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Former Major Leaguer and current coach of the Princeton Rays Danny Sheaffer discusses faith on the diamond

Feb 6, 2017|

02/05/17: Faith in the Zone with Mike McGivern and Pastor Ken Keltner

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Welcome defeat in the zone show not sports and faith and how that to come together and lives beat. Right now discover help people in sports walking face. But host Mike may give Verne and pastors can kill man. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. We welcome the faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 F from the fans. I might be your alongside my co host pastor can tell there from Brooke's side Baptist Church Pastor Wright do in London in. You didn't hanging in there yeah when he did have kicked it and hang him by a threat to record I answers to pastor. Sports we're moving forward that's the key era and that's all right he presses on key press and I. So Ito we've got the number of a former Major League pitchers on the show and I thought it was time we give we give a former Major League catcher. Yes you maybe you talked and got a tough. Certainly there's just. I'd say this I know we can still you know if he could still throw ordered up and he'd thrown me out today that I mean you kind of you are you don't regularly on first base in New York area bag that didn't have a cup of coffee and still throw me out. Our special cast today show former Major League catcher and third baseman. And right now he's the manager for the Princeton race he is. I'm doing great guys thanks for having me. Again before we get going got to tell you so there's young men that coach two and AU basketball here the more key area. He was drafted by this by the race left hit a pitcher by the limit Kevin James. And keep clay I think for the Princeton ray's knack that long gulf maybe through four years ago ended June remember him. And now but he's he was there just before I came I was with the Houston organization for six years before I got to Tampa Bay. So we missed each other by year. Okay he guy I coach Jim and AU basketball very good friends of his mom and dad he's at DePaul University go back to school right now and and I had him in studio and when he was so attractive by the rays hadn't. And salary cap for me I don't know that how much money that kind of support for the holidays but what a great kid he had some arm problems but it. 64 lefty controllable threatened. I was excited to be part of the rays organization. And I know that side that he had played for Princeton for for I think one year. And I really enjoyed his time with the Princeton raised. That's her that's a really cool place to be right now is not a. Yet as some who are we got an organization that. We do things on the cutting engine and I've been with some some organizations like the cardinals for a long time in the Astros and and I saw the rebuilding process of those both bulk of those organizations and right now are pretty successful so we hoped that we've followed suit in Tampa bank. You have got a brother that lives stunning Clearwater and anytime I go down there he's a big baseball guy he's probably sixty. 62. Years old he still played in 33 your release he's catchy and he plays in the 55. And over 35 and over 45 and over. And I said doom I can you still throw anybody out. He said he the problem is they're not as fast as they used to be but he's still played a ton of baseball and his knees or hold an up and there are times that he's catch him you know 1012 innings in a day so good for him. I'm not sure he's very bright duo yeah. Are doing I guess. Hey Danny where are the Princeton raise located. It's a small town in southern West Virginia and apple actually getting. Really good entry level leagues for professional baseball and now. You know that it's got a lot of good match abuse small town USA but it's also really good travel so it's it's a good introduction. And does a town really jump on board there with the team. Always could be better there are towns that support their clubs a little bit better and and you know understand age if you can take the family out to a Major League game around the NFL game and instead have a fortune and we don't seem Minor League Baseball game is really inexpensive a lot of farms so you know hopefully we'll get better fan base and we've had. No my favorite story with with Kevin he would drafted an Indy signed in the and he nice signing bonus and and I went down to visit my brother and out of four that year and Kevin was over in Fort Myers. I drove warmer for Meyerson and took him a luncheon and that the bill came. And I look at him as he goes coach and everybody have a president. Wait a second and just read it he's now I've I've put now all that money away as kidnapped his kin Kevin I'll pick up once forced. But it was it's funny I think he got tired of of of the heat of Florida and everybody up here was guys is like now one go to Florida wanna go to portable using Ford like in July. It's not a great time to keep Florida today that. No it's not. You know that's stories told about beta restaurant that is that is all too common with with the money that the minor leaguers make nowadays so. If they can learn the budget themselves in the minor leagues and stretch a dollar when they get to the big leagues is going to be peace security form. When you must have known I was pilots because he ordered whatever the most expensive thing on the menu style of a yeah yeah I think you're herself in the goers who help could now I don't think he did on his kid and he did it was cute sure your background where you grew up in and got cut your journey through what through baseball. I know you played college ball let's talk a little bit about where you grow up. I grew up in that little town cult and a couple of pennsylvanians. We were in central Pennsylvania and little suburb of Harrisburg in and baseball was farthest thing from my mind when I was a kid until almost ten years old and and finally got frustrated with some people on the playground teasing me because I would love for their baseball team and finally did it was a pretty good move because that lasted. A long time. Yeah still it's still going. Yeah it is it is and and I remember going to my first practice of my dad took me as fire station has signed me up and it's five dollars to do that in mind how times have changed. You with that first practice the coach said where do you play nice that I don't know sit worship Glover told I don't have one. So they told me go to left fielder. It's worse that make its way out of the diamond and and make a long story short. A few minutes later this third baseman get hit with a ground ball on and dropped his gloves and started crying in the city used the new kid. You wanna play certain significant uses glove. But yeah blow. Catcher got hit with a felt tip that he started crying and man as if I want to catch looked at him down really. Oh. Oh the mean it's like that it's as I can feel like it was yesterday in. This won't try to catch if you wanna play honestly sort of put the gear on and and two years later we won the state championship in. Well on the play in the eastern regionals in and started pretty good rise. Now did you ever gonna see the bar story sir and or were they in the Lancaster area. Yeah I heard about that but now I didn't I didn't see that I'm mad I'm not. I'm not quite. In that decade but I did see I didn't hear about them. I don't want Sega I got a high school you know we went through high school and our receivers senior season was. There really in erupted with. The partial meltdown at Three Mile Island in pennsylvanians and so we had to evacuate and well you know I ended up going to Clemson University after that and you know it's my pro ride started I was drafted in 1981 the first round by the Red Sox and in the retired in about eighteen years later Souza is on right. What that that first round being the first tropic with the Red Sox. Did you have a pretty good feeling coming out of Clemson that pitcher going to be a first tropic somewhere. I had no idea. Now it's a little different now mean now you have the perfect game rankings that you have baseball America. You know you have that the cable news networks as sports stations and everybody projects announced televised. You know I still have the western union telegram that I received the next day after the draft. Well. Who what and say look I've been coaching high school bass well enough for awhile. And you know signing day and in yet kids that are you know holding a press conference. And they're put in three division three you know state of Wisconsin had side of the table. And they're right on time telling you it's unbelievable to me. That that some of the stuff that that's going on and you know the media and I'm part of that has caused a lot of this in. I agree with that kind of both my kids want to play College Baseball at the master's college in California and you still there actually ones on staff that now he's graduated. And and I remember them signing their their scholarship to go out there and there was no fanfare and actually it was no fanfare when I signed to go to Clemson. I had to write a letter it's clemson's past the coach to come and watch. All right now. Now at the masters and you know John MacArthur who is president or chancellor or something out there he he he was a big baseball player. Yeah it's not actually played. Some professional baseball and in John goes all the games. And very accessible out there and so it's a great atmosphere like kids. That's that's awesome we are talked to a candy Schaffer he is the manager for the Princeton raised. Is that single way correct Danny. It's it's classified as real people. Rookie ball the prison rays also former Major League catcher third baseman. First round draft pick. For the Boston Red Sox now is gonna asked dead Danny I'm sure does Clemson alumnus sheet do you still keep up some clothes and sports than it. I do. Actually this year especially I'm not a front runner. Yeah ultimately out of trouble fumbled the this year are some. Yeah that was a pretty special here Foreman you know they followed up on those successfully here from last year. Bomb but it. It to be honest with you I haven't been back to Clinton except one times since I was drafted him and but I do keep up with the sports. Well that's. Did you enjoy your time a close and. I did I did it was I was when I first got there I was an eighteen year old kid that. Normally eighteen year old kids in not but I knew everything Indians I didn't know anything but it. I did make some difference. I think I want to. The best coaches in College Baseball. Although. You know I didn't appreciate him at the time. I did more after I left. Hey guys really get to break other says the break where you talked to Danny about he you know his his testimony his watch there's an article that that I. That I read dune it's improper for the show. And the wind that that dean used his baseball. Arts music means to an end my passion is sharing the gospel around the world we're gonna talk to about that passion on the other side of this break. This is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. Back to face in the zone the journey on how people in sports walking pace. Faith in the zone is brought to you buying bundles of old fashioned meat market. Here's host Mike may give her. And pastor can kill an hour fox sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Fun. Welcome back to feed in the zone on sports for anyone of 57 up from the fans. I'm Mike the girl wants our pastor can tell there for Brooke's side Baptist Church our special guest Danny Schaefer. Former Major League catcher and third base spent. He's the manager for the Princeton race. He did before we get into your testimony some of the things that we talked about at the end of first segment did did you enjoy catch and more than playing third base. Well if it was in the major leagues I would have so enjoyed any thing that I I'd love to cachaca most vikings were played behind the plate you know actually I just. Speaking gay Californians the BCA get a chance to share that. I I started every position in the Majorly except for shortstop and of course not pitching that. And so I had to edit view from everywhere on the field and you know and then in this order I'd love to catch a lot to place third and and I think that's what would be first face that I'd just like to play. Let's awesome hey let's talk a little bit about. About your testimony we wouldn't we talked to guys said that this event especially guys that spent much time in the minor leagues there's a lot of temptation. When you're in minor leagues and basically got a lot of time in your hands and and you're in different cities all over the place. And I'm wondering once we charge you a little bit about about your testimony if we can also talk to you about being a manager a Christian. Man for the press to raise in the kind of message it's you give to these kids in Iran on your team in rookie ball. But let's start if we can't with your testimony. And in worthy said this journey began four. Well you know actually. The only time I saw the inside the church was on May be Christmas and Easter those kids grow up in. You know I I was from a very strict strict family in on in the difference between right and wrong that. Was never directed spiritually as a kid. And I remember going to Clemson university in. You know I did everything that everybody else did in college at that time in and I went to a basketball game. Athletes in action basketball game at Littlejohn Coliseum in Clemson, South Carolina. And that's the first time at halftime. That I ever hurt the gospel resented where I can understand it. And you know I sat pondered on that for awhile and you know of course they invited people make decisions and so forth when I ran the other way but that's the first time I really hurt the gospel. You know fast forward a year or two and ended up being drafted by the Boston Red Sox and and went to a minor league town and Elmira, New York from my rookie year in your apparently in and I remember on Sunday's. There was a contingent of players you know sometimes 345 or six that would go. In the dugout or in the stands or or some water a little private. Little out of the way place. And they would have baseball chapel and you know local all of us started going because. I think many different reasons split. Over the years I've concluded that the reason I want baseball chapel. At least the first three or four years was basically the same reason why a lot of people go to church now days. I felt real guilty about what I did Friday or Saturday night so I thought a visit chapel might take care of that. And then. Another reason I went was. Because I was really struggling in agreement and you know the slums came and I wasn't playing well Arafat that was four leaf clover sort went. And see if that would help the world playing very well and wanted to continue but it won't Rock the Vote. And so all three of those were the reason I went to chapel but over the over the course of five years like it here in the same gospel message. Crystal clear. And eventually started reading the Bible myself and started asking team makes some questions and and two point in my life for those greetings to the book of Matthew. And you know still lost still been noble or. And got to Matthew 633. And you know read the words that you just said about CP first. And and and I think I'm sick in the wrong things so they can major leagues and seek money. Yeah and fame and just not working. Even almost make in the money but. In 1986. I got to the point where I fully understood. That analysis Centre I was lost. And I was not pleasing god with my whole life and and I needed someone to redeem someone to take the punishment but I knew I had coming to me because I mean the kind of Wi-Fi Clifton. And one night in April of 1986 I got on my knees in and and they'll never forget it was in Pawtucket, Rhode Island that was in Tripoli and and I just ask forgive me and I started payment things off that I am who I didn't know Africa a lot of things. But. At that point in my life fine is that was forgiven and is that Christ is who says he is and these. As savior he was mine and that was April 1986. And and I wish I could tell you that everything changed after that but. The next state. Government is nothing really changed other than the fact that com. Over the course of a couple weeks. People started entering my life that I never had anything to do with this for them. And the desires started to lead. The desires for the things I used to do the people least hang out with them. And I concede that by the middle of summer of 1986000. Different human beings in. And that is pretty exciting. Danny is trying to assess Diana I'm just for listeners you were talking about you know for five years you heard that same crystal clear gospel message. I just for a listeners that he shared with a crystal clear gospel message is is that he recognized the US senator. Like. Like Mike myself anyone who comes to Christ has to recognize their central conditions that were in need of a savior. And Jesus Christ is that savior who came Lou the perfect life and put himself on the cross died forests and rose three days later. In the Bible says he's for Kern place force and haven't any offers it to this is a free gift and so. I I just want if you're listening to this broadcast that's the gospel message it's not religion not religion our church or denomination it's. It's only Jesus crisis side. I appreciate you sharing. That was is Danny because. You you know we I think the latest figure I heard was there's 300000 religions out there. And all of them emphasizing you know something you gotta you EU way you do this you do this year do this and when you come to christianity it's done you know when Jesus says it is finished it is finished you know when he Kia he accomplished. An opportunity for man to come to him and come to the lord countess father through Hammond so. Thank you for that testimony and I'm sure. You know as might mention unload before we went to the break in that venture passion and and we had several guys on this program that that has been their passionate at Mike I think it Don Beebe you know hit his passion you know. Even who had Bobby Bowden on talking about you know want talked these young guys so. We actually had a fell on that played. There was a guard for Clemson he went to Palau with me out with a basketball missions trip but in a tanner Smith an amount you probably. In the search you double the Clemson. Sports at that point tanner is helping Mike mark price right now with. Help what university North Carolina Charlotte beliefs are. This is great to have guys c'mon show the testimony and Danny it's just refreshing man you know. Tell you this about Mike Mike is always sensitive about their gospel message and when we get to hear it it's just refreshing and everyone hasn't journey. The that begin with Jesus traces Mike and I've said before that never gets old. It's always fresh it's always some new detail here how to juggle work you know what was that divine appointment your life that. He brought people in your life to bring in the Jesus so thank you so much for sharing them. It's exciting to talk about it in some of the some of the people that are in my life in the next month or two after. After. Knew I was forgiven him and how's the child of god are now sold my best friends in and you know it's it's it's exciting. It's. You know the journey to. The journey from Boston to where I've gotten today is is is sometimes the border. Birds spiritually it's not because the only thing that really sticks out in my life over the past 45 years. Are the things that. I've been able to do that that. Would take me off the pedestal and and I would decrease the price can be glorified. And those two things that boast about it and and so. You'll see what's next. We're talking with Danny shape for getting the manager for the Princeton raise quirky ball. For the Tampa Bay Devil Rays located West Virginia for a Major League catcher and third baseman. They were you married at the time that that she accepted Jesus Christ. No wasn't I was in the I was in triple a Ian and I just on the verge of breaking into the big leagues in hand them. I I knew the lady at that time and it's now my life in the December 29 wedding anniversary four days ago. Well thank you and you know it's it's it's strange but. You know. God does some great things I don't pretend that. You know this is to say that you know everything that happens is it is because we're obedient but you know under the and in this that when I made a decision that. I mean if forgiveness and when one I guess saved. You know all of a sudden about three weeks later you know this lady should back up in my life and you know we were merry. I think two years later so it it was it was it was great she's a wonderful Christian woman. And that. She has to be married in May. Yes and he made a welcome to that team tell us that god go ahead slim might tell you I'll kick your coverage the way pastor can I don't get way our coverage value of throwing right. Wishy wishy believer yeah okay it's issue visibly relatives great. One likely question and you even talked that your coach at Clemson who who was your coach at Clemson. Bill and bill will probably passed away several years ago. I can. Did you ever cross has with somebody Richardson all 'cause he had you know enough for awhile coached at South Carolina after his stint with the Yankees. I have like it. They were were very well waited but I guess that. Yeah he Geisel is so we got to get to break other separate quo continue our conversation. With Danny Shaffer Ken he's the manager for the Princeton raise. He's a guy he's a baseball guy. By he's been advocates both since he was Tannen an excuse Steve their for a while we'll continue our conversation with him on the other side this is faith in the zone. On sports treaty of 1057 FM. The fans. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports and Milwaukee famous face in. Is brought to you by all American window and door. Here's host Mike may get burned and pastor Ken Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Welcome back to sleep and zone on sports Radio One 057 app from the fan. I might figure alongside pastor Ken counselor for Brooke said Baptist Church. And Danny Schieffer is our special guest for the show former Major League catcher third baseman. Now the manager for the Princeton raise. He did you let's talk a little bit of Bob Marley baseball and in is it a difficult place to manage. If if you're hourly strong Christian man. I don't I don't think so. It's. This is a small community of of people even though it's a big industry. I've been in the game so long in and. I. I would think that that. Unless some being full. You know people know who I am and what I stand for and in China's state has always out their put it in my industry I don't have any problem at all sure my face or. Identifying right. Of Danny what would you say it would be really one of the toughest aspects of managing. The question. Well I think it changes generation to generation. My first year managing was in 1999. And I just stepped out of major leagues and now back to manage rookie ball where map right now and it was with a different organizations and and that. That the baggage that kids bring nowadays is is so much different than that the that was forty years ago. Just the family has changed technology's changed the world and com. Trying to get cute stood to grow up and and be able to communicate our adult levels one of the most difficult things about managing. Because this generation has said in my opinion. They've been spoon fed furlong time and never had a really have an original slaughter do that in two editing on the grown. And that other thrown into an environment with. Another culture most people have to be able speak English and in and so they if it's just a tough way. To transition from. A school or college to where everything is done for them to professional baseball where they have to do things on the road. And that's right command more and more on that little go between to help them grow up. Now you know I mean coaching. No matter what what level Ameen you deal with a all kind of things. You know I was down Colorado for a period time coach and a public school Allen watched the high school baseball team whether pretty good. And they're playing a team. That was right up there with them and guy or further teeny and I have a shot at center field he's gonna try to score from first in the third base coaches has coaches trying to. Hold him up. He just blew right by it and I get thrown out the plate. And can back that don't get the coach says payment won't redone and I mean that thing broke down into a fight. Owning fans. You know the parents came on the field you know and and organizer to stand there like my own rule. I mean this team is over there this. Duking it out and and I thought man I bit in this day and age you know young guys assay Hank I don't need to put on an army to sacrifice bunt. Not yet and I don't know if you have to deal was all that or if they're getting paid if that changes. You know I'm so grateful for some of the coaching that's done at this high school level on the collegiate level prepared guys to play for us but in general. We spend a lot of time deep programming in independent and also re teaching. You know how to play the game it's just a different culture wars from going from and non professional world to a professional world. We've got to start from zero we get we are wins and losses do not matter. Our businesses develop players. Iranians. Of course we want a winner today that if we don't it's not the end of the world this week. If we if we make a mistake and learn from it. Led. You know that the hardest part to answer pushed hardest part about managing is just. Just trying to look trying to adapt to the culture of the changes so dramatically in with technology. The way things are changing. The way social media has taken over the world. You have to learn to communicate with this young generation and you have to learn to do it quickly because they don't have a lot of time. Well and you know it's interesting for dad again I've coached basketball longtime these guys know by the time the game was over and we get so locked coral. They'd they know what their average and they know who who. It's it's it's almost. Frustrated at times this team on coach who is your day were pretty gut we were fourteen and two. And ended this is school hasn't had much success at all in basketball. And at times it's in it's so frustrating. Hey I didn't I didn't go to school to become Dr. Phil. You know I and I'm sure that that's if if if you're dealing with kids that are just leave and you know high school 1819 years old. Men there are times she got to just stretcher and think what is going through these kids had. Well you know I'd do it and you know that it we don't even wait till after the game do we figure out these guys are on social media or in the game and and so. It's the snowball going down hill which can't stop them they just got to learn that somehow. We've been to their lives in. Com you know there's there's so much pressure for these kids nowadays because of social and because of the the faster the fast track world moms and dads know what they're doing in real time. Girlfriends know what they're doing in real time. Their enemies know what they're doing in real time just because of the Internet. And so. In home my job is is more than just someone who makes up the lineup even though that's the easiest part of my day. The hardest part of today is dealing with the kids three hours before the game three hours after the game. And so you know it's it's been a learning experience for me here by here. We're targeted Danny shape treason manager for the Princeton rays rookie ball with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Also former Major League catcher and third baseman. Danny do you think rookie ball as it is is worried your best suited to be for just the reasons that we talked about. Well a good question I managed every level and professional baseball and I've managed four years in Tripoli for the cardinals in Memphis coordinated. Ran entire systems or. The Astros in. And for the cardinals orders to catching coordinator position. And but when it comes down to what it takes the most hours with takes the most hard work. And patience obviously it's being rookie ball manager in these. The first face Stacey in professional baseball on the on the window they see through it and you know the impression they get. From me and my attitude it. And and Mike coaching staff I mean that's gonna last that long time I look back in 1981. And I still vividly remember in my rookie ball manager and still haven't. Have contact with him today. And so I can. You know like Indian influence on these kids in professional baseball. You know I think the best place for me to be Israeli war. You know I I knew that things were changed in this whose this was a number years ago I worked for sports marketing company and I did a lot of things. With the timber revelers which is single way team Europe and in Appleton. And to date and the it was back then it was Seattle Mariner's. The organization they drafted a 611 lefty. Kind of a suburb of Michigan. Andy he was not a good kid Hughes he would you know they thought they the next Randy Johnson on on their hands. And he signed his deal with them and then he graduated that night from high school. Anyway now that night with his buddies and had a bunch appears he broke back into the high school and he made 21 copies of this of his backside. Any put on there any sign in DC kiss my million dollar bought. And he put it and always teaches stores so the next day when they came in a school that's what they came in them and I thought. I had a chance to meet this kid I'm telling yet I don't know whatever happened to my no heating go very far. But he he literally. When you met him you just thought man he's not he's just not a very good parks. I had to date date date paid him pull water money. And I don't again at an off four he went but he of that part of baseball and any professional sport. I think that's changed now I think they've they've done a better job. I would hope. Of of finding out a lot about these kids. But last week our guest says look they don't baseball management doesn't care about baseball chapel. They care to kids can hit and thrown running catch and and all of that and baseball chapel just happens to be there but these guys don't they don't care. Which so much what the kid as they just wanna know how good of a baseball player he has. Well. You know it's as I look back and I have a different perspective. I I think we do care and if if somebody. Is. Unbelievably. Talented. Baseball has a system of checks and balances where there's going to be on the slipped through but for the most part. Think it's her kids are gonna be rescued before they get in trouble because of red flag to get thrown out but it's. It's due to its stated that that the great staff members that we have in the minor leagues with regardless of what organization with. They can see things in and stop things before they happen. Because if we see the train gonna it's gonna get off the track it doesn't mean is that it doesn't. Necessarily have to be a superstar player they can beat the player that is the last on the list that's gonna get released the next week. If we don't do our best as it is to say that player. Some headache and some heartache and also an embarrassment to his family and himself. That'll we weren't we're in the wrong business and so I'm gonna Salem from my perspective and I can only play from my perspective. You know I have. I've played for eight different organizations and I've been in the game professionally 37 years and I can't remember one time. When I was in a row where somebody looked the other way just because somebody could play. Oh boy I'm so happy to hear that Danny thank you for saying that because. I Yi when this is brought up last week I thought boy. You know I did then maybe I'm thinking differently. Because I you know you talk to Vincent Aussie tart to these guys that are are ardent Cuban baseball chapel. And you know they're decent look why we think we're making there are a good impact Torre who were making a difference and I am really clarity here say that after. Hey Danny. I don't know who we had on that we had a coach John who said I music college coach and he said. You you learn to coach from the inside. Out you know and as a believer. That would be the heart I mean all of what kind of opportunities do you have to talk to these guys about the award. And I would I would hope that you've seen some that have really. Come to know Christ and have made you know made a 180 degree turn their in their life. Well I have often and in you know quite frankly I used the model that was done me you know that I. The kids the kids they were the biggest impact on me when I was when I was in the minor leagues with the kids that were consistent in not only in their. It's in their off the field but on the field play him. And they were. They were. They were they were guys that. That. You know in all the temptations they were guys that state. Stayed true. When I when I managed. It's everybody's different you know if Britain from a different different background in. In baseball and and so there's there's there's different ways to approach guys but if fire remain the same and I admit that I am human of these guys they see my failures. You know one when what I need to ask for forgiveness for things that I set for things that I've done. I admit my mistakes and that and keep moving on. Calm when I don't hold things against. And the next day you know the sun comes up in here you know your your encouraging them again. You know this is what makes a difference because these kids in professional baseball these this is the business that I am. What they know you care about them and not about what they did. And then that can make an impact on the lives because they make. But they realize secure about this person as a player you are going to be players very long at all. And one thing that I do you really do try to do it's it's sometimes it's so difficult. But every kid demand it. They have a debt and they're somebody's son there's somebody Salem mother. You know regardless of their family situation you know they are somebody's son and how I want my son Dmitry. By somebody and so that's the kind of way I look at it and I don't do everything perfect you know I've got a Ph.D. in sarcasm so. And and this is that in nature of the beast but in the end in the and if if they seen me. As somebody that cares about them. I think I've done much. None knew we got to get to break other said the break. Ullman as Danny wood when he thinks of bus rides these guys be socio kicked it now on the plus. We'll talk to about the travel park offend the other side talking to Danny shaver manager for the Princeton race. Also former Major League catcher third baseman. Spell lifetime the Saint Louis cardinal organization for fans don't hold that against him. I know you guys that you nobody hears a big cardinal fan Dana got to be honest with yet. But will continue our conversation with him on the other side is his faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 at them. The fans. More now of faith in this zone discovering people of sports in their walking face. Faith in the zone is brought to you blind young expressed. That the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor Ken Kellner and on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Welcome back to faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 F from the fan. Might be given alongside pastor can count for brook side Baptist church and deity Schieffer and tell you we have a good time during the break when that. I served as I can smack the paper but beat it cardinal guy and he's been with the cardinals and and he said look I get a soft spot in my heart from Milwaukee at my first home run. Not out of the that out of just the field apart I hear that stadium at county stadium against Chris hi yo daddy. What kind of have to cut this is suited you sure yeah anybody tonight about my purse so does it suit you hit one off of byes you know that's still going on. Did but you know it looked at they ended up beating is that they have third game of the season in 1987. And and I tied the game in the in the top of the seventh inning off Chris Fazio and it did you left the whole stadium and also sided in. The bottom of the bottom of the seventh came on him and rookie catcher name BJ Surhoff it is first homer. It's awesome. And so they beat. Be just thirteen to twelve I believe. Hey I gotta believe if you if that was the third game of the series so opening day. You know these people here in Milwaukee it's like a national holiday. We are only takes off work half the people going to go in the stadium. I mean there is there for the good ol' party aspect. But it was cold. Did not have a rule fun county stadium. In the crowd between the first game in the third game of that series that'd be incredible images are all different animal. It was in further through the list there's some Milwaukee does the back field full of hall of fame person we had we had revenue out. And Jim Rice in the late Boggs and salt our order and then Roger Clemens was on my team there's people a lot of lot of great players. Boy I tell you that I loved watching Robin you know play. He works. You know he was my age were the same age so when he gets. You know I couldn't find my socks at that age and he star shortstop for the Milwaukee Brewers kind of maybe feel so bad actually about my life put. Loved watching him play and that team was fun to watch you with Molitor and candor and and Cooper and you know. I do love the sister hotel downtown. Now that's awesome. He had that they see that says that places. It didn't hurt hit it's it's golden and there's a number of players that came onset think their places want to. And there's a lot of sound and noise going on at the Fister hotel with people are still stand there. Hey day it's also little that I mean you got to be traveling quite a bit now but not necessarily. In the air it's more in the bus right. Yeah it's it's easy for me it's this is the apple actually is the farthest in the farther Basra we have three hours it's. Something that. I live and our that an hour from Princeton so all of a lot. The best to me it's best of both worlds like it's a component in China warned him and spend the night of my family in. Go back and manage a professional game the next day if I choose to them. To me the worst travel AAA in the Pacific closely. When we traveled from cities Memphis. Nashville to Tacoma wash. Were. Roy that that had to be tough hates you do when you see a kid when you get a kid. You don't knew that that you know they're they're telling you look this is that I can't miss kind of kid. Armed you know early on. With when you see it a young man that Hideki how he carries himself how we plays that this had this accused get a chance to make him. Yet two different ways physically and emotionally calm but. Very seldom do we go do. Speaking for myself I allow them and say yes it's cam missed. Because there's too many variables and you know there are some that I've managed that I knew it aged seventeen or eighteen years old they're going to be Major League stars in. And you know a lot of people give up on these kids and then and next thing you know they're big league players. You know or sister a sense you have what you played Justine for such a long time in and see. And you see people ownership something inside of people others in town that you know they're gonna make its togethers and a bunch of those guys. He did which we had more time we only have about three minutes remembered did the moment where they said do you pay that the big boys have called you up. Oh. I remember when I was in Boston when it happened and in 1980. My first year. I was actually given a suitcase from the clubhouse manager that's kind of like a secret sign in baseball. Given that seems suitcase in and that. You know I've bounced up and down from 45 years from may actually some minor leagues and finally stuck in 1993 with the Colorado Rockies for the next six years. For the Iraqis in the cardinals and coach walked up to in the locker room spring training Ron Hassey said how many people were in the clubhouse and I looked around possibly been as well council. I counted to 24 to count yourself as the 25 as. Yeah you're one of the 45 regulations so and side hatton in it's been fine. I can tell you there's. So many ties and so many of those. And I don't I don't have any idea how anybody plays professional sports without a relationship with Christ because. There are so many things that are disappointed. Yeah. Get at some and hold onto. Besides euros home run and counting stadium what what was the other big highlight your life plane. Was able to I left Iraqis in 94 once the cardinals in 95 and I went back to coarse field. And I got a chance to pinch hit in the top of the ninth then losing by two runs with a bases loaded immigrants. Online in minutes a game. You know uncertain Denver for years. Laps the Rockies games all the time DNC you're playing with the cardinals. I was. Isn't. And the general manager for the cardinals was in the Booth with the Iraqis that the general manager that released me the year before and. It was a pleasant feeling oh so cool about. The camaraderie in the game. I've circled first base with Galarraga and second base dinner you always short you know the cases third. Joseph Girardi on the plate and reward up and congratulated our past. That's awesome. How do you not flip your patent lookup and match he come a 100% Irish I'd still be too market that general manager. I still I'd say I'm an anniversary that home run that set of attacks every year guys we got to go to the issue for. I'll keep up the good work with these young men you're working with. Manager of the prison raised really appreciate your time today. Today thanks like guys my pleasure. Yeah thank you Danny bit thanks thanks for listen that it this his faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. You've been listening defeat in the zone with post might mean give Ernie and pastor can help me. You can hear feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find patch shows an exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people sports and their walk in faith. Join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Well yeah. The games. Our service. Noted.