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03/29/16: The Wendy's Big Show 2PM Hour

Mar 29, 2016|

With this season's NCAA Tournament run over, what are YOUR expectations for the Badgers next season? Ramie and Sparky weigh-in and take your calls. Plus, Tony Softli joins the show.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yesterday is the Wendy's big shot make him and avoid judgment day I'm Ronnie Mac off along with Steve Sparky Phifer. Play to get to it do you between now and 6 o'clock including. At 248 Tony softly. Former sideline reporter for the Saint Louis now Los Angeles Rams you'll get us some insight. Into Jared Cook who was signed by your Packers that yesterday also at 435 Larry Harris pro personnel director for the end Golden State Warriors former GM. Of your Milwaukee Bucks he'll join us once again for 35 it is thoughts on the bucks as well as. Old state on the verge of history to ask your question yes. I'm Larry Harris used to be the general manager the box yes. As I became a scout yet. And now he's in charge the pro personnel of the Golden State Warriors yes. I'm gonna like set a record something and NBA what do you mean. I think that they used to work here Milwaukee and now he's. Rises up there on the West Coast yet watching a team that's about to set the record for the most wins in the regular season. Players got a kid why we let him go you leave. Sparky. Why do we let him go. Because herb all thought it was Larry's all of why they weren't good. Just asking. You though her uncle was admitted to meddling used via. Just pulled the rug out under Larry Richards again admitted to hiring Terry Stotts Benet and Herb Kohl gave what hundred million dollars to the near arena. All is forgiven and paying all Bulls employees of the box when he left something. The laws man told one thing a 500 bosh record really. I can't imagine what. Guys like Einstein like got that'd been there forever mean those guys must have really paid her legs that looked into it everyone about her being a Midler in. I mean great owner from all. Basketball win loss percentage. As far as like how he treats his employees himself and how he took Carroll's people without match and he was theory very very loyal. It's he is. Group. Yeah now I. You can knock that for mine employee to boss standpoint I know but it was the eternal five year plan. Is eternal want to beat each seat plan yet. May I yet. It was not a five year plan it is abroad or play it was five your plant I wouldn't have I've been going crazy on here every single year watching losing basketball dimples game shelled. Was that he never had a five year plan it was always are now plan. All boy we had a fear that your your knowledge cold toward next year John. Cause I'm Lisa guys let's go we're gonna go for here a goal and and it's. John Salmons giving him dumb money after half a season so that was dumb when that happened Drew Gooden that was stupid when that happen. Make a move for Corey Maggette and Stephen Jackson because herb wanted to keep going all or maybe actually to be a seven seed. But it was never. A diagram plane up hotter like it's superstars how to like get to the point when he championship instead it was. While we can't compete financially the sol system is all screwed up everything else and he's right it is all screwed up. The last labor. Fiasco lockout didn't help matters really all that much Herbie and said as much as second helps when championship it's still likening give us an even playing field. But he never saw the plan as to how probably John Hammond wanted to do it. Breast Larry. Point blank if he ever want to do it but John wanted to break it down and start over at and what they kinda did get cold for the fact is Donna's. Do you Jabari and then build that way in her was never down for that I'd never wanted to break it now always loud and but. Selig would you stand to say herb called in Cuba but I feel it's the same what it with the Brewers it was the same thing he ever wanted to quote break it down he'd rather win. 7576. Games a year and be in the middle then go all the way down a Bob. And lose a tennis for a few years I just thought the Larry's got. A great gift as a community care and I just always thinking about this one time this story. Twenty years ago young guy in radio right in my boss who I really respected really smartly I was like a top graduate of Marquette. He says always just got back with a meeting for the TV station. They're gonna do of those radio station TV station alliance thinks. Aces so excited because I'm so excited about their management and our management goes. They've got a five year plan and I think that's a that's great week got a five year plan to and so because that they just felt like they were really joined at the hip. Half those people are all gone within three years the Sox it make it through the five year plan every time I hear somebody say they got a five year plan it's like yeah. Will see it you'll be out here in two and a half years. Said see that's just it when the Mets were the Brewers are right now. The Brewers are in that same blend right same thing it's it's no different with the Brewers will star in survived that plan will counselor. But we'll start survive until I have my before mark. Freaks out it's as okay. It's been three years we still suck you're done. I don't go hit some outside some free agents and make it's at least competitive again not a bad not biggest fear of every not a fan of sports or any industry saying I got a five year plan. Just promise he'd be you'll be better tomorrow than you were today I don't care about that. Nice now you know Al disagree that. Totally not because it the latest tidbits if it's up a standard business. Great just give our Marvin guarded you sucked today suck last month write would just won't work on your you've been less hockey and as we go forward maybe one day you can be averaged. But when you. Talk about. Professional sports in baseball where the Ryssdal salary cap. And there's only really and you can tell me all these different things like Jerry oceans is all you can win many different ways maybe but in baseball there really is only one what you view are at. He payroll disadvantage like the Brewers are there's only really one way to compete. And that is you have to have an unbelievably great farm system that continues to produce great prospects and because your neck and you'll be teeple. Once they get to certain levels of break they're gonna go play for the Cubs the Dodgers are these big market teams. You can't afford him anyway so there's only one way to do it. The way that Doug did it was fine he went for that five year window but now all you have to read old. And you're gonna get to a window again with Stern's we're gonna have five or six years here and triangle forty yard mark. And then you have to Tarek down start back over again. It's just that's going to be the cycle going fort I think I don't I don't see other changes unless they come along. Like the NFL and it put a hard salary cap and that's how you picture parity is that hard salary cap. Are we getting into this at 3 o'clock with numbers. Mean I started as we double conversation about it for our Herb Kohl and set you off but some sort of some road that we were planning ongoing values gotta say Herb -- around Sparky and it's all over but did that is. And what it is him and buts. Mean Dole's two are two peas in a pod that their philosophy was the same get playoff money they're buddies there there there are anaerobic in Calgary that bat. Well we'll get it to that at 311 important question for you right now. And real important question for your what are your expectations for the badgers next year 7991250. Where you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan back combat moral badger nation you often hear him with chuck and wicked I'm in the morning here on the fant. Points out they'll return almost a 100% of their minutes scoring. And rebounding and assists and steals and says needless to say expectations will mirror what they were two years ago. With the program are you their spark it foul ball. Are you the greatest why not. Who bit or they were a shot away for a true elite eight stop pundits say is stop you had to all. Possibly three to Baghdad you'll fun idolized merely good you went two possibly three NBA players on that roster to possibly for. You have meet you. Or two. Did but they're not locks like Kaminsky and Acker does McConnell right you supplements he continued development and take that. Decker you knew coming at a high school was his unbelievable score. You don't get this unbelievable score. For two years ms. Cole be king yes for high school in this year your recruit and then the following year maybe you get him. Arm this bend meets or however you say his name heat. We'll add some scoring he can shoot the rock outside a big natural battle held. Pretzel Helio got may next year are and and we'll see what he does he was out this year that I think was a broken foot or wherever. How about final thwart. Now. No no no no no but I don't know that I in the world safe floor. Out I think he's saying what the expectations were going into that season out of that a lot of people. Necessarily expected a final 49 and it didn't but lack yet to comment off a final a team that went to the championship yet. The caught up a final well he thought there going this slick six or shot. Away from an early date you're acting like there's no way they can do anything batters out questionnaires do you expect it seem to be the final four next year. Now that's a question I'm just asking what are your expectations for the badgers 7991250. Or email us live at 1057 FM the fan Dhaka. I'm six no I can't handle four hours this. How could he winced. Final fourteen I don't even play your Disney vacation all day and we'll get to that at 38 sort of sports for a minute yes by the way fun and you should keep I don't care for Pete's sake. Really got Rodney Peete. Holly Robinson being a family a but it can't you read and watch like a nice punch you right in the face on Saturday nights there's so much good television on right now that you don't need to be wasting your time with garbage like that it trillion Vernon golden age of scripted television yet and here you are watching Rodney and who. Hi rob doesn't Pete O from I hang with mr. Cooper. In being named. How Rollins got a five year plans DVR Brighton. In fact I've Q did out there about vacation this is the thing and watched a whole season and Decker to couple up and that's what. I just eat if you think your way be a final fourteen Intel toward the stars on this basketball team so I mean you think happ played well this year. But as you can have good enough to carry a basketball team like Carmel Anthony carried Syracuse or. But I'd try it like what are they just carried Michigan State vision again that ended poorly but the dark you have to have a certain a couple of guys are the most part. That can carry what was it was it MacNamara an aunt and Carmela Syracuse mean different programs handles different couple of guys backing carry. Does this team have a couple of guys that can do this not to waste got you way better than he was. This year next year to. If they're gonna have any chance of doing and have a final four stuff. Right. I I tell you that I'm. I don't see if I had told you coming into this here. That dusty was going to the elite eight. You'd probably call me crazy college crazy your sets went sixty okay they were so they or is sixteen seconds away from an elite eight I understand that. So I think you're selling this team short because they already outdone the expectations you had form this year. And you would think that there's improvement going into next year when Jim. Yeah well look in Nigel he's get measure. To Bronson caning get better this year mean slightly maybe. You you didn't see a lot of improvement from the guys into every turning would you fancy word guys of people didn't know about. Other than those that are are are really gaps on cable could not stop calling us about he'd look at last year derive tournament I was expecting India wanna double the way people praising him last year that. But but again. He is a very solid basketball player right. And you expect him to put on some more weight and get better going into next year short doubtful happen. We tell badger fans 4147 I 91250. Are used to make and this is going to be up final fourteen next year is that would your expectations are final four next year. And if so tell me how it tell me where all of this improvement is gonna come from fourteens. You have to have. Do we good players and you have to. Absent. Those two normally go handed. Some well once Greg dar took over they showed a little bit a depth. They did but I doubt disappeared in the tournament I mean look at the last game that day but don't know that he was shorten their bench come the post season sure. Yeah but either batch is not exist at the last game that they really do a much of anything. Deal brown he took us up for from the beginning of the year to the middle of the year at the end of the year. Bullet how much better do you think need a bronze going to be going into next season I just. Mean you knew what can miscue was going into last year you knew what Decker was going into last year right. If you're a person you lost Lee Lester was brought us. And is substantial because he was a leader he was he had an inter over the basketball so forth but the majority your offensive scoring was back. And the drop at the scoring is back but I don't think it's the same type of firepower as that team had would Packard Kamensky. What are your expectations for the batters next your final four could you see this team going to the final four. 79912. Victories and Ellis live at 1057 FM the fan back up why would people be left. Final I don't think this is as laughable as you make it out to be. Are they wide next on the when he's patient what is it shows served up hot and fresh on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan's these Sparky Phifer with you. Running back lot is here Gary Ellis and as I'm vacation he will be back next week why Butler I believe. Will be back on Friday. I hear on the shelf Friday were on location. So stay tuned and keep Bob listen real tight or we're going to be on Friday just so in a little bit later on here in the shop. Sight and sound solution that is who you want to turn to if I you are sick and tired of your cable and looking to make a sweats. Now do you even if you're not seeing tiger Caylee still make the switch because it's much better deal go to directing mentally go back. Need one. I cited some solutions and DirecTV you call Allen had signs on solutions in Brookfield 26251027. Point by the time we heard from Sparky. On the Wendy's big show. And you want to bet choice package 2999. A mob that does include fox sports Wisconsin's a gets your Brewers it's this year blocks all that on self. But. This is the deal. You get a larger package of channels you'd like but that's the minimum deal you can get to get the rest of this you get the NFL's I take it for free does fall and you get the MLB ticket for free. This season or do you don't want that eating at a 200 dollar. Visa gift card as well totally up to while you're on the full ballot asking about the bundle package there with AT&T now seeking at AT&T. Internet AT&T home phone and of course DirecTV qalqilya quote on that call around today at site in sound solutions. As baseball season starts next week let's not mess around here make sure yet you get signed up and take full advantage. Of the MLB to did you get for free a lot of the NFL Sunday ticket. Call Allen at 2625102725. To 625102725. Allen excited south solutions in Brookfield. Next day installation. In free equipment take advantage of it too. What are your expectations for the badgers next year final 47991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan dot com Sparky says. To expect the final four would be crazy. You know bad moral point sided badger nation dot com at the batters who returned 99 point 8% of their man it's 99 point 7% of their scoring and rebounding. And 100%. Of their assist and steals and he says needless to say. Expectations a mirror what they were two years ago with the program when yes they did go to the final four and I between here Sparky from but keys stepson. Says Bucky will make the final four Hays BK have and the bench. Will be better. And. That one up Iger at the messes I think cap will be better I don't know. About Nigel Hayes after seeing the step back. That he took this year but a lot of those guys on the bench I certainly think could get better because of their of their a lot of younger guys and underclassmen on the adventurous still. Sort of figuring it out developing at the college level. You off hidden. And this is I think why you have such a problem went with the way Ted Thompson does things with the Packers discount the value of improvement from within. I'm having guys on your squad. That are going to be better next year than they were this year and that's why Ted Thompson likes to draft and develop philosophy because he has gate. You Waterloo improve. You wondered to replace the guy that they have on the team down go out and get somebody better Ted Thompson would tell you a lot of GM to tell you. We're gonna have somebody better at that same position he just can be wearing the same uniform then you get the same name on the back of his Jersey in the same number but he's gonna be a better player. There is something to be said for improvement from within and I think that you're looking at a team that's returning almost everybody including some underclassmen including. A guy who I think has plenty of room for improvement like Bronson Kahne eight. So yeah I mean they were shot away from the elite eight this year while. Why is the final four and I'm not saying I expect the final four I expect an elite eight appearance by this team next year but Y with a final four be crazy. This is funny that you bring this up because I I love that you bring you back to the Packers. And tat. Because from now line. Since you believe that will talk about this year who improved from last year he's more times than not these guys are who they are scary dollars would say. Sometimes you get guys that will make sizable jumps from one year to the next but most of the time they're the same player they are for a majority of the time. Mean DJ winds TJ running right Bakhtiar and that's not changing he's their Bakhtiar a blogger. Is that guy Lindley. How much more human improve on the offensive line think they're better than they wore next year this year. Sold from rapper and I searing get better at every position I'm saying that there are positions every year at which you do get better. Did you hopes to get batter right and all you're doing is hoping you're hoping that old guys put in the work in the offseason to come back and major coaches are able to coach them up and then they understand. More recovery and more going next season you're really on a hole but a prayer to making about a verse is going getting a play that you know always guarding a player that position and just plugging him in and not having hope about thing. I pervert not to live life and hope and a prayer and that's all a lot of what we're talking about here your whole paying that these guys. Get batter and take another step. Do you have to hope that and Acker frankly it's gonna get batter they were good enough. I knew coming back the following year that that team was going to take. Another stat though a question about that team was. Would they be able to handle expectations. Going in next your coming up final four would they be able to handle a target on their back going into next season. This season the better team that started this year that and there are two different teams next year bargaining no surprises next year when the season starts people are gonna nobody can have. You've organ and okay we're run doubly to have what's he would beat us. Let's see who else on this team can beat us we know they're gonna run swing we know how to defend that we seem bowed to a three. I dirt I think the batters had a surprise teams in the Big Ten a little bit during that month is I don't think. Other coaches probably thought those was the most heralded team a whole wide world the Wisconsin. Sold they probably didn't go win the expectation that there was really a big fear factor. But at the end of the day even have is like Big Ten freshman of the year right right there. And added a very solid year and beat out a guy that a lot of batters fans wondered in diamonds don't. Kerr in dining still without a team that was deep and had come off the bench because again that was a team. That was picked to contend for national average of this year that was picked to contend for a final four and it's not sudden it was a draft buzz for dumbest on a seat. Enough to come out to late first round. Hear from him. Now I I think probably fifteen to twenty somewhere in that area fifteen of 23 yet let's go to Mike in baby here on the Wendy's big show what's your expectations for the batters next here Mike. I think they're gonna compete and I'm looking at maybe a similar thing like like make independently. Eight and I think that's what they did to you but. Aren't I think we've followed are a couple days. Ryan you know everybody. They would solve coaching wise and you know he does the same thing according developed in. Nigel Hayes a couple of those other guys and I'm sure car had a lot to do it it on and kind of pumped up. They troubled the badgers next year I think to expect a final four are not expecting anything like that. They're not college basketball's a little on the line what they're gonna compete and I think. In peace shorter oval on you know went four iron and guard doing. After gain post game interview. I would say again. And I like Oregon game Matt what are arrogant guy you know he. You know anybody can do in a close game but in all. I think you know all I was getting guard readies through what he was gonna do and I think I had a he jumped in tested on to guard when he did because what we wondered. Old people write you this city do batters just cut not. You're getting tired hit guy in here the only way he could would period outburst and current what's flying colors I'm not far prevailed roundly. Thanks tell Mike. Pre (%expletive) straight margarine and a Twitter says biggest struggle this season was offense agree. Gaining an eight shot under 40% and zero workers coming in but they had two huge offensive players in pretzel a mentally and NC again. Now this is an unknown for me. Drizzle without all year and a broken foot and van fleet idea academic. Issues right now pretzels are pretzel as there is a stake as a you have a good idea of kind of of what you're talking about we talk about him and what he can do. But again he's an undersized shooting guard really 63 so. But he can shoot it. We'll see your year again this is their whole thing of wishing upon a star that he comes in having out really played any true. In your saying he's gonna be an impact player right off the bat. And every. As an able played played this year he's been practicing with the team. I think mentally why Mormon impact inference. And maybe I won't be the case but because badly is gonna draw bigs away from the rim. Pat the guarding shooting up three. In in hitting those jumpers so that will help them getting offensive rebounds for you can happen and Nigel late in being little put the ball back in the basket. That's something you'll bunch Beale brown tries. You know he tries to do and I think and we can do it and more consistent basis and let's see if deal brown remember he ends up starting next I think I would could end up being. That's already set or even though he's not very sick he's very long. Arm and I Hillary would have been a word sounds like you're talking yourself into a final four appearance different. It's go to John angering to earlier in the Wendy's big show it's up to. Hey guys they. Yeah I think that was the badgers to make it back the final board this year with everybody returning I think there and and as well Britain board Bentley. Up but yet it up a get a final or. Yeah you'd all quit this year I would North Carolina being in the finals or tournament this year you want grip but JPB Correll. Our justice which topic for New York he would JP decorum might have our regret not going back for his senior year that knows Colts Coach Roy Williams. Voter Mujica back to see new year. And I know they got gotten background but. Don't give them what they've potentially chance which it I think saw but anyway it's odd to ironic comment about that it would you guys but I don't quite get it all. Thanks for the golf I probably wouldn't matter Raton. And now I don't. Much improvement you Lucy until you know while he was at North Carolina I I that that is why kid I was there's a lot kids now. Did you look adding can't earn high school boy you know this happens he's going to be special. And it just never out number two although he never was able develop bad jumper he became a one dimensional player. Very good defensive player in jump onto the gym and that's were pretty much ended. Com and I don't I don't really think it would have mattered had he gone back company would have changed. How he was viewed or how he would've played at the next level as AL comes on and jumper for imminent just in never never happen. Nick tweets Ronnie is tweeting since Sparky doesn't believe players can get better year to year they think he gets any better from show to show now shut out. No I don't that's you do know aunts and you've got much better that's what I've gotten here yes you have now Alia you have totally disagree and I've made leaps and bounds. Your the American dream according. Our former producer here in Mecca. Or what but again. All I'm telling you is abuzz aimed at guys can't get batter. I'm just argue that to expect each player to be baron pollen season I think you not every player on the roster now going to be disappointed you need everybody thought Cain and actually went to at least importance of the both won backwards. You're able to overcome that somehow some why. But they both weren't very good and I think all the various teams and programs in this state because of the financial. System being what it is and all the respective sports and this being the market that it is you need that you need a handful of guys 45 guys on your roster every year. To get better in order for your team to get better you're not. Gonna be one of the major players on the free agent market you're not going to be one of the major players in the recruiting market you need improvement from within that's something that. I think you have to rely on and has to be one of your pillars for any of the teams are the programs that we talk about on this show. I wanted. I would love to dole. That would love to talk to guard off my off the record and Greg. Lansing Michigan filed for next year which. I would love to get his oddest of 89. Leaving black. Because again. I mean it's just. Again this this is all say that is one more thing. I am very very happy and excited the fan expectations are now being set higher for those badger basketball program. Very very site I don't know if they coincide with the talent Magellan a basketball team but I think it's very very exciting that you've actually raised the bar. For the badger basketball team. Did a point of thinking that nation be in the final four almost every year. That's very excited me is you know 1011 years ago we started his radio station nobody would or even consider talking want out every year for the balance your three out of four year it's. They have Ortiz is very dusty let us warrior that well. Our eye is they're not were mean if you can keep that level and you can be Michigan State where every class gets double file for awesome mean dol. Mean suddenly championship was Gary dollars and pointed out but he was sort obligated Natalie program. You're running over the final four next your best three final fours in four years yeah how is that not Lee and a championship at bats are these company you don't finish. But is Gary told by bras and you don't want to Jeremy GB can't be considered elite. You know as or an opportunity. Though if there isn't like it dynasty out there right now you know the badgers the last team from last year's final four to fall. You know new faces new teams and this year does that give me a little bit of an opportunity to cut through before somebody else. Recharges now your line. Kentucky yeah I mean North Carolina shouldn't should have been a file fourteen. Kentucky. Every year you just know they're gonna get the recruits but Calipari faces the same problem every which is he's got to build chemistry all these guys are coming in as freshman. He doesn't get the four year guys and I can sake because he's not trying to get for your guys he's try to give the NBA players. Arm and get them in the Indy after one year in trying to find that chemistry for one season the badgers. You can debate whether or not or even capable of getting a one and done player but. Vick today tend to look and saleable Big Three and four year players are and we'll try and be consistent every year being in the tournament and then made we'll get a magical year every year. Every here every year once and again until you get that done. I just I'm just waiting for the day that people. Give this batters program the credit because I think you go I mean especially Pete if you do get to a final four next here and it's three out of four years that your in the final four. That's any lead program and that's gonna happen caning has to be. Way better. And that way Nigel ways yes he did better 40%. He's wanna you was you relied on him to be one of your main scores coming season. And I delays Haskell back to being a guy can play Nepal's Wayne more than he has now and again when family if he ends up being. A decent outside shooter that should open up the pole was for Haiti is anything perhaps some. We got to hit a quick break on the other side Marshawn Lynch could have been bee sting in Green Bay wanted to be bee sting in Green Bay. Or ponder what if right after this run he's big Chara ran him back off along with Steve Sparky Phifer coming up in now just few minutes about 248 Tony softly who's now host with 950 KJ are in Seattle but former Rams. Sideline reporter he'll join us with his thoughts. On Jared Coker exchanging some tax and I'll give you little preview it's good he likes Jared Cook so he'll be joining us at 248 come on out and see the Wendy's big show. Live in living color this writer it's part yeah and a chance to name the bar that the deals hoping you do you give me one of your old school alive and living colors now. In and do that anymore known what happened at a kid. Yeah Ku will be. At the Hilton garden it and park place. This Friday from 2 until 6 o'clock there will be three dollar domestic bottles and glasses of house wide. It's like appetizers including three dollars from three to 4 PM four dollars from four to 5 PM five dollars from five to 6 PM in the bar only. And it's happening this Friday and yes they'll be having a contest for you to name the bar. You have a chance to name the Bard went a party for twelve people in their name our bar contest and were apparently announcing. The name of the bar before we get off the air at six sparked he's we will have that distinct what sport he's now one mil. I think they are and bosh recalls Sparky so why not don't even start yes Tony did because now you're soldiers that come out and now yes no doubt. I think it should be no why not because. I think there already is a bar called anarchy and cutting you had a chance isn't there you had a chance to name something after year there won't do. Do you think that's the way are are called. I think spark isn't. Well that it's already ticket team I hear about it but you had to vent their but I knew there was a bargain if you had a chance to name something at Q you blew it. Okay back to the Janet yes yeah you let's that would stand in the way of that so what do you what even I wish both have a name. To pitch big Macs. That's enabled salad for McDonald's and that's also that could also worked for Rodney Mack lost. Now camp or how about rom downs and now. Also if they're both terrible. Bug bit those Alla there'll others are too. Stiller is that here today you gotta put the race card other is that a is that important and and then he fought Roy is that here's a spark you gotta play the rays carried off on others think a lot out to the Hilton garden in. This Friday catch the Wendy's big show have a chance to name a bar and went a party for twelve people in the off season crazy crap half. 'cause a lot of money the Cubs. Yet look brought up I'll pour right now they got plenty cash like the Pirates or the Brewers now more now. So Vick cots they are investing a lot of money or another and you know the rebuild the stadium and yet the Cubs at 1040 there is more. Caught Shane Victorino. Manny Parra. In union Noory Kallis sock hop on thomas' name. Those are the cut tell us sakic. Well look it was fun Paula is karaoke is sports forum for him that was my. Palace hockey's act it out at 1043. What I expected five. Cubs are Barbara Jesse Rogers that he has been Chicago the team has reached agreements with all three players are back and roster. Us in this game a pay cut. All about kind of didn't want to pay each one of them a 100000 dollar roster bonus so they caught him. Over a hundred grant. Serious get serious and clubs according to Ford 300 grant that meant stop Justin you can't let court appointed chief crap. I would have been any one of those three out of said you're cutting me did you want guinier roster bonus and if you want to recite. But by. There's just no and I understand. Your dramatic par you wanna have a chance a World Series ring okay fine again it but. Other than that your clouding over a 100000 sign boards and they want me to re sign with you couple hours later. Any rich personal tell yeah. Just 'cause you can't afford something doesn't mean you should that's true you can save money save money I don't care how much of it you have Arnold Madson got slow down stuff man this business that's load up on this off outs. Stop it and now we've wasted. That's too bad I missed a load on stuff Manhattan at the same. Because we got a pretty quick break. And talk with toady softly next he's the former sideline reporter for the St. Louis Rams that they can get a good things to say about Jared Cook next on the Wendy's bishop. Who's who's proven reform mean you know fairly. Nor proves this is so. How does move very good throughout the world mark careers very tender from quarterback's services are just wanted to. Alou almost blew there the position. It's nobody's fault business courses so. Who are new. That's very blues forward for this much. So let's come moved me where my serve started. Jared judge I'm going from the ran to the Packers. After the free agent tight end signed with Green Bay yesterday this is the Wendy's make sure I'm Ronnie Matlock. Along with Steve Sparky Phifer and joining us right now on the great midwest bank hotline. Is now host on Sports Radio 950 KJR in Seattle. Also great website check out Tony softly. Dot com for all things NFL he's also the former Rams sideline or world's pleasure welcome in Tony softly I do this afternoon Tony. I during this afternoon Tony. In order. To get now we got it dead man you Edberg were doing well over here. Gary is not here on the rise not hear about you to this just means Sparky submit this to be a productive interviewed Tony. Are that note that. Now what do you tell us what it comes to Jared Cook arm among the things that have been knocks on him since he got into the league were. Drops and we'll get to that in a second. But also the the type of teammate he is yesterday we we found a highlight plated on the air coming out one of the breaks of him -- getting into it with one of his quarterbacks with a guy. Is Jared Cook in the locker. No you don't look too I've known jerk since it coming out of South Carolina. As a junior and he has he has a team player. He use that guy that. It's going to be a leader in the locker room he's gonna blended in well is to get along with everybody. I think the the frustrations of what happened at Saint Louis. A multiple quarterback changes. It is it is it frustrated him not only him but a lot of players. And as a leader I think he felt he had to speak up and addressed some situations and know it might of got a little left hander overblown but you're getting injured anyone global global what are you did negate human being gimmick got its going to be great in the community. Any and is good for butler's well. Because I had a hard time buying into this Jerry cook sang only because of the fact of yes I understand he didn't have a a really great quarterback or even good quarterback maybe. I in Tennessee or end Saint Louis but he also didn't have. Really a dominant wide receiver either in either place so if he was as good as people around here are making him out to be. You would think you'd averaged more than fortified targets a game if he was the offensive player. Know he has that threat and he can't be that threat his first year at Saint Louis. When I was a sideline reporter he used everything that you wanted to tight ends. He'll stick it straight in there and blocked you know on inline blocking party runs nice route sheet in and out of his break got a good speed and burst out of his cuts. He's he's got very good hands not you look up so concentration drops. Looking good to to not secure and run before securing the ball but to you know he he create separation and routes geez. He's going to be a dream fit for air Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Talk about GM and how he fits everybody knows. That since Finley you know left the Packers because of injury and so for they really haven't had that guy how would you compare him to it to Finley. I looked at Phillies just a little bit more athletic. You know it is first running routes and attacking the ball. Are the dirt isn't really far behind that but I would I would say that. You know jerk who might be a little bit better blocker. Equally effective both of them and running routes and I would future to have their hands better announced. But it yet he had a few concentration drops. In key situations just trying to make a play aren't that or securing the ball that a lot of people probably. Remember as key drops but you know I've seen of snaps of all the practice abstinence snaps a bomber game. He can't match and secure the ball outside of restraint so he does have advanced. And you huge tax in me this morning a few of of your just some notes on Jerryd cut before we came on the air. And he said that he he has some concentration drops what does that mean and how often is that happening Tony. You know you might see one or two every three or four games. In what I mean by that is just instead of catching the ball look at it and tucked away and then start running he tries to run in a lot of receivers do this he tries to run without securing the ball first. And then takes his eyes off it tricycle field in the drops the ball so. They're more concentration drops and then hand. Again I've seen it matched the ball out of the year one and snakes. I've seen him do it. Outside of the sprint like no he's got really good hands. Our order greater my I would say you'd be about like an eight it's our hands. But just concentration drops them and finish out or just a little bit. Do you think he had more suitors are or more money on the table offered to him. Coming off his Rams DIE he had a couple other teams interested in him we did sign a big deal Miami stretched imagination why do you think there weren't as many suitors for him. Well I think if you had a chance to of Oakland with Aaron Rodgers and and be a part of us such a great. Tradition up there in Green Bay I think you know you'd you take a little less money he's in the area of his career now where. Was tried to position yourself would a winner. And you know I efforts you're Coco I know very well it's not about the money it's about the love of the game. Are indeed an opportunity to play through the ranks so I think that's really what he's trying to do was positioned himself would bow Altman quarterback Gus signal caller. That knows how to get the ball and his receivers. And and give him put him in position to make some reports. That's Tony soft leak and here a month Sports Radio 950 KJR in Seattle as a host over there find him on Twitter softly. S the eighth and check out the website Tony softly dot com calls the pleasure we can catch up Tony thanks for the insect. You got a guy still book got a solo. Will do and Tony softly joins us on the great midwest bank outlined some things fade with time but after eighty years great mid West Bank is simply. Better but the great midwest bank dot com to learn about their portfolio alone that could make your dreams of owning a home. Come true I'd feel a lot better as is gonna ask you do you feel better now. I respect his opinion he Cardinals with a hell he's talking about his website is crazy Gooden if it I mean if you're looking to get ready for the draft or an. Any thing NFL related check out Tony softly Danica I feel way way way batter. About this after here softly as well opinion on him become much better yesterday we're asking what are your expectations for Jared cochlear expectations for their coach after hearing. Softly or I think he can be a starter obviously based on everything he said he should be as you'd think he can be a starter what are talking about it yesterday. Really one convinced that you be any better than Richard Rodgers. Just because again like I said the coming out of college I huge expectations for Jared Cook yeah isn't much of anything. Soul Randy Moss now you understand if we bring you hear Donald drivers are number one that's stupid to. Act and they've said that kind of stuff about the before they have subject could you comment rich rods are guys old yet it back. Let's just see but again he's got albeit a talent all they have like ability in the world as of them before yesterday. That he has the talent to be April bold type player in -- driver to this point it just has never worked out. On until it's oddly seems to think that. This wall change now that he as Aaron Rodgers. We'll see. I would still say don't. He said he described Pro Bowl tight at he described. A guy that should be one of the best tight ends in football it you'd. Tell you who he was talking about near you gas some Pro Bowl tight and you would have guessed Jerry Cote had I not told you who saw we was talking about just gave me the description that he taxi to read a text on. That the tax that he sent you. Our earlier today. Re US and got mine iron about Jericho you know he gave you a rundown of Jared Cook and attacks great guy team player good athlete with speed in routes hands are sure but his concentration drew has concentration drops. Flash run after catch skills. I'm free the rest of the week. The last part of near the same I think if he's all. That's I'll obviously was with the Rams so he got to seem every game Saint Louis so we'll see how it pans out Sparky feel better about Jarret Konerko and if anything. To make him and a lot of people feel better about numbers. The Brewers gets. You know at least when Gary was here I had some happier topics you've coming here in this that clout to bowl ring they threw off. Darker buddy everybody sitting got to take their shoes off now number's called us I ever ever report from art the insider. Yeah. Well hit a great break about the other side see if we get makes park you feel better about watch numbers baseball this year a Sports Radio auto 57 left that.