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Spare Time Bowling Show with the PBA Commissioner Tom Clark

Jan 8, 2017|

01/08/17: Steve "Sparky" Fifer along with PBA Commissioner Tom Clark talk television bowling coverage.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Things to the PGA tour. Pulling fans welcome to the gasoline spare time bullies shows presented by the Milwaukee area and Napa auto care associates now here's your hosts these funky Phifer on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan's. Your man and big castle it's very tumbling shows he's barking. Phifer. Playoffs are still Raila joining us on the ball from an airport. Still where you have life. Minneapolis the great up vomit like Tokyo and then not Autry knows sucked organ rear brake coverage. I'd extra prayer of the DH he'd you can't invitational. When diapers and I didn't Friday night. Lecturing an actor friend what Charlie crane but the two on our mile an hour train. A bullet train on it. Doug sunset me matching our ticket at a slower train I don't nobody take him to harm on our friend that sounds very dangerous to me I don't know I would not I would want to do that experience it once yeah I -- you what what are you go to Tokyo for Phil. By then that Tokyo would only have to pick the trying to Osaka the it's an honor the journalists and Ichi Japan invitational. There we go seek. Fred people I don't know why you're going to Tokyo I need you to tell everybody why you're going to tell people might think you're going there on vacation. All done and now we're not I'm part. Or wait workers. Well and he's not he's not going to bowl in the tournament that he's he's going for extra frame. Right side that is the voice of my top Clark who has showed up here in studio up for the show today. I had an appreciation of the time barber coming and I spent thank you very much for having me and at first of all apologize for the first couple weeks of the show I tried to be on the shown and it was totally on me that I. I was traveling so many different time zones that I could screw it up myself so I apologize to you guys and thanks for keeping she'll go and it's been great. Thanks a lot OK so first off let's start off but first I guess Tom what I wanna read. Go back to last year but before back to last year I have a different before we go recap last year. Is that I was thinking about this driving in and I can't. I'm sure you have examples but I don't have an example so like you all you large. Team sports I guess you'd say Iran. NASCAR rights NASCAR starts in February it ends in November. You know that's your season ride baseball start and NBA for a ball hockey. In all time TV it starts and ends boom done. Bowling on the other hand seems all kinds of jacked up to me because. When you think the season is like casual fan right not the nerds on the shelf but casual fan. UC ESPN OK a year ago. I know what ESPN dot I think well a lot of people that are just casual fans think okay well as the season it's it's it's all done in obvious pain coverages Don don't realize that it's also on CBS sports network obviously differing yards an extra frame throughout the course of the season. How do you can she may I guess to fans. About the way the whole schedules Mays up and howled the year actually play he's out for PGA players. No it's a good point and I think it's something we need to address into a better job of what we've tried to do is explain that it's a calendar year. Currently it's just that it's January this first event right now in Japan is the first event of the year. It's January. To. The end of the World Series a bowling in December and so it's the whole year and within that year we have major events we have. Events like the World Series or the summer swing or fall swing that are multi event. Mount happenings we have the extra frame tour we have the PBA league which is almost completely separate but another season within a season. We have the international part of the tour. And it's kinda similar actually to golf and tennis the way they do it but they have the same problem and they've been articulating it lately in golf spent. Relive a new commissioner coming in and that's one of the topics that he said to talk islands that. You know. When his golf season start and end and do people really consider this week's PGA tour event the first event of the year or does golf really starred in. April at the masters and run through the majors and that's the real season. So we we have this from and into it the that the main thing that I tried that we're trying to direct people to lose the PBA network of communications extra frame. Our FaceBook page PBA dot com our our direct communication with the hardcore fans. And and try to keep them in the loop so that they can follow correctly because the people that are following correctly or seen more great bowling now than ever. But we don't have enough people in there we have more spark ease. Then whites. And that's where we need to do better job. Feedback from our customers at the shop they say that they have a hard time following. What when it's going to be our nets the biggest name is that the PBA actually have something on their web page that. Actually has a schedule of events or course yet if you go to PBA dot com and pull download the the button and and go to schedule you see the full PGA tour schedule and the PB fifty schedule in a regional schedule and and there's Warren you know. Full schedule that includes all of those different aspects of our of our current to cool work in one. Document you know and that's the one to continue following. You know last year we made magnets and we made posters and we mean you know and and with every single event we would tell fans how to watch it on like for example. The DHC Japan. Just extra frame. That's it then the next term we do might be the players championship in Columbus well that's going to be an extra frame throughout the event call firing in match play. But the championship finals or live on ESPN. You know I think where we had been was as Sparky said ES Pierre and when we came on and we went off the air that was our season. And as things have had to change. Mostly due to. Financial business. Model reasons. It it it hasn't it isn't a week to week to week. Classic PBA tour that a lot of the traditional fans remember. And so. It was almost know what we're trying to do in that ESPN's schedule was almost try to fake it all here we are this week you know with the Chita championship in the next. And so we've tried to do now is signal we do the World Series the mole that's a big event and it's almost like a standalone. We do determine champions and that's a big event and it's like a standalone. We you know we do the players champ the masters you know we do of those summer swing. We have these. Secondary toward type of events the extra frame tour. For the really hard core fan to get around the country and almost every thing. Is like a stand alone now. And you could easily criticized you can easily say we'll know we need to keep it going to keep the whole season going for the dialogue and conversation around the season. But I think what we found. Always seemed most niche sports. Is that the hardcore fan that does want to follow every single week. Figures it out. And they come find this on extra frame when they come find us on PBA dot com and they follow the season. And stays seeing gauged. But the casual fan. Where the eventual. You know real. Financial backing is gonna come from right to colonel look at events as one offs. You know you don't you might be a golf fan but how many times a year. You know for the majors now it just look at those you don't even though Marleau Heatley alone on everywhere you can follow the Golf Channel -- tennis yet to beat I mean. US win Wimbledon you know so we have the World Series the ball we have the tournament champions and we're trying to do ramp up those moments. Right and then within that there is a calendar year where there is a player of the year which is key and everybody cares about a rookie of the year and and that discussion current happens at the World Series but the conclusion of the of the Caroline. You know still you obviously due to spare time coverage or doubts or Tampa or extra frame covered you could change to spare time numbers. If I'm at you do the extra frame coverage obviously I'm lying to you you have a lot of interaction I'm sure via FaceBook. Mom and I and other ways of talking to fans when you're out in about doing all the coverage do you hear any thing about people talking about all the schedule on the calendar year for the PBS. Not a lot on site it really they're just happy to get the tour there there must seem to guys and personnel out of that bank. W a lot of feedback a great job an extra friendly to you guys when they're not normally anti. And no another ten or what that it was it was the ESPN three coverage live of the admiral pattern events for the diehards I mean. The people it in the ball centers that are super and Trevor or the other one or 2% is the diehard that we get the feedback from. And most the time they're happy with the progress that we're given on the B it's it's just that are the other ones and they would end in order schedules on TV web page. And articulate for the TV schedule that extra prep schedule the peavy is that he is a they know overall it up is about marriage and I'll pass that one or 2% of the diehard. So the question though the question it is the same question for every single commissioner in any sport right. The same court question. On the same Brian France now he left mysteries owner but. But at Brian France rider Mike Helton face are in NASCAR as their numbers are going to exact wrong way I mean TVA's numbers are going up NASCAR's numbers only down. As far as the TV goes but. If they face the same question how do we give that them. Daytona 500 stand on to what more than the Daytona 500 the rest of the year right now you may come back like the Bristol race but he's caught again. I we may not seem to get wants FL season starts CO. NASCAR fans are out and watch NFL teams BBA's going straight up against the NFL and seen their numbers go up in ESPN obviously loves you guys for that. So how do you get that that fan that says all man he levers I TV I meant. And you lovers thought I'd see around all the guys a passes and number watch NFL how. I don't know the answer I'm just asking you and assured you do the answer from Larry and I but I mean that's that's gotta be kinda the the tough nut to crack here. Molly I think you hit on it in the question when you mention a guy like Pete Weber and what you mean by that is a a dynamic figure in the sport that's playing the game that fans. Want slot time I'll give you a classic example we AP whoever on the show couple weeks ago until rallied to the interview on in Vegas with them when I want. And I was doing Bucs post game show on a Saturday night leading up to the next day my producer Matt Barlow as a point. And I go to Atlanta lacked a little too multilateral my nieces looked in the blank stare like c'mon you don't who Pete Weber is. He cites that the sunglasses dude and you know everything else and I was like that and I crotch shot and all that Mike is day I know who that is JAF. So I mean that's stuff. Get sports honor write that stuff that gets them all over the place TGI Todd my whatever else flash somebody ESPN. That's kind of what separates them mean they may not even less silly and watch him bowling and how good a bowler is whoever else but they know the name they can relate to it. Earnhardt would NASCAR you know the name you can relate to give me never watched a race which you know Dale Earnhardt junior is in an age that type of and now you've got. He's young guns coming and there won't be here for awhile and you brought a lot of really good bowlers at a young age yeah pro Ira. The problem would bowling has. Always been there in that it's really an open field. Fair you know competition. To see who makes who who advances past all these great players in difficult conditions to qualify for the show and that's where the names are made is on a show. And so you could have a star player that player can have a great year and never make a show so it's always been a a problem. One of the solutions or fixes to that has been. The advent of the PBA lead because with the league concept you're basically guaranteeing we'll. PP Webber's team is gonna be on TV so you're going to see him he's going to be part of this team and they might be and three times. And if we did and we can increase the PBA leagues reach air and the amount of times it's on television if it's popular. You can follow a whole season and no Ole Ole Pete Webber's team as bull. And get to know who's on the other teams in the league and be guaranteed they're going to be on television as opposed to kind of hoping they make right. You know Pete have a good example would Pete. Was that the world championship this year he came in sixth. He he had an amazing week at the world championship 62 games he could barely move his hip was hurting and I mean and in and he's 54 years old and he's going against all these young guns that you mention. Ellis power out there on the PGA tour and and he just miss by 1010s of making the show and believe me I'm not supposed to be rooting for anybody but. Org. Because so we've always had kind of that problem everyone thinks of the the great days of the PBA and they don't want. Number Earl Anthony was on every week and it wasn't on every week but while he was not a lot he was cut a lot for us and at the time you know you have. It is amazing how certain people did advance consistently. OK what is so difficult to do that. Okay but let's go to that aspect that sold that how many get you to step not hear it in secret come with me and this and that so then are we saying that the talent level now is just that much greater top to bottom. In the field every week than maybe it was back that were the same five or six guys drivel walked through the field every week I wouldn't sit because you know in recent years I lifted the tellem was great that I think it's great now I mean in recent years Jason bowl money made the show and almost every major championship yet. A legend wasn't like eleven out of twelve times this one guy who was who is exciting is the new kind of faces through BAA and is he has all these different elements that make him unusual. This new style and and people talk about only like to see a ball hook or see the pins fly no one's ever hook the ball and made pins for more than this guy with two hands and woods who handles from Australia salary illustrates the international appeal bowling. And he may eleven out of twelve major championships you won six of them during this last stretch she won the player of the year three years in a row to sleep early Anthony did a couple. And so we kind of of have had people recently that have been able to crack the code. Arm and make a lot of different shows but you can't count on that and and now this whole year. Would Belmont he did make a couple shows this year into the world championship in May determine champions. He made a doubles showed me a bunch but he didn't win anything this year they'll get involved in that. So you know. I think they that we do have to move to different models if building a star. Through our own capabilities not the way in some other sports the wade. Stars or bill or through their outside sponsorship I've got another one for your top you know I've got another one and this is called sports entertainment. And the WW we struggle. From where they war with the rock and stone cold and all that. You know all how I know they're struggling cause or bring him back every roster in their fifties or sixties to come back do for Russell mania undertaker like a hundred. A lot of these old guys they're trying to bring back. To get viewership to come back because there struggling on how to. Make a star in right I mean you can't in my opinion you can't make a stock right you can't take. I'll just use a localism Michael Redd who played for the bucks back in today who was quiet in really say much when he wasn't a vocal guy in a locker right you can't take him and say okay. I want you to be like Michael Bennett of the Seahawks I want you to be like what can that's not who he is sold. You look at these these young guys that you have coming to young guns that we like to call. Phil you tell you. All of these young guns is there anybody that stands out huge debt that has a personality to maybe take it to another lob. I think there are just the critical natural sometimes I think they're afraid. I mean wondered recently got hurt I mean in Vienna he's not young I mean that's not good at it and maybe maybe that's another level crack. Economy yuppie. And yet maybe semis of a younger posted an idiot and beat myself up Eric and it ought to be a little bit of black cat Lions and and and give a -- give somebody some group on on Monday and and showed little emotion that that the. It sometimes is not even know how to. You don't have to be a trash talker or beam who you don't want to beat some people just have charisma you know and but in the guys were thinking of right now people yes Bruce Benson. And Denise Simons and I hit a key I think decade there might have a little cockiness to him that might be able to go and he's he's truly emotional about his game when he loses he beats himself up for me real based off the shoals that we're just on the one I liked and had a Christmas and great reacts and and Randy Peterson talked about it was meadow grow I agree I agree I. You know I might like yeah I'm a great sports I'm a big sports fan I'd love when I foreign like to play year where. It seems like like in basketball every time they get the Bali excited right you know and you know tennis is going to be exciting metal Grady does it in bowling every time he's up to bowl. There's a little different little twinge of this is going to be exciting indeed. Does it any actually comes through and I think and I really like this when he made the ten penny made a comment to Randy Peterson and rainy kind of talked and back to on the you know but yet but even though obviously it's not hear what Randy say and I don't like. That I like that in her accent now I I totally agree I it is gasoline Sperry top bowler shot Philly I got a flight to Tokyo yet are you good for another segment. I'm good for armed approach they went evidence started doing anymore yet so got. At various Phil Brown oh he's in Minneapolis airport and ready go to Tokyo for small bowl and action on extra frame sees Sparky five for alarm avoid Albert Phil brow and in serial. BA commissioner Tom Clark Cassel inspector emotional presented to Milwaukee Irene apple auto care association here fan. So. Desolate stretch our bowl XL presented by the Milwaukee area now while I don't care association check him out at MI LWCAR. Dot com of course Cassel lanes. Sunday morning Saturday and the 1 PM good ball for less than seven dollars all you could bowl win it shoe rental for less than seven dollars Cassel lanes. I'm a 31 in racing course rollback Fridays as well five dollar type of ball was she Russell from noon until 9 PM. On Friday nights night Cassel blames. Before your bag boy just. As we are sports talk station probably should Tyson's we don't do sports clashes on in the Shell. There is a report out on That Chiefs general manager John Dorsey and former packer executive for ever any day is a candidate. To be the next general manager for the Green Bay Packers Sosa's contract is up and he has not signed an extension so John Dorsey. The Chiefs could be headed to the Packers. Two I guess replace Ted Thompson on August wade seed but that would make sense while it wolf was allowed to. Interview for the San Francisco job if he was not the future GM for the Packers anyhow. I RE joining us now again is commissioner. Tom Clarke here in studio fell brow you'll hear him on the phone he's in Minneapolis again right to fly to Tokyo for a picture frames coverage there. How is that. Worked for you Tom I'm a week we have a World Series of bowling obviously in new and the TB APR staff always focus on all the international bourse and so forth. That's only the NBA's been trying to do the NFL is still trying to do I get that international flavor how's it working for you guys. Well I think it's it's helped in and a couple different ways in one way it's just made the PBA more colorful. You have different stories to tell about different people from all different parts of the world. And they all bring different kinds of personalities and sty ills of bowling. You know so you get a lot of it's interest staying that way in the other ways it. It's created an opportunity for people in their home countries to follow the PB eight more. More extra frame subscribers. That are international. And and I hope then. I'm a greater connection with the established PBA stars in the US. So that when they go to other countries. That the other countries know who our guys are even more than they did before and they have more and more impact and bowling in those countries I think. You know. The biggest disappointment that we had with the all of the growth of international bowling that the PBA has really been at the forefront of for 810 years now. Was when we didn't get in the Olympics for Japan's way Torre really thought a lot of what we've done might pay off but. You don't give up and you know while torn between four we still don't know where the games will be if there at US I think we have a pretty strong chance again to get in and it won't hurt that we have so much terribly it's when he three different countries represented at the World Series bowling this year. In Reno and they are all getting better you know China does and other is a great example. They've come to the World Series the last three years or so and never really competed in this year there was a couple guys that almost made cuts and. You're so we're gonna talk about that and wait till I'm one of the videos that showed up on FaceBook was the Asian Spinner yeah. And that was gimme my question for you and was dead and even make the cut. Weren't we able to watch it because to me that was the most out of state and I've ever seen and positional the release and so almost and yet. And anyone else try to do that they have no noble left how would you know watched a lot of it and it's really interesting they weren't the players that almost made cuts it was the route. The quote unquote real healers the irregular regional reveal bowlers from charter that almost made it cut the spinners are so consistent. Where they're scoring. And it's almost like they're in it's in their impervious to lane conditions which is the interest and things so if you have like the most difficult wind condition in the world. They seemed is bills scored the same as and that's when they could actually rise to the top goalie you should you should hire if you bring more for the Peterson classic over here right there in those Chicago and and make some money would these guys because they can all 200. No matter what. You know but I can and cannot do it that on the PBA level with the with the competitive conditions that we do have -- Phil how have you seen our difference with extra frame covers from an international perspective. Increase subscribers and that will provide extra printed that you can't watch it live every single round is archives. Vote we have somebody in Europe it can't yet but it watch around. They get up the next morning fork up a copy and watch it but that's that's really helping get these sports are probably players. By having been over used analysts are evident and easy yards on your nineteen. Yeah yeah kind of an electorate that is American Eric Campbell watches that's Rex supreme covered really comes in handy for international because. We're going to be out of school am on with so you know in in Milwaukee with some around more in Tokyo on WB up but we haven't set top -- So therefore everybody else and elbow on the morning and and Porter cup copy and watch what happened in Tokyo what would happen Osaka last night. Yeah that's Hostin and that's a grip on you know and we didn't. Our strategy wasn't to reach out internationally. For any kind of financial gain or to reach out in the different countries order or to change the look of our tour. The the so all reason. Why we made it a lot of moves that have resulted in an increase an international players because of we identified that. There were players in other countries that were as good as PBA tour players and belonged on the PB two of the PBA. Needs to stand for the best bowlers in the world period you need to know when you watch in the PBA these are the best these guys are the best bowlers that there are. And when you had. People from other countries there were bowling a bunch of international events and were a part of the PBA. That was bothering me personally so that's why we went out and made it possible for these guys compliment when you while maybe you out all are you mean in the pitch like junior Olympic Committee when you're trying to get bowling and who who is in that well the world bowling is the faction that represents all the world. But the president a world bowling all these past years is Kevin Doran burger just to live here and when the US BC for a while and and works closely with the PBA we were closely together Jason bell money actually was on the pitch he went he'd they made it to the final stage of trying to get in Japan. And Elmo was at the table with a book was some other players from Philippines I think. And Japan and Japan it out on the final table to try to get in. We certainly provide as much help support statistics. These you would think the World Series of bowling as a shining example of hey look this isn't just a US sport exactly yet though it is it's that it's the best example in fact it is the Olympics a bowling. And what I want my job is to get everyone in bowling whose fixated only on the Olympic star understand that we have the World Series of all Iraq. Fillets rarely around this this thing is incredible everybody in the world knows when it's coming up and they all want to be year and they don't wanna see where they match up with the best. In your ice white did in in make it. To the Olympics. You know I think bowl at a bowling it's still we still I'm suffer from the same type of column. Stigma is that. That of that hurt us in almost any way media coverage. Sponsorship. Where where people just see bowling as a game or they'll mostly it's pinball. You know they almost just don't see it as a sport or is and even though there's so much. You know evidence to the contrary in even though it easy sport. For whatever reason most people get to that final line of women's bowling it's not a sport because they are I guess or not seen in the that that the sweat it and they're being really clouded by the idea when they go bowling which everybody does. In just such a large percentage of the time what they see is a birthday party or just lights off for fund and video games and and just you don't have much greater there's nothing wrong with everybody having fun I mean it's that step from far and to sport. That seems to get in our way I mean there's always a lot of other factors that everybody and then people tend to. You know fixate on airy is that really won't get us and you know but dumb that's right like the Chris Paul leak. Does that basketball athletes command for Barclays commend and they try and and they say while this is really tough. Well you know I am I've talked to Kevin ohrnberger about the school when let's let's hope the that the US gets the Olympics in two point 14 and it will be in LA. And there's a guy in LA name Chris Paul that everybody admires and everybody thinks is the greatest. And he's at and everybody trusts his judgment in an almost anything he says especially when it comes to athletics. And I remember the conversation with Chris at last year's Chris Paul PBA event in and he said to me why isn't bowling in the Olympics. And I gave him the same spiel and it's kind of excuses and I don't really know you know it should be. And and he said next time. There's anything. Up I'll be there so he's basically given us the promise and I've told Kevin to warmer look when when we can pitched LA crystal says the table. And he'll sit there and say bowling is a sports. And give you the reasons and they can look him in the eye and Tom bowling is this right so yeah so we have we've got him you know and and and people like that are great not only you know to make those kinds of pitches but. To bring in more fans who will then respect that he is full respect for our PBA players. And so when they see a guy like Chris Paul completely respect. PBA players as at the top of their craft in their sport you know you're you're hoping for a trickle down and you and we do see that. If we make the Olympics and 2024. Does that trickle down of the PBA does that trickle down the league's does that trickle down the youth ball. You know I think it will mean especially internationally I mean Boeing's creep is is big in the United States and mean when we EEC a lot of of criticism of of where we are but it's still it's it's a pretty big activity in the United States. If it's blowing becomes an Olympic sport you'll see all these other countries debt dedicate money. Towards building programs. And when they dedicate their money the money will go to the established. For example bowling ball company yeah a solar storm and a Brunswick and Lebanon. They'll be able to sell bowling balls to more people if that helps their companies now they have a greater capability of creating a star. You know if if have been Knight is like Nike. You know now Evan I can make Tommy Jones or Matthew metal grate your new guy they want. You know be this this face that represents an entire game and and so and if you have a an athlete who. Who makes it to the Olympic team in wins a gold medal. You've got reason to get behind him with that money to market an individual and now that individuals on the PBA tour so it's so it helps. You know so no matter what. It will help what I think it helps in ways that people don't. Necessarily see him immediately south lake. So it bowling would get in the Olympics and it would be like the focus of the Olympics and summer it really wouldn't think of all the sports that are in the Olympics he never even see right in on the are they do either though the woman that she's owing. College is that one like this. The shooting competition the first day the Olympics in. You know this year and and she went to West Virginia and I'm sitting there's an okay so. That's the sport that that's a sport and that's a sport in the Olympics I was shooting to take off from the United States I don't naming using the right word for whatever wherever the hell let's go and and it's like. No it's not she's not going to be a gigantic start every kid in the country isn't gonna put but was bowling we are more situated. To capitalize. On a big event and you know. Do remember baseball's non an area. But he did you know the NFL if you can't beat a baseball was Dinara lost it up and now is fighting get back so big league baseball idol make up the wrong Mike realtors appalling what the World Baseball Classic it just it seemed to be that that the networks don't give enough coverage to the smaller spores that they focus on just a major wolf why it is but there's why would you not why do you think accepts it the Olympics doesn't even really. Mean think of the sports that are the focus of the Olympics track and field swimming it's like the first week is swimming Michael Phelps the next week is trying to OK but. Is swimming. Swimming would like all year really alienated even die to have the PBA's. Reach hernia straight right we shouldn't really be jealous of anything that's in Neil right. The swimming swimming will turn on today. They'll turn on ESPN Michael Phelps gone nobody is me watchman as much right but you with. Except next time it comes around on average and I'm telling you that every sport that's in the Olympics think of one. Ping pong tables are right they will look at ESPN today. The PBA will be our. And they will say to themselves how and why is why is bowling on ESPN but not our sport and they'll go down come down on their sport for why isn't team handball. Right we've got more competition would those types of sports than people. In the bowling world recognize. And we need to. We need to let. What we do sharing and be proud of the fact against what guys we are erroneous Pete you're right we do Italy's World Series of bowling that has six shows on his diet and tons of digital coverage and reached. And but instead we say well here's what we don't have his right don't have anymore and are more right if it was speaking of that dead time changed it for ESPN. Yes yeah we moved we had to move to three. With the US vs the world which is a good example of what we can do Internet with the international bowling it's a great show. I we had to move because in North Carolina the weather was batted to lead postponed the blues North Carolina basketball game. So and and CNC state plays it warned. Eastern on ESP and we come out at three is still be able to watch the up Packard Giants game in full speed will be off the year by 3 central south. The tighter gun starts at about 4 4 central. Yeah at 3:40 yards central time you go to Quaker steak and movie ever and game day party out there had a huge signed. Mike Holmgren picture to give away from one ever came off the field the Super Bowl to face come and I you know through inspection. About one disciples have a bunch of other pitchers signed to giveaway courtesy of masters tees today shots after packer touchdown scattered numbers board that pays out telling them miles wing sauce each quarter trivia throughout the game for prizes Quaker steak he moved -- not a whole scene like I always do. Get there early to get a table I cannot say it is an up against their early I mean early. To get the attention right and paid a bill. Have fought on your trip to Tokyo man thanks for hanging out of us at loch. Yet being spitting on a couple of weeks RB over the Pacific coach and you guys are on a Sunday morning. Well hopefully you're still over the you know there will be lots you're extra frame thanks library detector areas still Bravo. I'm from extra frame it PBA dot capped a quick time I come back continue wants Cassel lanes spare time bowling Schobel looked. At the World Series of bowling and how it stood out in Reno vs how was. I Las Vegas up next this. Desolate stretch eyeball itself presented Siva want to read up on a pair association here on fans Sparky. Dwight commissioner of the PGA tour Tom Clark and still you don't forget coming up. Next at 10 o'clock. We'll be enough time slot going forward. On Sunday heading out hot stove league is part of Brewers baseball Tim Allen then challenged myself but Abbott Kelton to be on the shelf as well coming up. At 10 o'clock if Corey brewer's fans aren't World Series of bowling. It was in Las Vegas obviously last three all moving to Reno. You get a live show on ESPN as well and come back this year I've again. Back in Reno year too. And why I've learned over the course of time. Doing what I do. Is the first year of anything. Is always as good as probably is going to get and then there's charm only a drop off right. So if you bring or race to a racetrack that's never had a race before. NASCAR is whoever else which cute threat polish hamburger races to be awesome gulp. And in year two and a couple of the more you're three drafts off of the more and the municipal wears off. And then all of a sudden next thing you know 56 years later the tractor out how to give back to the you're one numbers. That's normally how close right now. For you guys I don't know if it changes necessarily because Vegas Reno it's entertainment destination you always have a ton of people there you're not. Begging borrowing ceiling tractor out how you're gonna fill. Our arena and Milwaukee it's a little bit different you have the people there already how is how was your two compared to your want. Are there were a lot of improvements we didn't you know it depends on which area we're talking about you know I think that from in an area of the playing. Conditions and the stadium as the host of the competition. I think we improved this year by learning. Working on lanes working on the way our patterns match up with the lanes and things like that so I think we did a better job there. I think from a television broadcasting. Standpoint. We improved a lot of different ways last year we. We we actually moved into the television shows downstairs in the special studio area this year we kept it all in the stadium which I think Miller better. A better show and and we did and that was better. Tom from an actual. Entries standpoint we had a few less people this year than the first year. I think that was mostly due to the fact that the first year we were a little concerned with the number of entries we would get so we opened it up to amateurs and when we really want to keep the World Series for PBA members only. In the issue we went back to PGA members only in that played into our numbers a little bit but. That's really not the most important you know metric for us when it comes to the World Series I think. I'm 1 area that I am really determined to. Improve on and we got a little bit better this year but still not where we want to be is the local community and visitors to Reno getting more involved with our event from a sports gambling standpoint. It's a rare it's a very rare place where you have the greatest bowling stadium in the world in any city that has legal sports gambling. And there are. Any places like pet you know it's almost like in in Florida where they have legal gambling and highlight in they have those highlight stadiums and that was popular years ago it's that struggling Alba. I think we need to try to work together with a Reno and the hotels there and the stadium. To create more action around what's going out and at the World Series. Every day every squad. We have a great potential for fan base but there aren't enough fans and Mets officials are tape the so you're saying you're gonna bad item. Previous to that being taped obviously get that's how you're talking model right and all of their their team but now and that I I ignored one other area that Phil eluded to earlier that we really improve the World Series this year. Is we got ESPN three to broadcast. Our. Taped events live so while we were taping them they were signed more cast live on ESPN three which means none of the World Series was taped it or is. Well I don't think ESP interest channel and it's not it's just on my side it's on line and I had that week I felt that of 2.0 it's like I don't see how my TV guys like it's not a channel and it's tax and watch ESPN is what I wanted and watch his. And Nam. And we were on that live so you can never even say anymore that the World Series is tape so it's live. And and we've. Proven that it doesn't impact. Our eventual ratings for the team chose so how many people were you averaging you know on ESP and three did it give you those numbers yet you know it was numbers that were sick that were similar to extra frame rail you know like so they're probably your extra frame viewers came over to watch it Bears exactly and likely exact right that's -- trans I wish that more people. Watching on what she is in in the ESP and three for the PBA world championship which was. Actually live on ESPN cuts you know because I think that ESPN has a channel on the watch ESPN app is more prominent CC it. Whereas with the ESPN three. A PBA. Activation on on the animal pattern events you really had to look for her. I loved it and the reason why I. Let's that was the week I had my surgery full day of watching Bullock exactly yeah and Ben and I can't move as it is anyway is in on I have ice migraines what hernia surgery right so I'm just like to watch on the shall I loved it and I love that because it did remind me of extra frame a little bit. My question was. Waiting for you to come in the studio is is is a costlier future of the PBA number one number two is that. Cheaper financially to put an arm that way. Us not cheaper financially. Could it be well well well we. Well we produce those television shows that's gonna cost the same no matter what okay it we can produce that show. And it was if it was just for ESPN three and it would cost just as much. As when running as Pierre so it's really more like a Simon cast and but yes we ESPN was happy was when that first try at it the I've asked to do that every year and in the only reason that they were. They hadn't done things like that where a show that will eventually error in its original form on ESP NB kind of preempted by. A live streaming. Not viewing but. We knew when we figured out and we were right that it would not impact ratings because. It's it was really just for that hardcore fan right we all live in that hardcore fan world on FaceBook where these few thousand people are going back and forth while bowling. They aren't FaceBook kind of weird you making a good move. They're all at. You know everybody is talking about. Who warrant and then they feel bad that they found out who won all our thing was with those people are gonna have a chance to watch it live like you delay and and and I think it's great and and if if that audience could actually grow than maybe someday we can tell you spin it lets put the whole day onions Guillen lake. The Ryder Cup in golf where you sit there and watch golf from 9 AM until. You know since 0:7 o'clock at night it's like this full day of lot of activity we we do that at the World Series bowling. And there's more hardcore fans that's a great that's a great show for them they'd love it chair. And I he is the commissioner of the PBA Tom Clark sees Barca five or Dwight Auburn it is a castle laid spare time bold show sports Radio One 057 FM the fan welcome back at city lot. Well Tom Clark. So yeah. Expect to avoid some resentment watch Jerry Napa auto care association it. I LWZ. Hey art I got into Jets went three oil changes for a year like going to MI LWC. A can't. All right before we get hot you're hot so quickly coming up next loser Tim Allen to say that and and they Josh in the house. Let's talk a little bit. With the commissioner Tom Clark of the PBA. Not about where we are as far as. Live TV events where we were maybe Connell five years ago than where we are with. PBA stops. Maybe compared to where we were five years ago. A five years that we live more stops. Then we did five years ago with the advent of the extra frame tour which is get any Guinness around to eight cities this year that you won't even see on TV is he exclusively on extra frame and that's increase the amount of events that we've hats we have more events in the US. Than we did. Though the live TV. I think I think this year may be the highest point that it's been in five years to seller was ten years ago it's but. But where it was compared to five years ago this year we have more and the big month for us is February we have a live show. On Super Bowl Sunday early in the day then we have a live show the players championship from Columbus the next week that we have alive. Show the tournament of champions from Oklahoma the next week. And the neck low last week of February we're live. From Las Vegas with the masters and the world bowling finals which is a four hour block of live. Then move them or off the air during March March Madness and ESPN doesn't have any windows during that month. We come back in April and we're live from Maine with the doubles championship and then we have via. The taped PBA league but. So we're talking about this order and next couple months you've got 24612. It to 46101212. Hours of live on ESPN and it's really the month when the hard core bowling friend that screams for alive. Am that's them what they can show off because of our ratings are strong all February. Can only help us with their new negotiations with the gesture and and give more life. Let me ask you this when you do this spare time tour that you talk about you come rolling in new top. I like Owens the news very excited to have us become best friend fifty has its up up a little bit more power Chara bomb so Kilroy mature enough scholarship Primakov first I've heard about it there this this tour. What expectations from a fan standpoint. On site it's fantastic I mean. We're gonna have a new points list this year that that Rupp rewards. The the best players with the a high financial reward and end. And that's going to guarantee that we have strong fields at every event the minimum first place prizes and these events is 101000 dollars many of 151000 or 20000 they got a couple of 20000 so. These events in their only weekend events Alou two day events three days when you count a pro am so the fans on site in La Vick or Delaware. Or a lot of these greats at Chicago we were at Louis Renault a Rory Illinois last year with a long. Walter ray was there Anthony's Armisen chart rationing was packed field. Of great players Tommy Jones. DJ Hackett Ryan sim and LE they're all there and you can go down eat humble pro am with them you can watch and compete now hardcore at. PBA national tour title of bent. And watch it and fans at home can watch the whole thing on extra frame including the stuff letter final so it's really built for the fans. It's beautiful thing here is commission Didier Tom Clark and ours is never long enough to deal now maybe so much are coming up any time thanks again guys you betcha. Do I'd hear an accident. Absolutely I'll be here next week so browse and so to say more beer but we'll return actually not a clack hear from the Cassel is very tabloids of resentment watch Gary Knapp a lot of care association. That's not so we December are stocked. The franchise Tim alum also talking with adamant Kelly's spread.