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Jan 15, 2017|

01/15/17: Sparky and dwight are joined by Jeff Richgels of the to discuss WSOB ratings. Shawn Morris of EBonite stops by to discuss our bowling ball giveaway!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From the local links to the PGA tour. Golden fans welcome to the gasoline spare time bully show presented by the Milwaukee area Napa auto care associates now here's your host Steve Sparky Phifer on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan's. Other set edition love the spirit double and Chelsea Sparky five prolong what played all right does the spare time pro shop. Bad world bowl and dug up or go check him out he has been busy busy busy busy Villanova balls and. Doing so for the right yes sir yeah busy busy so why sub on oversight how to delight that tunnel matured to show I and all that fun stuff now. Check this out. So Phil's not here is still is on his way back from Japan and a lot and that's fine because last night in Japan EJ tacky just went off. Palmer early this morning I guess. On the we all talk about what happened in that a little bit later in the Charlotte Burnett tied into it before we're joined by Jeff wrinkles of eleventh frame dot com he'll join us coming up. In segment number two to stay tuned for that. Would have been here for a while because of Christmas New Year's and then last week we had top Clark in studio for the entire are which was awesome mark thanks to yet the commissioner of the PGA tour for stopping in in doing that so while we're under creek and creek. Quick re wind I can talk. All the way back to the first dog PBA cheated championship. Going all the way back to a wasn't have been December 18 or I guess whatever laws. I December 17 I'm going back to that one. And again. When you look at the people that are a ball in this one for TV and I'm just getting us ready for reveals when he comes only six iron about ratings and World Series only. You have Mike wolf daring hang him. And things. Vijay more the third may be a person knows that Monday. Anthony silence and people know him and I'm Mike wolf and Michael's been around for a while so you may know who Mike wolf itself. Mike wolf and silence that are probably the two guys that you probably know the vast I gas of everybody that was involved in now not remember this was all done. Through elimination a match with this. I'd eliminate or whatever you want to call them to me like it's like a college basketball right which means these guys are bowling to get. I have right now is gonna get your take on how you felt about that yeah oh. I don't want this stupid thing to be back in the inning and I love it don't Woody definitely ask can relate that last year running the you tell me. Do would you rather watch a step Blatter. Or would you rather what we've saint. I know the sign up you know what I'm minutes old school. And that letter Sparky. Absolutely. In history I I I understand it and missed and the whole tying him with TV and everything and but it just it's hard to follow. And I'd like I'd like the second match whereas one and one but it just there's just too much at one speed and hit it you know the four guys blowing now. In the same breath I love what they did this year and and in the national blowing steam rather than down stairs in the ten finale right that was much better TV coverage. I thought so it helped a little bit try to keep track west on I am but. Knee got to match is gone and simultaneously I won it's it's just tough to follow. While I agree with you on that I think the other thing too is. You want drama. And you definitely had drama and one of the shells and it's let me. You want drop you YA coming down to one guy try to hang on or get knocked off. Very close matches but you walk right out of the pen Eddie you have Robert. You know a lot of draw me in real in my opinion yeah. I agree every show there was always something that one right down in the ninth and tenth frame and I thought it was all the more great shows except. It's just hard to file for wants. I mean maybe outcome more rushing officially had better track of it I mean there might be some. They weren't skating I'm but it in this thing here by Tim fours also added Dunn Accenture match was and all that great wall for tank. 279. 2143. But again if you go back to the elimination match tanked 237 walls to twenties early so I didn't seem to ten in more 1920. I just fine with. The. Of equipment that's out there and that's some of the pro still pick urethane when there and that sort cheetah pattern. Wolf rowand reacted so there were to throw in your opinion to thrown reactive. And what that a ray of different motions you can get out of a react the ball to me. Just that I find it amazing man some of the guys to stick with the urethane and and paying six with a until the end right and pace for. So mean your that you're the ball on the show. So tell me why. It is Gordon here is saying. Quote lazy. Then vs trying to find the right ball and we knew it was the sort of sounds like him I mean. These guys obviously it's been proven that entry angle is what produces the pin carry right. And your opinion is gonna definitely take it looked at degree of ensuring they'll down. And they know why they're doing interleukin for their control and they want they don't let the bottle over bounds when it hits to dry and stuff like that by and it can also come back to buy each it till I mean if there's a reason why it's old technology you know but. It's they're still use for it out there especially with the heavy hand guys but I just didn't maintain or assignments and had a good luck with it. I it's funny wolf said of his formative years quote regrow played that shot and short oral back in the urethane days. People always a repeat what was one of the best daughter players I was. Al as a fan of his growing up so I thought it was cool to play out there in the title match wolf was seen smiling nervously up with the republic really strikes. I thought Dominic gunnery confess the very first shot out of the commercial break as they were to heart but he got back to the pocket there were two shots at least. Now I thought I threw them in the gutter. There are many times during and before shows where the pros were might and they did not like. Not the shot they threw yet it struck right in on Randy picked up on that right away yeah. No question wolf said over the past three years of double and some of the other guys have made winning look easy you'll said. Bowling a first timer on TV helped I think they look at a definitely like I did when I was their age Darren bold amazingly first for Shell when you have to use your experience and make good shots. When the little guys like me can sneak one out. It's special. It is. Now again I come back to you again with this. And that is when you are on TV every union believes and which you bold channel four over here on boy among the chance back and. Okay see you're on TV first round. Is it more nerve wracking when your in that first match or two more nerve wracking under board for the whole enchilada at the end. It never gets easy. Basically making it sound like yeah he bowled well early Orel doing it. But I knew I'd get numb at the championship match continue media tents up a little bit you think about it more. And that's the psyche part of the sport offer mean. I in never get easy I mean. I I had 183 runners in my life and I compared every shot and TV like the twelfth ball in a 300 game I just would stand there and just shake. Even though was that tape shall for blowing with a chance it was a live. It's just that whole psyche about the lights and the cameras and you're gonna see it eventually whether it's live or not. Right and it's going to be NTV and it just gets in your brain I I just think like anything in life the more you do a little bit more comfortable you get whether. So the marshals you do make maybe it has become a little easier the tell me that out of those are guys. That Matt won a mom wasn't nervous. It was also while forward you would take so are we move on to the next one which is that the chameleon championship. Don't know what it's based Murton now we are letter remember last year yes. Emmitt is girl yes I have four legend. And I'm just like I don't know what is about this dude I don't and never met this dude I don't know this dude Ryan. Like this dude and I am if I don't I don't I didn't like a last year I saw on TV total which is face it is face that I don't like. But I never met the guy I don't know the guy I just by myself regents are tight every single time TV none allotted. I saw anyways so I'd throw that out there on we'll swipe obviously saw something Nate you don't. It's just like speed chase something in the nobody else obviously does that risk that I'm an idiot he's just. He I think wary of what you don't like about him is he reminds me so remind you too much of me. It is together no water and intensity and all that. Psychotic reaction you don't what that might be what resting after every throw out. I could be a tennis player right. Monica Seles a bowling right. OK so let's look at what happened here in TBA communion to a championship. And this one here here we go again. Listen these numbers and nomination at Beasley to 39 Johnson AJ Johnson 236 Larsson to thirty by some cat named Dombrowski. 182 knew it was just some cat in that situation just some guy. 239 to 36 to 35 I. Format. I do and I told you it was it was much credit in the year before it's this is give yards are to follow that types it out but didn't you enjoy that I did. I really started to catch on in the match around the ninth or tenth frame and let me summarize all I had like that. So it's like the first eight frames where you'll early draw that wouldn't doing. It's just hard hopeful. Hats off that if at all I won't tell me that Randy did inhabit a hard time trying to funnel an eight year old guys. Basically I've figured out how to pitch in that is all it. Boy oh boy but guess it'd be play by play I looked at the key to any time you do something like this is the score can't come off the screen. You have to have the three scores or four scores harmony measurable it in this eliminate or. All on the street at the same time do you take it off people aren't don't know what's going on there goal. Get confused you know maybe if it at the graphic pony show to free it's so maybe if it shall. The whole game of each guy maybe it would be a little bit easier try to follow the math and that's always sad. And though they shall the plus 36 in the plus 24 and the guys in the top and everything but. Maybe if I would've saw the whole team at vs just those two frames it would have been. Easier for me it's a nice framing figured it out in your realists on and a sprinkle no way that timer and he's catching up to. It's on to solicit you know what he's taken its already was how did you catch up after he was figured out it was hard to follow but at the I'm old school high Yahya Al minimal school assistants and so Beasley. Ends up beating AJ Johnson 246 M but up the right AG Johnson story and freer. I was I was really cheering for age eight. And and and you're right match might be a great guy but. One of the early personals I called with Phil at his local shelves and and Time Warner age it was Arnold out of those shows that we call. That's some right when he was in high school I cried after the high school matches and we knew back then he was gonna go off to have a great college career we knew that he was gonna go off. Maybe and we don't know at that time that he would go PBA but. And he had that football background so he also was like a dual sport athlete have a guy. And we saw that talent to level at an early age that he could come off to be great so. Ability to an AG's get. TV and in the even his dad was looking and like compound countdown right one more match developed it in by. I was hopefully that cheering for him that he would get his first title and again that match was for each one was for their first where title right. Yeah absolutely sought Beasley with the wind and it's Johnson Tomas Larsson and does some dude from Ohio Patrick Dombrowski. Cashes in there so that is. We move I'm now to the scorpion championship and here's another guy I just I'm telling you man. This guys another guy and this one I've. This guy they interviewed a couple of times he does not lack confidence in any way shape performed no matter what's going I had time in jail meanest dude. From back in the day when they were making huge money on the PGA tour or comparably. Making pretty big money would he had a broke out was that guy. To even now when he gets on TV. This is another guy I don't know how you root for him. I don't just if you watch his reaction was in Blatche is facial expressions like that. And it's just you. You big Tyler Jones got. I against so I'm well I mean yes for wouldn't aperture. The front of the TBA web site. For how does how does. Now just meet again yeah or you don't care if you like Renate Diana your regular guy there and on and we and I look at it like his talent I mean. I don't know that I I originally saw a lack I think he's a very good bowler what where the other way obviously he doesn't lack confidence Beasley I don't know Audrey likened his pace whatever may be. Joseph all I I do know I had going to be difficult times not lacking confidence. If he had arrogant you just like they're against. Oh a little bit probably. Yeah I just you have to have that little sure you do. Right Belmont he certainly has it but nobody does it drive me crazy and how Agile guys you'll crazy and I'll let that little bit crazy. MA because maybe I'd be the same way evolve out into her be with the same reactions and the emotion and everything else. So before you meet guys that you can root against and this tour you doomed and you need guys you can root for which you don't need a lot all our guys you don't care one way or the other in that Dombrowski. Didn't care. Great. Like I graduation Jeanty from Ohio or whatever but I don't really care Q and are now. I thought you're gonna talk more about Brandon Novak in his arms swing that Larry tiger going is that you're gonna him in everyone your thoughts. Over any at a 100% correct that you inferior to the PB eight. You know it has a golf lane but it's just amazing and just like Jim spirit ready for you at the ball hollow. Randy gets it right back in line -- for the release but you. That has to be your deal right. You can't teach that that was the last said no you can't teach at a less a delight. To some kid that's twelfth at graduate like I'll guarantee you that was in junior at least he did at that in its stock every soul side curry at Wharton and nobody ever taught him out of it or whatever else right he has used to Ali's wrested it right and it's fish but it's not something you can teach right. Somebody spoke with first time you watch it though as a fan you're like. Not right you know so. No question about it okay so are we look at that one here. And Sepp Blatter results for this'll elimination match again more to 24 Jones 212 stands in the 194 Novak won 75. And then it comes down to another boring championship matched Jones older more. 211160. They've had some clockers and Accenture match bad scores they are nearly half. I I do like BJ more though I think that's a young bright future for that again or the third the third the third a third I I like his game. Boy does he put a lot on the all of you know he was in the PB of Lee. You know I mean as part of the 300 game team I I like his game Tommy Jones is part of that team went norm Duke chair so I. I like his game you'll see a lot of him and going forward in the future. So Donna Jones first BJ more than third second and yes for Spencer and and Brandon Novak round out that field there and it's funny Tommy Jones whose eighteen PGA tour title Jones joined PBA hall of famers Nelson Burton junior Dave Davis. David Souter noted they'd Billy Hardwicke and future hall of Famer Chris Barnes and tie for fifteenth place and all time PGA tour titles list. Said. Our guy Tommy Jones quote eighteen is great but twentieth special. Army guys BBA history won twenty titles that's on in that'll hopefully happen on the road right now most important thing as I tied Chris Barnes. And the decade younger than him you can quote me on that he had with the grand. The record Barnes is obviously forties it's. I think Jones falls. And I mean Jones is very good friends with Jason couch. And Jay's house and saw I met him and each Rachel that we go to and and it's the same philosophy Sparky it's just that. In there and are never Raun tape. Looked like you set. We're also what sport you're right you know it you're gonna be amongst the best you're going back probably have that borderline arrogance yes along the way you would you have to believe in you to a level that nobody else can and that's that if you get I got out Jason talking Jason's right you have to have that and some guys use that and multiply it. Yeah in order to get where they want to go have to happen. There's just no question some guys are just really easy to talk to and some just aren't right all the bats right and I've added have you done it before I've I have no prominently in the would you just tell like. If if you wanna play golf with him Ike are imagining he's probably the same bad golf course do you seek on the loyalists he loves playing ball. I'm guessing is probably the very same way he has that one mode and that's about one mode is on very well former mr. male I'm not been a lot of money OK moving on what Jeff real eleventh frame dot com coming up wrinkle minutes. That we have a USA and the world. The World Series of bowling finale. I'd like you to so I'll I thought as a ratio I don't I don't out of the five I think that was my favorite lighter stat is telling you. For my Sam ordinary I love the baker format have from a fan Sam gap right. Dick Allen doesn't get people like Mitch Beasley and get PLO and DJ Moore the third night in two people who watched Matt O'Grady if you knew Matt O'Grady was in his deal. Like him I would watch rattle Brady now but how many people who now radiate an NEJ tact and obviously government watch him and in the world San Cooley no. I Don Barrett sure am French while Lavoy suit yeah have you seen him arch for Oakland Terrell no I Marc Larson has been around but there's nothing semi Marc Larson. Right. You know I am yeah I was always show I should be nice to everybody about a buck the odds of you must fan standpoint you know right you. It very difficult to get out with guys that you don't roll and and don't display a lot of personality to go along what that. So I don't know player acts on TV that's bowling and you don't give me a reason to root for a root against you and then you're just. And there's a budget guy that is. I'm watching Disney very difficult for me do it stained it without flipping channels. I found it a very and hitting show regardless of the guys that were on our allies. I'm not saying I'm not knocking the Shell. Irish say. From the from the aspect Vrabel our star her re average bowler really demanded that dared ball if that's what you're Sabres were a lot wanna see you don't grass. Ash Barnes I'm gonna see bell ball up five he Webber's rod bullets in USA this'll be fun and I turn and eyes isn't a whoa what club then why don't we why. I'm okay sure I guess I'll give it a shot. Nugget if you stuck through it right like accounts are set every ball every ballpark Eddie Murray straight right. And people's with the Hornets know that was a result at the end vs just what the BBA dot com later to see what happens and make. Wish they had another game because I really enjoyed national. No it was a great show like I said I'm not knocking the shelf right on saying is the guys around and others I'm talking about this is because we have. Reels coming up and he's you talk all rate rating for so I just I'm just trying to throw this out there in front of what we're talking about here well it was interesting. How they chose the five because they weren't 123 for five dislike eat. While fourteenth in home. So I'd like where were those the guys that were left Iraq don't you know that does sound heard I don't know how to shoot a low in. Okay so coming up nestled I would Jeff wriggle some eleventh frame backed up. Get his thoughts on DI TV ratings for the World Series of bowling end of the shows that we just talked about straight ahead here. I need Cassel expect Campbell is so presented to a Milwaukee area Napa auto care association on sports ready televise seven FM the fan. Lights are tumbling show. Safe to walk every now well gonna care association. We'll have been evident both ball get away coming up but next month. And do what we have shot more sunrise Lebanon. So on horses coming in later from emanate between 940 and and 55 and nearly talking about the ball in the company and the direction of and it's going. Subtitle talked him coming up but first. He joined now on Redmond was paying hotlines. Always fun talked Jeffrey Eagles from eleventh frame dot com and check out his blog guy. Is the best of the best when it comes to write stuff five on the PBA for shore a Japanese offer cover nominal. Always reporter Sparky. I picked up first things first your thoughts you've a big thing up on the ratings your thoughts on how the World Series of bowling did ratings wise. What I was pretty fascinating because the biggest take away I got from it was that. Further proof that lives vs keep mean nothing. That's because when you watch a double however have a whole lot that that is because of one simple thing and that is. Most people. That are watching on tape don't watch X your frame. Don't listen to spare time bowl and Shell have no idea that is odd tape and they think it's lie so in our opinion if they don't it doesn't say hate on the top of the strained. So you think your watching a live event even when your. Absolutely I couldn't agree more rookie year nail on the head there that both hundreds of thousands of people watching other casual fans who. You know there there just watching bowling and have no idea what went on to get their probably even then. They're not the hard course who. You know what wanna watch it live and complain and social media they don't get too although this year that was the other cool thing is they got to do that thanks to the watching ESPN happy at the end Korea brought to us for the animal parents. So tell me it was or a major difference in shells out one against the NFL burst Denton. Not really. Armed. The numbers were pretty similar that the only thing that really made the numbers boom was that Christmas Day telecast. The first one which followed the NBA game was over a million eyes and the other other ones were enough 40600000. Range which is which is just amazing how. What an impact that has and not only are there all people sitting home watching TV but you know he had a lead and now I'm sure that NBA game probably get 345 million. Viewers and that that just deleted and everything and you see that with that much to the NFL Kirk specials that are only an hour that follow. ESPN now a game day. Before the NFL. They're pregame always do pretty well too and I think that that that NBA thing that was a really amazing to see that number. So overall are they up that lead PBA ratings verses where they work. Yeah I think so I hit but it's hard to say because it just gets I think they're one just kind of skewed. On things I think the big comparison would be either Thursday night. He be a world championship like shall in 20152. Years ago was it. 600 and some 100660. Or so I want to remember and then all I want on the Sunday afternoon where it was against the NFL. We're EG check it again the top seed. Arm that was only 400 some thousand. So I actually bear made these. Really relevant comparison and they are you may see a little bit of that cell impact. I'm generous support his hobbies you have reading your article talking about other quarter important niche sports like billiards droll racing Lee. I'll world poker tour Major League officiating. College men's basketball Tulsa and Illinois states even up awesome verse you taught at best you all these different ones and the the numbers are amazing so. Like if you talk about the PBA what what's their average number for a Shell like 1100000. People. Yes I 600000 and then I want the NFL have done and we're gonna get those majors in February I think you're gonna see more than mats and some of those get in the 8900000. To a million kind of depending on whether it's a huge factor there's a big closer crop a lot of countries of people are stuck inside and you know watching TV that was the all time record rating back in the eighties he days with a blizzard day. And nor'easter on the East Coast a prior call that sort of think he has a big impact but. But yeah I I think I think you'll you'll get the 60800000. Depending at the Janet Fowler. It's addresses the you look at all those ones that I just talked about right world poker tour and fox sports to 3587. Bob. Major League fishing 57000. Mom is that many people watching that. Droll racing league 261000. And I'll admit I recorded that because the boys are you draw on someone as you at a loss to ask you know they're under her yeah yeah I'm Bart don't I recorded I don't watch it's a pretty crazy crazy crazy deal Billy's trick shot magic no interest to her 45000 billiards just in general he has been to. Two or 68000. Now you'll also putting here major sports. Right Timberwolves thunder and ESPN one point three million. Clippers Lakers on ESPN late at night one point six million Celtics Knicks are on ESPN. That was early game. Three point 687 million. Ravens Steelers. That was the night game right that was a Christmas night game fourteen point seven million. People that that is insane to me but if you look at the PBA. I'm Christmas they had won 1 1000000 right how am I mean they were 3009 totals on our guess whatever but mean for the most part. Says all boy Bebe and how bad I was at ES PM Patrick White ESPN would not want to PBA this point you just look at our average numbers for some of the other stop reporting on TV. Are absolutely and that's why ESPN keeps they want them they get more putting TBA on against NFL than anything else they throw in there. And that I think walks bowling people who are disappointed look all that sort of thing. Really need to keep that perspective of where we beat would help that deal with out being anti we will ever know sponsors because sponsors at least want their their ability. And they also get hung up on comparing what the ratings were one. 3456. Million people watch bowling on Saturday afternoon that ABC law battled back in the year old's nearest. Three networks and cable and its infancy and many people didn't have an assist it's a totally different world and you just can't it's comparing apples and orders to what we have today and I think things that are. Think there are good in one sense then and bad in another sense but if you keep everything in context you just know that you need that that ESPN DL and it. These people I'll go let's go to you know another network fox sports are more CBS sports. Oh you mean you get just a fraction I heard that this CBS sports network US open shall. By some estimates was maybe a 100000 people to this just such as such little penetration so. You know I mean as much as you want to see that ESPN. Get away from the NFL. It really you know I mean it's it's better than anything else we have and then maybe who knows what will happen but we do have. Almonte to February with a lot of shall want liable to collapse felt. Jeff you're talking about some of the things that he agree with Tom Clark and some of the things that you would change what would you change and the PB if you had a chance. Ball boy at. Armed you know I I would say that I agree with. Tom Clark a lot more than I agree would be less PC and and Chad murky. Direction. On in sitting there listening to you know enter your charm and having get into it. You know I mean he's I think you get kind of a bad rap that she's trying out hamstrung by the budget he has to work what send. They try a lot of very innovative things and I I think for them all party does about as good job at Purdue and the one thing that I really wanted to see. That he brought up there is he's considering it and that's to take that loyal. And chew use it throughout the World Series of ball from the first shot of the first term not just on TV. But to use that threw well because I've got a story I'm working on that gonna run here and I am hoping at about using that loyal to try to show the difference between. Sport bowling ripple a competitor I lovable and recreational bowling. Armond hoping to use the oil from my term and in Dubuque gym in August if we can get permission from Brunswick. And that I think. That's the one thing I like I'm really excited to see our take take that way and that's a way. Where he's going the opposite way of US PC which is doing everything and that tightly patterns then and what that nature is that working. I'm confused what what does using. TV ratings or otherwise or how does that. How putter how bowlers are not bowlers. It's less it's less about TV ratings and it is about using it. Throughout the competition it. And also you would have it in certified play all over the place eventually hopefully and believe me you would see a rather large difference putting out the for example. Our home. Whatever scorpion pattern. Chameleon pattern US open pattern vs the funneled down the middle you would see your leaking all right and that person who doesn't know what oil is sort of achieve and I'm Alain it's gonna say. Right away oh yeah. I see that when you try to tell and I'm all about oil on a lane they get a blank look eagerly explain it to him they still have a blank look but they can visually see that. And see two lanes. How shut deviation flannel L whatever. All of sudden the light bulb goes on her head in the although sudden understand why the guy in league averages 240 in the guy wearing the PGA tour averages to do it. It's I saw exempt educational too you wanna use an as yet that's that's Ellis are ya from from that aspect I toll get down that. My my biggest thing in you know this listener of their show my biggest thing that is I don't. I don't understand the whole spot lack of sponsorship thinking I dad just I mean that drives me absolutely. Out of my minor Walker's how they don't. Have more sponsors ages I don't I don't understand meaning you yourself sighting on ESP NF 5600000 people. You've got all these other things on TV what column many just pull through and nitpick these people I mean. All these are aiming at your same demographic billiards Edger demographic drawn rave increasingly I have no idea Major League fishing badger demographic as far as men that are watching whatever else. Does not get fishing sponsors are gonna sponsor bowling but I mean. He's once I sit here and nit pick who are wanna go get one way or the other you've got in and again just me you got Carr MacDonald rolled here and frank Reich. We talked a car Max at all. Mean what at this age and Clint eight slug goal get that you you have to have an agency or nothing you can has walked and and go talk to him and figure out at you can get him in. At a minimal mistakes thing you know not every guy has to be a top level sponsor. You can reporting and small in my opinion not in town would probably be your lap and he Tom Clark why can't you put a smaller packages bright that smaller tears that you can hit. It's better. Well you know a 100% I'm with you a 100% and that's probably the most frustrating thing for real bowlers. Champ that the TBA people who want to support the deviate and the bowler themselves. That we don't have more sponsors and there you know I got into that with Tom in that interview and he talked about the eight million different ways they've tried every possible avenue high level successful marketing agencies. To doing it in how that. Combining what strike ten entertainment agency and I mean it just failed and failed and failed and I eat you tell Tom or you tell me your you tell the industry how to we get corporate executives I mean our fuel. There are few but how do we get more of and to understand the potential value. Outside or are tight right now what I would do about how is the owners of the TBA two or a tight and there's one person I would hire immediately. And he'd get it done rainy Bernard. Just look come off Randy Bernard is the guy that was responsible for the PBR. I'm Pro Bowl riding tour and I just blew that up from where was which was tiny nothing to a multi million dollar organization. That is unbelievable. Then he went into IndyCar hired and he went in IndyCar now in IndyCar he hacked off all the the legends in Freddy's of the world those guys who -- car guys needle wanna hear new ways of doing things. But he white inning he brought four back to the sport he went inning got a lot and when animated a tire manufacturer competition to see who's gonna get in. Brought it's hot. Of more sponsorship dollars in and money in to that industry out wasn't there before. So for me. That guy to me is the guy of luck. Let Tom just still Ron has saying would bring Randy Bernard angle dude you're gonna be in charge of everything above that and that is spot ship and everything else. Now whether or not these owners have enough money to pay Randy Bernard coming here and do that is yeah I mean probably not. All that old guys they were some of the first people in Microsoft and have been. I'm very sick out on company and they they have beaten that they have enough money to give anybody they want truck yeah. Shirt there's your guy Randy Bernard I love the guy in right that's the guy I've interviewed several times and he's this super nice guy but. But that I did teach bold writing for God's sakes and millions of dollars off of it and figured out how to make it. Super popular and each duo would bull riding don't tell me you can't do well ball. I original I don't is that thing about the bull Riders and I betcha there like NASCAR people and their sponsors like pitcher they are. The fans they're intensely loyal just sponsors I had a product we don't seed at a bowling and historically haven't. Jack I used to watch PBR right so I used to watch it. On and I got into necessarily have writers one way or the other just kind of fun to watch. If I was the PBA again and I thought would be smaller level sponsors. Insiders say okay you're gonna sponsor huge jet Sean rash and Belmont to whatever it's that because you can't guarantee those guys are guaranteed to eat in NASCAR my car's going to be on TV for the most part. Every single week Muster some more got its got to racing but for the most part juniors on every week Gordon's on every week right. So I just same. If you buy this sponsorship package you'll beyond the short of whoever wants CD's that we if you bought the sponsorship package you're on the two seed this out of three decide before this on the five. Yes you're gonna have to custom make shirts or Albert typical bad is in order to get it done. But that are now I know old OK I'm mama wants it I know I'm visible in the championship match again in the shop and I have a five maybe he makes a run. And I get an all those additional exposure for not as much money. And now you're selling goods to the shirts. Kind of like you would sell. A NASCAR jacket with sponsorships all all that type of deal and you take build those short six you have Jeff right. And let's say EJ tech just went on that run this morning Japan right from the five. You take that shirt that he wore and you replicated with all the sponsors that rotted for that five match rod and sell it on TBA dot com it's a hate. You know by the Jersey that EJ tack at war whatever else. In because those EJ tech fans are gonna wanna Wear itself that he wore whatever else especially gave younger kids whatever else where you get those fan base is about Monty and rash and soft. I liked that idea but then you're going to have to cut some sort of deal with storm motive Brunswick Stevie I circle then I. Fights yeah you're gonna have to work up an open that is the fascinating idea like that. Because I get it's just I don't know if I know they say they tried everything a million times a Mac I just. Yes I don't buy it necessarily I don't. Gonna get I I would love to I maybe I will maybe I will travel there on Tuesday and go find out they actually have talked to them as PGA tour ever called you bought advertising. A lot and find out more because it's I understand how I'm not asking you while in my opinion into it. It's just get a solid outside of the PB and that's not my attention my intention is trying to figure out how to make more money to make this Morse exciting that's that's my my my one final. Are you have the same feelings that just at all TBA all he BA players have had through the years and and the want source super and the mad and it's the frustration is just I because everyone feel like we deserve more. And we we can deliver more people get on board without some and it's just it's just. A bad circle that's very frustrating. Depth is Jeff for Eagles have a friend back got thanks so much for coming out Matt appreciate it. Always three or. You bet to take care of areas Jeffrey has an agreement West Bank hotline after eighty years of helping Wisconsin homeowners great mid West Bank knows a thing or two about helping you by build refinance or renovate. Visit great mid West Bank dot com they are ready when you are. Don't you think people would Wear. Belmont T shirt that he wore to win the US open or rash shirt that he ward won the masters or whatever the case may be. Absolutely especially the year right rate Shannon's turner meant the junior hall of fame every miscue every kid. And that I know that I saw pictures on FaceBook was where Ernie storm Jersey shirt they have an eight shirt east some sort of staff bowling shirt. Every one of them and she had like white couple hundred people kids there. I've come on that's that's I don't understand that and well. I could be three we're not going right are coming up next they'll talk with Sean Boris from Abbott and he's been nice enough to help us out giving us our bowl multi giveaway. Ole final what bowling ball it isn't what it all does coming up next. Here on the Sports Radio little phi seven FM the fan. Brought him back desolate stretch double itself presented by the want to carry it out on a scare associations he Sparky private flight Albertson's spare time pro shop at New Orleans Bowl. Joining us now from have a Nike is Sean Morse nice enough to. It was more ball give away on the shelves this year he joins us on the great midwest bank hotline for John thanks for coming up. I appreciate very mart they invite guys I Johnson what what what ball are we gonna get to give away on the shelf. We get to give away the yet track meet though it's the next take people off from that line it's. The brand that she been. Pretty out of spite with that paradox being released. They're not gonna had a pretty unique view to it and first generation do against Decourt. Kind of carried over to make going introducing the second generation it would density core and their focus out that's when he fourth this month we're pretty excited about. The thinks on that our listeners may be don't understand maybe can and and highlight them a little bit is. Even though it's ever make you guys actually have several brands tell the listeners how many brands you guys actually carry down in happens he'll Kentucky. Yet we get for individual brand that he pretty in the opening history there is. And ride it out what you're going to would just overnight by itself. And and they had purchased a fastball in Gainesville they added the hand we're bringing into it. In in a while though almost ten years ago actually it is they actually purchased. Columbia industry is time colonial history hit two brilliant underneath there house. Which is Columbia 300 track. So currently. We have all four brand him or track when it 300 and have a night. So pretty exciting. Retired but are yemenite brand obvious you guys been around all along time. I would have dissing you look at this so right now like you're not in a value but you're you're you're starting towards a peak right now it looks like. Yet it you know we did film we get some pretty neat things about five years ago. In what we actually did is we didn't steal came on board children by in the range kicker. And I think that he can go home town apparently from what are you guys this she washed them is actually where he's wrong. That we came in. He'll chide with you for many years and he retired green came in did beat. Awesome job actually kind of evaluated the entire situation and a guy you know we got to kind of reevaluate how we're doing it how were attacking the business com we had. With the four brands we have four individual brand managers they were kind of running their ship. You know their responsibility wise if you make your brain successful. He did a great job you know that sometimes when you introduce product or programs in the market. You are affecting the competition which are also acting Agassi you know the competition with in now. Competition the great thing you know he obviously because is that thing but we didn't say hey we've got to work a little better as a team. So it's restructure this thing. So about two years ago we sit eight we're getting to the brand managers were going to have our marketing team and university of scheme and are indeed seen. And we're gonna work together to make all brand successful that's really can. Works turned around in the last couple years it's pretty exciting product who because we just work Morse is he. Write my next question this I want John Morse of Evan I've bowling here on the fan. Is we always serious fans about you know bowlers switching companies you'll figure make sets which one call boy here we goal that darned are really good record the market now that they got faith in. And really had worked out. But when you look at it from your perspective how does that work in NASCAR they called the silly season. Hot. Doesn't work for you guys as far as ideal getting that guy that is quarter of forty free agent. Mom dad is there a bidding process that happens between bowling ball manufacturers how does that work. You know and I'm a little. Distance from that keep mediate itself you know in my job in essence in the district it was manager 0% states you know in the upper midwest. But I've been in the industry a long time actually works war. The key get EPA's you know PDT back unity when the depth previous versions for nine years since or you know have. Some history here because I don't know how everything works you know at 6040 I was listening to when you'll. Kasten actually the gentleman by the name of the feel is the. Phil brawl yet he does he's announcer fracture framed for PBA dot com possession was way back from Japan right now. Yet he he made a really good coming he said. You know PU gate had gotten the conversation about. Players switching screens and changing over and he made a term and it and it and it make their whole lot of senses and sometimes. I think the boulder doesn't necessarily see it that way Percy yet you know those guys can strike. With anything you know if here in I'm not. He living our brain injury the Korean player out there are you aware of the year is Dominic Dominic Barrett is good enough to strike which to whatever rain it's sort. But to add to that in order to execute things you have to realize. When these guys use which company can that we picked up some really nice players the last couple years to strengthen our team. You know they wouldn't make that and if the product wasn't good. You know there's a lot of their minds for these guys you know so when they do make and few of the parts of that inequity it changed the art is not that. You know that's and I guess the major oh overall thing with chicken and rice. And you guys just picked up a couple brand new. Saying it's correct. Yet but he Utley picked. Ronnie Russell and take a trip in Jeremy Jacob and an awesome year last year and he. And so on board right away he was dispersed tournament in the very next turner with the team try policy distractions out there needs that you know so it's it's pretty exciting it. You know you make a change because of products are different. And then to have that type of success in leading looking back you know which in the last abusive to attempt or Ian White wolf. In both those guys extremely you know basically winter signing they are the basics. He also when we events in which it is say in what in the unique thing about that is. Is kind of an extra point which like I like to take that is. You know time to or you know like war but besides obviously you know having a lot. There are a lot of which differently in which they do they also very successful pro shops. It was so besides the fact that these guys stressing the product to their means you're lost interest in the product we're going to their customers. With David I think I've in my opinion has more reasons. Rate and obviously we have something can open coming up and New Berlin on January 26 and we are actually gonna have your brands out there on a Thursday night. For what we call a demo day so explain to the listeners how that works on. Yet even get beat we get there with that we're gonna go there probably have 67 that was balls that are out there. You look like test driving a car history driving in new golf driver just to see how works. It's. We get interchangeable grips we can't difference means. Divorce and come out there and try to new product is just agree way you instead of you don't your customers come do you. On Dwight in in enormous you know. Circumstances you know you reading information you're getting all the information which is from the manufacturers in from the line. With skill you're giving them the best educated guessing which indeed you do an awesome job at. The demo program he really just can't be your yeah actually it's sort of product. The only work he just can't even unions that are taking that risk of paying 200 tumors Padilla for profit if it's to right you know there were going to be there due to meet some of the players to try they were going to be there. I after the leak is over who gets in some customers that don't bowl that meat it can't try to profit. You Sean more sub at a night Sean thanks so much for coming on and I appreciate it. You you Mets take care there is John Morse on a great mid West Bank hotline after eighty years of helping Wisconsin homeowners. Great midwest bank Knowles a thing or two about helping you bide build refinance or run or make this a great mid West Bank dot com they're ready. Blame you are. Door. Going to watch packer ended yes we will be a Quaker state we are going to have a box game here on fan. We aren't I'd wanna deviate too or furcal more Mets coming up next. I don't know it's pretty desolate stretch double until presented by the Milwaukee area now on a care association are things is Jeffrey heels of eleven frame dot com and John Morse of about ninety. For coming on in and delight we'll see and actually thinks Turkey to have that Packers go backers quite particular game that hard to get out there Charlie Hough when index I think should give away to Brett Conley signed mini replica Almaty in a way to the six quicker steak and -- later this afternoon. Behind.