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01/29/17: Faith in the Zone with Diamondbacks' team chaplain Don Gordon

Jan 29, 2017|

01/29/17: Faith In The Zone

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Welcome defeat in the zone show about sports and face and held it to come together and lives being cut. Right now discover how people in sports and walk in faith the host Mike we get burned and pastor Ken Kilmer. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. While my faith in the zone and on sports Radio One 057 F from the fans. I might think you're flying solo for this first segment weight now ask your camp counselor he is on his way of I'm excited about today's interview were chocolate John corps and former Major League pitcher. He's a chaplain to the Arizona Diamondbacks who worked for score international. And Denham I got a lot atomic down Rory today. I'm doing glory or is he old adage I'm better than it does her email. Think it's a. I agree sow doubt and I got a chance to talk a couple of days ago and found out that. You know we're both a 100% Irish both of us neither one of his tricky more which is a good thing. They were both got beat up a lot as kids and we everything week eight was boiled invention called die and that he said you kidding me I still boil everything. The fact you know being a writer brick 100% Irish down we. We learn a lot his kids don't win. Yeah I mean I'll put it this way they would they were capital punishment by all the we had nine kids. My father diagnose very young so. Every every economic I deserve it probably does I I don't think it's deserved or what. In my mother was born in Ireland and came here and she's 21 and so we achieved I choose to let the Irish girl. Man that's awesome my my father died. Young as well I was in my twenties when he passed but there are six of vice. And it was I'd shoot it was GM TM John and Mike. And colleague Mary Margaret and Maureen Mary Margaret. A big who really. You've coached a quick trip up and pick the McKee govern fairly my father was a bricklayer and a Mason. And he was a tough guy. He was he we never got grounded the boys who we. Yeah we took away open ever once a while and im like what I I got a lot of room but probably not as many as I deserve that's for sure. The fifth. They were did you lay and in in with the with the kids were Yuba older one younger in the middle somewhere. Well. My own father had two girls. And then seven straight boys. And they are not as fortunate. Watch how. Men in debts I've got three grand says it looked across the street for me. And I can benefit chick I can imagine haven't seventh street boys. Yeah you know it was stats that was like you know in the Gorton also all week. We all live real you know up in the same room at seven boards in one room. No reset to bowl bid in the crib and I can't tell at least trying to root. Went over with the baby role in this. As one of what could climb up on the criminal thing was all over and my sister run and who's. They'd be sitting in and week we begged her not to tell. You know my own bed because we knew we. It wouldn't be a man Ontario once we got a lot of similarities. Between begin governing Gordon household wordage grub down. New York City world OK. And. Ferguson Soria then right by the tribal religion and moved over to. The suburbs not really including and and what Peyton not too far and shouldn't. So you were a Mets fans. Growth as the Mets fan I would. I was I was. My first Major League game Mike was 1969. When that will make in their room and we say thirteen boards and they'll coupons to get into the game at the tickets were dollar thirty but. We got a free of course all the way up in and solve Bob moos of the Pittsburgh Pirates stole a no hitter against the 69 Mets and September. How. So on no hitter did did you know back then done that kitchen was something that you wanted to do. No I would clueless. I basically. I started playing baseball because I was jealous and the next door neighbor who was five years old news to come over like tkachuk my older brother. And I was just like jealous. You know I thought baseball was from girl. When they started playing like hail in the U. What's my brother got in to some other things in and out of sports. That guy would come over my neighbor and an elk point cut through you you're like okay. So we historically kept out about nine years old street. And you know my first net gain was really just to a what you see the principal now. And you know I just. God allowed me at a glimpse of that game and it and so it allowances mystery awesome and and so the story goes and there. Did job did you play multiple bubble multiple sports when you're in high school or your baseball guy. You know what all the coaches in high school wanted to try out for the coaching basketball swinging back. I don't I don't looking body can relate to this point but if I wasn't really good at something just didn't do it. Which is probably not the best attitude best way to do things like. I was so good at baseball that that you know I was mediocre basketball and football under sports talk you know in New York City and and I just didn't play it I just I literally only one basket and. And and it worked out well for you you go as high school basketball coach week. We really. Try to get kids to play multiple sports in and I tell kids look if I've got the quarterback from the football team. Who with you know four seconds going to game in its fourth and one from the one yard line and he has enough guts and courage. It had to run a quarterback sneak he certainly secure that can step up and shoot free throw from. And let and you don't sound and I played with Joseph Carter and like that these guys who also went through force or something really good. You know like like many athletes but I wasn't one of those. Hey we are now joined by up pastor Karen Cutler. Who was. Pastor read a stern look literally dates get to see you down a problem like the candidacy and Pat Perez had done yet done Gordon beat pastor can tell just how good hey Don have you done. Great great to meet your pastor venture shepherding the Church of God. Now home Heyman thank you pay we are trying to buy downs upbringing in New York cannon and he got a 100% Irish kind of like me here and drinking more kind of take me nine kids and his family. 22. Is peiris said two girls and seven boys after that. I guarantee there are some great competitions aren't like no no matter what the sport was there. I don't know I. And I think and act like what might grow up with with medium like these guys also. Not a hater and man DeRozan. As you know if you need is somebody that. You don't run doubt a 303 basketball game you can just grab one your brother is there something that that'd be easy. Yeah and need each night to talk guy you know they they became plumbers in and mechanics in old city and ended well. But when it came in the idea I was like yeah like decrease the frustrated. BI in the in the military or just that you know. That the hard court coaching I would tell what boroughs of London they would run that's their consulate also. And we're going to play baseball that is played OK god yeah. You know I wasn't where ordinary kind of tea it. Did did did your family life your Brothers sisters and they still love living in New York area. You know hardest part of my story is is you know it. It's really bad in some ways but you know when I when I was young I Selma on the committed suicide. Dead in the last ten years I lost four Brothers. Two one hung himself actually in prison all of my obviously steps that. Then to our own sexual and war and thanks so much alcohol that he held their own head and total loss of blood so. So there's there's some some tragedy there obviously but but the war didn't eliminate. The they've done very well art workers there. They've been married a long time and and and and a lot of good. That happened while we've all tragedy. While while story for your losses here in note in the last. You're so it's it's that's got to be a tough thing for for you when your family where were you live in now dot. I didn't Chattanooga firm. Ten years NC. Mean yeah nice part of the area nice for a country are there really. Beautiful actually it could cause living more traffic. It you know god has placed in a place where I can get to a lot of different state. And in it's just in a million were towards me. He India what we have left it in in this hour first segment down let's talk a little bit about. How were you went to college and and your early years in professional baseball. I'm worded joined up up playing baseball for in college. You know I would almost go to Saint John that the same your friend might go away and John Franco. Well mine and eight he wasn't high enough about it cellular while. Folks. Because the school that accepted the I would leave it below there. They're you know. Threshold but. I went to the citadel at first military's school Charlton. And so Earl you know and and you know I got the flying an airplane for the first time you know seventeen years old graduated from. I school Lynn and note the campus just you don't fall in Charleston, South Carolina new girls there either. Know in the summer school that was that was a baseball stadium and they played actually like (%expletive) he gains. Compared door for England high school in New York City. Like man I I'll put up with the military come here. And then long story short it well my freshman year transfer to University of South Carolina. Where. No Bobby Richardson what not to coach but he had been a few years earlier. And left his legacy there and it just great as you know division one baseball program. Went there and and then from there I signed with the Detroit Tigers in. 1980 too important for ten years. Well I gotta tell do some research. I think I've seen you pitch in person because. I think it was at that Paul Boller her game. It is said this article there's 151000 people there it yeah I thought there are more than that. There but I'm reading the article on. How walk you know in Milwaukee did sit 151000 fans a county stadium wanted it in down Gordon did his best to prevent that. But Molitor got up and his 39 consecutive hit. He got against. Against died when we're we're talking and wound down a couple days ago you you love Milwaukee buck. It's it's a city that at least admit I really like to people there are like come in the county stadium. Yeah. And is a few reasons that. We don't number one the blue series. At the time we do and always did terrible against the brewer so so really I was kind of like of any secret weapon when they called up. I would always know going against then they do fairly well you know and and when I got treated the Indians maintained. And it was really a privilege you know talking about all while Paul is a great guy by the way. And and I know all personally. And then I will say that. But the only event that it. Actually pretty good pitching count awed at all then and inside out and it over the second base and he's great hitters you know. And and all the next well first ball I was on the mound like okay what annoys you go all the competitive but I I've waited. So altogether an ovation. At all and all that stuff and and can get in trouble for that but I didn't. And and the next day. Poll came out and he thanked me personally. We're doing. And love my job mile wide world war. Room at the vote goes somebody would have to be on the other side of those records note that the that the great players yet. It I'd done one thing one when pummeled there was only a streak I can't begin to tell you how many newspaper articles from all over the United States I was getting because there I thought he was. On a climb up pen and market take overtaken Joseph DiMaggio is a record. And that's flag and all these articles because Joseph Joseph DiMaggio. Would have gotten his 57. It you know safe hitting streak if Ken Kellner had the throwing now two different times by half a step at third base. And my dad was a huge Cleveland Indians fan with a lessening kill themselves he said man when I have some unnamed incan out of my star player. So I mean I'd go on out go to Bob Feller and say on him that can go to New York to tell in New York. I go there are young and don't Vegas houses with Kenny last week man. That's. So it so reality at that hit it Dole's sudden a surrogate and articles all over. Man that's Grady boys we've got to get to a break others said prequel continue our conversation with Don Gordon. Former Major League pitcher in fact he was in that marquee for organizations. He's he was a chaplain for the Arizona Diamondbacks working for score international is while. And will continue with him on the other side this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM. The thing. More now of faith in this zone discovering people of sports in Milwaukee and face. Faith in the zone is brought to you buying young express and that those might gonna give her hand and pastor came Kellner and on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. And a welcome back to faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 app from the fans. I'm Mike we give Arnold wants said the head. Pastor act brook side Baptist Church who like to and I had a seizure is pastor Ken counselor. Passes are really get going early enough for a segment our problem everything's going good for you Gordon going in I man I'm glad dawns on I pray for faith in the zone gun would keep Guinness. Who people would just one. Should you know we do have some fun time baseball or football who have our guess is and what radio I gotta think creating tolerant on this one time I reached out to Randy earlier this week in and just said hey. You know it's a little bit tough here the last couple of weeks Javanese suggestions. And reading how it's stuff to come to the plate man he said oh yeah I got a couple let me make a couple calls make sure that these guys are okay do you call them. And die he Seve backed him by Thomas Slater downside. Name a number he said look he gets some information on him and give more call in and dead dad's been marvelous were targeted Don Gordon for a Major League Baseball pitcher. He's chaplain for the Arizona Diamondbacks spent a lot of time to score national down you still would score international. I don't like I've been commissioner for 25 years. Missed a 6000. How how long are you with the Dinah indexes the chaplain. We I was. And then lost the director baseball chat ask me to be the chapel when they first started in 98. So I didn't feel led to do that but I was always around the teams just because now a lot of relationships and being. Judy bell and independence and in state courts know what I'd like that. Emotionally in the club house. And then and then Brian harper stepped down slightly the twin. And and then get out again selected it you know what I'm pick in five years something like that you know I did it. He'd be able. Do you miss your world where you miss being in all of that the World Series with. The diamond does Mexico he had that's awesome. I did you miss and do you miss being in the clubhouse. You know what I honestly I don't I I still go to spring training every year at the privilege of going all the locker room to have a task will naturally. High quality. I have to tell you. I'm a believer. In in the locker room I mean I have a lot of friends still in the game and people seem happiness and but. Really as a believer that kind of an atmosphere rejection. Because people like why you hear what you do it it's not the you know it's just not end in line with what you know they all gold belt basically. Did did you find in and we're gonna get your testimony this segment umbrage did you find. That it was different called to an end in an I don't know when you became a Christian but. If if you work Christian while you were in the locker room if it was difficult to walk were they while you were there. No the first five years I've played from myself. And you know we tell people on the Christian but I knew inside it hasn't just been in my life is that. We're not sleeping at awards and the second try years. I played through Jesus Christ and and I was mark Mahan. And in net send some I mean and now in use easier because. Because you're so different. You know and the guys that are walking toward that. He didn't he didn't see the difference and as long that you. Saying you know keep your word and stage you're gonna live site. Live how you say got to live than guys respect you they just they just they they know that. That's on the board that's who he is the respect and actually up with a light. You guys that are on and going back and work that has trouble. Yeah I mean most people I think you find done whether they're athletes are not hate hypocrisy. You know where you are east say one thing you live you live another way and we when I was back in Oklahoma I was done some coaching him and one of the it was in middle school and one of those boys that we coached his dad actually was the yeah cystic coach at the University of Tulsa and he coached the Detroit Lions went. Billy Sims is there is a running backs coach. And every time I would get with him he'd say you know on mass in the NFL he says. You know here here either. A Christian. Or your rebel in the NFL. And he says and my problem was I hee-seop probably can stay more on the rebel side because unseal these Christians say this and that and but they weren't that as Mike M says it in scripture by accident nearly as soon walk or any of what they cup of who they claim I mean. Though the message of their mouth didn't didn't match the the message of their life. Yeah amen brother and I mean it's it's a battle through some more than others. And you know gotten out of our hearts went. It's not a judgment on anyone that you. Just I know that things were a lot smoother in election. If you lived you know. You know when you got the piece of Christ in your life based somewhat insensitive due to his word. And and they just won a lot with what alien in the game with others with. Community with with Everett. Well done one you know were were anxious to hear you know how you begin your journey with with crisis. You're saying here because that's this really what faith in the zone is all about and and it's Mike and I never tire of hearing how people came to know the warden. And we have a lot of you know a lot of folks I think listening out there that. Enjoy listening to not think there are some prone they have questions. But their own life how to how to how to line now how can I know that I can live with god that. If you would wouldn't mind we love free this year was as though how you can lord. Yeah amen and thank you. So based like a typical athlete baseball was like god knows Mor important then my mother would love dearly. And you know why. Friends. And basically you are not part of my agenda to be on the Major League Baseball player I just sort of are you well when you're very important to me so so. You know again you know again I would hope people eligible leader but you know I had two great coaches them like John on in. As South Carolina who disciple Bobby Richardson when they were in the Yankees system. Obviously in the chapter dedicated which. In one of these books but and so coach it was like a walking Bible I didn't know it then but until now. And indicted in the game you know. Ate some Don and cool. Others that I played with Detroit these guys that they would believers in new something different like I did not that. All the ones claiming to be a believer. And one day on a bus trip from. Greenville, South Carolina Columbus, Georgia while I was in double play with them we the jury. It is it is it is when god really started to do my part. And and they get my pension. And and what what was going on my intent was. I sort of think about decision in my life you know they'll they'll win in alcohol. And really more than that itself fortunate. And and and my agenda. In the I just felt very heavy very Burton. I'm on the spot you know it with with Latino white male or at least he's in the year. And and I just picture Jesus Christ in my mind on them by saying and I'd love you. You look peaceful peaceful your god but I love you to I love you. And and I dismembered Kitchener picturing his hands wide open was the nail marks in his hand and crowd or more symbols in the sport and saying you know content and needs and an it was not a contending voice that look like. You know some some may add king. As a gentle. Awesome. Loving kind. Ortiz that was that was calling me. And and then I just let I just put that behind me of Rhode kept going by us and them think about my life again. Oregon also the oddest. I remembered Jesus again. And again I didn't know scripture in the Bible but I knew. I knew I wasn't right with him and look toward true. You know impressed by or that there are endless. Okay mind if find the train your train station by train and stop that to the war. On your house many many times. That you have rejected. And and in Rome circled Warren personally for 26 and twenty. He and over. Two to worry mines and that they might believe what is false and a lot of people don't realize decreased those right now and in the contest and it. And immediately. Like a war here in the very chip saint. And that's why I knew in my heart that I need to make a commitment because god wanted to use. What he's got well and I got their hotel room. I opened up like Gideon's little big testament and ever read it. What under the current tensions on the work we Yuri and scripture was you have 1230. And and and to deal where we're acutely now if your strictly upon you learn from gentle humble or use it rest and parcel. My yoke is easy my burden is light and has a great actually confessed as recent market cinco. On that dirty carpet. With which you know with with the dropped ceiling all of a part. And I invited Christ into my life partner and that it might end. More I know that you work god use grows and it three days you'd die. And invited him into my my life and surrendering gains and know everything including my baseball career. And thank you own mind. How strong you know it Donte' and we really appreciates. Hey everybody comes on the challenge here's their testimony and you know that one brings me to tears it just does that. You know you're. It it it for me it it in rings home because. When I walked in at east side Baptist church of the united years ago I know a lot about the scripture reader but I knew you were and I knew this was. I am a lot to lose at that point as as you did you know it's. If he's willing to except I was tell people peacefully except guys think Gerald strawberry and we use your name now to. Don Gordon and a guy like me rant there's and there's no reason that if you're out there was some show and it is that you know it's time if you've been to you and prayed about this thinking about this it's time as time decode your news New York marked. I accept me in and it and I will follow so guys we've got to get too quick regular celebrate will continue our conversation. With Don Gordon. It for a Major League Baseball pitcher. He's the chaplain for the Arizona Diamondbacks is still works escorted national we're gonna ask me about. What he's doing escorted national and always stepped back from Anna Costa Rica crackdown. I'm still near normally and teaching God's word truer gaps students. Or between high school and college they're great kids good students but he. I'm good sale which typically in. They're just tired of school and wanna have an international experience to reach each and Spanish ten months. We beat you ministry could timlin and we teach him bibles saw more of the Bible teachers. To do and after a number of yours and coaster Richard and in Munich and republic but this past trip Wednesday baseball trip where we. You know taught baseball every day and and ensure that gospel. Following you know baseball clinic so that went real well. We will talk to Donna butts on his trip in smaller things don't talk about. Us more to his wife does as well and we'll do that on the other side of the break this is faith in his own. I'm sports Radio One 057 F town. The fans. An act of faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports walking pace. Thief in the zone has brought to you buying. Bundles of old fashioned meat market. Here's host Mike may give birth and pastor can count her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. He is former Major League Baseball picturing works to score international. DOS was a chaplain for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He down again thank you so much for that strong test morning brother and I you know it it just. As as pastor says look who we we'd love to hear and and they never get old and it just is. A huge blessing to its not only knew it's that these guys that that was in this shelf. Yet done you'd mentioned to you referenced Romans chapter one we we just started the us are new study enrollments and a we're gonna get to that passage that is the book of Romans a lot you know honing Martin Luther when he came across that. That passes and just chill in my faith. I mean the book of Romans has been life changing generally world history changing when people read that book can you hear another road testimony of a gun was it was done speaking. Through his sword to either that was powerful and so thankful for your your testimony your love for the lord and I know you're desired see that message should go out to other other guys that that need to hear that. Yeah amen I mean what a privilege to be at Serb war he has provided or were all these years. And and just to be you know they have the privilege of sharing the gospel and the full council God's word and disliked in others. As I mean I mean c'mon is there anything that compares with. Now now now there's none are yet there's nothing like sitting across from someone in a restaurant or whatever and they say hey I need Jesus traces my savior. Right there right there in a restaurant they bow and a vital simply says believe on the lord Jesus Christ and I shall be saved me whoever should call upon the name or should be saved and so. It's awesome to just see that Linda seem grow and get stronger in their faith I'm sure. You know you have seen that as you have ministered to you know. Pro athletes and folks that are athletes because I can just tell that your burden. Yeah it it you know Jesus all the thinks he could instead when he left here he's been or will it go and make the site. Oh yeah a denial be careful of be careful asthma and that's our message. On Sunday I mean you're you're gonna lose. What might get a check mega hey are you heard this I don't need to study he could've said going to eat your reply. Go play more baseball itself but right. Know that burden is is is definitely. Upon Christians upon instituted to do that he down win win win you pitched in in in Major League Baseball and urinate in the majors. And at that point now you were you were. Christian and and use it you'll fall on your knees and on that dirty carpet as you talked about. I'm in the locker room with with the the players back then weight was baseball chapel as strong as it is now. On it it was definitely making its way but I can tell you that. The people the powers that be in baseball not. Super impressed with with a hole made baseball chapel happy with the ministry at chapel but but the players you know. What do GM more important owner wants you know what scouting director wants is guys that produce on the field they. They really don't care what someone believes that if you if you happen to be a believer that's great but they wanna see guys work hard and so that was her. In the in the eighties and nineties there was sort of this idea that you're Christian you saw you week. And so I tried to dispel. By Justine you know a nice throw inside quite a bit. And an even though they were special up. What the coaches are you believe they remember me because I know so god I didn't do that muscle not forgotten question might. I just you know what if he apiece while chapels wasn't it was as strong. As it was but he Buick you know and radio is they call a Segway. And you can hear it creates that way with that idea where you set the pace to throw inside. Do some research for this interview. Looking nets. The ba it's called Boston Irish there's an article about. I'm going to to what to Ireland to teach and kites baseball and I'm gonna read this. Real quickly he was getting frustrated. With some of these guys in the guy wrote this in look half of us at soccer cleats in the little kid baseball gloves and he says I was getting I was loses patience convict him who'd written from an Irish guy from Dublin. But I above that somewhere in these two. I'm stunned that it can do you love this. On Sunday they conveyed the get a chance to have done it stool and he kept striking guys out after guy out. And then guided jarred Mitchell stepped into the box and lasted a huge power Alley double remember cigar from Dublin rightness. Lasted as you or early double. It's at the left side our players have both sides cheered his show on routed first really nice piece of hitting every whispers lifted its sinister right now chew on. He would rip to blast into the outfield. And I was actually up to that next two guys who wrote this and I stepped in and still grief from Sean is plastic that you dry swings waited for the pitched. And as down Wanda I can see Sean at second base he hands and it's tips written like a crazy man. Well the pits team and it rammed hard from it left side at the pack your kids view it that troubled over a period and probably heard of three. You must have been an 85 mile an hour fastball caught right of back a couple of key people what it taught me if I glanced over at Dodd still in the modestly insensitive. Instead a mixture you don't dig it too close to the plate who's next. And and you don't want to look at could you just personal it about that is Bristow lapin. You know here's a 100% average boy. You know he's over Dublin a guy hits one guy it's what I feel about it and each role as the next guy who could get our equipment 85 mile an hour fastball. And the guys like on the ground screaming that being edited since the aid could. Internet that you had to close affinity with a single credit failure. I this whole article died. I don't know if it's been a while since you've read it maybe your prided don't know Barbara Bush it is. It did make me laugh he said you know so that would dot started talking about. What it was like you major leagues early in his crew bug you know with Evans who drinks in these women he's always and everybody's kind he had trusted. And that he turned it over to some it's his guess that some religious stuff that. I don't know that you're in don't you think it was meant this or zero WikiLeaks an article about guys that love to have you over there but. Usually at the sketch of Yemen as its record picked program halts correctly and that. That could be two girls or guys in the back. I've only got your pros and proud that you write dent on. Are married you know I do something wrong with me I think. I read an article you know Bob Gibson wrote and then. And it just went out playing indicate oddly and that is that changed. My old game you know pitch inside tonight I didn't throw 95. You know also had to smoke and mirrors basically that. But I really into Bob Gibson later. Of course he'll vote in and so the cardinals. And I think in the news and news I was a little intimidated because his reputation back. But I don't buy it but he was very gracious to me and I remember that article. And it literally was very short article but it was like changing Colin. When I was young when I read that. At Nellis found he had gone really funny Foster an Irish I let it guide it through the guy that is like. A we wasn't very good yeah. Well. Yeah you know done one thing always comes out only talk to folks in the year right a lot of folks will think you know Christian to be weakened not really care they don't really care how winning or whatever. I mean and now you go out there and you do your best and you you wanna win and non. I know that's. You know my dad didn't have me back off any of that and he he always think northern and do your best and try when now where he would have to deal with means high demand. And either want to get out Sunday here you know are actually just click because we're getting beat. And I remember telling one time he gets man no one ever tell me not to click. Is that I campaign have the President Clinton only got on me is that they're gonna remember this day and I paid for when I walked off towards the fourth straight for us that aren't elementary attitudes all their ideas to deadly car. You don't think art and he guys we got a new tool. We've got to kitco break others said the break wolf finish up he is Dan Gordon former Major League pitcher chaplain to the Arizona Diamondbacks. And works for score international. This his faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports in Milwaukee they face is. Has brought do you mind all American window and door. Here's host Mike and give earnings and pastor Kim Keller. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Welcome back to fade in Arizona on sports Radio One 057 F from the fan. I'm Mike we giver once had pastor Ken Carroll there for Brooke's side Baptist Church. Our special guest she's done Gordon. I come over new way to save you either a great job and my dad my dad and you know he's watching from heaven he sane man man he should be in a Bible church because I thought that. Hard though and he was always give me a hard time I'd been in year emphasizing it because if you call. Our special guest mad he's been fun and and I can honestly tell you really get him back is there's so many things that I have a chance to talk to about. Don Gordon 100% Irish by the way. I mean your love and yeah the airline and then what in his birthday is carries birthday exactly on October 10 minds October 4 same year with him as well. Former Major League pitcher. Chaff than the Arizona Diamondbacks. Were so score international. Hey I'm real quick. I doubt your. Yeah out any grandkids. Yeah we don't want. She's. Thirteen months and written Nolan coming. Gradually instance they live in Los Angeles, California. My real excited. My three Q my three grandkids across the street is like Everybody Loves Raymond. I don't California. Yards shots of that they walk over and they're like Papa you gotta eat treats them like look at Orszag streets. You get out of my chair I can't begin when they get in the house that we get to sit and it's the network share as it is my chair there like now Mike's here like it hurt the I get a gimmick offense it you know sugar cane units and immoral. You by amateur on set for Christmas or yeah. Targeting symbols in the good defense he came down on your wife Deb has been involved in ministry with with baseball wives and some smother things. I she see is she still was involved with that. She is I'm sorry keep forgetting and the questions are. Yes she's amazing she used rate with with young Brit really women of all ages. She hit Titus two woman if you look at. You. And she's now one mention you know. They just want to see your comment we we serve that word of life in New York State now and every year. And we're you know we basically interact at all people I do a lot of teaching their hours typical mayor. And and share my testimony quite a bit but achieved there and they just logged her system right. Awesome a lot of wins them one more love work. It is able to get great counsel likes her why sure for young women you know like direction. Obviously you know the truth of God's word. Yes she's she's very able. Boy that's that's awesome how did you guys meet. Well I like to help you we've are they part is that clean. In college unity unity case party. Oh. So we met there at one of late in me. South Carolina. Daddy was there and and and so on the air I would actually in her friend it was a war and and that this is gonna really weird people linked to the next party don't wave a white and this other girl it was it was just. As in the so little rose hear. Knew there was a line here owner ace. Okay and and and the way life and it just turned Leo and I hold elective. And my wife Nell Campbell name. And I think she she hated me so much that I just sort of like entertaining. And I argued that such a. In our history. How many years you've been married. 33 now this thanks for N'sync Ferraro's third Harry. Am I I knew. I can not camera called her name now but the director and were for life opens spring like his. His wife. Was in my she's from Oklahoma from Tulsa and she was from from Richard Neer. Darlene yeah I'm. Arlene or order on Charlotte and Atlanta are decline analysts are maiden inclined. You operate you. And a pastor can you I was Connecticut Oklahoma in the shows somehow some way or can you don't want to live without excel and about the us. Armaments and Emerson and her brother and and said hey I did I did I do I love the market ups at this week at Villanova Islam I'm right there I'm right here what's what's Wisconsin a get a view badger fans you via badger fan I analysts say it was Danson right the united accidents can happen. Let's you're border race. You never put it she's ten that you can't say it was financing correctly. Especially God's his talent yet. He doubt what so when's your next trip with a escorted national when when you had not again. I am speaking of prison tomorrow in Georgia and then. My next official trip is spring training in Arizona. That's awesome hunt who. How big of a prison you go into tomorrow. This is. They'll be they'll be about 425. Inmates. How which. 415. Will probably show that this event. Mike goodness. While weakness early may hurt or are now will be will surely be praying for unit org usually correct word sent. To talk to these. These men he do you still follow baseball coy you've been you a fan. You know what you know it might that mean. I was in that seeing grown up but now I try to follow peaceful and coaches and umpires in front office in. And in them clubhouse workers and all that so they they move around wherever they move or. But those kind of a closet outs and less you always because it is congruent. But it now that you can be somewhere else so all follow. Well Internet TV dog and and there are a lot of my buddies and talk to turn the awards yesterday hitting coach for. The Dodgers in Los Angeles by disciple in. So like trying to have a little interest in the doctors because. I also disciple the bullpen coach Josh Bard. And so there's there's interest there. Hey you ever you don't throw anymore. This like kids. And I threw are doing post or read the other day in and and I pitched in South Carolina alumni game against guys who were active players that Wednesday's game Ares. I couldn't keep home plate. Do Kroger. Oh yeah do you tone of the curve ball away into the dirt infants. Paula it was it was I was wearing out by more lethal on the embarrassment so more than it already. And of course our fielders were were terrible also. Picked out to a tree. And so devastating longs to be out there and and I just solid linemen under the old and just I. I. Hey guys only way to get him back John did and I promise that we will Don thank you so much for for your time today. Good luck tomorrow in in. In prison and and certainly will I'll reach out T here. Not too long queues and I've got a number of questions that I need to ask you but he is Don Gordon again former regionally pitcher. He's chaplain for the Arizona Diamondbacks he works his score international. Guys thank you so much pastor thank you might you don't have a great week this is faith in the zone. On sports Radio One 057 FM. The fan you. Been listening defeat in the zone with post might give Ernie and pastor can help me. You can hear feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. Just trying to patch shows exclusive podcast we're contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people support and their walk in face join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM so fans. Well yeah you know saying soon. Oil surged to. Noted as.