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1/31/16: Spare/Time Bowling Show

Jan 31, 2016|

Discussion of last week's PBA show...Gary Beck of Teen Masters joins the show...Coach Hibbard and sons from Mukwonago join the guys in studio

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From the local lanes to the PGA tour. Holding fans welcome to the gasoline spare time bowling show presented by the Milwaukee area and Napa auto care associates now here's your host Steve Sparky Phifer on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Broad mandate is just like stretch I bowling show he Sparky fiber to write all break from the spare time pro shop in new Berlin film problem not here why because he is live right now on PDA dot com with extra frame doing determine a champion so qualifying cash around. Going around this morning that started about half hour ago before sold. Mile you look at that field. Who thing it's added that no. It but I press release out last night I didn't see Belmont is named INC Sean rash is name neither want a weird year I don't. Mean I was the top hundred and some I don't. The left men understand that may battalion there are a little bit later on in the Shelton does start off but to dale Tyrod BBA Josh finals. Up from last weekend I'm ESP anti about that TV show to start off that we'll talk with Gary back from two -- masters. Organization issued college he's coming up at 920. And then some high school ball and now we're get into the end of the year right. So I can't coach you've heard many current. I was aware that we encourage and coach ever won more outspoken has Goebel and coaches in the country he'll be coming up by Satan for that 930. You hear about his team not out there I'm gonna go out first up well let's talk a little bit about the PBA challenged by. Salt the fifty match India fifteen so disappointed Rachel silent so disappointment peavy to analyze I have not seen him look like that. Powell aberrant TV mean he was just out of it. Purse rain it's up misses that and then and that sets the tone yeah and any ill as he just didn't bowl well right. While he didn't have a great look in the pocket now and they talked us terrific commercial break in the Indiana. Little bit better outcome and the rate and but. I can think and watch it on the matches how was lefty dominated again then you know waving Reno has been very good pieces here no question but I mean we've seen it. When we saw in Vegas. Couple years back it was very good the two tables and that you had bowlers really dominated you'll Beaumont C. Our Belmont additional Marcin ask remember that one year they just destroyed the field. I'm now this year they moved to Reno announced bullet dinners about entitlements out all of its worst at one world. Now I don't either but it just wasn't like you said you Justin and have a good like eating get anything going. And Parker just steamrolled the Arab Parker was demand for sure Parker. Blown over Amylin in my Shelley 2312183. Not like to really get into their. I've DBA women's regional final you're girl won there. Where was Clara she she wasn't there where where. I thought Jess you there and the crowd you know I I putts at the united and here. I think Omar Beasley I'd never heard of in my life from Clarksville Tennessee. They said Daniel on the Q and and not. Again another match close. Coles again and Sheikh. Really. Mean you can just tell her first what 34 balls I think they're all strikes first four maybe you we just held. Which she was not messing around us well. You're talking about Lamar and yeah she bowled really well to vote she didn't I don't care she would been born a man. Or anybody at that point choosing and give whoever sure the ball I'm TV ad that moment in time I held a fight. It was a it was a great managed just for a lot of reasons other than throw in the bowling ball wages of her excitement in her fire passion yes as he has it was just great to see. Of how her husband Mitch Beasley and that's a month everywhere down there and did boldly gets each other and that regional final and she beat him right. Mean that story was amazing yeah. It was would you imagine that. It happened you could imagine going home with your wife after you beat her. You and good and imagine that at that level. I'll care at that level are not coming to bat I'd do it don't matter what level or angle it could be if you Berlin goldeneye. Laughed as this out cities he gets after Reese I'm at a reminds me a little bottom about means a life Euro guy don't do that. Don't don't do that. And then which is sitting there and I thought that would have went up and on and see if he has a Paul's right. But I am I was the track a little bit right. Only macro. He's stolen but we it but again and see but I just one of our election Ellis. And passionate. Can't sit here and Kyle wash my one ball on ESPN and now I. I'm excited and proud now and now on the significant other in the ground rushing me the significant other in the crash again ESPN right now and he property at that point. And people that great hands on him thrilled me. Jamar Beasley again smokes canyon Q when 246 to 177. I won 77 former 183 of MM level. But not exactly you wanna see on TO and I can't remember everybody listening though these oil patterns are not the same reachable and culture right. Exactly and and as as a coach distinctive event and l.'s scheme is just. Actually beautiful or her position going to the liner absolutely gorgeous but it just shows you. When you don't have that look in you have not very good our reaction and I was I would assume she had a lot to choose from CNN on what that eternal sell. Not a very good luck with that ball where the lefty had quite a bit. Of the look with that ball. I always wonder we had dealt Ballard on last week you mean this thing taken on a world by seven FM the fan and on demand presented by John Paul's two TMC. Am I adding a chance asking why I just wonder. As a ball Brett Hull or do you wait before you make a ball change in a match I mean are using your cell are brilliant Phillies appear for the sixth. Because I think there's six it could be over I mean if you wait that long you could cost your bowl or a chance if you wait too long to make a bulge. You can just tell she had a meal at a perfect at the ball in the pocket. It had to be how early did you tell. Could you tell. Third frame. Third for Xavier did then there with her you brought Lewis doesn't wind change in multiple insult and a yes especially when she's compound in and crazy your opponents. And coming as a great luck in crisis stricken stories they start out the first foreign leagues of pockets haven't and you know Nazr at a greatly. I'm so by the fifth bring you could be out of the match absolutely or something really happens that your opponent and your back in at. For the second half of the match but. I just as greatest reform was a great isn't as her body positions wearing. Beautiful release upper hand she's just an old but that while. All right so that was filed their 246 toward seven Nissan. The team masters grand championship on hold while Gary backed out from team master's are coming out. Not this one here I was looking for too because we heard. Phil talking a little of his brain kid and mom so I wanted to see just what he look like and how good he was. Bigger kid. Aram not not skinny kid Nasser he's got some meat on his bones solid I guess would be the best way to put it. On. This handy girl Bridget Saturday Bridget yes Brett she's smaller. You know kind of petite whatever. And she was just struggle it she couldn't get the ball that pin I mean. No matter what you I was watcher on she screwed if she can't figure this out or his sick little use. Milledge heading to meant they could only use two balls that in Europe they bought classic that that's all they could use so wasn't like it resembled Danielle. She couldn't make a ball Jane she couldn't go get a different type of ball and this bald and work. It was over Adam well it wasn't working all that well for her. As you hear from Gary has big message during that match was taken out the variables in variables that you said that for years rate is equipment right. If it comes down a shot making Randy tried to do a very professional job and just trying to tell everyone that. Rigid did not have she had an accuracy. Where obviously Brennan had. Kind of like the MO of today's game and we have to have high ball speed has every she didn't have that as a coach watching. Oh yeah you have to be quite impressed with Brandon scheme not their bridge and had a bad game it's just that you didn't have that. MO like where she didn't have that high balls because I reverie summer body positions were. Little weaker but I wonder the white if they both could use the balls they wanted to use. That tackles probably closer possibly. That's what I just think his game is just sold good though it is very good about taking it away from him I'm saying is she abolishing could use I bet Jeb ball gets to the pocket. Verses what she was forced to use essentially possibly. Possibly but it and the looming conditions are both on and modern equipment when Adam worked. What network would not have our explain. I don't need to Kiki submit the simple for everybody while most house matter as he talked about any talked about a fumble oil compared to a shocked last oil. I'd like yep look at war. Of the the units of oil. And right now almost how shots are a around that when he when he or real leaders of oil. And I believe one lane had seven memo old oil so they were obviously get a modern ball on that. Probably don't know I've got a pretty quick pretty quick scan was so it and then also that shots pretty flat so there's no build up of oil on the medal so that's make it meant. A shot makers are. It's stuff that's so it went Albert Doug shelf and spare time pro shop so from those two another blog to 44178. That's three all four will blow them McCourt argued the other one was over two. Because now PA comes out there who hasn't done much anything the last couple years Patrick god it was good to see him back NC battling it not a huge PA got my brother loves him. I'm not a huge PA guy necessarily arm but it was nice to see America team that a fan favorite I mean when he was in town for the masters. He was I around the pro am and at that time he was really -- Gooden won a lot of majors and and he was at the prime of his life and walked past them and a congratulations on agreeable and then I just got snuffed. I'm not a word back to me so. They did a resting and I I've been around him. The World Series of bulletin. And players gravitate towards him I mean he is a really. He's a dude that gets along with a lot of different people and he's got his. His kinda group of guys that all kinda hang with him and he is. Bomb another guy that will sit around and watch other guys ball even if he's out of your spare at the World Series a bowling. In here or call five for the shells or whoever else but he still shone out watch our guys ballroom for other guys so. You know I don't mean you describe your year in our actually him for how he came across the Milwaukee bulletin is here. Poodles that Tek and it just a bad day at the one out right stress over what he just did bowling while. Well I could easily interaction amongst bowlers. And the bomb if you. It's it's really that I he'd definitely. You could see that has unanswered collector as a way to gracious loser yes and the man action on and had an ice time. Aaron rescission with a minute time frame after even get to 300. But that is. Mean when you get on TV I meant to you Purcell and I know he's at ease forty. Forty something but it arm and maybe he's been around for a while just for 310300. As a chance for 300 on TV. Adds to the pressure as well right Ericsson. There are exciting and and you could tell during the match he can and knew obviously had something on. At a great look at both lanes were using two different balls in and he gets to the tenth Freeman and turns in the net typical Patrick Alan or he starts talking to himself. You know start at says motto right field and right. Oh. That is really got has caught me that's what he's got to throw Oregon right and that's would you want. That's why you might these guys up so he ends up leaving a six pin Ott and the eleven frame misses his quote it's the guys over a PDA. I afterwards as was encouraging to win me and Adam bowled well last few years. Who won five regionals in 2015. An implied to some back and hit it out injuries it's tough. When you get your forties all of those games and all of the travel starts taking its hole. I knew right you've fast forty so hot how much did it many years right and you but I mean you you boulder elect to what did you start realizing. That the physical I don't know changes. Middle to late forties middle to late forty says when you started feeling yes gives you starting about all the games he's bold. Now his career from being a little kid. All the way out you know through high school through college and then on tour with all the games label on tour for qualifying everything else that has to be where it. Iron about well rumpled the same leagues growing up that I did the top leagues immensely from town and I always Bremer seeing them their in his sons but obviously bullet time in my program. I don't know many may it's a league rumpled but I doubled four nights a week. Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday. And maybe even a couple Lee on the weekend so even though I was and am on the tour arm and then had tournaments on the weekends locally but it. Geez I might have been blowing 20/20 five games a week also when you're in your prime at just. In the mid forties my hip started to act up and went to a doctor and 47 years old had hip replacement right one of the youngest the doctors saw salt. You have to look at it is obviously the Wear and tear on the body now that's interesting that he brought a back and hip. It's it was funny about the walk on it but what do you think about the case he sucks about how the body breaks down in. Now move over look at can be a fifty yet and look at PBA fifteenth summit at new LO right action regardless of what he did on TV. It is amazing no physical shape he's in at the age he's in being able to what he still being able to do. Correct and then also he got to remember too and we're not looking at this aspect of it is our greatest runs in my family so the of arthritis that runs in your family. You know maybe our I muddle doesn't have that but also our motto as early back is I can remember when he bowled. Coming as a kid out on the two are back in the early eighties at celebrity lanes and saw Tony seventh he was the same weight them as he has today so. I wish I could say that about me. Right you know I gotta get that goes back to animal or saute until it's always about keeping herself in shape. And so forth and what every day as long as you throw strikes I was a safe thing. Now you look at these young kids that you're seeing on TV is kids are all physically fit in already gulf most are absolutely I think. The one guy that changed it for our sports and I'm sure you agree would be Tiger Woods for for golf right. And I think that spread over to other sports where you gotta have your trainer with you 20 or get with a trainer so you think Tiger Woods. Had an impact I'm bowling Islam and he Tiger Woods had an impact on all sports when when they found out that the success he was heaven that was because of what his. Preparation was and that was part of being having a proper trainer and look at all the injuries tiger had Bryant the years to not agree if one guy in it is it is amazing. To watch double and that's why. I were really want to see. Going forward here is how long to. There's not a great article that PDA -- top. I'm talking about how 2016. Count me about it and the future vs the pastor the old vs the young her every wanted to bring up. All these old timers are still model tires but all their bowlers are still on tour going at it norm Duke Parker ball most guys. Verses the young up and comers who are in their early twenties. And but also the article talks about. My thing is how long are these guys can alas are they gonna last as long as he's got only one and one RI should say or think you know last longer now. There's that. It's is too much strain on the album or back. And we've seen and video. Tape and you see this almost in Anthony's Aniston prime example I mean he's Goodson Goodson is going to be good but he puts his head down by his left yeah solo solo when the ball's on the backswing. Puts a lot of strain and and lower back in the adventure that or back is gonna from all that Wear and tear is gonna give up. Are coming up but we'll talk with coach ever from wanna go Boland and his kids are in studio as well from the bowling team I'll do that coming up around 930 but coming up next Gary back. Team masters. Saw and heard him on TV last week in the World Series a board member of their last couple years we hear from him it's up next on the cast late start time bowl itself present its human watch Jerry Napa auto care association. Who's giving you an opportunity to win a storm bowling ball brand new want what's the name of it. The help a crack spice arm we will have an in studio February 14 even though it's going to be a march 1 released writes on Valentine's Day we'll have it. To give away Cecil had time to register to win. Are yet to do was go to M I LWC. A MIL wc hey art I can't have a chance to win that stormed bowling ball. And again that's going for the next couple weeks and then we'll draw the one so. Struggled a desolate stretch I believe so resorted to let them watch area Napa auto care association are clarify a couple things number one. Odd that tournament of champions feel that we are talking about now was a regional field. That they had put up odd. The website apparently. So there's I linked to the whole field. But still feel on the bottom of the art which is what I was looking at. Apparently is a part of a regional. A field. Tom Clark was listening Texans are so thanks a also. News solitary minute champions rides the Minnelli out. Of a German champions and with illness film trial. Just texted me that self. That's an update on what's going on a tournament of champions joining us now the team masters I'm agreement was being hot line. He is Jerry back Gary thanks for coming up. Gary talk a little bit all buyout team masters and how you got the start. Well are a started the event back in 1997. I just returned from Asia and other Coca-Cola utes tournaments now the Pepsi that was. Just concluding in. Tiger and several TBA events where the top pros in the world moreover here verging in the cheese in the twenty ish. And the kids at the Coca-Cola were averaging and the effort to sixty. And I decided to head I would run a tournament win it's. In more challenging environment. And so we put the first two masters together at per Gordon and I and Akron. I'm basically put up the challenge bring your spare game. Advertised it is the toughest test of skill and its bullying and surprisingly. Kids from 41 different states came to should it first apparent. That event was won by Eyre and I'm bowler for a New York by the name Michael Sagan. And we've been running it ever since this is actually our twentieth year. On this season. Gary I I watch your shows obviously and the PBA and I get your message and I think it's great a great one. And that and that to me it's kind of like you like that test the kids and challenge a kids I called like Boeing's boot camp. After listening to talk to Randy and Mike arm on the show. Give a little bit of a vision for the kids what are what kind of message you sent to them. The event has. A focus. Preparing teams for the game of life and and one of the same step we try to teach them that is self reliance. And so what I've done with he competitive environment is. Is not geared to trying so bowling ball also over. Or two. Too embarrassed to kids but it is it is an environment that's extremely challenging and and when they're faced with the challenges because we have limited the bowling balls. The only way they can adjuster adaptor. Or get better is it is to work on themselves in the look internally for solutions rather than looking to the back for different color different weight. Configuration or whatever so. It's and it's designed to teach them self reliance. That also designed to. To teach them perseverance. I mean most of the kids. Well just a practice everybody except the winners lose. And we try to use that challenging environment to teach them about. Other define failure. How to embrace it what does it mean for it and man and let them know that just because they fail doesn't mean there. The event was not worth while or they haven't grown hasn't pitched so. We try to use bowling as a way to engage kids to make them better people in and obviously we believe this environment also makes them better coached. Yeah I agree I as a coach I use that analogy all the time that's the challenge at keeps us coming back to the sport if it was easy anyone would be able to do it. Bet back in the seventies and eighties and you IR finger about the same major darn close to let. I used and wait to get my bowlers journal magazine comment because that was erroneous information from Boeing media back then and there was a gentleman that used to write it. On a monthly basis almost an editorial and to hit to me he yet kind of like the same vision that you have. Regarding the challenges and taken out the variables and that was the famous Bill Taylor you've got to consider yourself and that same type of philosophy for blowing. I actually told somebody a couple of months ago that I. I I hope I don't determine what to the industry sales which somewhat of an antagonist and actually I worked with bill. I've been honest perhaps quarter. Quite a number of years now. And initially. You know it would is it was a concern about the runaway scoring page so. The first few years we try to control that we it's. Winning patterns. And then we even went to. I believe it was in 199090. Masters I also ran pain national. Tour stop on the TBA. Where we used matching the Balkans. Signed through so. And it's stone -- we had 4648. Iron to go parents. Pretty intimidating but during that time we actually. But it deal together with they'll tailored. To create a bowling pin it would not follow down as easily. The problem were some balls were just as strong. And had no impact on scoring pace. Which was true that deviate gold and also. It it's. You know scoring pace is a function of everything it's topography. Is spoil patterns it's bowling balls. And I've learned you can't control it just with one or the other it's got to be addressed on all of them so that. Bill bill saw. And Eagles focus was scoring race and he did see what was going to happen and most everything that bills it was true that it is net it's. Trying to attack various organizations specifically him. That I I don't think he was real effective there so on on one the end idea. I do agree with much of what Bill Taylor should fork. On the other hand I'm I'm trying to be a little more diplomatic and how I implement a change with a mean streak. What year did you go to the skills balls with that. Right away in 1997 or was at pearly Resop. And actually that wasn't my idea. End. We have been running the team masters as a standard and as far as equipment but we were always using challenging patterns and backed. I guess you could say 82 masters implement and sport patterns reporter west such a thing. But it wasn't until. 2007. We were in Las Vegas for a championships and I I had an idea of running eight. Additional event to date for the chi masters and I called the kids and the top forty in Russia have this idea when next year. I think about running determined that the day before two masters where all of you get it one bowling ball each of you to picture on. And but that will be the only ball you're allowed to throw all day and the kids immediately said number I'm gonna make assault or the exact same ball. And wait we will know who bowled next. And I'm like well. So that started some discussions with various people including John Davidson. John was very concerned that they're out the aggressive nature bowling ball and how much more oil speak art which which. Kind of counter intuitive for a guy who made his living. Selling oil that he really concerned about the volumes of oil and it actually trying to introduced a standardized bowling ball through the approach and pretty boring association. But no one would agree to manufactured for him and so that initiative died. We started talking about how hard we get it done I started discussions with. Various manufacturers including have an accurate and her partner since 2008. But it took three years and former rebels persuade. Have a night to make the balls there was. Certain level of concern that this would cannibalize fought it it's actually worked in and I'm reading understood that it would simply be incrementally comments. It might help grow the sport so. We watched the skill balls in 2013. And this so we've used him three years this is your number or reuse unique action and balls that we started with them. There are no plans to change that at this point. One of my customers Suns actually ball your turn in the last three years from Wisconsin here. And he tells me that when he goes to other tournaments around the middle class with a son. That a lot of the parents aren't aware of teen masters compared to elects they'd like a junior gold. How do we get their message out to other parents listening if they feel that their child is strong enough to get to that team masters level. Well that that is one of the challenge does. Know we have our web site we have a very robust relationship with the EPA and and they have been very supportive and including the fact that you know our kids were able to bowl idea skier and just two weeks ago. But primarily. It's it's worth now. There are still people out there who do not know that there's a junior gold which is still hard to believe that. You know like I do not have the resources. There junior goal has that. Mainly the way that the word spread about two masters it is is through individuals who participated you know there at. Experienced. What we offer and the majority like it but it's kinda like but now I scream at everybody likes it. And so it's it's basically eight. A challenge of trying to create a critical mass one of the things that we've been able to document now over the last few years is that if you do bowl in this environment. Because it forces you to master your fundamentals and will help you and everything else in fact. I want kids to Boldin to Napster's. Do you last three years in the skill environment. We've gone on to bow NG your goals have earned scholarships that are rate that's greater than two to one to those students. Inherent Ol can master so. It. We believe that this'll help kids get better and hopefully we can and you know treated media outlets like your own we can help get more kids involved. Okay I have a question you say people have been eighteen masters have heard scholarships and a 21 rate where those. That that war in team masters how many college coaches are showing up at Ed your team masters tournaments. We have about a dozen. A lot of the when I'm a lot better several NCA schools term each year in and it kind of depends on location. But the nice thing about two masters is that it's. Everyone is in high school or younger so it's not. It's not a hybrid audience where you party kids you party community college and are you were are in college participating. So it is a a prime recruiting location. A lot of the kids that turn go to Webber have come through chi masters. I wished our state. Has been involved impact Morton Vatican is going to be there this year several of those kids have turned it to Richie masters. So if it is a good recruiting program. Is Gary back tee masters Gary how do they find your website die here in Wisconsin at that and they wanna go sign up for next year. Masters Boeing are pretty simple remember Gary thanks so much for coming I'm at have a safe flight but accurately Spartan. You better take care there is Gary back got a great mid West Bank cut line something stayed with time but after eighty years great midwest is simply. Better does a great mid West Bank dot com learn more about the portfolio on products that may be just the ticket to get you into any hole. Thoughts. Again very similar vision to what Bill Taylor had and and again I know he's again use that analogy that. If we make the sport too easy the sport doesn't survive if it's a challenge it keeps us coming back it's hard and keeps us coming back so. At the same time you like Randy Peterson says you can't stop. You know the development of the sport isn't and a lot of that development is equipment. So it's kind of got a way out ball flake when he talks about it has to be a marriage and go goes right back to the comparison golfer to make nearly tiger would. And same exact thing the people talk about a golf are coming up next we'll talk with. McGwire go ball like coach ever earning kids insert real talk to the Max this. Quarterback Cassel late start time Owens over is that it's about watching aryan apple I don't care association. You can register 48. Free Beaumont chancellor free bowling ball Michael and M I LWC AR dot com a few bowling ball by storm so army help a cracks and we will be on the drilling and fitting for free for not. Very nice all over again. The start time pro shop in that New Berlin. Joining us now. Insecurity solo more talk a lot high school blowing his coach Evert. From a mug wanna go joining us now and two sons in told the stars of the state of Wisconsin. I don't coach. Thanks for Sparky okay our first thing's first let's talk a little bit about tell where you guys are how your season was in knowledge in right for state. Welcome last week we secured our state bird we there's three divisions in district one. We won our division. Humanness automatic did Tuesday tournament there's only 23 this year division one birds. We were able to one of them and me this district. There that is that is very very cool arm. How how how your team improved guests from we had Janet in the original restaurant will leave for more war we had John last year to where you orange. Spears Spears have been key. This year I have to automatics the qualifiers that are in the top ten top ten automatically ago. My other three bowlers all soul mates action goals so why. Five pitches in the top 26 and so percentage. One of his means that I am I'd argue that illusion all is like trying to rescue with the boys varsity team is that their average so far is a 210. Point six. And a baker format. They have a 86% Phil percentage in the most important thing is obviously they're great point level is at a 3.5 seven so Ralph. Obviously it's not just on the lanes here also are. You know like what carry back talks about you know is is getting the kids ready for real life obviously points not the only thing that you wanna see Adams. Do well and school also. They are student athletes. And the student part comes first. You know the other thing about this does is when we talk about your kids who are very sensitive are wary guy's name Johnny on the I'm that. Right you guys both play football too for crazy coach clay Iverson and he over there were down on him and embrace Merrins more on the silence those football players you during the gamma thing. I'll buy low on clay it's the difference in mentality really a little bit from when you're playing on the football field with him yelling and screaming going crazy. Vs now urinal bowling spanner. Stay state term an environment where you have a pack more house and everything else and how those two help each other and how they're very different to. On I see it slows him. Blake they he said the buzz I'm are screaming as I'm are going on. But there's just as much going on inside and during born like if I'm up on approach and my mind's on a million miles I'm sure all. It's a lot of same things I mean football halls and out a lot with concentration wise that mean you have to have the concentration when. In our own skin around uses tactic by. Whereas boy Lance Moore intern. What up from aspect you said you're looked in what three times a week now write it because you're still doing fourth alternate so you looked in three times we see you're staying in shape. What all the other people on your bowling team are they all doing as much as you are physically how much you think that helps your game. Out we have a bunch there's a bunch of guys that that do with being with coach cited and of course that's high intensity it's it's. It's Jesus in shape and he keeps our legs strong and sure. Bowl in nineteen football players. You know difficult to chart guys that are there they're looked into this 100 play gopher. So you have all multi sports and there are US don't have any just bowlers now everybody's doing other stuff. How does that weight room worked than and the wind was Iverson right in the what weight room your round for all the different athletes is the eminent group of other coaches and it's at the last imagines Alatas Eunice yeah right. I did Nicklaus and let out an article actually I love clay he always gives me a hard times certainly it's already there and I get a martone back if that they could at making out. Here in the weight at 6 o'clock in the morning final and how much and not ours instrument I mean if I was a good and I'm rolling over it's so I'm not not being in the weight room and 6 o'clock now that that's and have him but. Obviously it's up your guys is football team for shorten publish using it it it's helped the bowling team. Because there's a different aspect of this we talk about lifting and staying in shape that helps right. But the chemistry aspect of it has that held to be ease you guys are all together lifting weights outside of just being at all rent it. It's more of a brother and you can't have a team for now Brothers and in. Our full what are four bowler Ricky and me. And nick relish hanging out. And meet here Bears must be good cooks yes that it's only reason Saatchi. Half so and so but that ring that's cool on the because that's what you're talking about now. A brotherhood thing that you and I knew who gave Betsy who put and you had somebody to some college so probably due to dollars I get. The other thing I guess my question is. Would you guys. You know started bowling high school in team right. What was your mentality that lets that thing. To where it is now because your dad said no really the biggest difference from last year this year is improves parachute. Those more about us developing as a team rather than just being about ourselves anymore late you can bowl league and he can do that for yourself but. The more you come to know your Brothers and let my brother said. You the more chemistry you have the better you get. My question for the voices in my daughter went to state. What two years out of the four and what does coach do for you through the distractions that are at state. Because it is so loud in there there's so many people on their early break off player calls possible whether the amount of people and their how do you guys keep your focus. Well and it testing and as I mean all individual bowlers it Evelyn coached on the record. Qualifying. And my fears I've yet. Not a surprise Kanye and it's probably Smart last year I had. He's one of Reggie coaches but when as a freshman UC niners and so as mark hating our friend haven't had a hand on the and calming down. I mean I'm always and I demos and them on our on the green. It's part of this calming down factor and it's more than so so first time you did how weird it was your bread that you didn't have him. And all. It's. It's like he said having a different person there it's more of a calming aspect there's. You've been there then there's a ridiculous amount of people and believe there and I mean this year I could possibly have five different kids in the program. It would be unfair of mine on my part to just focus on right because are all my kids right tier to continue to coach even though. Mean in your hair out still blowing right ya how many more years left you know one point here. Laughter he's done a used to Linda planet you asked me this last two years I've played on I continued askew I saw it actually happens. That might make army moved JB we haven't my JV coach Chris slow over arm has done wonders for the program. Far as video taping. It's 11 thing Metallica at what he's doing you shall kid what he's going as they make changes we have a team of all freshman. That they've there's six of them they pulled together all year on javy. And or years. They're going to be good so. None of those freshman actually rectum brand and you worked his way up the varsity this year so really as a freshman crazy how difficult that is that's a doable. Mean I know how difficult but it's info putts on hurtful public. In bowling. That can be easy then it. If that fell out to take and but he would just agree I mean he is an essential part of the team. And in or directly taken on the state that's for sure he's going to be the leader of varsity thanks for years and Shavlik and one of the leaders of our sea island think all. Or a day quicktime Malcolm back continue on over here register for that free storm bowling ball go to M I LWC. Eight. Desolate stretch I Bolick show presented to you by the Marc Jerry and out on a care association on sports Radio One 057 at that. A fan. These marquee fight for flight offered up to spare tire approach shots. Coach ever and son so vital bowling team in studio as well. I got it today. I'm the PDA broadcast. Is the deal from Japan moved. So we'll get see that coming up the today so looking forward to see how that whole thing plays out the PDA. To pay an invitational. We'll see how that goes the other day too. I'm going on right now if you over PGA dot com and extra framing catch qualifying for the teal seats a bridal on the call there. Check that out again may beat on your extra frame membership he would sign up off for that. Our rights so let's huddle that Mora but this has Kubel and thank so for you you're gonna be done right Billy this you're done so what. We're waiting for college aren't maybe you're not going to college or anything and after rights and definitely looking forward next here I think I'm going to an Ambrose and Iowa woo yeah. And I mean you look at at Scoble lying and then you want to mix up. That this year and that's something. Toward the Honda that whole process work from college coach stuff high school player. When. I mean. Growing laid back when they had colorful and yet the finals for awhile now and Oz watched it I mean DiFelice on the have a lot wanted to do. And because you see that the party I want on teach or how did that relations they'll begin with you and then the coach at saint Ambrose bomb. One of my friends last year. Brent ball epic he's an area on eyesight he went there as a oh good for him and then headed for their research and Ian had everything that I wanted. And they had a good great point in the not too far away from Allman now it's. Much hard work for you with Ashley how to how to battle they'd work with the U. I don't think Ashley was at their level in terms of player rights and she had her vision of becoming a nurse and that's what he chose and was universally correct right what about football for you with fossil football is never really a thing for you for you as you're just don't know on the sides of the on the yes. And yet it's on batteries multi side while that's okay yet the likelier that when you're done and it doesn't matter OK now you can't say that harbor 'cause you like on the earth clay. But having said that what or what you mean if you're the younger brother are you want in global two or you want to someone else I'd at. You won a ball in college but it's not my number one priority that's an hour on the it's not going to be solid base of Wear ankle is not going to be on our. Other born program Bradley looking into computer science related fields and whoever has the best Maddon. Probably had a decent Bullington and I can fit in on that's mongo. Heaters science we try to make a lot of money somewhere in Basel us go to all nobody on and make so much money is bull on the apt and not every evening and you are right. Well okay so god I guess and yet you guys obviously have after college do you want to going as one of the big things that drives us crazy here and there. Shows why. The kid stop going after college you guys haven't intentions opponent to adult men's leagues and all minister. Improbable movement and it. That that's 10 my what message you send to the your holder teammates have that that same philosophy that after they're done with this one counts it wanna stay an adult leagues Ralph do you think. Into a lot of things I'd on the last three years is I might teams on Tuesday and Wednesday. I've filled my roster. With. Acts high school bowlers on the graduate. On the move on I think yeah two on each day. One of the definitely want to problems with a high school bowling is. Bowling bowling bowling in high school and then once you make that transition if you don't go to college to bowl. It doesn't seem like the numbers translate to. To adult youth adult league bowlers. That's something that I think the BCW past it has to possibly drugs and I know a lot of things is financial. Because you pay one fee for high school bowling. And you get to practice and go to matches and you get to practice an awful lot. Know you switched to adult bowling and bull rings fifteen to twenty dollars and I just for a bowling and you know there's all kinds of other sluggers side authors. Of your brain and easier on everybody doesn't have to gamble coach who you. His goal and now being inside Potts and all that other stuff. That's true but you're going from I mean just in urgent nearly took six dollars an adult leagues it's fifteen inserting so you know some years you're going and working your way through college. In all sixteen dollars a Molly I mean that that's that's a barrier you know even though you get prize money and stuff like that that's a lot of things that sometimes they don't see that. That's again something I don't understand. I don't understand it at six for youth and it's fifteen of twenty for adults. Why can't you have college leagues that are ten bucks. A white why can't a white king if you're you're downtown why can't you say. You know I may have at Marquette UW ma'am whoever around here wanna bowl a league yet. Wherever navy rather for ten bucks Kumble and into college boldly you know why you're here every year it's sad but just springer or college ID set up your team's. Goal Manhattan now. Whatever you want to have dollar Beers or however you want to do it. And let them go haven't I just because I think if you did something like that. I think you'd be able to keep more people involved in college. Because yeah I mean you can watch the bars and stuff like that but not everybody is into the bar scene all the time. And people are looking for other stuff to do especially on Tom locked in anger and avenue mauled all due respect. So you're not going to be spent a whole bunch town at the ball more than likely soar you don't mean there's Marcus underdog town obviously that's nice. There's no movie theater and that idolized are big movie theater downtown that I miss and no because I've always said that that's something that eventually needs to go down everybody makes fun of me but. He's from from that aspect I think it could go but to do at your watch like you said leave your college you don't want spent 1520 dollars a night so if there is a way to get. A college leaders on the all the sort. Maybe Allen. Or maybe even if it's men's or one of sleep if you're in college on a college eighty yards papal bull like the rest. And you data. Just it and his coach ever from of wanna go to suns' Intel as well and to play action. That's usually say a prayer for them to church that I it is to fight over from the spirits I approach shot we'll talk to get next week here. It's portray a 1057 FM the fan.