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Spare Time Bowling Show with Sparky, Dwight and our special in-studio guest Charlie Mitchell

Feb 12, 2017|

02/12/17: Charlie Mitchell of Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine joins Sparky and Dwight!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From the local lanes to the PGA tour. Holding fans welcome to the gasoline spare time bowling show presented by the Milwaukee area and Napa auto care associates now here's your host Steve Sparky Phifer on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan's. He cast away spare time early show fox sports Radio One of my seven have found the fancy Sparky five. A lot Whitfield well from extra frame they had. Huge announcement this week we'll get to that coming up a little bit later in the Shell huge announcement. Earlier this we give you have not missed its. I'm turn on you good for you store Moline. Not time but time somebody did something. So we'll get to that are coming up odd Dwight all right Laura is there as well and of course he wrote spare time pro shop. I in new Burleigh and the white high demoted to marine Edmonton good. Most importantly we are today's show and we have. All heard all. And on the shoulder and fun. Like you were able to return I should abort my territory forgot about it a totally totally as his belt level is that a UFC fight. Ball and have them yeah Albert tally Mitchell will be in the house. Also feel Phil Breaux a good job woken that are looking for its dollars couldn't talking to Cilic has talked him in Vegas at that peavy Farr classic in. He was just pumped for this one on base at ball. Saw a picture yesterday when it was customers to from the outside from our office building in Portland it looked sharp. I'm vent out sentiment sharply you know it's Indians and excellent dad's going to be a lot of fun to see how this open plays out so he's coming up by and the second segment shelf. I tried Mitchell looking forward hearing from him OK but first start off with the live event that was you know. The Terrell Owens' celebrity clash or whenever it was called super clash until the school. Thoughts black. I was very entertained. I like the different formats that they trade and a lot of stuff at football format the phils talking about last night that I like the whole you know the speed seemed to determine. I'm restricts again in a commitment right so I like that. I thought I was very entertain and looked like a lot of people had a lot of fun there. Like that little cameo that they showed repeat McCormick and objected and the little. It's a fiftieth anniversary of the first or argument TV this week but there's. Perfect with the German champions and right hand givens them no kudos back to the roots of bowling PBA and TV first ever shoot 300 on TV. I mean that was kind of cool I like I got chills watching that because that's what my careless in all. Oh absolutely and you at all of this we can actually to sort of Marshall Coleman on all week long he's in the next two weeks are GeMS described extreme yet William hall of fame perspective. I'll tell you what it is fun working with Marshall and he's he's so current on today's game. And he's so fluid with comparing the game of the seventies and eighties right what these guys are doing today it's so much fun to be work work Marshall. And we Randy pierce in the Booth with parcel on Friday night. And and they own trying to get Randy back on track off faulty. Hall of fame stories you know you do it's give reading a read these a fountain of knowledge as well another couple great one liners from Randy and that shows he is. Older than me poll what item a polar Bears feet at. You know something what when you come up with that why I would knows me but that's what makes everybody great what they do as far as TV and he ready Peterson's humor you enjoy. I don't. Our. Greatest I ever for right sense of humor is different right we've under okay at all I'll I'll watch something. She won't laugh all laughed hysterically write that so I mean everybody has already write everything everybody sense of humor is different obviously Randy Peterson. Not relates a lot of people I watch other PGA tour. Okay so. Before it was the Chris Paul. Turned on Super Bowl Sunday remember yes on that was tape that wasn't live. On and then they which show that and it's done really well and Super Bowl Sunday and that's still to me at this Friday right. That's still country of people right but all I'm saying is that was a big number now I don't know what the ratings are or were. For that ESPN telecast I've not seen what it was up against it. But I tell you what I did like. I like WT masters there obvious yes boys that curled I like dead date made the decision on the fly and I'm assuming. Rate this actually happen. Chad Johnson was late late great dress surprised odd that so he was late. There's no way they're the one seed without water there's no way there's no way Chad Johnson's bowling there's no way they're the ones I'd be taken if I was Chad Johnson everything in her well I. And I'll tell you what watching him comings full a's are getting in Florida at the team masters I believe she was fourth overall out of all the high school players and she was in eighth grade at the time really vets phenomenally good all era that it is and she does a lot of community service projects to his off. When we had Sean rash is extra frame event in Iraq. Shoes doing a Project Hope veterans out and the Taj had some. Stuff in the pack were bowlers and how about it was it was really neat to see so she's she's equality human being as well as being a really good boards that was that was pretty cool. As a coach and promised her our coach and you know I'm looking at the physical game at an young man was also very good to. Mean I got app name here it's gonna it's gonna get it now. In a tournament like that but I am a Mabel oh my goodness I mean she and he hit it that amounts on the show that she was being coached I'd tell you are as Kirk mile hole. Of one beat Florida and middle commons of Randall burden and I know. As a as a coach C was just phenomenal but I I know that the old does wonderful things Donnie cable and worked. Okay so that was cool why I enjoyed that aspect of them. Com. I gotta admit the blind side guy I see him being as good as he was when you're angry tell early. This was over. Mean you Regis could veto unless it was just luck early to Charlotte to forty something and to right off the bat again three years ago at the Chris Paul Clinton there was per the celebrity shoot out with the emotion out there and one that Jazz did so oh yeah and so reverend it's like yes it is quite apart you're paired up who am and as you know big man that's all done and. And you would also love about him he was soul fan interactive yes I mean got dude was all about the fans I haven't people what happened on this cheer yeah. Shout hey it's still quiet all let's go I mean that's not Matt that's what she wall funniest part of that show those he leaves a 56 let. And he starts singing be out of it throws that's and rainy Peterson goes with CC and yeah. A debt that and makes it perfectly right but I mean that to me. Really need to chill man I mean when his charisma and everything else just what he brought to it's funny with him you'll Devin Hester. Serious then he was there for his name on and that's five but from inner tempers are gonna be really added anything from an entertainment perspective. But again you just want names right if so people that are DeVon Hester fans are gonna tune into cedar guy Devin Hester trust me there's a bunch from Chicago. At what what he deal with the Bears mused on the greatest punt returns of all time and so. For up from that perspective that's that you won their from the entertaining perspective that's what you wanna Chad Johnson that's what you wanted TO I don't know they saw. This guy coming out of nowhere and doing what he did. Did do was with the show in my opinion Phil. I think Clinton and just let that lists of from the crisp off top leaders back three years back I think that left the impression. With the deviation. When they had a chance to bring him back hey let's let's get him in here a while later raised rudeness Arum yeah six and spam ya know question my guy and Yani fitted. 33 years it really -- me fitted one tournament with a six and spam. In 33 hitters have drill it right yeah okay so what about the trick shots did you enjoy the trick shots part of it. I dueled. And I'm happy that either and spent too much time on it because I think added to say I did it wasn't right like a whole full sight when necessarily act and a I'd like that because it's out of the same stuff that they do every time they do get them blots. But seek you looking at it. From years. Not while and bowling dork guy right you're the guy as watches every PBA tour venue the got to watch all these events the what they're doing a terrible Sunday saying look. I got Miami and little Johnny who never watch bowling who are sick watch all this football crap. Bayard there's blooper something a watch well look at this this looks like on let's see what this is. And they get to see in Little John is going crazy in the back to mow my god did you see what he did and I'm like -- pretty cool. Those people are watching every week but don't people are watching then. And that's who you'll little Johnny knows how to see how he well sec I can do that's what you're hoping to get I that that. The trick shots up as in for Dwight is in for feel wasn't for me it's for casual fan that doesn't watch a lot of bowling. They want to put them in on maybe get them come back to scout some information from Marc London from the boy news in Houston. Or 37 iron 121000. The super Claris that's a pretty silent show Chris Paul one million last year. I believe it was I believe it was one million so thank furnish your it was. Mean if he's listening knees in thanks so much for check himself. 7000 us dust choked and that's not that's not ballot right that's not bad at all and but but. Again I get Chris Paul thing come and up. Now I want to see how Chris Paul does minus the Super Bowl lead in. 'cause that's a huge difference here Super Bowl lead in all those people watching for a game as odd that actual Super Bowl gave itself. But Super Bowl pregame idea special pretty think you'll get up boom turn it on yet and all day event Super Bowl pregame coverage so you get those people. How old Chris Paul sermon do with out that lead. Will he be able to draw 700000 adults it. I don't see it aside and prime ribs and probably count as best volume is or sports it's gonna lead into one it is rate might help a little bit with the numbers. Which you need is. I've just got and you. That things on ESPN right would you need is you need Chris Paul doing interviews on ESPN all they promoting that's what you need they call it. Out of you ever heard this term they call the car washing he has it on the car wash it ESPN means you're on like every. -- they have TV radio everything you're there all day and it's just one shall after another after another after another. On your kind are going through the whole thing so out of you do the car wash his he's got to be at his event. But they've got to figure out a way through via satellite or whatever keep him on the Morey sports center. And did him on a couple of the radio shows and Pro Bowl this thing leading up to. That night event or any of the other celebrities I have B Chris Paul is Kevin Hart officially in this thing I don't believe so I. They're operating at I would have been nice fit on but either way what what would you need is if you have money out there. Promoting this all day kinder on ESPN. Getting everybody everybody is how their head home alum Chris bobbled check out he's hurt to soak being did it out there and letter promote the heck out of the sick I think that's big. You can also see that the pros really had a lot of fun yes with that format and how in only its he Parker just crack and a half and given. Went and the strike sign you know like what they do in the crowd. Pitchman for the PB eight right you know so you get and then Parker I think when fifteen out of seventeen for strikes. I mean when it's on about being in the bones on Parker needed about a performance this week but it's. That would get to that coming up our act as Joel and great trio and we'll we'll get Zach coming up for sure. Odd man out Pete Weber were also calls for a long show it was on show I was very entertain every minute bright and ask that you want it you wanted to be entertain some people dating go away. And the numbers prove that they got those people that they want it now how does that transition go forward and -- but either way it's a good look for ESP. Right I I had to go look for ESPN McEntee you lost Super Bowl Sunday coverage with some our thousand people watching you vs whatever the numbers are for the other suitable three games going against the PBA tour. It also shows that. Just the general viewer how tough bowling is that if a Chad Johnson. Has to use a ten palm ball with owning his little finger. And the ball hours from the middle finger in the ball and they're given crap the whole game why he's only thrown attempt on balked at it that you know it just shows you how tough our sport really is that at a football player can't do. Right to their level. Toll grits you focus of coming up later today. Is. The deviate players chairmanship Barbara salt PGA player's image among its Marten. And that comes up later his after immune actually immune. On ESP and you don't want to check out will preview that match up before we got here. At 10 o'clock than 10 o'clock obviously outs a weekly with Tim Allen myself and McKelvey a joyous look ahead to. The Brewers a spring training which is about to begin this week we believe it's going to be in this week it's going to be in this week. So we will previewed oversees an adult cal the end he's got a great article up on his own at the Brewers website. Kind of projecting his 25 man roster today if you want it to that. Coming up we'll talk to Charlie Mitchell. A bowling haven't Bayside bowl is actually with a bowling Alley I call that bowling have been when they're street name for a bowling Alley yes well we haven't no question but you have to about a nine. You can't callable and have been great to have right in had just complete break you know crap tacit place. Can't have that is nice words you have to be able to come come through with that he does do it yes he does and that's right and we've had a Marmol for. And we're talk to me again because of their adding a second level. On today settle for. Lanes to the the last center with the existing and it's a multiple story. Oh level of mezzanine seating to watch the answers there be able isn't right now led. Double really whatever you imagine going to a bowl and sooner rather seating and a second level load on it you've all because it's so popular. His imaginable only seen is only Americans. Right and this is not a local level right and because the TBA has. Locked hands with him he's RI. Thanks for all the Padres trouble love I'll I'll I'll pay a better up payback here we go I'll make sure you don't leave us. And right he's built this thing IQ which is not come as governor not next year on the fan shot. Desolate stretch double jumpers edited by the watch area now well I don't care association and delight all break. Fans had a chance to win a brand new bowling ball the children will form over the spare time pro shop and you Burleigh tellem of those bowling ball they can win. Track make golf brand new release pollen you know my motto is buy the Michael make the tenth and go away their own board. And all the bad person or don't say that again you know. Not yet to do to win metric Mikell ball and balled out the jokes is LWCAR. Dot com and I LWC. A are not job. And have a chance 02 and Avalon ball like I said before if your bowling famine nobody else's that you know. Just have them go do it any hell for you think you just give you the bowling ball right your friends or family members just have them go fill it out. And give you a chance. But in better chance I went in the bowl and I LWC AAR dot com Milwaukee aryan apple. Auto care association. Joining us now the owner of bowling haven't. They go by Bayside bowl but they really should change it to bowling haven't he has Charlie Mitchell joining us on the great mid West Bank hotline Charlie thanks for coming comment. Yeah I think your anatomy and make sure did then you get mr. after you. Up at bowling heaven last time we meet entered the. All I got double or. Phil's got what I got one out world world Cedric I yell yeah we we -- feels wearing his right now actually I think aren't perfect but this this is this is my thing about this you know you're you're saying it's east side ball which is the twelve lanes that you had and now you're making this huge addition. Which is west Bayside bowl on it talk about why you're doing the additional thought process behind it and out all came Butler. Well. Who wouldn't actually per game up have been the model or base that apple. But at the united that are about the that you think that want it didn't. The only. Perfect warehouse we found renovate with only picking up pretty well lane done all it on it shortly. What happened it that it that there eat it expanded. So much that we don't we don't have a lot of river walk he would be you know trying to come down here and it DeLeon after waiting in our apt to our that. Are you get a little people particularly if they're bringing kids or anything and all we have a new talent it's worth that way. At that. So what we've you know we've always wanted to do open a morally in that we that you know believe there are growing in the real block him at all though mean. Obviously looked in the EPA is. That are open are that. You know what more we keep view and I want it victory that are not modestly that world at bowling tournament then yeah. And I think when people be that these base their injury and I think we've done it. You know it we are creating you know that when we go to the bat. You know we sold out by October November in a lot of people look at it in in and out here should be able that double. A little bit more than double lead the people in there and we've got all the new viewing area the court that. What people are going to be mowed take invited the mezzanine baseball a 10050 people than that yet he doesn't mean looking down the lane at the beautiful statement we've got. When he put healing over the lane to get it cute. Stadium deal. And that it's going to be and it looked pupil and he would be great experience in here. I wish you're in his studio C all of a shaking our heads in disbelief as you were talking at that fit on so. I mean fur hurt us at least I think acting or can speak for all three of us. Mean it's just unbelievable to us because you hear all these bowling alleys all other struggling they're closing dal at old bunch and closed down in the area here. And then you listen to you would not only are you doing well but you're expanding and doing this monster addition this is out of this world yeah Charlie that's why I call you bowl and haven't body how are you doing this. You know I think it this week it started with the league and I think it. Is that the people where league which started in other out create that in night ire aired it really built the culture. That other people wanted to become a part of I mean you use the you know audible at the code up a B is there. Gene Merkel and begin maker are expanding it and we have what they have in terms of high end who's been an amazing concert venue and Greek cocktail. But we're doing bad with the thing is it unique in. You know people come in here and here maybe to the bull detect it at that they the much people having an uncle and eight we have leak and that they. They've become regular and in Albany are people here I'd be in the week. That did their cheers that the irony and you know. It's Tony after ten of Portland right now and you can hear all the bowling lamb and Charlie communities area you'd. If we had a morning. We're saying only subtle albeit we have the main indicate restaurant Rico right now. And trying to get it in before we have the at Duke put blizzard and a way to defeat here and that. Trying to get this turn of it all wrapped up I'm gonna pull myself out our. That is just crazy is Charlie Mitchell again owner of a Bayside bowl they're having a huge. I addition he sighed and TBA dot com website as well it's all over all the different ball in a publications and that's what we wanted. To get Charlie on to talk about it. So from this perspective. Where is where is your deal with the PBA. Is building this huge addition I've got to assume that. There is some type a long term agreement between UNDP BA you to do this. Well today the addition is not dependent on the PGA are the model not dependent on the BBA coming back and we can. They in New Orleans in the creek with yet but we have local obviously. We prefer to keep you being here on the possible. We have a year pistol contract they'll be here this year and the character. But from both sides' respective the minute something we'd let the continued I would just note that the contracts are just. Shorter term that mean we we're certainly thinking this'll be department Olivia let up. We're building a beautiful Beck lit truth be hatred that you locked in which you'll be to double Wear and tropea. We just the sort of thing if it is part of the plate. I'm not so hopefully you know trying to recruit other tournament that been taught it at. Yeah Mac and that really like get there occasionally goes the Weber cup but we'd love to get the BB AQ and there. We're looking to expand that are present in the turn of the been at a that once people heated venue I think they're gonna wanna have. Morgan here. What club from the perspective of youth bowling I'll buy you and how that works at Phil does a great job here running. A different you tell bowling tournaments here on and we have a Mon the cable TV here spectrum of sports which was time wanted to buy Time Warner. I spectrum sports channel here how are the the utes are bowling events out there for you. We have never looked at what we're about there there are thirteen masters in the beginning of April sure at that the new. Market for a but those. I AM. You know at that rely on some other folks around here abuse. Coordinate some of the you'd bowling him and I mobile in pain as somewhat. Or attic in ample. But you know certainly end. You all in your game where we're happy to start posting tournament and adding that he beat out that you'd think like that typically are you know Britney that there. You know their limited number of lane. In the winter bird turned but now when he we have the path that we could prevent that. Well I have high school bowling remains any like high school born here is Phil tell them how packed it gets for a high school ball and. I when you went on our because I can't fit. The other shoe market is ultimately all the parents fans and you know we've got to Bristol state finals coming up and it's at a semi Tulane bowling center and it's just going to be. It's going to be fire code I mean yes it's just. The attack or some people unit point 28 through and it's going to be it's it's a heck of a good time and bring earplugs and bring a legacy and watched. Yes it's phrase I mean it gets pretty intense parents or grandparents everybody else yelling and cheering and screaming or whatever else we got mezzanine area that you have out have to imagine. I'm I don't know how big the state tournament is aware you are scars bowling teams how many link you'd have to have the hosted but you have to imagine that mezzanine area that you are building would be absolutely overflowing with people. And be able to give and to would that too. So once this thing gets done here is Wes the west part Bayside bowl are you done or you have more grand visions five years from now she wanted to. And it would that the hole pretty blocked but it's also. Now. All like and an Indy league you have in the them there not bowling aspect of expansion in the biggest beat Europe. Is that weird now that third story on that group are in the like it like most bowling out the numbers are little load now that that in the third period is at the emirates real blue have. A 1960 air stream on the group that we renovated intern did soccer truck that. Libya. Picture location but in terms of expanding it. I think we're done pearl while. Estes Park I'm coming out there are no problem coming out that is shall I from the that is just an amazing idea is just an amazing idea that you got gone on neck congratulations and all your success and and I got a lot more coming your way. And now what they did but he gets you gotta get what we see where this thing looks like on TV. Comment sounds got to take care Terrell or not you bet there is Charlie Mitchell bowling have a naked a Bayside bowl. In Portland Maine. It's going to be dude time for the McDonald's. Peavy the qualifier for the live TV shows just crazy it's going to be as good actor in the date there's people take vacations and watched. While based on what he's telling me I don't blame them Charlie Mitchell join us and a great midwest bank how light after eighty years. Of all the mascots and homeowners great midwest bake Knowles a finger to about helping you by bill to refinance or renovate. Visit great mid West Bank dot com the ger ready Wayne you are. Thought slight. You just shook your of the whole time it just remains mean. Listening to him and in the in what makes that tournament so special is the fans. At least. On TV but yes it reminds me of like stadiums seat at stadium arena at. Arizona further a TPC of Scottsdale. You know were parked. Where tiger had his famous home one and they started thrown water bottles Adam on the on the course boys walking up to the green and that at tape of atmosphere but in bull team in in in in how close they are to the to the pros and that's why I think the pros get so fired up when they're on the shall. It's such a cell one when the fans commend. In the bay assembled there when the pros and don't disrupt the rest of the pros questions about what the need to get better in that case I think it's a really different interactive atmosphere with the fans there. Because he's people are involved in the bowl Portland community. They're working to get better I mean Charlie it's these guys coming in practice how many how many of your pro shot right do you seek a maneuver a ball. And practice with that new ball they got other maybe the first two games. At them and it's an entirely different culture there with that league and practicing getting better there's no handicap that league so people wanna get better. It's it's it's the mean I think just hungry for an out there Phil they've just made an amazing bowling culture out there see. Again it but. The key in what Charlie national side there and anybody nest. Our people come your 56 days a week where their cheers. Yes quick raise your hand if your bowling center owner and your somebody's cheers yes. And how many of those people are you their chairs were you see a Manny or Barton. But Bubba again I just don't think there's that many people most people are going to bawling I 56 days we've whether Gaza there bowling and. And this dude beard he's got that goal and and he wants to build some aren't so you got a rooftop bar is building. On top of this expansion that he's doing to keep ago sold this year fresh ideas this is he's made this like the hot spot to go in Portland me. I've never been a Portland Maine out and others are good Portland Maine but this dudes figured out. How to become is that hot spot in two people and that's amazing to me to take a bowling Alley in naked hot spot of a city where everybody wants to go all. I that's that's pretty good to me now don't compare to is the bowling Alley that was an Al corned all the seasons right. Now that bowling Alley. People in the community when there are two drank quite and then my brother would go up there about other bartender there. So that got to be happening a bar area they had volleyball courts out back and then eventually. He got rid of that demolishing it's no longer but. That I guess is somewhat comparable to that but. But overall I would I never never heard of people go to a ball you know just to drink 56 nights a week or go to party or whatever. The team and I I think of wanna hear Charlie. Is it is via incredible different. Ideas that he has Phil has he ever sat and talked with Tom Clark. And has Sox trying to make different ideas and PB eight. No idea but I know that it's a collaboration goes out there is no doubt about it which says that they have a contract when he team. I'm sure of yes Tom Clark Hampshire you know if we can make it for longer Wilmington for longer arms or turn his effort shouted every time for okay tell me this community. Bowling for writers write and is there are bowling group writers like conventional to your way to. It chose actually named by the board Predators that's a decision proprietor of the year and wife team. A Notre Dame meeting yet it's callable expo. All exports golf OK no wait a residential June July June or July it is not the usually in Vegas. Vegas Reno somewhere in the I saw last right and then there's like there's speakers and everything else absolutely. I would love to get I'm. Somebody that's close to what he's doing in a different town to find out because we does would you I don't know it for another slump we just liked it. Personally like. Take Phil Argo. And give him have him give his talk or whatever right. And then see how that compares to a Charlie Mitchell and what he's doing may take another successful bowling Alley somewhere else and see how they're doing it their way. I just did the views of everybody around the country. And try and figure out how to others one necessary modeled that everybody asked to use in order for it to work in their city. But there's got to be Constance. Indy successful bore centers that they are doing that some of these other ones aren't doing. I mean to first Dotson is. Their upgrading the Nazi have their hands is a bowling center. Not making any additions or renovations instead of always center and looks the same way does now as it did in 1990. Or 1985. Mean don't those of you that are doing that you're screwing yourself. Right you just aren't you it's going to be got a Duke because you can't. You can't compete with some of these other one's called in and do this now. There hasn't been a new one around here in a while I mean JB's when a redid theirs and totally censored Davies before you want. But he said he bought a warehouse. And made it into a bowling Alley. Raise your hand you know somebody around here that's that's decide a moral open a bowling Alley and modernize it and do it my way. That doesn't happen around here business journal business I have three wood every want you don't. Ever read about that it in you one old Fulton Allen the most recent pleas and opal was Sharon earlier. Rate. In me or the use days. And I was most recently means nobody is bowling there. That's why you'd wanna get rid aren't they good to have I'll come back in time but the huge announcement. By extra frame of Dudack coming up next. Desolate stretch double jumpers edits of I don't want to hear Indianapolis ought to care association where you can win yourself a Mac could make goat track bowling attract nickel on my consent. I am I LWC. A to go sign up to so they went and they can just give it to you am I LWC. AAR dot com for attract nickel bowling ball and you get free drilling. I'm fitting done by Dwight armored over the spare time pro shop. Not in New Berlin over a new program ball okay. The big announcement out signing about golf from extra frame. I did today. Are going to their third full season there should frame TBA two or. Which is great right now the wrong that. One now odd they have announced that it will include enhanced cash and sentence including a season long. 50000. Dollar extra frame PBA tour storm cop. Competition a bonus program points program. Eight tournament series were to include stops in Florida North Carolina Arkansas Texas Tennessee Virginia Delaware and Ohio which means those life on the receipt Phil. How will offer PBA tour titles and enhanced prize funds gets under way march 17 to the nineteenth. At the sawgrass Lane's end tam Iraq Florida. Okay now. This is where things get interesting here. I've this is Tom Clark the commissioner of the PBA next your frame was created. For the PBA it's fair it's the extra frame to work it's the PBA to more markets all around the country offered more friends a chance to watch begin personable and pro ams. Dexter famed tour also means more live coverage start to finish including step planner finals thank god. For that because all the old guys would not be Matt would be mad they were simpler files and be of all the event an extra fame. A dot TV. For all our subscribers also extra frame tour is for the best players who TBA ever regional players it doesn't selves against the best in PDA national titles on the wind. More gray bowling centers and hosted a different conditions. We think storm for recognizing the value of ex friend to work. And for initiating and funding to storm cup which will make for an exciting points race throughout the season will meet a competition with in a competition throughout the series in in short. The best possible field this top players chase for the rewards of the cup. The new extra frame PGA tour sort of series will offer a 20000. Dollar first prize in the competition points leader. The 2017 turned in series plus. Cash prizes of 101000 dollars for second place 8000 dollars for third 7000 dollars for fourth. 5000 dollars for fifth now that's at the end of the two were itself. Points will be awarded to the top twenty players in each extra frame of back. With the winner earning 25 points second place 193 place eighteen etc. with points declining by one to twentieth place. The points system one sure intense competition through out the season. Died 2016. In the points race was in deciding to a final that would Tommy Jones won by five points over EJ attack it. And six points over Ryan Simoneau and each at 830 sevens last three games to get those. Past those guys and those that's praise and I'm up in addition to the new storm caught storms support will enhance the prize funds of every extreme tour event. And the live coverage quality an extra frames I mean you're getting new equipment. Well that's good if you are I'm the so yeah that's that's always good. Your thoughts or. I think it's great inning gives incentive to the obviously the bowlers and the fans. For everything in. But my only thought is kudos to storm for donut yes. But in my big scene is why can't we get Mike can we not yet a now and all lean sponsor why I don't. That I don't now armed but Eaton this deal here. Com this is huge I think for the bowlers I think it's usually PBA. And the reason is huge for the PBA as Tom Clark sat you're getting into communities you can haven't been able to get into a great so now you're bringing the two arranger Ernie did while. I am I can say is for certain but I was soup your boy to get local TV coverage local newspaper coverage. Maybe you can get our radio hit on some sports talk show somewhere in some of these cities are with Gil one of your top bowlers I've. Mean you you should be able to bring. Some added stuff and now it once you get and maybe that helps your TV ratings now when you get back on CBS sports or ESP he had or wherever you and a bowl on recommends I just don't. I don't think there's a negative in as I just think it is really a great idea on and am in order to. Guarantee you chess among top bowlers. You to rub more money have this thing to guarantee it's so no matter bowlers are willing to travel and do this last year fail. We did all the top bowlers do this or were some Cologne now I'm stored or marked Rosh Obama travel all over the country in the summertime. The other or some guys that missed some stops that were very few guys that made of recent stop the next frame two or Tommy was one of them EJ. Vijay missed one stop I think you know previous commitment rights and only missed a couple stops so there guys wanted to make every stop and I think this year. Most guys and it's all the stops it's it's a shorter format that it's a weekend its call eight games qualifying serie a games of whatever they do Sunday. And then next on me at the settler paso these guys yet to be a top of the game because it's not to be on format tournament and the other day. Bob this is if you look at the dates. Are the first of march 70 today nineteenth in Florida then the next one isn't until Memorial Day weekend while I'm in Wilmington, North Carolina. Then June 2 to June 4. In Jonesboro Arkansas. Then the next weekend there in Lubbock Texas. Then they have a week off then they come back. On their it to Billy Hardwick memorial open and Memphis Tennessee. Then they don't bowl again. From the June 23 point that we can they normal again until August 11 thirteenth and in Virginia than the following week and they're in Delaware. And then the following week it ends in cold water Ohio. And Oilers of international some horrible insurance coming up in July so that that's why some of the reason as well. But I mean we've had some great hosts Jonesboro was the first time an extreme to Irvin Lester they were phenomenal. South plains lanes a lot of taxes we we've been there every year with the extra a lot of bulletin taxes don'ts and that is a lot of bowlers in the southwest region and in there for Hamels walked. We can forego ability fireworks all star lanes of Memphis. And some other new partners haven't been have him in the testing regime before we haven't been to Wilmington, North Carolina before that extra friend Willie. To North Carolina is beautiful from earning effort. Yoo tee full when we called. Action carpenter's film last year yeah. That was an extra freeing those orders storm that was a first X supreme tour last year count for points in Egypt one. If you want to but it was just like EG tack yet I'm like. EG tactically and Anthony's payments on my I mean and big name pros turning out for this tournament right. Pilots in the out of star struck I mean the price and the presence of those events is Lee's 101000 the first of Seattle pairs of the answers aboard paid 101000. Appease you look at it after these weekend events and keeps the costs lords. Cost more for the pros. Yet some regional guys in there who might you know get out there take a chance that they normally would have to be at full time job. And you're getting it's a quality competition every once valued wanted to those regional as a sneak in a we have Brian Traber western current Astros who's from here and he finished in the top ten movement. As a weekend regional guys Q just on accounts get a good job capable of Torre it was ball against the best worlds you know we do. Initially if the right place. Again. Again take cracking this marketing taking it one more time for you. You know these are all coming out march throughout his right. So noggin. In don't you have to have the people use but I just don't understand why. You can't have ads or one ever sold. For. The first place guy and second third fourth fifth us up latter with local sponsors and those communities. And then one is done. They are really just takes off a shirt signs it. And you auction it off give it away however you want to do would make it for charity in the community or whatever all five album when it's all done they take them off. Here you go we're giving away our shirts with a below glad I'm whatever else people warmer on town people don't frame on the put mop. People can do with whatever they want them to just has to be away. There has to be a way to make money from the local businesses and those towels when you roll into town perhaps did not. Say what you want in a lot of to a south plains lanes and there's banners everywhere over every single 140 and sponsorship that they self. It is a ball once in a regular average media bowl answered as the bonuses. There has to do it for the PDA to make the money and it. Good for the bullets that are 'cause I'm sure it's not cheap to get to be data come in or how over the whole works so I'm sure they have to make their money to under the you have to look PGA perspective. How can you make money for this two were when you roll into town you're doing it. Mainly for. To come in and kind of help brain your product in that market so people watch you on TV but that's the main breeze you're doing it right for brand awareness I get why you do it. Without a shadow of doubt that makes all the sense in the world and you can't put a price on brand awareness in any market so I understand that. I'm his looking out of cannot make Alexis money on the side here by doing something else besides this. That's a loss. If Miller worked. In the 70s60s. And seventies I would and it worked any is that because of the of the youth I don't know. You your time you ready here companies don't wanna get on board TV regular Tom Clark answer that I can't noise I I don't know all what the reasoning has been why none of them. Would want to give up on board and it would have to beat. That he could be a micro brew. At it and you know like it courtesy you know Brett we have had a economy rate here it could be any of those type deals can be a a micro brew in. Wherever. Cataract Florida that wants to be a headline. And a title sponsor for just that event coming and and then you get all the promotion and all the advertising the Eagles along with that. I'm guessing. Problems for sure I'm guessing there's not a whole lot of advertising for these events when they come rolling into town as far as press spending money and TV they're not spending money on radio advertising all that. They just pop up show up hope bowling I promoted to do enough. And Nady got a couple newspaper articles roll and you tell. Other than that you'll get much when they were here in town I don't think they did really any advertising a TV or radio otherwise 'cause it's well we don't have the money. Okay fine man then we got trigger a different ways of of how to take kind of make this work. But again that takes a lot like work and you need people that are dedicated to. You don't knowing what Cameron floors about and so forth and then howdy to get people there you have to have people on the ground I don't think just make the fault call. Necessarily works I think face to face the best way to selling. And Lee said was ship some it knows a local area. Mean camera it's an Eagles Miami for a lot of how many millions of you know people live there and how many thousand businesses and it. How many days this is you think have a ton of money to spend and would be loved to be attached to something all you had to do was find one guy that's bowling and and he'll give me the money without not do we care what the returns I can attest you all don't get to me Jessica marte sure dot mean. Not every business leaders and fast and that's what drubbing at some guys on old passport to get out of your Mike can so you have that to no question I was a quick time out come back we'll preview the Marseille players ever chip coming up next. So yeah. Desolate stretch eyeball itself presented by the watch aryan apple auto care association got a tweet coming in here a lot by some of the fans from odd James who listens all the time from Oklahoma City. He says don't forget the same time extra frame summer tour is happening. Did PW BA to or is going on to. Thoughts on the PW. GA tour this boy there are pro women's volunteer. We'll see what happens in the third year of the three or support from the US fees seem BP and it's salad. There aren't CBS sports or once again this year published marshal's loud one might show about once a month it'll take three other shows that same time canopy be a World Series of blowing like. To get a budget weeknight chosen serious sports our. The borders are still turning out in droves the prize money hasn't gotten in the larger but it's just that QB two or. And it's just a matter. How much how much support. They better sell a lot of participation from when bowlers than you're saying there's a lot of participation part of is because it's such short format tournaments it's. You know get in Thursday bowl Friday Saturday. You rout Sunday you can get back home and gave him full time terrorism and so. Rearrange and up vacationing you're out their bowl 89. Eve maybe all sixteen weeks the women's tour. All right coming up but today and you not ESPN it's the barber assault players championship a lot of back. As it happens you're gonna see it as it happens opened always like to this event like Ted Johnson on new. Start. Your five seed is Connor picked burden. In he'd beat out. The six seed from TV Andrew Anderson Brian Michigan but then he beat out Pete Weber. More importantly by six pins from getting on the TV shelf and he was the last edible on the centerpiece a chance at double on four in the tenth frame peca the first one and just program does. It through those 36101000. That was economy picked on me TV feed him and would have been better for Webber dancing and pick for for ratings but whatever salt expert is are the five again another nice young up and come home. A four guy never heard of AJ Chapman from Wichita Kansas. What it's assists second tour events those first two of us who remember he made the top 24 at the US open last November in. Las Vegas the cake and play the kids sour first two were event as a pro. And he makes TV. Meaning he's a young guy you said young guys. Maybe 24. Maybe team US is accuracy or junior seniors event as dude that guy they already got my god does tears in these crazy while I hope it would get to this point and Anthony sameness and and kind of preferred. Former doubles champions right mark Rob Marshall Allman. I have an inning guy but it would be great they hold against each other why are you rooting for me how I'm going to I'm not noticed I went five. Four yeah I did to anybody else you know just looking at the picture on how high of hey. Three year is Martin Larsson from Sweden argues that mystery of the term though. Mark needs the win to be available OT OC and Shania next week he has no it's or wins. He has no regional NC can get incest Jersey unless he wins today he's ugly I. Number of 20 eyes Anthony Simons and as a spoiler over here I told you already. January it's. Yvenson I love the one to match but we can get it because the one a guy that we haven't seen all year really is Jason Belmont he Aram. And we some last week in the talents and but Jason Del Monte now has bowled really well. Leading up to this say we'll see if he give bench all he needs is one win by telling me. Some of the TV world championship settler final tune these walls guys we give more games bowl is in the figured out and get things Conan. If you look at the TV YouTube page you'll see a clip we did enough Friday morning. Felt my team game made in the not a lot he was used in ma played an impressive he has Phil brought loads light Auburn from the spare time pro shop thanks so much for duty and as a quarterback what more tie. A Calgary joins the show next.