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Faith in the Zone with Indiana University Football Coach Tom Allen

Feb 19, 2017|

02/19/17: Faith in the Zone with Mike McGivern and Pastor Ken Keltner

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Welcome defeat in the zone show not sports and face and held it to come together and lives these types. Right now discover how people in sports and walk in faith and but host Mike may give burned and pastor can kill learned. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome that faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 up from the fans. I might be given alongside my cohost. He's the head pastor at Brooke's side Baptist Church pastor Ken Keller what's going on pastor or your town doing great weather's nice everything's geared didn't. And I don't it do not. Get fools. No I don't know what I'm not yet food don't put the snow lure away don't pull the rumor out there don't take a terrible little girl I already told me don't look terrible off the school cook I'm Italian should I have been living here my whole life. Milwaukee was got sued I am not I'm not to read in that gas out of my mind while more or might snow Hariri did a lot here I got a long or go. Okay I'm the idea. I'm excited about today's guest any chance you get to talk to a head football coach in the Big Ten it's it's a big deal. And then you Gil what are graduated from merit that the past is Bible college were my kids went to school it's even better let's welcome Tom Allen. Head coach at Indiana University coach or you today. Armed over right. Now we really appreciate your time we congratulations. On and I get named to head coach at Indiana had to be a great day for you and your family. I sure was it was a dream opportunity. As we said before you know only god could orchestrated this to happen in journey we've been our has been amazing. Like that we feel so blessed and so honored to be president. He tab get a if you can't work did you grow and an end let's start with how you got to mirror and Africa. Then well I was. Border raid in Indiana grew up in Newcastle my hometown. Are elevated head football coach there and you know our church grace Baptist Church week. We we always go on you you'd troops and and different. Conferences and my brother so called free and though he was drawn America. And so he attended the air and so it needs to your old and he went there I thought all. And stay for the ministry and so. While he was there I get a chance to go up there quite a bit and and watch games and get to know everybody there and and so I was both say football player arrests are and so is really your church into my brother. Going to marry Napa and being around that that the men there and the people there that I got to meet coach price with their football coach in coach Peterson at my. India had been my head wrestling coach in those two me and really were a huge factor. And you go under and I had other options that they into the united. And we love you come to that we weren't you guys surrendered. Fulltime person service in the that I want to be trainer Christian environment for that. And that's why I went. Man that saw some writing pretty yeah around her are. You know I my my daughter. A move we went and visited Pensacola. And Pensacola Christian it and we got a plane to come home and she said debt that that's a real that's a strict to school as I've ever been around. And that she visited very method she thought your nappy compared to Pensacola I was a party school coach you want kerik you know what else. That's clay sensory come on let's that is 45 minutes for a moment. Well and the bad I can tell you this that at that point the basketball coach I had him on a high school basketball coach show they do on the radio on when my son was a sophomore. In high school. And he said to me look at what might who would do I'm gonna try to do. Is I'm gonna put kind of a play can run the Christian schools the C news Johnson signed into basketball players. To come to merit NASA. OPEC I was coaching pastor Ken sun spot all along all alone and my son should and that we never saw I did I never saw the coach for merit at the cup. Ten you are against. And yet in my in my son was making some decisions to stay around here. But mirror NAFTA was not do one of the schools that he was look at that and then they made it changed and with coaches and that coached. You came after Mets you pretty gut and said hey I we always there's not a point guard on campus. If you walked on campus or give me the ball it's a great place for you on academically spiritually and and I think that's more wise you'd be really good experience for you went. And I was really happy you know that he went to her nephew is a really good fit for him. On bone in my mind as then go and do a Lancaster Pennsylvania Lancaster Bible college and I. Don't let those older boys head on out. There are enough (%expletive) man I doubt we'll see did you never know what's the toughest part for us when you win this could that's hooker and that. And it ended debts. I think it ended that Grayson Indiana has a narrow doesn't doesn't terrible boys for a day yeah I am good enough full it was all over and we're still sat up still watching video effect job if you ever come to town I'll show you videotape I have my kid Coca. You don't play enough of a bear and have a basketball. Eight tablet let's talk a little bit about of your journeys of football coach in cash and I've got to I've got your paths here in front of me but man you you have but you have certainly put your Thai men. On the football field to get to where Europe. Well it's Vinatieri has been amazing journey that started the the white Christian school in Tampa Florida and I left merit at the my wife and I got married that summer and had checked out by two resonate there. But Christian schools in the southeast and and apply it both combination of it's easy opening in my area and in the football and wrestling I want involved in and then. And what my wife she's Cogent thought long and stop all that and teaching math it's so dark down there and then. Worked my way out etiquette of the burden that they do in the public education that's what I was great and if you go to Christian athletes want to be involved in that didn't really serve. In Peru. That the ministry seven FCA and and make an impact on those lies at best said he saw that. That's what my dad had been involved in and his whole career so went from temple right stood and took post wouldn't call our mortgage. Now on a state power down there and and then had a chance comeback moment. Would have been Davis Indiana for nine years. In the mean it took their natural right met all the guys I work toward Palestinians and national type of power from a football perspective and so. Ellis had a dream in this study is reclaimed also exempt for five or so more acute as part. And we just really pursued the dream of being a college football coach and never never really expected effort inept as head coach in the Big Ten really wanted to be at peace in the Beijing was my initial call. No gad down. You know just gave it much more we ever imagine so I've just pursue that went to division three from there. It was good fortune to be with some really strong Christian head coach is Chris Craig strong believer is not a negotiation mission outlets in the wabash and then. Eric you freeze is now Ole miss and he's strong believer in and here that was really are linked together with both those guys and and got a chance to talk with him a land met them and want to. The Drake and in Arkansas they would Beckett curt freed and then we won there and went on to Ole miss and a great success there in that game you can't yourself sorted to be seeing I can't turn that place around their defensively and then. Escaped from the Indiana you know there's been asked you know 2.5 years' worth a lot of we've been seven states in the last ten years my wife and I are Stanley which has been not easy black god and then all over it. And it's been amazing the feeling more and open and closed doors and anti just to depend on him elected political process dishonest. Amen to that we're talking to Tom Allen he's the head football coach at Indiana University. You graduate from her nap the Baptist Bible College pastor. Yeah night someone I think is awesome as oh god secure America Indiana a menu earlier you were probably a Hoosier from from the day one origin. I was gonna and that's what made it so special. Yard I'm from a big family in it's meant to be able those serving this position in my home state. He just really beyond words you know like the only guy who orchestrated never beat implant scheme these things you know you just got to trust you beat faithful on. And then wherever you are guy I really believe you Wear your be all there you know divorce every situation bleed so gathered in the little guy and I just have. All my life that way and live that way and and just try to be safe or got planets and then also hadn't. If he's open up doors that only he can't. Now what are you say you played a high school football your dad was the coach rob what what position did you play. Other linebacker and running back in high school. It's so did you brother who would you prefer to hit people are getting hit. They're just about got a linebacker role was good afternoon good. Sure absolutely that was I was born to do there's no doubt about it. I'm a born to be a linebacker. It tell my side that coast my son as we talked about earlier what was it like for you play for your father. Was at a it was not a good experience trio. Yeah really well as you know we just because we're so close you know it got its down to assure you know especially in when you're young you're trying to you know prove yourself but once you establish yourself and I know that you deserve to play because. You're good player not because you're the coach's kid you know I think that they're a tough thing to get through what that's established and you just. You know you have a special time you're together during practice. You share a lot of things in common in and obviously you know are very close. You know and at that time in and beyond and so it's and it's been a special bond for my dad you know share this he's really been. He's solving all across country and watch this play. And never ever but I didn't think they're you know so yeah it's our ball back and you know plan for him and then it's discontinued. You win when Matthew was was in high school and end die left to program we'd wanna step a couple of state championships. And it was I. 6768. Kids in the whole school. And I left and went over there and it's helped coach. And that first year was a little bit difficult and then I read a book called coaching our sons. And it was a basketball coach sure Wisconsin. That that wrote this book and those who was the good the bad the really ugly stories about coaches here in Wisconsin. That that can coach their sons. And what I learned that read a book a couple of times souvenirs I coast Matthew and when I lured the biggest lesson learned is once we got to the kitchen table. I was his father. And until we got there I can still use coaching so after games Tommy you would try to jump in the car with through with my wife. Can you be like trying to run again that kitchen table before you and I I'd hold them outside and I don't know I'm still your coach what do you think Kim on some of the stuff. And we we look at back and all that now and laugh and and I have a good time with that so I'm glad that that was a good experience. For you and your father you must be really proud right now. Our failure is hard even put into words you know and I think that that. He's strong manner as they do and he taught me that my mom mom as well and so they've been such a great mentor to me. No it's in my parent union and then just keep all the steps and perspective but yet he's. He's so excited just so blessed that this yeah opportunity for him to feel the common. Watch as he's here for signing day in and there they activities we have what mattered and then you know he's he's precinct and fired up that's for sure. Helps pay it some. We start in the what what three years ago we started and we had our first guess was a Johnny Mac to. John McLaughlin John McLaughlin he played at Indiana universe very playground Indiana went to Ohio State are believed in me or are dirty play Indiana but I think you play Indiana yeah I think I'm right he played for the Milwaukee Bucks series out of the color. Analyst yeah people of Indiana because again we we are asking about a Hoosier. And by I shareware then there was of African American. I'm Angela smack you right about the time Indiana University star met name of Harry Hoosier dome in hoosiers a champion. Yeah see a winner yet our winner and yeah we still win what's in hoosiers and hoosiers in the winter classic status so but does very hoosiers story you Google it is really phenomenal. I think traveled all over the state of Indiana and I think there was a some great revivals that took place so. I just uninteresting that you know. You know there's no one can really did define what a Hoosier is not I can attend the thank you might have been Harry Hoosier Indiana paktia doughnut on the state so. A girl who got both drugs are we need to get to break guys we're targeted Tom Alec he's head football coach at Indiana University. Graduate a mirror and after Baptist Bible College. A couple of things we're gonna do next segment retarded Tom lightest testimony. And them and ask Kim is Indiana give to become more of football. School or is he can still be a basketball school that's that's that's a tough tradition is Indiana certainly is known. As a basketball school but. We'll we'll give Townshend Wisconsin football player some of those big voice Wisconsin Wisconsin. We got that we got to hand look at the roster time we get to recruit the state of Wisconsin moved a better. We don't ever ready now visit kids from Janesville Parker that's a big Fella sixty that are 63378. Right now they came in or who was so we I just I just was looking at the roster an ocean and he had there's sewer marina helped Todd gets some of these was gutsy guys out there and I look forward to that let's get to break his his faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fan. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports walking pace. Thief in the zone is brought to you buying bundles of old fashioned meat market. Here's host Mike may give her. And pastor can kill her fox sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Yeah. Our special guest. He's the head football coach at Indiana University. Tom Allen. And a boy can't go home he is importer raised in Newcastle Indiana and now he's the head football coach. There and I just it's a great story it it it really is. They coach before we charge you but your testimony. Going to go to Indiana. The full ball wisely Don had a ton of success over the years you guys multiple game. No this year feeling pretty good about the future of of Indiana football. Absolutely you know and that's what drew me here you know from a football perspective was just the progress that coach will make in the program. You know to be able look at where he's taken into city yet here and then he investment in the program from the app like administration facilities. And then just the ability to bring in coaches and have been able to compete for salaries it is just very very. Tough market that they would attract the right guys yen and and so the bottom line is that they respect commitment from the administration to do that and so. I saw all those things and that's allowed us to deal sent elevate our program and that is. Two years in a row was made to a bowl game and that has happened here a long time and so we got a lot of work to do and their word in the process. Macon and some changes that we believe are now analyst at. To create the breakthrough that we are seeking here on on the field so exciting time in the. Pay a coach who is somebody who were to walk to think about you as a coach you're defense of the U they would take a view on the defense of side of the ball correct. And and so what as a head coach then you just need to to make sure that you really comfortable. With two with having somebody on the other side of the ball that that runs the offense is that kind of how that that would work for you. Absolutely and and my goal is to stay involved whether defense and continue to be the coordinator. And then what I went out hired. A man I believe that I can totally trusts and turn that side of all over him and as I wore it not hard and you head towards the opposite. And trusting that my divorce is coming to us from the University of Tennessee where he was he our corners they're the last to see it great job. We got cornered me in the one at the same ship and the vacancy and sit there. And so really high level I had connections which you. You know professional experience as well as in my bed. And and just go out maybe military tracked racquets they're on top policy in the country is so good blessed to have him great man. And just these are in line with the bank that I have gotten in the way we want build this program so real exciting have. His leadership on that side and also like the folks on the defense. And run in the change. You know coach you said there were trust in and I've been a basketball coach now for 35 years opened both the head coach and assistant coach. I think them up better assistant coach. And I think that the biggest thing for an assistant coach. Is is to make sure that the head coach trust him he's not after. And as an assistant coach I've never gone after anybody's job all I wanna do is make sure that program that I'm aware that. Is run and while. The kids are have a good time or when it's in games. And and making sure that that trust factor from the head coach is there so I love the fact. That that that's the first word that you brought up when you said look I if there's trust there and I think that. Rather than me yeah it's about loyalty. You know and and at all he users know you can't have relationship. Without trust. And that in the is foundational component to. Our players relations and I'm relational coats in an obviously everything I believe description at least in terms leadership. Build relationships in all had its foundation to the core of coaching from the heart. To our it and change with our coaching staff and I want I want yep man that I understand that and believe and that's how they coach and so. That to me and our coaching sensibly to have great chemistry of the stats will never have their chemistry seen it all starts got. Now has a great point and we I can't remember Tom who we have on that talked about coaching. From the inside out first and I remember that was my but it was. A tremendous I think concept there. I watched some of your games last year and evening and some of the big powerhouse team to came in your place you guys were right there I can't remember if it wins Ohio State or Michigan who was that came in their but it was. Our there was well can stay I can't remember who it was or it was again regain it. Estate in overtime then we played our state Michigan. Nebraska and Penn State to the wire. And and really especially in Nebraska and Penn State we were beating them in the fourth quarter. And and didn't finish and then we had had their chances against vocal prostate Michigan. Late in the game and that so we're right there ever that kind of the premise of that the scene out there were under which is breakthrough we're just trying to we've been so close source. Couple years now and now we're trying to find a way that to take that next step and and oblique terms. Well will be out will be watching Tom nine and room for New Delhi every week except that Wisconsin camp yeah. That that's that's it I understand. A Tom one thing that we love to do on the broadcast is so I have are get a share how your journey of faith with Christ began and your testimony and and so again where a secular sports talk show and it's of of the lord that. He's allowed us to be young now almost three years and this is what we love about this program and and I tell my can Eveready has a journey and then it all comes back to the same person Jesus Christ and I'm so we'd love freedom to share that with us. Sure you know I was whether your Eagles you know really under the direction guys my parents my. My mom would like coming in and Condit at night about. Have we. Take our state interest in Jesus and all it did you knocking on the door on their security department are more. Our ideas is turnkey hope our hearts and kept them. As our lord's day at your source and then and so that sort start for me was that partially to the use and then the and we. Changed churches and yet searchers are really very. Driven towards teaching the Bible aren't our family we audit except to practice a year. Prior to that we all got baptized together in the same light string you believers baptism and and and and we. Historical payment app to play a big role that my brother went to school where Obama has a school there and I went there. Also orbit went there Napa. And and so that was where we really know we have great home church and there were raised. In that sets to love the lord and to hear him until that for hand and so that ought to. Built upon and then after the game that foundation two or use sports. Are for operations for ministry and I played for two coaches. Wrestler Chris pierce and total current crisis. Use that platform to bring our glory cries and and use it as a witness appear to be able the path to attract. After gains in master and the rest immaculate anger that you after the everywhere in America happened. Witnessed again in Basilan and wrestling and and just those men made a huge impact in my life and how I used. My position now as a coach. As the ministry opportunity impact. Both the players in the Trojan again brings crops across our path in Indio to ship just show them the gospel and by live and out and I'd tell them. So that they'll be able the same for him one day and you count. I saw some time you mentioned your mother on an online coming we've had that. I talked about their moms a lot for your and their influence in the word in and from the time we had Tony Dungy on and he. He's shared that his mom what was it on Thursday night would take a mauled back to them to rumor in the basement and you have to judge that she'd say you're gonna listen to mind. Sunday school lesson for Sunday and so he said we handle the stood twice fairness hey you all the answers by Sunday if you heard it on Thursday but evidently he said you know was how god had. Open the door for him and given a platform and they're going to use that for the lord and and has so many Tom that we get to talk to that that's what god has done in their life he has. Increase their platform. And now I think of high school coaches yeah camps that you Iran you know I I don't know of any secular colleges that are. Doing mission trips their inning on that line but. Just some some wonderful opportunities there for you how god confusion and continue to keep that. A wonderful message in the Jesus Christ is the savior of the world out there to people and down. And I know we do a Mike always mentions we have coaches that that listen in this broadcast and now its then unique it's a different. Format because we don't know of any other secular sports talk radio hasn't have a faith based program like this and a sock and a got a basketball game last night vision that phase in his own and you guys are anti ballistic on that. Also I thought that that's how we want it to be we got a message to share and so. Yeah it's and it's a platform and it surely be in the head football coach in the big tenth time this this platform that. The lord has given you is is is awesome. But mayday at best a lot of guys this question. But as a coach time do you think it's it it will be easier to walk worthy in the locker room or outside the locker room. Did you know in eat a lot of players and asset they'll they'll say look in the lot crew and there's a lot of guys. That are alike mind it the lie disagree Christian group that that keeps me accountable when I'm in. Locker room and a mortar net Indiana you feel pretty comfortable with that. I do in but I think it's about leadership you know I think that you staff and the people which you attract cheer you when a critical like. I sure there step where the ever talks about culture today and what that means and if there was cratered our culture change culture and immediate. Bet that means what kind of peer pressure. Our year are you under in your in the environment are you pressured to do the right thing you pressured to talk here pressured Chet. The that the lord or you pressured to do the job. You know excellent at that yet agriculture here create I want culture here where Greene here where that beaten me and I want in the one CG. In the locker room. That would creep out septa for our guys in the NCA department program at least it actually only involved them as well. Is trying to give our guys opportunities to seek him and to be disciple and grows so they don't know and when exposed in the Jesus. And and allow him you want to be captain I'd and that they do want to help grow so to be different leadership of the coaching staff. It drives alive they create that environment where they feel comfortable and they feel like they can have a ability to. Take a stand for him and not be you know make fun however not be you know set aside I think if that's. That part of the leadership of this of this staff and have the whole program that can drive that. Mike you know as Thomas coach and I eyes is our coach and as he was speaking here. One thing that that hit me was a sound almost like Bobby Bowden talked to us yes I mean body bound new meat too you know says hey look one of these boys to get to church most of them hadn't come to church and and we have a couple guys. That work here for the station that played for a coach Bowden. Yeah look out glory Butler in and it will that's the one bacterial or Synnex may be attacker and then Laura Butler. Are here every day. And and LeRoy played first for biographer coach Bowden and he said look. He was a guy who walked worthy. He he walked the walk and he and he tried Dick he had all his players to understand. Who Jesus Christ was an. For these guys to tell it to understand us yet and as you are just that you'd just sharing your heart there as far as what you're coaching staff and your your. And the pressure the culturally you're wanting to create there. I this I just had a flashback guess that man all of it that that guy is directing guys like common Bobby Bowden and Tony Dungy and these guys all over. You know to take to get into place and increase their platform and impact connect an impact. You'll my favorite part of that last cement knocking on the door of your heart to slow it meant that's meant. They yet admit what's great words from your mom Tom that's awesome guys let's get to quick break. Other so prequel continue our conversation. Tom Allen who graduate from Mirren at the Baptist Bible College if he's to head football coach at Indiana University. This is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports and Milwaukee faith faith in. Is brought to you by all American window and door. Here's host Mike we get burned and pastor Ken Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Whom. Back to feed the Sony console ports birdie one of 57 FM the fan. I'm Mike we you're alongside the head pastor at work side Baptist Church pastor can tell there. Our special guest he is graduate from merit at the Baptist Bible College spent. And it's been never yours in Watertown. Downtown beautiful Watertown a because of that head football coach at UT at a university he is Tom Allen I you don't miss the all that action that goes on it. And Watertown do you tell him it's that to happen city. I tea. Why in the I don't this of that freezing cold weather. Answer this is like Watertown this candidates is live man. It was a little down live in the night. A divinity steady and plans or. Yeah our our executive pastor who graduated from Aaron Hansen and he week he's from Colorado and he said man he can any big Denver bronco fan he couldn't wait to leave water ten when he precisely title riddler. I never count them back to Wisconsin thank you for help make it to this not done much that you never should ascendant because now he's right back here oil rights. All right and I hope we spent outset we spent a lot of time obviously wanted to tell their kids going to school there and and I I think that school a lot. Tom I I just Tuesday on my son while played football there and that's a quick story my daughter reserved for freshman orientation. I'm Katie Keyes got my personality she's that real nice sometimes. And -- choose here for freshman orientation of football boys walked in with their football jerseys on. And it's one voice in the next have you found a white Kia which is a really odd question to make sure no one I goes yes she's right. There and here's what's your name to I don't know I'll go laskar. Two boy walks overseas my name's John what's your name. She says not your business could you tell your friends do you like is I can't hear what I know want to do away with his tail between his legs and had about three months later there rats have dinner party thing and they got to start talking and I've got three beautiful grand son's lacrosse history for me. From now boy that went over death sectoral what are name is so number that's that's not bad Yegorova gang of x.s the year big question for for coach here with. Indian global Indian MS I I was going there are you yeah I don't wanna put him on the spot quite yet but I cannot I can't pay so age you know Indiana today and universities goes about twelve school and it's hard. You know would you would you had to cut its success of basketball program is that is it hard to be. A school that can never really successful football and basketball. You know I believe he can have vote and that's away and I did it by. Or they're you know. Revenue is not being a basketball also looking at we're very proud. I was raised. IU basketball saying it offers from my home town. Yahoo! we came here hit that was hit that has passed because Newcastle. I don't as football and so I've known decent I was a boy and and just so proud Hanna what he accomplished here in England national champs Internet sentence so. We're very very. BA basketball fans. Here and so that what I believe I wanna I wanna build they'd be capable program that matches what they've done and so there's nothing to diminish. The basketball and and apologized in basketball school art down is let's elevate our program. Football to what they've done. I think Wisconsin has done a pretty good job of that they penalize success in both sports. The and and Paul Crist is it is a perfect fit Todd are you wide GGO Paul I'm sure you do. I didn't reflect it Matt Wright and even the Pittsburgh I was on this and again. In a bowl game Berkman. Bush he is you know grew up in Madison and in I think he he he is a coach that's not look keen. At what is next opportunity yes. And and he works really hard he's not a greeting her view on the radio which is kind of a good old guy that's is. You know they were gonna do our best but they love them up here. Yeah it's it it's awesome hey coach what's on signing day for you hearted that goal it was it was everything you'd hoped it would be. You're a great day we sank torturing young man you know my first class and it was full year treatment as had joked that. About burn all that that was here coordinator so excited to attract. Along quality onions from religious emblazoned in your tank is from across country and really. Tried to find out if it was sort trying to build here in the late one of those so very excited about our class and gently union and get going. And what Tom what is the state. A high school football in Indiana is it pretty strong are. Yet they actually you know I'm out as a coach here for ten years and so. I think in the last ten years it's even gotten better in other more division one guys in Indianapolis there's pressure after I was. It has been neighbors there. And there's it's. A large high school instead it was a time and there were four or 500 students and sources. There's several schools in that pocket should have put out a lot of Big Ten players in and has gone national and so you know it's not a big state electorate aren't going back with Allstate. Though you have to make sure you. Do great job of getting to you guys. The ones which and they can help you it in this conference where he win the championship and so probably and get somebody like great coaches would side to have as our nation's space. Well I guess to as a high school football coach you have a lot of connections are not just an Indiana and down in Florida and and kind of really are all over all over the US. It really helps give me any time year. A former radical gathered its connection. Between myself and and coaches and knowing I've been there in and spent fifteen years in my coaching career at that level significantly in the pusher. Hate Tom Howard who when where and when Paul Chris Rose who was named to head coach your I can tell you that I I'm pretty involved with the Scotts of football. Coaches association. In fact I'm next month there they've I'm going to be inducted in the hall of fame. There for the Dave McClain service achievement award they get a chance at 22 up and and talk a little bit at their at their clinic and it sounds like and then the and the awards banquet is that's very night but I can tell you that these guys were still happy. That when Paul Chris was with the -- he's he's he's one of them. And you keep doing it just made such a difference in their lives to say you look. We'd we'd we'd have a full mind that we can call Paul on and rather than some guys that we've had the pass that. You know you had to go through three different people to get him a message and I think that that. Make such a difference that when he has somebody reached out to these coaches about some of their players. Mend their pick it up the phone. And and they want these kids not to stay home in the state of Wisconsin if this if the if parkers is what can add up and I'm sure that's going to be the same for you and Indiana. It really is and I I think that's kind of a great way to describe it you know these special comparable. They know there are welcome here. And it picked up the phone and intact with me you know most of them myself number already it. And the now well already before it got named as cultures so it is it is great to hold different. Environment and just went into the back to trusting one another and and then I know make attic as yet there aren't on the that your body they know when they in the near. They don't play present going to be. Treated in the way they want to be treated and they they trust me to you know take care of him develop and then up and to be the be all that they've got called in to be certain that any opportunity to have that. Relationship with the guidance very important. For this level to have that kind of trust who could. Yeah coached I'm sure is your daddy award. It Campbell army ta yeah I'm sure he still took the football with your dad did you guys are down film filled with. You know media. Obviously had an opinion about what we hit the ball character and the other thing. Now let's hear hey did you said you have Brothers sisters we Chamblee. Idea I've gotten older brother older sister and I have younger sister is well I'll all of Livan is seeded Indiana at this point. Two of the three my have my brother lives in Detroit and the idea he sisters on those numbers from on the mafia so we get through three or close by. Men home games home football games handers UV a bunch Allen's there in the in big in the crowd I'm sure. Absolutely well my dad yelled at that and and my mom dissent in this debate I have 32. That day and you can you continue to Nancy those are saying hey I'm open during those negotiations for that big contract. But god yes fifty season tickets and when it gets cold I I'm one of those food so there is a part. Yeah hey Mike Allen to say congratulations to you about the the awards Shia and aches and in the same breath Tom Mike is a motivational speaker go yeah tonic guy and he's been an island already needing down there are times you like your out of the funniest thing I got a email a couple days ago from the guy for the Wisconsin football coach associated. Since you've come a day early. And we watching it happen we wanna have you speak. About the Wisconsin football coach association radio show that she do. And you would follow Paul Crist and being fronted Jerry Kramer. I should know about doing a heck that's our show are. No there's no pressure all guys we got get too quick break Leo once short segment left our special guest in and you know what he's a good one. If you're a parent out there yet a student athletes. Who is a division one football player. I would I would take a look at Tom Allen I would take a look at Indiana University. He and and if this is a young man that that can play at that level. I would somehow reach out to Todd he sounds like the kind of coach has do take good care. Of his kids and and guide them in the right direction this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. More now of faith in this zone discovering people of sports and their walking face. Faith in the zone is brought to you blind young expressed. That the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor Ken Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Welcome back to feel zone on sports for you 1057 up from the San. I'm Mike we govern alongside pastor can tell there from brook side Baptist Church our special guest. He is Tom Allen had football coach at Indiana university graduate from merit at the Baptist. Bible college in. And he's just it's been a great guy size and grade you know my goodness hello this testimony and passion to reach people like he time you were talked about. Deemed to have been in Europe players involved with Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Athletes in action. Utley I don't know as a head coach he did he keep you judge keep you can't to Rex kids to do that which you can open the door for FCA and an athletes in action to comment. And be able to speak your players is that kind of the way. The approach you take. That strict yakking and direct them you know and and an immediate setting like that. We make it very accessible to them and we have a team chaplain. As a great job connecting their players and build those relationships and and but obviously we were very very supportive and I ticket while on you know that's. In my time that really challenges virtually in you know I got here I'm a single player. Undies cents a year ago and and do it coarse conversation after this one key question no we're gonna leave. As it were the three most important thing in your life. And invariably it will say something about they're afraid. And when they say that as OK Leonard that topic is due just over there they got your face the most important thing I want most. How do you discrimination again. And Al though where an eight and spiritually and and it died from there and how that case I gave your Google collects a backpack that Tony Dungy devotional that I use. And I if I give you devotional would view. One you get in which you read it and I've never had kids coming out so I bought it yet. When I got here. And if he uncommon life daily challenge to book from Tony Dungy and so we use that to take her quest and count them up Aussie. Text message and that's kind of our struggle relations. And villages in the cabinet over and over in years years years ago net and that's just the cal out you know yet. In that virtually end and really get their relation they'll. Well you know one thing might have Bobby Bowden mentioned about that was mothers and grandmothers. Are pretty pumped when they have a coach is going to be concerned about their son or grandson spiritually. And now is that that is very powerful who have funny twos he says look it didn't matter. What condition would do what condition in the house was. And as far as spiritual life even if the once she talked about that part of that they were off for an asset the only time in he would ask their their permission to take their son to church. And he said deal only twice in his all of his coaching. Liked the wood who was the answer no and that was from two Christians can't waste that's how we don't watch you know he's he's fine in that area. He sit other than that we always ask is it okay if I take him to church. And any and every time but twice to do they say yes yes take such do you have several guys on the team their believers. Radio and and a which is awesome and and obviously we're. You know just under great job. Given there's an opportunity to have to make their decision that is the sort they have to make sure that. The same time we. And I tell you can't separate from your. Faith and and he would do it you're gonna everything GQ he talks. Partly involved what scripture and Tressel worked so that July and that's what I'd do that house on day. He and coach was who was your staff thought in Placer interview you've made some adjustments I know with. With your staff who were there some guys that are holdovers. There are typical defense here intact and then. Make gains on offense but he outbid the core of our guys are still with him break. Booty start out with next year I mean who did he go against you for open and well. The whole cool what you think you can just a minute had so you noted what that's your your conference in about nonconference. That's our that's our opener for the season. I'm sweep August 31. On Thursday night we opened on. It's gonna TV yeah estimate yet on that'd be. Opening night of college football being at a televised in its biggest homo Ernie issues in the so we're pretty. Are we yelling at you we got three minutes left in the show we should all just close your eyes are red and half Mexican preview you can actually had a dog that saw some that is that that really years. That'll be fun you guys play Wisconsin this year. We do at home here. Well maybe it's a road trip well I hate us out to put the red Johnny get out you know you know there. Yes hey not say attempt to begin back up here we you know Mike penalty to lunch sometime and and if you need him for any motivational stuff oh you fire up guys Ellen yeah yea you got my boys still talk about my coach we giver and as their coach is fired them up. You recovered TCO's defense of banks had a bump and run I'm your guy I have been a height of your guys. Hey Tom we can't think you know for your time I have we really appreciate it. We wish UN and everybody understaffed and your your players your family. You good luck this cured it will keep nine Indiana football and and I hope that that she win just about all your games. Yeah. You drag. And no and I get thanks for listened as his faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan you. Been listening defeat in the zone with host Mike and give earn an pastor can help. You can hear feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find patch shows an exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people sports and there are walk in faith. Join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM so fans. Well yeah. The games and. Our service. Noted she's the.