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Spare/Time Bowling Show with PBA Announcer Dave LaMont

Feb 5, 2017|

02/05/17: Sparky, Dwight and Phil are joined by PBA Announcer Dave LaMont.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From the local links to the PGA tour. Pulling fans welcome to the gasoline spare time bowling show presented by the Milwaukee area and Napa auto care associates now here's your hosts these marquee driver on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Well demands or another edition. Thought this for example he shows barking like Albert please spare time pro shop in New Berlin. Silverado here as well from extra frame and TBA dad John. Lots going on until brow. Were also Phil what happens after you get off the air here today I'm gonna go home watch Super Bowl they'll rent the truck. On the Columbus we go extra frame starts Tuesday from mean. Parcel QB players championship and Boris for the wicked tend to get directory of some equipment Indianapolis via repairs we knew the bigger better for extra frame viewers. And get making Columbus lots and you get the biggest names out there this the biggest stretch and can be season outside outside of area where answers a bowling. And it's an acute enough that I ever saw puny players championship that we go to. Two sets at Oklahoma City for the determine champions and then end up with a year's BC masters in Vegas the week after. Solid why what are your. Plans for today are you going to work to draw more blown calls for people or you have the day off for the Super Bowl and now he's. I'll be given a lesson this morning and then I'll be a strolling a few bowling balls for a while on and see my mom. In the nursing home in and then adding they'll probably have a quiet evening at home for the Super Bowl. And if you did the same thing tied a couple of Prussia guys around town. You're getting a lot fewer blowing balls and plugged a regional new morning purchases its tennis which from a couple years ago but the equipment that's coming out. Yes and no. We are getting it has been an up year for new ball sales which is of course great. But no we are also bombarded with the plot worked hill and the point and it's obviously is which one do we choose to deal you know I mean so. It's one of those situations where what's the hottest priority number one Purdy and of course that's getting in the new balls drill but. A determined guy is real I mean usually there's a little lol come and out of Christmas and post Christmas. And in the tournament guys are rarely stepped up this year and wanted to get the new balls for the tournament self. It's one of those appears we think but at the ski been as busy yes. And I don't talk in a couple of approach that the guys in town it's just been Epson and said since Christmas gift certificates are coming American people for guests and people are trying to people heard people watcher and new ball bounces players don't don't wanna cancel seams off to him. Are okay so coming up today as you heard the Bruins forward Tim Monday it will Mott the play by play guy. Of fort ESPN knew that a player freest inches that we go through one of these every couple years that we got a new one Dave LaMont he'll be coming on the show its Danica afforded that. And not 921 in a before we get to that also that I can be a little later in the show PBA. At a press release earlier this V time TV ratings. Well for the World Series of balls were getting to that. And then today actually today today's with the fifth couple days ago I guess they put up pictures. They realize Bayside bowl was being was getting up a brand Bayside bowl didn't really hold it rolling haven't is changing. Boring heaven is getting better than ever. Talk or tell him it's like some during the fall swing we're in the World Series or we're at south point Las Vegas. And he was tossed plans are really big outdoor deck solar power for the building almost all the Snead stuff they're doing. And basically it's it's two separate Boeing says it's you open up the doors he can turn one center it's pretty needed. Yeah I think last year during the PB league you were talking about that they were gonna work on that for next year in that Hebert on upstairs with the are but it's it's a two. The new Elaine section has a mezzanine. For the fans to sit and watch down over and what's going on there so they're building it. For leukemia they're kind of building it for the peavy for themselves but yet but for the PB is well. Just for the TV and get the crowd atmosphere and it's and it there's an axle or Charlie goes you got your invitation in the owner's boxes the next owners box on the side of in one. In the new section. It's a window you can look out seriously it'll go I'm. I hear nice Ortiz shows the pitchers or it was going to be and it's I'm gonna get imitation theirs backs about the one way or another that's going to be pretty awesome. As millions Jerry Jones is set up extra frame in there that be great. All of our equipment is well like apples area simple the spirit they have Brock has a spare time show their owners about Taylor's enjoyable and I agree yeah absolutely packed. Free easy and this is what amazes me and I implant Hamels something else and maybe we wolf we have time but. From this perspective. All he's bowling alleys are shutting down across this country. Mean durden shutting down brightening get a bunch here in town what you have shut down here in the last five years or one of its going to be. Then you have some guys. That are willing to invest the money. Mom and a lot of money in order to make it work. Mean just think about it in racing counseling mean. He's put a lot of money I Cassel lanes to get that thing go again right yeah. So from that perspective. Your birdie happy. Then if you look at the other bowling center in Racine lender may and he spent a bunch of money. All my wall was paradise last. Ott and to try to get that thing revitalized after that they has been sitting their dead for years right American artist Wes was popular back might eligible in the eighties. But it's been a long time since it was banking Els changed name everything else but so bold adults then you've got. What is it the lanes and I'd certainly seventy AB's and forty yen JB's or 41 so you have those guys he spent a bunch of money. Arm putting money in that thing and getting nothing going to liberal bowl has just always been. Very good in my opinion that grabbed the bar restaurant area and there is stayed in I almost under house of sixty rebuilt at the end did a nice job with that so based on money and there's two. Mean there are a lot of people doing that. And those they do normally. Get a repay it by people that are coming the bowl and wanting to be there. Yet there are other bowling centers to just wash your bones energy creatures and golf now it's not my fault Bulger does pipers are ones what are you want me to do. That's exactly what shooter from. And the promise is that there's always ways to chase Tom business. It's system air of what target demographic you're going forming. For like those usually pretty full leagues Friday night use a couple lanes on I desecrate special on Friday as. Go Gillick Italy and we hear when you're in the going to be wait for couple minutes Reebok in the dark Friday night grizzly bowlers have Burnett. I look at it is this site and I just think that there's just two sides to a proprietor you have the old and won a milk and and then you have the fill in Charlie guys. That have a different vision I'm how to get people into the senator and continue to build. The senator and not only that our sport. But see the for me at least. I don't know what it's like in other smaller communities SARS Wisconsin. Would this dude is doing. I mean he's got a young. And base. Calorie didn't. Motivated. And excited a ball Bowling Green are a bunch of older respected people that are sixty but these are a bunch of 65 year old men their commend her to ball. Mean this base of people that he has are all what. Just out of college kids. Yeah oh it is ever actually glories it was when he. Which is if you order it is here and I mean if if your average league bowlers in their twenties that's good for the sport going forward. If that's what you're out here average league bowler is 55. Or something like that that's probably not good that's what you want to Duke. Because if he can give those people to watch a PGA tour which it seems like they do. Arm now you're also tiger about building the top level on the sport to now how big is that community our communities are very big is it. I think the masters quarter million is and when you're in Ottawa I mean that that's that's all around but there's people that drive 45 minutes a commitment beside him ball. He'll make that drive 45. Minutes the only because they love the atmosphere there it's a source it's not just the boys and it's a social senator rate he's got word parity and top you know you got couches in the party around for awhile. He's got very good he's got very good food. He takes pride in his menus answer sure I mean his heroes yet servers got amateur tap routine every importance got it now and we started everybody's got a cap it. In he takes pride on stuff and kept me that's where and then what what's special memory bank popular to read we can't get him in the midwest like. We've seen that's just how how do you. Take it to that next wobble or how do you get people around here to start buying him at the level but he's got right line. It's just a matter of most of boys as you going to around here there all the concourses are crowded it's not easy to sit around once you're done. You have to Berlin as slow injured in the field and castle pines I mean it up bumping and anybody there now has a large and red zone pool table. So and that and that's that's one things that you have to do something now and get people in the door you have to make and stayed in once they're done. You want them blowing the three games and that's the advantage that Hoya having grown to me that restaurant as gigantic and bumping an anybody there either. Exactly where is able ones and it's enough or arrow man because the barriers. You know it's not the curiouser and work camp things are Korean. On the two TVs and screens and multimedia stuff that the port and there to treat people hang around and watch and senator just needs to be read on ansari and work and everything needs to be redundant that Vilma but everything everything everybody's in there they bullet three games in their brow. Remember at etc. 11 o'clock you know when you just have to get to the point of modernizing that thing is stillborn because it's Bolero -- mean you. You at some point. I would faint. Have to put more money into that thing and modernized it to give back because back. Does have the capabilities. Of being a really hot spot for sure because of where it's located off. But you can't hang era because we come on 8 o'clock there's a first a plea Vick its own. And you're you're getting you're trying to get around each other so we can circling and they're done and nobody wants to know once that's done. The realist I hang around and. They'll knew at Hilton 58 Sparky first remodel was 2001. Before or it. WI BC NN and say that again. Milton to create right yep first remodeled done and I remember in 2001 yet they're. Or is yep and out I didn't care for the remodel I didn't care for and I like the old one would Wear beat there was like a brick while between. Remains a set tee area on the concourse. In up again in the sixties and seventies and and be myself again but I remember Bolero it was first built. It was gorgeous it was that but it was gorgeous furthest that he's seventy racked when Boeing was booming and now it's behind times again it is in there. Hernandez there's certain authority to serve brands some new some new furniture and attack cursor. We just redid the floor in the entire bowlers area also beat Tulane they gonna read New Orleans lanes of the lines I'll answer in decent shape and there's there's some fifteen years olds here synthetics on Europe and then going to chip. So I am averaged where I'm happy. Berrian get it's it's I'm a spot for what it is I'm just saying. It's got a chance to be really good. A league where it is exactly there's nothing within miles of that place and hopefully you know and in what I went in Paris in the GM there. It was a lot as the fewest in the US scratched on immaculate seduced a pro incidents Grassley. Make it bigger and better it's just a matter of he's got the corporate entity above him. That can you know just couldn't be having it has a look at numbers they'll look at the people who look at numbers. Because if you look at Omar as an organization other parts of the country I mean their senators are beautiful and then I'm thinking and looking at Valero might. That's the polar opposite. You know so I mean that's a major fixer upper but you're dealing again with the building that is fifty years old or more and it went there with Charlie Mitchell's you know Zach and be in. For what he does he knows he's gonna do very well for himself and his must be doing pretty good if he's adding out of this whole level of the mezzanine section an owner's box he can't be that are out but it's like he's a fine as private plane that happening part of it is. But that was the Nationals Park passes that. You know is he he enjoys being the primaries. Sometimes you know when you got to give and take wearers with with ball more or some of these corporate chains. There's oh there's no take its own you know well we don't get right Celtic we had him on the last week of this of the year last year and after all we should get him on next week. I'd like to give him an all talk about the schedule is amassing knowing Charlie might view assessor and they've got the pictures up on a PGA dot com what this thing is looking like as goods or continue got to get this thing done in time. Gorgeous that that is our needs just as amazing guards are Sunday blues this industry to a me arching we have more people death at Butte. It's trying to figure out how to get this thing to where everybody wants to get it to them and everybody wants to get the sport. To where it probably was in the seventies and eighties now you and I don't know that's possible or not it may not be but that's the goal. What's any proprietor of the year last year yeah destruction and yeah absolutely. Should be again this year I'm. He's got an owner's box and I pull us out to CF. It's actually to be there for extra frame because recover rifleman doubles for its TV Austrian and April. Men over the previously used voters actual all fire. The Thursday before that it TV shows a seat of the teams the BC so the TV pair is going to be wanting to them. The TV here I think will be in the I think it will be those lanes in the middle camp action. He's kept owner's box next to look you can't. Put the TV pare away from the all response. Throw as. I guess I knew there are a stupid thing free all night Bob May and TV pair or I can sit here and how to reach out how much the ball go high with. If you're on line if that you know the mezzanine section is right by lane one. I think you could maybe only above the lanes of Tennessee might have a hard time watch and the ball gonna depends some in the mezzanine section goes behind all of them. My dad goes BNL's section goes double whole section eight what is it eight lanes you Sergei lanes of eight lights so it's gonna become like salt. The assault one is similar to that right. Where they have that section seats behind exactly but yeah with the pregnancy right. Although that's what's going to be lightly insults you boy your big chance gone there and the World Series of blown isn't there anymore but I bowling it's been at odds are that it is this year nationals news Jets lost their over 101000 teams for the first time in a few years as they think of one Lotta people wanna see it just like we hear talk tomorrow Artose. It's so gorgeous I was heartbroken when they left their. But my whatever they have fun in Reno. OK let's take a good time I'll come back. And we will check in with the newest player that play guy for ESPN Dave LaMont. From ESPN joins us straight ahead Cassel lanes spirit to amble in shall resentment market area Napa auto care association. Did and now signed up for Europe a bowling ball if you want a chance to win a bowling ball from track to track make go. Track make a look at me. Track may go bowling ball which hits out of a win that I just go to M I LWC. A LWC. AA are not common if you went to let Albert. The free drilling off for you as well. So. Desolate stretch anabolic shall present it to by the want to carry an apple I don't care association your chance to land a track Mikell bowling ball by going to M I LWC. A am I LWC. A LW. C a the year is the new boilerplate voice for the PGA tour on ESPN Dave LaMont and you can follow him at Dave LaMont won. On Twitter Dave Fisher coming out. It okay so for those of people that know you from now a little bit of time on ESPN with the PGA tour let's just over a little bit of your background as far as you know how you got in the play by play field and where you've been. Well I've been would ESPN or ABC and out or bored at work over or worse still. Either radio play by play for different college is like your work to Miami. It worked seven years were quietly he'd be close to 99 and Norton. I've been broadcasting the body seniors so quickly figured out it hero. Well. As an athlete and so this was my best a great in the sport was to go there and radio first report is where in the TV. New hire the exact same person I realize and it great I know feature in sports amounts are doing everything needed to sports are so you hired together and that went. Arm what I. Get caught from your freshman basketball team that's your. Hot hot hot and knowledge is always a smalls got a class I was like I'm not gonna get a much bigger I'm not gonna bother with us. How much different is that than say basketball which is way more fast pace I any different flow. Completely different I mean it back yard bowling or. Bike inside. Ot. Because it's such an intimate said he injured that's all our work forwards our approach so. I think there's a lot more silent simple announcing that there isn't a basketball although it's nice that we want so while you're there you sneakers squeaking and but the crowd Draco were. But to me it's it's it's got up and react to vote the basketball really ever report are rescission. I don't think you'd do better bowling as much plus bowling has so such great natural out. That is I think it's great to let you know let's hear that all it be it but lately here ranked quite. A reaction shot. Dave you also have done the ladies bowling tour for many years to any guilt. I get a start up strike got my polling and I'll start. And actually used the the buy it worked out where you stood. I started working at the US BC doing the collegiate and the women's majors. And really ever going to boards and get where so I jumped to the opportunity. And it was just credible ought to read some of people that are really door and there that sort of gave the EPA. They when he needed them a new person to come and it went and this guy doing. At least at least we know he has experience. What's it like to work rainy Peters. About has great executive and I fully agree. Yeah it's been a real pleasure out Randy is except me immediately and he's got some partners over the years. On that note sometimes I think doing water's gonna say so I try to give him a lot of room Iran I think that's the play by play job. Here's to you at your analyst who goes where our sport that I. To give him the opportunity to. From oracle they are apt appropriately and I it will but there and he knows. Dave LaMont used him play by play guy for the PBA to or hear any counseling spare time bowling Shell on the fan. From the aspect of only two other sports you know you obviously have to Pratt got to get the numbers for the jerseys and all that other stuff what's up crap like. For doing a PGA tour event has I'm not sure how poorly you fly in when you do live shows are proud that all works for him. Well starting the next three weeks have been most of that was. We're doing today and Terrell classes a little bit except to know while buying no lead doctors we just do it. Starting next week extra frame of course we brought here in Columbus all start to watch some that. What I get an opportunity at home and then I'll get in town by the response they show. And don't give me a chance to go to the center and to scout out my bowling well who's doing well our guys act in the conditions. Get a chance to talk that some of the ball is about what they're they and then on Saturday want this so it's that that we have a separate you know side with the two finalists. And we can pick their brains even at a summit like they'll elmo's but I chose almost hoping that they'll say something pressure. Something that is relevant to this particular other bowl out of the key thing is not like I have that memorize. Where they are because. There right probably and it's a lot easier. But the other it's simply it's because every condition every week is going to be different patterns going to be different. How do they react to all that is after. Has it been easier few to pick up the technical end of the set of blowing the more you've been involved sparked. It has but I I don't understand some of it and I probably best right now. Because again my job maybe. Analysis it might notice a ball changed but. Are noticeable change a lot of ask Randy why. You know white why was all changed at. Let him handle. Strategies understanding probably oral sex all understanding the shot up to debate you just but you'll always know more IQ. You all you know the next 100 years and Rickey always air. That edge on. So I don't try to smarter. I think that would be a mistake then and you know let him. Do it but I definitely all the way. When I first started about. The subtleties that the Rose understand that the average bowler definitely an effort bowler would never alert. One of the things that we go back and forth on the show me be in the old guy in the group here Dave. Is I'm more the traditional us on the show as they play by play guy is their a format that you prefer calling. Like the step ladder vs the Mineola many inner. I'm a step let a guy all the way I grew up on that on Saturday's thirteen thank you. Heard of it Carter's daughter Brooke. And that was were alert global. Television workers below. And that's the way I prefer I understand we're like the anchor and that's fine. And you know we had via a usual format. In Reno shot the one hour shows when when Pacers important. I enjoyed the piece of that and. Doing the rest of February I watched by people and I want somebody after welterweight. I'm Dave LaMont but I play guy for ESPN for the PBA tour of course it catch him coming up ball later this afternoon as you argue every Super Bowl sun it was at 2 o'clock central time so I think this afternoon. 1 or 1 o'clock central time yet later on this afternoon out and all of that from this perspective. You said you're the Miami Heat. A for a while. Dealing with NBA players NBA coaches vs dealing with PBA players. Oh it's very different I mean. Even in the nineties which I was there transition. Lock our most Albert person ever met sports to Pat Riley. Who you know has this incredible almost impenetrable aura around. Even now the known as a coach to yours it's there's definitely some. Simply for those some different but you know after a while these guys used yet we're basketball players. In the middle of the year physically mentally and they're not you'll but in been bowling since you don't have that 82 game all week. Crying that these guys season it should say grind these guys go through. They're low pressure. Easier to deal with the most part want to get to know you mets' order like goal here the next couple weeks it's. I haven't seen that many. Of events up close and the ones I have been everything agreement that side so look reports are. It leading a few more chick some more and getting players batter. Are you amazed like we are kind of as far as where these young guns have come from line to deviate two arming our sole many young guys. That look like they're going to be here for a while I think it's got to be at least half dozen album that you look and W does give Iran for next 1015 years. Well I'd look we're gonna get a young gun where were announced player of the year today. Undoubtedly it's going to be. You know look at each attackers probably favored in up. Yes for Spencer is what quade to them how accomplished this guy and and not only young all we're so the United States with young forwards you know regular walk certainly going to be your rook yeah the year candidate. From Canada the other thing that's helped. College bowl. You know you finding more international players and which start stay looser who won but nobody but college all that were look locked in from. But that is out of a big impact also did you go to the right place. Rip the right coaching and not what Chris Barnes used to call of bus driver coaching. Then you could get an incredible education and the subtleties of the sport. And then go right in the perfect always and that's another thing I think it's really helping you to. Is having a place to go at plus decrease in high school polling well high school there where I am in in the Fort Lauderdale area just out of bowling this year. And that's burying urging because of these older players start to retire or politically be used at the we need to young players and we're getting. About you from this perspective. Is far as the purse money. I'm on the PGA tour because I think there for awhile. And maybe it's still holds true roll all the little but the personally he's definitely getting bigger those were going for. A little by little. That the old guys that we're going to college to bowl and someone that would give the entrance and yeah mats can be awfully tough for me to make a living and you know trying to do that if I'm not on TV every other week or whatever I'm. I'm gonna do something else you know with my life is ever reading stories are having conversation Vijay tiger cub years ago saying. There's their bowlers in him that he knows that chose to do something else because of you know them out of money that they thought they could make an peavy it. Well two things pop in my mind at me I treat him. Incredibly successful pro bowler but decided that there was something else he needed to do it as likable step away that the tour. He does competitive people but nothing at. That level you score and met Neil. Like bump into it you know last year and I have a non metal Christmas Wichita State days and it was at the eye opener at Saint Louis I worked on. Last year man has passed it accomplished player. And I remember bumping into every you don't sit Heyman at you start nick series is on luckily around it was talking about. And he is work it is his primary source of income it and what he does you're sure tiger corporation. Okay thank you. So Matt you know here's a guy who could absolutely make Chicago. But he had to choose. A more stable and his mind anyway. Light and that is to go ahead and work or cart. Other others like court you know with what it would Stewart who's nursing job she allows her to pursue the Summers on the PW BA but it. Yeah I would welcome the situation. And when Rick don't have to make those choices but. They're tough choices and you have to pick tiger or are all. Davis great having a part of the PBA family and it's fun watching NE SP I look forward sitting on later on this afternoon. You know what. Clock with. And unfortunately but CEO. We're not it's not comics so who knows where you'll be saying more and like it was press freedom they could beat period could be Gary and I am at London later on this afternoon. Will be a particular time look forward to. You betcha there is Dave LaMont. Of the TV to repair a plague on ESPN agreement West Bank hotline after eighty years of helping with Scott and homeowners. Great mid West Bank knows a thing or two about how can you buy build refinance or renovate. This is a great mid West Bank dot com they're ready when you are we'll talk about that. PDA event coming up this afternoon to celebrity events coming up next so. That's so I expect our bowling show. Was I doing what Gary Knapp ought to care association your chance to win metric Mikell bowling ball. I going to M I LWC. A they're not interested bowl and who cares they give you the ball multi win and a really doesn't really matter you're just trying to use that to get to a free ball might amusingly player whatever the case may be it is pickle ball and balls nice sideline. Yeah we had a demo daily two Thursdays ago and out of eight new releases that have a mates brands have. The Mikell by fired Timmy had the best book so I think it's going to be a very popular tournament ball. Going into April or in the universe season yes. I'll some cigarettes dirt again and I LWC. A dot com also offered a castle lanes five dollar Friday's. As they're celebrating their anniversary 25 anniversary. I and that is a very cool deal that's noon until 9 o'clock you can bowl all you want. Which she rental for five bucks than they have their moonlight bowling whoever they're calling it Donna from nine to eleven. Now this is the deal so it's five dollars I you can bowl but you have to be on the lanes and sign up to analyzed by 9 PM. I'm then all bowling goes back to regular pricing as soon as 11 o'clock kicks that to get there at 92 hours of five dollars likeable for couple hours on an Eagles back. Two regular ball and get there at 60 mall at 11 o'clock for just five boxed. Now include shoe rental so and get even if you live in Milwaukee it's worth driving down there in the money your gonna say easily. A big event of that and then Sunday mornings 10 AM to 1 PM liked mornings like this you would on Cassel lanes bull all you want. Between ten and won again everything was back normal price you want but for three hours you can abominable for less than seven dollars include shoe rental to. And kid it's just a no brainer Cassel lanes there's nothing holding you back now take Mon on FaceBook. Cassel lengths to uncle and his crew do a great job down there okay so a fill brow tell us please what we're gonna watch a later this afternoon. On ESPN's we get ready for the Super Bowl one clock. Well with the super clash it's going to be missed similar format we've seen Chris Paul celebrity invitational passing repair the pros with the players couple pars which Rawlins and they're gonna do it doubles competition. And results in me especially competition. And rating the team masters. Under fourteen champions point six team. To do a special event with a couple the pros as well. Trying to football style scoring system where the board it's a strike it's a touchdown and then the pro bowler has kicked the extra point didn't strike as well so. Just something different for TV. In and the phone with the celebrities and we'll see what happens for a couple of hours out there and from. They're gonna do that. Bergen event for the whole game. At Tampa form and registering for courtly four Francis also have soreness is for the Aussie masters runner out there and that I had and a score is going to be like eighty to sixty Iverson no that's a ticker at such a great event figured that puts on its nice to see we have the team masters grand finals and is being up. Just after the holidays an out here he under fourteen kids and it's. So this is again for people use a Washington crisp Alterman this is not the Chris Paul term it's not that crisp Alter an extra spot Terence and that's what kind of card in novels yeah. That will be out later on this month and I believe it's Friday eighteenth. On the net and regionals aren't. Do you. I don't care what it takes do not let Kevin art not. Bowl in this than there at whatever it takes does this man sell out stadiums and I'll let conjured this man's to order following his ridiculous. You will have to make short he is part of this event called the Kevin Hart and for all I care I don't know Chris balls all that about pitchers and he's hurt right now are out but. Some nine Kevin harshest one. Art so lot aside about ratings with the PBA to work I'd helpings are looking right now as far from the title peavy World Series bullet telecast they put out. A press release this week now they had a Christmas Day audience of more than one million viewers. For the TBA scorpion championship more than one million people watch. Maybe I'll. You'll get a chance damn Christmas Day again. She now I know old. It doesn't matter that a lot of tape Brett media's 95%. Of people can't tell the depth and let me push your bowling don't work writing dot FaceBook with the white. On analyzes every little things it just describing vanden. You know that it's state or listen a show you know it's taped but. People don't my most you look casual fan doesn't know that it's Tate so I'm not say necessarily from that aspect of why you would do something like that. Again just need. If I can make I live Christmas Day show. And I'm gonna do what you know people don't want to hear. I'll pick while want the ball on live TV show or Cristian de. Pick my guys on the pick mice to run the ball on it called the all star event and Christmas at Christmas they also are vent. And pick your guys that drawl ratings that you know Pete durable and I don't care if you're a walker your ball. Don't care units all the walker across the might throw like your your ball and know you're in no Belmont to your bowling I don't care how bad you may have been the last year you're Bullock made. From that aspect he you called me. Really. People and remember was scorpion and your memory was and scorpion I don't know a million people but that is awesome. We all you brought you Mulder and ask or as the chart Austin yesterday so but that that is awesome but they're able to pull that off right. 15% increase in viewership year over year to close out of just sixteen PA season and he has spent Christmas Day audience with the highs for TBA van and ESPN. In two years okay that's good too. Now. Let's move on. In addition the viewership gains at ESP Walters of bowling eight also had strawberry to increases across the rest of the multi phase speed game now work. The PDAs digital streaming service extra frame featuring Phil broke. I'll which webcast more than 100 hours of live coverage had a 15% subscription increase over two dozen fifteen that's not but the big number is. 49%. Increase in a three day subscription passes for 9%. I. I think because the match I think because the match play format once we got through qualifying at the World Series. The route three days of match play now's will be blossoms when he fort and that's exactly people wise CO every game Manson because it was best three of five the up. And at somebody's gone after this game one where you know after their game of every event somebody's gone after this game who's going to be. Act again and it really think that's for the three day I don't have the numbers but I don't think that's what it's rated pass increase came from. You want to talk intense I mean if on back to the seventies again when they came the Valero him in for the Milwaukee Miller class act. Why did Thursday and Friday night sellout and you could meaning get a seat in the stands because it was all match play. And now with the first events of this year with the Arsenal TV players championship and freely determine champions. It's all qualifying all the way through and they just make cut so it through mixes and all match play and all that something that the players. Voted in one and that's something that. They're gonna try for the first couple events and see what direction is worth and not just the players vote the fans and crowds well. It's going to be interesting for us an extra frame without Mike. A guy like take a huge first I don't like hey. Noble what. First of all sort of get this straight so I calm. To qualifying. Right and I'm a fan I was watching dude bowl other dude bulk Abalone each other they're just bowled for high score. No. Not not in less than. Bob comment and I know wanted to get he bashed match play in its gonna come down to who's gonna make huge Miami TV I think we need person I get Bob credible and dork. Not as much delight but. Viable indoor where I want to see the competition. And the stress level feel the energy on the rule but how old is this guy's got to hit this shot or that shot. I wanna feel nobody would have. Yeah I'm gonna feel that the Sutherland. Summer series and at im out last. Match play to make the top five. And it's the matches Pete Weber vs norm do you could not get a spot the stand behind those guys to watch that one match. I cannot match. Now they did it at. The fall swing to try it they did know Matt's play for those that'll parents. But the difference was there was only fourteen it was it was only he sixteen games total in qualifying. So you had -- while trying to cut to the top sixteen guys in more games so the field was bunched up when I'm afraid of is that we're gonna get to Friday night Columbus. As you became number forty qualifying and there's India 150 pins between fifth and six gotten and for us an extra frame how we gonna make it exciting for the fans and right. Would you entertain the fans know you're irritating personality that's all the work and that's why they've got you that I German. Right yeah tells jokes in Robbie backed off and the racially news and jokes and he's a stand and we did some it is I Woody use of lies and yeah I mean you get a lot trouble probably from Tom Clark I probably would advise using. I don't like at all. Want that you know. There they think that some cases in the past there have been matches thrown and Matt just the olden. And oh yeah allegation. Has dropped some Bob I was on the spur of all tell us don't try asserted if it's if its deficit the game before the position round. And the number one guys blowing the number the guys and 23 players what. You know it's going to places probably is going through the motions while again first place is trying to get its trapping every penny and this makes receives the first place at the position. I think there's a play where they know their out of it but I'd never seen a match thrown in my life and you couldn't prevent any mean. If you want to miss ten injured. Your enough to make it likely you. Didn't mean to miss it. I sort again on. And I found out who was doing that they'd be offered to right now cool and see. Our guys Jeremy can repeat and beyond I can raise your batters out there for the wallets or men get all. All saddle oil boy that would infuriate me oh yeah. And as a whole he opened up a poll. Panel wants is a law he you know over the whole panel warms good thing we're not on nationally is capable of this be the headline sports in a bowlers throwing matches. That'd be all over the place USA today would have a spread out and I don't tell you interviewed by everybody PBA would be denying it up in town fellas know what he's talking about eight. This we just would just completely blocked and that's that you don't wanna hear that episode. So now because there's not match play and now your bowling high score type stuff yeah. Now the guy in fiftieth place is gonna try harder. Now they're gonna make cuts as the week goes pencil by ten at the last Friday night there's only. Sixteen hours extra what are the chances sixteenth bowler really happened you don't have much play. All the pins are close. The field as it's it's gonna be interest is sealed this the first time there really doing this for the long format event so it's him inches say a word ends up and. To give rematch please give me one vs sixteen or sixteen beat one wants out sixteen advances. Give me that Brahma. You get that back at the masters masters and change of format that's so the 64 guys in the bracket after qualifying and in three game total of matches until we get to the five on TV. So that's O for the purist that's still going to be out there on extra frame you can watch Rose. Matches and the winner's bracket losers bracket. To the you know we threw him. It's for a top five some battles will be in every effort for the first two events this year it's it's strictly qualifying all the way through. Unbelievably. Well here's that within that I. Think a right away wanna hear that is why you think college basketball. When they get to march menaces is so exciting because it's 64 to 32 to 168 or two and one you know I mean it's that one on one match play type thing. Would it when the exempt tour first came out. Or was that one vs 64 every week best of seven matches on sung bowlers. Didn't like that formats of the the seven games of qualifying and only made a 32 and a dead advance of the bracket and eventually. After enough stuff gets set back and forth and people didn't like the formats also were backed what it was in the seventies and eighties with the qualifying and matched by another trying something different again. And is still brow low law extra frame with PDA Dak count like all brick here as well New Berlin pro shop and broad spare time pro shop that's when all of us. We'll shall spare time ball and show times he Sparky five or catch me weekday afternoons from two to six on the Wendy's big show will come back and you know. I'll talk a little bit about what bowling alleys. Are alike and different times of the year compared to grocery source. Yeah I said in state should find out more so. Desolate stretch eyeball itself residual block area Napa auto care association checking out as am IL WC. A am I LWC. A chance to win a track nickel bowling ball. It's do sign out. It's reasonable ball that hard and again like I said earlier tell your friends and fellow members you have the rubble and trance. Sign up and they win they give you the boulevard have let Albert go three for free. It made people as you know Wimbledon is drawing help you win I'm rocket science more. Things you have been a better chance you have of winning drawn right. Yeah how many get to meet me but yeah there's. People out there is that you do why can't you be you don't. Is ish OK so I tried this last night and are more expensive posting showing I nearly three minutes. So I realize yesterday. They're going grocery shopping today before the Super Bowl is column just stupid because it's pac. So the days before Thanksgiving too big into a shop right. The day before you know Christmas Christmas Eve in that area dumb me has bought the grocery stores and packed day before Easter and gimme pack. Wasn't thinking clearly with that. The days of the year. For open bowling. Are the biggest. For bowl and senators. Are around the country when you start talking about okay among goal balling here I better make sure I get their earlier whatever the case may be because it's kept because I can think of right away. But everybody seemingly has a Thanksgiving nine pin no cap tournament. I don't think that's one that's easy that's the most popular in my mind that people golf I was in and they before Thanksgiving. The Wednesday night to the one million bowling Alley is typically packed with a waiting list the first year that we are at New Berlin. They were out the door Sparky waiting to get. Out the door. Even this year polar row yet tumble in Wednesday night mirrored their roofs. There are forty lanes going after we are done. News what are out New Year's Eve. Yep New Year's Eve is huge also we actually know Berlin has squads. Of like I can you get a media of a pitcher beer pizza at a party tent at the and and they turn up the lights them. There's several shifts during that so he'll have like one and two to five in the five day. Eight in eight to eleven and stuff you pay to get on a third or blocker whatever the case may be in and you have to be job in what you sit there all my humble. Well yeah yeah I got the next reservation Rackers on his thing isn't. Etiquette and they can figure the different shifts like if you have younger kids they'll to a route to her all her up at 6 PM write a happy new year old Lions are now that's a good idea as to yeah yeah that's really that's really family friendly and so why. Is it before Thanksgiving new years eve what do bully always look like unsuitable Sunday. Dead yeah I would imagine they're not mad dead but I just don't think there's a lot in the lanes everyone's watch in the city all right Evan dinner watching TV out. The year the Packers made it 2010. The year that we want. No one was bowl is a solid congress was full of people watching the game haven't dinner. And I don't places L dude there's some I can't members of was up north Milwaukee that are doing fifty once and games of pointed it in the Super Bowl. So become bolder in certain votes or 51 cents again after beautiful that is our regular. I wouldn't assume bought every TV in the house an -- have the audio piped in over the top right of you want to hear commercials whatever else it would BI and and then yell run Super Bowl specials. To go along with that aren't out of the gas -- very tabloid shall present but what Gary Knapp ought to care association my thanks Dave LaMont but I play guy for the PBA tour and ESPN for joining us. Next cigarette talk to hopefully be owner bowling haven't as they continue to expand haven't. Then I can in this c.'s Martin five for field rile up the white Albrecht. And spare time pro shop you Burleigh and talk to next week same to have. Not a clock. Here on a fast.