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12-18-16 Fantasy Football Weekly

Dec 18, 2016|

Tim Allen and Ramie Makhlouf break down the NFL matchups and take your questions all the way until kickoff to help to get a Week 15 playoff victory.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Kick off cannot get here quick enough. Getting you all the info you need to win this week. It's fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in Wallach Sosa. On sports Radio One 057 FM. In one respect as a very happy day today. In other respect very sad day today what's sad. It's our Final Fantasy IV hours ago now see that's that's the sad part of this whole thing so with snappy part. Happy part is most leagues. Semi final week. Leicester and some crazy leagues that go all the way through the seventeen and then beyond. But happy part would be fantasy football is still in play and one of those leagues that goes straight through the playoffs. Couple yep you're not a bad leagues. Well here that touchdown only league you're in a league that goes through the playoffs here in. You got a lot of bad league's history chalk it up to another problem with this country. We should do that it's a problem with you good bad choice leaks. And then the one good league that jury got scared kid you can compete with the rest of us and Randolph no I didn't he did not yet it that you did. It is. My big league pitcher and for a year all that to ask for years to get it now it's got to be easier it's only a ten team league guys don't know what you're doing and then you finished in the bottom half and ran off. Talk about crazy I half. That one might take that Mel allens and that's like. It's it's not it's sort of in between. It's it's perfect. Well there's nothing wrong with the note not a ton wrongly there's nothing wrong with it should be there's to be standardized leaks. Just everything stand because you can you can understand the crap. The strategy art form. Because you get into some of these leagues like dams over here are Super Bowl week seventeen. Let's see you know if there's another one let's uniform the scoring give bad taste in the fantasy football you'd be you know more relevant it's the I like that you're like that buddies always dating the wrong girl. Well at least. I'll give you good taste in your calls like Q okay thank you that I'll give you good taste you also have good taste in your welcome it's week fifteen edition of fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallets hosted Tim Allen Rami Mac club. Greg Janet this year security Dan is here in the playoffs are here. And don't forget about daily fantasy don't forget coming up at noon today there's may be a weather impact game of the week. That Dan will talk about down there in Chicago just think I think so maybe and also at noon today here's what I want to do is bit. Bears Packers the Packers are gonna win just fine you don't need to watch that. Hot stove weekly coming up at noon we'll stocks of Brewers baseball I'm not kidding. Hot stove weakly at noon today Darnell Coles will join us a Bruce hitting coach as well as. Seth Everett our national baseball insiders so. Stick around for that at noon and again you won't miss much can be Rodgers that Jordy in the defense hold him down the Bears. The Bears have a chance round now. Does does inclement weather. Your let me just tell you what I think in inclement weather I think it it is an advantage to the lesser talented team. Why do you say that because it takes the talent. Away from the top guy. Because it's on it's if it's in a dome let's say. I as like economy's so it kind of brings brings down not the hire talented team down to a level where. Act we both got to play in this and you can't play your game. It's I don't know if that's right or wrong this is always the way I've thought about it and I think the point spread. Has been impacted as well by the weather because. Quite frankly that point spread. Should be like eight. Has gone around for a half for five in there really that low I think so yet should be more in the does that hamper and now for half as each. That maybe the weather will have an impact in that oneself what gets it of full field run down here were two games in. Two week fifteen and those of you with Thomas Rawls who played on Thursday night Seattle. They beat up on the Rams Seattle with a big bounce back victory Russell Wilson with three TD passes Thomas Rawls he didn't do much do the Greg Manning. No he did not because Darryl bubble likes to throw the ball. At the one yard on continuously yeah what do you make of that Richard Sherman getting on Pete Carroll for. There on the ball first and goal at the one I get his frustration. From that is. I don't think that's something you should do it is definitely not something issue until the precedent and Todd Gurley owners still continue to be in Pena CI and ended up with what 38 yards rushing did you hear the Twitter BP has gone on other with a fan you know it's great that is cool Todd Gurley. Not in here lovely exchange back and one of the guys said. Tiger early he treated Adam if I see you how many of us aren't you in the face a very young born and my fantasy team. In tiger he says come on and bring it and the guy says Ivan Wayne Freeman's on and you're still out here. If a guy today Julia how is that guy in the end zone with the during the ends and you're right. And then you have last night's game the Dolphins and Matt Moore. A beaten up on the young New York Jets Jets in this of Robby Anderson Fella. I don't know if that's going to be a big impact but he did score the first touchdown and it was all Dolphins after that special teams score four TD passes by Matt Moore. Couple that Dion Sims said Jarvis Landry and Kenny stills with touchdown receptions as well couple of field goals and for the New York Jets and so we're two games in week fifteen hearing it's in the rest of the slight. It to the injury report C a key stats in the match ups today and in a year in the playoffs we we completely get. What's going on. In your playoff match so let's dig in a week fifteen here in the NFL and in your fantasy league. Eagles or Ravens. And the Ravens did you hear Tom Brady consistently talk about the way his team beat up on on a great defense continued to say that a number one defense we beat the good guys vivid these guys are tough and we BM. Brady steps up throws a bunch of TD passes and the Ravens are just sort of no Rami YouTube Thorman that Pittsburgh Steelers kind of rain serve not quite. Yeah I think their. What do you mean by the Pittsburgh Steelers range like sort of not done just that does that sound from the Patriots as stepped down from the upper upper Echelon while the Patriots are the upper Echelon they are there's just a bunch of teams in all of football yeah I I agree with you so you put Baltimore in there they should come up with a win against the Eagles Eagles have some. Concerns and running back. Sneaky pick you would think would be Ryan Matthews with a banged up Sproles and small would however you're up against that Baltimore defense that's going to be tough and stay away from that'll that is going to be tough let's check the rest of the injuries for this match of Ravens and Eagles. Mentioned Darren Sproles out almost murdered on a punt return last week you got a concussion Brent Celek is questionable with pasting here. He's had full participation in practice on Friday though a's get to go to Oreo green Beckham full practice on Friday even though it's questionable. With an abdomen injury and jordin Matthew's question with an ankle injury but full practice on Friday. Should be good to go for the Ravens just one injury Rocky Gilmore their tent and he's questionable with a thigh injury but full practice Friday. Looks good to go to let go by the way around that Flacco. And he got out a little bit rural. Matchup looks birdies hasty today he's averaged eighteen point one fantasy points in seven games at home this here while the Eagles have given up almost 22 fantasy points. Two opposing quarterbacks on the road also. Only one quarterback that was Jay Cutler and we Q has scored less than seventeen points against Philadelphia this here talked about that Ryan Mathews match up. No team has allowed fewer points to running backs than Baltimore they give up just over thirteen points per game. Two running backs over the last five road games Philadelphia's defense has allowed seven touchdowns almost thirty fantasy points per game to opposing wide receivers are like Steve Schmidt today. Yeah and you like as as we discuss Joseph Flacco let's see if the weather's commandment in tact here weather will impact this game is going to be a little bit of drizzle I'm not throughout the game but wind. It's going to be gusting up to about twenty miles an hour but steadily holding about sixteen. Brown spills. The oh win there and Greg gigantic in a sports last year had a snippet of Aaron Rodgers talking about twenty mile per hour sort of a the barometer for him with rational yet he said that I I love this this phrase a whole another. He did he views that with the hole another hole not there yet withdraw with that wells shouldn't be. Entirely dip friend served whole another what's wrong with all the other night getting appointment. It's not. As dramatic as they perfect proper knowledge no that's Adams and it's an expression that a lot of people viewed a lot a lot of widely accepted I think it's a whole pressure of there. But we in the upper midwest a whole not there. It's a spot. That's O. Right about border with you a lot of target these these grammatical things that you point out via Milwaukee Milwaukee I say a whole another all the to have him I got on board with the others out about it and well I'm not saying I'm excluded from that side it's let's Anaheim only to reality anything wrong has called on the of that so Wisconsin arson I say west constant thing by bills brought. Bills Browns as wrecks trying to read an article this morning sir Brian in this game the rest your critics nobody guys start people Rex Ryan's going to be fired after this game. That's what they're saying here's mostly fired after the last game after the last two games yes. So is that true I mean they're six and seven I don't know what you say is I'm sorry I and we senate sixteen I don't understand. We've got other teams that are rock solid with their head coaches at seven wins. There's guys at six and he's ready to get. Written down on a rail if you wanna fire and go and fire him but what went how does it benefit your team during it today and I don't get well I guess you would startle LeSean McCoy. On the gas via Sammy Watkins probably a little bit of a play of an outside of that. I don't see many starters let's check the injuries injuries in this one think just one injury Charles clay. The tide and is questionable with a knee injury is limited in practice on Friday indications are. He should go today it will keep and I and it's Sammy watkins' house a questionable with a foot injury he was limited in practice on for a well right in the oh forecast for this on. Well Tim it's going to be a little chilly about 24 degrees would some overcast and the wins will hold it about fifteen miles an hour blow up to a whole another twenty degrees. Steelers singles. Are good game here I guess I think kid depending on what you think about the Cincinnati Bengals. Pittsburgh should. Probably shift into another gear here and get ready for the playoffs you it takes them yet you would you would think you got a healthy De'Angelo Williams now. Lay beyond bell with an absolute monster monster game last week. Page see what he did on what 300 yards total and how boy. As I had to buy in in the league that I am leave him though so it and you and to just keep doing meant it and benefit me last week and in the keep doing now and if you're going on cycles you know chances are it doesn't have as big a game and Ian have as being. As been Oka and in the have a whole another game like a hole. Old another pack of that point yet today OK and offensively for the Cincinnati mangle she'll like the the Jeremy hill match up and certainly Tyler I've heard has been has been stepping up and he's been helping a lot of fantasy players. The rest of the injuries for the Steelers Bengals Steelers and bagels quite a few injuries actually say and I'm looking at the yeah. Madeline and we know AJ green Snyder's and things virus in his mails and machine here. It's disappointing round will be doing. That's a hole and others is a whole another issue I don't see Steelers and Bengals on major port I don't know why everyone's must be healthy. Yet no way figuring his exit expected to miss this game is expected to miss nothing official but they have I wouldn't say he's gonna go tight ends this date moves Nomo. Is expected to return to action and ever since and has a lot of people I can't wait Darrius Heyward-Bey is out for the Steelers are probably but again there it is yeah aren't any stats on the soft. Yeah I got just one. Big Ben has averaged fewer than fourteen fantasy points and outdoor road games since 2015 he takes on the Bengals and problem that eight touchdown passes. With six picks and an average of under fifteen fantasy points in their last seven games seven match up in a sassy. I'll since he now and I'm not home games but in okay incident Cincinnati. All right yeah he's he has been known to scuffled airless checked the forecast Bengals and Steelers well other than a B and about 27 degrees weather is not going to be an issue five very good there's first segment of the show today the second hour the program for 147991250. Hit us up on FaceBook and Twitter. I you can also email live at 1057 FM the fan dot com we understand the importance here a lot of money riding on this. Why don't. Other shows and such a half talk about the money implications. Of Tennessee football. I don't know it's legal implications and I'd no one's ever said anything to me that risen an enemy and I'm I'm playing for money on played for quite a bit of mine were good some of Omar went. Oh big chunk of money and then I needed. More than ever and you we'll take a break out of Burnett by the way had a huge success in this circle of trust land him in the bottom of the hour it's fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in a while at those set. Here on the fan. Tim and Robby have been playing fantasy football for literally decades gardening. They know exactly what it takes to win. This is fantasy football weekly. Presented by Dave and buster's in Wallach Sosa on the fan. Jaguars Texans. We continue our run down in this first hour of fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallet Sosa Tim Rami in week fifteen in the NFL week fifteen probably the semi finals of most of your league's year. I'm your fantasy match up the I'm semi finals do you have today that you made that you made it. I have a bias but I yeah and even by at this point this room in the semis next next week seventeen how is that densely. Yeah it's and one of those badly so the idea. Lead the lead the league in scoring have the buy so and and the other another two. A hole mother too I'm in in the playoffs which start in the playoffs. You have to leaves a restart in the playoffs Loria the playoffs start in the pinnacle of playoffs are in the playoff injury draft it's a really reassess. It if you we're playing fairly well I Ottawa where yes you read draft. So dean you have the entire year means nothing you can keep up to three of those guys that's ridiculous yup and then you move on. Bad that's horrible. Well yeah you'd you'd every need reaping Bentley well I here's what I would say. It's nice to see that the show can be fair objective and non judgement that's the that's very nice to see that. Houston and Jacksonville go at a today let's check the injury injuries Allan burns is out with a hamstring injury for the Jacksonville Jaguars might not. He's been out the whole season disease and yes it's trashed. And if Federer row it's Colton that are that are better for doorway of the world it's. Federer LH. The door he's out. I that's why he is out and a guy is out with a because you you are sneaky little pick via a tight end Griffin who. For the Houston Texans my beaten some. Someone that's out there right now I don't really light on anybody in this game a lot like that Cleveland Buffalo well I mean we do have to consider who's playing quarterback for Houston Greg. He's a bomb. Yeah although playing a little bit better and you know a just a little guy how just little little bit look at his stats they're LI hate is Stan always these horrendous yet. What else is the Obama her Rand is horrible. By any stats in this room. No no no no no stance and weather forecast they get in a way. No weather here Dan. That comes on and it's down in Houston and Titans TE tight she's in the chiefs' they win. They can they win in the playoffs. That's that's league the key phrase here. All ten C. I'm a tough time figuring out Tennessee for the this year now moving Ford for Tennessee. They pick up and he. A bona fide stud receiver. They got some work in down there Nash Matthews and party and he he has and in if he's year's second wide outs you. Now to a stud type receiver meant. There and some really good shape stressing the tide and the two to have him monster. I in the backfield. There. There on their way lets check the injuries for this match and injuries in this couple stats though the Chiefs. How Derrick card a four point nine points last week in the three previous quarterbacks that pays them and Aaron stadium. But up an average of 21 point one points they struggle against cornerback the last few weeks. Up until it's in there are last week meanwhile over the last four weeks Tennessee's defense. Has allowed six touchdowns and he most fantasy points to opposing wide outs. It was almost 37 and a half points per game. A lot to wide outs by Tennessee last four minutes to read Kansas City doesn't throat otherwise now. Hardly have considered starting pitcher would you start Jeremy Maclin over any one of these three guys Alan Robinson Ahmanson is the Bundy. I would consider over Robinson. Don't. Know why that is dumped or automatically. He's been hurt the projection is that Robinson at twelve met him on this way that Robinson up against Houston. Moment let's check the forecast for the some. Tim it's going to be awfully cold about eight degrees but clears guys. Colts Vikings are. Years here's one that internally here at the station were trying to figure out because we've got a lot of players in play in this game. One of which is Greg dynamics aging Peterson who now is announcing he will start this game and his current you'll start okay then you've got a -- Pretty solid Frank Gore question out there against a viking defense Frank Gore or marking. So you've got I mean you've got a lot in play here the Minnesota defense. I believe is. They're good and that think they don't get the respect that that is due. To the viking defense that's a tough matchup for months basically a must win game for the Minnesota Vikings. I mean every game as a must game win for those three teams in the NFC North Carolina this a good game. There really is extremely important game for both of these both of these teams receive injuries are gonna play apart around him on creep is out with a hamstring injury. Dwayne Allen is questionable with a hip injury full practice Friday though and the Norris said he could pick up some of the slack. That down team on creep leagues as he's but he's questionable. With a groin injury for Minnesota met USC ought to. Is questionable with an ankle injury did not practice Friday so it's not looking good but they do it Adrian Peterson back yes discussed. Indies defense is laden average of eight point seven fantasy points per game the tent and not to mention the third most yards to the position overall almost 900 yards. A lot attendants pharmacy died and a whether or not an issue and don't. Bonds Giants. Before we get to this this a great match up to before we get to this let's let's just nip this thing in the bud AP. A going to play today. And I know we're gonna get some questions about aging Peters and people have stashed him on the bench waiting for this day. What are we all expect on AP's. And it act cold defense is that good it's not but that. The the Vikings run defense has been a run offense excuse me has been historically bad weather Adrian Peterson has been back there and they're averaging less than three yards Carrey and that I'll spend bad. It's been bad Greg your thoughts and AP we're gonna get some questions on him today I think that they wanna do ball control game. Now is a new ball controlled him so they do. And I don't know. When you say about it and standard scoring that's and he has ten points I'm nice and stay away from AP by any means understand. He's not. Don't expect eight. And it's true man that's that's tough that's Texas that's a tough decision right this next game a year. Big time implications not only for the Green Bay Packers in our neck of the woods but in the NFC as a whole as the Giants. Holds the Detroit Lions and Matthew Stafford with a a custom fit glove. For that middle finger has endless single finger glove and it's on the middle finger and middle finger I get one of those yet back. That should be that should be sold at the stadium in Detroit that. Although this game in New York correct yeah yeah this this of great match of great football game we're gonna find out how good the Detroit Lions are. In this one. I'd it's. Matt Stafford has thrown eight TDs in his last seven games. Can that be right I think you're right yeah yeah. Really and this guy is even within sniffing distance and people are talking about MVP for Matt staff anymore they're now take a look at Aaron Rodgers single word document that the all time you know what it's about time people stop avoiding. Aaron Rodgers in the MVP talk. Ever one's gone crazy over Derek is our. If he keeps them wells because the Packers were so bad. For they lost four straight games to him in five out of six that make the playoffs and he keeps doing what he's doing that's that's here MVP so that there are so little of that and have the do Rodgers that was more is defense Rodgers wasn't it but so is threshold is the playoffs. Maybe you don't win MVP without making the play OKC got to make the play on the east of what you need to put up MVP like numbers and lead your team to the post season start sorry about that we'll get more on that when we. When we cover that game here but the Giants. And lines going at a big matchup in the NFC the injuries Theo Riddick cost me one link last week. My cost me another league this week as he's doubtful with a wrist injury they karaoke brown has been a machine points to Eric people are as questionable with a knee injury limited practice Friday. Keep and I am that 14 in Shane Vereen a running back for the Giants he's questionable. Where they concussion he was limited. In practice on Friday and I what's the forecast for this one well whether could play an issue in this one it's going to rain lightly on and off throughout the game's gonna be about fifty degrees. In the win will be kicking up to about fifteen miles an hour before and move on Tim you may wanna stay away from Matthew Stafford today pointed out he's gone kind of cold last seven weeks and the Giants have allowed just thirteen touchdowns and the second fewest fantasy points to quarterbacks this year to give up less than thirteen fantasy points per game. In the NFL on the Giants have allowed just two touchdowns and an average of seventeen point two points to a tight ends in their last five home games. I we get on its easy to undersea take a break here we are. All right we'll take a break here will come back Adam Burnett in his circle of trust so final visit with him he hit a home run. With a at least one of his picks last week. At defense they has boy they stepped up his right on the money will do that continue our run down. Top of the hour itself do you guys 7991250. Of us up on FaceBook and Twitter email live a 1057 FM the fan dot com your listening. The fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in while it Sosa right here on the fan. In the circle. Invites you win time now for the circle of trust okay you trust with this much on the line we got you covered let's dig way. For us sleeper that matters a circle of trust on fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's. On 1057 of them. Yeah no matter what happens here in now week fifteen of the NFL. And is going to be covered by. Chuck and wing cooler on Monday morning we're all aware that right yes there you know I am the now. President I've been voted in president of the bar when Cutler fan club I'll really I did yeah who voted that well I ever want dad everyone in the building. Chuck Freeman get a vote she he did he voted for me to I did yeah. And all the millennial sir outside protesting too so now we have that going for reject that I'll Monday morning sort out a yacht. Packer victory over the Bears. Question mark. Now the victors cut circle of trust time without number net Adam. On the great mid West Bank outlined Adam. A nice job on your defense lastly. Know you. Remember really. Is there. Adam no. It's this this recent up and we'll monitors on that Adam we recent. No when he does I'm not going to be moment when we heard something there for it's let's let's do a game while we wait for him. Jarrett you have a go into this. Okay pick one it. It's. X. Series. Saints Cardinals. You know we've it is a New York. Aren't very good. Drew Brees does he bounce back he picked one hell did my sincere one hell of a defense what do tougher defense to bounce back from. Couple weeks in a row without a TD pass for Drew Brees leak it me. No nothing really happened and that did happen it would assume. I'm gonna I'm gonna go out and women in this just my gut I think there's a ton of points in this game. I think in this in this might be your track meet game get your Cardinals in. It's a Saints in let's check the injuries I'm looking for the injuries right now Manger ports all here we know our guys rich under the Connor and just shut itself and know that the whole thing no I got it I got a good job around as questionable with an illness he was limited in practice on Friday should be good to go today Jermaine Gresham that tied and he is questionable with a knee injury limited in practice on Friday. Also should be get to go today in their last six home games Arizona's defense has allowed just six point nine fantasy points and no rushing touchdowns to opposing running backs. Hookah if you'd still start Mark Ingram over Frank Gore. Maybe not. Maybe not he shares a carries with high tower francoeur a tougher match up let's face it cost style conditions. But she do have the passing game for gore and maybe they're gonna play underneath a little bit the Colts to loosen things up. Maybe it is gore certainly inside the five Gore's get his hands on the ball to. He got that going for him so that changed that game in me a dome no worries there are not a we have our circle just sounds like we do that's the second out I'd Adam Burnett. Do whatever else is very good I gave you some props and of course you had to text me. Making sure that I was aware of your Atlanta Falcons defense of pick lastly. Yes I was very fortunate that my friend Chris who I played in the playoffs last week the side of the cup of Felton defense and pick up the Lions defense looks at. Looks left that alone he would be playing this week makes a plane in the toilet bowl. Extremely important circle of trust on our final show today Adam what do you have. I think you really have to fail and the answer what the guys that brought Jeff. And looking at guys for what they are and trying to find. Upgrades are most positions where you. Struggle know what I'm looking at here's I'm replace Tom Brady against the Denver defense in the no fly zone. I believe that the Patriots beat the Broncos today they didn't beat him last year because we Garrett what was hurt. The Patriots were on the ball today it will open up play action I'm not afraid against both plane Tom Brady against Denver's really good passing defense. I think you have time Brady should play a running back I've been playing running back let all year with a lot of my teens I missed start running backs this year. This week I'm gonna play kind of fair all the San Diego super Chargers I believe he will stat was booked his place. As the Raiders have a lot of 120 yards per game I'm ground this year. Wide receiver Stanley watched it is EE 90%. With this sport I play I like the matchup against the Browns. I think this game actually could be a pretty high scoring game I think watching what was best game of the year. I Qaeda and Jordan Reed has gotten me this far. I'm gonna play a Monday night against the Panthers I have. Vernon Davis if there as they slip up a camp as a lot of the most fantasy points twelve holding tight end I have a player in that match up on the rule but we. They gets an extra day to heal up a little bit a couple of weeks ago Reid missed the game in the last week. Ended up with ten snaps so limited play for Jordan Reed but Monday Night Football should be should be some points for Reid I agree. My kicker kicking indoors with the offense Astros scored touchdowns and played against the fifth defense. Recipe for success like this who this week is tied for best. The Minnesota Vikings. People don't go Packers the Bears offense terrible I don't see Matt Barkley in the bears' offense to a much that the Packers. I think fish meal it's a pinball points. And with this being the last show of the year I had to go back Brett Evert I BP Falcons linebacker Dion Dion Joel's. He only as the single game this year without five or more full. Adam been a pleasure man thanks heard thanks for the circle of trust all year long now we appreciate it. You're welcome I look forward to doing it each week and my mom has hurt Scott cassette tapes that she record so we have mark. A ego thank you Adam happy holidays. I'd areas live from masters duties. And that has brought you by. Masters these and we say that is that a picture aren't very good let's continue our run now 49 style can. Niners and Falcons and those of view that got dumped out of the playoffs because the Vontae Freeman took a week off ended up with a eight points. This match of looks way too good I think you view your Freeman in there. As well as Devin Coleman I think you're you're in good shape year in this match of the year Carlos Hyde. You gotta start him. You've got him you've got to start him right you gotta start both those rounds are both felt running games look good in this M both sides of the ball let's check the injuries Falcons in niners. James Smith 49ers writer receiver is out with concussion. When Taurus Jones and Nick Williams wide receivers for the Falcons also both those guys out with the toe and concussion injury. Respectively I mentioned the running games in this when Tim Atlanta's defense. Has given up sixteen total touchdowns over 21 fantasy points per game to opposing running backs and no team at. Has a lot more fancy points to running backs in San Francisco almost 28 fantasy points per game. Allowed by the 49ers to opposing running backs. Meanwhile before facing Matt Barkley and rice paddy the last couple weeks the 49ers allowed an average of 22 point seven points to six previous quarterbacks and the niners have surrendered. AB high twenty touchdown catches and the second most fantasy points almost 47 fantasy points per game to opposing wide receivers. Five very good that game in Atlanta so no worries with the weather there aren't we'll take a break one of save a little time here for that packer Chicago bear match up and our conversation with that. Top of the hour we'll get to you guys 7991250. FaceBook and Twitter live at 1057 FM the fan dot com you can email that. As we continue week fifteen in the NFL fifteen in your fantasy mats are probably the semi finals. For most of you in play today we'll be back on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Tim and Ronnie have been playing fantasy football for literally decades gardening. They know exactly what it takes to win. This is fantasy football weekly. Presented by Dave and buster's in Wallach Sosa on the fan. Patriots Broncos. Some pretty pretty cool game as a part of the late game slate here as we continue our rundown our number one of fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in awhile what Sosa. Tom Brady coming off a yeah a big time game last week. A 400 plus in three TDs. Without gronkowski in the line up. In Denver. It's Denver I mean are they one and done even if they get man. I would think the defense is enough to win a game but they can't pull it off to. Years and know enough and they don't have the running game that they did in the season started there you might monster might be a threat if you are running game and that defense but. Not that it via that's to lead the but a cool game to watch in the AFC Denver and new England and New England the one seed let's check injuries for this matchup Danny Amendola is out with an ankle injury Martellus Bennett is questionable with an ankle injury limited practice on Friday is been playing with an ankle for a while will play today and Matthew Slater the wide receiver. Is questionable with a foot injury. He had limited practice on Friday couple stats in this when Denver's rendered. The fourth most rushing yards on 14100 yards and an average of close to nineteen fantasy points per game two running backs. So far this season and no defense in the apparently has surrendered fewer receptions touchdown catches or fantasy points and opposing wide receivers this season. Then the Denver Broncos what's the forecast in Denver today lulled him earlier well last night it was pretty bad but things are gonna be lot better 32 degrees clears guys. Truly it's Chargers. Point soap. One teach year Derek car owners very disappointed in his last effort. And a last Thursday a week ago Thursday. So we look for him to bounce back don't we boys you'd think so yeah you would you would think in the Chargers. They've put up their points and read that again there that the toughest team for me as an NFL fan. To figure out why in the world they struggle to get into the playoffs each and every year yat. They go through a spurt where you that they look great. And I don't get it but this this one there's some points we had however passing game for the Oakland Raiders. I kind of hurt a little bit where he's out let's check the injury. Eric Cooper is questionable with a shoulder injury he was limited in practice on Friday and Michael Crabtree is questionable with a finger injury he was limited. And practiced on Friday for the charters Melvin Gordon is out with a hip injury and wide receiver Jeremy Butler. Is questionable with an ankle and trekking telly one reason that the the charters have fallen optimists hasn't been the case in past years my. They've lost despite Philip Rivers is here Philip Rivers especially lately has not been very giddy as a combined ten touchdowns. In his last four games but he's off to turn the ball over twelve times and a scored fewer than fifteen fantasy points in his last two games also the Raiders have allowed under. Fifteen fancy points per game to quarterbacks in their last five. Chart is of a lot fourteen rushing touchdowns this tied for third most in the league and an average of more than twenty fantasy points per game two running backs so far this season. And the forecast Raiders Chargers well today Tim San Diego it's a horrible day it's 72 degrees and sunny. Buccaneers Cowboys. Night football we've been talking about the Cowboys throughout the season here as said the gonna play again on Sunday Night Football next week on Monday night I believe. Their prime time in this. We've said all along that the mark of that cowboy team has as so far the one seed in the NFC is what's gonna happen when Dak press got falls on his face. What does he do the next game or two while we're at that point now where the Giants shut them down last Sunday nights a for their second loss to the Giants this year. And now what is deck press got do against Greg you're right against lately as stout Tampa Bay buccaneer defense tonight. That's maybe a fact finding mission game tonight for the Cowboys don't thank. In what sense. That adapt as he bounced back after that the rough game are you saying that they have to consider Tony Romo I don't know -- to say that the bill of moving forward it's is going to be telling. How's that gonna bounces back from this or to act bounces back from this. And it and it is the Buccaneers and who I like Jamison Winston tough on cornerbacks. The date Batman and their. Maybe gets more than just one target in this game injuries left. Lucas stock or the Buccaneers tight end is questionable with an ankle injury he was limited in practice on Friday and as Brian you mentioned questionable with a back injury limited practice on Friday. All indications are he should be good to go to damage in Tampa Bay has been tough on quarterbacks allowing eight point eight fantasy points and just threw touchdowns to quarterbacks in their last three. In out of stuff. That's that that's going to be a tough match of that game down a gal speaking of which can I real quick. You realize Friday night we have Mike may give or near that that covers are high school sports and things like that. Third there was a high school title game over the weekend in Dallas. At Cowboys Stadium yeah. 35000. People. There's nothing to do and per. It's bowl football game of people said it's just truly amazing to be 35000. You kick it 35000 Miller Park to see a brewer games. Not yet. Until opening day right let's check now Monday night you went out and there you just redskin. Panthers and Redskins on attic Kirk cousins. You like that. YS a why in the world are they not signing him to a long term deal. I don't know I don't get it that the doo boo ism a machine of points that's what they do is gruden going anywhere as head coach and there's Redskins. There are no indications that is nothing is the offense gonna change. No sign this Kia signed this guy he's he's pretty amazing in that role should continue on Monday Night Football a check injuries Panthers and scans. Injuries in this when Jonathan Stewart he's been banged up but he appears to be good to go today Kelvin Benjamin is questionable with a bank back injury but he a full practice on Friday. And Cam Newton is question with a shoulder injury also had full practice on Friday both those guys looked to be good to go for the Washington Redskins running back Mack Brown. It's questionable with concussion he had full participation in practice on trying to say he looks like he's ready and Jordan Reed once again questionable with a shoulder injury. Same show Larry Pratt played with last week though and had limited practice on Friday so he appears ready to go. And Cam Newton no problems right. I mean he's gonna play dinged up a little bit but I guess it full practice that he should go a -- the forecast Monday Night Football. Well Tim it's going to be about 31 degrees with bunt mostly. That I saw players. There aside the of the injury to Aaron Rodgers. Injuries. Injuries yeah us their. I think the goal should be and you guys have discussed this on the big show all week long but this shouldn't the goal be to get him out of that game as quickly as you can get a game in hand yes. That being said I would think despite the weather. That the Packers and Aaron loves us get up to get off to a really fast start. I wouldn't surprise as that's been what they I mean that's the recipe for success for him yes for LA where that the team up I gotta keep that defense up the field and not have them playing with their backs against the wall and you know McCarthy can and squat Paulie wants about establishing a running game and that opens up things. Just think that's a dangerous thing to do to bought this game down. That plays to the barest level in this one so I would just be launch and from the start back third play the game last week against Seattle. What happened 66 yards to Dovonte Adams. Probably would think could be very similar today bomb the before we get to the injuries slipped let's check the forecast right away down what's the latest year in about an hour for this kickoff. Well right now down on the field it's about. Injuries but it's gonna feel more like about twenty degrees below zero with the fifteen hour. When Jewish. Hope it's could be partly cloudy. There's going to be. They're calling for golf somewhere up to about twenty miles an hours and him not you said right at that threshold and out of it and well other thing when institute wanting Marlins can't make that I'll announce an effect whether impact game of the week for sure in this 11 of the cold James here. In Chicago's football history to sop picture of Gary dollars and and bill Michaels in front of the and part of Soldier Field yup on Twitter. Ending catch those guys in the low post game shows a Monday night game what two years ago Dallas in Chicago's Soldier Field I don't know if you remember that was a Monday Sunday or Monday night game where it was just. Absolutely brutal. This can be a little bit worse than that I think yet swim record cold by injuries so latest on Aaron Rodgers and start there well. In Roger's gonna play is just a matter how much and how effective he'll be and how much of the game plan Mike McCarthy will actually use guys whose status is more in question James Starks is doubtful with concussion he did not participate in practice on Friday if I'm not mistaken he's been ruled out ruled in a car accident not Randall Cobb is questionable with an ankle and he limited practice on Friday he should be good to go. Christian Michael he's questionable with an illness limited practice on Friday also should be ready to go and air air and rip dusty. There fullback he's question with a back injury limited practice on Friday but he should be ready for the Bears to wide receivers. Out and that's any William royal and mark he's Wilson with Zito and groin injury respect. That we should mention that Al son Jeffrey will return in this game SE well and is that play here to sit in terms of fans our football now. I think it is he assuming that the Bears are coming from behind the game went and maybe some garbage time for or else on Jeffrey. It's possible. But there's your full. Rundown of the rest of the games here again we're two games into week fifteen fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallet Sosa. As so we are about to when our last hour of programming here 7991250. FaceBook and Twitter you can email live a 1057 FM the fan dot com. We'll get a sports flash and take your calls next year on the fan. Enough. Getting you all the info you need to win this week. It's fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in Wallach Sosa. On sports Radio One 057 FM. You have to win this week don't yet. You just have to I do twice you have to win that's a that's what this is about. Will gets you our choices if you have a dilemma. Quandary. Will will take care of that final. Hour of programming for the season here just reminder next week. Being Christmas Day. Rami is gonna answer questions over Twitter from ten to noon I'll be calling you for consultation on sheer. Yeah attend a noon and I know will be all done with the morning festivities. I'll be sitting around that's fine. The problem out Ronnie before we talk about Dave and buster's and while a toast and I'd do I'd do want to point out little insight here and you and I. I know you like to party once and awhile. Everyone's very much a part of different the difference between what we did over the weekend so what did you do over the weekend. I you baked cookies yes I went over to Sparky household yes men and we we decorated Christmas cookies I EI a tried to drink myself out of my band again well at a Gig Young. If so that's so unique it's at Oakmont has so wish don't go out Goodell if you quit the band just with the ban man it. Just felt like that dude is a jerk to a girlfriend for her for months of that she'll break up with him ID doesn't have to go through the anguish of breaking a really tried to show regardless their dues. The job you're trying to lose this is the way you. She's shots on stage jacking codes rock and roll yeah oh yeah I love it live I was with those who live in the life. Now Dave and busters they don't need to get that crazy but he can't get crazy. I'll aching get crazy yes they can get crazy at Dave and busters are can be just a nice holes and night out with the family either way whatever you looking for Dave and buster's. Is the place for an if you looking for a place to watch football today. No better place than Dave and busters the flat screens as far as the eye can see including. 3161. And screens and that Ian B sports lounge and eight. 75 and screens and he got the million dollar midway that's where ego when maybe the Packers game or your fantasy game losing go on the way you thought it would need just wanna blow off some steam or. Where you send the kids seeking this into a football because it is the best baby sitter. In the business and great football specials at Dave and buster's every Monday Thursday. And Sunday go on on all day long like 350 Miller Lite Bud Light cats five dollar appetizers they're giving away Green Bay jerseys Green Bay tickets. To an upcoming game. And still time to book your holiday party at Dave and buster's rate for corporate holiday parties you can even look at Dave and buster's take over for your group and rent out the whole place just contact Ben. At 4144540100. That's 454. 0100. And ask for banned for latest. Holiday party promotions and to Booker vent. Dates and times are filling up quickly so act fast get on down to my favorite place to hang out eat drink play and watch him talk about Dave and buster's in while Sosa. Highway 100 just south of north avenue near me fair mall. Tellem Rami and fantasy football weekly center right I do what I will draw the line at the drug scene. Rock tunnels are routes right drama laden wait the runner Rouse the fight going on Friday night. And Dave and buster's is the spot for a nice FC action okay nice and just real quick Greg. A what did you do over the weekend. Let's see Friday I decorating Christmas -- I did not now. Friday or one bowl in with the wife and a couple of friends wanted to come home in snow blow. I worked all day yesterday from 5 AM to about 6 PM cut. Then we go warm watching my niece and nephew because I don't know my brother knob and system are going to the Packers Bears game. Why you're as they had to get. Student that is themselves well it's a pack your verdict but Dan what it what did you do over the weekend why would you here. Okay forget you by way Matt Barkley is wearing a wet suit under his uniform today really yes. All right. All that's going to be a great game aren't you worried dude how did you warn however you don't need to see the Packers have beat up on the bears' us was gonna happen up the hot stove weekly coming up at noon today. And talk some Brewers baseball art can stuff Seattle office expenses of on the show yet right here right now yes a little. Just it sent a tip for the listeners if they are gonna listen or watch Packers Bears right rather than hot stove weekly anchored and listen that's the weekly chair just turn the volume down on TV and turn it in the fan up. But there's always been on demand at 1057. FM the fan that kind of got Darnell Coles brew. Hitting coach will join us right away at noon today Seth Everett. Talk about some of the rule changes. In baseball one of which is up on getaway days we've talked about this many times over the years starting not this coming season with following season. On getaway days. Mandated by the MLB. You have to story games earlier now. I'm getaway days I love it dead is that because some of these teams are flying out on a L one night game plan a day game the next day three hours across the country. And added it is not so we'll talk to Seth Everett about that. It's a lot happening out hot so weekly 7991250. Final show of the season and our leadoff hitter is here he is Zack and now Zach you're gonna help out your dad yeah. Aren't very good see your handling the decision here yet and I went to yacht. I I need. To these five for two different positions but then early that you. Tennis borrowed he signed Jackson Mike Thomas and Malcolm Mitchell and Croat side. Who that high just Hoff tough to pass up yeah perilous of the team I think Carlos Hyde as a running back yeah he's your running back. And then what where the receivers the rest of a. It was side. Can't borrowed he should get in my town and Malcolm Mitchell. Mitchell tough match up with New England you said do you think that there are a lot of points to be scored in this instance that I do I like Mike Thomas the idea to him and use in the Saints need to bounce back I mean just just for a static purposes alone Roger breeze not thrown TDs what's. It's coming to this this world. So yeah we're gonna go of Micheal Thomas and Carlos Hyde for your your pop art thanks. Merry Christmas now Coca fact have a good offseason did. I'd take it easy 7991250. Getty Mel live a 1057 FM the fan dot com as well. Yeah I have that he Melo and stimulants seconds. Usually wait for me to tell me or my team I know I can't go to jail card. Now I got some penalties. There's from Chad announce our that was for the godfather conference yet go to the phones if I jam in west Dallas you're next on fantasy football weekly. I'm an up and you are only eight or move the there. Record reckoning here press. Dalton. Or flat goal. Arnold I'm right there we'll take them one at a time as we get confused Dalton press got or Flacco. Like Joseph Flacco today kind of due to think we're gonna give did you fly he yup that's that's that's tonight's match up. And then with Theo Riddick scholar I need one he's as it lacks either ran up bowel forward. JG now. Love JJ Nelson in that game via I do aren't. I don't love either one of those nest so I'll go with your love for jaded yes Michael Floyd released by the Cardinals the do you live alleged. Do you live there in Arizona picked up by the New England Patriots figure that you're sleeping and read it here. The holy Tony La Russa and it's just let that mentally they say use sleeping they said he was unconscious. She was. La Russa do the same thing in spring training down in Florida some years ago and found sleep and attic green team yes. I'd sit there you go. Take take it easy 7991250. And and the male children lie about 1057 FM the fan dot counts from bill and Kenosha you know built him. A few but I don't know if this says guys any one of three from left likes Bob blog some new Borchard Matthews I'm in the playoffs is but in the championship game. It's a run a Miami again he needs one of three for its flex spot line some news or Reshard Matthews. Think you got move tees wants blunt and some new like today. I like all three of those guys not crazy about Rashard Matthews he's been on he's been. Not get the less just leads one of those yeah Sosa knew or one tie and a lean toward the running back here. If you're gonna move the ball I think would Denver despite it being Tom Brady yeah they he got to get some running game don't. The out there with goal line guy as well until the surface PP are that might sway me to some new. Goal line guy as well right. But else on the width and same line yet that's slightly you know I I do I do like osu knew that I like Julio Jones out both those gassed and adding Matt Ryan is gonna have a monster day and he doesn't Julio Jones that there are to some lineup moments in new market im gonna hey Gabriel I guess Rogers or Rivers today I need this win. Big money involved thanks. You just can't sit down 32 TD passes because of some cold weather I mean I think that's a dangerous thing to do the air and writers questions are more reasonable this week than they were last week but I still say start Aaron round tiger. I agree 7991250. Let's get out quick one in here fill in shore would. What's happened and felt. Think two keep here I get up Brady or Brees. And then I looked and asked has Dixon or did you Peter. And oh boy I knew we'd get the AP. Questions. Then a year out Kenneth. Dixon the west is gonna start that game west also was a little more a vote of a bruiser type runner in the in the deep red zone. Now you will be if you if you start a PR you're gonna give up some points to Dixon result there's no question he's gonna score some points for. Is he due for a breakout game that's my fear here with pennant Dixon. Does he established himself as this coming out party because it's slowly starting to boil for him. AP on the other hand will start. Not tell you what since Greg Janica has vested interest in this thing. I'll go to Greg I'm gonna go to grad right here without the tiebreaker I'm like you choose Kenneth Dixon her AP I'll go they beat. We're donate Pete area and went out early your career. Brady or Brees. Brees. There aren't many guys at tight is it Tom Brady for in any situation no matter the matchup no matter the weather. Pitcher breezes. He's a top notch fantasy quarterback and he's got a good matchup to him humid degrees and there are going to be some points and and you can just about. Come as close to guaranteeing as he can manager breezes can throw a touchdown pass or three I mean you would think. It didn't have a the last two weeks last two weeks it didn't and and that's agencies do that could be exactly. We're gonna go Braves you have we're gonna go ovaries I'd don't like it. I don't like. Brees and a pay have this for three years ago you'd be Rolen into the soup the no doubt I'll think. About all you can really get it yet but I did a good luck. 97991250. Email live a 1057 FM the fan dot com. And it's up on FaceBook and Twitter getting closer to kick off week fifteen in the NFL. Week fifteen in your fantasy match up it's fantasy football weekly here on the fan. Could join the fantasy footballers that we'll get you to the big. When your league. Greg Jennings and the security down. Raleigh Mac Glaus and Tim Allen get it done it every Sunday morning. Fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's and Wallace Sosa. On 1057 them. The tension mounts here or week fifteen in the NFL week fifteen in your fantasy matchup don't forget the top of the hour if you wanna just dead do a sneak peak at the packer game have the sound down on the TV won't miss anything. We've got hot stove weekly coming up at noon talk some Brewers baseball gets caught up. Brewers made a couple of additional signings say another middle infielder from the eighties they sign a left handed pitcher out of the Baltimore Orioles organization we'll talk with. Brewers hitting coach Darnell Coles Seth Everett our national baseball insider joins us as well policemen myself. The hot stove weekly coming up at noon today 7991250. As say you're listening to fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in awhile what Sosa. And you need the win here at the and a and a ton of questions I mean that that. Talk about it the year of the watered down running back position I am that's have been something else. The two headed monster came in to play about what 78 years ago yes somewhere in there have Aaliyah and so you not only of that but you've got. You've got injuries such as mounted you had a Todd Gurley that just didn't decided not to show up via its just been amazing at the running back. Position laid down ballot has been an absolute stud though monster lady on -- doing things fantasy wise they haven't been done since. Priest Holmes Marshall fall LT tight as it up then those David Johnson. Guess years and he's the goat the it is the possibility to go a 1000000. Thousand Russian thousand receiving hazard is that right now while that he sees something outside 79912520. Craig can we say. Good morning to Jeff Jeff you're on fantasy football weekly. But what does what was your question I was federal or or or. I'm scared of Africa Israel there that does. It was a giant rusty and it's who was the first out but oh. Well we'll both defense has really been a Giants. Against Bennett but I think and go Boldin. That's the way he can let out all of about her efforts under. Yeah that injuries gonna probably. Play a part. But I still will lean toward Boldin to he's sneaky little wide receiver this year or. Yeah all right I you got a big target to get like that they get they get down in there I think that story's gone 7991252. Tom in Greenfield Tom. You're on the fan. Yeah guys and standard league and I need to. Either to myriad. Or. Bryant because Bryant and power it's quarterback or Rogers. While. Rodgers. Right that's I still say Rogers it's just so difficult to sit him point. I mean you start car and lose by that decision. Azteca sit well throughout the offseason notes you lose when you go with. With a guy that arguably is you don't put in up the better stats out of any quarterback in the league. I think I think you'll be all right with that. Okay and Dez Bryant. And it's a tough one Dez Bryant dad decided not to show up and not to finish routes and I don't know if that was a tantrum thing for him Sunday night against the Giants are that was just simply. An injury with with the back and love the matchup with the Marius thomas' Wheldon. And I think I. It does is still the I still got to go down as two and there's there's a moment no. Prime time where does has been known to step up a little bit. And they're gonna do there it looked that they're gonna make a concerted effort you would think because all of us listening right now would say. Get the ball in desert sands through the passing game and up for this Terrence Williams and underneath the Lance Dunbar and while another thing is why I was. Is Ezekiel Elliott. I'm not in that game in a three point game the final two drives for the Cowboys. They've got some change and think they're gonna make him I think you gotta stick what does the not very good 7991250. You can email live at 1057 FM the fan dot com. Is on from Josh in west Dallas is a guys need to PP ER cooks Rashard Matthews Malcolm Mitchell or Taylor Gabriel. Gabriel I love the match oh same here. Nine cuts Matthews or Mitchell. How boy. No fly zone for Mitchell and Brady yet and staying away from Mitchell. So cooks. The Matthews. Men's events not to disappoint any Harris to eye with him in Matthews had a couple down waste but I think I like him better than coats this week Reshard Matthews is like yup and then he says also Vikings or Ravens. Like the Ravens defense. Probably again I think you get some turnovers right against against the Eagles are at 7991250. As we it's a little bit closer to kick off week fifteen in the NFL. Two wallet Sosa and we say hello to Chad Chad you're on fantasy football weekly. One of those particular culture. All right I gotta PP ER NE two out of these three. Gabriel Tyler Boyd Delonte Adams. Gabriel's end. Derrick. And to pot tastes it's been so good now the weather doesn't play a part in his buoyed the viable option that to have that weather impact the decision. Adams is not too good I don't want it the weather yet and I think you still got to go to Monta and arms he's just not a orderly but let's face it Chad. Boarded with AJ green down we thought was gonna step up and and in turn it's been Brandon foul and and Tyler Dreifort. Yeah and I and either watching that then and and boy band in my league twelve. Ten points felt like that the Padres been done much my concern is how cold it is and it is we're gonna have one week for voice breaks out it's an and that's been a week. Yet I think you gotta go with your guy that's been. That's been doing when it and and it's been Dovonte Adams we talked about the Vontae Adams last year and I think there was some disagreement with a lot of folks here on the station. I loved the Vontae Adam's since the day he set. Foot on the field for Green Bay I think is they pick potential. Absolute beast in the NFL. I felt the same way that the keeper league about Kristy Lee got trapped little rook yeah I keep it in my roster are just let it ride better ride and I think is going to be it's Doug. Let him ride. You got it let's goaded that's I mean I guess it's the weather but as long as the winds are down Rami. Still think you get passing points here and the wind's supposed to pick up as the game goes on but it I don't I don't think it's expected to be that bad early on so I think Aaron Rodgers in the office and try to do what they've done the last few weeks and that's throw the ball and get up big early and hopefully get. For Packers and Packers fans hope we get Aaron Rodgers off the fields it cost 7991250. To Jeremy Jeremy you're next on the fan. Yeah half point PP ER for black. Pharaoh. Rashad Jennings. Robinson. And Peterson. One of them. Based on those four I think you talk Peterson right in there. Yes things that. Aren't and Farrell that you just needed one of those. Yeah I have Jeremy helped start and I couldn't. You'd think her as a better option there. I don't think so I like to Jeremy he'll matchup as well. Up there you go if you think you're deride AP man very could turn out it's it could turn out to be a home run well thought that I good luck. They're. 7991250. Indian rich field is next on the fan. Hello Randy. I got out that purity. Aren't they Adam but no doubt creep holding a pat on the. You got to sit two of those. Look balance the first moment he's down the up and see who's gonna c'mon there and then and Adams Tate. And Jeffrey and they. All right I. About Al cent Jeffrey I think you're right they're gonna get down big he's the best target that Matt Barkley as to throw to the other injuries they have their wonder seasons similar scrapes up some points later I think he's in right. I think so. It's tough to start a Jeffrey over cattle. I'm adamant has the matchup against the Broncos or he's got enough in the passing game yes they are I think it's it's a settlement hate to say to them on on my big league but I think it's an annulment yes and that it's. That that might be one of the tougher questions we've had a long time battle and it's always you you have Jeffrey coming back. Unproven you don't have Cutler for what it's worth you you've got Barkley you've got that whether or now playing a little roll there. But I think the garbage points in too much to pass up attic that second half third that Steve sisco throw it up that would that would mark he's Wilson was doing. When he was healthy for the Bears but they do throw the ball. So. I'm we're gonna give you sit at Allman. Yup. A that's the match up right there. That I will be watch it today that right there I will feel horrible. If that doesn't come through for us and him come to feel horrible because I had him in my big league. Jeffries no Andelman okay we were right yeah. No and not to say that cattlemen's gonna get shut down for golf and Rami has is that who will we know who will do better. In this match right now the difference may be two points in then Bennett's now hopefully you don't lose or win and lose by the two points but. Pat won that one I will be Watson that one's gonna make me ever rough night's sleep tonight if that wonder if this doesn't come through. Is that is a little risky but we talked that through. And Aris some substance there with our decision -- 7991250. Real quick before the break Albert Grier talked to somebody in the you know Vikings organization. None said they were amazed by how Adrian Peterson look this week at quote. Just two words not human. And that Cole. Defense. Food give up a ton. A could give up paid time how amazing that these detectives came back. Wouldn't surprise the amazing numbers and yes for Greg Jennings it's a Greg Janet bowl this week. That will take a break speaking of which Greg has a heel sports flash security man is here. Ronnie is here my name is Tim Allen it's fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallets OC on the finance. Get your questions in on Twitter FaceBook and email you're listening to fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's and wallet Sosa on sports Radio One 057 and. I welcome back it is a fantasy football weekly present in my Dave and buster's in Wallach Sosa final show of the season we appreciate you guys tuned in and hopefully we got you win. Along me you know way here this season already week fifteen. You're into the playoffs by the way a no show this our final show of the season this year no show next week however that's Christmas morning. Rami Mac -- office generously. Offered to answer. Any fantasy questions over Twitter between ten and noon. That's I usually sleep till 11 o'clock if I don't have to work. So that's making quite so yes yes you garden and everybody appreciates that sewed you know you at least got to someone to lean on here a little bit to bounce a few things off of yep going to be in the Super Bowl next next week tend to noon from you'll do that toppled this sour obviously the Packers kick off in Chicago. You wanna turn the volume down a little bit mid keep an eye on the the ball game we've got hot stove weekly coming up Billy Schmidt myself talk and Brewers baseball. With Darnell Coles the Brewers hitting coach Seth Everett our national baseball. Insider as well 7991250. This is the a social media portion of the program for you hit us up on FaceBook and Twitter do our best to get to all of you. Arrows and I would David on FaceBook he needs to divide day Adams time Montgomery or Jordan Howard. He needs to all courts then. It has been decent at times. Think they're gonna try and establish that run and clock control C gonna get some reps with with power. What sisco does he say what the scoring is he does not paid he doesn't. It's tough to sit Dovonte Adam's and added distance as my personal thought I I think. That they're gonna run not only time Montgomery in their backfield or Randall Cobb as well. As well as Crist and Michael there mix it up quite a bit. I still got to go with the Vontae Adams and Jordan our. Yeah Akers not every of Tom on FaceBook flex PP ER. He's Jimmie during a dream Peterson or James White Peterson an agent that's worth the gamble there. I write standard scoring for Steve I'm that baseball needs to Adams Montgomery b.s Lee gar song. Hill. Tate. And that's. Jeremy hill. Those verses no. Tyree kill. Our saw on Beasley Montgomery and Adams. Adams and you're gonna roll the dice with the electrifying Tyreke. And roll hill I agree. Aren't the goats what are those go to. PP ER. Don't like Ryan Matthews he's gonna get the lion's share of the carries. And that Eagles Ravens match of that is a tough defense I set. Ryan Mathews should we answer people's questions when they only tech Meehan and even though I've been saying all season not to just tank Meehan and the stage I had. I don't care are right right or Rogers captain Mike means to now. Yeah. Or that Ryan. Matt Ryan has great match and yes he does one of the few people I'd tell you start over Aaron Rodgers. Oca right OK and then I got my info wants to know please help Rivers or Brady to get to the championship. That's good one too. To get to the champions him got a goatee Brad. Despite against Denver. Some points and charging him on Philip Rivers but towards it Rodgers of Brady. Back to back via Greg. The go Rivers and Philip Rivers and this I think you eat you might see a turnover to. And might limit Rivers just a bit. But outside of that okay and so we'll go ever master and Twitter needs one tight end and one flex of these four. Delanie Walker Kyle Rudolph Spencer ware and Doug Martin. One point PBR. Spencer ware so do yes he really is I'm with you yeah. Minutes they'd spike in short can't last a little bit but missed a Spencer ware. I'm in tight end Delanie Walker Kyle Rudolph. Proof mean a walker rough as tough matchup. Kinda like involved but Walker's side I guess have a little bit better year. Overall so we'll go Delanie Walker aren't we'll go to Jake and Twitter Packers or Eagles defense. I'm sorry. Packers are eagles' defense. I'm let's get some turnover yeah they must go at the packers' hated Packers yeah. If they made it two weeks in a row Steve on FaceBook flexed as is and Ty Montgomery or Sammy Watkins who that's good one too. And boy. I cassette I think Montgomery's in the back feel more and a lot of people think today. Now I but I can't go against Watkins Jesus having common on. Liked the matchup I'll like watch and yet and I agree Theres an Adam Burnett's circle of trust yes he was said Dan you at a daily fantasy quest totally out review Aggies got a friend and a live on FaceBook wants to know what's at the top quarterback this week to deal with is decides to that Marty played. Probably Matt Ryan. Yeah who would think. Like both quarterbacks in the Saints Cardinals match up but Matt Ryan that's just looks too good against that time niner team. Barrett does go to Darian. On FaceBook Stafford. Or. Lou that's good to understand the dilemma there Stafford that injury he looked. Really affected by the finger injury last week against the Bears yeah yeah it was. Marketable difference. And couldn't be again against a tough Giants. I'm a sit Stafford. And yeah house at Stanford. Right Peter on FaceBook and needs one to start in his flex dontrelle in men. Michael Crabtree Ty re kill Mark Ingram or Adrian Peterson. He's got to sit one he needs to move needs one of those needs one of all. While. That you love in men's match up. AP looks poised. To perform. Tyreke hills and Rolen. He's electrifying act sticky got to go with him a chance. It's a little risky gold for the home run ball Tyreke hill. That but that's a dominant given to me again. Dontrelle Inman Michael Crabtree Ty re kill Mark Ingram or. You know what let's Dwight from all the way let's if we're going all in on AP let's go all AP a pianist turned red. Last one we have on Twitter for the segment. We have Roy. Big Ben and Tom Brady or camper nick. Now they ban facing the Bengals doesn't play well. In Cincinnati is running a pointed out. There right now I think he enroll at number twelve Tom Brady yeah then okay we'll take our final break your comeback. Lightning round of fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in wallet Sosa do our best to get to all the calls. As well as he has social media hits. It's it's coming to a close soon stick around hot stove weakly at the top of the hour we'll be back on the fan. Kick off cannot get here quick enough. Getting you all the info you need to win this week. It's fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in Wallach Sosa. On sports Radio One 057 FM. I hit it says sort of a bittersweet your final segment of fantasy football weekly presented by Dave and buster's in a while at Sosa as we wrap up in a way and the road map tournament to close a passionate here we could we could yet I've just real quick of those worried about the cold weather in Chicago. Probably brought up a point that it's really the wins said that them make the difference now the Cole part of it bill Schmid. Jose yeah been a football player forever. He was tells us he says it he was telling us that he would go sleeveless in a game like this and that you know in the NFL the dances are. They've got their warmer is on the sidelines have got the big jackets and you're really only out there for. A stretch of a you know 1015 minutes and I don't know what you're trying to prove by not going out there its sleeves I've improved them man. He just block somebody yes he says stop what the holding. Sleeves or dose leaves about his blocks and tired and number 78 over there with a holding give them grow on line all season owns us as well if we could get injured and missed most of the seasons that serve. That's got. Final segment of the program we called the lightning are our -- and analyze and break down any of the decisions you just asked questions we give you the answers it's all you get I would love to just by the dances but. That wouldn't define lightning around know what it no we're not there ago it would not shape and you Berlin with a question. CPR need to. Tyra Williams Emanuel Sanders Tyreke. Tyreke hill. And Emanuel Sanders. Yes all right. Let's do we got an email this is Josh must Al says hey guys need to one point. Rob Kelly Kenneth pharaoh Randall Cobb and now son Jeffrey help is greatly appreciated thanks in advance and good luck to you guys this week human account more Kelly. He's a running back and a flax. I like the matchup for John and Stewart this week. I think that's a running back in some scans them. Stewart. And Kelly. I'm gonna say Stewart and Al center effort. Greg so Kelly or Jeffrey. Jeffrey right on Greg's dad. As email here standard scoring league breeze at Arizona her car at San Diego's Greg says I don't care he gets the leftover beer from fourth of July but those funky year for dragging stud Peter from the fourth of July. You. I'm gonna say Brees. Brees already knew everything else you know why you know there are no no sorry. Car all right Greg can't say I don't care you guys you I'm the go cart all right let's see what Robin Brookfield means rob which got. Forward we got you spots or guys Jonathan Stewart. I vehicle oh Q I don't doubt mark. Stewart and Hilton agreed. 00 yeah and pat thanks social media yet Mike FaceBook PDR needs to go and Tate Tyrone Williams Michael crowd cheered Ty Montgomery need Tyrell of the two ties. To judge you rally Montgomerie Golden Tate Tyrone Williams Michael Crabtree your time Montgomery I am with ten. All right Matt on FaceBook Alex Smith or Eli Manning. Manning. And yet. The outgoing man. I'm all scared of you I'm and he and he so inconsistent and I agree. I don't CN named sun was gonna say let's go to line one great pat pat Milwaukee with you with your question. Then he got slow for me candidly. I don't know and then. Terrico. Upon pick for George. Where and hill. Where and in man Hiller Inman Greg. The I'm gonna go with eminently Yemen has been we've all right Jerry and South Milwaukee drops this line in the Wendy's and box hello guys you are great to listen to need help and Matt PP our league need to start to out of the following four. Jamison Crowder Tyler I've heard Julian Andelman or Greg Olsen. I've heard and Olson right. Me year. Yes. I'm with you there this is from Kenneth in the Wendy's and Bucs picked two PP arson new cooks crow well thanks boys Merry Christmas. Some new control well. Yeah I'm with you let's go back to the phones and Casey with two question. I standard league need one. Malcolm that so Alan Robinson or Kelvin Benjamin. I would love to tell you why am choosing this thing but I'm going Kelvin Benjamin. Z and play. A yeah yeah looks like it looks like I'll go with the us accountant management. When you haven't social media aren't we have Jamie and twittered Tyrod Taylor Cam Newton. This is the Super Bowl form camp. Camp. All right dared go on Twitter these two of the three wide receiver flex Dovonte Adams as it grow our my comments in new. Just you want to needs to artery Adams and scenario yes. I like both those yesterday let's see Steve what he got Steve. Banged up Rodgers in the cold or Rivers. Rogers Rogers. Thank you. Jason in South Milwaukee emails live at 1057 FM the fan back up PP our league anyone for a flex position. Jonathan Stewart Kenneth Dixon Tyrell Williams Mohammed some new were Alice I'm Jeffrey. You'd be my second bear along with Howard thanks guys great year Jason South Milwaukee. Some news Tyrell Williams. Terrell Williams Tyrell all right Marty with your question. Marty. Marty there is already Marty. Went that are Roethlisberger keep your Winston. Winston all right we have less than a minute Tim and try to run duties emails and he warrior fan read or green. Read Riders are Dalton. Rodgers all right this is from. Snead to Michael Thomas or discuss or where Prescott's I go lock over press got luck. All right and then two out of three. Snead Michael Thomas or Spencer ware. Where and Thomas agreed this is from Jason I need three out of four and a PP our league semi final week Jordan Howard Kevin Coleman Sammy Watkins DeSean Jackson. Sit Du'Shon agreed. And one more email and then wrap it up Tim this is from Andrew hey guys stay warm standard league Adam feel in my comments in new Terrelle Pryor. Need one of those thanks guys Indian race scene it's a new actually get one more email this is for Matt. He says no brainer with a question mark. PP Arlene Jordan how order to have an Coleman. Toward Howard. Yes slight edge all right slide as a all right guys thank thanks for the fun again this was our tenth season. In June 10 season of fantasy football weekly. Odds are so sad to see is no. In a turn that Buffalo. And of the road. Well next week ten to noon Rami will answer fantasy football questions. Over Twitter yeah well Ronnie I was reading as I development. Christmas morning so check that out for security Dan Rami Mack Clark Gregg Janet my name is Tim Allen stick around her letters up hot stove weekly coming up next flashlights and a yup he picked liners you get arrested these days are doing. At a concert once you are they still do I think it's allowed a letter at a concert is still all right with that you can turn things. Bob still weekly is next to good luck in week fifteen. Will be back without still weekly on the fan.