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Spare Time Bowling Show: Jason Belmonte at the PBA Players Championship

Feb 19, 2017|

02/19/17: Spare Time Bowling Show

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The groan here for the canceling spirits envoy radio show on 105 point seven FM the fan in Milwaukee with the the champion of last week's forever saw PB players tension Jason Beaumont in. Jason were near the end of his competition at the fairly PB chairman champions leave little time for that seventh majors seven how's it feel yet another one under the belt and territory seventeen after it. It feels fantastic. I think probably think the best. Pot about winning and wake was actually finding out that I tied. With one talent but he Europe I hear it's known Duke in the about it majors. I saw no home soon enough that when he. They came out and I congratulated me. And he told me as vice it to me now we we have the same and we took a photo again and that's going to be in the I'm in that. Hole really cherish because. I look at film is one greatest of evil times I like so much out here. And to have the sentiment is like I hit it's it's a really. How awful thing and it. When he sixteen a lot of TV players would have taking years and street TV appearances out there a good run in Detroit at the fall swing. But not the year you've had previous for that when you're three time player the year. Was it a committed refocus for Tony seventeen there was it just something where things are falling back in the place where. Dive bomb a matter pretty clear that I got in my own way through 2006 name. You know I was looking at a prize at the end of the year which would have been a full clarity in the briar which which no plan had done a put a lot of pressure on myself and I high expectations. All myself to do that and it wasn't fan because. Once you take your eyes off what's in front of the union look ahead. It's somebody stumble you stumble by the what's in front of so. My performances on TV for the entire year 2006 stained all I had in my mind was. Let's win the player of year again and I never had that mentality through the first three is that when the player of the year. I don't know why I I focus on that but I did and it talked to me. And my performances started you know I was more nervous islands. Not executing as much I felt like every shot was more important in any of and that's just not how eyeball I'm so it can't Furrey and eyeball but it went on just doing my thing said. But I made the show Los way that was my only goal was to just. I had no pressure in my shoulders AJ is up higher to you now know may and I can just focus on you know he might target them. Interminable that I wanted to say with no expectation on down hard and I was really really happy with the way that you know I I. Approach that tail ratio and my performance Amish. As such a set I mean two majors that are out because you read TV at the world champ should do these longer format Hermanson really seen the fall and here we allows. Even this week here at the term of the championships there with a 144 game. And you've made to into the final sixteen here. What what the focus what are you looked at me throw that 144 giving don't guess what it's just time to move on. Tommy thanks for reminding me about. Hopefully again yeah it's nine days guys it's never easy when you give them ahead stuff. But. I have a lot of self belief and if there. Games left in the tournament. I'm always going to back myself to put together a set to cover up those guys back again it's. Los not was another really good example. You know a couple of so so games in the middle it's getting you know coming down to the crimes and I said. Still got games you have the ability that are some big numbers and that's what it always believe in myself so for me I like. Knowing there are more games behind me because it does allow me it's kind of relax and and kind of the old into the tall ornament but I will say. Starting off with a 140 full it's not ideal. No not at the format. So my plane. From here on in is normal 144 games. Now that few games left in the tournament eight games as you Tucker on Saturday morning. Now there's nude busy with doing a lot of promotion for Asia new bowling ball that you did with storm called the timeless. Watch until some of the fans up there and what the reasoning behind getting involved with your own ball and balls. Yet summing fats. You know I think every ball line. Kind of dreams about it is is having a bowl with a light of this on and a couple of days ago I. Brought the idea is still home. And go Christmas and I've Sims. It really behind the project. But I didn't want to just you know I kind of stuff like go on the side of the bowl and and say that that's cool that's my poll I wanted to really be involved. Behind the process of of designing the people I wanted to be heavily. Matt my my decisions to be heavily influenced in the and creation of an. And storm was so great about it like everything that he seen that ball from the colors to the like a design. To the smell. To what Kabul we put on the outside of the bowl. All have my influence and and that means more what's the name. Then. You know just again put in the leg on the side of the bull cy. Couple easy get a development of the idea Stoddard and it's been a really. Or some creative process I've seen. All the behind the scenes now on how ball in Bulls to get made and it's a testament. Not just a stone went to every company at that how difficult the process really is it's. It's surgery. Chemically and physically demanding. On. On the need the brains behind all the development of it. And honestly I I didn't realize how much guys in every single bully you say on the markets. Knowing that. And and been able to be upon that for recess and some getting use apple to actually win my seventh major. That's something that I'll I'll never forget and that's them economic certainly proud. Well we'll city gets an eighth major this week here at the trailer determine champions yet get through alliances on Saturday morning and election mean you'll see an ESPN amount just had some. It was Jason El Monte and I'm Phil Bryant off of the castle in spurts I'm going radio show on 105 point seven FM the fan.