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12/11/16: Faith In The Zone

Dec 11, 2016|

Mike McGivern and Pastor Ken talk with Brewers Chaplin Steve Sonderman, founder of No Regerts Conference and Pastor at Elmbrook.

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Welcome to faith in the zone show about sports and faith and how that to come together and Weinstein. Right now discover help people in sports and walk in faith and. But host Mike we give burned and Patrick Kim Keller. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Move. Welcome to feel zone I scored trio 1057 FM the fan. I'm Mike we your real long shot my cohost teased back the pastor can tell they're brook side a Baptist Church. Pastor re doing today on the anger you've been there and so over the last few weeks might it shows never sounded better runner up top half. Endeavors I bet you endeavor so aren't you don't know what others who were against the make Calhoun all of our sponsors are asking who's been more money whether Seattle sizes my phone plugs his kid and faster. Pay in all seriousness I am so sorry for your loss I know that. Your father's is now you know in heaven and I know what an impact and influence that he was so I'm on your life. And dye your your family's life and in and I'm so sorry for your lust well. You know 45 years he was pastor reason ministry and and he was in the air force stationed Donaldson air force base in South Carolina and his neighbors. Knew Jesus Christ we're believers and they befriended my mom and dad and had a mower of the house phantom. And kept sharing what some about price and that's really what this shows than about this program to serve out. Letting people know that. Yeah you can know for sure where you're gonna go when you die and my dad went went home to be at the war on Thanksgiving morning and I don't know of a better data via home Monday with the war than on Thanksgiving Day. Course you know what we messy amend appreciate is an example impact in our lives and he did he did enjoy the fact that he was the first. Believer and his family. And even before he passed and I said man and exciting that nurse three generations of cal players that are pastors and so he. Saw some pretty excited about that guy you you coach for years they gave you fits Keith our third son he's pastor and an Akron Ohio right now. He did give me fits. That's the man he can play close kill their voice to cash could play well no that's. You are family approach side Baptist Church we're we're a costly pray for you and and you and your family your mom and in your eyes your your brother sisters. Andy and just understand that's how we missed you when you're gone we're happy to have you back appreciate Mike and I'm glad to be back in going to be back on the program went down love a lot of what you don't know what the us well and you're lucky to be back his doing solo was kind of crowds there's. It'd be if you read this they are there goes targeted getting won't follow and I signed I told him but. Death now are you never brace and I asked him to break this yeah I'm excited about today's show. This is a guy that I've heard a lot about it and never met in person but he's a pastor and Al Brooke. He is the president and founder of no regrets ministries in his chaplain for the more keeper Steve sentiment. I'm Steve but it's nice to finally meet you in person sir how are you today. I'm doing great Mike it's good day out how to be here have heard a lot of Jews were on the show and impaired number of our guys have mentioned over the years so it's good to have a chance to be here to catch up. Intuit to talk Cohen God's doing your market buoyed this and we're gonna get into no regrets conference that's coming up and in February will talk a lot about that. Move with you because this thing has grown from. I yourself to that she did for some guys and don't Brooke. Chu is something that's not only throughout the entire country but it's in it's and its the world at this point out. Your brilliance and we'll talk about that. Here in the air and on the show and segment two and three. Let's talk a little bit about your background. Steve you grew up in in in Brookfield correct right and die and it and going to Albert Brooks and in one once we target buchert test more we will find out just how import gnome Brooke. Has been in in your life which you've been a pastor downward now for hallmark. I don't work for 32 years as a pastor. For the first eight years I you know worked with the ecology ministry. And off after eight years of college age ministry I had done for kids or want to stewards and I am so sick of pizza parties troops retreats. So you gotta get me out here I got to do some different channel. I myself do evangels among do missions though do assimilation I'll do prayer. I think the American months later and so I don't want to do men's ministry. So there was some analysts have I said what in the world you know the man I sit on the route to a man in my life. And usage you just do the very same thing you do with the counts kids just starts a little bit more mature. Tell ya and so for the last 25 years deaths have been doing our working with the the don't none of own Brooke and it's been just an incredible privilege. Bush speaking of growth that that church is really grown it is special to think about. When you started there a long time ago when Europe Brookfield central now to word is now it's it's it's a mega church. There really is when I cern attending some friends brought me we weren't even at the barker road site we Lauren Calhoun. And there were probably 4500 people attending are back in the early seventies. When I first heard the tendon like in 73 and out. In the end yeah just to be a part of it 'cause as an intern and then being on staff and his senior group toured as god has done a wonderful thing and and real privilege is to be a part of it. How how long view bend on work with mark you first I'll be moving into my fifth year now. He knew Newser this time. You know we we had talked prior to come and in studio on pasture can we talked about Vince and Austin we've had Vince on twice. Who is who he really is is a big part of what baseball chapel does not throw a baseball. Look we've had I guys in the NFL and NBA we've had nine NASCAR and and golf. I don't think anybody does it as well as baseball. Yeah I I would agree. Mean there are some incredible sports ministries so there you all the areas you just mentioned. Com but the peace ball so well organized. And convince is really one of the key men. That is really brought their organization has brought up the vision of this justice if this movement of disciple ship is really what it is and so it's up behind in the you know sort of a note in the background we're not gonna wanna open a lot of publicity in a lot of talk about it. I'm put to any visits and every every professional team in the world baseball team in the world. There will be baseball chapel and so it's is pretty cool city. You know what's interesting is in and pastor can think you'll agree guy who when we started street street in the zone we didn't know. We it's not like we had the odd temp plate. Because that we don't know of any other secular sports station in the country and that doesn't show like this so this was we were condom by the seat ever cancel bed trying to figure out to a you don't wanna have some local guys who try to get some regional guys. We'll get some national guys. I think you've we looked back. And with the addition of of of guys like Tom Roy from UPI know who should look. Baseball guys are really strong it did and wanna get up on the mountain top and their willingness to come on a show like this I think you're gonna find really strong. I would I would assume pastor Ken I think you'll agree we've had a more baseball guys on this show than any other sport. Now is our bigger than mine in right. We've had summoned studio you know Marcus has been in parties can I tell you Ellis came and and so. You know he had Darryl Strawberry. Pat pastor here a stroke or pass Sarah sorrow and then we had Mike Davis Mike Davis straight out of daylight his testimony and I still remember and remember he he had he had arrived regularly team in -- San Francisco Oakland yes AJ grandmother shouted geo data models that the issue is that you will stay in here and listen he had a man she was gone through the gospel that day and I I knew I needed price though that was very. She wouldn't let him out of the house who was she stated their for a while he I think baseball is doing great and in that pinpoint that right to guys like. Vince moss and John and Tom Roy who and where they are soul. Out in the open their day look this is why of this in my belief and if you want com along with three commodity. And they do a great job these guys c'mon they always and in the united tell you this is Steve. When these guys c'mon they constantly talk about the guy that is the is that still the chaplain for that team. I mean they they consciously talk about he look this is the guy he doesn't want to be known who yes he probably won't come on your show. Arm but he's the guy that you know is is targeted on talk Hindu and in doing a great job of beer man turn disciple fantasy just to say pulling me closer to war. And it's funny because. You win when I try to recharge you guys it's tough sometimes. And I'll tell them look we're not gonna talk specifically about any player. Because I know that that we we were not gonna do depo what we can do is talk in general hasn't been general Allah these about what you do how you do it and any if it's been accepted in that locker now. It up and I think that's important. It it is and dom again and did some consider it. So privileged we counters are privileged to be able to to to go to the stadium and to work with these players. And an and really it's a it's a ministry of just presents its has been there my ministry is much bigger than just both the players system to the coaches it's the staff. On some whole organization. And so our our our typical Sunday out I will do. Four different our chapel services. And so I'll do one per stadium workers and so ushers ticket takers. Anyone that works there can come in and we do a a service and we do a service so chapel for the home team. We do T a serves were that the losing team and then I do per time with the young players as well. And so in an in between you system better Walken romance Steve young and just talking to people being available praying with people and it's really. Pastor of the organization is this is what it is. They are you able to do anything with their families too well. Are we out I don't. My wife Colleen arm needs a Bible study for the wives from and I'm one of the week nights. And so during the week I'll do Bible study for the guys. And done just walk through book of the Bible you don't mean to mark last year. We'll be n.'s James do that and then Conan do the same thing with the wires that they're both studying the same book during the course this summer which was wonderful. And then now we'll help offering people refer for barbecues and don't. We goes over the all star break whoever can get to a game come we have more over and we lose have a big Barbeque in the backyard and hang out watch the game once again now and in and so we are it's a lot of vote. Just through the ministry to families to wives or girlfriends you know after Mary not Mary or whatever again so are. Cereals the fairway and half had the opportunity to work to do our weddings. Don't funerals do. Counseling sessions you're just available to do whatever is needed. Now we you know we had done. Probably one of the most powerful interviews I think we've had was Bobby Richardson no I agree ask you go in and help Bobby has. That he united not a pastor now he he takes great pride is you know he he has one or two grandsons that are in the ministry bright but he said you know. Starting with making man on on ally guys have asked him hey will you be my funeral you know and so lousy then the other thing I thought because you have. Though the visiting team. Is that separate those the home team and as a young there. I still weren't story with AJ Ellis saw less than Buster Posey Clayton Kershaw was on the mound. And you know you're seeing I told my wife I've tiller third time from Buster Posey stepped up and embarrassed by this time there's something about him I think page as a Christian. And AJ said he was catch and run. Buster stepped up and learn and get ready face Clayton in and you say hey buster what you think that I study and Romans today. The other as grade is really great he's getting ready square off against clay and I say but what we're about chapter a right there aren't any industrial had to step undone. AJ I know what you're trying to day I'm getting my faith on the best pitchers in the major leagues and your watch any and all all talk Romans as soon as we get get off the field are right now gotta stay focused on the blatant and a. I said that's how Christians talk smack crate how how. That's an act on yeah sometimes cursed his voice through homes and their right to roll a good news you know scared she's giving you retreated to trees Clayton. Well are especially Steve you guys to really get to break. Steve sodomy used to present founder of the no regrets of ministries arena talked about how their conference coming up. Cured forever results of chaplain for the more Q burst. And I he's a pastor at elm Brooke you can't go to no regrets conference dot org for more information. I'm now what this conference is if you don't know what it is trust me it had such issues huge impact. All over the country and end all over the world for that matter nor regrets conference dot org. Where you get some information this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports walking pace. Thief in the zone is brought to you buying it bundles of old fashioned meat market. Here's host might mean giver. And pastor can kill an hour. Plus sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome back to feed in the zone on sports Radio One 057 up from the fans. I'm Mike we give her a watch sat pastor can tell there from Brooke's side Baptist Church. Our special in studio guests disarmament he's the president and founder. Of the no regrets ministries. Chaplain for the more he burst he's a pastor at home Brooke also way up Brookfield central grad. And that there's one that did some good to know Arthur Anderson good people approach central big fan of that school. Hey Steve IQ we talk a little bit of a of how the no regrets conference how that started and it kinda words gone chair. Love to. No ball 24 years ago I had just taken over the men's news Schumer church. End we had taken a large group of men to one of the your first promise keeper conferences own book in boulder. And so we came home and in its you don't get into the winter months and we're thinking you know what we should maybe try to do something opposite of PK. It is there a chance for the guys to get together and and serve try to replicate degree worshipping him some speakers and and things like that's right I'm really cool to go there are a small group of guys we'll turn looming eyes and say what you wanna do you wanna do this. And it was fellow listens to a Friday night gallery. And so we pulled another worst abandoned we out. Castro also stole whose amendment and who he is president to come up and human Stewart would each to a halt a message. We were just hoping to do something for the guys and number that's all your rear we had in mind and and also and 3000 guy shall injures were gone out and it was like we just couldn't believe it. You know we are wonderful union and then we stopped and so maybe we need to do this again and so we don't control planned for Saturday the next year. Now so we had some seminars in between a couple of key no messages. And and so fools first you know 101215. Years really that's just what it wasn't just up Saturday gathering around it was so we notes quicker and quicker and quicker. And in front got to a point where it will always sold out in one day and in this was in early November without my goodness what are really do we are Howard Hendricks comment. And more guys wanna hear attempt. So I call my brother who thought it was pro church at that time city Dave can June CU is a real bull we could have another thousand guys audit Westbrook. And it was so we're able to stream an open air and it worked end there was so we will outscored new testament church you're more Q that we went up to. Our crystal rock up and Appleton and in Africa piers who's just like 45 churches you know more criteria. This intrusion sturdier about it nationally say we'd like to do that too. And don't and so there we want to have thirty churches in fifty churches in sixties and some Indian Chris Lester we had 93 churches. By his host sites all all across the country who blew from the East Coast the West Coast in the cannot. I don't Panama and everything in between. And it's it's it's streamed and HD it's it's an incredible experience they get to personal ways that they can have their own worship the care of their own seminars we want this to be something that is a catalytic event. For the local church. You know with PK we had a huge gatherings of men and there was a time there was a place in and it will through the functions you're back home but now it's back to the church can word we're really belongs. And in so we're not in sin just didn't tens of thousands of guys together one place but rather helping the church to really more effectively minister to of their men. Are right here in their church can endure in their in the community. Boy idea in an I told you this coming into my son and son mark son Matthew saw John Bonner. Have spent two and under press conference of both walked away. In fact they both called me that day now and and said you know Steve Solomon I said I don't. I say I've heard of them they see your regular market. And this was CEO this is true it is a while ago and did this year's so conference is on February 4 and I know that the own Brooke. Part of this has sold out already. Correct you are correct the. Well the other part rated number church of the 3100. Our seats sold out the mood just minutes are in route once it goes online. Home but we still have bought tickets are real for a Brooklyn country right both 400 tickets still available for all their when their boat ten sites. Are in the greater more Kyrie. Off host sites that big so if you go on the with a website you mentioned have no regrets conference dot org and one word no regrets. Conference dot org. To aid to get the sites and taken from me up and we among the northside Southside on the west side everything in between so. Lots locations lots of room yet for Garcia involved we talk about outside this year's lineup you know you guys say it's a great line up. I can tell you that I just want to kind of go through on the process somebody comes out. Guys guys and or listen to this show our gonna go out now and in and purchase tickets yeah what can they expected it starts at 830 correct. From from 830 to ten we have the large group session so airborne from all over the country will be if you're part of what we're due and cannot do the Broomfield campus. And I'll do quick welcome. We all have a testimony insertion Brian Anderson well course the brewers kept end and in Brazil common words since its own words you talked about how he came to feed them and what it means for him teen to agree industries and to work. And renew no slowing interview with Brian. Can connect take quick serve Brian's been on Steve Jobs are imagine you would know he's he's a good really good guy I I was that was guys who through college for Christian if they they used to do these Christian. Our mood kind of work. Men Christians leadership program now and subprime was speaking there and end up I went out listen it was really good and after I went to introduce myself. And he said hole a second so you sell radio talent and message ya. First for W Moore acts and kissed and our sports they should he sit Gemini like I strip clubs your adult bookstores. That advertise in noticeable now with may vote. He says he'd if you ever get what he said I NN ideas she's popped in my head that's an okay he C go to them and ask what's your favorite charity that's. ASCII thing if they if they're willing to promote and celebrate that their favorite charity. And that way you can take half of the junk they put on your your airwaves. And do it for good costs than an hour ago. All right good idea nuts are great idea he's okay nice media seal later and off he went up his mind just goes Matt yeah. And sees a wonderful wonderful strong believer in Jesus. And got his. You've given them a wonderful platform so that's Eddie or thirty years don't you know we have these are -- when I look good twenty minute we're supply are just incredible and then the beauty of that is him three dozen guys sing in and then all sites around the country. On the singing in the right key singing songs they enjoy it that's why we're not invited pastor Jack cook it and it's just incredible it's like the roofs go flying off our with the singing and then we have our first our keynote message of the and he'll be talking in the morning session has always about what does it mean it's for a man like in this case to experience Greece himself. He ended the morning news sort of more personal aren't following Jesus and being a Christ follower then in the afternoon the emphasis is more I know what does it mean for us to go to new world. Haven't experienced in this case the grace of god now what does it mean to be the conduit of the decrease in new world in the afternoon. You know I like John I look at that your lineup and and again these are our men that are coming together and when you look at some of the messages. On that that like air mail Matt Mason is gonna have hard to have a strong marriage. And and Ken's gonna have leaves out late cheeses. Either there or just some some really good topics yeah that is as men we might not talk a lot about together yeah yeah we might that. It's not like him and have a couple cartoons together their work with here and say let's talk about how strong your marriages. But we knew it they in a setting like that when you're with a group of guys and that's what we're talking about maybe men need a lot out of that. Yes exactly in what happens is because. The wives aren't there in the kids aren't there. The you can just see the guys hurts being softened you can see him be more willing invulnerable to talk about stuff. It's really important to them. And and so some very significant conversations happen and all the talks Tuesday that talks sort of serve as an impetus to if to talk about these things around between the breaks over launch and things like that. And in this year's UC week we have I think one of our best lineups of speakers these are all national. Guys that are really know authorities in their area. Every year I drove home at the end of and I go god how can you how can you do anything better than this I mean it's just. You know and then the next your happens again I don't know where history of the vessel went speakers know this jury think we have the vessel and speakers. And and right now we're working on next year's lineup. And it's it's going to be incredible again it's that some blueboard guide dogs yeah how many we're Jason can Aaron John faith in his own talking and he works on. No regrets conference she's had Al broke yup and in he said look when it's not like we have this major staff. Yeah that that spends full time putting this thing together right of the results might look like that right budget but we really don't this is just. People a lot of volunteers humans or. Most of since 98% volunteers. That they're that do assume it was just an original twelve guys that they've put it army now we have a team of about eighteen men that need every single month year round to planet but they each have a team of men as well to do it. And so there is a ball to 300 yards and volunteer to make this event. Happen and they really are that commits this become the largest men's conference in the country now and it's it's 90% volunteer which is system blew. What did he is Steve saw undermanned use the president and founder of the Norah creche ministries. They're in their conference in no regrets men's conferences February 4. You go to no regrets conference dot org. For more information ticketing information. Before you took a break Steve. How how to other churches not only here locally but throughout the country that wanna get involved. How did they get involved they re judge you guys. You think you can go to their website than no regrets conference website there is I'll barks a siren on the front page this is I wanna be a host site. In and they go there and explains exactly. What is what they need to do and still got to wait. We have I think 85 churches sign up ready we're expecting another twenty years thirty. You're in the next month so they wanna be a whole site. He can go there everything's -- prove what they have to do and we're a team of men that's all they do is work with these churches and help them to get ready would you do registration to one after seminars to build your worship beer and future facility ready. A whole team in minutes is all they do work Richards is all over the country to help the Napa make it happen. And it's you'll pastor can it Tom. It's something like this is it's if it's not done by by just meant I can tell you inaccurate you know it it just is an end and I'm impressed with. With side the willingness to these guys have to be able to do this throughout the country's surely their mission. To get this conference to on them and and the people that did that I know and I've not bend it once the people had a vendetta to these conferences keep coming back year after year and they definitely look forward to it. I would skip to break out the said the break Steve Allen talk a little bit about what we talked about. Trip did you just got back from in some of the things that. Has kind of come about because that's yup and we'll talk to see some Letterman on the other side this is Satan zone on sports Radio One 057 FM. The sand. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports in Milwaukee faith faith in. Is brought to you by all American window and door. Here's host Mike may get burned and pastor came Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Move. Welcome back to the zoning on sports for you one of 57 outs in the sand. I might be given a wash our pastor Ken Keller from Brooke's side Baptist Church. Our special guest. And the founder of the nor regrets ministries were talking about the event coming up on February 4. Again no regrets conference dot org. For more information here as we we talked prior to deter taping the show your Tellme had the you've just gotten back from from Pakistan. And you do Germany quite a bed all of this started with the no regrets ministry correct. Yeah I'd started probably 25 plus years ago and so. Hum working with the conference in the inner her or her book how to do lord change in men's news you would truly was the first. Book out there and how churches again to minister to men more effectively and between netted just sort of took offense so we had more and more countries just inviting us and saying hey we wanna I wanna know how to minister to our man. How what does it mean to to have a conference and so we've been put you've been at thirty different countries. And and and seen no regrets type conferences. Are happen and so for example have been the germ real last five years. And they have a national team now he and dumb and we've been to every major city you're in in Germany and doing the exact same form and it's on Saturday keynote speaker in the morning seminars in between him and keynote at the union was some worship. You know and I know we do training during the middle of the week I'll various cities in and churches and we do another region after the there. You and arm and so just recently I got there from Pakistan I was Eric before Thanksgiving for ten days. And I wanted to invitation of operation mobilization. You and I went there to to really the moral leadership development. And for three days and worked with the the national team oval whim 25 Q leaders that run their ministries all over the country. And just talked about the personal war from leader how do you build teams how do you develop leaders. Just trying to encourage them and in poor them in the enticement to deal with a 120 students were going to be future church planters all over the country. In the know the last three days were with seventy pastors from all over the country it was just from me just so inspiring so encouraging. I'm there more Muslims coming to face the day than ever before in the history of the world. And in these hum these men and women are working very very difficult dangerous situations. Are kidnapping is an at an all time high. Our pastors are being are being cart killed. And it's maturity of total non controlled areas in Newton Karen is alive and god is working. And these men and women are willing to go into these typical typical situations. And soon to minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And so for me it was just an incredible privileged to be able to one get into the country because wolf it's really been more and more difficult to get a visa to you know and so when that came right I said I know that god wants me there and numb. And then to be oldest minister with two with these people want. And it really it's a partnership you know you just you learn things from them so march and interest your feet whose use is encouraged by by what they are doing. Or were you scared going in there. I was I why I wouldn't be too few or where we live and our bubble here or do. And and an NC here's the stories you know and you you have to take due precautions you have to be careful. And in the words put the hosts who are invited me you who took all the precautions they could. You know you just you know you don't Cologne public Q you just know to stay in private and do what you do and down. And yet I I know that I was close to be either an account rule out doing wants to do you know. Oh boy this you know pastor Ken this no regrets that we're talking about. Has has certainly which started out as is for the guys that don't Brooke and is now throughout the world. It's and it's really obviously taken off and and the way they're doing this. Very effective 222 reaching armed men to talk about some very important issues. Now the Steve. I know a year. You know as we've been talking knew he keep you kept mentioning the gospel. And your passionate about the gospel obviously unit Hatcher no regrets conferences you know you probably are seen men come to Christ you are all over the world. Of what one aspect of our program it is you know. Think our guest sharing when our audience how they came denoble or your personally so we'd love to hear your story and you came to faith. Now I would dirt above to share that carry out. I grew from Brookfield and I went to church as a kid and my and my parents were very involved in Europe. You mean when denominational church and and so they modeled for me growing up service involvement commitment. And all that. Own pin but but for me I grew up sports was my god. And I would go over Brooks and Sean party nights and watch. Football team plane I'd go into the gym on during the winter and watch the basketball team would go watch the baseball team and I just grew a plane that I pleaded I dreamt that I slept and dreamed it I mean my wife was sports. Everything about it was sports and then has via a freshman in high school. Owes me to have thrown on the second spur New Year's catcher. Felt a twinge in available. End and so the next they want to be orthopedic dark in Waukesha. And Isa rules take a look at any circuit wants an X rays sore the next room. And the Texan we're antics nurture your bad back since coming back or cancel a stupid baseball and they said well they want to get pictures your back. So it took the pictures of my back this from open their big white screen and there was this huge Oscar. And I said oh my goodness who's back is out. I go lets you bet you have a severe case of school also snapped. And they Serena which is missing called the Milwaukee bricks set one since your you're gonna have to Butte for twenty hours a day. As US I don't know look I got peaceful press at 3 o'clock or so much Charlotte's and work. He says when you do a baseball price at 3 o'clock Suzy can offer one or two to shower and do your exercises. I went home that night I cried myself to sleep you've done and I say god if you are so good. And you are so loving and why are you doing this to me I've gone to church every single Sunday. I've helped out our you've served I've done all these things for you. And now you do this to me. I was ninth break and the ninth grade debt begin a spiritual search for me. And some friends invited me to take homework to those Saturday night or Sunday night services. Bring Calhoun road I certainly involved in the fellowship a Christian athletes cut which was Zurich opera fooled though central they're. And in through that process. Did you almost saw and I'd be key into real or is it wasn't what I do for god but what can I do it. For me I understood his grace understood that because of my suit and I was I was separated from him there was nothing I could do to rent or to mirror at that. And so you know at the end of my senior year of preschool and Blake all came together. And then one of the leaders in Gypsy you implement the name of John slack since Steve have you really do you read your life to Jesus have you surrendered at all. And I can still remember the place a two member of the time when a cigar I wanna give you my wife and to commit all that I am to all that you are. In dark and so that was the did you journey he disciples knew that all summer we met every single week. I'm my after during the baseball season I and that when the state championship that you're in the no one else would cross. I got involved in the camps to say in university navigators and he'd and it's good Christian aren't I went to it because I was so hungry to learn and to grow want to write that winter want to refer to bear in a missionary conference don't have touched Urbana Champaign and just you don't have chickens or do we agree airman George ver weren't you all using portable speakers don't want everyone do this you know. And dump. And then after that first your college try to wasn't the right fit for me I came home. And once you do beyond. But gasoline started to serve I got involved no we're concerned work with a high school Bible study over proposed central asserted coaching football over there and so for the next number review first. I just started to serve and certainly involved in mr. Bruce who pass through the Grohl took place is like start to serve and disciple others. So that is in a nutshell is. And so I I can defeat. And that's. Yeah I am in love and I don't question what my son. Has kill innocent human that he this is when we were up in nor learn Wisconsin. And and my cousins. Son played for the Packers. And saint Vincent hospital had one of the premier doctors to work I mean to operate and correct the Scully doses sure so. My son went through an eight hour surgery we didn't we get the opportunity for the braces embrace healthier and you have to go to surgery eventually. Arm he's helped me dude dude dude come 160 degree curves stones into the twenties which is. On actionable. And I was able to do that but I would say there over the years I've I've I've gone Barack it and so I I I know I am not where I was but it's. You used limiting to me my bottom four. Murder Briere are fused just naturally. And I have to do is degenerative disk disease and got system no society very careful. In the end I do a lot of walking and every day I lived through times a week I have to care missile. Otherwise are a hundred times have been out for a week. Yeah because I tea we that was a big trial now a sky out you know and he he was sports forty year and then the first Sherri gets back Guinea's playing soccer he's. Sweeper and he in this boy from Green Bay go up against each other their high in the air China had a ball into play against. Right down snack right on him and they're both marathon. Oh boy oh we'll see how well that surgery both. You know it but the war is really helped innings he's College Soccer coach now allow Pennsylvania to Christian college so. He guys know we're gonna get too quick break other said the prequel continue our conversation. I CC tournament he's the president founder of no regrets ministries. He's a chaplain for the Milwaukee first. And done the no regrets conference again coming up February 4 he other than real quick other Brian Anderson tied to some of the for players involved in this. Any guys that are day any guys in town I would assume most guys try to town and into February. They are you are last year we had a testimonial Marcus which you know chair and and so we used his testimony a little bit and as far as the conference is concerned and I ya all the guys are are at home there are Henry didn't spring training and in early February. And so what direction human weaken before all the time for the big brewer blow all right but they do. Endesa are just encouraged guys to go wherever the rent 'cause most of their host sites near. And so one of the guys have gone. And the course is Christmas gift this user and you know regrets T shirt so did she was going out this week. At that so you guys and I didn't get AJ I don't think I mean he not counting down you know. Feel that I think the only guy comes north through the for the offseason that's what I think for against every fourth go to no regrets conference dot org for more information this is. Faith in his own on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. More now of faith in this zone discovering people of sports in their walking face. Feet in the zone is brought to you blind young expressed. That the host Mike McGinn Vernon and pastor Ken Kellner and on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. She's on her. It's our special guest of president founder of no regrets ministries. Chaplain for the more key first and he is a pastor at home Brooke can go to no regrets conference dot org for more information. I ended the conference on February 4 if you if you're in a church that does not is not involved with this. Can add dead time on their website there's a way to get your church involved there's 85 to 1990 right now churches all over the world. I guess all over the country in the world. Well all over the country we do government Canada we do have known saw Central America as well OK I'll be streaming. On this date and then note the other's countries countries in church is from the world do we do that on different days are of course of the year we will win win a church does that you know. Is it there's times in between speakers. Print them then it should to to be able to talk to their guys in your your own stuff exactly we have the two main sessions were all together in the morning 83010. And then 23 or four and then in between church is can do their own seminars. Or they can stream and are hers or do bolts there own plus SARS. Harmed in the making up their lunch time there's the break time in so yet churches can personalize this and an end user to really minister to the other guys and all the guys due to north took. When you started this and I know the answer biomass you know you you had no idea that this is you get towards set no no nor did all his nearest ceiling. No no technology. If you Demi is one of those things that they're you know technology can be used for good or can be used Rivera and and in this is one of those things where we conclude be an in and out thousand churches. The end all over the country all over the world union dumped. And so again it's it's it's something that the local church can do what's right when it is a collateral to no regrets study series twenty years ago this is new the disciple ship materials. I rooted for the younger guys. I never imagined that we know 45600 churches are on the country using this material. Disciple there men I mean I just never never envisioned is there all types of churches tell us or that we have all different denominations. You know Lutheran churches Methodist churches Presbyterian Church is nondenominational Baptist independent. Evangelical free. Found just a wide variety of homo churches that are doing a T do you it is. Just tell you and I'm away game and asked pastor and the same question. Did does and how this is grown. ADs got to give guys like Q hole. That that went in when done correctly look Brooks or does immense stake out now and it did we do really well. And there's also I think guys that come to this saying you know come and and I'm always impressed with the way it's done if it's done right. When you see the kind of success you've had with this there's just a thirst. From from meant to be able to hang out with other guys and have this discussion. Right exactly right. Everywhere I go in the country is on speaking. Some training there loses hunger there is this thirst of guys to be together with other guys to sharpen each other. More so many guys think I'm the only guy going through this is no one else has to struggle and yet in the beginning environment point to us. Where you can you can provide a place of safety. Please we're we're men can be real and they can be honest with one another wall start to come down and they begin to share what's truly going on their lives in and I just use every place I go guys want practical teaching when I do a talkative prepare us to testers conferences aren't what are men who can ports in the church choir member leaving the church. The number one thing in the world and looking forward relevance. Reached 72% of men that don't go to church sent the resume go to church because our relevant. The church is not answering the questions that men are asking and we're just asking the questions are not against escaped so you're in it placing no regrets for men's breakfast or state friendly Kia Duca. You can can provide an environment where we're men can be men and they can share and they can talk all the things that are important to them that are real their life. Nothing is new review part of a cause bigger than themselves. Right they wanna be a part of something bigger and when you do other men to get over this for a breakfast or state priority no regrets conference or what are this did you realize you how much a part of something how to make a difference I wouldn't change the world. And it provides a place where they can do. Yeah I had a question therefore is Steve with this. You know on this give a quick illustration when I was back there and color springs I was at the funeral home. There the fellow that we were talking to my dad's military so we had military honors military cemetery but. That the fellow was I was contests today hey Austin how do you deal with death every day so what what you know how you deal I mean. Are you sure you know what's gonna happen to you when you're dying of ala you don't into any kind of a little tense saying guess the only tucked name I studied theology I I got it all down there. So I kind of backed off a little bit and and then I cited some paver says hey Aussie my mansion of the question because you know I said if you were face to face with. And he's a deal like Cilic in my hand and while he say awesome he said until god I'd be upset heated Colombian because he made a vital so cryptic. We made is so confusing Ohio while I said I've never heard that. That response that question Austin I said. I don't think that guy that made the Bible confusing I think religion. And man has made the Bible confusing. As so when when you get guys from different denominations. And you're really emphasizing the gospel of Jesus Christ I mean there are some denominations is like so much so there are 300000 religions out there. And they talk about gun they can talk about Jesus. But they usually you know 2099999. Say you gotta do something he had decent yes decent thing. So how how do you work through. The gospel message when when when you might have a group saying well now in Jesus can't quite do you gotta be bad ties sure to know how do you how do you deal with that used. Keep your focus on the gospel and Jesus Christ. Yeah yeah that's a great question Carol and I appreciate that and yuck I think couple things that we do that. It's it's hopeless and that number one of our choices speakers. Does that we are very careful who are rule will put in that poll put him that the approval to open the work. So we're we're we're careful on that and we spent a lot of time praying we listen to guys we've we've we make sure that they. That there are solid biblically so in the speakers that we choose who we talked to about the messages that we want. I'm make it very clear to you the opening session message that we want. Gospel presentation of the best part of what we do every morning every year that we want in whatever the team happens to be dad we get to this place. Where the gospels part of what they're doing in the gospel is is easily don'ts for for men if so do you understand who Jesus Susan what Jesus has done for them and and what it means to follow. Follow him that because that that's really I think I'm I'm glad to hear that because that's really the biggest relevance that now has now we know people have I mean now because religion never. The Greek and and we just had a fellow who's now been working in Indonesia he seen tons of non Muslims. Come to Christ. And I told in the last we got so low how you say it. The reason you see that is because religion does not satisfied Brady only girl. The only one who can satisfies Jesus Christ yeah so that's why you have people that are religious but frustrated. No I knew exactly I think I. You know they leave the service I go man or not telling us some I can just sense or not Telus and what they're not hearing. Is that Jesus Christ alone can take away your scent I. Outside the dude though the highlight of the conference every year is the last two or three minutes when I get up at the end event and we have our our our time of commitment. I see the same thing every arson guys this is not about to speed better debt. Review a better husband. Being a better worker it's not about being a nice guy cursed god is not in Susan nice guy he wants holy men. And if you are not committed to Jesus. And can be given your whole way Tim that that's where you have to start everything else is secondary. You come to Jesus que me Q better than I do a better husband and you'll doodles sixth but it starts with their focus on. Who is Jesus and what does Jesus don't from what he wants to do get in through you and and just you know just to have that turned. The guys have that moment to do business with him. And we always and with that because I want this to be up I want to do if you return holy ground. And this is a time for them as a man just to stand before Johnson got what you wanna do know there's nothing more powerful my life and to see that happening in fuels Hezbollah. And guys who we know every single year guys are coming to Christ can serious commitment sprint can win from addictions and doing the things that they need to do. So let's assume for bringing that up. Yeah Mensa. See Diego pets could question. Well I mean it's a big question this court CNET that's why or what satanism is all about because you know where we have listeners out there who might be religious but what they're hearing from those other guys who. It in fact I can't remember how many guys we have on including Mark Jackson. You know who talked about and this is what my parents brought me out then but. I never heard the but I never heard of Jesus Christ could take away my send problem. You know when you win to win his now wife asked him are you are you saved he says I have no idea what I mean are you Christian I guess General McChrystal Shia or you say I guess. I don't know that mean what does that mean yeah and Hewitt says it went to Catholic high school capping grade school Catholic college and you've never heard that up there and souls of and these guys this has been great Steve we we really. Appreciate it guys your willingness to comment again February 4 is the day I go to no regrets conference dot org if you if you're a guy that wants she's come out and join them. That's great if your church that might want to host. Again there's information and all of that these guys are ready for any phone calls it you have. I'm sure they've been asked everything over these past twenty some years meant. And they're ready to help yet nor regrets conference dot org can he Steve Simon he's the president and founder of the no regrets ministry. Mysteries and these chaplain for the more you burst. And out pasture and Albert he's now at ten nearly busy enough. Obviously she's she's Steve's face left for common and there's degree being your meat you guys really appreciated pastor Ken it's great to see you going to be back my dad did CU we're back now for awhile alright combat for awhile mind. Can't irrelevant when I try and he keeps coming back a true incidentally this is faith in the zone. On sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. You've been listening defeat in the zone with post might give Ernie and pastor can help her. You can hear feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find patch shows an exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Kate in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith and join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM so fan. Well yeah you know games and. More service. You know already who is.