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What are the top picks in Fantasy Football this week?

Dec 8, 2016|

12/08/16: Get all of your Fantasy Football questions hear as Paul Charchian from joins Bill Michaels.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I don't know Michael Jones Donnie airtime now presume fantasy sports as some of your into the post season now looking for health. If you wanna chime in keeping yourself alive because of oh boy 55 B 3086 foray we numbering in cold Turkey from league safe post dot com charge I even bodies I think great thank you you're you're packer squad seems have turned things around a little bit that this is a serious test that you gotta hand this day I mean you know I don't know if you beat them. Then you can pretty much say that you we'd you have the capability to win out if you get drilled by them. Then you're going to be scrambling at best to find yourself maybe a wild card and that is gonna have because you lost way too many games in the NFC. So I agree so the deep. Basically these wins and losses for the Seattle Seahawks come down to this did you get a lot of pressure on Russell Wilson or not. And if you did you probably one if you didn't then you probably. Now I your team is just kind of a middle the pack defense at generating quarterback pressure. And when you get put Clay Matthews and the inside is an inside linebacker think that limits his ability to do it too so. Do you believe that your squads can it get after Russell Wilson assists fantasy impact on him to. Yeah absolutely and if you can get after and use become a different and on the road either different team. That's and they are known for sure so at least that's going in the packers' favor of it this is still very. Very good defense without a doubt on the wealthy you think you're doing so do you think your swat will get requisite. Pressure on Russell Wilson you know to keep him there running and having to throw from the run and all that stuff you got a bad hamstring and a bad shoulder on Internet use nick Perry is out. Right who was the count or opposite endless Julius Peppers becomes Julius Peppers all over again that no no. I mean I I can't Beckham you know I mean I hope they win don't you be wrong of course when I can't pick come in and since sights set I'm not gonna pick on the starter to win a couple of games like this. I I just I I can't Beckham. Are you they're just way too banged up defensively from you have any believe tournament this yes and I I think you're I think you're. That's the probable this one goes if you got a question for charging and it's either or one out of three don't make it more than that doorway to hang up when you're just not take your phone call or your tweet so Amaechi get right let's go right to the phones talking Jamie listening to his if you Joaquin Jamie how you doing. I'm doing well thank you particular call all look really quickly or why keep DR Mike's comment to my Crabtree. I like both of them I've Michael Crabtree shoot it is tricky because. They play tonight this Oakland vs cancer right Kansas City defense has got one you beat cornerback Marcus Spears won rookie of the year last year. On the other side of him. They've gotten a side field. They've got the may be the worst starting quarterback in the NFL and Philip gains tonight can't figure out. Art is going to be Cooper urged can be Crabtree on that Philip Gaines you know and who's going to be on Peters well if past trends are any indication. Cooper plays the majority of his snaps on the Philippine side of the field Crabtree please the majority is snaps. On them the on the Peter's side of the field so. I'm nervous or Michael Crabtree so I I'm I'd show cautionary my number sixteen. Wide receiver I got Cooper we have a number five because of that match up and then more specifically to this coach question Michael Thomas. Who is the Saints wide receiver the rookie who any different here were not the two Cowboys rookies would probably rookie of the year. On he's gonna you'll draw a lot of coverage. From Brent Grimes who gives him a good advantage here and altar on bird for our creeps there's. There's a lot of ways that that he can beat. This Miami defense so I like Michael announcement thirteen laps merry go this one is from trademark is his big yard Sammy Watkins or Terrelle Pryor. Can't start I'm not starting any Browns in the passing I'm answering any pros period I don't believe any of you can tell me as well. Do you think that RG three can pass know especially in this his first game back after missing you know what fourteen days no now I don't either. So he couldn't pass in his best year right I mean it a rookie of the year year he was an adequate passer and then you know but that was twenty well. When he eleventh in my twenty years ago I mean yeah exactly it means yet. I don't trust him and I'm not putting my fantasy fortunes in there in a playoff game where I lose I'm out. Into the hands of RG three was unanimously to assume west van Adam how you doing today. I need to do or die hard early and that was it Jai eagerly and with the third hide Hyde. Which eyes in against air it's only get this Arizona's. On at home. They give up the second fewest rushing yards per game it just seventy put on the road where this game is in Miami. They give up double that number 138. Rushing yards per home up or away game for the Cardinals. It giant meanwhile has forced a league high 24 missed tackles in the last four weeks easy but running back so I like TH guy he's my number and my number ten running back this week. And then hit Carlos Hyde and hot early and I got that point to a 23 I don't like either one much but I will take Carlos fighting keep my fingers crossed his tide goes just. It's just such a sad story what's happened. This one is PP our league Terrance Weston Dion Lewis or Crist and Michael. Rose remember what you like we understand it's gonna be all Crist and Michael you know they got to go to him and no point yeah it's it is it could be the rumors have always been that he's. It's let's just say slow to pick up the offense. How does that sound yeah and I wonder if that's not the case here where coaching staff just doesn't feel like they trust him do you think that's what's happening or. Mean I do title causes. In certain situations. When the new you're gonna have run pass options he's not fully equipped to be able to pick up what's a run and what's a pass from what the calls are. Therefore he would expose the blind side especially with a bad hamstring of Aaron Rodgers therefore you can't play. So they and you know we can't starter and use some while I thought there was a chance that he was gonna happen Neitzel end of season run in. You know like talent he's the best running back on roster and I don't think it's very close but these are the intangibles that don't make a coaching staff like they can put him on the field and so now and that now way off track that the original fantasy question which have also forgotten. Do stray questions or Mike who the heck are we talking about again. So it was it was Christian Michael Noll and two other guys who were just dreadful. You know I remember they were old Terence last appearance was scared to west was the federal or if I was Terrence looked western Deon Lewis in the answers Terrence west we'll keep our fingers crossed. Although I don't love him either he's number 31 rights act which. There you go let's go. Let's see your who's been around long as let's go to Greg listening to assume Wallach Sosa Craig are you doing there what's up. For years I have Brees. When. We're prepared third. I've got him right next to each other eight and nine but I like Winston a fair margin better. On as a rookie last street into a time against the Saints. In the Saints are better they're secondary is better than last year's version but they're still bottom ten against passing yards allowed in the giving up. Multiple passing touchdowns eat at the last and opposing quarterbacks. And I like Mike. Evans chances of having a good game here and I like Mike Avant that must like his quarterback to take and James Winston there's a temptation just think. It's true Brit I would not slam all the time well because on the road he's not nearly as good. As he is at home and that's been over the last three years including this season and since the Bucs got lit up for 800 yards in back to back games by Matt Ryan and their part in the middle of the season. Since then they've been really really good it's a pass defense of the last four weeks. They've allowed a paltry 205. Yards per game and one touchdown pass per game so. I am I'm taken Wednesday and I know it's hard to leave it's hardly Drew Brees on the bench but I'm taking him and by the way some other really good quarterback TV show caution on. Matt Ryan down at number sixteen any game which I am nervous about the status of Julio Jones turf toe. On the news got a groin injury don't know if they're gonna go I'm worried about Matt Ryan I'm worried about Cam Newton I'm worried about Marcus Mary or against Denver. So there's a lot of guys that have powered do you into the playoffs he need to think long and hard before just automatically putting in line. Charge I got one here that says in a PP our league. Rogers or Mary go to this week. I'm not starting markets Beriault out at least mine were nineteen quarterback because he's going up against Denver and in a lot of things gone wrong for Denver this year but their pass defense remains absolutely fantastic. The tricky part isn't in casual if you're not a fantasy player you probably don't realize how late it Marcus scenario that has been. But he enters this game but he eight game streak up multiple passing touchdowns. I mean he review we really advanced. This over the course of the season. But that streak came against Cleveland Green Bay Chicago indeed twice and how we get this game if the Denver is yet they're number two in passing yards allowed and number one and passing touchdowns allowed. Twelve ten of the twelve opposing quarterbacks have faced Denver at them zero or one touchdown. So I just I I gotta think it comes to end here I'm nervous about Mary Oda and if you find other you know other plays like Rodgers I would do it. Odds go to John losing to a degree dale Tom what the program you got a question for Paul charge you. Yeah well I mean when you. I learned that standard week and get read. And it's water go. Yeah I don't you read it I don't know if he's gonna play or not yet and if he plays I have to stardom and it's it's a decent matchup against Philadelphia. Otherwise we're gonna play gates because Carolina's defense has fallen off part with outlook keep Lee in it and it you know especially to the middle of field which he would have Rome. I would like gates here for if it turns out that Jordan Reed doesn't go if freak goes and you feel pretty good any practice today by the way although. Reap the media reports say that he he looked like he is in some pain that's in the fall. Armed but if an otherwise what's up with so to go read if you play speed as the go let's go gates. This one's high tower or Louis. Yuck I don't think in fact you can just drop Dion Lewis outright because yet. As is nice Patel this he has he doesn't touch the ball enough they've got James White. You know he's he's he's like it and 13 of the carries behind leader want and you can't probable morning right and then he's getting like 13 of the of the receptions out of the backfield because James White is still there and it's just not enough you can't get to fantasy 50000000089. Touches a game himself. I think he needs lightning to strike and I I can't tell you that this is going to be the game against or you may be the the best overall defense and football Baltimore. It's about the phone calls talk to let's go to Dave and south side day walking to the program your record agriculture argent. Gates added to answer my question I got or vault Washington. And I did which what what you play. Well again it free it's flying you gotta start him I mean ideally in your scenario. Reid doesn't go and that you can start pretty Davis saved from the belt it will get all the tight end receptions. So any game in which reads start to play you play him especially once you got some of some of the really compelling match. Give back the phone calls and talk to a brat on the south side bright later on. Our guys and losing sleep over that I have Brendan lol well. He's met belt from that sort I have to pick to. It's going to be Malcolm Mitchell Brandon fell and I probably optics you know explain a lot about Mel commit took he's been really good for awhile now and now we gets Baltimore. Eighteen you can't run on it you can easily pass on to the whole game plan skews heavily towards the passing game and Tom Brady so. I'd like Malcolm Mitchell quite a bit in this match up but. That's not the only matchup I like I don't like brand in the fell because he's got Cleveland in on that we. Any counseling number two quarterback this week and you probably know the Cleveland's a bad pass defense but did you know that but what the most passing touchdowns. They've given up multiple passing touchdowns and every game except when facing Ryan Fitzpatrick or enlisting the it will blizzard. So if if if if don't throw multiple touchdowns I wanna part of his receivers and that means I'd like Brandon Phelps game. They go was Q wall morihiro Charlie receivers in hard for Charlie are you doing. Our it's not wanting to act prep star or here are. I'm playing Derrick cart tonight I'm nervous about that press got against the Giants when the Giants pass defense has been really good. Over the last seven games they're allowing less than one touchdown pass per game. That's it now a lot of the success comes your defense of line and they're not gonna have Jason Pierre Paul and so the back and get as much pressure. I know on Jack as they normally get on and on other teams but. Still I think this is a worrisome matchup for Jack and I I chose some caution here and if you got other alternatives in their cars not a bad moments they camp. Running back for weeks fifteen and sixteen Dixon the green Duke Johnson are Forsett. Well let's go get it Dixon they keep our fingers crossed that. Finally John Harbaugh sees the light and decides to give a lot of extra you sort of waiting for this for your two months. A lot of ex used to the running back who is averaging twice as many yards per carry and that's Kenneth Dixon over the utterly mind game Terrence west. But they keep giving goal line opportunities to Terrence west and but it all over half of the carries to Terrence what's it's maddening. Hopefully finely they're gonna see the light and let's start given the ball a little bit more to Kenneth Dixon here. I don't know I'm here the Seahawks or Cincinnati's defense. Cincinnati for sure that's in today's going up against arch three. I'm only on yes you know without a doubt and got one year another one Aaron Rodgers or Matt Ryan. Bryant's way down at number sixteen I alluded to this earlier and that's and it got for the record got air writers parts are there. Matt Bryant got a tough match ups you've got you've got the Julio Jones turf toe problem you've got them I'm it's a new growing problem and then you know if those two guys can't go. Marriage can be throwing to Taylor Gabriel Justin party and all Rick Robinson. No. Go to your starting receivers so. You know this is LA can be a really good pass defense at times it got two really good quarterbacks. Sam last week they helped Tom Brady to one touchdown so I'm really nervous about McBride. You know when your Malkin has 1 came early this morning when he needed to jump Malcolm Mitchell and he has Chris Hogan is well on his team which when should you start PP early while Malcolm Mitchell because he's trying to all the right way you know Hogan is the you know they throw like three balls deep balls his way and they try to connect on one up on you know Malcolm Mitchell was getting lots of targets in fact. You know is targets and receptions have increased in each of the last three weeks with rock out. The point that now over the last few weeks average 74 yards and a touchdown per game so I I like Malcolm Mitchell number nineteen wide receivers and thirty seconds you got to sleeper. I do as a matter of fact and I've I've got several but with only thirty seconds on the keep this short. Rex Burkhead it is the new G a body Bernard for the for the Cincinnati Bengals. And he's averaging almost twice the yards per carry that Jeremy hills is. It was slumped badly to just two and a half yards per carry over the last five weeks. He goes up against a Browns defense which GO Bernard torture. For eighty yards any touchdown. In the earlier match up they rank 31 rushing yards allowed. So Rex Burkhead. It's a guy you could pick up and start and it in that same game could return Tyler or if you want it's another guy you can think about the waiver wire and start against the Browns that field charge great stuff as always we'll chat again next week but I'll tell we have two weeks left to get everybody championship we'll do our best days ago that all charges and has always good stop Moore and Michael showed next. Wisconsin well I agent. No more steal including bill Michaels sports told network.