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12/02/16: Tom Kessenich joins The BIG SHOW

Dec 2, 2016|

The Godfather, Tom Kessenich joins to answer your fantasy football questions

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God father. Fantasy football is here to help you win your fantasy league. The big show is ready for you to get in now what's your questions for Tom aspect that's more 147991250. By Adam deputy and GSM mortgage madam deputy. You buy your next home because he gets deals done that others can't go ahead of the deputy dot com. Yeah we're a little late but it's for the kids which are complaining that got bothers on the great midwest hotline right now got people complaining I Twitter. Yeah that we're not answer the question. That but I don't question after that and that's the spirit like. Go play that we're late but at the health Elway are certain people may battery for another Twitter account asking you ask your question and it's the playoffs throughout the live here I get it. So let's don't want to hear about first the ball say hello to the guy at others now I'm can't experts to speak. Answers except fantasy radio got bother our this afternoon. I'm doing great and guys you know it's week thirteen and we certainly big week because most fans that players typical week when you find out. If you're gonna make the playoffs the playoffs begin week fourteen for most fantasy players so. You needed match you may need. You know secret weapon if you something to put you over the top. Get you into the playoffs next week's all. On Wednesday. When I found now that it's been NFL head coach. Jeff Fisher. Was in game planning specifically. We're gaining would head of the New England Patriots. I'm and they did any work ahead. All look mind and he does this eat and I got him locked and loaded. Into all of my starting lineups. And I believe that is gonna do you mean the advantage ice knee. To get into the playoffs this week because if I can't wants this team NFL head which yet this year. What is. Lol years. NFL rector. Higher accomplishments. That he has accomplished over the years that your high level of success that he's accomplice. In Los Angeles Saint Louis and Tennessee who and I. I was I was I was just say we shouldn't waste any time you get right to the calls but that I think that was an important message to get out there that Jeff Fisher thinks that Danny wood at. Is still healthy and still playing for the New England Patriots I think that's and I've got an all line up. I'm ready let's do. That's why you got father. Ask your questions kiss the ring and make your way out of the room 7991250. Email live at 1057 at then the fans back out take your questions on Twitter as well. At 1057 FM the fan let's go right to the west side and Al you're out of what he's been Asia which you got what sequestered for the got Butler. Yeah I think it might call I got a quarterback. Questions. Would like that are Andrew Luck or gear car. Balanced and lucky plays one of the worst past few. He front in the NFL this week. Andrew Luck are Ayers an email from bent into OC has got father need to win the Lockett back first round by one of the three and eight PP ER. Rawls Kevin Coleman or Sproles thanks batted Towson. Let's go to heaven Coleman. Are right let me check Twitter at 1057 FM the fan this is from sheets bullpen coach. He says with the read out any hot names on the waiver wire federal pitch Vontae Davis reverted Davis break McDonald's. I do you like any of those. Yeah Alex several home. I mean streets police say if I do like. Don't against the Packers took breaks previously he's told me they've core group. All right let's go back to the phones and Lloyd on the west side with sequestered for time cast likelihood. Peavy early Harry Keller and it locked in. Mean I mean Kyra kills. He's he uses safest one there I mean wac and still being able to put Internet that you hills statements. If you wanna gamble looked Watkins he certainly more talented and have a higher ceiling. So I mean if you wanna stroll caution you know and Sammy walked to the obvious here jewel of the guy. We did injury so there's certainly a lot of downside there. It. Are back out to the phones and we'll go to Zach in my nominee falls Zach you're on this on the fan with Tom gets nick. They pay for that and don't want anyone here. It happened no one Danny would add Eric. Danny wood had it does not played with a New England Patriots any currently is that wall leaning in the NFL. As the original pants are have a lighter request an idiot I'm like I I have Mike you haven't been pride that it won't even out but they have a diet pill. October and I got Mike Charles I'd do with the crowd or the bond they Adams. And every locked in on the bench. Who who like Charles there are periodic I'm. I'd run our agreement writers here and I might Charl. Who were Ravens wide receiver Mike Wallace. That's who I guess to a must events I'll I'll think we're gonna go ballots go about that Twitter go to Alex hasn't. Tennessee for our quarterback question Derek are Russell Wilson this week. Are going Russell's back it normally plays very very well match up great. Are now hopefully adamant was Dallas with a running back question knows who he's talking about out here the fans. Well reflection that you got earlier with Eddie Murray. Murray. Or and then flax Martellus Bennett and you'll hurt your own you know. Yeah you know I'd really like Marvin Jones by reports coming out of Detroit that he's looking impede this week so. Would lean unknown why. But it you know what you if you read on Sunday that Marvin jones' is looking good in warm buckle Marvin Jones who I'd really like get as much action. In that game as I can with the lines and saint convention be issued. More. Questions for the got father of fantasy football Comcast make of stats Akins serious XM radio follow him on Twitter. At Comcast Nik after a short break we want to thank Dave. From Racine he donated sixty dollars on behalf of his grandkids. Net engineering any at bat engineering and Mac wan collected money from employees 380. Dollars they collect it from their employees dropped off here. At length department fleet for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Adam from New Berlin. Donated 75 dollars Luke Skywalker from Glendale Wisconsin. Dropped off eight out of toys I know that's not a real namely I end up Schwab it stands in Brookfield. Collected from all their employees and brought a big box of toys out here. For Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and down here is six that Ross and in Oak Creek points barman fleet for the tenth annual WS says Pete toy drive for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. If he can't make it down here donated 1057 FM the fan back out more your questions for Todd Catholic right after this go rapid fire get in as many of your questions. As we can't for Comcast nick at 7991250. Email. Live at 1057 FM the fan back on the could creature questions as well. At 1057 FM the candles go to ride at west outs with a question for Tom right. Hey I need to other four and a few PR. Doug marquis urinate. Know when Gordon and the airport. Not Gordon and mark. All right. Easy enough let's go back to email in the Wendy's in box have this question. From Mike and to know chase as any two of these three Brandon Marshall Michael Thomas Jeremy hill it's a PP our league thanks. Who Harrell. All right let's go back to the phones gland in Waukesha you're on the Wendy's big show with sequestered. I mean and I'm PTR leak. I'm already played Mike Evans tiny school these poor wide receivers TY Hilton. I'm team concrete deeds of myth about the atom. He'll Hilemon markers. Our ad on its winner Josh worked out father half point peavy are need one of these four. Kelvin Benjamin were shot Matthews cape Kenny Britt and Shawn Jackson. Are all Matthews out of bars or Rita lost again. Delmon. Kelvin Benjamin. Anquan Bolden as well. Or toppled. All right back to the folks at 7991250. Joe Walker shot with a question. Yeah I got a quarterback question. You're content or luck. Law. All right back to email the Wendy's and boxed. This is from and he needs to a four TY Hilton Jordy Nelson. James Crowder and Sammy Watkins. Hilton Torrey. All right back to the phones Joe Walker shot which sequestered for the godfather. I'll Mike west bad I'm sorry you're next up for the. We had you don't want to be our three quarterbacks Kurt cotton. The old rumors are Carson Palmer. Schoolrooms. Are right now to Twitter and Jim need to these running back saw Jonathan Stewart Jay a GIA. Mark Ingram or Terrence west. It was first one. Jon Stewart. Norton dotting. Let's go to John in partly what's your question yeah. Which quarterback. At start of the river in it would hurt. Kapanen. All right here's a question from Drake in the when things in that regard. That's Yvette what broke but it's evident that the fans back out. From Rick Reed field I need to start two of these wide receivers standard scoring no PP ER Mike Wallace at the board. Marvin Jones and sterling Shepard its weight or go home thanks for all the help and all that and it's for Children's Hospital. And he how. I mean or go home there's a lot riding on this. Week thirteen Gordon Jones. All right let's go back to the phones Larry Greenfield what's a question. Yeah up thousands who not if you aren't 100 yard back rob Kelly. Are allowed to block a play for so we've and I think to have fixed them. I mean man. Either united matchup this week but of that group like article it Jahri here. Are right terrible oh. And ran into Twitter. DB our our quarterback question Derek Carr Tom Brady. Come on. Them and you're not fit me I'll write are you feeling pretty. Bright at Oak Creek what's your question please tell me it doesn't concern Tom Brady. Oh yeah out there on the radio. All I have lay out though. Grunt grunt now this week on my putter of labor agreement from Arkansas I'm I'm not sure when and get him. Like get Antonio Gates or actor dropped off CEO waiver I don't art don't. You know I know gates went. Going to last week but he threw touchdowns away from tying the tight end record for most touchdown their artistry. And told Rivers has been talk in that tight end record up a lot this week. I think Egypt at least one of on this week and I would be surprised she tied Iraq aren't right. Let's get it one more email is going to be firm Joseph always a standard leagues Watkins or to Marius Dixon or small woods thank stereo. Dick certain. Again to Marian is April Watkins more upside. I'll write what I like what let's get a what mark tweet maybe count. Are at let's go to JK. Linebacker has opt. Picked two of these wide receivers Kelvin Benjamin Dovonte Adam Sammy Watkins or sterling Shepard. I'm Adam for sure. Supper they are Warrick and more upside. There is that got father fantasy football follow my Twitter. At Comcast yankees have stats taken serious exempt fantasy radio and what can they hear answers except fantasy radio attempt. Every once in 99 PM central cool haven't you know. Now wells appreciate it we'll do it again next Friday thank you so much especially for being patient with the late start we do appreciate it's there. No probably just remember any whatever it is but here in week thirteen jerk and sort of Perot. Takes they just we appreciated. At can't speak to its up. The great midwest they count like great midwest bank is to ready the effort at the official bank of the toy drive. And they're making it easier for you to donate you can drop off eight you unwrapped toy at any great mid West Bank location. And helped write the holidays for children in your community great mid West Bank since 1935. Simply local.