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Spare/Time Bowling Show with PBA Legend Marshall Holman

Jan 29, 2017|

01/29/17: Sparky, Dwight and Phil are joined by PBA Legend Marshall Holman.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From the local links to the PGA tour. Pulling fans welcome to the gasoline spare time bully show presented by the Milwaukee area and Napa auto care associates now here's your hosts these marquee Phifer on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan's. And me guess the way it's very tabloid show. He started five or. Paula still Rob Lowe from extra frame man TBA dot com as well as Dwight all worked of the spare time pro shop. Into barely got enough does you just heard the trouble Marshall hole lead that's still I'm right took as you said the celebrate yes indeed don't disappointed that marshals were in Iraq it will do elaborate what I had to put this in the probable and it was running this week. Just reading from jock and wing clerk heard it. Is it to me that's awesome. All mama gives you I don't care he'd you may get some Korean text messages Lanka and the real demanding. When he skipped us it was hilarious does a sitting at home. And I've out was in listening to them I was doing when you know baby Jackson. Arm and all the signing Tex meaning said Marshall holed I loved him he is always kind of a hot it. And he loved our big mark Roth to a seaport and is that how old right jest he they dreamed of from Green Day out who won the Miller Lite open. Then that I go to slow relay on 27 each April the PBA would come I group a mile away. Although today I'm sold out of touch wood bowling. Again I'm an honest though guarantee you he's not the only one that was hugely into it. All of out it. On and then since then you know it's kind of fallen out of that and and doesn't watch it as much but grew up a huge. Fan of it. And there are so many of those same people. Armed that are probably in his but a lot of people. If they were extra frames there was watch these guys in the fifth peavy 52 and right in a sturdy and an April yup so we you know he's still you guys like. I Don Sylvia when the PV sixteen national championship last year I mean all guys I grew up throwing MF you know to Korver five starters and stuff like that three doubts. That that check like in. A lot of deter you allow those guys and in the start their competitive. Well let me pretzel and obviously is it you hardly ever hear it it was a local guy that broke through. You know and me and national television so in his hometown. And beats Marshall home and at celebrity. How can you forget that match and there's other guys are like corona in mark feed it came up. Won the regular one year up to his well enough that was used that was his one hit wonder I had a ball mark for a in the metro one night over ample Mon and Tuesday night she was in town and so of course. We have the ball their team and gets so that they put me against that are paid a pro bowler and Tony everyone in that league one of me to be an. An owner and and in the lane to pretty tough that night and I don't remember what the score was it was pretty close but he struggled as much as we dead but that was what made French so good is that he broke through. From a low and you hardly ever hear that today you know it's funny you go to Google. Need to I've been Marshall Coleman and did you ever gonna move or not gotten. I was in its. Marshall who comes up like the very person comes a Marshall Holman kicks all fall like. I just started laughing hysterically. He had that's about right yeah that that that's the Marshall Coleman and everybody remembers that instill this day does that still comes up he gave the word intense another level and TB. Oh no doubt about I mean just the free agency and flailing his arms around Mario and stretch you know what though has. Okay so. I I'm not familiar now but hot and write five juror gets emotional whatever right. Line in a crazy way it was the bats than that kind of happen for that sport. Because rubble was an an emotional guy. Ainge he became known theory he became equal black hat the bad guy right with a hot head crybaby temper tantrum boy. Aram who went nuts but from an. Entertainment perspective. That yep that's huge season and yet I'm and go back my rambled too are now the Dole's guys. Really are up this tour you don't have that type of craziness went home and came to Milwaukee the fans would pool yes in the stands at him. And while he told them they were number one back to him this you know I mean and how dispersed as how fiery was you know but. I I don't I remember being in the stands and people were blowing and add him terribly wherever delectable remarking they're we dark intermediate like a beautiful hot little battle and we were. Again it's just on its Kurds aren't so well all talked to Marshall coming up and about a fifteen minutes or shall attend you look at 91 in any doorstep of fifteen minutes we'll get to him. On and a birdie crazy story on a ball high school bowling ball action nice global youth bowling in Waterford. Up from yesterday we'll get to that too after Marshall moment but. First so there is no bowling. On TV to watch really. And we have a bunch of our live events coming up in February every week and is is live bullet so that's going to be a great month of February for the PBA in and they take off march and make a magnate. As of a heck a week on top. You know them. I was like well you know I never go to their web site is is it says and Duke so I like I wanna go see if I can find something to talk about for today so I went to bowl dot com. What did you know what I find right there on the for Bulluck coming I don't know when this is put out and ending in really matter. The 2016 a recap of the 2007 team preview by Chad Murphy. US BC executive director Michael this I'm sure we'll get fired me fired up I'm sure will say something totally disagree with let's just start reading it is. Long. Read only but so you get to 2000 and seventeen pre and there is a section called equipment specs avoid. And access I'm his good note read. Part of it a new lane inspections study should be released sometime this year US BC went. Into the feeling collected data from over 1000 lane beds and one in different states. Did you see these people come to you know burrow. We have been studying got facts on lane at the top top biography. From seasonal changes along with Wear and pair soon. We'll share that information when the industry there is cause for concern in this area and we will need. They continue to look carefully at how biography of the lane and impact it has on our topic our competitors and the sport directly. How we ask profiteers. To maintain synthetic lanes become a topic of discussion for the future and we look forward of that conversation. I read that as a ten men. Messes this is the latter of those weird or goes where but I just want answers to these questions from your best. Am an S Marshall. This search spends a specifications team also has spent some time over the last. Years researching but bowling ball. Your bowl continue to sport knew your technology. Should know limits be placed prevent advances or even should a reduction take place. These questions are important they need to be asked yet answered and so we will. I'm don't bring up. First of all that may be the single dumbest thing I've ever heard anybody say in my life. Ever any sport. And I mean Eddie's I've never ever heard that. Imagine the PGA comes out it's as you know what. All these new advancements in golf clubs and stuff or going back to the seventies golf clubs got back to the 1970s golf ball. See how you guys play with that kissed. Guess I don't like how what is anymore critic. Yeah you. Ought to be I Bol lot and I'm my analogy when I read that when he said. And I quote should bowling continue to support nor nor technology should know limits he plays urban advances or even sure already don't change it plays a bowling balls. He's. Had asked him a lot is taking a page out of bill Taylor's book and I -- gone back and to lose a little Taylor for people listening. Wrote the book on how to fit in drill bowling ball was nationally known for what I do for a Levine are. Every bowlers journal they came out month after month he had a editorial to it was a respect our governing body of a yes very respected in the industry test we few years ago. Genius and in the head but his big deal and it was gone you know we had one we have Gary back down or make compared Carey back to Bill Taylor. And the thing with Bill Taylor was he one of oil is slain. He went all right I release he saw the challenge right. The challenge is what keeps us coming back in the sport when the sport it's too easy we meet our challenges why don't we want to do it anymore. Sold I concede Chad's point he can't stop technology. The thing is is that. The high and the technology affects top 1% of bowlers lets the Jays have a Monty. Did it worry about when the US BC reduced differential from point. Almost 88 point oh sacks rank has dole can't throw accountable and box and any rollout it is a Rose is exactly so this you know. Keeping people from enjoying the sport by being able to use different technologies. On the recreational things I I honestly think that's wrong way to go. Do you put limits and for the top ten in the birdies try to do that now right you know at that at the masters and US open and revealed pattern until we guys skipped a practice session and a and they can't changes are urged the board ball once practice starts Ellis other stuff to try and do. Three and technology in the top 1%. That's fine but leave my technology Orvella from mightily as took monster yes and not ought to throw it but still watch the ball hooked thirty boards what we do in a fumble that. I argue with agree they just if frustrates me so much that I always on a daily basis thing about it. Is was bill pillar right you know if we would've kept it in all it was -- them hard plastic harbor were bowling ball would be have more participants in the sport and all. Pocket where people love to see them ball move that's right and they dedicate herself I many consider to golf I mean do they want to little percent alcohol driver let's. Golfer second. What's can't PGA tour and were acting. That he'll ever seen anything like tiger was not relate physically and performance aspect of it not from what he could do with a golf ball all that. Not do the PGA come back and say. Tiger you got to play it was a 1975. Style clubs while the rest of the to replace with the current tour because you're killing it too much well. Did that courses. Won't try tiger proof it successfully so they made the course longer they did different things to try making aboard their tiger do you want to happen. The rest of the field over the course of darn caught up on these young kids coming out of college more physically fit. Everybody got on board and maybe this sport better is he is dominant now because of numerous injuries and everything up and he's up you know what the sport. And how good these guys are is what women are as well. Better now than it once and the technology. For golf right now tiger's been on it by sixty yards to Zeller. Walter it will isn't to ever -- straight with the best of them right yes part of its because the talent and the other part is accusing gees he's you know aggressive bowling balls. Get them set up by the reps and actually you know. There in the pocket smash in the pockets after time what was there ever a 57 year old peavy were player in the 60s80s. That nobody knows now Walter don't let him happ. Tapped technology bottom line don't limit technology but. He is right and topography a couple of years ago I was at a trade show I like norm Duke square in the face and ice and norm does topography trumping conditions. He looked back and he's had absolutely Dwight absolutely here's the problem. What topography and them getting crews out to Tripoli now is. Proprietor is gonna pay for that someone or writers that on paper that some do they have cable come up and and make sure that each lane has proper topography there's actually another. Opening up the call lane and Alexa comes out and does the topography can make the adjustments and Irving and they had them out at prior to the US open at south point. But I can tell you what the deathly giving it a perfect his have you watched a video of Marshall can't giving Arum lanes 35 to 36 they were so different from any other pair. In that senator. Emery goes that start off you know eight boards left the five boards up for your target than any other pair. And obviously in the double burn squad the only way you can either you can either go to a week bowling ball to work gonna carry with. Mr. ploy fairly regular strand there and Marshall Kent did. And that's where these guys are out there that's worked as they can do the stuff we can't do we Trent Lott and the got a cast light we be in traction the next. I've got in the hospital in up. I out a normally how libel on and houseful right. So yes it's a tiger yet if I mean trumps a link you material back to the skill level of the players go at a that they could not do that in the seventies and probably the closest that did that. Was Roch yeah. So. What we learn from all of this is. Don't mess with what his far right they'll mess with the ball and balls don't try and go backwards. Know what technology I'd never heard of a sport doing this. I'll ever let. Me say. She's really hurting our sport so dumbed down and bring it back ten years. They'll they'll terror world every month and bowlers journal insane I just I I just in it's it's it's don't figure Chad was due for toppled competition of Jimmer fewest he's ready denote the terrible horrible company. What ticket to another aspect. So what his job technically is I mean he says at all about the sport of bowling and making a batter and all of a sudden stuff right. It ducks' George Diop and tell me this if you stop technology. Coming gonna make money. Now he's trying to outdo the other nobody's working hard to have a better bull Wimbledon the other guys you eluded the technology so what is going to be at the same. Right so now know pulling the whole company is going to be given a badge on the other could you thinking Garret he had more. Why why would a normal every year now it's his job as good a bold that's what until I decided doesn't anymore and I don't buy another one dukes just like it. Well I'm also asked. How was a possibly changed. I mean I guarantee you a CEO about every major ball company by reading that article or reading that paragraph is Roma ice back and that. Oh I'd go crazy call and be like. Were all in to be done right that's going to be the end of all of this you'll have what bowling ball company they'll make you one simple standard black bowling ball. And that's and you're gonna have all over the country. Two on a level playing field. And that's would you want you up who's gonna play a global player if I highlighted a little over regularly while who's gonna play it but then again Phillip. And here's you know I'm playing doubles Abbott kit. Look at T masters. You know Karrie Becky masters they have two balls to choose from. You know very flat tough playing conditions right wind conditions the kids' clinic that kids like it but it's again it's different than if you're going to know we lamentable that crash right you have you have 7% of the same kids double team ministers at 7% of the -- go to junior gold that's. Your goal in that that's I'm here to junior gold this year. Soft 3200. In 92 competitors on the -- 3292. A good batters and lane they knocked 41 states the District of Columbia recognized. Bowling as a state. Varsity status 27 have club level. And this point were still club level. Obviously here in Wisconsin at this point their bowlers Ed program but they have site to ordered an 11%. Increase over 2015. I and the program awarding 44 grant inside the schools themselves a 175. Doubles in new kids. Are introduced a bowling through the classroom in 29 different states. Good stuff it is mean there's a lot of good stuff coming out of this subtle wanted to slam Jammer feed every day. But that thing about double a ball drives me Curry's. Yeah but transiting bowlers had that strain in my numbers at them thing but how many of those kids after they get on the carpet lanes in the gym class an intimate thing. How many of Murton going out to a Boeing senator more than the first time they maybe do have a filter from school. And jointly and that's everything that's where the numbers really need to start coming in is how many of those 175000. That you get to Bullock cart lane. End up joining useful sixer it Wheatley Youth League right exactly right. Sparky when I was a mechanic in my angered a's and red carpet. I remember my head mechanic same hole goodness gracious they're going to put limitations of wait a bowling pins their their race and I think from three pounds three ounces and outs minimum 36 I believe is let. So they they were trying to do with the controlling of the scoring back in the seventies through the weight of the pins even. That's crazy I coming up next we'll hear from a on the bowling budget Marshall Holman give his thoughts. I would mar Murphy suggests near the US BC and asking those questions. I can't what you hear what he has to say that straight ahead here and Kessel and spare time voiceovers enjoy and watch area Napa auto care association. On thing. The road can be unpredictable so. Quarterback it is desolate stretch double and silver statesman and watch Jerry now on a care association your chance to went up Brandel bowling ball. Just like we do every other year and it's brought you by the luxury now ought to care so station and of course like Albert here the spare time. A pro shop in new burly a lot of draw the ball up for you for free after you win it all you have to do it too and terrorist go to M I LWCAAR. Dot com. And I LW. CA AR dot com. On his low forties fill out and submitted and then we'll draw the winner coming up on the lash shall the year on February 26 we'll draw the wonderful that's triple a mall. I'm pretty cool you like it right off. We just headed demo they over on Thursday at at the bowling Alley and Emeka was one of them the favorite from all the testers say so there you go your chance to win double ball. M I LWCAAR. Dot com joining us now he is bowling legend Marshall Coleman on the great midwest bank hotline Marshall I supper coming up. They whip were very good and I don't really good all star affable we are. Just talking about because it it. Mean really got me upset. So mark now Mark Murphy most commentators president Chad Murphy of the US BC I bowled out comp. A road is a recap of 2016. And then he went ahead to preview 2017. High and there is a section a preview of 2017. Where he says this about equipment specs the certain specifications. Team also has spent time over the last two years researching the bowling ball. Sugar Bowl a continue to support newer and newer technology. Should new limits be placed to prevent advances or even should our reduction take place. Marshall home and I ask you your answers to those questions. Well I personally. But I know personal opinion is that we should have done something. Long time ago. About the the investments in in the year in the bowling ball but. To book. To stop it now into roller back. With all of the all the sponsorship money that but the ball companies put in I think would be it extraordinarily typical thing to do. You know of of urgency. The proverbial carrot has been out of the bag for a when he push years from now. I definitely think that for the but the balls are are extraordinarily strong and ended when the pins. They fly around a lot more than they did back in the day but. That's that's what the current. But for the current players verbal or working with they have to deal with that. I would do a good job with that the year it never really did matter what the score was at the end of a turn but I won't turn on the serving 200. I won't tournament every 240. And B yeah. Averages of today are much higher than were back when I was pulling. But it's still a matter does knocking down one more pin your opposition so. Where where I concede that. Vick could be a something that that I would've liked to seen maybe yours ago I don't see it happening now. And I've I'm sorry for being too political. Politically who lives. I definitely wasn't politically correct because I've never seen anybody that's now what I am I on this radio station but. I've never seen a sport. Suggests sobbing technology manure been like the PGA tour stopping Tiger Woods and what he was doing when he completely came on tour in wreck that's who were beat dye being. Or physically fit hitting the ball as long as he did. This position as he did instead the sport became much better that the golfers became batter they were forced to get battered or to compete with him golf course is try to quote tiger proved themselves. But they never suggested. You know changing our stopping technology of the golf clubs are stopping technology of the gold ball. I just think right now that again I'm not talking about TBA more about an about average all the ghost on his bones that are he lets see now ball goals from. Right to left or left to right when he thirty boards that that he loves that if if you pull that back now. And we are talking about a before and say okay everybody's gonna have the exact same topple technology that they can mused. I'd I double a ball companies are screwed up one because now a lot of I need to go buy new bowling ball because there all the. Well you know they can expect my point of but authority in loop of balls are out there they are beginning stronger for years they continue to. You know to have research and development in and do it a piece of equipment that I'm sure of their generations of equipment at a party to produce and that have not been. Put on the market yet they're getting ready to be to be true ruled out. And you know what to with the state of the state of our game in the NC the participation of the of the ball companies in in helping out of the professional level. And who like sit with with the ever blows were trying to have a good time but it was beautiful look they've been seeing the ball for years. To to roll it back would be. Would would take. Would take some some some very just very very large colonies by the by the governing bodies and where were I would where I would respect that to a point bite I think you would be would be chaotic in the and that in the state of bowling news is I don't think it's they get healthy enough to. To withstand that kind of hit. But just I just think it's I think it's. It's too late it's it's. You know maybe we could well I don't know you know up. Fortunately I don't make these kind of decisions that. I'd I just don't I don't see it happening are respect their respect Chad in his opinions. And but. I don't I don't think that'll happen. The other half of the article Sparky talks about topography emling conditions. Did you guys ever talk about the where to park a fee when you were on tour. 70s80s. I mean because of the way our lanes. All you had was really low as one how Scott Moore managed in the other bright. Well an onlooker to be ready to climb Mount Everest. We've never recover we never talked about it. We we knew that. Newt that. That you know one lane was different than the other. You'd open to practice you know back when I was pulling it was it was certainly more. You know put your hand the ball and and making it making it work and finding the best place to put lanes from. Two days there are today's boards have to be much more. Scientific in their approach to the game. And not only. Not only have to have to give salute to throw the ball properly put two to. Pick the right piece of equipment pro American I could Berkeley throw the wrong ball you know back in 19751980. And win a tournament. You threw the wrong ball on the on today's but with today's players. You'll get run over them you won't even in academic any money alone have a chance to win anything it just it is it is part of the game. And that kind of been the best ball is in the world. Dude better than anyone else they they understand. What what the balls can do what they will do it when. The proper time to make the adjustments too to get off a ball with that there's been working and go to the next go to the next progression to to keep your show alive. Yeah I want to has really been doing a lot lately and tour and you get the -- out when he worked with us an extra frame at the rosters of Boeing's EJ tactic need wins a world championship. When's DH CPB's can imitation a couple of weeks ago what's your opinion and EJ's game what he's done the no really come out of out of his Shell and and start string and championships together. Well the last piece of the equation was was to get them to get the big win you joke is a very very confident player. But his confidence. Was winning a little bit when he was when he was pulling for for big championships. But now that he's W secured that you know that first major. Against guys who will reform and he's certainly is certainly comes and every turnover with the attitude that that. But I can beat these guys he's doing it now and you know everything in life over start with a friend of mine yesterday not talking about sport at all but just. Just a talking about how life is habitual. And when you when you get things going in the right direction it sort of snowballed on downhill you can easily keep it going and then when when the seeds of doubts start to creep in. You know it's like the the sort of a false have been turned off but right now for free GA used. Is well wait to to continuing this this great run and and he's supremely competent. And you know play it he knows he's going to have he knows he's gonna ball well week of the doable and Sutter and and his opposition it's his peers they know we go to bowl well too so. I don't see him slowing down anytime soon. And then of course EJ was a great collegiate golfer before. Starting on the TV tour you are phenomenal golfers while you play near scratch for for many many years now. Is there a correlation between so that certain aspects of golf and bowling that you kind of used between. Those two sports net some really EJ's probably using as well. Well I think I think the two sports have a lot of similarities. Where is it. It's not it's not totally predicated on party size you know it but you know heeded very good never be a great basketball player because he's just too short. But but he can be great bowler and he is that he can be very could golfer. You know it would be these games are are about golf bowling or about putting your body in the proper position to accelerate through an object. Weather be a bowling ball or golf locally to the golf ball. Chosen as long as you can you can get the right the right approach in bowling in future hand in the right position to you know to accelerate through the ball. Or put your body to rep position where you're where you were going through the proper proper progression. To maximize club its speed. Guys feel like see a lot of a lot of similarities. Colin Marshall Coleman here on out gasoline spare time bowling show presents a bit more gearing up moniker association on Sports Radio all phi seven FM the fan. Marshall you look at some of these young kids are coming in yes for Spencer and now attack at Simons and bunch of these guys all coming in at the same time all of every young guys. I don't know all there's been another time like that's the last sound 2030 years were you read so many. Young up and coming potential stars in the sport at one time. I think it's great. And our park but this before right you know I. I have enjoyed. You know doing doing to be extra frame with. But Phil and Craig and and and and watching these new players come on and it start to really dominate you know in in the past spoke I've seen. You know both Walt Corey Williams continue his great run for so many years and Pete Weber political level you're last year. Continuing to temple great and I like to storyline of that happening occasionally. But but I look at sport as being for the young and for the help some of the of the sport for the health of the tour. I think it's imperative that young players. You know show there dominance and and and become the big stars of that that they're becoming outdated and you know it's great would difference for all of walk. Who is. Just been doing extraordinary things has his first major title that's for sense and who. Well I don't I'm not exposure he's a manufacturer's best friend because he does most of his grateful and with which you're saying but. Yeah I need to attack it and then -- you know our advocates think it's great I think it's necessary I mean. Of the fans like to see the players of yesteryear. Continue to poll well because they're familiar with them. But the sport needs new players. To. You know to continue to you know to carry are on the you know degree polling in the traditions of of being young dominant players we had it we headed back in in my era. In his it happens. Not been that prevalent over the last. Over the last twenty years or so but it's it is totally shows face in the last last year too. The one thing it's couple things I like about it on number one I like there. They're the new style ball and it seemingly catch on seemingly catching on because of Jason Belmont the two handed style odd that's on you search seed adding new fleece and stuff people are kids trying to. The Knicks that I'm not sure how much the battle have left by the time their gambling but. They're gonna try it I and then the other thing I like is. In the last two years you've rarely seen in international flavor really start to pop up. Arm we did deviate too were and seeing more more international players you know trying to come over here I compete amongst the best of the best. And have an impact like like a Spence and has here recently. Yeah I think it's great to have its great to bowling is. Owens always been an international sport. But the international players were never that competitive except for you know a the rare player like him what do volatility or mats Karlsson. For the most part international players were common and they would pull to pull occasional tournament. And they could not compete with us and that is. Totally changed the international players have stepped up their games the measurably in our our very very very competitive. Against we get the polish from the states and I think that is probably. The single best thing that's happening in the tour today is is it having. Not just an American game but but but really an international game I think it bodes well for the future. One of the things that we talk about a lot on the show and Sparky loves talking about the marquee mean and of the PBA is. How do we get the young demographic to to an end to watch. PBA bowling what's your answer to that. Because I couldn't wait on a Saturday afternoon they get home to watch. Pro bowling and then the the RB ABC why would a sports I mean I lived for Saturday afternoons for that to watch you guys. And TV but yet today's youth it's so hard to get them toe to watch their peer. What is. It is a very helpful part of part of that is that you know Barrick. Back in what it was just AB CNBC and CBS. And there weren't these handheld devices and all those other credible computers. You know your choices are towards the reporter outsider order order watch sports on TV now other. There's so many choices spoke with you know hundreds and hundreds of about what song on television. And all the all the gains that that are on your your handheld devices like phones aren't on your yeah your tablets and it's it's typical typical two to grab it grab young people's attention you know they live in the land of immediacy which is. Which is where we are and how would you know with 24 hour accessed at two all all sorts of different kind of news and in. There was a group you know we've it's it's incumbent on the on the on the on the TV in on the sport to try to make polling cool again. And I think for you know of the a lot of people don't like a two handed to him bowlers but it but it you know the kids kids that are into bowling when they see that. That's what they want to do you know what it was when I was pulling Burke in the back in the seventies. Everybody wanted to be Marc Ross because he could make the ball hooked more than anybody in and so that's that's what with the young players men and young you know give viewers have that are inaudible wanna see but as far as as trying to. To really rally in and give a large group of young fans together rights are don't have the answer to that. He has Marshall Holman bowling legend here on the counseling experts humble and show Marshall thanks so much for coming on ensuring some familiar rating site. Sort here appreciate and I start with you will look forward to seeing you next week yes and inning those. You betting keep up the good work guys in. And thanks Rory are pretty good group from distance off all those. That's the fifth but they're good when Burt and I appreciate talking to you guys. That you take dead areas Marshall Coleman on the great midwest bank how line after eighty years of doubling Wisconsin homeowners. Great mid West Bank Knowles a thing or two about helping you bide bill to refinance or renovate. This agreement was bank dot com very ready when you. Yeah Marshall on with us all three of the majors for extra frame -- a subscriber. Already you've got a career reasons subscribe to you need degree and said Marshall the entire stretch of those three majors I'd wasn't gonna have to tell a story Yemen are number interview Marshall. Allman. No one would have been. Last year two years ago. Whenever Wallace. And we played interview I think I still have it and he tells a story about a 9/11. When all hackers breaking loose and they're running planes all over the country he was. On the on the plane coming from a tour in I think it was Columbus. An Ohio. And he had him back to California. And his playing got grounded in Milwaukee since like oh boy. And thankfully all the talents you get a guy grounded and he has friends in Milwaukee. I'm wars heartland if you business family right mistake right. And heartland. So he was able to call them up and he was able to goal hang out of their restaurant and stay by them for a couple days. Please get able to get back up in the air masses to crazy story did having take about a year. You're gonna get you're going down some way or to land in your gonna be different day or two in the fact if he landed in Milwaukee knew somebody where he could stay. I mean that's totally ran I think you had that with a lot of pros because they want around all around the country verses come today where it's mainly you know and Reno or her biggest but. When they tour they. Meant went to a lot of cities and obviously meant a lot eighty Reynolds exactly excite I heard that before. That a lot of pros when they were in town didn't stay. At hotels they stayed with their friends at their home. Yeah that's pretty well I okay he is still Breaux of extra frame and of course like Aldrich. Of the castle lanes a spare time bowling show others enjoy and watch Jerry Napa auto care association your chance to win that track ball. The track how does that make he'll make goal make a attract Mikell ball if he's go to M I LW. I C a LWCA. Art I comical this bullpen from what's I don't like flash moves or lose like two things. It's wobbled so it's not there when you get do when you have. Bring blood so just waited a flash over and then we'll be there in now you can click on it. I'd submit your entry coming up next a pretty crazy story I'll water for. From the bowling world involving an eighteen year old girl talk about that next us. Part of my guess voice very tabloid show presents you buy the watch area Napa auto care association your chance to win a bowl involved attract make a bowling ball. We'll draw the winner of about February twice six tell your friends I have family members go to and I LW. CA AR dot com and I LWC. A and as you just served hot stove weekly coming up at 10 o'clock Anthony would try to. Contributing writer for now a he'll join us that's always an embarrassing conversation was very rarely do we ever agree with anything if you try to assess. So stay tuned for that coming up at tackle are. So you said normally promoting our bigger stake in the game to a party and I went well today because their original opener Pavano. They're let me down very there was no record for football last week and well there probably are you do a great job honoring him during that game going around and work in the crowd the game day party sudden you'll ice as a because his daughter wanna sign picture. Dodgers etiquette of anyone inside that he wanted to. Either way the Fallon one themselves. That because it is babysit a lot of fun though right we Eddie sick tack toe cards. And every square is neck and happened in the game and then. I'm if you get tic tac toe there's Ford from versions are diversion it's attacked Oregon when N and and it daddy gave their basic tech till. We pick winners out for science stuff not from masters he's and they're nice enough to help us every year. But I will never put my hand up for drink on that with those. Not just as those guys don't want lift icicle Jay Wright I think I'm changing it next year came I think I about a two back and find a new game that I want to buy. But I directing trickles going away and I think you'll be new half time game next in my tying what it is on the radio a playoff the year. I'll I can find it again I I seen the last two years at the mall. I've never bought it but I think I'm gonna buy for master and his people he's right he would have stared again launcher he is we have what the people there. Pick what the shots are for each letter and some can get pretty brutal and asked for sure yeah. Dallas and it was ball on the watch a city term effects Orleans it's Miami when Tuesday. And we serve at 1 o'clock in the squad I've never seen people Bulls a testament like fewer people you don't pulling quickly. Have a 2 PM packer kickoffs that it was an outsider what we are laughable in your last one's done and it was like 330 for five person teams it was all my cot we welcome five per seemed Tino is we are definitely blessed and to me if ours is not even one lane at a camp just about that it was just about it. That's awesome I okay so so I pretty phenomenal. I happen high school bowling in Waterford Racine journal times I had Astoria journal times I can't do I check out one referred to ruffle. Tatum roughly. Had embolden the river city Saturday juniors league for a while. She made a dry Albert returned yesterday. Why defer high school senior. Came back and she bowled eight to seventeen game to start. Right I mean most people would take it to seventeen gain of an emboldened junior league meanwhile. So it's pretty good. Then. She ball back to back through its. She shot. 817. Fish or more in which won eight straight strikes. Each 171. Female bowl protect or roll an 800 series are in Waterford. Her previous high was 745. I can't even imagine. I'm sure you have you shut a hunter before yes. Of course I'm. Or threes and it's how how many eight said he should I have 2802 partners what's your highest 800 in fifteen. You she got it did she beat like they have hired a lot of 800 is one of the hardest things a bowler can do because you have to carry for three games now one. Right. You're absolutely right okay so how did you how did your age fifteen gul was it the three. In the beginning of something in the middle and three later you thought I normally am cycle were able I'll item I had a out of body experience title I gonna throw a block party. I was so excited I said he hundred for so hot harbingers gobbled herds started with a 217 innings she rolled 28 in a row backs are crazy to me. I remember it was billed flow and couples league that's what I remember and I remember. And a double. In the tenth again and I don't remember with us that the games we're going to that point but it inaction 300 in that set. You can shoot a 300 dole Murton does assume you had a so at least once again. He now there's bring guys have yet to Simpson did you step on the gas grill out to some interpret its for. Eight will eat thirty if it's a it's a great. Story. But where's the sentinel journal. Where's channel four channel set out well all the secrecy in journal times is always pretty good with the local coverage I think the senators there the way to contribute to make sure they got called in and everything. Late you know film penny out of Cassel lanes and and and tournament family who. The ball on money. It gets Rocha family at river city Wednesday always make sure that they're giving stuff to the journal times and wanna journal times has. All bowling guy who loves his bowling and rob and he does a great job cover Mullen for the receipt no times more so than how he's on the newspapers and it's in around the country. I'm eighteen year old ruffle Austria's risers was set 45 and bowling other turns in recent weeks sizable lead almost as an afterthought COLT. I was like let's global to a my score looks like I got a couple new balls double weeks ago and I wanted to try something. Differ some different things out. She started out 0217 he wasn't happy with the results so she switched to new ball in the ten frame of that game. Rough Lowe didn't need another. Pin standing to rest the white women a lot of ten pins on the right line a sister more aggressive ball to see what it would do she did they by the possibility of a perfect game it'll last ball. Of the second game and equipment don't matter. Well of course matters yes there's no question on back to the original you know Ted Murphy story absolutely is she gonna she gonna Goebel and challenge. I would have met ago from her stepfather Matt you know I know from his post on FaceBook. Others don't some NCA couches in that the things I would assume that there's have to help our roster Matt Holliday I'm with it counts usery shone out there. It would surprise presidency division one programs in Europe how many threes have you had bowl and all your terms that you've done any. We and TV not not on TV no TV 300 yet. We had one but it was a adultery numb you out here but the adults and a but not by the youth yet somebody that's an expanded to seventy nines we have and a 300. So yesterday and work in the shop in other another great story I'm sure phils on and is booked till. Last week we had Oak Creek boys and girls I'm Eric and I get a phone call at the shop rite before ankles from another high school coach from another team same hate. You guys are going to be in the air tomorrow. Thought it would let you know he calls me to tell me this that. The all creep boys yesterday the last week of their competition when in China speaker. 300 enough ice at at built where they have village. Believe the may have been a village I don't I am not all citing. Yeah I mean and we had Dayton for society and a lastly I'd he got some grief on Twitter for the heart have a game yes side. I saw that effort out there they said it was fifth in school history gets. That they shot baker 300 so I mean you got a job guys out five different players in on that game disappear 300 MM a course. It was quite exciting in the Boeing doing much and equipment they split. I can imagine our subject video the last moon last bowler ruler of Aaliyah. Even in eruption yet that is that is crazy because it did that's right about a high school can and all that pressure on him would not only for himself. Let not your oldest team I'm the pressure from that I'm EM all the parents or grandparents helmet. It was just the inspiration to be in a radio shall spark and we took him to another level. Talk about OK but we'll go that they have it figured out address the border really quick. Needs to blur the Phillies really big in bullion in north central line of the of the Illinois State high school championships near Saint Louis this weekend. And on Friday. Nate came out and sat back to back it hundreds for a six game qualifier hole. Average to 73 for the day in between the turner buy 300 pins. For twelve back attempt to match eights in a state turn and yeah. Now so I mean the high school talent is out there it's just a matter of keep him on and keep net once a year through college and now granted I did undergo tried BM PBA tour right Byrd has read or heavens themselves such success when they get out there that's crazy aren't practically time I come back wrapping up Catholics they're tabloid tell presented to you. But watch area Napa auto care association where you can win a brand new track make au ball I go and am I LWC. A LWC. AAR dot com. So. But out of time here coming up next hot stove weekly. Anthony would draw a joining Tim Allen and myself I'm deck events today. Downtown Milwaukee for the Brewers and sure a lot of your probably either way there if not you listen this. Shell if you had on down there on coming up next from ten to eleven. What side of the spectrum sports I gives chase spectrum sports at Time Warner with us an actor and sports the mid what are bicycle classic from. Cassel lanes in the scene we did that museum and it starts during an 11 AM tomatoes you bulletins during the week seriously five dollar Friday's. From noon until 9 PM five dollars voluble plus she rental. And then under seven dollars early Kimball from 10 AM to 1 PM. Every Sunday including shoe rental 08 just. Going to be that does very hard for me to believe you're gonna beat that it's worth just driving down their spending gas money or whatever and taken advantage of Phil I ankle being crazy. That's what I would suggest. OK what's up Lewis got out you over the New Berlin pro shop. Sternum and season. And aren't getting ready new releases for those last three months of the year I don't great balls out and couldn't distract me all right. So come on bowlers get you know ball for the tournament season he still crazy busy Lego is of course of course always it is almost always those. I don't have the gasoline spare time bowling show next week we get ready for laps TBA bullet for the month of February. I including Chris Paul Paul invitational are coming up and a made for TV event. And we'll play more about that coming up next sub MR right not a o'clock here Sports Radio wanna phi seven FM the fan hot so weekly sacks. Have a good day.