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Need advice for your Fantasy Football Championship?!

Dec 22, 2016|

12/22/16: Paul Charchian of is here to get you a championship title in your fantasy football league!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

While charging in for the last time in the fact you believe this is the last time this season until you do it seemed like just yesterday we just got going and I know it'll we'll have some reason the talk in the off season like the Vikings something horrible happened to the Vikings. About it because that's all that happens here good things don't happen to us what are the optimism coming into this game. For people in viking land. We don't care. OK our season's over. Oh Adrian Peterson to bust. Our defense suddenly can't stop anybody. Our offensive line is going to be the worst run blocking offensive line in thirty years. By yards per carry think were like 2.4 or something in that ballpark now. So I mean it's right now it's all that you know it it's I'd I'd like to say that there's. You know that. You know it's a heated rivalry it's our it's our biggest rival Scott Claus but. Just don't hear them. Now know. After we stand on this how much you guys having the you know you're playing for your your plan for right now correctly from right you win both games here and I guess so absolutely draw your own destiny in. You know this is a game that you frankly you have no business losing this game to a team that. A team that is just order completely checked out. Well well we hope they've checked out a lease for you know one more week that would be nice that would be the desert like you I don't know how much. People think that the Packers very good team but certainly right now they're one of the hotter teams they haven't necessarily played extremely stiff competition to beating. The Seattle Seahawks a limo feel was a big win but doubt it. You know Seattle has necessarily mean you're on the road this year so we'll we'll see what happens I mean you know what it's got to be better than playing in that frigid temperature and the cold that they had to play in last week on Chicago so. That streak to I you know I think broadly the feeling is that your Packers are are surging right now im part because you're getting competent play out of your secondary and so that's been better. It's your finally finally have identified you're running back of the future I think he I think he's gonna have me anything if your starter opening day week one next year. And I think the government a chance to be pretty special these I I look what I saw last week and thought that he's he's been here for all the dabbling and it name dabbling with James Starks and you know Christine my ball and ripped out ski and everything else. He's figured out all along why didn't pick why they whipped it twice a week sixteen before we're talking good question. As you know I mean I didn't think that he would be that good and I had to eat my words because he has been in the more they setting the more they integrated them. As a running back he has certainly been that good a lot of people a lot of questions in this one good to start right off. Laurence is in my chairmanship need one tight end Jimmy Graham Eric. I'd frankly I don't know of any of them this week but will will take Jimmy Graham even though he's just ice cold up late unfortunately. Which is helping us have a lot. Bought. It's Cardinals. Oh. They're number two gets tight ends of the past five games are good but they are allowing. Thirty yards per game this I don't watch him I don't like any of them but got Graham highest at nine frankly I'm not I don't I'm not sold on any of these guys public this. I'd give you want I'll give you one caveat to that. If it turns out that the Giants in the losing they get upset tonight by the Eagles mean then. Cowboys have nothing to play for a Monday night well then let's start here keep Brian which should be one side game otherwise coaching. There you have it will talent. Here we go phone calls Greg is in toes a Greg you have a question for Paul charge you what's up. Yeah my like this and I have family members as to. Or should I don't want Kurt spirit. It was time recovered want or that somebody like couldn't quite Crabtree Crabtree okay change position I'm taking time at every. They eighties my number eleven running back this week I like him a lot double digit touches at least ninety combo yards in back to back games. Vikings have given up at least ninety Campbell yards running backs and three straight games that a lot of these four receptions to an opposing back in five straight games. So I like him from a point per reception standpoint as well so I Montgomery. I think you sitting in a nice game here. There you go let's go to Paul I know Greg Pauly a question for Bulger arguments up. Yep all I have to wide receivers I needed enough PP ER I mean choices are a big wac is Mitchell. Our Mitchell's and for sure iceman every team goes up against the Jets it's really really easy match. Then I'm gonna I'm gonna go with cooks and you you might if cook and it's if you are Brandon Cox or Jared Cook. You meet Brandon Cox and they ran ran ran well why is Drew Brees at home where he's always great. He's this year he's thrown three or four touchdowns and five of the seven home games he stopped 300 yards of all seven of its home games. So we'll take credit cooks you know he's super high risk to super high reward it's got want to duck games in three or four just gigantic games. We'll try and here against Tampa Bay and hope it does not drop right Grimes BI. On his ones for Mike uses big banner Andy Dalton. Make bends my number one. My number one. A quarterback. This entire week and eagle fifteen so this is an easy one but for people don't know for Ben it's all about home road. At home he is absolutely full proof his average game. At home. Three and a half. Half touchdowns per game he's not have less than three touchdowns of any home game this year. And this thing goes back a long time he's thrown multiple touchdowns and seventeen of its last nineteen home start so we go back years on this. He's absolute money at home your site about Drew Brees whose two Roethlisberger even more so. And he goes up against the Ravens you can't run on the Raiders of the number one run defense in the NFL. And they're secondary does that Jimmy Smith's every pass is like crazy Adam Dunn routes for sitting at a huge gains or his receivers. If you need a guy you could pick up off the waiver wire start consider you light Rodgers is slot receiver. Let's get Q Alex listening to a Zito salads are you doing got a question for Paul charge in June. Are you doing guys I got a quick question not standard leave. From reflect one of the group running back. Powell where or blunt. First of all well piles on my favorite sleepers coming into this season and it. I have been so frustrated week over week that the Jets kept using Matt Forte plodding along it three nap yards per carry. Meanwhile. Here we are week sixteen. Below Powell leads the NFL in yards per carry at five point seven yards per carry. The Jets blown pull this thing from the beginning and they're just starting to get it right now. So he's actually start a policeman ever fifteen out running back this week and out of it up Matt Forte it's pretty active for this game or not he's still dealing with multiple injuries. Maybe years hopefully he'll be on the bench again we'll get a lot of use out of out of Powell that sat. I like we care what batter he's my number eight running back this week. The we did see Dion Lewis siphoned off much carries last week but. We airports look up like at seventeen carries. Against against a better. Our run defense than the Jets the Jets used to be a great run defense but they've been bat lately and back of the last five weeks they've allowed the second most rushing yards. Laker blog potentially sitting in a really nice game here. I'll go to Matthew listening to his and west side Matthew got a question for Paul Georgy Joan. If CPR work either it was a every girl. Mitt so orwellian scenario. Yeah you know FitzGerald the super frustrating he has not scored in now nine straight games and you know obviously a fantastic player but. At this point in it in a tough matchup at Seattle. I just don't love him here and so I'm I'm finding other ways did to get around him and in your case I like both Williams and Michal batter so we're gonna sit FitzGerald in that difficult matchup. Got a couple more here via a Twitter verse in this is a Carson Palmer Marcus Mary Oda. Had a tough run for America's Mary Oden was great during the season and that he had just this one after another after another. Really really difficult match ups he's got another tricky one this week you that Jack or don't sound art. But as Fannie some players have learned kind of the hard way. The Jaguars pass defense has been fantastic sense week three. The average passing game against the Jaguars 221. Yards and zero point eight touchdowns that's yet. So. This the quarterback though who had the most six cents against the Jaguars all year. Is Marcus Mary Oda and he threw for 270 yards two touchdowns and we gave so maybe get back to that again but. I'm not I don't love him here and if you got other good alternative team you may wanna take him and even Carson Paul. Let's do this show it's due to Thomas he too was a while a toasted Tom you got a question for Paul charge in. I go to these. Montgomery ejector. Hole so many great but it. Yeah I'm AJ green's probably going to play put it up but I'm nervous here right you so it's a hamstring injury those re injure all the time. That worries me tough matchup with Houston that's a good secondary that is dominating as it was without Johnathan Joseph but it's still good and so if you got two other. Reasonably good alternatives you do I'm taken other guys have to sleep in the risk but he decree as I. And I its you know obvious he's a hall of fame to Jack trees awesome it's an awesome player and anything could happen but I. I I just I don't I don't want them here and I'm just so nervous about him straight. Bomb this one there was ask him a merry Oden Manning and Ryan would you take Manning over Mary you know I was talking and a real Ontario but I think for I thought so for usher out well. And no doubt about Philadelphia's Philadelphia secondaries just. Right now this is a very good match for Manning and number six or non Christian wants to know us define digs or where or in min. In the end dontrelle Inman for people don't know and I don't blame if you don't is the slot receiver for the charters. He's been great lately it over the past month. He's averaged he's gotten 6789. Targets in those games get them he's getting the most consistent production out of all they had the charter flight receivers. And it's Cleveland so obviously. There statistically the worst team in the past so we'll take. As soon as we'll take a quick break we'll come back for those of you that have a fantasy football question a ball Georgie and get ready we have couple lines available 855830864. Rate also our friends from park and a picker my dogs are they're now. Mickey Elmo and my pets are like my kids to take and the people who care form like I do check amounted Barkin BA RK IN barking up Hickory. Dot com that's barking up the creek dot com bowl charging joining us on line. And a charge call I wanna jump in and ask about your Dalton and they say the breed of dog that you choose as a reflection of WR so I'm I'm enters the here with the names of your trawlers are well the first of all my dog's names are Mickey and Elmo well and Elmo is a Bernese Mountain Dog in a Shepherd mix will let me and Mickey is a Collie and Shepherd mix. You like him that you like other Royals about to finally sounds and Smart to those are Smart read. I'm pretty intelligent he I've always said he would probably be the kid that went to Harvard and smokes a pipe and drink cognac and he would sit in the corner and do everything you told him to do but he'd be a smoke and ado being beaten onions some. Shift. Then that's fantastic that's the difference between his two dogs. Well it still and where do you rank it now I mean is that like you know him. Elmo is it Elmo talk fall between yep fall between yet oddly all of element yes our. And I we'd falling and boys drink cognac. So let's do not smoke your audience. Whatever you do I've never smoked a lot of the back of the vote goes got a quite Super Bowl charity and in fantasy football it's due to a Charlie listening to was in Hartford Charlie are you doing. Well should I don't you being. You be quiet and Eric are all are. Yet deck press got worries me a little bit it if there is the upset. If there is the upset in the making tonight than me up to sweat. Relapses went down actress. Otherwise hopefully you know not so much in and we hope that's the case. It if if if it turns out that Jack this is playing for something and I think that will be the case then he faces a Lions defense about theories like I don't have to tell your listening audience. That seriously the only competent member of that secondary they also lots their slot cornerback. Calgary digs a couple weeks ago I ourself. It's a bit light second he's not at it's far right down if Jack if Jack can end up take advantage that I do like his opportunities here. But they're car should hammer eight terrible Indianapolis secondary. He's at home where six of his seven multiple touchdown games have occurred. And it was a Colts is a bottom tier secondary that. You know looks okay on paper in the last three weeks they have they've given up very little against through the air but they faced the Jets the Texans at the Vikings. Rick DOS Wyler that he anemic vikings' offense. The Jets so this is still a great opportunity for him and yeah he can't take snaps under center very well but he still thrown okay imitate your car. Odds about the phone calls for a quick let's go to Raila cedars of Brookfield Ryan welcome the program. They get in charge he didn't have a quick question. I've got four decent running back. And I'm wondering if the Giants lose. To fight so. You'd have to have really good running backs you know. Several years ago and bill you might get the help me how Lanka this was iced it was. It was Peyton I think it was Peyton Manning and the Colts where they won out there like he. Either a defeat or they're in a while one loss team and they will they clinched in week fifteen nothing to play right sixteenth seventeenth. So they rested starters in sixteen they rested starters and seventeen they took their bye week. It got their asses handed to them the next week in the playoff Denver did that as well there was definitely an agenda yes and dom. And so the an since then. Most teams play their starters in week sixteen and they really to the big rest in week seventeen. So I think you know even if the even if it works out that way we'll still see plenty of Ezekiel Elliott in this game and I you yet camp that he's been so it's my average running so you'd have to be you know. You got that some really some of the really got options like that are on tight and Jordan reader Cameron Bright. Camera break Jordan greatly you know don't know eat eat suffered a shoulder injury three weeks ago he just not been the same guys sense and down. You don't carted cousins it's got so many good weapons we're gonna go another way with where as. Rates been very good he's got a nice matchup with New Orleans and he's turned into the number two receiver for team as Winston after Mike Evans so we're gonna go with that camera operated this on my number six tide of this week. Let's get another one in this is Chris in Greenfield Chris walker of the program and a Michael show what he got. Uh oh I've got what amounts and rich are prepared an excuse me. Right now are currently there are certain core from all recover from burn role. You're open and where I'm wondering approached switch out here. With pewter the other two. No I would do it make out I've got weird I'll lower than both although only two spots behind Thomas also it's close but. You know what we what I like about where is that Denver's run defense is pretty darned bad their pass defense hasn't leaked so he's going to get a lot of works if he said. Look already to make sure that my guys gonna touch the ball much times then okay I could see it. But otherwise. I am a stick with gore it's been super productive or not he's been. Cool it in almost every game not great in any of them and then arm Rawls has got should have a lot of volume against Arizona as well he's averaging fifteen carries a game. Cardinals' run defense has been pretty stingy but I I still have a slight preference here raw. Charge Joseph he's good body and our mission so I'm sure how you can via the Vikings at some point in I remember going into next season dust off the count two days in on the police they have a place to stay for next year's U right all right well I hope but I hope you come visit sometime over the some absolutely without to get up there bring the Mike coming up in that thing and out for like a Brewers game go into a target field wouldn't that be nice to have a good. Let's let's make that happen try body I can help feed off. We'll we'll go off the Brewers game and you know oracle and after the birth followed our blocks away are absolutely. That's right adds a free can literally good stuff but you'll talk he'll until I was that I hear OK and happy holiday to about a calculator they go that's our poll charge you joining us for a couple minutes you can find him at Paul church in. He and also it at Paul charging and leaks a post dot comments leagues they've closed account.