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Spare Time Bowling Show with the Oak Creek High School Bowling Team

Jan 22, 2017|

01/22/17 Spare Time Bowling Show: Sparky, Dwight and Phil are joined by members of the Oak Creek High School Bowling Team.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm like Max Cassel is very tumbling show. As he deserves mark is here. As is Dwight Albert as is still rile his return from Japan of course catch bill trial on extra frame on PBA dot com Quechua Albert over the spare time pro shop. Avenue Merlin bowling senator and we have a studio full of people that we have a parking lot full of people. I thought they ruffles at eagle creek with them today but he RG yeah I am add more the merrier no problem oh okay before we get to off. The Oak Creek high school bowling team that you heard in the Promos this week Phil I wanna get your thoughts on what all happened over in Japan. EJ tack kids is starting Tony seventeen what you faced when he sixteen. I think he's going to be a player of the year and Torre sixteen I think it's kind of a no daughter and the way the recovered in Japan name is leading for quite awhile. And fell behind Shauna Kalish saw the gentleman Japanese players going in the simpler file struggle came back. You know yesterday sense by temperance and step by Hillary's got the step one destroys everybody topping him but he averaged 250 somethings and I 53. There was. And he just was locked I mean other a couple of attentions were. He really should take career excellent Rampage in the Booth with us an extra frame Reynolds said that's that's not a great record to have I was in my agree rack and he Leeson tendency cadavers even more really yeah it was it was it was interesting and in watching EJ. Draw the opposite direction realize expects him to do each is theory has always as you get deeper left and and hit up on mark. Not the case move right take him out of it use early team piece of equipment and just crush everything. Is there all appoint a white were. I mean review you probably knew it like five years old but. Mean for most other people in life I mean is there a point where you know you kind of turned the corner where you've now are at that next level is listening to fill a kind of sounds like EJ tack it mightn't have turned the corner now a little bit biggest it was a guy that. No could get so far and would struggle a little bit was trying to figure out in league it's a for the box or whatever trying to figure out how to win. I and it seems like now tech and navy has turned a corner. Probably when I was in my twenties made phone with the champs starting a MI appears. I guess notice me Chara and started to blow the top leagues. But then they but started a ball couple national tournaments and I realize that I got a long way to go yet but with EJ. I think. For him it was just being able to win and once he did find out to win we all knew he was going to be man stopped. During the summer series Tom Clark says hey wait toward what you got to come over and see this guy this this EJ tack and and at that point he hasn't won yet but I've missiles might my eyes got this wide watching them throw. Just because of the talent that he has but I just like everyone and anyone when you come on in the towards a learning process. We Eddie G tech and arm couple weeks back. And I don't personally notice a difference attack it like out I don't know induce a difference in talking to him now. Vs the aforementioned summer series Milwaukee Ryan chance knocked him for a little while. Arm if you notice any difference in tag as far as how he's carrying himself lately vs how he was prior just kaput settlements are filling Jesus. And eject me we have done it took some of the guys out that there were born out there to dinner but to their form. You know nobody eagle he's not the kind of get a use UC wac or the big eagle on a beach a financial and he's he's just easy going EJ and that's continue going gets on the lanes he's just making the moves. Quicker than he did before he's seeing things much stiffly with his eyes about the lane about ball movement and that was that was a key three games and he wasn't doing early on interment says I got a little back right take hand out of it and just mixing up 3300 games in this and a step letter on later and he's a chance. You know the one they I find interesting again we're able creek high school a bowlers and you'll talk to them uncomfortable but but. Is when you're watching these guys on TV right field in you had been watching the rations in the Belmont tees in these guys and they're older. When you watch kids as young tactic some of these other guys just for Spence and and stuff like that I'm thinking if you're a high school ball or you're gonna yourself and I. I'm really good I get on tour a middle point. Well early not mean it has to give in my opinion gives you a little bit a whole flow of okay maybe I don't have to be forty before I can get on to work and make some ideas these younger guys are making money are not Iowa's compare this still balls exports right. Two when you see that eighteen year old kid they used to come out of high school right all I can be LeBron oral why can be Colby or whatever the case may be yet stay in college for a year. But either way you see these are guys coming in making a difference with their team or in their sport right away and I think younger people look at that angle I can do what he's doing at that H. I can get they're just as quick but I've got to work harder to get to where I want to go. Yeah I think more and more the people. Are that are doing that we need to realize that. As each instruments and you experts as such and exceptional talent that brought in in bowl tournament humble peavy regionals and see we really stand. He says look it's probable QB regional exec us and a couple hundred bucks aka. And some to some of the one they ones are a 175 dollars. But UC readers stand against the buster on you and there's a lot of the national prisoners to. Don't fool yourself thing like can I kind of thrilling huge it's not even close it's it's an entire not sure all out there. But they can still compare themselves I can't go compare myself to LeBron OK it's a whole lot single player play against 101 thing against them. Did you bring that up who was AJ Johnson said agent Johnson Avery Johnson and Dwight try to Kolb last week in a lot of officials until phils end of it Dwight said we have this kid and we called him in phils high school turns back in the day now you look he's a PB bowler but did you know that. That you would be a TBA player when he was in high school. He wanted to be any had the raw talent to get there it's it's it's refining getting an extra level. And I don't think each it would have been a player to come at a high school. And be success on the PB two or he needed those four years of college right and needs some really good coaching to get the little things that. Mean there is swing. A good a good league bowler and a halfway decent terrible our PV April so for AJ it wasn't light years of ball everybody else that he was pulled. You could see the talent was there I mean just watched as raw skills and you news tells it's what's the anti technically adjustments keep himself in the game that's Irving. And that certain that a few Richard high school I think you would have failed miserably right he he needed couch at that point in time. Any tennis stole my thunder because I know Jamie. I was up at green beeper I believe that ladies queens was that the tournament and I think she was there all week and she was there for the TV finals. That was going to be one of my questions is NASCAR was what did you pull out of that week I mean did that give you any inspiration to be a lady Perot. Right in Albion in the crowd the whole week so it's nice to say that you actually can nearly eighty pro now with the women's tour the hold you in and there are the key guys are missing is you guys wanna make that your lifestyle. For your oblivion because your grameen out of a suitcase I mean the ladies tours completely different in the manner and terms of the travel and the money. And the money. I mean but do you wanna and that Macon that your lifestyle. I mean for a full time living in full time job because a lot of the pros don't men pros don't have that they have their approach our shops and whatever they Allstate you'll correct. Yeah and that's that soul uniform between the ladies are in rodeo was chancellor Kelly Cilic and he's targeting pass osu you look at you know people in a full time jobs are. Good part time jobs and figure out their bowl 345 stops. In you may be sought 25 woman a bold every single. You know Peter Beattie tourist publisher and I think it's gonna be the same again this year from some of the allow the players in that area that can take a week off for him it termite shot against the best in the big. But what they I would be interested in knowing as a knees these women stops we had the Oak Creek a women's team in here today we'll get to them. Is how many of these women stopped where there bowling do you see high school and college girls out or showing up at east. To watch these girls to bowl watch these ladies ball a man high school meant to or high school boys showing up to watching what a professional looks. And I had to have been European BB event yet with the US BC cook or lose those on extra frame right at home and I've heard some stories at some of the places and you know California. Knew Steve cook's place in Sacramento in the had pretty solid crowds already last year. That's key I mean you're gonna have to draw people. In that tour is gonna maintain its its significance will report C Sparky five which along with. Phil brow from extra frame on TBA dot com like Auburn as well at the spare time pro shop in New Berlin. The white I go back to you some retire my high school ball a little bit today. What are your numbers looking like here in the last year or so as far as the youth bowlers coming in buying bowling balls with their parents and continuing on from 89 years old up into the high school age. Well thanks to Jeff and all he and it keeps me busy. But. Increase of course and the more they come up the more they want them and the more they fit. The bill for what they're looking for it still comes down to at the end of the day what do you want the bought a duel but the answer question of course at especially at this time of the year. And get right around November December then all the way through about February march 'cause obviously status when Jeff. If it's OK so until then obviously at a deep voice okay that but until then yeah keeps us busy absolutely say that's the one thing that I I always wonder. Because who was it was a new Burley and fill that they have to goal with other schools in order to make yes. Is or whatever and there's a few schools out there that are that are having a do you have to do that and a walk did you. South and watch a west had to do this year in the used to both have pretty strong programs do you think it's lack of interest or bowling or lack of you know these kids knowing that there is a bowling club that they can get in and be a part. Knowing the bowling club and lack of knowing. Some of the schools is no support at all I mean it's suggests somebody put go up pair puts together through the narrowing senate trying to get out and really don't get the word through the school. To happen whereas out of it I know this year kettle marine majors Cameron has will be his stirred. A blowing program there on a kid's an ass and they had seventeen kids in my for the team and I think a lot of it is eerie these 20 absolutely. You know Missouri eighty Jeff worked with you I don't we we just finally got to recognize. Last year as officials and school sport. Through creek and we had a little ceremony last year after the season. I wasn't a portion of either Don was able to be there but a lot of people didn't even realize we had a bully program. And I've been with this program ten years we were a club sport and you know now we're starting its recognition of a school that you know we're something for the kids to do. That's able talk more about that coming up and the next segment. Our whole creek high school women's bowling we'll talk to my school board in general not just bottle creek just in general but. Where it stands now vs maybe in the last five to ten years and how would change will be that coming up next Catholics are tomboy Joseph presented to Milwaukee every Napa auto care association. Sports Radio One 057 FM the thing she. That's always accessible so presented to buy a long period out lot of care association and speaking of those. I'm focal over the long carried out on a care association had talked chance somewhere top matching over there and now we will have our bowling ball giveaway. We'll start the first Sunday in February and Walt will draw the winner of the last Sunday in February of their last show of the year. We have to do to us sign up starting in February is go to MR LWC. A and I have a chance to win a a nice bowl law truck full involves current outbreak goal yes. So what did you to a track maker coming up and then are you throwing in the free drilling like yours didn't I am good is that he wanted to switch spots into. It's so there you have Dwight over spare time pro shop and Burleigh Phil brow low here as well. Messer frame and QBA dot com and we are surrounded by a lots of people in the studio. I'm getting a little plausible that not joining us numbers Jody gets in studio art idea or the coaches. Up from Oak Creek women's bowling or you both for for the women seem. Or one for the women's one for a bullet on on the on the varsity boys coach and downs are. I call on the assistant head coach perversity to RGB coach unfortunately Corey couldn't be with us today you can't dare I don't know where you got any edge any teach his daughter back up the college two days she starts again tomorrow so college. He's got a daughter the Stephens point all know you as a veritable who's good bowler dwell on that she bowling of their an hour and unfortunately not but just a licks to do it some helmets aren't aren't self. I let let's talk a little bit about. Oh creek in general having just moved there. A back in November for the second time I've lived in all crate. On that community is just unbelievable right now we have our toy drive every year blades from flea mill creek on Ross and end up to a great job everybody is very supportive we had the mayor on matters if media. Along we're out there I just don't have us indeed when you've done in this community is unbelievable I mean to do what they've dealt with Russian town square. Om and now they're talking about another development along the lake. That's just been waste land pretty much the entire time may just does not stop in the middle creek thirty plus year resident. From what it was well expect and now it's phenomenal what we have going on in that city yeah I mean I lived there. Like ten years ago before I moved to west Alice went there and Allen move back right across you for mark with prior which is kind of funny. Tom but if you've been no great high school lately and that you have an. So maybe the high school's been there forever and attendant expansion and so forth from Mike is a girl that she she went to Thomas Moore but she grew up in all creek. And she's actually have my mom went to Ole creek high school and the but there was an expansion now. There is a hole mother building in front of the high school right there and how all passed for a yes of dissect how real kids they have calming just for ninth grade and and then they'll rest of the dubbed the high school which is the normal high school beat tenth. Up through twelve so as a coach in a sport. Has got to be chick I mean it just the setup you know that there is going to be. Lots of kids that want to come home do it I'm we're glad to have them. Through the you don't have to have experience running aren't the bowling youth league for eight years before you get there don't know. Amy I mean it's definitely a benefit stricker apparently got a great but we have had kids come through this program that have not even made it their first year. And their senior year there on person either a starter they have a shot at individual state tax and your talk to someone that had no experience when they came out yeah. If the kids or will in the put the time and effort and if they have a love for we have one now Sean. The kid just we can't get him out of the bowl and I'll he wants to learn he wants to get better. That's what you really need that's what we're looking for looking for the passion in the kids that really wanted to swing getting a place senior in doing that for ten years do you guys have the early try outs then you have every every fall we have trials. We make the announcement at schoolers should sit schooled us. And we do give kids a comment. I think a lot of them think it's it's just come out have fun and then once they see the other bowlers that we have and the way they able you know. Some of them just realize it's not for them it's not what they were looking for. But Lakers like a set every year we have kids that. AOK you made it or you have the potential to make it in the future you just meats and dedication and time and effort on your parked. And you'll get there and we've handles results and it's it's really great C. We've got to. One of our kids this six greater this year right east middle school. We go or this orientation. I'd been orientation my life for any schools annoyed when I'm walking into we walk in and they come in and they take all these kids Natal following them off. To their class all the parents its stock in his gymnasium or whatever haven't listened to spiel that they all do and everything else. Announcers 256. Graders. That's one of the middle schools that's not like everybody 200 heat's sixth graders. Think that just that I was like. Hole like Mike and there's at least one other middle school that I know of and there's more than that I apologize of their more than a woman who's tutors you ease the last right. Also if they've got some were similar numbers and you're talking about a 500. Person class coming in and they're just going up now for you guys. Jeff and odd. How does this war. Mean are you in a you're classic going to know creek. Recruiting and these these younger kids are in fifth 67 straight trying to get them ready to it should be like one high school gets here it's time ago it's not so much recruiting yet where where where the coaches that at classic go creek. So which see the kids that are in the junior program. With that speed in feeds into is our middle school program we have a great middle school program. For 67 and if careers or come in fact I just had an announcement meeting with parents this week for kids that are terrorists it. On the schools are aware of it we don't get a lot of feed from the school sport but we have more than enough. At classic right at there's stuff planned interest and it's ask you gotta feeder. In bowl. And I'll just say this across what. Oh Griese Vieira had the south but that's where this is going as far as. Multiple campuses. All these kids are gonna walk I like how honored and when he kids on the football program and all this other stuff it's just blowing up. Vs some of these other. You know areas where it's not the other thing I've noticed among Allen Donna talk I mean Alabi jump but I'm just sitting here looking like dude I might here. Dot did. Did does it seat gets my my take on it having covered high school football for a long time for fox sixth. Was he just seems like athletics is really important in that town like and mean just. Parents cared everybody or you may now bowl but you're going to be in this sport if you're out in this sport and your in this sport just seems like athletics is a very important deal in that time. It is and football is pretty much king and Oak Creek. Until this sport it's kind of take a backseat. The basketball's decent to ask about pretty good the boys basketball team this year for a crease to him pretty well aware there ever order of their best years ever in the girls' basketball team has been a powerhouse for us over under is now. One of the things that. Tynan helps our success rate though is. Especially on the girls side of the equation is allow these girls recruiting France. They say hey you know we got this great program high school bowling and it's a lot of fun it's work put we still have fun. Why aren't you come on out and and give that a shot. And that's all we've gotten quite a few kids come in its because. They're friends or recruiting them. Lot of the bowler is don't to other sports they're not on a softball team and I'm a baseball team and not a track team or someplace Tanner has. But they want to do something sure. And it's a great experience we make it fun for them we've made. We we are highs fact that you're here to work this is meant to pizza and sort out Brett and the basket of French Fries and you're gonna have him he'll social hour with your friends. But once they get in and they realize that he hey you know these coaches they know what they're doing. They can make me better and I can have a good time at the same time. That's what really builds our. Program let me ask you this you guys are ten was to a club sporting you know create recognize to write her oak. Because the state doesn't recognize bowling as a as a real sport we should make that our next mission. I'm by. That that would never happen I'll bet and probably save the PBA CI double to indulge guys of their don't like any outs he does etc. I really matter just to what I figured idiot. Aram but this this is my thing so a club sport then. Sort of rules and regulations partly club which you can practice and that Mano you just pretty much wide open. You probably are but it'll as vehicles sport through creek we have to find all athletic guidelines that are set up little creek channels right if schools canceled you can't do it you're only allowed so much time healing and to in this window. But that's because those guide us through that salami practices do you have then before the season starts vs. During the season how much you practice we we practicing Ramon start November 1 we practice four days a week. Okay. I have to lower today cal. How much to our own power after two hours and a as that it usually. Yep and the coaches. That's how we have yeah I mean the kids had nothing to do anyhow but I think it is another like studying and petticoat disaster any other cultures though that's that's. Four days a week seriously. It's a lot of time but it Meehan we we love it and we loved loved being with the kids and being able to make them better bowlers and better people I mean really. Okay let's say each and accepts a US or pricing and classic and I'm some rank pocket. So you guys are at classic. How does how do you guys deal with like oil patterns and stuff like that when you're practicing you lane on the same oil pattern every practice or you changing up no we get we have fresh -- couple days week. We're practicing and also on the broad that pair from the night before so QB gives these kids different things they have to do I mean we do a lot of spare shooting. We probably spent 45 minutes and Howard age issue it's players. Now from that perspective people listening to the castle has very emotional right now you'd be amazed Alec people don't mind him aboard Ellison and Michelle that I run into a great mistakenly been other places just as they were funny sometimes. Com. They play in a baker format so it's not like you and your body going down. A true world bowl and bowling one on one or castle points on Emery saint. That's not what it is it's everybody Bulls cobble frames game right so it's Cotts in rotation so spare shooting is huge. At the end of the day and they keep track of that stat as laughter. It was funny we ran bicycle kick off tournament emotion plus signs early this year for the teams and we had amble regular five person team games a couple of mean qualifying. And they know how to react to each other because this is OK okay now I'm up in the fifth frame and then somebody else is up there for it was Wear white took him like a hole gave the realized. You know the interactions a bit different between the players between a regular team format and the right team format. It's it's it's wholly different format on any it really has to be. I think. For me I think a lot has to do with coaching decided super critical of what the team stuff and PBA sparse who's the anchor bowler who people want whose bowling too. Is that that comes down a lot to you guys to his farce strategy of who goes where. It is it is it is difficult at times. People forget that at every position is important yes leadoff bowlers very important they set the pace ate here. Our captain this year in our leadoff bowler Deion member of the boys' team here looking good game. Got to my house and while I I I had him picked belt last year's B in the leadoff bowler this year I could receive that is something that he could do. So the pace the rule good shot giver body a good read of what's going on out there right and he's really stepped up this year's thirteenth individually right now. And just he's a phenomenal bull yeah like that lead opposition spark because I consider if they nighter and you know you think I'm cycle able anyway you are site in my own personal question Phil. We have a mixed. Obvious comics team championship coming up on spectrum sports time work it was enough just for to sports in February. And Patrick made TV show and they went with the hot hand that anchor on the TV show. And three boys two girls blowing underwent a Shell fell on a regular show but. The coaches he said how important is they knew the hot hand was feel in my trying to that they and they put her in the anchor spot right and means to these guys are paying attention and in that they don't care who's. Where is in particular point I'm review of the board you know as a step up in the number five spot throw a strike we need it. Three and they're gonna move up four there there's no favorites are doing that moment in the through Kalin in that spot. And that's awesome vet he got it feels right. The anchor position you want somebody who's gonna perform at a clocked. It's not necessarily being able to throw three strikes and a time frame but if you need somebody who will bring a talent and and picked that spare up. To win the game that's the person that you are you want the person it's gonna be able to execute under pressure my my thing is this. Com growing up I boldly. Long time that's what I've read below it too high school but we did have long close back when I was growing up we have any of that stuff so we were does done at that point that we all Wimbledon men's league. And made a bunch of older guys mad at us but. When you win we bowled mean we all. Don't listen we don't take my I don't know what Donald boxes I don't listen to OK on. But so for us you know back in the date for us entertain ourselves we gambled all the time even in I spoke as we all were most of us worked at the same place. On so we gambled all the time just try to make things on right. But a lot of us were very emotional hot heads sometimes from time to time right and we get upset. Still not you put together a baker format. Your line he's these girls up or boys up. You taking in Nevada can't of the two of OK this person's kinda sensitive to 55 K at five move this person from here to hear this person's wobbled a break are crying her or throw something. They're there are some people that has been under for ten years sets a you've come across all kinds personalities that there are people that you just know that I can appeal to take the pressure be in the the anchor bowler. Right you know they just that they put too much pressure on themselves they don't realize even though we preach it every shot is the same blow up there and through the same which I'm Alice need U I Eddie let's psychologically. I. For my minister in my bowl anywhere from Ankara to lead off just where from the some of these bowlers can do that to hear some of whom though I can't do it's really just to get Noble's personalities how those people react in situations. And put them the best spot possible salute team wins it it's hilarious so we're growing up my brother and I would bold my buddies or whatever else gamble for money. And I think the key phrase always used to be fired pars are golden because every time somebody needed a big show much we'd hit that big shot can actually cash but. It's from that perspective sack. We disagree on that a little bit on he's in my mind mean if you're that anchor bowler is on you you were reported that situation hey. If if if we'd need two strikes in eight games. Europe personal I think can do so go get it done and and you go out there and throw seven Conger first ball yep that's I knew we we put you in that situation sold Doug does psychology yelled at. The mental aspect of it even as young as. Norm back to you don't great school whatever else. Like you said some people are built for some art and that doesn't mean that person plus the more than the other person it's just that mental aspect. Almost definitely yeah Dayton witnesses are leadoff bull or you sit and thirteenth his straight percentages probably second on the team but. If I needed him the bull anchor I would have Nobel admitted acre. Does agree champ mostly pretty confident do it any it's at its up sometimes that it gets a little bit too big and it's got to put peck passed away. But but that all goes along with everything else right yeah basket stop by it so that's Jeff that's done he's of the coaches. At. Over at Oak Creek high school. For the girls team but there also help and all the boys team all the for the boys team girl's coach can't be here taking this girl to college at the team's point. We'll hear from the players that's coming up next. All creek high school girls seem tapper you all the talk. LaDainian talked to that's coming up next here on offense so. Florida fans. If this Cassel is very time bowl itself presented to you by and watch Gary Knapp monetary association on sports Radio One 057 at and the fan's delight Albert spare time pro shop in New Berlin. Silverado is here to extra frame PBA dot com don't forget Packers blended in case you forgot Packers and the Falcons antsy gently to game come on down to Quaker steak and lube for our game day party will have a kind of prizes given away including from masters he's a sign Richard Rodgers picture giveaway. A Jerry Kramer a signed picture to give away to coming up this afternoon Quaker steak and lube into Bruin shots after. A Green Bay touchdowns. Miles wing sauce again away for our numbers board. Prizes. To be given way to trivia as well a Dwight Allred is going to be in the house he could sign our grass for your baby Tauscher is coming down. From the fan he can sign autographs for you to sew I'll be a lot of fun. Dwight here and graphs right in Dwight you to get you got there early but not early enough while you've got there early enough you were in the garage area of the bar that's where we do the part of the bar in the garage area. So this week Dwight is sunny somebody down even earlier. In order to get seek. And we learned last week real quick out of panic like oh this early couple hours make sure you get to see that you want in the bar in the garage area but it so much fun at as inept placed just you lumps every time something happens something goes wrong people yelling at the TVs and also what. Great governor Arnold has to leak was when Nate. Grassley kick the first field goal everybody went out went nuts I it according you know my thought about it I count at and that promise an animal like okay they shall refereeing that doing mini pin he's walking forward Adam and Mike I know he called timeout right. Absolutely entice them yeah absolutely right czar is gone nuts bicycle around liquor is your daily Tauscher is on people he didn't even know and I do get off from. But it but it's all right we'll sell be fun to see see what happens backers Falcons again 2 o'clock. This afternoon all right. So now it's the players term we've talked to the coaches now it's the players turtle creek a women's team is in here. So where we start first ladies who wants top first. Speakers was going this weekend did you just want to I don't know why did your vision we got here Dwight introduce who we got here are a Caitlin is gonna help me what their last name and current rate in the Mikey and martyr and a okay thank you camp and now she's the calm one on the team who else do we have. Who else do we have and we have Jamie while and Jamie was at Green Bay last year fruit at the ladies tournament and the San richter. I am and Dayton to Sante date it is not on the women. Seemed just to clarify he's not he is on the boys team. So first things first I guess that data must start would you. Arm why do you hear dude I mean I don't I mean you are why are you related to somebody just get up on the microphone now my head coach just you know Anthony being sent in means me on the are asked me it is a you're representing the boys team again. Okay so is talk to me about. Of interest level from the boy said that you guys have little creek high school and as far as anybody is playing multiple sports. Immediately thought that tough of a quiet now yeah. They how many guys you have on your team today and then I'll meet guys or play multiple sport haven't we we have six. You believe you have six if six yeah you have six of RC right are any US play multiple sports. Nona I don't think so I don't know I'll see you guys are all district dribble or two G and most of the US coral bowling together. In youth leaguer now. Wise I in that and then and move the classic and I as a kind of needed him and then. We cannon mountain together with news from the right matter amnesty he met. I. Yeah and it bureau creek high school English teachers listing she's got. Here you are. Kill you I'm assuming it's a she could be a he either way your dad okay. So so you guys kind to each other coming up then right it's not you get to the high school level. Is it different on what you thought it was going to be able Matt Baker for Manning and the competitions and the intensity level in the crazy parents in the bowling centers and all that. Now I'd say is the same thing is tennis. You had crazy parents and middle school walking guys well again. All no all means one of those that they've funnels it to come up through middle school so they've had six awaits. So ladies you're all saying the same thing so the middle school matches. You pack these places with parents for middle school in really. And that hope I mean do they get real real serious about it. Yes Sam actually which is all the teams are all a team here so as you know bunch of boys yes I'll address that. So it's not split in middle school down. Well it was last. That is Lester was as we did Evan fueled the girls team to creep in years past we haven't it's always mix colon. How is apple would want to boys. I'm I'm so I know is. I'll see you guys all grew up together only know each other I don't know all the guys and it went all while such great. Okay so in middle school then you get used to this atmosphere than your bowling so there's no shock. Adjustment of of getting to high school and born at the high school level then right. What about the baker format style now that you go from one of the boys now your bowl and what the girls are you starting to get to know all these girls or did you know them growing up too. I just answered the girls say when I first started on the team we only had a team for. My freshman year if you or need five bright house with like the coach's daughter Eva. And I was like kinda thrown in there wells and freshman only freshmen that are sure but I grab like what I that's for an errant McCain we need to have another person involved and. It seemed Jamie. And the average order goes the next it team that is slowly but. So you're definitely the ball or what about you two are a view to always been bowlers or did you two Connie get involved here because people pulled UN. Mean I actually am that wouldn't gotten and the and Aaron how I was looking all around come high school for your team and no one knew any information. And I was like OK it. And then halfway through the season when they guys from the team approached me and I our team so okay so that's how you found out how did you get involved so I was. Going at classic Greenfield in middle school it just on the Saturday leagues and then. My freshman year somebody actually told me that the Bullington had just had tryouts and so I kinda came the day after first it. So all these guys were kind of new to you that as far as bullet right soul when you were bowling in classic in Greenfield and you all were in your direct. Put it wasn't. Maybe they ever these are our third travel leagues relies travel right around different houses and soft like that right. So you get when you get different experts double and a different lanes that way previous Steven getting the high school ball. So that's positive too OK it's not you guys are all together now you guys are doing what you're doing on how much better are you now all. Then you were when you started the high school. Only team. And that's really about these coaches here Jeff and not you don't award that they're not gonna do anything he say you haven't improved off but I just just wonder how much have you improved I've definitely improved every aspect. Bowling mentally physically and mentally. So these two over here helped you on the mental aspects of the yeah I had arena. Yeah I got she got the book. Doctor dean hits Arizona's similar injury to him on the shelf and he's a great guy and I do have is book. And the boys varsity there all required to read it every year and saw a report for it really these girls evolves also rent it. I believe it's something completely valuable that the need to do to get to that next level daddy tell us is over on the other side maybe Josh budget during a microphone on and throw has that I can lightened I want book reports to somebody and that's not a I'd yeah we actually don't do homework you do yes. You're not helping to recruit anybody right now I assists on I'd like to know. Okay so what did you get out of the book then you said after you read the book the book helped to what did you get out of the of duct Clinton's book I just at a key. Like nine out of action there's just forget about it and I did against just remember if it's right OK so you're better than you're saying mentally physically everything but you. And it built on it every year it's an olive took. Owner told our other break oh. I like I learned from watching my feet made Ray Allen done that you need to keep your head all right. Issues you don't want to be Peppers and that's making you've seen them all that c'mon and I kick ball returns off thrown stuff. So you've asked them. That lets you would see if he let it matter now this is it this far you hot hit. That are listening right now but they do this let me you have to read a book arms can help you out. Listen you just have to bigger out once that's done you have your meltdown you have to be able to figure out. Where you can go to kind of just clear your head for me I'd go by the vending machines take a deep breath argued ya forget about this knuckle back. Go back and do your thing JT Michigan Bears could directly Marshall Holman back in the eighties but it it's OKO beat is one you can come back bought. If you freak. And your next ball is a two crowd and then it's three cannot and you're able to be better or readable. Then I would say to go readable noble was your case how I mean when you freaked out. I help others listening this is touching moment for people. Well I say it but I was like about it that's good at Iowa. You cried not not now not now not the crying thing you don't wanna cry just take out your frustrations on equipment don't worry about it. I do like I know you've done relish crazy stuff all. Yeah Loney and wanna go to our donors and I have Virginia though was obviously. Watch in the lady pros that had to be like a mass of eye opener for you learn how they handled their emotions up in Green Bay. Articulate action later in the users who is she was doing very good we're there. And think she just throw it should leave it and energy message sued the religious turnaround and the crowd really there pollen used. Are you may couldn't make it. Lake it was just so interesting to see how. Cool calm and knew where I mean he really finished perspective how other people and eat. Aren't coming up all continue talk with our bowlers and did they need not a chance make offers English teacher facts straight ahead Catholics are tabloid show here on offense this. That's always very tough Bullock show presented to let him walk Gary apple auto care association of forget coming up hot so weekly 10 o'clock their next Tim Allen myself. I Jets I was scooter Jeanette of the Milwaukee Brewers coming up and the 10 o'clock hour okay. So we have a halt all Greek government seem in here we also had data and everything the men's team. Trying to or two a day in our I didn't know nothing but I guess I'll Matthew. My question is this big game at high school with this many successful athletic programs is you have with as many kids as you have. Like what are. I mean the evening it's pretty Korea it's like there are no many. Owners out there it radically impact and you do you get support at all from any of the kids at the schools showing up at the meat even though they don't bowl. Now I never asked them that I Chela or anything. To a pretty good idea they I don't know I just. They don't really show out there is as he's I'm other at these meats are packed anyhow parents or relatives or wherever else style like you guys need people come watch you purse say. What about you ladies in the US ever asked any of your friends that aren't bowlers the coming out a watch you guys ball. That's once. I've ethical I'm. Not a not a short budget I'd go. I think that we got I think that's cut above. A bigger key to mean some of these people that have their perception of a bowling is one a Boeing meat could be like I think they went one. And sought in solid tend to get to sub like that I think a lot of your friends opinions would change you might get more kids to come off the ball into the. The passion that the parents and the spectator shall for their teams it it's amazing when I first got into this I was surprised at the level. That the families and friends have for us and the old the bowlers that are out there fill the you do these high school bowling tournaments and I've been Novell's. That's not nearly as insane as it appears these team matches our. It isn't just. The racism. By it's time to get to semi thousand miles east less teams wall we spread a mile a bit so. There's more rooms for the fans moral for the fans to gather around a bit more. But you get on these TV shows and the fans and the parents are loud and TV news no doubt about that did any of you guys and he has been on TV who's been on TV. All of us quality and Bristol good. Okay so let's our review that you didn't take a ball or turn on TV did you. Na yeah. I would have told you that's a lot of okay so did it change for you it all the pressure of being on TV with the lights on and everything that first time. It did. She she she had a 1021. Time and Joseph why. Yeah it was a say it's residences either way we don't need to broadcasts it. OK so. So it affected you mentally obviously more than anything at right thing you know it was dead I've never. That way right how much you. Tom I know my first I was mid winter classic not this year but last year. We took was at their second place second accomplice August 2 place and I mean. For me when I get out there. It's lit really just me and Elaine I learned to tune out everything anyways even when it is loud so wasn't all that much different you don't understand how special that is my people can them. That really lake will. Changed our Bible is really the light. Because like we did the mixed teams we wanted our practice like the practice is only other team was warming up. My god it's so dark over here and I don't know what to do any right and then like back Aaron TB really when it's light it's. Fine and helps you out all right so you have that ability low budget. Actually like I'd TV doesn't I'm here too much I care morally sound bite but more pressure team. As much on the right people and I. Does it not equal pressure. She's destined Gillick a class president and for sure that that's that'd be that's the exact burba gets ready code to watch you dissect as you believe it which is even better I wasted on the youth sport in her question was for you guys was you guys have these crazy chance that you do after every strike I am and how loud it gets odds are guy's head and ran this and that. A howdy come up with that and be isn't that a distraction when your on the approach when another team does that to you. I've gotten Michael odds are guys are also used hearing the cheers like it's normal now. Rack completely blocked about that or wait for them finished I'm so used to knowing when they start when they stop no matter who cheered. I'll this of these. Voicing that series you know that'll do. Well this is good all right so for you how it's TV for you. Guesses are completely different environment for me it's like it like two teams going at it. And everyone else is watching you and yet the lights and you stuff and he's just more quiet night. Used to being only a quiet it's always seem I tell you something man mean if you're that confident overconfident cocky act. You're saying all that's right my time watch how Saddam. Me that that that was that's how it would be. And Unser okay well from the bus next time shoes and Tommy throw a throw or out from under the bus and I was on the TV was when we just had our. Wisconsin has the mixed doubles championship and she won if not she's are a little time dory. It started with a terrible game because excellence of the accent yeah she's ever a time to appreciate. She read the book it didn't secure about some that'll do it now for their Cassel is very time bullet Joseph Douglas Burnett faced governor got smoker but I.