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Who should you start this weekend?

Dec 9, 2016|

12/09/16: The Godfather, Tom Kessenich joins The BIG SHOW to answer your fantasy football questions.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

God father. Fantasy football is here to help you win your fantasy league. The big show is ready for you to get in now with your questions for Tom aspect unless more force 7991250. You by Adam deputy in GSM markets. Adam deputy can help you buy your next home because he gets deals done that others can't go. Go to Adam deputy dot com. It is that time here on the Wendy's big shout. You know from serious XM fantasy radio. And a longstanding legacy right here on the fan he's a god father fantasy football time cats think. He answers your questions every Friday at 4 o'clock get in right now at 7991250. Email your question live at 1057 FM the fan back camp. Or treated at 1057 FM the fan you ask your question you kiss the ring and make your way out of the room how are we this afternoon got father. You know doing fantastic got off to a great start last night I'm a big money league this Spiderman a homecoming trailer looks went aspect. I got almost all my Christmas shopping done our Christmas TE I don't know what to do it myself now I mean I'm Craig. You got all your Christmas shopping done. Are more holes almost okay. Night about 98%. Of it done. And it's not Christmas he's so I I don't know what to do myself. And another thing I have to address from your opening monologue there at that I haven't seen this new Spider-Man trailer looks good. Are yeah. I I get I get frustrated with the Spiderman franchise as they keep rebooting it like I know the story of how Spiderman became Spiderman you can stop telling that just get on with the story now but. I'm sort of excited about this one because it marbled re claimed it and it's back in the Marley a number and now where it belongs one. Only if you thought if you saw. Captain America yeah or yeah yeah with Tom Holland this kid nailed it this is by far the best Spiderman. Of any of those Spider-Man this kid. Mean like twenties so I guess I called market share EEE mail that was by far the best Spiderman neither seemed non they'll eat you look. It was period it any other movies. This is no one. He was in about the LAPD Captain America fell so he's he's fantastic there's this guy he eased you know Corey Dylan Estes so look like it's going to be fantastic what. It's got Robert Downey junior as Iron Man you know. Okay I think trailer that saw it and that's all you had to say it was Robert Downey junior's Iron Man and I meant on the go see it caused. The godfather is always right Charlie got to monus the Spencer. And it's a playoff week for most of its playoff we most of our fantasy players so let's get right to it and get out to the phones and go to Kurt. Who's in Greenfield and I was on the Wendy's big show it's a question for the god father curt. I think they call our men they are definitely ready to start one of these retired and Martellus Bennett sack or throw there at Korean. You have that it's as easy he's really really banged up right now so let's toss about. Mean backers playing good football right now good match up. He's a safe play I guess. If you wanna play tickle him with Darius Greene would be the upside play so. He's chasing upside but there is green because I'll play it safe Zach Kurz or look and. Our let's go to to what's half. Jason to read Scott father did one of these three PP are shard Matthews Sammy Watkins or Willie Snead. I mean I can't go matches this week. I guess I don't lock in here I don't trust it a go watching the match goes. All right back to the phones and in. Eric. Well. You aren't written that so Ernster. Certainly want to. Centers there aren't going to Michael comic. Act. Blustery guys Thomas back practiced that. Marion aren't Chris suites at the anti pioli new on the flights Kelvin Benjamin pull Beasley or Tyler Lockett. Are Benjamin wanna play it luck or roll it the and I should not be reading tweets this is liberalized so yeah I usually do and emails you should be in the Wendy's and mounds and a tomorrow. Do anything else. How hot spartans marquis does emails and tweets. It's only week fifteen figure in the shop. Yeah I noticed I had another big show it's up by. Okay guard. Arms are got a question about wide receiver. Step farm gate or. Williams for San Diego. And it part you know also wondered if that group will be should lead at Seahawks or shall I put a bank goes against some borrow. I don't go to defense is that a PP our league. Not standard leak. Oh. Brothers sometime down the Browns and put up with you don't win but he. You know how hard it would RG three back I'll also go the bank there but it Monaco Tyrell Williams. That's closed off. Nowadays they're all Andrea neckline uses the Wendy's email line at 1057 FM the Fanny said to a three at running back. Booker Forte and gore. Sip Booker. General kind log Rodgers or Stafford. Roger you know venture Rodgers in week fourteen to hot in the lane and I need to Lamar Miller steal Redick or Mark Ingram. Police say what kind of other league it is now. Sit Miller. All right let's go back to the phones and get in Joseph he's in Walker's point now is on the Wendy's big show what's the question for the godfather John. I can't load which. Make it archery and we'll hear. Standard scoring. I have a lot Qualls follow him and I don't think we're blocked it but that's my third option. What one of all. Wrecked one. Is that standard. I guess and standard. Appreciate it and it's Rudy okay artery and publisher of like got. A lot of time wondering about live and work or that or Julio you why he asked if Julio is okay if you should be worried about playing them well I mean you know at game time and it's a late game so. With Julio have a late game replacement on standby that we just don't know. All right naked Wes ban Big Ben or cousins. Cousins. And that this great great great match up great matchup. This from another nick got father and this one's going to be hard that they got no answer to it he needs 203 run and backed in the PP our league Lamar Miller. Ingram or really. He's a little or yankees totals three Miller Ingram a Riddick. Sit Miller. All right let's go back to the phones and in Franklin we find Jon with a question for the godfather which he got down. Orton or Jared Cook. Whitner Erik cook you know yeah it out win. Jim downtown needs is the Wendy's email live a little by seven FM the anti PR flax help two of three. Kelvin Benjamin Sammy Watkins Carlos Hyde. Watkins and I'm. All right back to the phones and Casey in cutting Haywood sequestered. There are Baghdad. Brittle cup or oh. And who's not playing so there you go. No not playing no doubt yeah I'm right it's what are we go Woody got by the standard league. Don't and all Wilson. Has another question Garcon or Hogan. And he says it is. He's his imprint diseased points quarterback is cousins. Who who has spoken Russell Wilson you're certain rules loosely or gossip or Hogan. Ourselves. 7991250. Or you can email us live quickly great ridiculously great matchup for the war like. Yeah especially love pressure object. Great history against Philadelphia Eagles. Amazing history against the Philadelphia Eagles who by the way I'll say that's what I'm looking for sleeper what receiver. The filled up the Eagles are leading. Production down field they give up huge plays down field what is DeSean Jackson and do well. Deep plays downfield looking for a big play wide receive it is unique challenger. Get your questions into the god father if you wanna advancing your playoff 79 until tastier email us live. At 1057 FM the fan back come if you wanna bowl and keep track of your fantasy team sparked you needed Alley. With a screen. And the NFL Sunday ticket where my to find that castle pines in the race seeing Don sponsor of the Cassel lanes very time bowling shelled resents him and what gearing up ought to care association sunny mornings. And not a guy Pete Weber on the show this week obviously when hear him he's always always entertaining. And not to mention a sponsor but they also have in my opinion when a coup was answers your gonna find in a bowling Alley. I'd Wisconsin probably the coolest atmosphere you're going to fun it feels like you're in a long cabin. Not on the inside it is top notch. On your kids love it you'll love it if you like that type of atmosphere I lob adopt our kids love it as well. Last week and every lane like Romney sat NFL Sunday ticket they're celebrating their 25 anniversary and we're offering to amazing roll back specials now. They have tweaked one of them. Because it meaning absolutely slammed with a bunch of people which is always a good thing five dollar Friday's so that's today. 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With five dollar Fridays and six dollar 95 cents Sunday and limited bowling again remember had to be there by 9 o'clock on Friday is now from noon until nine. Get there and pay prior to 9 o'clock you bowl for five dollars along with a pair of of shoes head down the outside bowling Cassel lanes on highway 31 in racing. Check out all the details on the FaceBook page plus you can your fill out go the owner of Cassel lanes. Coming up this Sunday morning on the spare time Bourne Shell and about quarter to ten. More of your questions for the godfather fancy football Comcast think next from the Wendy's big show returns in the holds Chevrolet studios and right now it's about four warning on a football Friday that means that the godfather fantasy football Comcast tickets taking your questions. 7991250. Email log and 1057 FM the fan back dumber tweet your questions. At 1057. FM the fan. Iran out to you guys on the phone lines and right up to Greenfield and Tom what's a question further for Tom. Doubt I need one of these items. Definitely I have gates greens or read. All. Great options there. The good lord Rickey play alike also it will not what you can get on aggregate scores this week it could reach where. People that you plan. All right thank you. Thank you stay what the phones and check in with Mikey. Is that Marquette is got to get a spends a lot of been before finals week which got miked. Correct and I'm not in school and I'm not in the playoffs and fortunately for sorry they about the playoffs part. Came nowhere and I'm looking you know 12 years outs and outs and so I questioned certainly got our other days. On going into next year I'll have Jordy Nelson I rosters who's the twelfth round pick. It Julio Jones in your opinion warranted speed. Flower to dilute it Hurst in that round pick next year. Any if I don't I'm fourth overall next year. And keep in mind with the keeper league there's going to be a lot of good players not up there. Yeah you know obviously means a little. Yeah yeah so you lose the first and the pep. Oh you know first and fifth round pick I have Q3 forced six. And then lose my twelfth but what happened toward him now going into next what you need grip on top of the first. Correct. Yeah you know and how much people. He's certainly. In the key. Our thanks for the call Rick in Greenfield uses the one easy now live on a phi seven FM the fan first I just want to see figure prior help throughout the season. You're a big part of getting my injury riddled team through the playoffs I need to start to of these wide receivers standard scoring no PPR. Mike Wallace dontrelle Inman Marvin Jones sterling Shepard in Tyler bull light richt in Greenfield. Go to him and employed. I got by the high. Phil about the weather in green Bay's starting to Rees both receivers if somebody had about a thousand Jordy Nelson or you just play him cause of Blair arrives you and the ball and. Well I'm a little more worried about that that defense and the weather Armenian all the weather situation as well as anybody. You know typically it favors the offense. And since the offensive players know where they're calling. As opposed to the defense of players. I'm more worried about the matchup on the outside receiver short Green Bay because those guys are probably gonna see Sherman I'm nuts are sure Sherman's gonna. Our Seattle security or he just lines up on one side. And matches up with whoever that receiver is what would Seattle is typically done in the Green Bay match up is lead Sherman on one side. And then he just matches up with whoever lines up there. I'm not sure he's gonna shadowed forty or just they have one side and then you'll still will line up against 240 in and Adams that's what I really think. Randall Cobb is is the player and Koppen has done very well in these recent matchups against Seattle. I think he could end up be in the most productive Green Bay receiver this week so. That's what. And the united are more concerned about the matchup than and the weapons in the light in this game. If that's the case if this they're not gonna move Sherman right and why not just active Vontae common Jordy on the left side Lee lead Janice over there with Sherman jockey Mike Sherman's time for the game wouldn't that which unit an advantageous situation. Well what you're going with the Packers if you remember the game two years ago when he came out exactly what the Packers created shorty went off in that game they lost. And everybody was like well there are great at target zone and I was like well. I I would sacrifice and connecting to and throw the ball that Jordan the whole game. You know and see what what McCarthy it was Smart. I would sacrifice bunt Adams to Richard Sherman and I'd give Jordy Nelson whatever he had I think it was like twelve characters order every hitter that night. I felt McCarthy it was very Smart thinking. Yuck it up and you know for the most part. Richest arm has not been playing the way he's played in the past just going to play your stuff and to see what happens but so you were played of the packer receivers. Right. Yes is that's when you play in Torino Jordan often Nelson right now six higher scoring receiver and fantasy your play. In week fourteen. He's he's one of the reasons you're there in all probability you're actually starting Dovonte Adams. He's probably not one of your top guys but if he is one of your top guys you're playing them Randall Cobb has certainly been much more inconsistent. But I like the matchup a lot in this week so I would be more inclined to start. Okay thank you go back to the phones and go to Joseph on the west side with the question Jeff. Ugly big I have Aaron Rodgers and I also have Kirk can't. You're starting and Roger Aaron Rodgers is the number one scoring quarterback and ensuing days are planning an ass stole her but I really I was really like. Hebert. This week. I was close good. I really like Washington's receivers this week I would do. But you're you're in week fourteen. Does one explain that Aaron Rodgers the number one scoring quarterback in fantasy right. It's week working. You're starting air I mean I am if you want to start Kirk cousins over Aaron Rodgers because it Kirk cousins at the superior matchup. You might. But to me. If you're asking my advice. Which is why you're calling that you couldn't starting with number one scoring quarterback in Tennessee in week fourteen I think scenario that he. There you go and I got one here. Is it wake. It's fruit that's flew through. Memory dropped out Diego's era Seattle its at all I was ninth day he had you're very good up who use the Wendy's email I've qualified seven FM the fan one point CPR wide receiver question need one. Tyrell Williams Taylor Gabriel Sammy Watkins. And Williams if you wanna do you say Gabriel if you want to go to the upside. Got bothered Jamison Wednesday and of bin Roethlisberger. Went. In yeah. PP our league and you're tied and it's gone oh Scott all right let's go back to the bones and in my stomping grounds of bay view we signed John with a question for the got father what's up John. Why guys like out. You're running back luck and I aren't girly Dixon and prior CPR was. Only tool. I need to overwhelming up running back earlier prior. All right I'm about I think you've got what are you about George read. Sound like you've got to play but obviously he's risky coming off that shoulder injury but it does sound like he's gonna play but we'll find out on Sunday morning. I got some more emails using the Wendy's email lap of one off by seven FM the Sanjay from the 268 guys in one of the three running backs standard scoring lead Jeremy hill. Thomas Rawls worth feel Riddick. They're under right. He did say standards yes standard okay. Like I do it walls but I although bill here I think you're Derrek Richards scored again. All right let's go to West Bend Brian has questioned for the godfather which yeah aren't. Aren't you need. One for my flex one point CPR I need to either Emanuel Sanders. Found him on create. Robert Kelly Tyler bullied all or. Ken Brett. Lot on immigrant. Yes it. But he got on tour Laura Hart how many how many weaker or older got in my career do well I think and now are. There. This is. Wasn't the puck and Colby easily or it. I thought out Delanie Walker L he's not on the injury list he needs either tied you know it or wire receiver Delanie Walker vocal Beasley. You know Walker Cup matchup certainly Diggins Denver. All right let's see would Tony in green dale needs help with Toney or on the Wendy's big show at the godfather offensive football that. Article on PP early any quarterback here win since staff girder press got. We're. Aren't arguing Yemeni Miller when he's email chads as a guys need to of these Osce oddest steals Landry Gabriel hunter Henry. Gabriel and Landry or question for you. It if you were a GM who would you want long term at tight end Darius greener honor Henry. Currently. But Petra and I mean he got in trouble all the injury issues leaders screen after. I agree check in with Chris in cedar Bruntlett to question Chris. Or Russell Wilson order calm he went there and by the way yeah. There you go guys thanks like I. Like that are you said Wednesday and yeah all. Laura which you gotta Twitter while I hit it would first. Lot of a lot of read questions. But to guy. Ordinary Cole bays of the divide to out of needs one. Dovonte out of Michael Beasley in good read. Or read. All right. While it's ante up the foes it was in Mike human wanna go it's a question might. I urge our sport. Jay Guy like you a lot players Cardinals have given up rushing touchdown in five consecutive games. Really well. And did not know that Sparky and I think in the Wendy's and box I've got to Tom Barrett I think you're gonna and to you know real off two of them and on the backs of votes Wendy's email is sees. Old Andy three wide receivers on the LOO. Edmonton Watkins monetary. Ted do and the Marius Thomas thanks have a great weekend Amy need three. DC mark. It all right there aren't gimme an a little spark another one this one comes from. Al wrecked knee three PP are dead is Jordy. Dovonte Adams Gabriel Ty Williams or Crowder. Williams story. All right Saint Francis mark which you questioned. Yeah I got now one point PPI or flex question feel Riddick. Obviously Andy Randall Cobb or he's mystery here. So PP aren't yet. Feel. Okay and finally it'll be Ricky on the south side or Hewitt sequestered. Ricky. Other you know that your arena that wrecked. Let me yeah got off work. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers or Stafford. Oh. What is with all the Aaron Rodgers question I don't have a segment really gonna Mack Herron is email or tweeting I got a bunch Aaron Rodgers questions do against every other quarterback in the league and he's going to tell you to start Rodgers regardless of snow this number one fancy corner it was very let's move. Jason I used the Wendy's email me tuna PP hourly Michael Thomas Malcolm Mitchell. Donte' mud creek sterling Shepard Allen Robinson. Lamar. Seattle mine on pubescent question that I did they just need gifts fielded to god father is owners' side. I don't want the blessing before they were about Brett and his lack of side a hit it's and I held to extend his scoring flexed by and he is. Kelsey is Kelsey locked in but he's considering Antonio Gates oh Willis knee. I. Made a good quick question do you want Moore ran back Powell. Whites. Or MacKinnon. Armour here. Aren't I got another email here since the another tweeting and this is from Josh a big show I need to of these child and it DR Lee does it jive I'm. Fighting for our listeners often it Jay John Tyler blade Malcolm Mitchell Taylor Gabriel Alan Robinson. Retirement. That's how we do it every Friday fan Kabul are the godfather physically football top cats are more hey. Yeah Imus is he the second best player and Eastern Conference right now. He's a legitimate and are at the box seven and a very very long time it sure. Almonte Twitter at time cast they undermine a serious sex amp fantasy radio winter and they hear you on Sirius XM fancy radio tough. Everywhere in the united 9 PM Easter eastern 9 PM central grew up you know at times clutching. And apparently. I think it's out we appreciate it all right guys there is fantastic the godfather fantasy football.