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Faith in the Zone with Concordia Basketball Coach David Cooks

Jan 8, 2017|

01-08-17: Coach David Cooks joins Mike McGivern on Faith in the Zone

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Welcome defeat in the zone show not sports and face and held it to come together in my speech. Right now discover how people in sports and walk in faith and but host Mike may give burned and pastor can kill learned. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean who. Welcome to feet of snow outscored 31057. Afghanistan. I might be givers flying solo this week pastor Ken Cutler. Is back next week. Excited about today show first and foremost happy new year I hope everybody had a great Christmas season. My special guest in studio. He is my friend. He's a fellow coach. And he's a Christian brother and I love him and all three had she wears he wears a lot of hats McAfee but in those of the threat I know most about him. He's a former head coach or market high school. He's current assistant coach you can corps university the president and founder. Of David cook's enterprises LLC. Coach is so good to see you how aria I am green it's also good to be here and happy new year to you to know it was so it. Let me tell us think about you coming in today. Coach in and you're the kind of friend of mine that if we don't talker see each other for a couple of months it's OK we just kind of pick up. And and I think that's a sign of a true friend we just kind of pick up and we just go. And I got a chance over the big Christmas holiday to see you ought to act recording for the WBY shoot out. And we got in we cut in the hospitality room we spent a good hour just talk it. When I should have been beaten these house hunger if bush and he can courts Arkin and we're gonna get into the story you told me about you flied out to Boston because if that if the board did not have his hedge around you. For for those days. I'm Tonya might do as you know my jaw hit the table is your town news story and that's it David you would you comment. And do faith in the zone we haven't had John for a couple of years would you come in and tell that story and you were kind enough to see outcome meant. And so segment to we're gonna tell this story about. About a health prom that David had. And his trip to Boston. And if if you don't believe after after that Tobler is looking out for this man. I don't I don't think Q that that would be right. Hey let's talk a little bit about what you do now if we can were gonna get into this later in the show as well. But guide David cook's enterprises. All one word dot com David cook's enterprises. Dot com. You've started a new chapter in your life. Yeah you know after seventeen years at my alma mater. I as and so my assignment was up there and inside left and started his business. Thinking that dom is time for me to share a little bit more about my story in trying to help inspire and motivate people. And prepare them to meet the challenges that they face in their own lives professionally. And personally and so it's been a great great its distress me it's a stretch me a lot. Because I hadn't done this before and I'm excited about it and in trying to get a book written in in some of those types of things so next time you're in them I have to say former. Marquette hi can Cordelia founder president and author and head that's. I look forward to that day as we had a conversation he said look I can talk all day long but to sit down and right. That's a typical thing to do it is very difficult. It takes lot of discipline I think I know what I want to say. But sitting down and actually put men on paper. Is a challenge for me he. You know its interest in another thing that that that kind of threw me a little bit and in I don't know why but I wanna tell you this we've known each other for a really long time. And until I went on your website against David cook's enterprises dot com. I didn't know what prince who will chair. I didn't know this and and I've been asked and I said I don't know that it all fits it's a subject that was and comfortable in the beginning of our friendship reader bring up. Or am I just didn't I just and never dead end so that I read your bio and its appointees you fifteenth. Is when this happened. Can we talk a little bit about that time you're Smart serial it was talk about sentenced around you your feed to your fees to its star prior to that you guys I gave my electric Chrysler I was thirteen years oh okay I didn't know exactly what that meant at the time out of and I knew that. I won a crisis a run my life and I want to spend eternity with. And so at age thirteen and I remember I remember telling Chrysler and you're going to give you my life and whatever happens you're in control. And so it best when I started to serve crisis a's thirteen. So wind when this happened around at fifteen and and did you was a spinal and your ism yes. Leaving new T six occur police you can I don't really understand what that means but I know you've been in a wheelchair that's what I know. I know what I see I guess. Yeah well you know I'll walk you two were really quick it was a it was a Friday October 19 of 1979. It was a school day we had exams going in and Alex play basketball and so after the that that the exams on into the gym and and we play a little bit. My nickname was Gus Williams for those who can remember that I can't guys know you just look the more at Joe's story the better player I was super pickle we won't talk about that right now. But dialogue back pain didn't think much of could I just had a physical because trials were the following week. And calm within 24 hours of blood vessel had erupted on my spinal cord. And it's been 37 years now that I have been we'll show you. No it it you make it look easy Yi Yi even you don't want to be honest truth yet the last 45 years. I haven't even thought about you you know any other way that is my friend and and the things that we talk about. Move both on the record in profits on record by. And and so it it's in trusting you make it look easy cannot be an easy life. Where you know guns god has made somehow give me the grease to make this look easy. Must I deal with struggles and challenges every day of of this. Lights presents me and so when I talk about overcoming obstacles and and achieving I really have to do a daily basis I the one thing I've learned in this wall 37 years. Of being in this world shares this is take one day at a time. One moment at a time when you do that I think it does look easy. From the outside in but it is challenge. You know and when you look at your bio. And you look at some of the things that that you've accomplished. You know you see you went to duke and I yours your MBA in finance from duke. Your year PA from from Whitewater. Your current path included banking finance education athletics. And if it doesn't surprise me at all any event unless and until you see look at at the age of fifteen this is what happened. There's a I would I would assume maybe I'm assuming wrong but a lot of people that that fifteen. That this would have happened to. Would have said look you don't want I am not gonna continue down this path. Yet I I think that for me Tom Hughes is a closer Taobao face family and friends but. But the reality of it is it was true for me. That. My faith in Christ really propelled me to ask what is my next move. My family was therefore me and my friends were there and I know that there are many people who face challenges in a try to tell met adversity. Doesn't define who you are but it can define the rose should take to your destiny. And so my destiny never changed my circumstances did and so I just. Just decided that I was going to be successful use their goals that I still have and I want to obtain them in saws and move forward in that direction. We're we're there or they're nice you know they're still nights where where you knew you close your eyes you see in Florida. I don't get it you're you know sometimes. It is just a cold and and you wanna think it's a dream. But but it's not I mean you wanna wake up from this and then wish it was something else but I think that. Tom one of the things that I learned is to cast all of my care on on him because he cares for me. And soul every day. When I go to bed I know that I've had all the mercy that I need for that day. And is as sometime midday is very difficult but I know that the next day I get a new set mercies to help me get through that next. You know what that's called strong your faith. Men Ed that that's what that is I one of my favorite stories. With few. Is I invited uses stakeout Ed Ed Brooke's side that's his church. And you run a little bit late that day. And he got there and and what what that is immense stake out is is they've they bring in a company that cook steaks and detained as an irony for these guys. And then we eat we have little fellowship time in and there's there's some guest speakers. And you run rule late so I waited to make sure I got my stick when you've got years. And fix we got ours pretty much last in. You know you're eating yours I had we had plastic forks and knives and I hit the four can a couple of the today the little low part of the four broke off so I couldn't really eat. So I get up to go to new four combat time I got back a tick the statement went that your new tables and jury in your steak ice event you'd in my QB some regulate and is really good pitch and I thought it catches he's laid out not eat you as I did apologize to work for being married to him about what the but I ask you that night coaching your coach and a Marquette at the time. And that's did you ever get nervous coach. And you said Nadal never I I get nervous preached. Has it really he's the I did I get nervous before I preach but why would they get nervous there for a coach who seemed like an odd question to you. And as I said. I just wondered does that still get nervous before every game and you laughed and he said I know are now I just get nervousness is to basketball game. But I didn't nursed for a preach the word yeah. Where you know sentencing I dome. To bring clarity that statement. You know there's an excitement that comes with basketball honors of incitement excitement that comes when you are speaking and sharing your faith. And when it comes to the gospel you know he's just wanted to make sure that you've heard from god properly and that he is speaking through you into youth to the people. And so that's where you have a little bit more of heightened awareness can look at. When you do that then when no one coach in basketball but the they're both are important to me in anything that's important to me anyway I can get a little bit. Nervous and fidgety about until I'm in it now while some and that. We're good. Right you know it's that the flow was there and and and then we get it doesn't do you miss an and we got to get to break but he do you miss. Be the head basketball coach a mark and I. No I don't you know I I think that dom. That time has come and gone a Mets season is over I enjoyed being an assistant coach at the college level. And still building relationships with young people because that's really. What I do that's what I think was what I'm gifted to do and so it's just a different avenue. And I'm using now and I don't have all the responsibility. On that would have as a head coach what I have learned how to be a great assistant coach. From my assistant coaches that I had. And and as wanna serve and MS and I love doing a little service that. You I think. And in I've been an assistant coach now with coach while China for awhile. And and I think the number one trait of a good assistant coach is loyalty. EE you don't want that guy's job. On you when you I will challenge coach Walsh time will be in a coach's office and we will go at it pretty hard. But once that door opens lockstep ban which he says goes he it's his you know he's ahead of the program. And if I say we need to play zone and he's saying no we're gonna play man and we walk out. And a parent comes up this isn't and you guys should play some zone unlike now absolutely not here's what. You know I am in lockstep with him and I would throw myself confirm a bus for. You know I just would end because it will too in love that I feel for him as as good vision you know the head coach in this program. Have similar I think you know loyalty. Transcends profession. And and is something about being unified. And have a unified front. And that's one thing that you say iron sharpens iron as the scripture tells us. And so there's place for us to have conversations and to have conflict but once time took so it took come out in the public. The leader is a one we support and we should be on 11 page I think this is great. Guys really get to break. Trust me go to David cook's. Enterprises dot com one word. Or if you if you is feeling led to call him and we're gonna talk about he's speaking engagements in some of the things he would bring. If you if you're looking for a for speaker leadership and coached team and a number of different. Aries not heeded those as the show goes on. You can again go to David cook's enterprises dot com or give Mo call at 414507. 7677. 5077677. Or continue or conversation with coach cooks on the other side to break this is faith in his own. I'm sport treaty 1057. At them. The fans. Back to face in the zone the journey on how people in sports walking pace. Thief in the zone is brought to you by bundles of old fashioned meat market. Here's host Mike may give her. And pastor can kill her. Plus sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. My special guest. Special friend I should say in studio man he's just he's my guy he is the current assistant coach at Concord University. Former market high school basketball coach and he's the president and founder of David cook's enterprises. He's David cook's coach we get a chance to talk at the WBY shootout. And I knew I knew that you weren't feeling well from following me on FaceBook but I wasn't sure what was going up. And I get a chance struck Sean Cassidy kind of get the reader's digest version and then you came in and we said in in their past tally room for awhile. And that's how you feeling cica and so what's going on I couldn't find out from FaceBook exactly what happened. And when he told me the story. I immediately said would you come and Satan zone because the war has had his hand in this and if you could let's let's talk about that trip to Boston. Why am I had back in September of 2017 I booked a trip to go to Boston on December 5. I was going there to do a speaking engagement. And on December 4 after church that Sunday. After I got in the car begin have a shortness of breath and the growth that afternoon and evening I would find myself. Having trouble breathing just over the smallest activity. And so I'd told my wife we prayed about it and I said well you know if I don't feel any better tomorrow morning. I'm gonna go to ER and I'm just gonna have this trip canceled. And so there is a big truck this is a big trip this was this just is the trip. That was going users who really catapult me on a national scale in terms of bookings and things like that from a speaking standpoint. So went to bed. Got to the next morning and not I felt really really good my wife even says you look consistency that often. And a potential threat especially suited for it and I said okay let's go ahead on Google it and make the trip. And so mom I get to the airport and as I'm getting to the Arctic account arm from a little tired but okay so I have some of them with my bags that kind of stuff. I get on the flight. And about three quarters of the way through the flight I'm really struggling with breathing in and getting comfortable and and so. I asked the flight attendant if I can have some water to stump I feel dehydrated. And does not sure what's happening. So they come back in May ask mr. elect to have some oxygen. And you know me as an accident kill anybody so I'll take some oxygen you know but yeah there are so different so in my breathing became better instantly. And serbians as this kind of things like what something's wrong with my oxygen levels so I asked to fly it's in that they can have the paramedics meet me in the jet way. And take me to an emergency room because I had about three and a half hours in between when the plane landed and when house posts speak. And so I was thinking that this is some sort of virus and have been plenty of time for me to get checked out. So we get to the emergency room. And they run some tests and they come McNamee tell me. What you're not going to be giving your speech today you have a some massive blood clot in your lungs. And we need to figure out what to do about treating its what does it say some massive. Clear class a sort of axis of Massaquoi Nestle SAI know what the word massive means that's normally large yes in some of the our insurer. What that meant so what they said was that. The blood clot didn't cover both sides of my heart but just one side so wasn't. Massive mass OK okay now was comforting I guess I guess expected to get minutes so while you're here in Europe there by yourself I'm out there by myself. That's that's that's the scary part pay cash for me I. I would want my wife next to me for though yes I'm out I'm out there by myself and solo was about to use this information. I I called my brother in law. Who was a doctorate. And he lives in Baltimore Maryland and I just called him give him the update on port where I am so he can talk to the Stanley that type stuff. And the first thing out of his mouth is you know where are you gonna supplement Mass. General. And is an OS the best hospital in the in the country for a treat blood clots during a great spot. That's the first thing the first sign that. You okay let me just try to figure out what's going on here because. They could've taken me to a number of hospitals in Boston in there are a number of very good hostels and balsam that is happen to take me to the one. That treats blood clots. Better than anybody is in the country in the country at talks in the country so. Soriano. And amen and amen I'm in the emergency room and remember. There are no loans to admit but they wanna admit me. But they can't admit me because there are no room so I'm in ER. For approximately a 36 hours and so it. So after after they days giving information and I and I talked to my brother in law. I actually as say a prayer that's on about his congress. And I ask god if he would honor the life that I've lived for him. Because that's all I had to offers a life that I live for him. And I cigar which honor in my life allows I don't wanna get back home and I went to sleep. So later that. Evening the doctor comes in to see me talk about potential procedures. And the doctor says to me to close the door. It uses I like to talk to you like you my brother. Innocent okay well no doctors don't do that but let's see what he's got to say we was concerned because. They need to do procedure but there were no bears in the hospital in the news a bit in icu but there was no bid so I hadn't eaten because I'm an emergency room. I've been numerous appearances 1 o'clock is now 11 o'clock. The next day they don't know if I'm gonna get to eat at all so he feels bad for me any sesame. You know on and it'll buy you a meal right now. I look in his 11 o'clock at night. You're gonna buy me a meal where you gonna get a meal from that's what I'm thinking as a cafeterias clearly clos most. Well he comes back with a very very tasty. Turkey butternut squash. Spinach salad. Color with the columns. Not that. Not bad for 11 o'clock at 9 point 11 o'clock at night now I'm thinking. This must be the guy that my brother on O'Donnell's this past to be him right because who's gonna or whatnot there's gonna buy you some food right. Well it turns out that wasn't my brother in law meant. It turns out that he was over the top doctor on the doctors of on the team of doctors who treat me so that was that was one thing. So the next day we on a rule what was up and icu. And the procedures about to begin. And what. A person walks as a procedural. And says hi I am so and so and Tom I know your brother in law gem is your wife here as a one off you should be here tomorrow we can get a flown out yet. And its the person says well if she needs a place to say or she needs a car anything just let me know will be taken care all that for. Okay well well well thank you mementos nice this mice and also I don't think much of it. Put on notice when she came and the doctors were all. Like at attention and just talking to each other on the wheel who was a slightly yeah. Well it turns out the she was the chief of physicians she runs the hospital. So she if she comes in just to check and just to check. Just to check I've never met her in my life. And so so not only am I at the best hospital in the country. Not only MI getting the care from the top doctors that are there now I have the person in charge of the entire hospital overseeing Mike. It's not path. That's not bad that's not that they're not bad that they've but put it don't it only keeps getting better. So we complete the procedure in the procedure was greats. I'm you have to stay on your back for twelve hours and Obama Bly and sold the doctor comes up the next day. And he says man things are really good and I think we're going to be to unplug and all these sorts of things and so it's they began to. Oh recap why it was out there they're asking questions and felt bad that I come out there to speak and wasn't able to do that that kind of stuff and so. I says to the doctor as well. Hey you you know anybody and given out business cards on icu bus remarks he keeps up Isiah if you know anybody. There's little persona come and speak I do a lot of different things here's my card. And the doctor said to me where mom let me give this to my wife because she's done Ted talks. Now for people who understand. Understand you public streaking tete talks is like the highest level of public speaking that you can be honored whiff. And you seem can be seen all over the world huge Italy and watch a lot of those here Gunner come in the sales department Jack and so all of a sudden here's a contact for that Michael okay. Heat he leaves the room and then. The chief of positions shields up. And doesn't identifiers of the sadness Jesus talking and talking and and nom talking to the nurses and everything and and she says to me you know I'd like to get you back out here if we possibly can under some different circumstances I think our organization would benefit from hearing from you. Oh well let me give you car trouble review to let me give let me give you to be sold not how the people in icu. Wondering who I. And I tell them mine name and my birthday. Because that's what I thought they were asking he'd. It. Where they were asking was why are you getting all this paper who you know you must be somebody important. And so. That it it it continued with this. There were no beds available so I was an icu. For almost three days. Getting around the clock care that I did not need. Being overseen. By the chief of physicians. And having the top team. For this blood clot taking care. So you you get all that you get all of these things happening. And I could have gone to the emergency room here in Wisconsin. On Sunday night. And end would have probably gotten great care homeless. However. The fact that you woke up feeling good until you were three quarters of the way on that flight is if it's a new one quarter. I. Atlanta Hawks to distribute it gets you to a hospital to us. And that's a hospital to hospital. And nobody knows what's going on at that point no it's not like he said look at at the camera blood quite give me the grace hospital in the country that knows what caused. You're having trouble breathing out central breeding. So sold now it it it it gets better. Because when I got ready to leave. And get to the airport. There were three witnesses. Scripture talks about let everything led every word be established by three credible witnesses well I have three credible witnesses. One was a person who helped me get off the point. And what they said to me was. What she said to me was first of all I can't believe you made the flight out here. Secondly. If I hadn't seen you before Allen of Melbourne now how sick you. Asked the first person and America who passengers. That flew out that war flying back with me that went to get their family members. I gave the business are sober now and thin and expect it yet and they said to me while you look incredible. You did not look very good coming out here in NASA what I believe I got a miracle I said I feel great. We get on the plane. We fly back. The doctor told me that I would have some breathing difficulties. Probably over the next thirty days or so. Well I got to up off the flight and I rolled the entire concourse. To the car. I was tired because ahead and done anything for a week bright but I was not when did or out of breath. At all and haven't experienced one Prius moments. Of short breath. I'm just Tanya you know what the board put his heads around you. I truly believe that you you can't that's not a coincidence meant no studio too many of Libby and and enemies at two more things can hurt you bet. Price three I want to see my my local doctor about a week ago. And he asked me what happened. And I I assume you read the charts. So I told him what I thought god had done the story I just told you bright here's what I told him and you know what he says to me. This doesn't happen you need to write that down this has to be gone. As it has to two other things on November 29 which is Tuesday. I received a text message from someone prophetic word essay that. There's going to be a shift in your health. Your health is about to turn around it may not look like it but you server supernatural god. May god is about to breathe in your direction in a new way. So I get this text on November 29 there I just put that on the shelf because I'm believing that for my life from whenever it's gonna happen. When I got up on the morning of December 5. Took to to fly to Boston. There was techs and someone in Atlanta on my phone. They have been praying for me and they say that this is what I believe god is saying. He started off by saying I am the breath of life. And the shortness of breath and you've been experiencing. Is because I'm about to breathe new life into you for your next assignment. I need future relax. Taken a deep breath. And receive your healing. And it also went on to say. You will not need to say anything your presence alone will be enough. I had no idea what any of that magnets for it because I'm born in Boston to speak I have to talk. So this must be referring to something else well it wasn't no I've I've goose bumps up and down Mars probe it turned out. That God's soften it. So slimy to Boston. And orchestrate. My healing. A big plans for you man it's an amazing thing I plant it's an amazing thing. He is David cook's encoded David cook's enterprises dot com. David cook's enterprises that comp for a 145077677. If you wanna talk dinner if you want to. Hire him he is a great speaker. And we're gonna talk about some of the these these topics that east that he is going out and talking different groups about and you can see some of his clients. On that website again one word David cook's enterprises. Dot com and we'll continue your conversation with him. On the other side of the break this his faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports and Milwaukee famous face in. Is brought to you by all American window and door. Here's host Mike we get burned and pastor Ken Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean do. I think you're alongside the former head coach and worked at high school and current assistant coach can corps university. And president and founder of David cook's enterprises. You check out his work David cook's enterprises dot com. Or call him if you're looking for great speaker to come to talk to your business your team your group. I would highly recommend calling him 414507. 76775077677. First of all that storied Boston we can do the whole show one it is you left out some stuff because if for time purposes. And it again if one of those things happen coach. Okay Russ quit since two things may be. Put the amount of things that look you know I feel by the soak our displeasure healthy. Rather than I did feel it is great to be here is good to be alive I don't fear death or anything like that but. I'm just glad that my my assignment on earth has not done and that I have another story detail now I have another chapter in the book to write. In a who hit it will be about the Boston X well and when to book. But also when your out speaking yes you don't even have to US TV tickle notes on this thing no eureka I'm ready to you and we'll roll right there are going man speaking of that when you get asked to speak. And there's on your website visitors a number of topics. That you'd that you have and will speak on camera go through this quickly overcome adversity. Teamwork effective leadership diversity. And coaching. And you could pick and he goes in you're pretty much an expert talk about overcoming adversity okay. Related team hard at an effective leadership diversity. An and coaching. All really strong when you win when somebody calls you were the go to your website. And they they reach out you to come speak to their group. How was it chosen what topic you're getting you're gonna speak out. Well I think one of the things that I tried to express with people is that you're going to get my story you're going to get my personal life experiences. And how they can apply and hopefully inspire and prepare you to meet your own challenges. So bomb. The UV the overcoming obstacles is clearly more about my life than any of the other topics that we have. Humble we talk about teamwork. Com and met that allows some reason use some of my coaching experience and how to develop a team Hala how are you staff how to identify roles for. Your players employees that type of soaps are so little teamwork thing has taken on. AA management level. Of conversation. For business as well as just general coaching. I'm so sold so they cancel the answer the answer is. You know I can actually adjust myself. Or just not myself what I just touches your typing my speed going on the tube to meet whatever your needs are you know. So if somebody says look effective leadership diversity or are cold Sheehan if they say you look weak need all that bad. We we wanna hear your story because your story look EU I would think that almost any time you won't speak. People are gonna notice your wheelchair right right what are you say pair guest speakers and so the overcoming adversity. Is how I would think you probably start to say look here's what's gonna yes it would have yes you always you always begin with. 37 years ago this is experience and I have daily challenges in this is how I. Approach life. And so part of what I try to do is give people a way to approach life so they can overcome what ever the ops coolest. I I don't believe that obstacles were ever designed to stop you I think there were only makes stripping him. Because of government to stop you would die. And I want people to understand that. And whether that's building a team. Whether that's. And learning how to to coach and and and inspire people that's what this is really all about and so I I try to really. Make its source practical. People love to hear about you know what happened to you how is that how did how was it coaching at duke how was apparently with coach K how was it doing USA basketball so vols are all stories of people are interest it and and that can provide insight. Into. The cultural environment into diversity into overcoming obstacles. And into incident teamwork. You know win and we temporary we did talk about this early on I said you went to duke which it eat your part of their staff and on your website there's a video from coach K. Who said that you look cool older and out stuff like that I actually didn't know it yet quite the sense of humor he's kind of funny and that but he says some great things to say about you. And again you can see that video it's a short video spot for farmers want it to get coach Katie do video for 45 minutes. Obviously you report part of his wife David cook's enterprises dot com to see that video. What what I like about the Steven Newman in my mind you don't BMO stake in marketing and all that stuff. Or you can go to a secular business you can go to a faith based business you go to church you can go to which. You could take what what your beliefs are and you can kind of him but use your beliefs and and and your knowledge in just about. Any environments and that's you know that's what's so unique I think about my opportunity when I started David cook's enterprises. Is that my of my life experiences have taken me from business to education to athletics. And there's always the safe side of my life that under under under guards them all right and so. It's gives me just so many different places to go and to share this message. One of the things that I truly admire and love about you. Is and we you when I've been in different settings a lot of different cities from cured to gymnasiums to restaurants to whatever. Eight look this wind and I knew that immediately before the first time I met you was here. Ed editor right I called you up to would you come doing the one he's versatile it's high school basketball coach it. He said shore. You why you came in five minutes in your your. Your stay here. We got to produce young guy who used a four letter work. And used and were in the middle of conversation in a pre show meeting. And you stop can you said you not use that kind of language with me in the room place. And I was about 2324. Usually say excuse me he should you can use that language if you want with your friends Richard not to use that language. In front of me you understand me. And the kid goes. Yes sorry about that I that it. Who was taken back by late. Okay I'm getting. And from that moment I'm mad I I just kind of smile I've thought this guy is not a freight and who years. He doesn't care who you this is who he is and he's he's comfortable and that and I and I think that that is one of the joys that I have when I. Go out and speak and meet people. Is just I'm just sharing who I am with the I don't have to make it up as there's no pretense here. It's this is David Cook serious and I believe that part of my assignment. Is to share who watch him with others. Com and to help them become the best person but they can be. Here's what here's the other hand though you know when you when you talk about some guys. That our arts are gonna go out and speak on effective leadership. And their unit and they're gonna go on speak on teamwork. And targeted it talk a little bit about maybe coach Keener. Is it intense sometimes we try and and it happened it was you know and and so predicate if they encourage iris of your visit today to urge you to laugh at what happened you go to bosses stuff and have some fun. With that yeah. Use your yeah it's going to be a fun if he bookie for half hour an hour for the dates in before. Some stories you'll hear you'll be amazed. Even. From driving with a golf club on I 95 in New York City yeah I won't tell you the whole thing but I had to do that. Is talking about how quickly you have to do with adversity or you get run over. You know and so have stories that for real it really happened. And and their their they weren't funny at the time did it show put your spin benefit you with this for anonymous has pretty good layers. And the fact that the lord has has again put his hand on your life and said look I've got more work for you young man. I'm not you're not come home with the media that's right. And it's meant a lot lot lot left to do. Lot less a lot left to do there were gonna find out some of that on the other side of breaking up got a couple of questions for David wanted to know his. His best coaching moment. In and whether it was in a wash her win if it was up to the coal senator fits in college your. It was someplace else. I'll let ask him. And wolf find out to your conversation with David cook's. Cystic coach you corps university. President and founder of David cook's enterprises. Go to David cook's enterprises dot com for more information. How to poke him as a speaker with your group your team your organization your church. You know make sure you go and and look at that website there's some great stuff on it and you'll get to know him a little bit more. From from some of the information on that. Website this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. More now of faith in this zone discovering people of sports and their walking face. Faith in the zone is brought to you blind young expressed. That the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor Ken Kellner and on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. In the like we feel sad feeling cuts. He again president founder David cook's enterprises LLC. Go to David cook's enterprises dot com that's one word. Or Jim call at 4145077677. Your first and foremost they slept for common in men it's always good to see was spent time with you time always goes very quickly when I'm with you there we go. Talk a lot so this is dead and I don't listen in order yes Jack and Steve Jobs and it is great to be and isn't really greats I know we got to get you back here is a lot sooner than it took this last time. Pay as some as a basketball coach you've coach for one time. Q can you give me one it maybe not your favorite but is one of your favorite moments either on the sidelines or as a coach when you think about your Kirk. Yeah you know this past summer actually young man stopped here in Milwaukee he was flying on his way to a wedding. And yes if he we view full launch is a former player. And NASA's shortlist of that and now we went out to go to lunch and he begin to tell me how I how much I impact of his life and I would what do you mean. He's there we don't remember but I was governor really bad day in practice you pull me over and asked me what was going on if I was okay. And I said that I was struggling with some things city to meet you back out there must try this again and and practice to have him go well slapped in the practice you and I stayed after and you have me make a hundred layups right and left hand. A before I went home. And that changed my life and my what what do you mean it's things in life he says that's the first time someone had given me. Something to do to correct a problem. I had always been suspended. Kicked out. That kind of thing but no one had ever corrected me and gave me what to do and you did that. When he told me that story. I was just overwhelmed he wasn't a starter he wasn't you know a guy that was in the newspapers scoring a lot of points. But he was a part of this team and he said you really made me. You may guy from guy number one again number fifteen. Philip part of this team and met changed my life he's in ministry now in Florida and he tells that story to people. So that's a great story coach day I was at a wedding for for a former player were way up north and down. I had a a player come up to me and we won sort of expects the championships over its medic in this is young man that was on that. That's second team and he decided that. He he was a decent player but useless and Andy and he just Wallace and he just studies unit quit. And down over the Christmas holiday. And I went to his house picked Mo took from the launch and went to silver spring house Bernard and nobody orderly for entrees and other costs about her bugs FedEx hub. But we had lunch and I said look. You'll understand if you quit we will not Wednesday. And seacoast them eighth ninth that would be talking about and I see you understand the impact that you have in this locker you're really could basketball player. Which your lazy. Let's be honest you've heard before. And he's and a half and it said you could help us a ton on the floor if you are recited you don't wanna beat them be lazy and work hard. But in the lock from these guys love you. And they love having you around and we don't win state if you leave and if you ever understood what it really good player you work. He you'd be scared that it would be here. The executive played a lot and we won that state championship and he came up to me at that when he said you remember that I said I remember what it cost me still that's what I guess our eleventh he sees. Geno in all seriousness you were the only coach in my entire life. Told me I was too gospel. While they all told me I was lazy on February goes I still have at it fiance. Came up to me this it's so we have this conversation hour later she came up but she sooner you coach Mac and I said I am. Choose and so so's fiance Jim a minute as India. She goes he's told this story a million times now you're the only got a never told me he's good basketball. I city was today today would also tones there's ice still lazy theft that we laughed about it but isn't that amazing coach of those of the things that we remember the impact that we have. On the east players' lives. Long after. They get off the court is incredible and I hope that that the coaches that was in the show when there's a watt coaches it was in the shall understand the importance. Of of what we're doing it. You know if there was one thing I learned from coach K. In there was this. That you need to be. Actively interested in your players. Everybody their coaches has some idea about exit an X and oh some some idea. But are you able to really. Relate to your player are you able to find the bug to make him her be the best they can be. I'm are being an in a meeting once. Down when I was a duke and there was a player who was a very difficult up practice and some of the assistant coaches at all over him just get an all Goldman so when a meeting coach case it was probably due want has tested. Right. And it was silent. And I learned from that point. You know their their if their people. And they can be impacted now Manning's not machines and once they know you love them. Now once they know you care about them right they would do anything for you anything feel anything for you this thing I learned more. With coach Walsh I've along that that that. That frame is. When you tell young man. Or young lady that your coach and something. If you see him McCoy denies 7 o'clock to not call them at 1010 after. Don't call men tend to almost 7 o'clock if you see MOB frontier house at 7:15 this morning and pick in next tomorrow morning picky while. You either at 715 don't show up at 730. Don't show up at seven what you show December 15 because these guys need to understand they can trust you. Coach I love you and I do I think he's so much for coming in I I I enjoy the time that we get to spend. I'm go to David cook's enterprises dot com. One word or give him a call at 414507. 7677. It's conceive rose stay healthy thank you so much appreciated praise the lord yes god is good guy his goodness his faith in his own on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans you. Been listening defeat in the zone with host Mike and give Ernie and pastor can help her. You can hear feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find patch shows exclusive podcast sporting can treat you with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Fate in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith and join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM so fans. Well yeah. The games and hello sir yeah. No I didn't lose.