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Wrap up the PBA Tour season; also a sitdown with Champion Jason Belmonte

Feb 19, 2017|

02/19/17: Spare Time Bowling Show with Steve "Sparky" Fifer and Dwight Albright.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From the local links to the PGA tour. Pulling fans welcome to the gasoline spare time bully show presented by the Milwaukee area and Napa auto care associates now here's your hosts these marquee driver on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Well commanded is another edition of the castle it's very tremble and show presented to you by the watch area and apple I don't care association where they're giving away a bowling ball for you yes you have a Jets when a brand new bowling ball. Line all you have to do to get that track Mikell bowl mulls what am I LWC. A. M I LWC. A. And have that chance and then you get a free fading and drilling mark guy Dwight Auburn over here at the New Berlin spare time pro shop is in that correct. That is Rex or good morning sir I how are you. I'm doing that I want also thank comment team for all the work out man and he told me this week that entries are coming in the fast and furious up here it's great that people are signing up for it and I think we'll have quite a fuel. Entries to choose from next week gambling next week last show and and we get the pick. Winner for the bowling ball yeah I care way either I'm looking forward to it and short season Hank has another sold TV things. Slates out or whatever but that's fine. So we have to go back to what happened and again at the bar assault a players championship all last week. And we'll start their first. Up first off before we get into the actual boldly. Your thoughts. You being the old school they guy that you Barton on the PA announcer in the background. During the Jets let's go player's name let's go player's name looks goal player's name get in the crowd into it you're not as many chant out. He be any I think he does renteria. Mean that's all. Part of it OK if you were in the crowd and think it's so he went for me viewership on TV he gets old quick. Now I understand Andy's a pitch man Anderson innings gonna get the crowd involved and they try to do that during the summer series when they were in Milwaukee. Again all that it just doesn't look and sound good and TV I mean Benny and I both agree. On it and I think it's great that the try to get something going in the Krause Armon doesn't sit there I'll sleep. It just hasn't come across looking. On TV again it's my opinion that can be completely. Ron what did you think. Aram I was confused. Earlier. Is far as with. What exactly. They were saying I guess I couldn't make a what he was saying. And it took me almost and still. Where was an arrow or down. Who took me later in the Pickford match. To understand what exactly he was chanting is that for a while funny was just a pick for Stanton might OK so they're a penchant for pick for this whole time so be yet. And a part of the reason was Chapman was born on that well but I thought that's what was going on but it just continued in and they were gonna for Bob Monty at the end they were doing it for every. And they started this actually a World Series of mowing Sparky so I already heard. This pitchman and if you were caught that I heard him at in Reno all right with the crowd so this isn't the first show up the point that they've been dormant but. I'm all for trying to get the crowd more involved and you know being cited say that you are in the crowd to watch. Agree TV show and great matches but. I know yeah I guess if that's and I my eyes and I about it well that debt but that's okay no I mean that that's how it goes all right so we we get started here. Oh the first match it's not Pickford and Chatman. Are and as we talk of a last week. Mean this is a big deal for Kevin here I mean as April this is the first term and you try to bowl and as a pro and it golden before as an amateur in and did pretty good. This is the first one as a pro he makes the TV show. I mean we're talking on the Shell ultimatum Peterson met right. You know we but he said he is that nerves probably in the beginning the first go balls were. All that bad that ball in the third though had that five count on in the third. And actually would know. Not to get back was in the force fourth buy a cup first ball before it got three of those five would have put him down 23 to four to pick spurred. I'm then came back in a fifth at 32810 split in the fifth it was current after that I mean it's kind of preferred was groove and that whole match. While. Rainey he's kind of noises that though when the first time your TV that your insides wanna become on the outsize I think there is always ready says for the nervousness aspect I think he shoots like. He set himself like 120 TV the first time is on TV. What people have to understand is that at. First match at you're on TV those ten frames it seems like one frame. It goes by so Frye passed you know. And I think the more he is extremely talented because they've shown during qualifying during the week you can see that obviously he deserves to be there. But when he and on TV that's a whole different world especially Pete maybe don't have a good luck and I don't mind kind of fit picked for had a great look all day. And and actually. I thought at the beginning that he could actually run the table. I thought so too early on he he looked good against Chapman to 43154. Not much of the match. That a comeback in the second match and have no fear pick for was just getting started because he rolled to 266 that game but again if you go back and you look at that game. Larsen two for ten split right off the bat. Opt for for Martin Larsson there and Larsen needed to win this one to get into tournament champions have that he had to win period. Com many changes the ball in the third several times Annie goes to the daredevil. It was a ball right to the notes. And seven counts spare there. And then you go forward Dallas in the third Pickford what is our off all that great as far as who wasn't strings price the other. He makes a change. With Tim Mack. Throws a double in that fifth and you hear him say good called Sammy young. To Tim Mack NC is that is where that culture or the ball rapids a caller yeah can play huge divot it's not. Did you that advice but it's good to be educated advice what they think you should do it made out work call a time when it does work it you're not thinking about it. If it to make a lot of money. How many times have you bold and you really. You know even junior leagues and everything and in and you watch a chocolate I'm lame. And really realize that you really don't pick of the bond to a at least it's Tony feet on the lame. And wrecked and that's the pin that when I coached. And I get this all the time from my students as. I get to see them release and at the foul line I think the whole thing in the whole lame but our eyes are trained only see the about forty feet in the lame right and what the balls to lament forty feet so. Yes it's. Extremely impart when you're on TV that that guy has the chance Asik. Eggs ever Lee and write the whole shape of of the ball and it's always amazing to me either the ball or the way it's drilled and how much of an influence and has. To the bowlers high in and the confidence that they had out knowing that. That balls made the same exactly from ball the ball every time Brian you know and it's just that either of the trillion or the shape of the weight block or about that the motion that it's going on the lane. How big of a difference it can make. Yeah it it is is not our minds right these huge huge difference at that point on then Pickford does a ball change of his own. Not in carries a split for a strike to make it four in a row in the seventh and that was pretty much Kearns adapt point I think it was like it to ten split or something like that keep the cars carried. Never had a lucky I think you went through three balls and none of them or work compartment. In other thing that I liked with him though is as I can see why he was a steep they eat. A word when Travis will get to that with a couple of things image on the broadcast. Yeah and given the balls way to the kids and everything right I I think that's very. Great of him to do that but I also I think it's very memorable for the the youth bowler in the crowd. Well and that's the thing every day they said there was a kid Alan they were warming up and had a side hey it's my birthday. Larsen brings mobile in the brain Obama he'll yep washed. Does that and then lake where it gets a for for each. Then later goes and takes itself you with another Stanton might this is a huge. For this Newton made it. I think he should have been pentagon had been that Dwight Albert so we don't talk to anybody just be cured operated go right. But it's did you has loosened just you don't have him for maybe that's really deals with the nerves. Maybe everybody is different you're right in that aspect everybody's different as far as how they they deal with pressure. Going for yet you're out you're absolutely right about that so that was cool now and yes he won the sportsmanship award right. But it should be said to that there are other really good guys on on the tour were there they do a lot of cool stuff too I know for a fact rash. Has done a lot of great stuff with kids disadvantaged kids everything else on during his time. Moon and another one is norm Duke if you know. How great of a spokesperson he has for the for the tour and and Agassi does work with US BC as an ambassador. Some. I agree there are a great group of guys that are out there that's of that really showed. Howell personally are to the PBA fans. Yeah I think it's it's just a it's a great deal. For this tour because. Or whether they want to admit to it or not I think some of them may think they're bigger than they are in our job and they're not but. But name another sport though that you can get that close to the pro cracked and had it in or not I I agree in but that that's my point is. Is long as these guys stay grounded and off the ball or stay grounded out to realize that they kind of do have to spoil their fans I mean they can't be. You know football players visible off. Play at pebble a lot of fans or whatever else is there the NFL and you know people are gonna come across Kubel off five year old or not. Toward the NBA or Major League Baseball that really matter right he's like golf right. But from this ball PGA needs to start to some but to b.'s without Tiger Woods there at their numbers are number underwater right they better start doing the same thing. But I mean from the PBA standpoint. So this huge huge mean the ball well you get decades kids gimme a fan of yours for the rest of his life. Every time you're on TV or any time you're close to their child and he finds out about it or she finds a lot of and I was a boy or girl that insect but anytime that happens. That person is gonna while mom and dad to take him to go see you bowl in twenty years from now your bullet on the PGA fifty or thirty years from now. And that person sees you meg Mallon arousal Kim and humor this and I energy Marleau Arsenal will remember that he is this was a big -- for him. Read that that's just. I just can't beat them. So I got a ball from a pro I Bolero. Actor in the Miller highly clap that classic back probably in 1972 so that puts me about thirteenth or two years old right. And I could barely hold out of the hole because obviously they're throwing sixteenth. And that the pros came up to me is that your kids. Right annoyed I don't have no memory who was here and carry in this sixteenth home bowling ball around me and I look at my mom and dad and I eagle. I gotta have this plug every drill for me and hasn't blossomed the Columbia white dot. Any dollar ball I have one of those I don't white got a yeah. Yeah I've been no doubt that there's nothing special to it it had his bit on it so the span it's like five and happens is line. Am I getting by him closely Getty Charlotte. I remember that though now forty years later and it right right and and that's salute. You don't really shy about the show or maybe I more than we but always have a marketing and how they can make more money and how they can increased TV ratings and sub like that. But that that that personal one on one interaction that you get bombed from that situation. From a pro Lance. You you if you have kids that are aspiring bowlers or that love to bowl in. You bring them to a pro am you pay your money you get them into a program in you of the bold the cub Li's pro bowlers a they're gonna see just how good they are. All possible there might. Really don't beat providing regular a guy like Larsson or somebody like that that's real interactive and and real nice guy delponte's really really go. Oracle from Cassel Giants at army he came on here he did Del Monte down there where they've for a storm demo day or whatever. Yeah and they brought about Monty yet aim to play out. I hope all works I think it'll work yield a much you're big enough name it. Their place it was all right block all people so everybody's in their Belmont to come then what lamented do. Yeah so he gets on the PA speaker welcomes though the league play and after they're down to double date stays like an hour two hours longer than he was supposed to signing autographs and stuff. Of the bush said above and beyond. On anybody's expectations. If Cassel lanes if you look up on their ceilings they have like all the different art that was done years ago from to from people right. Belmont day act nice thought I was solid when it happened he took a picture of the Syria said this is on the coolest concerts I've ever seen. And put gas lines and it ends and how to tweak its huge didn't have to do that. Zach is the type of stuff that you can't pay for that type. Our stuff if you're the PBA tour getting that type of personal interaction from bowler to fans not you gets a bullet that shows up. Sits over the corner don't talk to anybody does the bare minimum and leaves. That's gonna leave a bad taste probably examples -- but you've got a guy like Belmont to do and that or Larsson do what he doesn't some of these other guys or rash. It's it's huge for this tour huge. It shows number one how much rest humanitarian. Fellow is them. To care that much like other guys and Jermaine he has guts because of how he competes and what his deal and loves them I eat so. Mean what up for yeah did that matter and let me go for the league bowlers for him they get up and and the Mike and you know wishing deadlocked. I'm at and their league scorers that night you don't think that's memorable are sticking around team and our hunger to serve on aggressor meet and greet with the league bowlers went yeah actually they're. You know for his fame Brett off right. It's just a memory you'll ever lasting memory. Again it's your right counselors and remembers promise you they'll remember. OK so. We all way off topic they're Frank Martin Larsson I and that whole deal welcome back to segment number two until brought low. Always going to be on the show has himself a goal or not in Albuquerque, New Mexico none of which is very good stuff. So he's an Albuquerque, New Mexico duels in south so we're here or he'll be back on the show up for the last show of the week of the year. Coming up next it will come back wrap up honesty shelf played out of our sub TBA player shabby chip plus what Jason bell Monty Phil had a chance to do while while with him. Let him onto that's all straight ahead here on the desolate spare time always shall presented to and watch theory Napa auto care association. Check them out at MI LWC. A. That's always very traveling show presented to by the market area now I don't care association and M I LWZ. Eight Arnott got your chance to win a track Mikell bowling ball there plus you get a free fitting and drilling from it Albert. Because of the show I'd his spare time pro shop that's what we have shelving spare time. After his pro shops and make sure. To go get signed up if you're a big Bullock bad and friends and family aren't. Then sign you have them sign up for themselves in the making give you the ball long you can get fitted in drills. I have everybody that you Knowles signed you up for sign Altman and making this give you the ball. Really not that M I LWC. A LWC. A count. All right so we did citywide. The second match and on the ever give a final pick forever Larsson to 66. To 180 to use a pick for disposes of Chapman to 43 of 150 or. Then disposes of Larsson. Now the semi final match and this is what. Blue I don't it was a good 42 last weekend when we got up there Sunday mornings I do like you know what I hope those two match up he's now it's Yvenson and to expert. And they're double drivers partners and these guys are boys I mean they're friends so I'm. This says. All Fister due there this fiasco this is going to be fought where we're gonna find out here is what this is all about. In interested guess Odyssey comes out well after the first three strikes leaves say. What DC. Five count on a split. Up and then afterwards talks to himself. You be here arm. It's what he says I'm like 41 matches and you still don't know when to stop. Meaning he should have shot that shot so I did it twice during riots something happened where he thought he should have called up stopped and went back and started over. And Peterson brought Chris Barnes is really good ado net Sean rash ran out it is all for dry on me bonkers. But the thought it too by Campbell yeah I think they do it. How often did that happen do you. Eight I could never stop Sparky. Ever. I went through and through the shot. I and I know how these guys can pull up I can't do it all my whole life. Do you euros or about assignments and does can I yeah I just go through it yeah I mean if I'm distracted by off on the right you think you should have stopped when. I want to say I had chances do you think there were a that you probably threw a bad shot most times Rees and this is not good. Anger abstracted summer pop in your had lost focus. Small because by the time was a it little released the ball I was able to refocus 2000 enamel assignments on match up well it's different when you have the crowd better. Again and truly yours that I made but what the champs I didn't hear anything. Well you didn't have somebody popping up and now do you have a PA announcer screaming in the back track I would get all that I was so nervous I was probably flat. Brett and the whole time I'm Michelle you know they could have. You know of the whole Chris Paul in initial that in yet another shock to the chest out everything was brought him in some of those early great. Memories and especially Kevin Hart and Iowa get off another of camp subject but but no I mean for me was. You know when you shoot a 300 game at tenth frame. You can't breathe your knees are shake and will try to do that for three games on TV. Right you know it remotely the chance was it where it was just a local bowling showing now these guys are I mean their mindset is. Everyone in the worlds were hatched in this write in also. I I don't even know what goes through him rights because again when you're going up when your bowling. Did the littlest thing in sight line aside getting a raise the sites one. Burping real loud mean regularly could be any thing that could distract these guys quickly Buick pick I'll come on their pros they should be able to get distracted that quick. We've seen it for years. He had a camera angle back frame an instance right shoulder. Is ready to go to the lane and the young man. Raise the sign me stopped and he stopped the cot and he said they guys raising his signer or whatever raped young man Nelly I don't raised at right yep. So I mean. I mean I guess their prime provision them and their feelings are really into him on their and that Shell yep I don't let any distraction whatsoever and it's what sets peed off all the time repeats are. Malls Berroa holds a PBA history was because of that right OK so then you move forward in a match. Paper throws a ball through the nose in that sixth. To ten split. Misses both. They there was another ball through the nose in the seventh. 347. Split up for Pickford. I knew is a status as all kinds of issues he was light and then he was coming up I do the most Paulino and eventually was gonna get to him I mean their bone and a very tough flattening condition you can. I've a sleeve that is because see if you don't have a right our reaction the scores are gonna be and all based off the first two matches so obviously. Now obviously not that it did not obviously worked on he comes back strong at the end forces bell our sources assignments and get to nine count of some kind. There in the tenth rang he leaves the picket fence on the right side of picks it up and that's that. Case closed and nine he moves on with a win Simons and over pick for 204191. The interesting thing though as you know they gave each other and makes Tug at the beginning and everything and and then right Kimberly did they are interviewing Kimberly said. You know what are your what would be in doubles partners what's your mindset going into this and I think pick percent while it's what silence and says it's just that. Where bone against ten white guys you know they can probable influenced and went guys or whatever that is sure okay yeah. I thought it was funny. At that was the TB you know that the one thing. -- for me is and I don't know much you when you bowl friend. Or a close friend and your ball in for some famous story and that to my posts here. Hmmm I your intensity level your concentration just everything did magnified. Like you want them more than you Woody drew just bowled some guy you don't know all for me it was for me what I bragging rights. Everything else going for worse all for me was that that is. That's how I only. The guy and when I was in my prime there were a few guys I. Totally dislike them right I wanted to beat him into the ground while I yet now. My first nine pro Plano which was had earlier handler of grains in themes bill which became bowl wiggles which became Oregon and and and I think it burnt down. Dad just passed away owes me five years old and I and I had to end up bawling my doubles partner the next week. That we were gonna go to nationals out in Vegas okay. And it was a two game match we both made it after a full day of qualifying and beat some of the best in the city and state there to get there. And I had a and I had to beat bowl against them and I end up beating them to when my first ever meant pro title. Paid I felt horrible that I I'd be. Instead of being you know happy air want you know and he was so gracious he came up off the his seat and shook my hand Eagles a ball great all day like you deserved it. You know that's how gracious he was and I said when we get on in Vegas dinners army. State dinners on ice so we had a great time out there but. It it has for me it was very awkward because of how much I enjoyed chip and how much I enjoyed bowling with him and and so. I know I at my intense level doesn't go up again same as was famous and thinks about it it was me against the tent like practice in army and yeah that's how you got to look at it it's you against the pens Mac I mean it is a match that your vote against but bottom line is who's gonna get the best score. See it from me at least armed. Need my friends man we just all trash problem always both money against one another. It was always that need you lost you're gonna hear about it to the next time you had a chance to get yourself back. Com that's how was what perspective. You're eight. Nimble quick first my movement right. All your ultra competitive you think I've I have a guy that's here or not it's from that perspective if I. I don't know who trash talk to me the first right off the bat but firm if I don't know you. That it it OK I mean I'm gonna play obviously from and provide for some not doubling on play but if I know you. And I know what's gonna happen if I lose then he had that we're gonna deal then I'm ready I'll be talking and now everything is going to be go on and here we go to NASA one thing. You don't. You'll have vols have a guys on this tour you don't have those guys that hole. That vaginal constantly run their mouth and talk and talk to the fans out there and that it's there's not that guy right eagle for many. That thing back to golf. You know towards there and of their careers Trevino chi chi Rodriguez you know they were out there are talking trash to each other teaches do and is. Potter sword play whatever he did is a little thing and there was always that edge ever in going out. You don't really Lee Trevino was right you'd really have. Exact type of stuff alone would dis two were necessary know I caught taking care business. TCBY. Call it entertainment. And that's what I call in from from that respected it you had just one guy. True yeah. Now we're like that my head mad as the greater role that's the showman good luck in the dull -- miss this opportunity hero that's the sport and Adonal want you to pull the shot you know just take your time double take time Melo don't hold the shot. That's kept us out you're gonna growl a lot of guys on this tour stage because they aren't used to it like double crippling up. About people freaking out right you've used to want and salt. Would be awesome mad from at least that would be great not written initially when that targets on tour eight you better be really good Arbil back it up yeah. That's the birds you can't be some guidance on TV once every year and indeed I got the running his mouth but what you are and if you're gonna win everything else yeah. But man I'm just on the entertainment will be through the roof remember the year that Kevin Hart. Was on the Chris Paul than any other on Kevin B a champion positional Beck leapt. Aren't as a get up and attempt the double for them to win it is Mike and if that's. Be a champion Kevin and the things that Chris you know a's not in jeopardy because he sees the clip like him or you know an area they need any strikes out the win road you know but. Mostly that also rate that was. But that's that's TV. That's the premise of that dog and black but again you you can't make some media some in the third not the right if there ever give fortune up to get one of those guys. And but that what has happened is if that guy comes upon them. They can't. We can't silence him because of the players had two or complain that he's talking. Don't try outs and just let him be him that led make damage yeah I remember the cover of the bowlers Terrell in the early eighties that's that Holman the showman yes. She wasn't that's exactly are all right you need a lot or you an idea what you get up. Right. Now I'm this toured there are guys you go OK and you're a lot of strong feelings. You have strong feelings. I gives Del Monte. Shore. How are guys you have strong feelings for origin or one. He Webber same tank and struck fields for orgies what are for or against Bill Maher he's Mr. T V they need leads all these great young board they have they need wanna get you personality they need one or two to step. I'll personality wise but again if they don't have they don't have all right we got distracted again let's move by here is our time for Britain summing up do the show from last week. It's now we move on. After that match delegates edit it it was close Pickford came back would not close enough to a 419. Not a jet Richard Matt Stairs Belmont. Did have a good year last year. Now he gets sites. I'll be outs of the. I was bullet for bell Monty I wanted Belmont did to win this match because dub my dad looked the same. He last week to me and out of those assists haircut he has. Or not but he looked like he lost weight in was in better shape and he was glad that he did did it may get missed and it looked like he lost. Aram so it's not you you go here in time it's a passable change. Because we've been changing balls all day one I just continue. I and he leads the 710 split right off the bat in the second for a while I'm in a highly loved the quote Wendy Pedersen and Randy was a 100% correct it gets to the locked in the got her cap in an Arsenal when Baylor got here and Belmont I agree. I toe eager. Then silence it off a double. Leads a six counts split in the fifth Graham gets to Belmont takes. That was Belmont up thirty he had jet to cut to within two leaves a split in it goes plus thirty Belmont take that was the turning point of the match. That right there. And that one frame. Ideas medic aid made it difficult for symington to fight his way back Belmont to go back strikes the next ball but then he he's a split of six fray with an eight count. On a light hit science and strikes in the sixth and seventh. Cut it just minus sixteen but I guess I goal back. To that fifth grade six Cubs split it and that doesn't happen and that's a spare. Then everything is different and they're right there Knowles and l.'s then Belmont day. Like I hit in the seven league's attempt and strikes in the eight Simons and through the nose 36910. And eight frame and and that was it. Is it about mrs. Amounted to a bunch is nice in this match he didn't throw one flush no Peterson was saying don't crashed hit the one ball flush he was mixing it. Everything up. I think he kept continuing to try to chase to oil are continuing. To try to get air time. Trying to prevent the ball from going through the nose which is what obviously did Simon sin and you what you talked earlier about how old you weren't happy if you lost to the trash talk in right there was some serious. Anger arm Simon since par losing to bell more you can clearly see it. The commercial it pretty clear today that Simon's and was not happy about mall one. Was it not at a Mobil one or that he blew another robber you blew an opportunity all of may be. -- dusty does he got really all he does the first Jerricho match she's lost I think. Yes Brittany was in one other one and one right you said there's a once he don't want it right and now this time yet to win two matches. And was able to win one inning comeback in and lose a second. The other thing I thought was an arresting which I did not know. That they brought up was that I was ball the ball Monty Ellis throwing shield design. Yep. There's a lot of video that's out of their but he worked with Steve clamp in and and I'm Kim from storm. I'm back in September at our August in that are. Excellent Vegas. Actually to view of the ball. To Elmo but it was actually a pink and purple ball was just a test ball and Belmont had a lot of input on this ball. And yeah I tennis stole my thunder is. First start and rotor grip I mean they couldn't be any happier with all five of their staffers make him the shops all right and there was not one other ball companies you talk about. That when NASCAR all the time he threw Chevy and Toyota up. You know one and look at the dominance when ever we get in the majors are and how storm there are staffers. Get Aaron TV it's just amazing to me everyone was thrown a no roles pearl are timeless. And now is a big deal obviously. I do other times if you heard I mean is this common in the bowling and as straight as I've ever heard of before Paul where you've had. You'll bowl or helping to design a ball that he was gonna roll well you know. Oh it's just that it doesn't get. Publicity exactly like what they did with this one here and almost. Image of the two handed images on the side of the ball you know I believe it's his elbow on the side of the way around Albert Abraham marks across our players. But it is a tea right now it's one of our top selling balls right now. This one and cannot when asked a really dumb idea of a binder for almost an all well why would part of the reason buying in for bubble. The Mike this is the dumbest question of the day because I think. That there are people that think this time what basket and then you can tell me the correct answer to know what it is already on slick Massa question. Because he created the ball or design the ball does that mean it worked better for two headed bowler vs meek who throws it only with one hand and doesn't have said Mata rev rate at Belmont. That's a great question I think that's right questioned but. ID that's a great question because that's the first they they went through my mind when I saw this video from our guest when. It was just a prototype right in on they're given so much of his input outings like. I thought the prototype at a better look than the final product and that happens all the time and make in bowling balls so. I hate the course yes we had storm and the answer is going to be no it's describe everyone can't make a ball specifically raised I guess you could return to bowler but there's not a not able to make money off. Well Larson was thrown it in I mean so there's many different spells and that so that was thrown only when that didn't throw was Pickford right. So no I I know it's not for just a two handed player and that's why we're so well and so many of them. It was a great debut for the. Although. I don't know how I'd react if I got beat by my own ball I don't you know sinuses on the timeless and he beats you at that they you know. I'm glad to buck ball but he's got people home well. He had a popular level right now good for that goes for adapt what what are what are the trademarks of this ball and encased people are interested in buying it. I label it as the big hooking pearl. I'm so starters getting Smart they're going back to the roots on the cover stock never putting cover stocks in the balls. But the last two that have been most successful for them and what they're and then do minister change in the way blocks around in the shirts of the way blacks round. And so it's brilliant on their part they're going back to the cover that was working for them in and creating sales for them the pros loft thrown at so. It it remains mean and bell ball the last couple time he's been in TV throws the high road. It reminds me of a high road with a little bit more shape to a little bit cleaner for a little harder back look at. They're go so if you're interested in got a book by an emblem on Dorsey delight over at the spare time pro shop buy the new broom ball I take good tap Malcolm Matt we'll hear from Jason Belmont he said doubt and it won amount with Phil. Brattle earlier this week you'll see what he had to say coming a Mets saw. Still Verlander for the canceling spirits envoy radio show on while five point seven FM the fan in Milwaukee with these. The champion of last week's firm soft peavy players championship Jason Beaumont him. Jason were near the end of his capitol here at the frilly PB chairman champion sleeve fiddle type that seventh majors and then I was a feel yet another one under the belt and certainly seventy or after it. It feels fantastic. I think probably did the best. Pot about winning. Wait it was actually finding out that I tied. With one and like Todd Woody or I hear it's known Dick in the amount of majors. I saw and no home sick enough that winning. And it came out and congratulated me. And he told me is licensed and now we we have the same and we took a photo again and I and it that's going to be amendment that. Hole really cherish because. I look at film is one greatest of full time is I'd like us that much out here. And to have the San inanimate is as I got hit it's it's a really. How awful thing for me there. Tony sixteen a lot of PP players would have taking years and street TV appearances out there a good run in Detroit at the fall swing. But not the year you've had previous for that when you're three time player the year. Was that a committed refocus for Tony seventeen there was it just something where things are falling back in the place where. Dive bomb us Matta pretty clear that I got in my own way through 2006 thing. You know I was looking at a prize at the end of the year which would have been a full clarity in the briar which which no planner had done a put a lot of pressure on myself from a high expectations. All myself to do that and it wasn't sent because. Once you take your eyes off what's in front of the union look ahead. It's somebody stumble you stumble by the what's in front of him so. My performances on TV for the entire year 2006 saying all I had in my mind was. Let's win the player of year again and I never had that mentality through the first three is that on the clarity here. I don't know why I I focus on that but I did and it talked to me. And my performances started you know I was more nervous islands. Not executing as much I felt like every shot was more important in any of and that's just not how eyeball I'm so it can't Furrey and eyeball but it went on just doing my thing said. But I made the show Los way that was my only goal was to just. I had no pressure in my shoulders AJ is that prior to you now know may and I can just focus on you know he might target and and throwing the ball that I wanted to stay with no expectation all of down hard and I was really really happy with the way that you know like I. Approach that say they showed my performance on mash. Well as such a set I mean to make his that are out because you read TV at the world champs should do these longer format Hermanson really seem the fall and here we allows. Even this week here at the term of the championships there with a 144 game. And you've made to into the final sixteen here. What what the focus what are you looked at me throw that 144 giving don't guess what it's just time to move on. Tommy thanks for reminding me about that went forty foot again yet it's nowadays guys it's never easy when you give them a heads up. But. I have a lot of self belief and if there. Games left in the tournament. I'm always kind of backed myself to put together a set to cover up those guys bag dance. Lost now as another really good example. You know a couple of so I say games in the middle it's getting you know coming down to the crimes and I said. He still got games you have the ability that are some big numbers and that's like always believe in myself so for me I like. Knowing there are more games behind me because it does allow me just kind of relax and and kind of the old into the tall ornament but I will say. Starting off with a 144 is not ideal. No none of the format. It's my planning. From here on in is normal 144 games. Now that few games left in the tournament eight games as we Tucker on Saturday morning. Now there's nude busy with doing a lot of promotion for Asia new bowling ball that you did with storm called the timeless. Once they'll some of the fans out there and what the reasoning behind giving involve your own ball and moments. You had some link fence. You know I think every ball line. Kind of dreams about it is is having a bowl with a light of this on and a couple of days ago I. Brought the idea is still home. And go Christmas and I've Sims. It really behind the project. I'll but I I didn't want to just you know I kind of stuff like go on the side of the bowl and and say that that's cool that's my apple I wanted to really be involved. Behind the process of of designing the people I wanted to be heavily. And have my my decisions to be heavily influenced in the and creation of that. And storm was so great about it like everything that he seen that ball from the colors to the Leggett design. To the smell. To what Kabul we put on the outside of the bowl. All have my influence and that and that means more what's the name. Then. You know just again put in the leg on the side of the bull so I. Copley is again the development of the idea it's dotted and it's been a really. Or some creative process I've seen. All the behind the scenes now on how ball in Bulls to get made and it's a testament. Not just installments every company at that had difficult to par SS really is it's. It Tuesday to. Chemically and physically demanding. On. On the need the brains behind all the development of and honestly I I didn't realize how much goes into every single bullet you say on the markets. Knowing that. And and Dana would have be upon that for recess and should be able to use that apple to actually win my seventh major. That's something that I'll I'll never forget and that's an economic certainly proud. Well we'll see if he gets an eighth major this week here at the trailer determine champions yet get to the lane chewed on Saturday morning and elect you and maybe Oceania spin Amaro had some. That was Jason El Monte and I'm Phil brattle for the castle in spurts I'm going radio show on 105 point seven FM the fan side it's still very much there is still probably back on again. Coming up next to clash show of the season not next Sunday morning he had not clocked a here on the fat okay. Belt he's set the ball smell holes Eagles don't snell what is he talking about storm balls do. Why its broader grip balls which are made by them don't let storm years ago back in the early 2000 storms aren't all in all my memory selling seventy while probably were beeper to Thomas and how Moeller was like got it for Bolden are. Peavy and we get a for mobile pro amateur or something you know masters to go out for a 56 he did that ball I threw it a few times I was bound. I don't know if they did it to every ball back then they made that may be made of in the height in primary Basel why are they the real problem for it to smell the reason they've. Kind of dollars the term called our team and and went marketing. A bowling ball solid smell. It makes a nice car freshener of it doesn't work area and the lanes. Nonchalant you know I think Michigan and it is working in the lanes. That the story is his habits on the shelf you happen walk in your pro shop. And you walk past that section a storm in used have a a certain smaller set that catches your nose. It's gonna make you stop and pick up the ball and look at and start asking questions about it all. That's exactly what they Obama told us they were hoping to do with it. We're not out just like it's rare double jumpers and did you by the long period of monitors those days she got to the big town live show luck coming up we'll talk about that coming up next. He. Definitely it's very double jumpers and a team by the watch area Napa auto care association at MI LWC. AAR dot com M I LW. C a dot job coming up. There's gonna be today the fire like PBA tournament of champions got a big up today that at noon on ESPN a will be live. The 5652. Annual fire lake professional bowlers association tournament of champions sept flatter finals. Your five seed today. Laver yet. That's goal. Let's all save your radiant throw my cannot. These are all these are all guys that are names if he was yes Forrest Tom smalley. I don't know I like small blog I like small ball of the person it always feels later heavies on TV he's the underdog. Always feel like your port for the underdog and you refer council. The three guy another super nice guy dom Barry. Bring up breweries to. And he's back on the scene folks and I mean it really has come back to the scene he we was. Long golf for a few years and and really see much album on TV Tommy Jones is the two seed and he real gem EJ tacking back on TV a back and how one hole and EJ tact it is bowl in really well. Really well temple where the year five different ball brands not all you know to storm. Storm radical track emanate and motive. All I'm mentally there's so I don't cut them slack for this cultural traffic choked yes just missing Al. And for the TV show norm Duke with six to miss Webber by six pins now bell mind teel was seventh wow. Eyes he missed by quite a large at all he missed by 25 titles do it and I on the show ya all my goodness yeah I mean if you if you would have sobbed out. Say Baird and small would forget you can Belmont all my and you could I attack it hobby jelled Pete Weber norm Duke EJ Scott Monty now we got some good. It's go to be a great show WS but if you could ever gets about Barrett in small lead for Duke and Belmont today. For them averaged 233 to make this show me averaged 33 yeah us. Now it's crazy absolutely crazy sort of fort of that you had a chance to watch that crisp ball event on Friday night live and TV tell what happened in new broom ball. Every Sparky the heavens opened the club how I don't mind I heard the music. Every TV. Had the PB eight Chris Paul event that's awesome prime time. It's like they're listening to us Burleson to the shot I doubt it but yeah it's still nice for us that they that maybe maybe primetime on a Friday made is that none I didn't look this up I'm like give it. I would love to see what the ratings are outs and check in from. Great show. I am very entertained. Wilkie Bettis is really the real deal the Boston Red Sox player I mean for him another major. Athlete to go into Boleyn the guy's got game there's no doubt about it he could win a PBA title if you know at the right ball reacts in the right balls. It could happen with him could happen could happen with him all have to wait and see if it does happen for him and how he is that talented. I mean he's not a TO I mean is another. Level above TO. Let's see here. This is all over the air stuff AB CNBC. Don't want to I want cable. Missy and I confided here I can and you numbers. Not hoping I can. Minded enough time I in order to. Not here receivers are one of the grief data for today show. PGA tech at one game to win. But I like eight tight like Webber's chances of running the field. Does it up I do because he was drawn all week and his release is one of the best out there he gets. His carries like he did all week. Watch out peavy W and he's going to be great TV. Ratings ought to be great with him fans when a tune in the watch peavy W. I'm taking our guy did you tag it Hackett did not think we attacked and I know he's a favor is that he's number one that I I'll stay with Jack now do I know put a Cassel is very time Bolick show coming up next. Hot still weekly Craig counsel's gonna join us on the show the Brewers manager that straight ahead here on sports Radio One 057 after on the fat. Have a good day don't forget got a starts in the NBA all star game I watch X about.