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Faith in the Zone with Arizona Cardinals coach Bob Sanders

Feb 26, 2017|

02/26/17: Faith in the Zone - Big Time Mike McGivern and Pastor Ken Keltner are joined by Cardinals assistant coach

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Welcome defeat in the zone show not sports and face and held it to come together and lives these. Right now discover help people in sports and walking saves but host Mike we give burned and pastor can Kilmer. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Love their teams in the zone and sports review 157. Of them can't. I might be given alongside my co host each. And every week pastor Ken Kelly trying to help sell the phones today. Hello Hala have gotten it in any way you do when the phone wasn't working Kimmel well I'll try to clog our dazzling and I assure you had a plugged in to ask them excellent care that you are I tell you if you ever decide if you. Part I job electronic sisters electronics. On the phone company that's an ideal in electronics and I figured each couple pair special guests this week. Former Green Bay packer coaching currently linebacker coach. For the Arizona Cardinals. Bob cedars are excited talked about coach are you doing today. I'm doing great program. The you that hey coach let's start if we can't whip the what creeping it was like for you know and we're gonna talk about what your history in Akron where you grow by. I'm wondering what it was like yeah in Green Bay we we hear more he boarded bra you know a bit of packer fan in my entire life. I think it being in a culture player the Packers one way. I'd bet that had to be cute just a great place to be and a wonder from the coaching side of it a pretty good time for you up there. It actually really was it was you know phenomenal actually that there's a because line coach with Mike Sherman and I was blessed had an opportunity to your coworker Hammond and European. Part of those Gaza there does the and you know was phenomenal and you know. I think coach wanted to change defense citizens and you know we no we had a good you'll read that. Played the junction gang. And lost in overtime to the giants and in. And the this year you know we you'll struggle that their their kind Tata steel on fond memories great France. You know just women don't work coach McCarthy and Thompson at what a phenomenal group of people that are. And are you always have fond memories. Coach that giant scheme that was about as cold as he gets right. But here very early but think for a while such. Oh does in history I think it move back one and now the purple as it was definitely very very ago. A close look at that tell your bio or do some research a new two day. There's a young man that played for you with the raiders by the name and Nick Roach. And nick he's been on faith in the zone. He's a Milwaukee guy went to northwestern. A play for the bears. But each he went to high school with my my daughter Katie over a marquee Lutheran and Dell what a nice man he has. No of course and one of my most favorite so. And the blessed to coach just a phenomenal leader. A phenomenal man afraid phenomenal dad about postman. When he came to do raiders so he can became you know you know and Chicago it was kind of the fort yet they're so he came out. To the raiders he's. It was our leader on defense. You know I'm not now but I'm not mistaken at W one of his better years. Physically as well but just a phenomenal. Leader. And you know just did a great job or soccer just I'd say it was cripple us. You know he was a heck of high school basketball pork. And thorough and I had no doubt plane after his junior year and the guy who is his it was his coach at that time. Is now the principal at the high school that I coached basketball at. And you know he wanted Dick to play one more year in and nick at that point that I made his decision go to northwestern. And decided that he wanted to just kill himself physically. Magically academically ready I think to play a tie at northwestern and and I think that Milwaukee Luther bass boat team could use him. He's setting up or he had made that decision by manual and keep my feet in the zone coach he what are agreed ambassador. For for the for the NFL. Offers family and his fate that he it was just two really good interview with Nick Roach. What he's a guy that lives in every day you know Muslim every day in the classroom and on the field. Just had gathered. You know that really works in the streets and and has been on display as a player you know. And you're not only on the field but also goes well in the community and just I think I just can't say enough good things about naked what a pleasure was coach. Hey Bob. I can't murmur when Richie Roy went only with the lord but did you ever have any contact with Reggie White at all. No I did not. Just you know just heard you know so many great things about him that exceed. You know it was not. Fortune that the work you know. Anywhere between him. We are talking about cedars former Green Bay packer coach now linebacker coach for the Euro zone cardinals. He about complete pitcher back or were you grow up and and where you went to school stuff like that. Grew up injects into remote. Carolina and so on the coast the East Coast of Mercury on a small town and ended up going to Davidson College. You know opener Charlotte. And then you know this will be my 42 year. Coconut. That three years in high school in high school coach and then at twenty. Two years in college and this is my. Sixteen or seventeen here in also. You know so you know excited about it. I guess you followed your career then right on the catch that's that's a lot of years as as a coach. And I've been doing high school basketball and some great school basketball for 35 years. And I think you know what coach I'm getting tired man. Can I kitten star mom has his team is ranked fourth in the state right now where you eighteen and the very nice he now rocking and 219 into ninety Goodson and our entire I don't know Trammell blossom all I don't I don't wind tunnel law but you could edit your other candidates had taken and passed you will too. Kids are different ministers from kids are different or did they know by the time they get the locker room. How many points their average and were they to a you know land and knowing our conference it is social media has as you know. Taken a lot of some of the stuff and and which should be just between us is now out there for everybody and it's it's tough we got a bunch of sophomores on this team. And I think where you were were a year ahead of schedule. But these kids they'd make big shots and in big time games. And so were were nineteen to two we says school record for wins this year and and we still have one regular season left and in the playoffs so we'll see where this thing ends but Mac coach I'm getting tired at. Hey Bob I've been down there and a North Carolina Jacksonville you still you still frequent that area of four or you grew up at all. I do I did my dad passed away last summer so you know publisher you know all the time but my wife and I actually bought a home down near Jacksonville. You know salute you dust can be the other players who retired when we decide to retire but you know as we don't know home down there you know I still have family here very. Cousins and most you know to sort of situation lot of good friends and so. That's a remotely and back down. Yeah well I have I'm down in search city every summer I have but yeah I have a buddy who has a beach house down there and he. He said man passers don't have no money he says don't fly you down here to teach your boys down. Pound the serve and you gonna say here's search city with Maine and so I mean for the last ten years this over the next is that close to Jacksonville yeah yeah close. That is a fact I grew up probably. You know public. Third of every weekend we stand now you know on. Top silent but now much more toward vote him toward the Atlantic beach and outlook which is index next. Couple problems. And undeveloped river that would you know so arguably still frequent definitely quite have been very very nice. Hey Bob I'm EQ were you why were you a football player out through high school college. Yeah sure yet what what position did you play. It you know what I was removed does it. You know there are. A lot of them as a result an athlete that played a lot of resistance there was good enough to just a moment isn't. Just about the play a lot. I think they're really help me coach because you know. Often these fans inside lumber out so I'm backers actually started out so they grew out of that's a play and allowed their positions which. You know China help net night you know when I get in coaching and had a lot of experience a lot of matters. Or you or your linebacker. Iowa as well while about an outside linebacker is down linemen so. That legacy there was always a moment in the crowd a little bit better meet but somebody get it would be somewhere else. Our athletic enough that they can move around it so I was kind of project involves Betty masters none really. Did you know early on that she wanted to coach who says something that that when that gets in your place it's hard to get it out. I'm wondered what did you learn that that was something he wanted to do. It really you know I got in or later Paris on. Opens him in my bed I'll leave it all sports you know that over and try it as almost little. You know on. Football in high school and everything that. You know so don't always had gym rat. You know so the coaches were. The most influential. It will mark rather them at. You know so you know and and in my bed. We're in the post up the coast as a movement you know so. Just being around it all the time. Men and then I'd say the most important. It Ramallah where my high school coaches my game coaches who are still good friends my right now if I go home we still need talk. You know and visit the you know so. You know just in and then get them. College and having that attitude. You know wouldn't get in this patient. And then you know. Doing well you know actually. Now the best utterance oh no parallel but separate couldn't really put us. The together and back when I was young people are too stupid he started because he didn't answer as quickly. Sometimes it would have been answered because I couldn't get it out and you know so you for the lord to give me the opportunity. To you know to be in the classroom to you know in the upper press that you. He chocolate and then you would have the opportunity that's ahead of the door and know that it was a completely. You know this has been real lesson on the court. You Bobby talking about your coaches haven't and you know an impact on your lives they influenced you and and you know kids are different today and chemical different mindset. You know I think you would agree that coaches today whether it's. Little League junior high high school college pro I mean still have a great opportunity to impact kids and kids. Earlier I think for the most are really looked up to their coaches. Absolutely. You know also I think you know look at days. Cokie just like we were part. All into the profession. Think kids nowadays is it players themselves and talk to a high school are looking foursome disk and look at what some consistency. At all. You know someone that sits in the toward the La times you know you don't get figured at some guests. You know you know. Someone they can talk to so I really do things. That there's a platform for coaches and you know my guess that we can reach. You know just kind of do things right win numb. Sport policy for sure what you know just and no no it doesn't look conceit. You know you if you are really do believe what you say. You know. You live without every day I think that what you can habit and once you know. You know that day in day out basis yes. Yeah hey Bob are. Are the players sudden teachable there on the pro level. No question yes no question that guys like Nick Roach. Coach here Marcus Goldman and their. Chairman to also get. One of the coast and just like them now days so. Much you know now there's so therefore it. But they. You know what you talk about your honest with them and they can you open them and I think that's what got to look at port. Don't mess so we know it all and not afraid to say you know from homeless to this way you know which I'm not afraid to do all the work so I'm not a I'm not present it goes you know a must work at this you know and another angle. No doubt what the good idealist with this way here failed com about. You know that it it is. Cornyn wants done this way you know so I think just being real what gas wont wont to reel all that much help them and given them. Some and you know that's going you know make them better person and a better players. Bill. You know I had a capacity listen you know one of us. Hey guys let's get to break on the side prequel consider conversation. We're talking to Bob cedars if pastor real quick I a doing some some research Kent and a website call all pro debt. And he gives up buyouts. By a one Maurice coached here is the interesting thing that that jumped off the page you meet his body his wife Kathy have three children the critical things are trying to teach them. Or accountability. To live life to the full despite taking things one day at a time and walking and talking with god each day. That's how pro death right there right personal and it's an all pro dad will continue. Our conversation. Former Green Bay packer coach current linebacker coach for the Euro zone a cardinals. Bob Sanders is our special guest. This is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 at them. Affinia. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports walking pace. Thief in the zone is brought to you buying bundles of old fashioned meat market. Here's host Mike maybe ever and pastor can kill her. Plus sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome back to being in the zone on 431057. FM the fan. I might figure reliance had pastor Ken can help their from brook side Baptist Church our special guest. He's former Green Bay packer coach current linebacker coach for the Arizona Cardinals he's Bob Sanders. But the whether outer zone will be different than your Green Bay case. That note I spoke to him back in the Summers who you know than I thought. It did the Condit it was colder done. Hey if you if you had the play and I asked Johnny undersea in this city use a former Green Bay Packers linebacker. Nice to John if you play one more game. And have it be you know 95 and humid or twenty below and windy what would you play and he said I would take the twenty below. He said that that he just got to me and I'm wondered for for use it coached. Osu was more comfortable I guess in Arizona that won his coaching and in January greenback. Well you know it is but if we play indoors here you know because it is so. That even hurt you in the pre season. Now he will have at least one game this week we'll go open the top of our stadium but you for the most part about it is extremely hot and and almost you know some levels in English those who want to give credit self assessment of that go there in the morning. You know or just in some way because it does it Herbert hi how some of the trial that is BellSouth well tomba is still river. I was I was an Arizona couple of times who won for. I worked for sports marketing company go a long time ago and we helped put on the and a follow alumni charity golf tournament and we played at desert mountain. And it got a chance to play in the foursome with the odd Don Maynard was a receiver for the jets. And we we got out there and do big golf pro sit here look here's the deal if you hit one into the rough which is that of the captives. Bring your club with yet. As if you see your rattle snakes you wanna be the only guarantee your. I shouldn't only look blogger and I could've bought the left a lot of theater got him to people without him. I have got messed with a rattlesnake. Brooke I've teed off. 55 cent golf balls though they were OK Bob wanting. Always the thought was just incredible is that field down there that they've wheel that thing and they get that thing outside don't think. Yes they do agree. Hookah or a believer in date yet actually is rollers and so within a weaker. Ten days they can get that thing back you what was it got and they just do such a great job here you know it got to work on our sales and but yet they can slated to run out space and the sun and they. Think it takes about forty darkness for the whole process to actually give in and guess settlement amount stake but yes it is really unique and you know what a great job they do. Today a as seen on television has on hand at Felix beautiful. Hey Bob one thing that we love to do conflict zone is not. I talked to our guests in and just haven't shared their their testimony how they came occur raced in and Mike and I are. Are always excited to hear someone's journey in and it's it's moving most any time someone comes in a crisis that the Bible tells us old heaven breaks forth and Curry's. And it's just enjoy. That's what got the whole broadcast I was faced in his own going. Is to let guys come on and share their testimony because so often you know when they wanna. I thank the lord Jesus Christ publicly you know Mike's taken away in and there are asked about how how they made that play on third and for whatever. As so we loved blood they have via share your testimony had you can Christ. But I appreciate actually I was very fortunate group and Christian home a moment. You know the citizens who churches. That we can know about you know just like a lot of kids I wasn't you know always. You know strong equipment could have been in college you know I never get too far away. But I think you know where are you really really really. You know get serious you know when they're not letting gays remotely what. At the got engaged in and you know the type. Person issue years and and you know just. That the reality of you know the blesses. That would hurt but he also you know start out as. Coach in in who have helped the movement. In the move up you know because I grew up you know in the country type setting you know. Didn't really know a whole lot about you know college football and and you know especially in the. So and and you know the way the lord just seem to work life and and and influences like society of mugging our coaches. You know my school. Coaches. My dad. And then mom in towards when I got into coaching. You know the gas equipment and our young coaches were strong Christian gas and they you know kind of showed us. How to do the right way is that there was no problem you know the right way in the gut honored. You when you work you know and that you know in that manner and he has been so grateful to become. My career just been blessed in fact. You know lecture quick story with you you know I'll actually get in the NFL. You know actually it was a move that would become part one it wasn't anything. And you. You know anything that got the order but just you know. Pretty normal heart you know took you to travel down to Miami here walking in and unity must've been Dave Wannstedt whose echo for the. And what did not know as chickens and one time I didn't know him and daddy know it was there where to vote. Commodore zone and 830 at night I got in the car and drove him and that comes from Gainesville Florida which is well has success hours and and you know just walk in the next morning and and introduce us up he gave me maybe. Maybe twelve minutes and and you know I told him why our army and you know that kind of situation and you can look at me like I was crazy. Thanks for coming and that the next morning he called off your job. You definitely want football I want Costa you know felt just by God's grace in them open the door. And you know the first NFL game dip or two regular season game ebersol actually. And so. You know that that was exciting news I know get you know an opportunity that was only by the grace you know that and and you'll just as we go to Wannstedt you know. You know I mean you're so good these idiot tried are like twelve guys. At one reason or another they just did not work now. You know and you know so that you know public kept that job opened more lenient and yes to communion at Celso. You know just you know you know to praise him and you know just to promote personal glory. And you know and then you know of a you know a lot of considered seeing. Coaching in the soak up of the customer and you know scream America and why did you know I get heated up and I got it going good. You know I think you know challenge anybody go to Miami you're go to note that the united bring barriers you know buffalo oak numbers here in Arizona. You know and one you know this certainly say. Cause we're because it would honored in the east you know have been fortunate to note that. You know get a job you wouldn't it was a close look you know the more so the number one and now is when people go about my whole life so I guess. You know I've been more than not and assorted daytime version. Of course specific time but more the process. You know that I have grown. You know my wife makes a better person just being around her. Tell my kids know and on the basis that are looked a model more and I didn't. In advance of that and that's who Mikey has two of the mile and a dessert predictive of her and you know attack. Personally see this and I'm I'm a better. Person B you know you know to you know just been known person been blessed with great life a great coach is wise and and a you know so. But it's been more of a process from me and you know I'm just I'm just grateful. Had to happen. But the location and not a job I've never had it. The system vocation he will. A lemon and that is our small part as far as my location. In this could not work so I'm just grateful. You know. It will greatest thing that is give me. Yeah. Opportunities in. The people have that the place go home. You know so I. Try that you know try to beat people and that would work everyday and use that work as a as a pro respect them in the yeah. Becky back at him so I'm just very. I'm just very good. No well number one congratulations on 39 years of marriage there's casting. And then as you were speaking there about blank we check and your life and warning to. To do what's trending tiptoeing back to first printings 1031 says you know whether there for you eat or drink or whatever you do. Jewel of the glory of god then. And I mean that sun that sounds like that's really your passion is still a tough honor glorify the folk lore for lower and everything you do and and on your testimony. I enjoy here and now it sounds like a possibly obviously with your mom and dad and their strong faith in Christ that. That's when you were introduced to Jesus Christ back on Mac came in those early years. Right you know I. Among grandparents you know what they would and Mormon moment at work my grandma because that it is about school. You know I was like that you would go to the Baptist school. That is. Certification Bowes group one moment I was president hasn't it doesn't insure children and that it is those ship and a murder room get a good also hope. You know yeah sure that the Soviet. What does this last group didn't get out of yet about them. Though a pastor the only couple weeks ago I think you quoted how many religions are there 600000. You have. He talked about four from their coach of the area. We are okay as as. Coach in the end of Feller it is it easy for for you to be able to talk about your faith. With other coaches with other with players things like that is that in easy to or feed open. When you need to. It is you know I'll work for great. Oh and I've been blessed. Oh outlook for your program aggressive ever stop the fortunate. You know and every stop in college and you know in the I'm in the NFL and you know you know from all the naysayers that say that you can't be a schoolteacher could you can't. He's because you're starter and you know again I don't that the more open go to go to. College level that you can't do that you've got to recruit and nobody's going to. You can't sit home and recruit you know. You know it will blustery you know it by the universities and then. You know if desired in the NFL and in your immortal that go there you know I think it could break on the small things some award yes. It offers you know and and you know so. Album be it door open. You know I think you really when you're. I'm really more so now for many years trying to live without every day and everything. Try to clear there is an example are almost put. I have to try to live without him and you know if we're can live without. To the best mobility with God's help you know the I go in every beaten. It was in mobile partner with a little prayer you know you know the blessed meaning that you don't win mean to go practice nose at thanks. And I thank. This kind of live and well you know every day you know opens some doors with and so that we you know a great happened here. You know you know what that code is about also declared I was that you and I also. You know there are a lot of good things happened it would. Cardinals and and you know just excited to part of that a little levity here. Hey mom who outside of your parents grandparents sent anonymously Cathay that is so so someone there in in non football this world I mean who who was at that had the most influence in your life for Jesus Christ. My best friend probably in the whole world is. The office. Coordinator or over the Miami Dolphins Clyde Christensen. And I am excited. You know hook because the football. You know way back in the the early eighties. Gordon today he's a sincerity. You know and then do the CIA and and he has been. And accountability partner with never actually work on the side step but we ran the correct time zones and those happen to know and we all basically been. Every day or. To now since we're a different time zones. But at least every other day or so no accountability is there. You know the challenges you know. You've been to a lot together you know that you know. It would certainly try to count each other and debate and you know so. I think just from you have an accountability yeah and a lot of guys you know what we picked. Case every year. Couple weeks together and you wondered as they can't the one that the peace and a lot of guess label do you have a best friends what you you know you know to have this as we. You know I spoke at a men's group one time there in Charleston. That was the main question at the mens group and we'll tell you get such good friends don't want have a good plan with a beer. You know to get it and you get different in between work and our friendship and so that's been a tremendous influence on me but and gas. We. Richard built pursuit of buried heartbreaker some of the names it's called herb you know college coaches backbone you know thirty. Forty years ago those guys out she leads were all has to meddle in in you know shown us. How to coach them right away and I coached. In a godly way how to. You know took try to turn. He you know the crazy guy you go to work that you do and you know that we're also we have noticed it was solid and actually we were able to seek to. You know that work in every peso. You know also just trying to put that back in and trying to beat that room at the next generation coaches like com. You know because I do have a Hartford. Coach is you know let them you know we get this summer Blackmun on the Carolina we've been born for probably well over the good. Part of thirty years of black man looked on apparently can't coach is. Campus because I do you have. Harper the young told to not conflict Sochi he's in the second year and also. She gets. He coaches and people because lecture time crest high school in congress North Carolina he's probably going to be moved I'm not sure when to go yet the he was a concrete ties compile personal to on lecture. That's awesome did you know Escude they have my son who did coaching basketball. Is working in and I think he's cat. A pest tenured and UNESCO now right now and I had to to coaching renowned Islamic cannons at the high schooler in the the Lancaster Pennsylvania area and non I have warned kitchen College Soccer and a Christian college up in Scranton Pennsylvania. Did you ever having contact with Tom Landry. Did not Duncan did not admit that it's all year over 210 yeah. Objects on the Oprah do not bottle and your questions I mean I don't it up on the value into this. Mr. gets used Nazi leaders. Music can and former Green Bay packer coach Kurt linebacker coach of the Arizona Cardinals. And will continue our conversation with him this is faith in the zone on sports review 1057. FM the fan. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports in Milwaukee save face in. Has brought you by all American window and door. Here's host might we get burned and pastor Ken Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. What could practically the zone on sports review one of 57 up from the fans. Back coasts it's funny man yet that's your funny guy at. Sure I had I had cal I don't listen to him from different guys that is sure she hit it into. Hey Lisa mom is it doesn't really have that much of a southern accent so I didn't I didn't pick up on that. Oh boy he's you know what he can have a you can hear idea I had that normally gets home. When he gets only takes about 24 hours a bit of fact our special guest of standards. Former Green Bay packer coach Kurt linebacker coach of the leaders on the cardinals. By Friday you know what when we have guys from Oklahoma or whatever couple months ago the by the end of the show I can't even it still oppressed secure in his basket his and it's. Right active Angel home would draw only had body bound but anyway I'm on an unnamed but he has not southern and I'll since NASA started about this guy's mama was. And answered go to. I notice you've coached what you know that's another draw comes out there that say to all and I'm like it's you don't dateline don't take a while a few years I will like that bitter and leopard could. If it off Hudson though. Yeah the new bit. Doing that show for three years pastor kid who's been my friend for one time. Movement through the show like you know all of this. A few minutes at the back here Brusett Baptist church and if we have a special guests that happens before this out the nose the pastor and I just kind of laughed to myself resolves and it's close your eyes but he had. I don't want to cut it. Let's talk a little bit about. If we can't the transition for you going from from coach in high school to college and college to the NFL. You go there again I've coached for one time news via high school coach is not me anymore but nice to coach is it to read about moving to the couch. And that you guys have gone to college some of those guys true bucket into it to the NBA. I'm wondering for you the transition from high school the college was that the hardest transition or from college to the NFL. You know what you know the transition to a market heartwarming because look so likable and and I just trusted them and and you know up down you know in my life in any cabinet like calm and controlled situation as immediate step because she. You know I just got along the lower than what goes what is the control of 100% allow him that's all you know. Then and then you've been on the on getting close have been on holy ground from high school to the college level. You know just know that and then you know the recruiting was probably a bit different you know aspect that you really had that kind of transition into a little bit little groom more recruiting. You know and management not having that lesson plan to beat that is crucial in I'm not have no less an update. It was a little bit of transition and then from the NFL not happened. To recruit when I went in the NFL but. Now create scenes and you know dirt you know because strapped nose cap and change you know so there's there's differences and the jobs the bottom line comes down to still. Techniques is still fundamentals are still bought and and tacked on the steal gas that the other had situations you know that you need to be involved in life and I was different than it would be a college you know still girlfriends and those kind of things and then and then an NFL in the being last rather than girlfriends are scrambling and you know so they're still situation where you work with get to some people business and the crew and the right reasons. You know the lord can you shoot if you're available and that you should. And he knows and has been. You know I think the lord call me step in and you know honestly it you know just. No not really sure. House when I get it done other than the lord in and that's all. Found out I needed you know notable take a policeman to the world compound while it's certainly a guy that it was a stutter and technical they would. Each school and you know do you recruit. And now have the opportunity and AMOCO and that's all because the lord. You know give me those opportunities in and has made to wait formally. To allow that every day in you don't just know that in my own strength and you know there's no way that can make any transition and I think the main until you must Simon knows it's. You know you'll you'll put data won't sit transitioned into patent on the small things are great and doing the job board. As you planet if he would development and that you say you know ultimately green you'll you'll grow to give regular rock solid state green grow. It be great and small things and that will give you bigger. Things you know edgy you know as he moves democracy does have a plan we're alive and yes that would be my. Charged. Two young guys just been faithful were part of what are your and those and take care of themselves. You know you're talking about two that you trust was in the Florida has assert tennis kind of thing in proverbs 35 and six has to be canning your theme vs Tressel or all your hard. Bullying that to your own understanding and all your ways acknowledge him and he should direct your steps and a I just picked at W went through that. Who will dialogue there was this as far as. And coaching and guys on our on the young and Overton saying how they work hard and be all be all or UMB all there where you are. When it's it's great person didn't pick that up will die. I think that person is is pretty much for all of us at. Now be known as Alicia coach you went to god look at that tell your background and that it would jumped off a lot for me is some of these coaches that you've coached whipped. And just on the college level. We've talked about Steve Spurrier and you're talking about our pariah issues in. I'm I'd Jim Bates these these Eric I mean huge. The EU of coach was some of those big greatest college football coaches that have ever coached. I have not been blessed. Politicos are put through a year sit at duke. In the end for eleven there the University of Florida and it was really. It was good lesson don't has stepped women know that things are learned a good Christian man. Home. He he also gripped the Christian home in the dome that Esther you know so I learned a lot Cogent and his family and communes and you know generally bless you coach Rogers you know it was just distorted he can just took me under is wing and and you know I can never say enough about you know the gas into the those up Tuesday and watched. My chairman Mike McCarthy. Dennis Allen from seriously I don't ever say enough about those guys you know could go much social go to college it and it actually. You know Steve's home you actually start we're Christians home at duke. You know so and then I guess as well. They're able all the guess have an impact on me and I just very very appreciative. Of the work. Yeah it's it's it is a who's who on the last question for you to break. I don't think I've ever seen scenes Teamsters smiled as he smile much coach. President at its mind and my only. All coach Mary Higgins mama she smiles all the time he says it talent plastered on their sound man. Residents are. In certain. Very very. You know that very competitive. You know it was mentioned on you know position as quirky a much. It's not like we always had a shot could such a great coach in you know Scioscia knows. I'm going to work and those demonstrators. No doubt guys that get to break out a separate book closing up will finish our conversation. With Bob Sanders he is currently. Linebacker coach for the Arizona Cardinals former Green Bay packer coach. And he is a good man this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 at found. The fan. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports walking pace. Faith in the zone is brought to you by bundles of old fashioned meat market. Here's host Mike maybe ever. And pastor can kill her. Fox sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. You feel the zone on sports for a new 1057 of them and our special guest get a short segment Bob Sanders. Now remember former Green Bay packer coach for current. Linebacker core two meters and cardinals how she teamed and he this year coach's death because death and that's that you talk to about you know I was still very alternate site under that I have I don't know I don't know at least have a question that candles that a few minutes. They give movies your coach Mikey knows we wanted to know I'll I'll have dinner and easy to go five and yeah to have this never noticed but Carter hopes so they're good they did this year anecdotes. Well I guess that really didn't include but it. Course and and Larry. And you know. Bruce and Steve kind of murky and do a great job and and you know I'm sure you will be. You will be ready to when the season starts you would look at this point last year you know has brought things happened but you about the will be back a great. I've always cite your defense is really good and yeah everybody here I mean it didn't end up well for him by. But I mean Aaron Rodgers does have a knack essar on those hail Mary passes and that one he threw against Arizona down there at your place when he was. Gone the wrong way fallen backwards how far to deep into Heathrow I think six. I don't know but I thought the buyback measures owner wrote little gonna go to the shot at a deeper. Than a little over a lot of Packers coach Fulmer got a number of immigrants all day where there are I couldn't believe that thing up. Golden. What a great quarterback what a great personality agreement with. I can't say enough good things about him not only as a quarterback which which as everyone knows but as a person. You know there was no regret to you put couple years and then you would parent sitting behind him and in aaron's. First year. That was my last year green I don't want to agree on the proposed purchase on the stand down Rogers and and what a great throw that one you know the nightmare throat thank good. Output Larry. I don't remember yeah. How could not go there. I cannot talk I remember the lyrics play is it blog is but a that in a competent. That I've felt it would I've ever gone for abuse that happy events trouble that quickly miles Ireland on the atlas or she. Wherever there. They hurt darker but yeah they do great job in our number opera's micron does agree. At Domino's does. He coach Larry FitzGerald just kept nobody touched you. I was like a I didn't hit it. Had to put in that oil that was that was somewhere where you stand and when that Winamp and Hillman took place for you right there almost couldn't hold my. Oh yeah seriously in doubt wondered where you learn. Yeah you know it probably at. Tenneco which border between you know we know it up and Aaron executed. You know their receivers there really good they took. I Bruce area sees it he's a nice quiet coach Reagan's statement he has to be going nuts during that what are I got it will be argued that they can you gotta be kidding me. That's fair that's cute stuff I'll tell you what coach when we at this station Kyrie coach and former Packard and the royal Butler. Our reports here at the station in and let's let those guys know you were common on and and in fact one of them since that you know what. He's a real religious guys can exit well. We'll talk about that word religious. Some other time but we're excited to have you might infect your Ellis and I asked him. Coach what it was like to play running back in the NFL. And he should you really want an analyst's idea he says put on a full boy uniform. Go outside your Alley and Roy and it's your roster 24 times as hard as you can't. And then you go what it's like to play in the NFL. He's that bad it's Monday to Tuesday's painful Isa by Thursday's start they can maybe I can play gay and Cummins is underneath so. I tell you coach hue was this has been agreed to a great show I really appreciate. Your time in and doubt your kids earlier three kids are all due on wall. Yeah they're all the world and Africa have a daughter lives up. And Tina and and out to them my granddaughter and two grandsons up there and Nina but it's also about their children so. Just once it is them and I just precision that we don't graduate. And that that would make your green you're Europe great kids all cheese heads right. In on notebook they're the ones. They're now at maybe but resort that would that much but Ingraham that's so. I. Like are I'd like Becker has yet to show you that he's gone again biopsies for Green Bay Packers coach current. Linebacker coach errors on the cardinals. That a great guest pastor Ken that he some what it's like you I think you very much in electric season with the cardinals. Your program you picked out this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 app and the thing. You've been listening defeat in the zone with post might give burn and pastor can help me. You can hear feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find pat show's exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith. Join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan.