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PBA World Champion E.J. Tackett joins The Spare Time Bowling Show

Dec 19, 2016|

Hear E.J Tackett talk about his PBA World Championship here on The Fan.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The champ from last week's TV show the world champion he is EJ tacky Vijay they slow for joining us. Yeah thank you I don't I don't really good man I gotta say. The last couple of years I've been on the show agonizing every time you get on TV and aided in bigs didn't go your way Ellis is like man houses possible are gonna continue to happen. And you've got Roland this summer with a chance to win player of the year still had a chance and you figured out how to close it out in a major. Last week and talk all that experience. Oh yeah it was if that's truly great did you look view. Outperform. On our on a they'd like that. That late eighties. All you get good I don't match there was it was really fun for me it you know all of my well my good Buddy Bell you know both temple and idle it. In in the book form a bowl game boy game like deficit. Eight epic. You know and earlier in the week did you get through the L parent CJ it was it was tough three I mean you get to three rounds eight. You lose 321 altering in this chart to lose three wanna Tommy Jones and sort being looser and ornaments Beasley in the chameleon. I mean that was a rough Thursday and then three days later your boy leg when game for the title. What did you do to kind of forget about what happened with those are with those three defeats on Thursday and get yourself refocus for that one game match. Well luckily for me you know we had indeed eight ball. So they able to do it you know physically rest from from all the all that I had died and and but he did you know gonna hang out. Relaxed and didn't. Focus on on that at it and not worry about you know what what I didn't do. I'm that aren't good re route but they don't. Yeah I mean I just it didn't get out. I don't proceeds for those and you just did seem like every opportunity you had to get ahead and a match or close somebody out the game. Something would happen it just dinning dealing close you didn't close the door I mean what does is something you approach differently on Sunday to make sure it. When you have an opportunity close a darn small what you did at. I you know I approach every every game that they might. You know on on Thursday and although Matt Light. I do some good shots I needed it they didn't strike and I do some bad shot begging him don't. You know they let both play at that day. But you know you gotta go in with the mentality that you have that I had it but I'm horizon that you need a shot to win. I'd like that you can't do it it it think about what you didn't do. I've yet you don't what you what you did do it and got to execute the bet that you end. Up but I didn't. I'm EJ jacket here on the castle and spare time bowling Shell on the sand he is a world champion getting his first major last weekend. In Reno on ESPN aside about the match itself just a little bit that first ball you threw there in the first frame mind. Rolen out there to the right did you it's not letting go right was it nerves what was it. Well it Burton got it the approach it through a little bit split. And that birdie god I was you know we practiced on about I was pretty leery of that because. I Peter pretty active. And they were so Blake did right. I thought I I might. All or something you might even get up underneath them all the little leery about that bird shot. I own an absurd you know I got it ever shot I was okay but. Yet there at bat I didn't you know that the first shot at a match so it the hardest I think. So yeah they get a little bit nervous and settle into the match. And that deal that expected outlet outright blatant approach at the very slick but they're the combination. Of everything. But 00 they owed. You know leave the maple bare naked and who ought to make that shot that. You do a good shots after that they knew we that split in the sixth. And come back and throw a double. Always saw a small would that have been a come up but to follow that there. And he comes hi there in the ninth for a seven county. And then you throw a more strikes after that putt to close it out I mean that's a nice rebound common off of that split as a kind of a lot of small what's it sink in the opportunity might be their free and a try to get back in that match at the end. Yeah. I I bore then on their rightly have been brain. And it didn't break. And I ball my ball overlooked a little bit and I think going to let you put that fighter. I think it is nip it at the bottom a little bit and inept hitting and what I'd you know I all that I would I don't they voted yes. Are both planes. And I was able to yup target shot it was right that that there. Yet you mention the adjustments I mean if people are watching extra frame from the beginning of the tournament. And he saw a UN she'd ended we were tied by your Machida for your first twelve shots and she you know were in the gutter. And you can't yeah are you did a great job you know what kind of adjusted Jamaica's debts at the start to the world screws a boy you definitely want to Darren. He came back and get yourself combines the around eight for the cheated parent. Yeah. That was all that was all Brett thank you Carl lap. I hit stride. I think beer poured ever all of the bird doody. And it ain't free I I went to Brett and at that I am I'm a law. He bought me a bad idea that you jackal goes than this move that the couple or what might be looked at it and I don't. What everybody else was doing it and it didn't look like a little bit more and I think I bowled 280 over the next big thing being put out without him tell me to do that it up and I have never would have done because I've done that. At all in the practice session. That that they prior it didn't it didn't strike it all the practice at the thought putting. Think about throwing it in and breadth and depth. I thought I'd try it because I was already bowl and 18 and I need anyway though. What did it hurt. Now I mean that was a heck of a turnaround to get do you take golfer Cheatham and you and DJ Moore Mitch Beasley only three players make all four animal parents it's a heck of World Series and now with details you have to fall classic. Now clear the year you've known what would you think the odds are with the player vote for a. You know I had a lot a lot of people come to need but but. How positive. They could meet. And let the air but I'm you know it's all gonna come down do what they actually. Yes I had a really good year as well. Be title but the major or not and a big Dick get belt. You know they've got to come to Ottawa opened here's thank our men and look the other voting goes. And now hopefully. We acknowledge that yet but of the year award but Ellis simply beat. And EJ tag it with his first of major of his career last week and on ESP and I hear on the castle has very time only so I'm a fan. What's one biggest thing I guess you could point to that you've done a kind of help yourself from propel yourself from your rookie year ten now word meet you very well could be player of the year. Yeah they've there's been I keep learning curve for me you know like it on Stewart I hadn't been set early and it helped what shows but. This learning that transition and laying. In. But bald workbook bulk don't. But layout where you know what works best for me. Good pillow and stuff like that helped it eat. I'm more and this thin across the board from pattern it pattern in. Bettors enter turn it meant. Look at you but. It as far as TV shows go. Last year at all all it means yet. Even though it all really bad night I'd alum. I found something show what I might stress ball and build it ain't. I bowed out of it might help out my body reacts. Ball Monty. I'm good I ended hit the ball a little bit harder. When I thought he did he get vidro don't go out like that aren't idiots. Or older a little bit leaner. Because a hitting harder making it read earlier. Odom that the bigger boy mold and I was using. In it you look early enough look a might not quite like it did. I'm like the pot up a lot of I'm on TV. I think that that don't. I learned quite a bit and chill and out this year I was able to. I thought Ed proved it myself. Bet I could pull on TV I've made it showed that he would eat up all the really good game against authority I'm he'd get beaten Elliott in net net half. What a great couple break there on. On the ball wouldn't gain. And but it but all that that. Objectivity. From bite them this year on shows. And did but I didn't do the ball exit. AJ when you talk about your celebrity right now as it PBA bowler. Have you noticed a change over the last hour no two or three years as far as you being spotted by people on the street or otherwise. On the it it happens a little bit made that they have been. Like that all didn't. I've noticed the last. Probably hear it it have been more. Just got a bit more yellows. And you know three of them were major shows don't. A lot of a lot more people watched those and then the other one so I'm did that in a little bit more but did it not. Anything like like it call her about ballplayers look like back into that where they can't go anywhere I I know played in. And I get back I'd. But it doesn't happen mark and Al that he is. I was thinking about this watch and at that show when you won your major now is thank him. You know how many. I'm I'm just there are so you know just bad luck mean he's got bad luck bad luck in the fact that you come rolling it at a young age. And you're not rolling in like Tiger Woods in a golf where it's downed. The talent level is down the oldies are out on their way towel there really isn't any young's does there does tiger have to deal with really adapt landfill is older than him Mickelson. Lie and it worked out cited imagine the first two years until the field caught up to him. I'm and then he got hurt and so forth you comes or gets a rolling here. There's just young stud bowlers all do you Miami spends since I could sit. Ground and she has bowl tie on your party did. Well I mean it. I guess they could have but I I think it made me I think they need a better bowler lesson in the it guys are so good and you know you get in that ground. Though. I'm no that'd be it you have been on our tour right now it. It's very strong. I don't know if you noticed that they've that they've put up but the including myself the last big major winners. I've been under the age of money but yeah that's crazy oh. If that doesn't hurt that the that you moving it here and very strong and then I don't know what. And that should also build robberies over the course of time as you guys continued to see each other and TV finals and TV appearances and that's. That summer and really and I I mean I'm Tom Clark I'm sure won't like me saying this but missed that did TBA hasn't had in quite awhile named Del Monte in rash or you had that rivalry. And those guys that have been analyzed two years which had a long sustained rivalries. Are amongst bowlers I think for quite awhile maybe dating back to the seventies or early eighties. And this is setting up here for the Nextel 101520. Years to really have a budget differed robberies of the bunch EDW young guns providing you guys all. All stay with it. Yeah I mean there's there's. You know about that are bit you know have a better in that you don't want eight I want a big and under range. And it held all make shows how involved want. There's. Courier or I don't look that majors already. So. You know it. It it is shaping up to be I'm a lot on I believe it and I know we're all good at each other a lot. On TV showed but boy I hope to get each other so it you're exactly right it shaping up to eat. Very very interesting. On time period. But but the guys that are around my age. It's awesome it's it's a great time for the DB and has to be getting a batters ago Florida AJ thanks so much for coming I'm. The gas in my spare time or shall appreciated Mandela forcing in the future and good luck in your player of the year I got I think you won at the Woolsey. Are you very much there is he dates. Actor in the great midwest bank hotline after eighty years of Alvin was got to homeowners great midwest bank knows a thing or two about helping you by build refinance or renovate. This a great mid West Bank dot com they're ready when you are.