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10/05/16: The BIG SHOW 5PM Hour

Oct 5, 2016|

Gary, Leroy and Sparky reset the BIG topics of the day and let you pick a lane.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In Sparky you. Towers but having crashed in Burr. Yeah. It's time for the guys still resent the big topics from today's bigs you know. And late do you pick to lean. I go away and brought you by the legendary Great Lakes drag way in union grow Great Lakes dragway is still open until the snow flies. Go to Great Lakes drag away dot com for fall events and weather updates. What he's being shall served up. And press laughable Chevrolet studios on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan Steve sparks fly from Gary dollars and packer hall of Famer. Leave wrought butler's in the house. Dockery topics of the day it's very simple how this all goes I tell you a topic that they would mind is you call in and fit what lane you wanna conversation out. So the first line the right lane. Would you side. Antonio Cromartie was cut by the Colts defense of that. Or would you sign Kellen Winslow I should say Guillen Kellen Winslow who is now Marty 32. Winslow was 33 had been in the league since he doesn't thirteen tight and told TMZ sports he wants to play for the Green Bay Packers he worked out for the Packers and August. That's where he wants to play so there's no other place on earth like Lambeau earth. And that is where he lots of what he wants to be agreement backer earth Gary Alison this fits into the model would you want you always say amen. You'll get back are you going to be a Packard that both of the guys we want well he wants to be a packer he's still not backer would you want for Marty and Winslow right now. If you were the pacts. And and amenable flown by Steve still you don't change your mind now that we have both fumble the veteran players. He's got about 1415 DBs wrecked it won't cost. You let somebody go put motor parts war. Tidy allies I don't know how you make that work out. But I I like to bring Aminu we've largest part prior wood there you know how long his cooks can be awful not answer your role would Perillo who is dead. Who's dead in the room were Richard Rodgers or electoral on social needs little army never dug it yeah we're pretty blunt about. Don't know that slow and plodding he'd be good in the 83 out of all start off as a macedonians are in years he appears very slowed me Perot never got not to say probable on the things slow. It the sooner I called them terrible. Would you sign for Marty and Kellen Winslow for 14799125414. 7991250. That's the right center line. Which is me getting eight hole and of play at social media I was fairly sure that topic. And in the last two hours since the topic it was would you rather be Kevin Durant model or Damian Miller who Kevin Durant last night. I'll for the Clippers and 840 point blowout 45 point blow allowed. On the LA Clippers 121 point seven boards seven assists in 24 minutes apply for the Warriors who when 120 to 75. Would you rather be to rats on a super team or would you rather be Damian Miller. Davey Willard who came out and said he will never be a part of a super team he's too competitive to be a part of a super team he's got too much pride to go be a part of super team. NF there's something great about slaying the monster. Fifteen. And a lot of fun needs is never gonna do. So Boudreau to make the rants or Damian Miller 4147991250. LeRoy Butler. I ask you was horrible human and implode. Straight now do you mr. Yeah he went in net Miller and now you're gonna. Well don't look to you about from the school did donuts for under the white tees. Raffle ticket knowing when that he older now so I'm if you can't beat them join them. Cadet from Bulls bunt then so are of the view would have to America when a match emption. They ended today. If you want to get mentioned in the barbershop. Have you wanted to championship. They don't care how you did it. Or you had to Alter the most money he took Lance Moore. It's brutally talk about Charles Barkley. Italy ends namely that come up. On a double by changed. So you say you're out a deep breath man. Well that by. Because I know Darren well. At the end of the day the ransom to get blasted that they are up to rants and get blasted in that barbershop you sat earlier in the show okay we got married he's getting blasts in the barbershop is left okay. Did yeah I mean I knew in the barbershop but they don't what don't they don't about you we don't and how we don't want public. To get when he's on he's on that Tuesday relevant that you don't win a championship. Not you know some people don't like is a Russell ever not relevant in the barbershop noticed people like him I'll be able likened the day OKC fan. Okay some people but the majority of people in there when you have fear it and go where you're ranked side I get about that noise over there. All right so that's a settling Doritos are playing here has divides Adams proven a jet Janice should be the third wide receiver yes. I agree it sounds stupid but people. I actually think. Just to be the case and Jerry Ellison I'm pretty sure you're not want to. Nadal. Will witness and do you go. Roy our flight routes because they're in big bad days. The rookie conservatives. Through it and we guess they're got to apply go to plugged in the would you cut dance who. Yup from new testament to gauge your crew Mardy or Winslow yeah. You come you aren't we the most pride squad. 447991254147992. A figure that is Great Lakes drag away pick allayed we're playing would you like to be on the right leg which aside for Marty and Winslow or Winslow I wonder indelible you can. The setter light would you rather be Durant or low alert and the return Lang has prevented Janice should be the third wide receiver. 41479912541479. Natural fit to rent try buddy lacrosse. That's our bond go your marriage won't columnist for. What is it about mud oh what is it. It should at army and that and I'll. I you know I'm actually on the label what brought on line. You're you're home from a cold would you do it up and across. Are work are you working out there were working on it led to a bridge of their would you were ago there are. All. So senators that he might I don't think Jen has shown enough to supply and Dovonte as the number three but I I think. The rotation has done enough to supply its about it and Albert street they've got to get. Or guys more chances and I don't think. There on pit that are not in his career a hold that spot after all the drops after the just let the poor play. You're you guys watching game differently in the end the year so I'm sitting in the ex girl in the stands every time he drops the ball I want divided that up from the stand but. You guys you guys probably see it in a little bit differently but. There are several weeks. To not only did she and that's on the field but there are run five wide out that are. Look at the defense the secondary for the for the Giants whoever we security go again yeah. That should don't want they're they're they're down three of their jobs I have if you think your five bad streak here they're better than their five best guys in the secondary. Why not this is the week you can do it with the quarterback better based still after that and is still one of the top in the league so. Everything has Janet warranted that spot no I don't think anybody in their right mind would say yes but I think nick who at all. Needs more that playing. I think Jamar appreciated his and seeker lead toes yet good seat. Six rules book and senior columnist. I personally ample blog at I don't want to close the field. I like to be up leg to be overlooked him and eleven rows back a little bit to sell the legend of people blocking your view depending on the stadium here and got along in front of you have seen them and answer I want be down close I didn't get together finally that's different and Obama's guys don't be up there to visit my friends that I guess you can Australia figures apart Wilbert too well. Yet couldn't what are the best out of you hit the scene and all not even that you can't you can't see cameras as no you Casey silent. At all now from your seat I like them all the good seats compound the QB. I really certainly pick a lane I continues coming up next Milloy on the boards to a 79912541479920. Figure Twitter someone off by seven FM the fan. And Jerry and it's been a long day at work people need to go home relax a little bit. Maybe. A number of flow of their home beer. His. Insurance the closet take a group about to be world that it for men are from now we're back for me. Make a little bit more hockey. As they got free classes he wouldn't rule it is going and as you know yeah for me tell you give up. Article faulted a guy. While you're out there like to put our conspired sort everything oh we like to make beer and wine if he's been a hundred dollars. You were getting 36 Gallic glare from Victor. If you spin a 125. Dollars. You'll get a free dark star burner. The dark star we'll give you 65000. BTU move and brewing power. Became be yours free today when he's been dominant were in bright house. Walked others to a with 100 dog were a free. The equipment today also got make plays detectors out at the Helio have eyes and rarity. As we give out samples on the junior world was animals on two Beers you have an animal motivator for his I don't read and look at our partners. Agreeing field avenue and then. Jeff relays did a great racetrack away pick all my name brand like drag away. Open there was no fly straight family fun that relate struggle I'd take my Great Lakes dragged away dot com. For their schedules going up until smoke once again. From snore Montana today they say grew. So it's coming this way hopefully not whether there's been blown her can't afford him yes and all of us have gone on these Spartan but Jerry Ellison background Famer LeRoy Butler here are. Your lanes. Via right play. How many tight lanes as I'm not into Atlanta like a running back off here on a concern yet we're not. Prime back off yeah IA case she came in to pick up a Papa John's pizzas yeah I heard there is repeat this stupid because Barry I think yeah I there is a lot of jobs a signature of how I just can't pizza signature cheese goals already ahead of us I noticed that after I got a lot of these aren't those did a delicious crispy on the outside fluff be on the inside out of his world pizza experienced when new season party tomato sauce. Fresh toppings get Papa John's new head pizza with free toppings. Only ten box. Order now and Papa John's dot com OK so he's gonna get one of those pieces it's only reads easier Jimenez don't resemble its answer yeah I think I minus insurers are here are the three lengths ahead would you resign Antonio Cromartie age 32 or Kellen Winslow age 33 if you were the Packers. Gary Ellison says he'd signed ball. I'm I'm honestly unplugged from the sports world or Jeremy coach we have no idea when he's coming back Sam Shields Canada no time soon no no does that idiot is that a rat. Blow it over to Iraq but he's a concussion protocol and we actually after looks like it's going to be a long attending a need a veteran back there those rookies are not. Not holding it down to Cromartie Kellen Winslow who told teams he sports yesterday I saw that actually a factor yet. How long hazard took up far. Don't know I got a high ankle sprain to be weeks. Mean now I don't know element I don't know how much elements of that help you come in and he's been out of the lead for two years and our desire in Los playing Green Bay and he is a soldier as he has more tackles Saturday and Perot. Well he's deaf woman who'd bet we don't everybody is will's dad. Yeah OK so that's right ladies like it in a bullpen that 4147991250. At the setter like yes would you rather be Kevin Durant 22177. And a 45 point blowout of the Clippers last night mean for Damian Willard who came out yesterday and said he you'll never be a part of a super team. He's got too much prodding apart a super team he's too competitive. And it's on a take down a Mossad team. If you can't who would you rather be I don't have the choice to be doing away and don't go back to my hometown and I had a bowl that's not as you look at the other candidate Tom. You know. I sent him when Durant did it I understand why he did it and our I'd probably do the same thing to not be Miller it's just to me as a fan. It's not fun to see one team that just directs shop over the rest of the league that's rock public that is as a fan as a player. I probably go and do the same thing especially when I'm watching other super teams get put together if I think that's my only way of walking away with a ring I want that ring nice. So I said earlier our goals a game last night them curry it's a three are the ran its 300 clay to three. Franchise history just want to hand the Larry O'Brien right listens. To owners Clippers called time out. And to rants laughing walking off the floor on all the talent and kill people yeah I mean they're just gonna kill to have we'll just does not matter and Tony it shouldn't change anything for Bucs fans said that before all of last putt doesn't matter also because you're watching for the future right. So I think trying to contend but the Golden State Warriors right now is not really your concern agree you know hot and that's the certainly the reach currently. This is gators. Has the Bob Adams proven a Jack Jazz should be the third wide receiver. What happened since I left him but couldn't because you didn't ask Eric that. The Bible I I had a lot of yeah boxing hero. Yeah well yeah I don't know you are estimated to be able to think about Kansas does with their locker seat that we've been through this was not a loves fast white wide receiver and die if I said earlier he talked Jets. Teams Cromartie are winds yeah now and cut him only because and the ride the bus station the first people that took. Tell me about this again valuable on special teams yeah he's not a great writers here but it is one of your better guys to run down there in tackles somebody on special teams ouster and I didn't stick him in there as a returner in a binding he can he can do that too and I think you serves. I think it serves a role on this team and and you need guys like that on the team but nothing there was a bye week loud I think today. That he should be the third wide receiver and I didn't think that before I left for vacation we need to rusty but I have been in practice. Rose all the cutting them we should die well that's Milledge could judge Janice. Okay so other forward to go get back deadly strike away pickle and if you want to hop on one of those lines for 14. 7991250. Up a run Mack watts tell me about hi your vacation is gone so far which you plan to England forward are. Of all we know she's not kidnapped so we've yeah. Reluctantly we she's out there who were in my case in good is OK with that we've. So America Oscar is still stuff he's it's an. Hobbs goods in the car or whatever I think I was gonna bring a midnight run sparking a run out of the remission appreciate it. Yes I do appreciate that everything naw I think is good man day irrigation yeah I had a if our offense at a camera show xetra indictment ski up now. I boomer for the first time Gary. It was our bet is OK the guy who picked us up there as it is to mosquito Hyundai Sonata. That he probably got promoted to check back and I are sure to do. With the guys rather. So I remembered for the first time then lumbered back and they fed me a lot of birthdays. Which it was working Kansas City. And over. That on some commotion in my implemented that I. Yeah right around it wasn't that run the right around that we. I think you're wrong and I don't know we thought about it but we did that was a misty yeah we thought we were right near neighborhood ours rewrite your backyard pretty much argue teenagers and it. If fed me a lot of birthdays it's good to show. On Saturday night yeah. Yet all you super. Yeah I was undone there so and then after that one out after after. Sunday Monday Tuesday on on anything Sunday went to brunch guy that went down to visit the family Kenosha decliners got my laundry done got a solid gifts on crack. Hung out with the boys little bit watch some football then you came back that I came back Monday Monday and a whole lot of nothing Tuesday Tuesday I went to the gym and a whole lot of nothing and today I thought today we went on the river walk that it got to and got some lunch as he had everything you do exists I didn't I don't know a whole lot else out KC where she's that he had -- kid you don't we did some white people still a lot of. Oh right off the right off of my. Idea that two of those white people things and I. It was there's a real mess that is sounded in the 200 no lunch at the Milwaukee public market more bearing more white people like that is really good and I got a pretty niece Emmitt yeah. Yes but yet no it was all my ideas all white and it's not comedy yes. Carmen you are under after. And and tomorrow on Friday tomorrow and Friday tomorrow whole Lotta nothing right I'll go to the gym Friday comes playoff game. So nothing dominant snap out and get me a bottle of some in washed a couple of New York San Fran you'll do that I think I want to mess just below him constantly and how I know but their pitching staff is beat up in there with some injuries through you know north part of it was gonna happen to us there. Dusty to break into that he's the man has a national sports doesn't measure could beat the Cubs in the play. Could happen yeah could have nationals aren't on the agenda that could happen. I don't trust in your vacation Sunday morning 10 o'clock your back and Tennessee football weekly aren't they groused it's gonna get that cinnamon bread to Villa and million in this haven't Brett. Yeah it's rare that that's a small box over there roaming. The knob that I got and aren't some and take the Pete's in the cinnamon bread and then he has Trent keep this thing on the rails are. I would have been fine we had mark healthy and okay we've averaged less singer on today grind it would today I mean do. Itself thanks for jumping up a fantasy winnings bella yeah those niceties on your card and now I did not. Half mile. He's both defenses are olympians and about it nobody what. Object about Obama by all right John Todd and surely a year and a Great Lakes drive volume at Toledo nail Bartlett. I mean you go by the Infante had tiger billionaires and really struggling to delay what's on time. Will hold its gone on the but that's. We're Romney can look at more notable yeah yeah I didn't need to get the body just deeds and dole don't get mistaken title as you would not have been here. Yeah ha ha. Yeah I would do it is right wing go home. And I think we should put a blotter or local Marty. I don't think that it we will be. In this question. There are aligned and thinking that we should have more experience in the back in the main expensive thing we know and on or about what score moan from. And I just think that at worst it's seeing. Then he does have a medical. I'd that you go out there is better option then you know apparent there and then. Look at it like it is say like when we get down a run in the season when maybe when we meet for awhile ago about being. We can put it's record in the slot we broke political employ quite also are you not think that think it should be a little older I'm not saying that's when he greeted. Definitely get more better production on a home win and that's why. Got a point to report that report. Thanks for the call tie in Philadelphia. You sick or Marty then hangs around. The rest of the year yet. Is that what you're thinking just in case to you. Until it's serious issue Sampson is. They're forced to draft high here for two draft high again next year he really think about it if he comes back. He's one concussion word from calling it a day. You know if he gets a concussion this year he's he's done even if he comes back and for Marty is that big corners you wanted to get him exactly. Big corner yes you're gonna becomes racked. He is one congressional which you've got to grow unless you think that doctors yours starter or quit Rollins who starred what do you think are. Right now and so. You don't think something to court laws can beard and there really nice slot guy or Satan I don't know if we can be. I'm. Jason Heyward or is good San Diego via. Ten Nicholas played real well the first cub policeman are we talked about do you have amounts are starting corner. Yeah he started at three interception I think in the first two weeks or some filling I'm not surprised. Went really well and then Davone house obvious he's in Jacksonville which if you could choose one of those two to bring Matt. How's. How important record McEnroe yeah he got a low nasty he's more like Al Harris. To me. House really beaten. He played Jordan surreal for is to do it now. Aren't they great time out come back I guess sports last year with Jeff or a lot ski and I think. I think what certain Jeff for las he's a producer of the show me. You have the replay of Mark Murphy also to go for the second ES ID oh beautiful RS are really are from Packers president Mark Murphy at the request of Gary Ellison. And we'll play that. Back where of course the peoples the people via error bombings about the people. And a lot people who have been texting me wanna note Tuesday hear it one to read here are some good information. In that. Some stuff that you guys me and I even know I'd love these so the idea again is if I wanted to I could pull you did you do to be I'd you're right. Well I'm not doing it Null and really not not as good now please I'd love Jeremy is doing very good D'Amato did as far as flies here and get back to earlier on sports Radio One of pleasant enough and. Really drag always pick the lane. Sports Radio 57 FM the fan not the whole Chevrolet studio is Mark Murphy president agreement Packers go on the right big show earlier today Gary Malloy. Myself a lot of talk about the new title down the stretch. And all the improvements that they. Released last week to and including huge tubing hill skating Ron all that fun stuff delay they're building their own. Gap is double play they're building their own little city within the city of Green Bay just never stops at the adding up well we're pretty. But. You know I guess we view it as kind of building on the success so the expansion and the HM renovation in 2003 was the who in the atrium. And but. I think this'll really be competent have a big impact on the local community. So word of the tubing hill idea come from was that you or somebody else's night. Now that was that we actually had focus groups that we had groups of other individuals. From the community and you know that one I think they came out was they wanted to be outside in wonderment wanted to be active. Now we did have skating. And skating rink and skated on. We but we came up with a skating trails well and the trail will go under the sledding. To me you know. So mark when you guys play in the itself what was I guess the end all be offered this you know we have allowed were interrogating. So how would people being used is why they're interrogated before any of the day before most of fox you know the Elvis. Now you talk about title town yeah I. Now this is. Wisconsin Gary wanted to and we want to be your. That we want. Obviously game game week and it's. You know during the season I think it'll be very active but yeah I think would like lots Kohler and their response that's something to attract people year round. The restaurant and to land restaurant Marie is very popular on while on the city. Sports and I was in clinical generate a lot of traffic. And then you know we're looking at other saying it's you know in some ways. This is kind of been in the news recently that cabal was which we opened. About five years ago. Has been really successful in terms of bringing bringing people in the area. So I guess you know we want something that we want. People on the green today want green data via destination. And that hopefully will have spent two or three nights here rather just want. Soul what then happens in the summer time I mean the wintertime your bring a number Carlos it's backer football all that fun stuff and I got. Ice skating and act cool tube two but I know that she said that you had the oval indoor. Cafe area you'll no get warm and have hot chocolate and all that stuff him and space that's can be built into that too. I know what you get the summertime you doubles new playgrounds and know that you added what then happens with the seal and what is the ice skating rink. Well the hello base Compton. We're still kind of work withdrawal program it'll be grass I think I can envision. A lot of different events taking place out there maybe a small summer concert. Who are you people. Sit up on you know on. You know here and music down below. Would also taught about the idea. A the zip line you know maybe from the top of it. How about like the biggest slip and slide he'll ever. I would say that yeah I'm telling you had that. I think you're probably gonna kill the people picnicking there. Now obviously there and summer training camp you've got a lot of people there. Now that skating pond yeah that'll be just kind of space that we we'll be able have. Now maybe set up with tables where people in the you know either yeah outside new. It's I think that that'll be comfortably pretty. Oh and you're also hotels racer and harmony hotel rooms withers please hold. And logical or will be about a 140 rooms. The you know obviously don't have one or. You know it'll be it'll be. Very nice obeyed four diamond hotel that got to be the first one in the green Bay Area. As any other team in the you know after a daunting thing like this mark. Around the stadium. Yeah well as similar. You know probably the one and we spent a lot of time. You know looking at what they've they didn't so ideas they. Take your place in. At a New England. Now that though I mean it's really more like an outdoor mall kind of closest stadium I think our errors. Will obviously work that we're very different work community down. So we're dedicating. You know eight to ten acres of the 34 total. Two to a public the public park plaza but that that's I think that's really kind of makes this very unique very different than most development around stadiums. I'm a Packers president Mark Murphy here on the Wendy's big show on Sports Radio on a phi seven. FM the fan and what when you look at where you guys are it is in the general landscape of the National Football League. A moving forward knowing that the Rams are back in el lay all this talk about the Raiders possibly moving to Las Vegas. I would imagine you guys got to feel pretty go to this time outs on district coming in from a revenue standpoint of where you guys sit for the foreseeable future. You know we've been very fortunate we've got tremendous fan support. And now we're kinda. You know and you Gary noticeable in the Packers there in Green Bay against ought. Achieved that with all the other teams in small community like Green Day at all by the wayside and so at the obviously there's some special here. But you know I I think we have to continue to be aggressive in terms. The stadium fan experience. The amenities around the stadium. Just in and one of them big. Benefits IC title now is it helps the community and I think it makes it much much like lawyer that knows the Packers are gonna stay in Green Bay long term. I don't see us leaving. But I think. You know things like this development will make the green Bay Area much stronger economic. What were you do. More worth it land I guess we'll be. Through the south for the stadium east recent house regular announcers parking lot or you guys plan to end parking structure there are doing thing with that. Yeah what we're we're used enough parking now. So we're entitled sound a lot quite a bit of partying. To the west. And long term. This week's field Utley and gives us the flexibility. Particularly want and as. That Don Hutson center needs to be replaced. We have now have a smaller walk through area right adjacent to our stadium that was designed. Where we can and we could expand that Matt could become our new indoor practices. And then when he. And this is all you know probably many many years down the road. What we could do is we can make. An area where the Hudson center as we can give that to the county and then. Fields over there. We can also give those in the county war they're use and then the area just south of state and we can to practice fields. At where it's like I. So other than it was there would be we'd have to perfect parking structure over where yeah. Where the options are. So there's a parking structure that eliminates tell meeting than right. You thought the tailgating. To tell you I lie is sound young are you a moment nobody else tell gain. Is much different. Forty years old don't you want notes I'm not gonna to get in a parking structure. No it's what they wanted to that they wanted to game not just in the out of their own tailgate. Art under tailgate on the tenth we have unbelievable how popular that this pact. And so I am continue at places like that and you know obviously. We've got Ares is out we'll have. And there would be parking and not only party structure but also. You know block parties. To the east over by the Russian. Okay now want to be honest how far out have you planned this thing I mean are you to like the two thousand thirties with how you want this thing to develop gone forward. Well I wish Beckett. Or hopefully and you know that'll stand the test time. You'll want to. I'm often and you know audience knocked down again ever knock down Lambeau Field and our hope was there were investing so much money and it. It's gonna continue it and says to outlast them and drive. Mark and another thing here are a had a chance to come and nimble for you to watch the badgers. I take on Ellis you know retrieve that I've been through three rolls balls all our California. There are in vet atmosphere. Topped any rolls bowl experience and I had I paid a bunch of money for flat a's see that the average through there we had there was absolutely incredible. LSU friends were incredible. I don't know what you guys did it in and around the money that you may but I had to assume that. The LSU fans came in draws a lot of Wisconsin fans were there would you guys consider doing that a game with with the Bears hosting supplement to begin humbled real. Oh absolutely now we want to do that we'd like it fairly regular basis. Scheduling note you know having problems at like record you know that. Neither does schedules and you know many years in advance so I'm below -- yeah we're in we have great relationship was there a him. Opera and the entire farm there you know we I I agree with you felt that way it was just tremendous atmosphere. Kinda like a ball game look at the stands you know I haven't been there were about 60% rather than a lot of purple and yellow and end you know and the other thing from an economic impact standpoint. That had I would say significantly. Larger impact on the local community and then normal Packers. With a receive this on Saturday I finger teach anywhere. To be honest with good. I think adding the caller Corky simply well. When and and I think also when you when you look at this and I know you guys will wanna do it again but as you project yourself how do you. Could does that take away our home game for the for the badgers the how does that work for the opposing teams. Yeah there you know then obviously. You know it it's the badgers I think did they like to have seven home games and this year that this was six. Yeah obviously. Know this is a unique experience and you know what he's urban areas you know with the new college football playoff system. Trying to schedule much more important. So playing in a game like LSU. And they rally at LSU would probably never agreed to go. But dot com the Lambeau Field and sought I think that. You know that that Upton that will be important in the future is being able to put together on your idols. Yeah I mean we couldn't have scripted it any better all the close game great weather and batters one. With the players this occurs in icu often mark walking in around ramble for your day of the game but I think if you work and how Jordan's like that. Have you had a chance to take you could you what was the difference between vet setting in a setting for packer game. Yeah I think a question. And was definitely have to feel. I'm you know on and particularly. You know 34 days leading up just ought more activity a lot of people around. Well you know and the other thing I noticed. You know on packer games people have their routines ignored a park. They know it and they go to certain places here it was much stiffer and now we need by the time. We have sat out tailgating you know in in the parking lot for LSU they have a huge event there. Badgers at another man. And obviously you know then the other thing. I think people came much earlier than it would colonel normal Packers. The having. Kolb ESP NL ended -- brought huge crowd out there. You know I think that was like 10 or 11 o'clock in the morning when they start. Right. At 10 o'clock in the morning. One last question for Ian. And our policy how come back comedy if you balloon I would add is that says current policies our current policy for a long time. Always with the bar low and and the niners I think policy went on to did you go to Kansas City after that possibly. On how did you rule by getting a policy. Well you know we were very forces obviously he's talented. You know I think it was it was a really good timing you know the in the commissioner of the AM America and the arena football. And you know that it kind. You know on a part. And so he was working on kind of temporary basis at the league office. And yeah and obviously it. Great knowledgeably. Haven't worked and leadoff for the kind of grown up around that and yeah and allies. So it lets you search and he can't I would recommend that in. Just did a great job in the assert process and he's. Done a great job I think he's been here about 45 years now so. And really. As. He really sit and dwell on the community. Yeah the other thing. Thinking that say he has like this the stage. In the analyze where they had young boys and I think that ought to be raised it is Tucson then you know small. Small town like Green Day I was pretty pause it. This is true the last or mark your thing we talk about some odd are. The draft and appears a draft is moving route from city to city. And there's will build a title town district are all we are applying for there are do we have a chance to get the draft in Green Bay with that addition. Yeah now we have applied we applied the host that in. Set 617 and eighteen and the league. On this finalist. So we have really applies to host it in 191919. Erskine 20s19. Was like our 1990 ask them to 20192020. Or 221. Yeah you know I think it's going to be like that simple forward and move it every year you know it was in Chicago for two years and demand so well next year. I I think we had a chance. To. Well that's that. Not quite as defined. Or you have to have so many rooms. Now that's in that so I think the league at a little more flexibility. Obviously there aren't as many people that travel with the draft does the Super Bowl so. The hotels that scenario that's that's really the well besides the weather. And early February. The hotels and really make it. Impossible for us ever host to Super Bowl but you know I think in like it that. And to top it could be great you know title town will be up and running. I think to be a great way for the league to showcase. You know you know small small market teams in what we've been able to do. And you know for Utley in and obviously our history and tradition. And I I think. I can see a lot of bands. You know coming up from mini camp coming up from Chicago Minneapolis and obviously people cross state it was awesome. Padilla could be some special and a. Question someone special there is backers president. Mark Murphy joined the Wendy's big show a lot earlier in the show and it did you miss any part of that you're tuning in late here on the replay it. Can always go to one of my seven FM the fan dot count. Fan I'm demand presents you by John Paul's Buick GMC and listen to that back or. I've you missy all all of the Brewers Rix last year tired about the huge major announcement the Brewers made today in regards to. The major renovations are doing at Miller Park prior to the 2017 season. You listen to that interview as well. At the same place qualify seven FM the fan dot com our fan on demand coming out and I slowed right ball is gonna be out about again. If you wanna see LeRoy Butler stay tuned. When he sticks out that nobody had fresh. Old Chevrolet studios. Early October weather means falls on the Falcons and a change in seasons means a perfect time. Career acquaint ourselves with comfort food at the end of the day and nobody. Mrs. clever dinnertime food better than Robert specialty meets Kevin driving Al Capone roles in four. It's only at Robert stratus offer size me mad dog he's boneless pork tenderloin hard salami Genoa salami or draft pepperoni mauled the Giants also. 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On the tight get in there had to be on his show up there held an improvement show is Sunday morning at 8 occur Saturday morning at 8 o'clock to be that guy that as well yes yup and then I'm gonna go on stage about 1 o'clock. I'm glad too good to recipes one on this going to be about Brad macaroni cheese. Problems go home but come on over swing but I. Pick up autograph I have multiple my new leaked photo to dazzle in this Lewis obvious is sponsored. What a shock. He barrel of a rod Boller will see it tomorrow again right at 2 o'clock Wendy's should know served up hot and fresh not Moulds several studios weekdays from two to six hip on the fine thank you.