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Need advice? Here's your chance to win your Fantasy Football playoff matchup!

Dec 15, 2016|

12/15/16: Paul Charchian from joins Bill Michaels.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rather go Michael show is on the air. I know many of you are in our fantasy football and it is post season next week is championships in many of your sitting up there right now. And you know whatever some LT security for this weekend's matchups. Paul charging in from League City post I'd common leagues say dot com. Joining us on the Schneider orange hotline item in charge I am doing great our ego I don't well so I've before we get anywhere else I I gotta ask you what does the optimism in Minneapolis right now. With the bye to the Vikings have the easiest schedule seemingly between here in the into the season so what is the optimism for that team to make the post you. You know it's out a lot of people think that Detroit's gonna lose out I'm sure you guys you're talked you guys have talked about this a lot as well Detroit can fear easily lose out the rest of the games. Com you've got they've got a quarterback who's hobbled right now with the bad finger they've got a tough road game with the Giants here in the schedule it's sports including a game with field. And down. It's really feel like that opportunities there frankly we see the Packers is a bigger threat than he sees as the Lions as as a threat. And down that problem though is is it's been all year the Vikings offensive line as bad as it already is they might be missing three more starters this week. Starting center starting right guard starting right tackle all hurt at all missing practice so far. So it just you start one kissed Q how many guys can one offensive line lose and you just there's nobody left I mean there. It's just it's it's it's just that borderline tragedy naive you know the that division is just thin air for the taking away at almost never is with that with the Packers in the Vikings. You just can't you can't be sure that the that the offensive line can you know provide you even to the Arctic airy and two seconds in the pocket. Right now tell there's a little bit of optimism right now but. You know that's you know it's all tampered with that so let me ask you this because there's history I haven't realized then maybe I just somehow missed it but. When did we learn that James Starks was in an accident significant enough to get him and into the compassion for would be against it during the press average Joseph know and we had the day Mike McCarthy announced it today OK and I guess he was in a car accident on Monday he says OK but he's in concussion you know how I I I was gonna say I just found out about them the last couple hours in them. Watch an act now I mean that's a big change in. If at first up specifically. Not hoping for injury or concussion on anybody I'd. If Starks were out for this game it really helped galvanize. I I Montgomerie as the starter and floor but got he should have been the starter all along and I don't I don't understand. Mike McCarthy's rotation of backs and why he keeps dabbling on. Guys like Starks in you Jackson ever house ski in Davis and Michael went. Montgomery gives you something really special in the backfield but that none of those other guys have. Do you think I'm nuts with I have no idea I completely agree with our gut felt completely agree not to put that now the next question is. What can you do with a game that's schedule right now to be naked if two degrees and windy. What can you possibly you and no teams better equipped for this than the Packers right by. There's I don't care who you are there some point at which you know let's say that look to the Mitchell minus twenty. Which would its negative too out only takes like a fifteen degree they're fifteen mile per hour wind right. They say it's QB fifteen below with the wind chills fifteen to seventy Malone went okay great so I how much can you even get done with that. I mean I think of the Vikings and the Seahawks game from last last last January. But both teams to just run in in molasses I mean everything is slow with the mountain and there was almost no scoring in that game. So I I'm I'm really -- from a fan's standpoint about how many points even if for two teams as well equipped to handle cold as these two are. I think there is a point at which it just stole all presently cold that you just can't get. Grind and we seen this before between these two teams as matter fact. And the Packers didn't get anything done they got beat down there and really really cold games the Packers have not been successful Soldier Field so I did not remember that is that recent history 200320078. To that got the Brett Favre game we actually through the bit of lateral pass and ended up blowing backwards and peanut Tillman picked it up and Glenn touchdown and and John Ryan went upon it went backwards when the winds were so well. But let's let's I was there with the coldest I've ever been in my life value -- they went to the NFC championship game. In that freezing and Giants get unbelievable temperature in and out and the blues huge mansion Ira I remember that well and Tom Coughlin looking like he was literally dead. Slurping his own snot on the sideline. Let me and slurping his own it's not national Saturday derivative or trail right there let me ask you this yes all showed Jeffrey returns. And I'm trying to figure out how to rankles John Jeffery for this week because it it it is. Opt out what to do with him in his first game back. Against your Packers secondary that's been generally pretty yielding for most of the season meant that might be an understatement but now you've thrown all the horrific weather. And the fact that beats any quarterback is not Jake color always seems to ignore all signed Jeffrey. What do you think about his prospects for success against your pack. I look at it this way the Packers defensive backs in both Rollins or Randle had come back and they beginning healthier each week which is the reason you're starting to see more and more picks so right. I am if I had to pick it I'd say Jeffrey gets a couple of catches but he's also been prone to have some drops yes specifically in games like this and I would say that he's not gonna hurt you to death. He's playing prop season money right you're the owner Gloria free agent. Three games from now that he's got to show some good because he's coming back over that suspension which he was an idiot. And enjoy it constantly injured too right so mean nothing better for him then do you know put up massive games but I wonder if I wonder if that the management and the coaching staff for the Bears want to help him like that. Right that they wanted to drive up his offseason asking price high CI don't think stone I don't really think they care too much for now anyway so to me I. I wonder how much you known that they actually look at. I grew and now there's a lot of variables there. I'm got one here for you disguise it was first in today in the cigarette of his playoffs in the justice in vans and a half point PP are flexed by Britt. Mark east lead or Ted Ginn junior. Rose. While Kenny Britt out against Seattle and I. I don't you know I although the Rams happily ate a chance at any stunning upset tonight that's that's our that's a legitimate chance to them I'm. I'm very worried about Russell Wilson pass game and this one. But we're not gonna practical so pars to start Kenny Britt I can't start Ted Ginn we talked for a minute about how bad Cam Newton has been. He's been awful awful. So part of it's not on him he's missing its starting left tackle he's missing is starting right tackle he's missing his first and second string centers get that. But it eagle since week two he's averaging one touchdown pass per game. They don't let him run near the strike anymore ever since the concussion in week four they've stopped it all but stopped his running at near near the end zone. And let me ask you this. If I were to say. Bill what's a good completion percentage for a quarterback what. What you want ace a decent NFL quarterback to lead is it for complete reports and DC and is between 62 in sixty step. Here's the last month. For camp and I totally tree. 42%. 50%. 44%. And 37%. He's now and good. Every minute you take away his MVP year or not you can't just anyway but he you'd you'd be MVP year was kind of an aberration. I mean he's never been high percentage wise no he's never been a high percentage is right outside last year that you know the passing as always sort of you know been on the side you know in addition of the running then it's just all the wheels come off this offense right now and I I'm it's I'm deeply worried about Cam Newton. My number to which quarterback this and rightfully so. Let's get to let's give vocalist and listening to his wallet dosage him I don't and he got a question for Paul charges. Yeah I think offers are ones they have complained that the one time night if people fire them as people. What we please nice did a great great cover on that night. Thank you very much he's referring to we had the fleet back in the nineties Belle. We we started the first weekly fantasy football magazine this is pre Internet. And so there was literally no there was no fantasy football content published in the world. At a weekly basis in season so there a couple of draft guides he could get in the summer and then there was that. So we started a magazine and that's all I got my start in the industry in 1990 three's and thank you very much. He nearly died credit we gotta love this thank you. Real quick arm I have a guard complaint against the guy that athletes and it Bill Burton on it generated. Volume ten Eagles ten miles out there exactly you know he has waivers in Novak while OK if zero. So do it cleared Rodgers. If in this situation right right hopefully Carson Palmer. Play Carson Palmer and I would I would have I've homer op Carl. I have Carson Palmer hire any way. But let's take out all the variables that could happen if he'd negatively. On that frozen field in Chicago and let's just let's just take Carson Palmer here it's a good matchup with the Saints anyway. There better secondary than they were last year they still rank 31 in passing yards allowed so. Let's play Carson Auburn just take your take our points Nathan says the Rogers against the bearers are winced in against the Cowboys. So right now I've got Rogers higher but you as. As we get closer to the reality of this game time kickoff temperature I am moved them down are my rankings so for the moment it's Rodgers. And but you know we've talked about that came about a fair amount let's talk about Winston and in the game that he's got coming right now. Through this five game winning streak that Tampa Bay is on. They've allowed just thirteen points per game and it's there to what it on defense not offense during this five game winning streak he's only thrown one point two touchdowns per game. So it's not like he's been explosive at this time. The good news though he's got Mike Evans Mike Evans has got a nice nice match up with that the Cowboys. You know that he had more it's clear borns than it is bent out of will be out for this game and they've got rookie cornerback Anthony brown. And that's Evans is gonna see a lot of him in this game so. I I like Mike Evans mean number one on number one wide receiver I would like like Winston's I like like Winston's prospects in this game as well. And I think. You know if they're things go all the way that you and I think it's gonna go bills we may be looking at a twelve to its new nine or seven or eight point game. From for Packers and Bears so I'm sorry I'm I'm nervous very. It's gonna steal Lucy two is on the west side Steve walking to the program what's up. It's all I just standard scoring league and it they're right that question. I'm starting Ramon. And I've got to choose between. Walls. And Paul. Yet your plan Rawls for sure and you've got it right in the freemen's got a great match of the San Francisco's you wanna play on Freeman as well but Waltz tonight goes up against Los Angeles. I really I'm really worried about the passing game for Seattle because. The the Rams defense of line it's fantastic in his conference ones rules I think they're going to be all over Russell Wilson again he's camp another difficult game. Roles though I like a lot Los Angeles has surrendered a league high 825. Yards over the last five weeks. And seven touchdowns in the last five weeks to running backs so I think Rawls is sitting at a big game in the game plan is going to be won him a lot tonight. Bridget let's go to match quickly and wants a matter how you doing today what's going on. All the players I expect all right. I thought I got it out here but going up against their go to right and got quite pack I'd like about Tyrod Taylor moved quickly about. Yeah I understand the temptation here and I I have I do have Andrew Luck tiger but not a lot higher and if you decide you want it just you know. Rolled the dice and it Tyrod Taylor against Cleveland I would understand that but just know this. Tyrod Taylor in his entire career and they'll think about a hard to dispute this. He's never had a 300 yard game not wants. You can fall in a bed and get exactly garbage time something's right never had 8300 yard game and then there's this. They're already the bills are already of run first offense. And here comes the Browns in I think LeSean McCoy and Mike you mostly are gonna get a lot of in this game. And I am I'm nervous a tyrant it was going to be in the outside looking in if Tyrod does not run one in his arm keeps you off it and that part worries me a bit. Vikings secondary is with out their best player on defense Harrison Smith. I would try Andrew Luck here hates it it's not a good matchup be my choices are good I would try Andrew Luck. But if you decide you want you what is on the upside that any player has against the Browns you know I respect that I'm Stan Paul charging joining us on the line. And bill yes I want to see. Chris Rock open for Kid Rock wouldn't have become a cool but our B conical. There could well and I would see the what the audience looks like mean they'll now be fought. This seat back is that you know were drawn from different crowd let's just say yes now would be a. Good to I want to go to Chris Rock countered. Policy that coliseum encounter that a great. You know people I'm not in victory. It brought some academy is a bit but everybody tells me that he puts on a fantastic show I've seen him he was its Super Bowl cub years ago he's okay I mean I've seen him like three or four times. But I've never been to a Chris Rock you know I wanna go hide in that era because I I heard it's human I've team on you know cable its easel areas but I just I want to go there person you know memento. That is just my personal. I I grew up in a family that just said we don't do race jokes and we don't do raced off. Right and we don't compare people buy rates and so when I hear comedians who stuff is primarily. White guys says this why guys says this. It's just it's just it just doesn't sit with me even if I am you know I know what's funny I probably don't lighten up. It just how to help for my own I struggle. I don't know I don't know in the division ground I am to him they you know most people problem and I'm not saying it's not funny. Murray or hill. Jeremy oh hill is a great case study in just paying attention to match ups. Get this that Jerry meals you're starting running back for for Cincinnati and Buford art's gone. When he plays the Cleveland Browns he's eight yards per carry and a touchdown per game. When he plays any other team in the NFL Jeremy hill is three yards per carry and a half a touchdown per game. Now it gets Pittsburgh Pittsburgh to a good run defense. No opposing runner it's even hit 39 yards sits back and we and against the Steelers so it take. Rotten matchup for cheer me I'll. Boy you know. Jose answered any questions than you had a question as well yeah I had in the guy who had TV's very Jeremy hills same deal you know with Davis where is may never nine running back your bills 26 move. Stay away from them. Polished quickly we'll get to a Thomas enters a player Tom broke what you got one go. Wondered about Mark Ingram. And I made the FBI Louis one or the other in how far we'll. I would bet I'm I've I've kinda lost track where the question was but let's I don't Mark Ingram purses. And I don't know but Julio looks much in this. Practiced a little bit yesterday did a practice today I'd his status is very much up in the air and frankly they don't need him against San Francisco. So I think they're gonna look at this game go you know what. Why risk Julio Jones against San Francisco this is a win we can get this win any time we won it and so I I think he's not and playing if he does play. What's his usage gonna be like is he going to be on the field in the second half and her fight Tony points I think there's a lot of reason to show eighth on a caution. On Julio Jones. Tom let's get to. Oh a couple more here this one is with senior we get to. Well gaga when it's his age Ingram and remind let's go a Tom Brady or Derek Carr. Let's talk about tie breaks it's a really really really tough match up Brady's got Denver so that it lets you know this is a tough one to figure out self. Last week we are nervous about Marcus Mary Oda going up against Denver in the throwing for eighty yards and a touchdown. Odds are no touchdowns no touchdowns in the Soviet you know awful awful performance for fans standpoint. Denver ranks number one against the passing yards allowed their number one in passing touchdowns allowed their number one and completed passes all out. I mean that doesn't get the matchup doesn't get any harder than this now Brady face the Broncos twice last year and actually a pretty good stat lines in those two matchups. Bought this year's Bronco team is against the run last year's team was good gets everything it so I think the I think Bill Belichick check just said you know. If the problems getting its everything ominous throw Tom Brady Adam and we're gonna go where to go talent vs talent. This year with the Broncos ranking 29 against the run. This game plan's gonna be all but with Garrett blunt. And I'm really worried that Tom Brady's not gonna have a bunch of volume in this game. Last year he threw the ball 56 times in one game at 42 times in the other game. I think this year to be sitting him like thirty or thirty turtle neck to be a huge difference against a great pass defense so. I'm nervous about Tom Brady. If you've got other good alternatives I think to take him get your car up at number three at on the presumption that using your injured fingers OK I'm ten days rest. Today you know charged we will be talking championships next week we appreciated is all anybody get away we'll crowned champions next week.