it I don't want to sound like I'm whining or anything speaking of Arizona but we all have our fantasy football horror stories. There was talking at number net during the break. How does a team. That I haven't won a Miley is one of my six leagues. How does a team starting lineup that has Carson Palmer Dovonte Freeman dog Marten Julio Jones Alan Robinson and Greg Olsen. How does that team that's starting lineup have a record of seven and seven. Going into this week. You've had the most points scored on you of anyone in the league and that's it that's why six schedule and timing is everything it while not everything. It's a large part of fantasy football it really is a bigger part than people thank. In have all that all the great names on paper you want. But there are there is senate testimony right there that do you still go 77 Cardinals and Eagles injuries. For here's our running back Andre Ellington and tight end Jermaine Gresham are should be known to be game time decisions and I. Early reports have Ellington sitting and Gresham plane crash or the Eagles Jordan Matthews. Was limited with a back injury but is expected to play night very good and that game in Arizona Greg and so it is in Philadelphia in. Philly in the forecast out east no problems of that side very good and Monday Night Football Detroit. At New Orleans. You always love having a Monday night played a luncheon. Especially in the dailies. When you look at that high points and you can tacked on although recent tack on here on Monday night which one. Drew Brees or Matt Stafford goes crazy. Told Vernon coach is well. Both of them Adam I'd I would play all my Saints and all my lines. Timmy Hart hi tower touches the ball what 29 times last week. Go with a guy like that township. And to be no football for two years hats amazing. We have a little thing in the house that I call the Timmy high tower dance. There was some years ago when he was with Arizona. I in the final week of the year prior to the playoffs final week. In this league structures all goofy and funky but anyway good long story short I needed high towered actually score a touchdown. In I would win a whole mess of things OK we've been a one seed beam if he doesn't score I don't make the playoffs. He scored and I did. Time you can confront him stand dancer on the living room and I'm in here which call it the Timmy how high tower dance so I should have just for karma purposes grabbed him. And Adam are my team. But Matt Stafford Calvin Johnson did they hook up. There is a branding cook's. Injury Brees. That is going to be a good Monday Night Football game in terms of fantasy points you would think there's going to be a lot of arm injuries for the Saints and lines Monday night. No injuries to report for the Saints as far as the Lions wide receiver Lance Moore. Was hobbled in the ankle injury but is probable to play. Despite limited practice both Calvin Johnson and air Ricky Brown are also expected to play into it tied her money and Monday night yeah and that game in New Orleans. That is trying to hide and in the dome all right. End up final game here packers' says 305 kicked today. In Oakland taking on the Raiders. Are all right one of my Daley's. A little Rodgers to Cobbs connection. A couple of times being nice -- possible. Course of this. Sam Shields being out what does that say for Marty Cooper. Derek Carr. I would I would think that there's going to be some points but. Every time we say that. It's 1713. And scuffle and for fantasy points. Animals start with you before the break here in the we'll get to our phone call 7991250. I hit a sub par on FaceBook and Twitter I know this a big big week for you will help you out we'll talk it through. You can email live a 1057 FM the fan dot com on you see this game out of. I have Crabtree and I'm contemplating playing him I think the Packers will move the ball and score. On the Raiders I think car's gonna put up some numbers to SE the Packers winning this game. I'd national devious marine CI kinda he's like him in this game he's been so inconsistent this year I would rather get beat with someone that's consistent. I think both teams early are gonna try to run the ball the loosen up the past that thing could turn into an absolute flying circus. By late second quarter. I see it that way Eddie laces compile on the ball starts gonna punt. To open up the passing game and you could see is shoot match and in the second half of this game for its tight in the first. Don't go anywhere and a bunch of fantasy points a check injuries for the pac. In the Raiders. For the Raiders a Mari Cooper was limited in practice all week but is probable to play. That's only injuries for the Raiders on the opposite side of the ball. As far as he Packers Ty Montgomery is out again. With an ankle injury wide receiver der Vontae Adams has been upgraded to probable with a foot injury. Right there it is and now the forecast let's see if that's gonna play a part here it will low fifties and some rain coming. Great. If so much riding on Rogers this year. That's that's is great news. Well there it is your false he'd have. Game so week fifteen in the NFL week fifteen your fantasy matchup. We'll help you out we'll talk it through Adam Burnett is going to be in for the next hour right. Yeah Alston OK I didn't have to go outside and set some lineups are important commercial break aren't very good in for a running back off an hour to kick off of week fifteen you're listening to der is on M and arts fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallet Sosa. As always tend to noon here on the fan. Please show presented by Dave and buster's on sports Radio One 057 M. Yeah less than an hour to kick off week fifteen in the NFL week fifteen in your fantasy match up and well week number one. Starts now in your daily fantasy. That's what you love about it. Are we considered no Rami today by the way. Are we considered some times it's tough to step out of the box here. We consider nerds. Because we play fantasy football took to the common public. -- Louis no no no. Are you sure there is. A lot of people have way very conceivable that are not nerds mostly of course professional athletes open test I mean there are more. There's more population base that doesn't play fantasy. Than that dot okay right do does that. It's does that group look at a slight partner. But I'd look at guys that were standing out at midnight to go see a movie as nerds. I mean everybody views on everything differently. All right what they may call listeners but I also have a chance of winning money playing conceivable also dead doesn't call for use in nerd because you have chance to win something I'm looking at building my resonating get into BA general manager for an NFL franchise this is how I get my start. I mean I go back to the days of owning Kordell Stewart and having Ty over here as to still little kid. Cordero. He had no idea what he's rooting for are we nerds. Talk. It's a little bit Cornell I do if you look at us Brendan to nerds on the dozen yards and all know when you might. I might be your arteries are gonna Brendan. Not brand he's cool you know I might do we got to get you guys that the right lineup to get a win here. 7991250. Hit us up on FaceBook and Twitter. We've got plenty of time for yet Adam Burnett just stepped out and he made a change. Crabtree is income are taken out. Why did you do that. Matchups. I flipped it about fifteen times in the last week. Just it just must talk about the Packers matchup I think I have to roll that that was my initial gut instinct so that's what Amaral and. How many times have have we as fantasy football players made a last minute change. That burns us. Quite a bit I think. I think quite a bit I think all of us have done that. You waiver in in and year you're debating it all week and you bounce it off your buddies you bounce it off honest. And you have the right lineup in when you set it on Wednesday. It just stuck with it now now what do you do pilot cell fire things up. Very good very good when he got going today. I well one out of three of her like you throughout Marge who thirteen. Or Doug Baldwin. Cooper. Aiken are Baldwin. That's some good choices let's take taken out of the deal here. I don't think he ranks with the other two and I'm with Jimmy Claussen is quarterback you have that's going to be tough. Cooper. Or Baldwin Baldwin had yet again as hottest she's been. Yeah may be forced to stick with it. I mean you could play the game Zach Greece say well you can't do this every week so at some point he's come in doubt and that's true. The Browns also has put Joseph Hayden and I are Haden will not play in that game. Cooper. And so she shields is out. I'm gonna go what. I'm gonna go to Marty Cooper here. Adam what do you think I say dance with what brought Jad rolls Doug Baldwin. I we get a tiebreaker and we're gonna go to tie for the tie breaker Amare Cooper. Cooper's the call Zach have a good day okay. Via. Here's what sucks too. You get a team. That has now and this is my starting lineup. Gain another early this is I'll volatile this game can be. Andy Dalton. Dovonte Freeman Doug Marten Todd Gurley. A Mari Cooper. Mike Evans and Richard Rodgers. Can you beat that on paper. I lose by eight points last week in the playoffs. Because Y. Andy Dalton one now. The other works could happen at any at a moment's notice itself nothing you did. When it's this it just happens. 7991252. Greenfield we say hello to Chris or Chris. They had played on what's happened. My I got up like question and need to at least three Jordan Reed while Baldwin. Or John Brown. Yeah I think in this case we're gonna go what Baldwin. I mean you are you need two of them yeah I read Baldwin and who are brown. Art com. You can read. Read involvement Adam what do you think I agree. Read involvement it is I think you're confident that RIR. And they are five very good Egan call 7991250. Look a lot of times. You just need some confirmation you kind of know where you lean image just needed little and little confirmation will talk it through and get to the best. A case scenario you can email live at 1057 FM the fan dot com. This goes in on the when he's and Baxter Max half point PP are picked to Tyler Lockett O'Dell Beckham junior Jarvis Landry. Or Jeremy Maclin. Okay well. Despite any match up Maclin O'Dell back and junior is the guy right we need it's just geez it. Can you possibly even think about sit know del Beckham junior. So he's in liked to Maclin. Plated a two I like a lot of Chiefs in this game Smith Maclin and last. Like a mall so that's what we're gonna go with 7991250. As. We go to green field again that's three straight. Pretty strong in Greenfield hello Brian. I guess. It's only because of a matchup vision through these first two receivers any debt to I've before they're playing mostly every week but I've got. The choice between Antonio Brown Julio Jones. Golden Tate and put Lockett. Would lip plate to a. Brown Julio Tate and lock it. Tate coming off the two TD game against Rams last week. And now they play the Saints you bet. Antonio Brown he's still got it right. You had to go the horses the gotcha yeah you gotta go with it well let's let's just keep brown in their despite that's a tough Denver. Will he go crazy for a 33 point game. No way. Can he keep the honest with it and you know fifteen yes thirteen ASU I think so I think that's what you look him for there right. So a give brown in there. Given the next three now Julio Tate and lock it. One of those guys. 90 Adam you like Matt Ryan in this one. I would play the first three guys and I would not rule flags and only two. All I thought it was three now so bronze in and see got to go with Julio Jones Golden Tate or Tyler Lockett one of those theory. I would go Julio Jones is a 106 catches this year at that just seems. Crazy but. Now. Yeah I'd just that's a tough one men. You might kick yourself after this from the deaths or we're gonna go with that those those two names should get you enough. Tied thanks a lot. 7991250. An email live at oral 57 FM the fan dot com to the sell side. And we bring in Eric Eric what's happen and. I remember I'm married that there panic but what what was we we lodged in another. And revenue and and and that it was okay all right that's good I'm with you than. A minute I'm. I met when a good momentum met about it and then we wanted to. The regular and man who got a big bet that if you you up out on the my favorite part I need to. That's so there's I think between the points I got to get them somewhere. So who has a second when he agreed a new. I'd never got it but I am very at record require. Me to take Floyd out right away. That that that San Diego things a mass. And they're and mental Michael Floyd OK they're. Yeah I still like Corey I'd did despite AJ McCarron in there. I still like AJ green today. Deion Jerry Hopkins has been a monster. Most of the year. Those are the two guys I'm going with despite their quarterbacks. I got to go at those guys. What do you think out of it all old on Eric. I would gold Hopkins for sure I'm not sure sure about green. Which for Michael Floyd. In that it depends if Tyler right for his plane or not because Floyd does look like he will write Tyler Everett is how he is I would roles green because with Floyd you have John brown and Larry FitzGerald still catching balls to. Yeah we're greens should be more of a target monster yeah and if he did have success with McCarron last week. So you did have a decent day despite Dalton B and now. You also JJ Nelson coming in Arizona to who has some target any takes away a long ball here and there I think it does hurt Michael Floyd in in a way. See act IE role with green and Hopkins are aren't. That's apparent about revenue appropriate about it. I'm sorry that's an opponent who recruit a partner at about it. If you play the third I I like marte be as Bryant's in this one too I think they're gonna key a little bit that the pitcher gonna get some. Passing numbers in will brown be held in check a little bit yeah I think they go to Bryant a little bit more as matter of fact. And I good luck man. Good luck 7991250. Can email live at 1057 FM the fan dot com. The sun comes in from Thomas out needs to of the latter series and and nine Q purely John Brown Danny Amendola Martina is Bryant Calvin Johnson or Michael Floyd. Needs to oval needs to none PPI. Go again. John brown and Danny Amendola marte this Bryant Calvin Johnson and Michael Floyd. Bryant. And Calvin Johnson. Absolutely Adam you agree yeah I we'll take a break here inching closer to kick off week fifteen. In the NFL week fifteen in your fantasy match have once again he listening. The der is on seminars fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in a while it's OC you're on the fan. So I welcome back der is on M and the NFL season flies by it really does and Deion doesn't go inning. Quicker than any other fifteen week span of the season or of the year they should say. But it's his does it just seems like it does have fifteen or Eddie you're looking at three more regular season. Games and that it counts today and then. Couple more weeks and we playoff time. Now amazing so most leagues are in their semi final lot of leagues in their us Super Bowl he gets daily fantasy don't. Is that hit for us substantial earnings on the daily fantasy that you guys have known. Adam you Ed do you know anyone that's at all editing you know. I know you assignment or play in the what the three dollar leagues at the fort and only know 12 threes somewhere in there I'd I've cash for the last five weeks. In drafting. I don't know anybody know knowing and and Ty do you know anyone know your world Brennan I do not know anyone. I'm a nerd I don't know how many people okay yeah well you play with four ball to. Pretty good at it to obstruct us through some that a couple times did did you I looked like look like Nolan Ryan out there that we will we played in the spring. It does sound like fun though. If you guys heard of buzz speaking of baseball if you guys heard of dart ball. It's like baseball. There's a board arts it's it's like darts. But it's you throw underhanded I think in the darts are bigger. And you get a pace setter that you don't fly out or whatever. We got to sort of us I haven't but I am I guess my question to be there Saber metric stats for that. Oh they do keep stats for that yes they do honestly I don't dirty. My church and they and dart ball the Oca. And it it's popular with some older folks but yet you brought honor and guards are very large seed here lies the different worlds here I just said that it's a beer tavern type league and he said it was that your church league doesn't mean dangerous pitcher actually there's -- vessels do -- there duster and gamble. That is correct yes 7991250. I you can email live at 1057 FM the fan dot com two seater berg we say a lot of Matt what's up man. Yeah what's going on guys. Some help you know being out early for a cedar it and only but not for running backs OK I need. Current slide and you receiver tight and second line you know flax. So the four guys I'm going between hitter Willy me. I richer actors Antonio Gates and pop Ellen. Rodgers. And I I don't know. Shows up every week he he kinda does. But Snead. And what he's been he's been gone for awhile right it can we trust him. Adam what do you think Willie Snead can we trust him tomorrow night. I think that's going to be a shoot out. I think that's going to be issued out he was the one name that jumped out. L you'll get a you'll get PPR for the running running back now at Alan's been real valuable in PP our league's Rio do get those points your bread and and that that match up is tough you'd assume Baltimore's down. They're going to be thrown. Maybe he gets though it's yardage that'll maybe his combined yardage total at a yeah I like a running back typically over receiver. Or a marginal tight end no disrespect to Richard Rodgers. I'm gonna go with Willie Snead and Barca Allen. Does that make sense. That was to me okay. Let's let's do it Willy Snead and you won a hole for a 4239. Shootout tomorrow night you could very well get it. I'd thanks for the call 7991250. An email live at 1057 FM the fan dot com. Joshua Seles did just that he needs one out of these 31 point keep yard Mark Davis Brian John Brown or Tyler Lockett just worn just one of on. Be between Bryant. And you'd like Lockett. Like Lockett because of the offense has become explosive in the Browns are just and. I and he's Vinny kind of a touchdown guy to surprisingly for Tyler Lockett. But I'm still go marte villas and their matchup this is difficult against Denver they're gonna Keon brown I think martz AV is Bryant is the call for me. Adam I would go with Bryant's I would Avant Bryant's Lockett and brown in that order no yep that's who we're gonna do 7991250. To walk a show we say a lot of PJ what's happened and. He has only gone good. You know if they're out on five and it play out and I was under the lap going at it you got it out that started my winning streak. Okay and I think it all 15 you're at that costs where you say you know what don't give up yet ma'am because. Funky things happen and in this game a fantasy football and in or just you just never know Manny did. And Adam part of it's a schedule maybe your face a guy that's that puts up a 68 point week. And then you sit there and win was 79. Rings Jesus never Nelson what you got. Fumbled it reflects I was thinking yeah John Brown or. Brandon Bolden. I'm gonna go a bold and here. I think they key on him he put up double digit points last week and I think you're all right with him despite. Now some running back issues blonde towel sin and maybe James White is the guy that comes in and maybe steals a touchdown from him but I don't think you go wrong with Bolden here Adam. I'm leaning more towards Browns depends on depending on the scoring what's what the John Brown line. I just don't like a Bill Belichick running back. Bill Belichick it you never know he's gonna do well but I mean are there enough footballs flying around for Carson Palmer to make John Brown viable. Mean you got a running back that you know Bolden is gonna touch the ball how many times ten times. Probably in some could pass. He wants hobbled the football ten times. Think that's you better play here. Now John Brown could have the blow up game much the same as JJ Nelson could have the ball game much the same as Michael Floyd could have the game or Larry FitzGerald could have the game. I think your senator around Boldin to where. He's he's more of a third down guy he ease more but it is just a safer play I think it touches are key here all right PJ. Now I've very good go it's going Bolden email alive at 1057 FM the fan dot com Brendan. Migs and Oak Creek means a running back to when and I'm PP our league Ryan Mathews or Matt Jones. DeMarco Murray has some issues here. Now. He says he's not a malcontent. And everything I'm reading says that there was some issues there. Do they settle it down to we know the full story is. I Matthews is safer. I agree. And Matthews could find the end zone time or two it's us it's a Sunday night play armed. I think the Eagles are playing up a little bit as of late and they come up with the big win but weaker too ago against. The Patriots. CI think Ryan Mathews z.'s he's been as healthy as he has been in the last you know what month. So let's go with Matthew 7991250. JB you're next on the fan what's happening javy. I need the highest war. But you know PPI league between Beijing was right and Roddy Helmand and not liking. CV. I'm good news as PGA under. Yeah you know what you're in charge of injuries over there Greg CJ Anderson and and they Helmand situation wants it though what does that look like CJ Anderson is active and he will get cares it was going to be timeshare with that. The end and you had to pick. Between who now. Between Berlin at home right you know. I'm gonna go James White and you just gotta cross your fingers here. Yeah I'm like yeah I was too overweight as a and I eat out a good chance to make the. We need four points out of one of those guys. I think James white's going to be more valuable this week because settlement is not playing great you know settlement was plain that I would roll Tillman. I'm a settlement is out I would go James yeah I think you're OK with four plus points under James White. All right good good luck. Two Walker's shot Palin wants Avant and. Ordered. I got a trade in question and I'm PPI or leak Antonio Gates or Richard Rodgers home. Nice. Our rye. San Diego's I set a half hour ago has amassed they have not dazzled me with their play this year know got it wears the bell at. Com. Ty gear and big Richard Rodgers fan. I our got us here. You know Rogers. Gates is just so red zone friendly though when they get there the player Miami. Thank you would assume they're gonna get in the red zone right and Rivers has no real so throw to I am I am leaning gates here. I'm going Antonio Gates. Adam I have gates in my line up. I'm gonna go with gates. I think Stevie Johnson probably is gonna play. They'll move the ball on the Dolphins the Dolphins look like a mass. I Eagles game yeah we're gonna go is gates for unit and that's that's a slight lean to me. But yeah now we're gonna pay gates for your current. Q all right good luck and it's a tough one to answer as one of those slip the F that's one of those he'd kick yourself. Now man gates if you star Rodgers gates has gotten second TDs get. Now 47 yards and a couple of touchdowns what are what are my thinking here of the Richard Rodgers on the other hand Rodgers gets is a nineteen yard touchdown. And and he flips up you know 71 receiving yards I think you look myself again and go with Rodgers really. Did you yeah it is flipped again I would go with Rodgers. Played against Oakland Oakland's pass defense is a joke not so Len if you're listening haven't done wells tight ends I would go round we have a tiebreaker situation I was slightly in the gates and he has now Adam I don't Rodgers tied to break the tie. Will Rogers he's grown Richard Rodgers should bigger where I'd need to get to a Richard Rodgers Jersey I think. I'd Lola had a catch an email here before the sports flash Brenden what do you. All right Aaron in Oak Creek got needs to of these ladder series the Vontae Adams Dovonte Parker Martinique indoor no green Beckham or Donta in my country. Lonny getting him in that list again I just want to mention that we we failed Greg last week and our Dovonte Parker peck on Monday night. That was not a good situation I needed to TD out of him to win in a league at TD only league that did not happen but. How many does he need out of that lest he needs to two of these guys. Governor listen offer him. Yeah I heard a lot of the volunteers yeah I it's Adams Parker Marty can green Beckham or my increase means two of those. Is my increased active. Yeah makes. Aiken would be in for me at yankees he's the one guy at a here that I would. You know Baltimore playing from behind in the idea understand the matchup against Kansas City but Aiken news is probably the play here. Adams is he a little banged up in this one Greg. Adams is doing nobody's probable play in he's gonna play two. Adams and Aiken. Akins in. Oh. Rashard Matthews for Miami is he gonna play. He is a game times isn't as a Renault Yancy I hate to do this even if he doesn't play I would say Parker. B does play I say Adams. That's where whereas we don't necessarily have a disagreement there pride though hopefully that cleared up for it. 7991250. Who gonna sports last come back if you hit us up on FaceBook and Twitter will do that for you next continue to take. Your calls at 7991250. It is once again der is on him and ours fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's and while it Sosa on the fan. A little closer kick off week fifteen in the NFL week fifteen in your fantasy league or your daily site now welcome back to der is on him and arts fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's. It a wallet so said no Rami Tim here Adam Burnett from our circle of trust. Is here Brendan jolts Greg Janet my son Ty and we're trying to get your win here social media if you hit us up on FaceBook and Twitter Brendan let's go. Are Agile from Twitter needs a QB and a tight end and a one point Tiki are called earn ten mil and read and Olsen. One of the well Olsen despite being banged up and I think you gotta you gotta go with him. On than Cutler ten hill. Yikes. I'm going ten hill here petty bill tea. Utecht keeper league don't sleep on the offense of the Miami Dolphins I think there's some. Pieces there. Decked Vick could be though that comeback offense of the year next year. I do depends on who their coaching staff is they've had agreed changes and then. I think you have to have a coaching staff and a coordinator in place that wants to build your offense around Ryan Channing hill. And Lamar Miller instead of whatever they're doing you could see some points San Diego Miami I'm going ten yeah I would play 100 for sure aren't very good. All right Julian from face going gates are walker in QPR. Need. This is a dilemma for me because we I have flip walker out of my lineup because the Patriots do pretty well against tight ends they do but. Marijuana has to throw a ball to someone he does in a PP our league two yard catch is still comes a point. But there at their skates again. In this case someone to go walker also. Been too volatile maybe with San Diego. Goes walk Brendon. All right Aaron on Twitter John Brown Amendola cooks are Landry needs to PP are cooks is in. Land reason. Exactly time. Our rights and PP are for running back to what he wants to know if you should start Bryce Brown over gore Helmand or Redick or -- so it. That's a little risky but I think it's worth the risk. If Bryce Brown doesn't fumble I think he touches the ball least fifteen times. I have brown and one in my line ups it depends if you need to go save free need to gamble. Yet to gamble play as Bryce brown and that if you gamble play he needs safe study points than I would go score. Made it well and I think Rick Riddick might be a little safe and steady two in in a sense. In a PP our league F yeah he'd you're gonna get a stable ground with him. So we're gonna go with Bryce Brown. I if they're a little bit more risky the safer play. Is going to be ready. It all right Trevor on FaceBook Baldwin or Denard Robinson in the flex at all in my office. Missed the highways I would dance with the brought me. Had chips have this I don't know man. Yeah I agree go with the guy that's roll and end and that's Doug Baldwin high all right from tirade that question. From Twitter flex ninety yard Julius Thomas or Geovany Bernard. Than. I'm going GO Bernard I'll settle PP art does it say PBR. On loans that it is a nine PP ER. And I see them makes it a little more interest in I'm still don't the running back I will too nine. Pats against Carolina. Eli is due for a clunker. Rivers so although it's little tedious little testy there in San Diego arm so going Rivers here. I'd this is all solely based on a timing issue of timing is right for he lied to take step back Rivers to have a decent day. Rivers has burned me each December of the last three years. And knocked me out of the playoff tested their games in San Diego right. Plays a little bit of a roll here I still don't Rivers. In guy I would go through resign I would avoid Josh Norman and company at all costs time Woody Brendon RI Dan on Twitter needs to in a few PR of the TVs marry Eddie lacy Tim Hightower and Bryce Brown needs to of those Eddie lacy. Lay sees then. And then the other three we need one right so the Davis Mary Tim Hightower or Bryce Brown. For me it's between brown. And high tower. I like a Monday night played extend your season a little bit. Tom. At 29 to 49 times. With Tim Hightower I can't pass set up. I would roll -- tower I think I towers going to be a safer play he's not as fondly as Bryce Brown have been by the way the Timmy hightower advances the river dance you can do a hand stand you you've crossed your arms and two to speed up kick your knees up. So when hightower has good day tomorrow. A good night tomorrow make sure you do that Timmy I towers it sounds like a cross between Shawne Merriman sack dance and a lean stance and signed film and an old river dance that's what I'm picturing yes that's it exactly. RI Chad from Facebook's near a locket and a half point PP ER Tyler Lockett blocked it yet. All right to Jacob on foot or Jacksonville or Denver's defense. Hats off Fiat I mean it Denver you'd think but it's going against a high powered Pittsburgh offense. Play the better so that's. Jacksonville against Atlanta. Yeah arm or not beaten. A slight edge to Denver Adam this is interest and it's a tough question because. Jacksonville's defense gives up a lot of points but they have generated some turnovers I think I'm gonna dance with what brought his on and go to Denver brawn vs yeah now it's go in Denver. All right John faced a Brady or Stafford. T breads the man. I'm gonna play Tom Brady on his bye week and yeah I always play Tom Brady on Tom Brady might be the best. Well he has the best human being to ever look at it the best quarterback ever look at a football. That's how good Tom Brady yes. Is he coming to a close here the next year's sure. But as of right now the best ever gonna RF and Twitter Cooper Landers Snead and PP are needs one. Like Jarvis Landry a lot we've we've talked about him not I do. I like to point structure although what I was saying and possibly rain and Oakland. If fits if that the weather's decent I like Cooper and in this line here. I think I would go with Landry. All right we have a tiebreaker Cooper Landry to tie. Hard legally injury. Right Landry and Landry is the fact I will take a break right normally up next we do the lightning round. A slight variations of a lightning round although will be quicker. It's a little bit more than just question answer since Romney's not here. Who'll expand on that just a little bit after the break here on the fan. The lightning round we're just minutes from kickoff yeah. Seven and I'm. He's. Streaks and do you weekly presented by the law offices of two resigned in Menard on sports Radio One time seven events and club head. Yeah we'll be a little bit quicker and the lightning round normally. You just asked the question we give the answer no justification or spin or slant term any reasoning for for it will be a little bit quicker here I just stated. Not a eat you guys know regular listeners this show now that that's Rami loves that this segment. I'm not a huge fan of it but. Let's let's get to you guys 7991250. Get in as many as we can to kick off just minutes away week fifteen in the NFL week fifteen. In your fantasy match of Jeff and Oak Creek you're on the fan. My target and quick weren't sure. Sorry for any older or break round. Yeah yeah now are now hole all old on one at a time here they're. Brandon bowl that are Bryce Brown. Up browse a little volatile I think the safer play as Bolden here and I think for. I don't know the rest your team but I think it. Like I said Bolden touches that football. At least double digits throughout that game today said that he's the safer play. Okay and market or bringing Kirk. Couldn't we are we're big fans a cooks tomorrow night against Detroit. Hi good luck. 7991250. As we can not do have a social media their Brendan that he on squeeze into the segment I got a couple things got to do not aren't taken away I don't know I had aren't. Highest floor today and that's the question keep yard James wider Ronnie Hillman. White white guy and now is now was pretty easy all right Steelers are broncos' defense. Passing game too. You known. You eat. We have mention. Go with the nick on the Denver couldn't use that Denver couldn't crack the end zone against Oakland last week -- while others looked worse each team. I'm I'm gold Pittsburgh here all rules Pittsburgh yup we're gonna roll Pittsburgh let's go to frank you're next on the fan what's a frank. Go ahead frank frank has gone up nets' go to Madani falls and say loaded JJ what's happening. Hi guys just a quick question about running back I need to at least four I have thought Lamar Miller Eddie lacy. Kendrick left. And then I'm off though Denard Robinson get. Louis you're sitting good here Miller nice and I went out I think the main the main guys here Miller and Lacey they're they're they're the guys that have a foundation in that offense. And eight you know Denard Robinson look you know he's he's picking up the slack without TJ yelled an -- I think he can't go wrong Miller Lacey you know connect. Q you got it wrecked on the south side you're on the fan. You know it's not guys they need to flex player from non PP Erica well. It can or. Or just just one of these guys look well. Oh or calls for an MRI just got to got film vault him because he's out here average career but I need I need one. Love fell eight Ken and Colston close it's been on a little bit of a touchdown barrage here the last what two to three weeks. Com. The fell can't catch but no a lot of targets he's very frustrating to watch the eight years and I think he may get in the end zone I think the most targets is probably going to be Aiken in this one though to think. They can will be the most targeted because they have no one else outside a Butler and that's against Kansas City despite the match up on going make him. Are encouraged our idea and it's currently yet happy holidays to you absolutely. I've Brendan Woody Allen social media. Over and go to Wendy's and backs here needs my team is Brian hurt Marty can. Bryant Bryant yep. Let's go to nick in Franklin you're next on the fan. Era but what's up. Non PP RY. Jerry Maclin you know four are. Michael Floyd. Maclin Maclin numb when I'm with you there. Yeah I love that love the match up I I'd like those three key elements in Kansas City there. And that's Alex Smith Maclin and and in this case that we don't crossing my fingers on shark Kendrick west Matt on the north side you're next on the fan. A portal or Rogers. Oral. Things you do are you did use in the circle of trust last week you see was. And their playing Atlanta. It could be points and now one. Rodgers should get his two TDs lets it make no mistake about that has normally what he does this year. Just doesn't bounce up like portals has been do when he gets in the four TDs Stasi. I I think eminent. You drafted or hutch is probably with a real high draft choice I do like Rogers and I would use Rogers but it it it's tough. Yeah I am in the semi finals that I drafted. Of also playing James. Sober potentially. Yeah. Amen a go Aaron Rodgers but that is a slight edge in the weather could have an impact but I'm old Rodgers. And I good good luck. While that's that's a tough one I just a minute and a half year left Dan in Franklin you're next on the fan. I am looking for our receivers. John brown and Brandon cooks nine PP are. Cook says we'll play here that we wheat we have John Brown dated today. Jack I think thanks for the call Elizabeth in cedar berg your next on the fan. Lisbon I need to do it repeat PR. Again curious how does our air carnage. In a PP ER. Barn Inge is then. And Ginn coming off the big day I don't see him repeating that again. Let's not yet so as Julius Thomas and Adam you agree to tight end set yep jumble package Thomas of Barnard's. Dave in Brown Deer your next on the fans. Perhaps think if you are cut Crabtree. Or Anna bella. How many indeed. Are one. Cooks looks. Like cook it better be you'd be be better come up big for us you know you can a couple of hundred guys who like our. Yeah because we've been picking them all morning long any plays tomorrow night. Let's see Casey in Waukesha you next on the fan. Marc Cooper or mark it is Bryant. Who went one time Cooper Cooper your thinking Cooper. Yeah ease ease the wing guy I think will rolls Cooper the out we're gonna go Mari Cooper despite being against your Packers. Our Patrick in or seen whats up Patrick. They would look I think it figured I'll be quick or go back and junior. The various comments and then my problem is is that Michael Floyd and Danny Amendola one point eight yard is real hmmm I'm kind of stuck with that note bell played against. I still he's still got Lola yes it Hammond dollar M and dole to settlement is out. The hole and I Kim and their whole all out a second year time now I would play Amendola who do we sit zone read before and we'll sit one. Gay read me the fourth. Bombs started oh go back and junior to bury it come it. Amendola and Michael Floyd. Smith to choose I'm set now Amendola. Really. That's where I right now but yeah it's a little nervous the court. Sit him and all of what you guys think and out. I would play him and all over Floyd. But DC and sit Floyd all right and which one do you play tied a break the tie sit and Lendl you sit Ammon dole that's of the show's gonna do euphoria okay. Provide pressure to a black man a lot riding on this college basketball weekly is up next year. Don ready to go thank you to our full house today without Rami my son Ty Adam Burnett from the circle of trust. Brendan shields and Greg Janet nice is job behind the glass there. My name is Tim Allen happy holidays to you guys cells the C a Tuesday night on hot stove weekly. And good lock a lot riding week fifteen in the NFL.