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12-11-16 Fantasy Football Weekly

Dec 11, 2016|

Tim Allen and Ramie Makhlouf break down the NFL matchups and take your questions all the way until kickoff to help to get a Week 14 playoff victory.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Kickoff cannot get here quick enough. Getting you all the info you need to win this week. It's fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in Wallach Sosa. On sports Radio One 057 FM. Okay let's talk about football. Shall we rank and a nice slow quiet conversation. She we do that part yet. Welcome everybody it is week fourteen in the NFL week fourteen in your fantasy matchup guy make you now it is an area now and it's it's it's a fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's. In a wallet Sosa my name is Tim Allen there's Rami Matlock Greg Janet is here. And security Dan is here playoff time is here as well. Mostly it's 00 all Miley it's. The a mostly seven is probably 510%. That don't start the playoffs here. Dan for whatever reason his league as a super roar on week seventeen so his terrible choice is playoffs start next week you're geared your bad commissioner. Well in the old always what you say around has always had to say that. Well really and and this probably is is a year in which. You won't see a lot of resting compared Utley to other years we Dallas obviously has. The one seed in mind that. It Alan what their goal but outside of that I think you do have. A lot of teams that are gonna go full effort in week sixteen and seventeen so. At least. Now I get I don't I don't agree I agree with you -- that the playoffs should start this week it absolutely should start this week you can't let them. Championship Brad and week seventeen but luckily. You know there's some tight races going on with one through three or four seeds going on this year or so it. It's not as impact full as it as it has been in the past few years now. OK can I tell you about Monday's I hate Mondays. Catcher don't you hate Mondays. Yeah I hate mundane as a Mondays are awful well. I don't know during the football season out of lineman is so so much. Go Monday that a fun from a tight Astoria and a chance to clinch a playoff spot in in a league Garfield my statement is it yeah and here you get automatic on you you clinch a playoff spot year in to trade split money now in that league it's five bucks a move. Aren't so trade split his top eight top eight make the playoffs top eight would receive anywhere in any given year between a 120. And a 150 dollars but it just just the traits play. But even count playoff money. Playoffs when it right eyed Psycho in the Monday. Leading to clinch that spot. Leading. And my opponent has up at tight end for the yum Indianapolis Colts okay. Dude needs three touchdowns to beat me. Is basically when it comes down to three touchdown yeah they needed. Dewayne Allen okay needs three touchdowns the beat me what am I doing on Monday earlier celebrate in the playoffs. You know appearance. Like Dwayne Allen. Come on three TDs think it was stars lined up right there. He gets is three TDs on a Monday night in which I am facing him it's the only the only player my opponent has left that week. I also have nick fall. I can minimize damage from going Allen. The stars just lined up perfectly it'll never happen again. So that's why Monday. Two weeks prior to that and decide you love my visit this Els tugged at the start the guys about today this young man over here security Dan yeah couple weeks ago. Emanuel Sanders. Needed to one a 90 I'm sorry 28 points to beat me. And he comes up with thirty want any any knocks it down for 31 on a Monday night. I hate Mondays and that starts a month that's why I say starts or Monday night players so lucky week thirteen wasn't so lucky for you know. Not Natalie. Not that league all right we're gonna go through the entire full field run down here of buy games here no bye week. Teams here so how many believe did you make the playoffs four of six went looks like that's and I can back my way into the playoffs so wasn't a huge loss that the Ryan Allen thing. It still back my way as long as the Sparky loses yes I'm. So that my magic numbers one I was marquis state and nearly yeah those yeah yeah I. He did but he got out of the station Darren drive right or gets all the information you need now weather is going to be. Huge this week is it not. Are you would think so I would think. Can be nasty of the Green Bay man you've got a full slate of games obviously were one game men in those have you. That started Derek Carr Michael Crabtree in a Mari Cooper. I don't blame you I would start those guys too. But she came up really really bad. In that game Thursday night against Kansas City it was the Tyreke he'll show again. And it. However if you started looked AB's Murray got a 103 and a touchdown so you do have some points heading into this self full. Slightly games here today so the 41 targets all the injure reports injuries gonna play a part as well as weather. And we'll have our circle of trust with Adam Burnett at the bottom of the hour. And second how the program. We've got to be careful with our picks today a lot riding on it rob me you ready for this I'm absolutely ready for this Soka made the playoffs and all three of Miley I'm ready there's days there is eight on him. Pardon riding on that so we we're we will do our best to continue getting but last week we did pretty good and our choices. I think we've missed a couple here and there but that's about it. It very good in our our selection so we get to the full slate of games here. And again no bye week teams got a full slate there evened out pretty much today with the noon and 3 o'clock at the night game Giants and Cowboys flak standing you've got. Baltimore and New England. Let's sort of a seed tight. Pivotal game tomorrow night for the AFC matchup so all that more come and appear on fantasy football weekly Steelers still. The Steelers look like their start to roll again in the putting up some numbers brown Belle big man the killer bees are out doing their thing. And how about that loss by the by the bills last week they have the Raiders up against the wall late in that game and the Raiders do their magic come home back to win that was a tough tough loss. You don't what that game felt like a playoff game in it like only got like a first round playoff game so did the Thursday night game with the Chiefs in the raiders' big time yeah. Big time it did I'm still watching the Raiders their farm team to watch. And they are young that's what I like about him. And so you keeper status seven crab trees got a few years underneath his belt but you know that they even the back field for the Oakland Raiders. With our Rashard. Washington as well as with JB is Murray can be fun to watch in keeper leagues might wanna keep keep your. Keep your eyes in your hands on some of those players there and Oakland Buffalo on the other hand they they absolutely have got to get a win here or there. Played against a Pittsburgh steel the Steelers let's dig right into the injuries here for the Steelers and bills injury. In this when Darrius Heyward-Bey is out with a foot injury for the Steelers and DeAngelo Williams is questionable with a knee injury is limited in practice. On Friday for the bills Charles clay that Ted and questionable with a knee injury limited practice. On Friday Sammy Watkins is questionable with a foot injury he was limited in practice on Friday and there are other wide receiver Robert Woods is questionable with a knee injury he was limited. In practice on Friday I gotta feeling we're gonna get some Sammy Watkins questions today I doubt love the matchup. Steelers defense has allowed just seven touchdowns to wide out so far this year yet something's got to give their as Watkins continues to get a little healthier. You get a few more targets. But something yeah I think I think your right is a tough tough match and a lot of people probably Heilman Darius green after his great game but the bills tough on attendance allowed four plus fantasy points to just one tight end at home I'm sure there's a ton of points in this case I don't ties that you don't think there's Big Ben has struggled outdoors. Byrd the last couple years on the road so cut this could be this could be a low scoring game and maybe now a lot of fans on net things you can only find a light are your leg bent the underdog organ to get Big Ben questions today but yes. Lee well that's if that's in your question yes we will in late this hour we're gonna talk about you know Russell Wilson Aaron Rodgers plan and some. Pretty fierce conditions it looks like you start there and writers. Start Ehrenreich I don't time Catholic at the island people on the big show on Friday it via like or Aaron Rodgers questions guy as are on a roll. He keeps putting penalty we'll get to that let's check the forecast for this when Steelers and bills well today Tim it's going to be snowy it's snowing right now it's little bit of flurries that's you should pick up around kick off and it's only 27 degrees. Truck. Let's tighten. Broncos get Trevor Simien back for what it's worth. Not sure that. Broncos offense is anything to write home about Lotta people disappoint and I mean I know I'm disappointed in Dovonte Booker. Ended up snapping that not not really in it even Emanuel Sanders came out this week and so we need to run the ball better. And so whether or not they do that today against the Tennessee Titans not sure but DeMarco Murray what does this say about ship Cali. DeMarco Murray sees down there in Tennessee. And Chip Kelly basically random out of town Philly. After he signed him they're at it right after he led the league in rushing signed him. Rodham into the dirt he's our heads it's like a GM when forced DeMarco Murray and Chip Kelly he had basically personnel control. Went inside to mark armory Canada's I added. Change remind you at N and hardly used it. And it's a that's amazing but. Lot of disappointment in the broncos' offense in regards to fantasy football is check the injuries Broncos and Titans well Bennie Fowler the wide receiver is questionable with a knee injury for the Broncos he mentioned Trevor Simien. Is listed as questionable with a foot injury limited practice on Friday but barring a setback. He should be good to go to day and no injuries that Tennessee tends time the forecast. Well the weather really should make an issue but there is about fifteen mile an hour wind. I will take our first break here a ton to get to today it's fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's and wallets those set. Right here on the fan. Tim and Rami have been playing fantasy football for literally decades gardening. I don't want and they know exactly what it takes to win. This is fantasy football weekly. Presented by Dave and buster's in Wallach Sosa on the fan. Chargers Panthers charger. And the Carolina Panthers as we continue our full rundown hear of week fourteen in the NFL week fourteen any fantasy match up from for most of us. It is a playoff time. And the chart at the of Carolina you've lost after that like Europe and raced your way in for some of the playoffs the above probably that aren't as the Panthers how disappointing. To of the waiver wire. A's put together in OK year outside of that. Disappointing. For the MVP and Cam Newton yeah what people that that stole him no I mean literally he's still. Good but you're not getting out of what you archery getting nowhere near nowhere near now nodded Austin I have been to my three league he's still outscored the other team's quarterback most. Yahoo! which is which is sort of what you want in order if you can do that. At most positions you're gonna win on a given week you know and I mean it's. Cam Newton is not a bad got to have a new team but he's not he's not the world beater you thought he would be when seasons and the Chargers. Let's let's face it that they need a complete make over don't they and they're starting to they've got a couple of nice young players and Williamson. Hunter Henry but. Might wanna start looking toward the future obviously Melvin Gordon but you might wanna start take a look at the future there a quarterback hit although no knock on on river season. Is a viable fantasy quarterback for sure and and I would think to be some points in this one let's get to Indians received that's gonna affect things Chargers in Panthers no injuries. Everything got no injuries and that's when meanwhile the Chargers have allowed the seventh fewest fantasy points. And just one touchdown to wide outs in the last four weeks they've given up about eighteen points per game. B a teams wide receivers combined San Diego's defense. And lob just over 34 points to tight ends in their last three games. Against teams that have a Cardinals as catcher. At the tide and love Greg Olsen today here these two lately yet he's definitely duty all no question I've been a little disappointed in in Greg Olsen. And because of weather maybe he I was going to get benched in in a legal mine but I gotta put him in there and match up. And maybe both tight ends could have big days today is Carolina's cloud nine touchdowns in the most points to tie it and so far this season guards are very delegates to be forecast for this one Panthers and Chargers well Tim you Greg Olsen be glad to know whether will not be an issue in this will be. The Angels brown. Andy Dalton and the best game of his eight year last week. A couple of touchdowns 300 plus now he's going against the Browns. Someone's gonna shake their head and say Andy Dalton beat me in a playoff game that could happen. It could happen without AJ great. It could happen I met you before my brother. Won a championship I'm Ron Dayne. Career we think. You didn't it just you just never know. The average go as good at it does Cleveland get their first win of the year and it looks like Arnold three will start this is that true is that what you're hearing I may be. Is that is that the that's what I heard ganymede Suh doesn't matter how well I mean. I'm Matt heard you started. You start rough she's rubber grip and there. No no no but I might start Corey Coleman's you don't good deep ball he had and then that's why Corey Coleman might be up at the tail end of the year though he runs headfirst into a defender. And is hurt for the rest of the year could be. He has all the talent in the world is not avoiding it yeah could be all right let's check the injuries Bengals and Browns just one injury it's one we all know about AJ green is out with a hamstring meanwhile I think it's a there's a lot of points to be had in this one Tim maybe I like Jeremy dale. I love Jeremy illness when because a Ephraim. That you know being in. Are pounding on the ground and Hillis found the end zone in three of his last four games Browns defense allowed the second most fantasy points 23 and a half points per game. Fifteen touchdowns two running backs last time these two teams played at went off for a 168 yards one touchdown and 25 points back we. Okay yeah hill it's chairman of that hill and I effort MM AB Dalton. And I mean again you never know aren't let's check the forecast Browns and Bengals looks images starts Nolan and Cleveland right now and it's gonna pick up through out the game. There is lying. The ice is no here as they will be in Detroit right. You'd think so are they in Detroit yuck you gathered they are in Detroit's of no snow there but Jordan Howard viable play. You gotta like that right Ron as a Bears fan yeah he had them and fantasy I mean our yeah. Indeed works in quite well and what does that mean for Langford not sure moving forward we'll find all that out. Matt Stafford knows Detroit Lions are riding the magic carpet can we all agree on that. It's gonna come movements you would think that now they have the Bears today and those of view packer fans that are listening. And look at the final remaining games after today for the Detroit Lions and in any order I don't know which particular order they end with dream man I know that they also have Minnesota and Dallas. After today. Okay so you want the door open. I'd Cowboys. Vikings then you take care the lines yourself if the Packers run the table. Andy Troy loses one game in the active and Detroit either and I don't think they're capable of beating Minnesota and Dallas back to back now I don't. Are sold and that may come to an end. That being said in fantasy football here Matt Stafford continues to. Impressed. And their kicker too I mean we got to throw that in there and their kicker for those that have kicker leagues he's been doing a dynamite job Woody mean kicker leads. That have kickers in there okay discuss some doll are at those really yet. No there's not a full kicker he has housed that's and I thought he's that if I think though that yet that's a problem and is as matter of fact Greg. I believe it's too wrath kings does not have a kicker fan dueled does. I'll really yet want to rent one of them doesn't so. Anyway let's get to injuries Bears and Lions im Eddie Royal is doubtful with a toe injury did not participate in practice on Friday all they're wide receivers I heard Josh Bellamy is questionable with a shoulder injury limited practice Friday mark he's Wilson. Question with a groin injury limited practice on Friday for the lines deep Eric you run their tide and he's questionable with a knee injury limited in practice and by the way speaking a tight ends there ya release Pettigrew. That's right now. Marvin Jones easy game time decision with a quadriceps injury he was limited in practice on Friday. Both their running backs Theo Riddick into in Washington listed as questionable. But are expected it's enjoyed bell. What about the could see him. Today yes series under the yeah you know side ally yes and the crazy thing about that Rami is god bless joint bell I think he's he's a great dude. He's not only getting back into the NFL and could get some carries today for the lines. He's receiving graduating receiving his masters this weekend for him no no doubt but I don't wanna seemed it cares today theory. That's her I need theory to get the ball aren't any stats in this one yes Matthew Stafford is Gordon know last and 68 and a half points against Chicago in their last four meetings in Detroit the Bears. Have allowed the second fewest receiving yards and the fifth fewest fantasy points to opposing running backs this here. Could be a tough day for theory could be it could be a candidate that there's a part of me that hopes it is and part of me that hopes it's and has said before whether or not an issue here. Are Texans Colts. Yeah there's that Dwayne Allen and he's my favorite guy doing now need to beat down on Monday but they've but Texans coming off the loss in Green Bay. Texans disappointing offense and never for the most part it's because of a big sigh meaning it was there a quarterback. And that's what 74 million for one Brock costs Wyler and it Greg's Greg you you were thinking about us Wyler. Yeah how horrible he is what needs to be cut it just really just give the NFL just. They that bad our duty you'd. Him and ran a coverages stealing from the respective teams. That you would take the money I'd definitely. Too bright but doesn't mean I can't hate him but end and the Colts. You know I can't figure out the Colts the U of 11 stretch you think there okay the other stats thinks that these guys are under team. You know if they remind me of Romley who. The Colts as a whole who they remind me of the Chargers. Not quite as fast sort of not as bad on the road win loss record right but sort of just that same kind of general feel you get like. Are they good are they not I can't figure this out they don't make the playoffs than they squeeze into the playoffs and they get hot. It's crazy but let's check out the injuries for this match of Texans and Colts just one Texans wide receiver Braxton Miller is out with a shoulder injury in practice and Friday. Meanwhile a couple stats in this from Colts defense has given up. Thirty or more fantasy points of wide outs in four of their last five games and also allowed 65 receptions and an average of more than nine fantasy points a game. To tight ends so far this year ride so whether or not going to be an issue there although the Andrei Hopkins coming off the touchdown game in green bank. We might put up some points guys like the Big Ten and trees. The doorway just are federally aren't we'll take a break come back in nets talk with Adam Burnett. And pretty important circle of trust here a few are really reach and maybe the injury bug is base your team. Oh get system picks next tier of fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallet Sosa on the fan. In the circle. Invites you in. For the circle of trust okay you trust with this much on the line we got you covered let's dig way. For us sleeper that matters a circle of trust on fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's. On 1057 of them. Important today in playoff time today and if you're out of the playoffs is always the daily fantasy sites of which I'm not paid to endorse. But I well because I believe in the product and that is the daily fantasy sides of draft Kingston fan duel they have now merged to form one nuclear guy. And so I would it drive byes to have some fun without a dollar to box what the hell just to or something to watch today and why and why not. But lets up bring in in the great midwest bank hot line not Adam Burnett for our circle of trust animal lot riding on this is a players get their teams all banged up with the injuries you've got some weather situations that. People often times will panic about so let's check in with some. Of the deeper up picks that you have here in your circle of trust. I hope that these picks will help the perpetuate some of the greatness of all your fantasy football teams like a lot of shoulda bought L Davis recently you said that. Quarterback is gene was Winston of the Buccaneers have a four game winning streak. He's put up some really good numbers I don't think it's saints' defense is that great but we could have Winston player. Running back is going to be Robert Kelly of the Redskins I believe the he's gonna have a stable workload vs the Eagles. Eagles look like they're real mean I think fat robbers were the flex play or you this week. Wide receiver is going to be Malcolm Mitchell of the New England Patriots. He's been in the red zone threat for Tom Brady drive Gradkowski went down. With injuries to Martellus Bennett Danny and Danny Amendola. Mitchell has passed over Chris Hogan in the offense I think if he have natural player. Might tie it and I'm going to war the dice on Greg Olsen of the Carolina Panthers. I believe that he will dazzle us with flavors of the Chargers this week. Kicker indoors avoiding security damp weather impact game of the week Lions kicker Matt Prater. Defense the Atlanta Falcons I think they're gonna have a field day with the Rams and I BP is Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons. Yes six or more total tackles. Six straight game. You mentioned Malcolm Mitchell there that it's just the struck the fear of god in the me they play tomorrow night's Ravens against the New England Patriots and when should know what my main league. I played a one Malcolm Mitchell who plays on a Monday night. I'm thinking of what a minor leagues of seeing what the weather's like in Green Bay and possibly pull a Jimmie and the plan. Depending on what the weather looks. Okay yeah and will will keep people up the speed on that as we get closer to kickoff. At noon certainly via Packers said have a later kick Adam always a pleasure we'll talk to next week. You're a much. Vikings Jaguars. Vikings need to need to get a win here to stay in this thing. And do they get it in Jacksonville yeah I probably. I would think what the board like morals is. As thrown a pick six and three of his last six games. Boy how disappointing is that offense men. Alan Robinson complete bust. Board goals bust. Any running back you have in Jacksonville busts. Vikings on the other hand. They've got no offense but they do have a defense that is at it despite their win loss record -- the defense is. Still pretty good play in this one let's check injuries for the Vikings in Jacksonville jags. No injuries for the Minnesota Vikings for the Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Allen turns is out with a hamstring injury tight end Julius Thomas is out. With a back injury and running back Chris Ivory is questionable with a hamstring injury he was limited. In practice on Friday few stats in this one Minnesota's defense has surrendered the second fewest fantasy points. About thirteen points per game in the fifth he was touchdowns to quarterbacks so far this season stay away. From Blake morals of your thinking about it their defense is also surrendered just sixteen fantasy points a game. To running backs this year and just nine touchdowns and the second fewest fantasy points to wide receivers. So far this year but let's check the forecast Jacksonville and Minnesota tuned today Jacksonville picture perfect day. It's Dolphin. Both teams think in there are still in this thing and then there in regards to the math they are. You do wanna talk about disappointments. Cardinals' passing game I guess overall a little bit disappointing here. A so far this season. However their running game David Johnson they found a winner there loaded and a seed beast in deed is David Johnson. The Dolphins on the other hand start to get things a little bit together with Tanner hill and that passing attack in a jolly. Is he due for another big one probably not in today's matchup of let's let's check out the injuries Cardinals and Dolphins. Just one for each John Brown on the wide receivers questionable for the Cardinals he's sick meanwhile Dovonte Parker's questionable with a back injury. Full practice on Friday though he should be get ago. Couple stats in this when the Cardinals at surrendered just thirteen point nine fantasy points per game tied for the fewest touchdown passes given up. In the entire leave they're tough on governments. I'm running yeah very good at the of forecasts down in Miami good yet none weather won't be an issue. You twisted Greg Eagles are. Yeah this doesn't help you at all it looks like Theo Riddick. Is inactive though proved mayor's own not I don't know scramble time where he's a PPR machine to George bell. Joy bell or he would Doug by the by the book your earlier Justin Forsett. He is and how silent with the Denver Bronco Broncos. Lewis trying to help me out here and there. My team. Let's keep our Patrick. Your thoughts about him he's a good quarterback. Not a franchise quarterback we are what sort of I think he has. Yeah I think he has way the numbers the last two years this year last year you can't argue with those numbers guys a winner. I'm surprised they may franchise tag him again. That's that's too bad Eagles on the other hand a going through some growing pains. Certainly. For the Philadelphia Eagles although they get a little bit healthier a couple of Matthews looked it looks like they're both going to go let's check the injuries Eagles and Redskins NFC east are rivals. But in my lineup. Let's see here for the Washington Redskins Jordan Reed I was just putting him into my lineup you listed as questionable with a shoulder injury you know football practice on Friday in Chicago today that we should know about just proves that he is active yet I'd just insert him into my lineup so that's a good thing now so Ryan Mathews is questionable with a knee injury full practice on Friday though. He should be good to go Jordan Matthews question with an ankle injury full practice Friday also should be able to go. Dorian green Beckham though questionable with an abdomen and had pinkie mean they are downgraded him I'll know all three averages come through as active so green Beckham including current Oca. Aren't very good any stats in this one yes or the Eagles have fallen apart on defense allowing twenty to a more fantasy points to each of the last three quarterbacks that they've is that like Kirk cousins today big time the Redskins have given up an average of almost twelve fantasy points per game through tight ends over the last five games act birds should be in your lineup then. You want a yacht daily fantasy quarterback he grabbed Kirk cousins pending weather we'll check that right now what does it look like. Well Tim it's only about 34 degrees and there's a slight chance of colors. Jets 49. Jets in niners. Anyone. And going to be watching this game at all maybe now there's some pundits and ES PM and had the final score of this game been to read in nothing. That out what happened in the thirty years. Some fantasy plays here and in namely a Matt Forte of the Jets and Carlos Hyde of the a forty niners outside of that. The niners did make a personnel move in signing Vance McDonald to an extension like a four year deal for five year deal so they. There really like him. But we'll get and dig right in here any injuries gonna play apart here Darwin niners no injuries once that no team in the league a lot more fantasy points per game or more rushing yards or more touchdowns to opposing running backs than San Francisco almost 28 points per game ever won love and Matt Forte Bears again after Daly fan you bet cousins and Forte were to set some. Lineups for you on a daily fantasy here. But forecasts and in now San Francisco that San Francisco Tim rather won't be an issue not very good does still few games you get to including the night games in the Packers and Seahawks game at Lambeau. All that coming up here a fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallet Sosa right here on the fan. You've joined the fantasy footballers that we'll get you to the big game. When your league. Greg Jennings in security down on you man. And Tim Allen get it done every Sunday morning. Fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's and Wallace Sosa. On 1057 ever. Falcons Sparano. We continue our run down here week fourteen in the NFL week fourteen in your fantasy match of fantasy football weekly presented by. Dave and buster's in wallet Sosa Falcons and Rams going that it didn't that your her in the circle of trust that Adam likes that Atlanta Falcons defense and it ate them. Jared Goff had plenty of time to prepare for his NFL career right yeah he did I mean this season alone he had what eight weeks nine weeks or whatever you know. And a Jeff Fisher of four is efforts gets an extension a two year deal. Probably not but don't Rams. Would they hold the tiebreaker over the Buccaneers but. They really need this game I see Falcons all over this but let's check the and received desk and play a part Rams in Atlanta. Did you know that Julio Jones real first name was in towards a did not Quinn towards Jones is questionable with a toe injury I'll. Did not practice on Friday they're calling him a game time decision causing a lot of strife. For a lot of people with it being 1 of those 3 o'clock games on they need him because a new rule is out all right in yes and Bennie Cunningham for the Rams the running back is doubtful. With a neck injury just wants that to share with you in this game over the last four weeks the Rams have allowed a touchdown passes. And an average of almost eighteen fantasy points per game two quarterbacks early reports have Julio Jones out. Today should. Which means Tyler Gabriel now that is a late game that is at or else we at a known right now ninety minutes is is the deadline to activate. Your players so. We were not gonna find out for about a good hour and a half for two. That's too bad that's that's a big hit for Julio Jones owners while. By let's check the forecast and LA couldn't Horace. Expert on Clemson and now. Matt weather's not going to be an issue in this with him. Singh Sardinia there's a Buccaneers game we were just talking about that off the air and the Buccaneers again neck and neck with the Atlanta Falcons Saints coming off and serve Brees that he cannot wait a second here as a some misprint. He didn't throw a touchdown last week that I had I im pretty sure he did but with the boat ten seconds on the day okay. You serve yeah RI. But man that I mean you hold Drew Brees down like that you do on some than this insisting game Buccaneers really really need this game. I smell a little bit of a saint victory. Here in this one it's just me let's check injuries Bucs and Saints Mark Ingram is questionable with a toe injury and expected to go Michael Thomas is questionable with a foot injury but expected to go for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers no injuries to report while Lucas doctorate and am. Is out with an ankle injury that affects anybody. One stat in this one Jamison missed in this court no last and sixteen fantasy points and all but one. Of his last seven starts on a roll started to sum in the big time in the forecast in Tampa find that it's fine. Cowboys Jai. Game Sunday Night Football flak stand Cowboys last they lost was eleven weeks ago against these same New York football Giants and actually act kind of like the Giants in this game. I do I think the Giants got a lot to prove I think they're a little bit better and people thought I thought that coming into this season. Knowing that they or the team last year Robbie that was six and ten. I'll ghosts is what six of those games eight of those games they had the lead with form. Or less minutes left in the game yeah I don't know how they were not to put that they're so I don't parity in the NFL it. You have close games in like twelve out of thirteen games most weeks it's within a touchdown and com. I guess at some point but with four or less minutes ago. I mean that and that's a key there much my whole thing with the Giants when you say they're better team that a lot of people thought they were I never know what to make of the giants' madness. A team largely rides on what their quarterback doesn't Manning is so inconsistent he just never know what you're gonna get from him of that week and you know find out Dak press got a -- can stand up stand tall and do the thing he made a comment earlier this week about America's Timonen. Just. No don't go there and just zipped it. To zip it and go go play football. And that's what they're gonna do injuries now I do. Have to say that it's not an injury but lucky white had the return man for the Cowboys. Being disciplined in this one did not travel to New York with the team so I suspect. Many. Increase the value of a cold Beasley if indeed he's going to be the return mamet lets check the injuries for Sunday Night Football no injures. At all good to stats to report that the Giants have allowed an average of thirteen point two fantasy points per game to visiting quarterbacks and their defense held that press got to just ten point three points. Back in the season opener meanwhile the Cowboys have given up just seven touchdowns in the third fewest fantasy points to opposing running backs. So far this hear about fourteen point three points per game like Ron. So a day and just reminded me of before we check the New York forecast you're right Dan he just reminded me that every week this week I've doubted the Cowboys and every every week that the Cowboys have played up. Won the same sweatshirt to let's the past. You're right. You're right now currently yes yes which one I can't see what you write it speech. It's your Cowboys fan Josh to Cowboys yet I'm still doubt them knock it off. Just a kid that wide. I thought they asked today in my it's gonna be about 33 degrees and there's a slight chance of flurries throughout the game. For a race high pace now. Monday night for me tomorrow I just got this feeling that he's gonna have a months ago OK so let's that regimen Torre Kirk cousins your daily fantasy quarterback. Matt Forte is your daily fantasy running back just because I have a horrible lock and I'm facing him on Monday night my main league Malcolm Mitchell now is either reflects or wide receivers or putting things together here. For a daily fantasy. Money maker for yet. And this up Monday night game is New England in Baltimore what do you make of Baltimore they in this saying they go what what are they Joseph Flacco and earned the right team that are borderline playoff and guess there and that means. There's not anything the Patriots story about the big picture nine let's check out injuries Monday Night Football pats and Ravens and cracking Gilmore running back Lorenzo tell -- are both out for the Baltimore Ravens for the Patriots Danny Amendola is out with an ankle injury the following are questionable but probably will play it's just bill Belichick's accurate with the Martellus Bennett questionable with an ankle injury Ted wide receiver Matthew Slater. Questionable with a foot injury and I'd very Gooden and the forecast. Let's see Tim it's going to be about 37 degrees mostly cloudy was only about nine miles now when okay. It's that one picture to that was good drag well done Julian adamant on fire recently. A team high forty targets and 24 catches in the last three games. And the defense has given up the eight most fantasy points to wide out who Damian Danny Amendola that's the only increase even more out. Seahawks Packers are. Here we go three Tony five kick from Lambeau snowy Lambeau Field let's shake this up a little bit let's start with the forecast here before we get to anything else what do you do what do you have there in Green Bay in in the amid the late afternoon evening. To date Tim at Lambeau Field it's a beautiful day. No I'm kidding it's about seven to eight inches of snow and it's only going to increase throughout. It's I think it's like forty miles an hour wind constitute a blizzard but there are only about 25 miles an hour wind won't. Pace of their say and of let's just say it's twenty mile per hour winds and snow coming down is that the deal Gregor UC and ever wants CNN to yeah that it it will snow during the game yes. Idea guy OK as a guest Ronnie this is security Dan's weather impact game and we share we now I had a conversation. Recently about. Who takes the advantage in a snow game. I think it's advantage to the lesser talented team top to bottom I think it evens the playing field for the lesser of the talented team and that is that would be the Seahawks I think that I yeah I think in a dome you play this game in a dome and just topped the bottom rosters. I think the Seahawks are slightly better than the Green Bay attackers and I think it benefits the Packers. They don't rely as much on the run game as the Seattle Seahawks here and Aaron Rodgers has shown he can throw the ball on the U camp. Have we seen that from Russell Wilson. Obviously asking have we seen a big snow game must follow a muttered tight game no probably not I think a lot of rain I think I think I recall him. Faring decent in rain games but not snow games I don't recall a snow game I think if the rough is benefits anybody benefits. I agree me personally I agree I think this definitely benefits Packers Packers a three point underdog at home against Seattle it means. Of in a dome neutral site that means the Seahawks are about a touchdown favorite or touched on batter over green bag. Green Bay not gonna run the football. Which is saying. Are they pride you'll prize seem run it more than you used to seeing them run it but now Aaron Rodgers is you guys at their place and out of the thought volleys thirty. You know in and we always say snow games points or down. Wouldn't surprise me that if this is. 3428. Type game. Wouldn't surprise me at all now up there in Green Bay injuries. Are pretty important game and that's an understatement for the Packers. Just to injuries both for the Seahawks in both to their running back CJ pro size out with a shoulder will took a while who is out with concussion should get a heavy dose of Thomas Rawls today to coop who took awhile to rocker and that's their third running back. Okay bring about is their second running back is out it's Thomas Rawls and really nobody else. And I. Mean well that the one of their backups agree met that's right some stats in this Rooney are right to him despite the weather there might be points to be had Russell Wilson. Averaging more than twenty points a game since week nine over his last four weeks. The Packers have allowed an average of more than 22 fantasy points a game quarterbacks that includes Brock doused Wyler who is what Greg. A bomb he's at he's got seventeen point three points against the Packers last week that. The Packers again up four touchdowns at 44 points per game two running backs since week ten they've also struggled against wide outs allowing the six most fantasy points out. Almost 28 points per game seven touchdown catches. To the position in the last four weeks on the flip side the Seahawks at surrendered just it's nine touchdowns and the seventh fewest fancy points. To showed this fight the weather is it OK if we add Doug Baldwin. Into our daily fantasy lineup. And we've got caught better options out there. You know like you know I like three daily fancy today Jamison Crowder the Redskins. I always like him he's getting a ton a targets lately and they have a good matchup. We get a tweet from JS Olsen who'd give us a step on the Packers. Who are six and one when allowing fewer than thirty points this season. I'll. Nice I that's it your full rundown of games here week fourteen in the NFL week fourteen in your fantasy draft on time. We went through fifteen games he got there it on to on time and does gas well this is how important it is right and it's listed would that we need to be click in on all cylinders. Know now just a programming reminder coming up in one hour. At noon a first edition of hot stove weekly. We're me dog. It's actually set up my computer yesterday and was it just didn't happen. Justin Carlos Gomez former brewer news yeah we've got an Eric. The first baseman for the Brewers came detained tapes you know we're gonna go with teams until we talked to him we'll talk to him at 1215 today. Tyler Thornburg was traded Craig Counsell extension. And an additional three years a ton to get to on hot stove weekly coming up today at noon. And another programming note the next week will be our last fantasy football show. Yes well however the following week yes Sunday. Is Christmas morning from ten to noon yes Ronnie Mac office still going to be working that's Mike if two year. Over Twitter you can ask questions are questions and Rami is tweeting normal time tendon noon I'll be on the computer from ten to noon animal in the government. I have fun that's a very. Yeah you might be alone yet you'll definitely be a load let's see if Tom of this fly solo. Just like Greg flat so do the whole thing the whole thing. No commercials note Scotch and old enough that I'm good with that a hundred no updates it's just a 120 minutes of Greg generic genetic. It is concert. Tickets available at all Ticketmaster ticket senators art how we'll take a break here or get to you guys 4147991250. We understand the importance here. Playoff action in week fourteen in your fantasy leagues. A we are present and once again by Dave and buster's in wallets OC here on the fans. Kick off cannot get here quick enough. Getting you all the info you need to win this week. It's fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in Wallach Sosa. On sports Radio One 057 FM. It is that time. It's playoff time it's our two fantasy football week be presented by Dave and buster's. In wallet Sosa is when we take your calls at 7992050. Or email live at 1057 FM the fan now account great Janet read your. Questions on social media come and up and 1135 Tim is back in the studio welt and comfortably in Allentown I was gonna say. Might be a good day and I love this were you love it when I use this word. Might be a good day today with almost known and talk to Linda Dave and busters for the afternoon vocal right in today's youngsters. Man just chronicle right in this. That's wrong but yeah they scored use those terms with my dogs is that's and you would compare wrong club I ever heard disgruntled before that's like it if it yet no better place on the snowy day this chronicle and then David bust your ass back. And Robert Towson with flat screens everywhere you look including and that DNC sports lounge 3161. In screens. 875. In screens and great football specials at Dave and buster's every Monday Thursday and Sunday all day long with 350 Miller Lite and Bud Light taps. Five dollar appetizers he also have the million dollar midway through fantasy game isn't going quite the way you thought it would. Maybe go and blow off some steam on some video games or maybe just use as a baby sitter. 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As uncle being going to write and remember that as he would do this'll didn't going and little thing with them. So I was at that game room yet you would say didn't going to the little baby. And so you get a little goofy. And need to thank my son for not sending it spiraled there was a young video that he shot of me I was dancing in the kitchen two time we need to see this through the song unbelievable. Might be enough time for a minute and give her own ever hear that's on. No but I must go home but leave the a phone pole yet it sounds as. Thought was just. The answer my dork and dance. Are any any videotape it. There's also the Timmy heights Howard. When he was a cardinal needed him to score TV to get into the and audio somewhere that's not know what that was an old river dance that was that was a good one. So we were hoping that your dancing with the playoff victory today what I need to send me that you do. That must go off on the fingers FaceBook page there's one of the old house of one of the new house both in the same zone as yeah it's it's bad it's really bad. I think I show a little but. I'm my home me maybe I'll we see this little white Tim are you tore Kim maybe. Maybe. Are right let's get to you guys 7991250. Hit us up on FaceBook and Twitter as it is playoff time we start things out was Zach Zach how are anybody. Oh not bad not bad talk and some football this morning in baseball with hot stove weekly coming up by in less than an hour. I need to Larry's three running backs shorten. Howard hill and Louis I like ours. Like hill. Is that it and that's at those two very goes too hard and oh yeah I think you're in good shape there you had said that you liked Jeremy hill. In this match appear against the Browns. And Ned Jordan Howard they're gonna wanna ball control Barkley a quarterback against though the Lions so you gonna get some points or Zach -- Now I'd take it easy. Let's go to a shore award in say a load of Phil failure on fantasy football weekly. A Goran yeah is you know it and I've got to. Rick you have any and it's sport perhaps what's. We are so you need to only two of these four. Good for 200 they've they've got cook and comments and they out they have Shepherd when where and Adam from us. The two look or compare. Who here hue you may have weather if that's an indicator for you or with the Adams selection you've got. Who is a couple of Saints there and cook still was not. Blown up you know I think I'm going with Thomas and Adams. I would never that there are good at what we have got to I'm tempted Liz Sheppard and balance merit index so. No I think I think governor I agree with Rami on this Thomas and Adams and. Even this time it does hurt in the Weatherford had a. Until I saw about yet Thomas is questionable. And that's a little risky. There are no. Letter written for gender yeah earlier you know just a cover your flank a little bit Rami you okay we're trying to get Shepherd in their for the ninth game against a Dallas. Well that's a thing Q what can we get him in their overhead if you have Shepherd and for the night game you could also always look to see if Thomas is active or inactive. Or the late game for the late games recruiter on the court quicker. Yeah I think so a coach has been disappointing management's wakin in this the army just he it's that's pretty risky here and and that's a boom or bust. I love you get caught somebody up and I think it right. All right you probably got it yes so in that case definitely. Adams in. And then hold off a pencil in. Thomason and if you go with your gut here didn't yank him he's questionable he's gonna fly. Michael Thomas and if if you go with you got there are always late this afternoon or early and you know mid afternoon. Make that change. And don't go ahead with Shepherd 7991250. To Greenfield. And was say loaded Tom Tom what's happening. Yes good morning guys appreciate you guys that you might call yeah. It's been standard legal but position. I think seniors Sammy Watkins. Or Mike Dillon Lee I'm not sure about the weather were actually guys. I don't like Watkins today as the -- I I'm not sure and kill asleep has been decent despite having a backup role he's been decent if there is. I mean if if Buffalo's weaker in one of those two aspects it's against the run game so I think I'd go with skills that. Sammy Watkins started and turn things up a little and start matchup and it is but and according to CBS sports they might have to be playing for the coach's job because there's say in the Rex Ryan could be fired as soon as tomorrow. I don't understand ROB yeah I don't I don't get that what's that where they got six wins now like they have to who write in six and seven. I don't understand the point of firing a week fifteen. But it was just spit up a game in Oakland with the lead late I mean he can't do that. I think I'd go skills they have locked into. I'm lean and I'm slight leaning toward Watkins I think the bills are going to be down in that game they'd be thrown more. Greg Gillis league aren't jealously it is. I you got at 7991250. You know some bum FaceBook and Twitter email live. At 21057. FM the fan dot com we go to the south side and Salem Wes Wes you don't fantasy football weekly. Are your dorm who are more important how you are alas. I'm good I'm good but I got up Julio race since I picked up Gabriel and I actually Brett. Well you got a lighter where he got to like Gabriel yeah with Julio early indications he is out and send news. Based at the river all that yeah yeah. It did not Eli. Who Eli threw three TDs in week one against the Cowboys think you know Eli the gap and I think you've got a gauntlet game going on with O'Dell Beckham junior and Dez Bryant so at. Your ball or you know see both those guys in action. Trying to out do the others with someone handed touchdown sell. It out yet I think Eli your anger in decent shape. Our thanks what Eric. I'd 7991250. Guinea Mel live a 1057 FM the fan dot com week fourteen it's playoff time fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallets -- here on the fan. Generally take your calls now at 4147991250. Kick off this all my. This is fantasy football weekly present like Dave and buster's on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. They'll welcome back it is playoff time in your fantasy league it's fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's and wallet Sosa so we have now another deflate gave running. The New York Giants and form the league that they I suspect the Steelers deep waited footballs before last week's game okay. You know why blame on us when you Lyman that's the NFL. Why's that protect they game equipment. You'd leave these sings laid around for people to just get their meat hooks on. It especially after what happened what Brady mr. And you allowed to happen again you don't guard the saying under lock and key. That's why blame now again these are preliminary accusations here we don't know what's going on but. If indeed that was the case. It's very simple here shame on you NFL jet game bit multi billion dollar operation. First of white kick it full time wraps secondly you can't protect game equipment. Fast but it was crazy to hold the flight gate thing Rami when. Aaron Rodgers spoke up and city out like that'd be on there get these balls all wet and some of these quarterbacks coming out and say what they did. They practice with the game balls who out the week. You kidding me. You can't you can't supply brand new 75 dollar footballs in the NFL for each game there is flak for Aaron Rodgers and he over inflated balls because he over inflated and it's just it's it's nonsense. I mean what we focused on here got to be of the game's going to be on the field. With fair tools. For Bulls side focus on the game now balls. Thank you power of applause I got to leave it out here for Bryant it lets them go do it exited bouts. He says played for first hi guys love you show I am glad I got starting Boyd Gabriel and Crowder and sitting Robinson Alan Robinson. Benjamin and it's need to look at that nods and right there is a perfect example of how this year's gone he's had football calls up pieces someone told this might be possible at the start of the season I would have told them they were crazy I'm just trying to go with the hot hand what's your thoughts would you switch anyone. Ot the boy thing is a little lean question for me I'd like I for a little bit better in the Cleveland game but who will now start out of Robinson Benjamin and Snead overboard. I'd I think you're defending by yeah I would think Snead is is about due to have a pretty banner game here. Alan Robinson can put up some numbers in garbage time though they find themselves down. Against the Vikings yeah I mean they've got a little lead banged up there and defensive back there I'd have name escapes me yep probably you would go Snead overboard. I think I think so yet. Yeah because it looked svelte look fellas start to take points as wide receiver I for its a little more into when he gets his work but. I agree that that right there is amazing here's another one from nick in Germantown says hello guys have point PPR need three. FitzGerald to marry is Thomas Brandon Marshall Sammy Watkins Michael Thomas. I don't think I can start it yet despite the name of Brandon Marshall. Still think I can start well who's in FitzGerald does and right visa to Mary's thomas' and right. When you have out of actor yes or comes out of Marshall Watkins and Thomas for the third. I would think watch C injury on Thomas you'd be the front runner than to Marist of Michael Thomas. And then watch referred to Marius Thomas of Michael Thomas you don't feel good about. 7991250. Email live a 1057 FM the fan dot com two were seen. We say good morning to Jim Jim here on the fan. They guys wide receiver question and no PPR. Third through the three I got mine creep in and then an entitlement. Mon creeps in min and Adam Adam and see him yes and you need de Mon creed or Inman. I'm on bunker if he had things creep is a borderline stud and eat very quietly yes. Connect speaker quick running back question and picture or are we to arm Jacqueline Rodgers Gillick Lee or Booker I have Eliot OF a no brainer but. Don't want I'm not sure. I'm afraid to go with Rogers for you because they've activated Charles Sims now and they love him on third down. And I think that bites a little bit of the chunk of Jack was Rodgers. So comes down to goalless Lian and the other one was Booker and barber and you get a starting tailback verses a back up. Kill us Lee has just been putting up some really safe points Fauria he has. And I think that's a safer play here. But not appreciate you guys agree yes it's a little bit safer with feel asleep you're going back and look at the some of these numbers here he just eat can't go on the surface year. And just say that while LeSean mccoys there once Gillis Lee gonna get. Oh he's been gotten. He has 7991250. As we go do Brookfield in sale loaded David David you're around fantasy football weekly. Say good morning I Major League scoring I need born of grieve Mike Wallace. Need four and then. Just one of those. Snead I would I would think. He needs just one yet this one. Yeah prices really Snead probably do in the you know the whole Brandon cooks thing maybe blown out for a big game you know that's common that story line in New Orleans is coming out of office today or not. You know what's come. I'm within a -- 78 yard touchdown a nineteen yard touchdown seven catches on earned 48 yards you know that's common. There's too much firepower and the the passing attack for New Orleans so it's just haven't seen in in quite some time. Eric you're next in fantasy football probably. Yeah. Here he'd be our leader got upset rob Kelly or Mark Ingram. Won its. Yet there are pretty easy. Then while I don't know if it's that easy. For me it's between fat rob and Ingram. If that those are the only two that I heard you read and no no I'll my bent. I think I'm gonna go Ingram I Iger. At Buffalo five finds themselves down and trying to total. A bit. No role Washington's concern. Yeah it was a thing. I'm way out I thought I should just I should just I think about it the better I think you have better history. With Ingram. Yeah Henry's recent history. And fat Robert it is kind of splashed on the scene in that one game and what was it against Green Bay right hip injury just on the year and he just yet him being he's not that go and I think Mark Ingram has a little better history agreed. Up. I'd take it easy 7991250. Even alive a 1057 FM the fan dot com. Got an email here it is from ban in tow seasons Julio is questionable at three. And might be a just our Crowder at noon or wait to see if Julio plays and start sterling Shepard of Julio is a game time scratch. That's good plan am. It's it is a good plan really like crowd me too. I'd like Crowder is a guy start and moderate -- I like Crowder as a human being if you get a chance that take a listen any interviews that you confine with Jamison Crowder. Really give the kid is cool I don't think he is work ethic he's he's seems Smart to me. I'd really like Crowder moving forward I like those Redskins with cousins in Crowder and I'm not sold on rob Kelly. No matter what the dukes who is well educated. Did he go to Duke I didn't know that okay which means he's on to. By that we're Brock he wanted Duke. What did Brock go there and he should've. And it becomes a Duke is a boom up. 79912. They have to be about Jabari Parker. Oh go low. He's a prominent silicon but they'll have to be walking in Zack Zack you're on fantasy football weekly. There are guys that it is accordingly. I got two quick questions so forever her off the well then and then Frank Gore Mark Ingram. With the gore Ingram thing is so it's pretty interest thing. Well yeah that is really insisting. Frank Gore's been Latin up just to tick here last couple weeks. I I still think he finds the end zone so that might might save you there and and Ingram I think overall. Could have the bigger game with its safer play is gore the bigger game if you're chastened if you chase in large. I'd I'd say Ingram I'm going nothing in my also. Yeah. And then and then there are polar so. Russ Miller who Rivers and or. Is this you know being we'll hear yeah I agree against the Carolina secondary. I think you gotta go with Philip Rivers you could see some monster points there. Then I'd take it easy. I that some of these decisions made it. Could impact being how are moving on Chris on the south side you knock some fantasy football weekly. We're quite receipt or question for PP our league. Need to very guys Anquan Boldin locked in for once what Brandon Marshall Jordan Matthews. Corey Coleman third kids in. One year and about the same boat with all of them none of them real huge target machines which is what you want to PP ER and I was just telling a writer Greg during the break here that. Boy points can stack up and a PP our league. Need it and I need a win yet you get a receiver goal and five catches for 61 yards. Through a half for two and a half quarters. Or that's eleven points on the board right there PP ER. So let's let's run on downing Ellis trying get rid of some of these receivers for you need one of these following. Brandon Marshall. Jordan Matthews. Or Coleman. Pigeon. I got pulled and lock in against Chicago already so that. I think you are right there again Michael with Ginn I think so when he's he is resurrected his career. You know you double dose or a case begins in now comes down to Coleman Marshall. And Jordan Matthews. I guess Marshall in that case in the PPR I agree. In of people are enjoying it period yeah Marshall and I'm a little leery on Ginn because you need the home run ball for him. Yeah and that's what I'm thinking we're I don't Jordan Matthews was hurt but. Get a week off. I think you give more targets would Jordan Matthews and you do Ted yen. So if you if you're looking at it that way in and you've got a you know Redskins defense second allow points through the air. I'll go back to Jordan Matthews here in Brandon Marshall based on the PP are based on the target's going Jordan Matthews and Brandon Marshall yeah I was again. Not taking get out is you need the home run ball and well again and martial. Arts so comes down again vs Matthews. Greg Janet. And gold unit and Matthews. Get rid of Marshall yup rice paddies you quarterback. Another thing I would worry about so go to security did they ambulances the second leveled the eve here. Yeah I'm way down the Giants their job go on with Guillen here OK so then it's Guillen. We get in in says either Matthews or Marshall or Marshall yes I'm going Marshall them what their match up. Marshall. And Guillen. Are we any help to those guys we are Marshall and give as what the show was gonna manipulated I was very doubts Marshall. Are Matthews. Marshall or Jordan Matthews. Marseilles. I. It locked up confused how many people voted out what to beat the hell you know what's going all are a little bit. Marshall and Matthews is what you got to do that's what we're giving yeah Marshall and Matt he's yet. Heard it time the steelers' ward. Ye here my brain idea. I don't side deep we can't go five deep when he got to get to the second level. Notable I would get a you know sports flash if he's out you know he doesn't know anything so this is also media. Four so the program is up next them a lightning round top of the hour hot stove weekly Brewers signed a your first baseman. No it's not Adam Lind to Mark Reynolds or Cris Carter. He comes from South Korea. Although he did play in the big leagues here with the Toronto and Seattle Eric James it you know he was known as the Albert Pujols of Korea. Oh use big via MVP of that it's greener. Then think he'd be O I think that college free baseball organizations agree with him and I've all that more coming up week fourteen in the NFL week fourteen in a fantasy match up. It indeed is fantasy football weekly present a by Dave and buster's in while it Sosa on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Get your questions in on Twitter FaceBook and email you're listening to fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's and wallet Sosa on sports Radio One 057 that's. The fan. Well getting closer to kick off week fourteen of your playoff match up in fantasy football do you feel it. I do fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallet Sosa. Time to get to some social media will have the lightning round next you can still call 4147991250. Email alive. At 1057 FM the fan dot com. Will have the lightning round and hot stove weekly coming up we'll talk some Brewers baseball since the Packers play at 325. Today in focus and devote a little attention to Brewers baseball a lot to catch up. On throughout the off season at the corner of re in build here in Milwaukee hot stove weakly at noon today. Richard another and you think the corner of Rian bill yes yes that's where we're at here. But social media portion of the program Greg Jennings. Aren't that set up on face spoke with Al says good morning guys questioned for his lady. He needs to know Russell Wilson or mark is Mary Oda. He's still got to go with Wilson there Mariel of facing the Denver secondary agree. Aren't let's go to a Brewers fans on Twitter they'd go as a couple questions lookers Stafford. Stafford. Thank you do that around. Them. It's Matt Stafford I know but Andrew Luck against Houston and luck coming off what. Or just under four TDs. Three to Dwayne Allen we all remember that so I think I might go lock. I think I say lock. Says Stafford comes in Stafford aren't being also is no Jordan Howard or jeer me hill. Hill like a ball but I'm going hill agreed any also is no Doug Baldwin and Jordy Nelson are all great school for eight I. Old I'd like to know is other receivers. I love Doug Baldwin today he sees a majority. He's in the daily fantasy of mine on Jordy. Media. Is that because of the top and I guess because of the touchdowns. The other way up there and touchdown yeah. Joining aren't Craig on FaceBook means a running back and PP are legal gear blunt Doug Martin time Montgomery or jeered McKinney and he needs to move those. Run him down again blunt Marten Montgomery McCain in. I'm gonna go the first two. Despite Charles Sims being back although is Marten OK he's all right Ryan yeah yeah yeah I'm I'm blunt and and Doug Martin. Injury. Right Matt unfazed but needs to receivers and standard scoring. Dontrelle in May and Larry FitzGerald Rashard Matthews heard Dovonte Adams. It's an Adams ran through him or me again in men woke in mince his Gerald Matt the user Adam's yeah I'm with him. All right Steve on FaceBook stand a league needs to Dovonte Booker Carlos tied the Darius green and Donte' among creep. Hide in Monterrey agree. Parents. About that sweater we're gonna go to. They're gonna go to laser face. He served at either series needs one up I Pistons need to buoyed or look fell. I'm sorry. Snead oh buoyed or look fell. Just one of on just one. Who. This say PPR. Dozens and dozens today. I just can't trust Andy Dalton although the matchup looks recently really good. So you've got those of Bengals receivers above the fells really been common non. I gotta go with Willie Snead and that's Rouse it up. Apparently of clown on Twitter PP yard wide receiver Doug Baldwin or Golden Tate. Great great question again. While who were today. Just for the Marlins are going to go on Baldwin. I'm on tape. Amid rotates. Raid. On Twitter eased over his wife star Matt Ryan or Ben Roethlisberger. Ryan against the Rams they ban against the bills. Go Matt Ryan Big Ben deflating footballs some kidding. The I'm gonna go Ryan as well despite being possibly without two of his two starting wide receivers. I you know in in that gave Matt Ryan. The stuff forget about seven Coleman here out of the back field. I suspect you I may add him in our daily fantasy gonna catch a lot of balls out of the backfield. Areas Steve on Facebook's dinner score needs one. Vontae Adams Colby's leader Tyler Lockett. Oh boy weather weather weather. Adams Beasley or Lockett the current choices. I think a middle Adams despite the weather. To me it's between. Adams and Beasley and I'm and I agree with the Adams is that it really good year. Apparently have Aubin and FaceBook stand league and crumbled and Alan Robinson or Jordan Matthews need one. Bolden. Agreed. All right Jody. Unfazed of talent cavern agree Andy Dalton. Well you gotta go adult manner the cap for Nicki can't trust him agree. And Stephon digs or Tyler did Taylor Gabriel. Gabriel. Yes digs he'll light the match up but gave real good deal of that. Our we have a Rorer on FaceBook PP our league Jordan reader Cameron overeat. If read plays she got to go with the Reed and him right he is yes these in and if the guy's a monster you gotta go with that with three. Aren't Adam on FaceBook Carson Palmer man Ryan. Met Ryan Ryan are riveted. The fear there is said you know. They're receiving game doesn't get into the end zone and it sets up a couple of short touchdown runs for Freeman but outside of that Ryan supplied. Aaron Elizabeth on FaceBook. PBR flex one of the three Tyler Boyd sterling Shepard or Pierre go Arsenal. Need one of those one of those void Sheppard or go our sole Sheppard or gar sewn for me and wanted to ourselves. Me to love that match up the passing attack Redskins against the Eagles. Aren't we go one more in this segment jordin and then Twitter PP ER needs QB help Stafford or cousins. Cousins. Agreed. I'm fancied sheen's real quick guys that are active and inactive today these are decisions that have come down this morning in. Eric. Julio Jones and Theo Riddick and unexpected late scratch if he of the already in your lineup get them out Theo Riddick is an active for the lines today. So Julio Jones is definitely listed as out yes he is out okay. Makes rounds I mean it's not officially ends and I don't have to put inactives in but all indications are he will not play so there's just to report that he's in the trees and a warm up. The CO a field but their Miree pessimistic so he's not officially out that. No they haven't officially ruled him inactive as of right now but all indications are that he will not play okay. Very good we'll take a break here lightning round is up next 4147991250. Final couple of minutes of fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in while it Sosa on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan's. Tim and Robby have been playing fantasy football for literally decades gardening. They know exactly what it takes to win. This is fantasy football weekly. Presented by Dave and buster's in Wallach Sosa. On the fan. We have minutes away from kickoff week fourteen in the NFL week fourteen in your fantasy football league. It is fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallet so set. Also minutes away from hot stove weekly as we talk some Brewers baseball for the first time this offseason season never ends for me. And a lot to get to air retains the new Brewers first baseman. Will join us at 1215. Today so stick around after fantasy football weekly. We'll we'll be talk in some mob Brewers baseball aren't lightning round here we give the answer is we don't justify them we don't analyze them we just. The answer the question and that's it. That's it he street names and us we screen names back get you ready. Break here we go let's go to bath and west baton what's your question bath. My guys aren't. Absurd leader Jimmy Graham. I'm sorry who is the first on Jordan Reed. Are you gotta go three accurate yet. They are you got it all right here's email from GM in the Wendy's and boxer says hey guys I listen every week and really enjoy the program it's win or go home time my PP our league. Got a wide receiver spot in the flat spot open my options are Todd Gurley. Dion Lewis Kelvin Benjamin Sammy Watkins and Randall Cobb any help would be much appreciated thank. I'm lucky yesterday juvenile count more on me now let's let's it's break that down real quick so he needs a wide receiver first and that a flights Bryan let's build a wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin and Sammy Watkins Randall cop. It's copper Watkins you have some weather go or non. I'm gonna go Watkins from ago cop out. Common this all right so now. Any one of those guys that we just mentioned tiger earlier Dion Lewis. Well you can put the others in the flexed to right that's that's not at residency can go Kelvin Benjamin Sammy Watkins. Todd earlier Dion Lewis in your flights. Love running backs here just because purely as a king match I'm a yeah I'm just gonna say girly ominous a girly awesome yeah. We have Alex on Twitter that press got a Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson. Press got press got all right Brad Milwaukee with a question. Black bat point CPR really eater I don't Coleman. Evan Coleman. Yeah all right let's do it. Email here this is from and QB question Palmer or Ryan Ryan all day right. Yes all right here's another one from Joseph fellas do I start Taylor Gabriel in place of the Andrei Hopkins first round of playoffs thanks. Yes yes. Can it says pick to an eight PP Armonk creep brawls Howard. Have carte quarterbacks are need the help thanks for us Mon creek in Howard yes. Let's go back to the phones he was even Towson means what you got Steve. PP ER three or Iran I think the other don't read yes yes. But then I have Kirk cousins or Matt Ryan and that fame means. Cousins thousands. Fellow up aren't. I may have may double up. Peed on Twitter. Need one PP guard Delonte Booker Tim Hightower it's having Coleman. It is a PP Ari said yes Coleman Coleman. Are right we have mosey on Twitter doing now and are happy round. Just plain Eleanor you act oh Alan B two Andrew brook Phillips hate question. They're not CPR. You were out of four reckless. Got Beasley Dion Lewis Bart Bryant Matthews irked at him you're here. Many of those and he won. Her first Matthew's question Ryan Mathews question of the days back active after two weeks. He sent. They go with Ryan Matthew agree. Or kicker. Here's an email this is from Jake Stafford or Brady. I was Brady yes all right Wayne what's your question. Or or or at least you're well the first or. We're Beasley. On this and I'm a little torn. It's important to I'm I'm gone Beasley. Thanks much wrong way me or degree or Cameron break and read. Agreed. JJ with a question. We just didn't Alan Jordan Reed. Nicely done is from KJ hey guys love the show lost two questions Rivers are cousins cousins agreed Brandon Marshall Hopkins. Hockey is all right loose on the ball Tomas Wyler Lucy. He's a bombings horrible horrendous and yet he needs and two hitter PBR Mike Wallace or Alan Robinson. Robbins. Yeah Robinson down. Pete just need one of these blacks have PP are Landry Snead or McCain and. Landry all right I'm assuming this is a husband and wife sending separate emails Kirk cousins or Philip Rivers riding can no husbands all right. Canadian to notion Dion Lewis or Ken Dixon non PPR. Then. The on the Louis. Dixon. Louis all right close it out with Kyle to question top. Oregon and men or energized one point for every ten yards. I. Forty seconds or it can't be it Brian on FaceBook none DBR Mark Ingram or DR Andre Hopkins. Ingram. Yes. And has it. Are not very good hot stove weekly is next. As so we will talk with the new Brewers first baseman yeah pertains you'll join us in about fifteen minutes Craig Counsell extended. For an additional three years talk about that lot of moves Tyler Thornburg was traded Chris Carter not brought back in a time to get to. That's gonna do it for fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallet Sosa for Ronnie Mac laugh Greg Jackson purity Dan. Stick around for a hot stove weekly my name is Tim Allen good luck in week fourteen.