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Feb 26, 2017|

02/26/17: Castle Lanes Spare Time Bowling Show with Sparky and Dwight

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From the local links to the PGA tour. Pulling fans welcome to the gasoline spare time bully show presented by the Milwaukee area and Napa auto care associates now here's your hosts these marquee driver on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan's. It's just a waste their time bowling so well welcome in our last show all of the season how time flies TBA. I as a show obviously again this week with the masters but that and off the whole month of march and and a comeback for team play in April I'd tell about after when were Brewers baseball so forth. So Dwight you me fill another season flies by these so smack here as he has all kinds tied up. Out in Las Vegas and he had one heck of an experience obviously last week. Yeah as there'll come a long week for Phil Owen obviously the whole blowing industry feels horrible for what ended up happening but. And aside know what I wanna think you sparking an honest and tell everybody what happened and the radio show Dole's listening that don't know what happened while the PBA truck was stolen. In Albuquerque, New Mexico with all the extra frame. Equipment on it I guess 450. And drill bowling balls a 150 drill blowing balls I guess many pairs of shoes. And did it I guess tape on the truck 35 miles away and fortunately. On that all the even on computers that they use for extra frame the lighting. It's just I guess you double him off there off the bowling ball doesn't mind that has had a chance to him and Tori -- what we're think in. Now from what I read the reports I read on it there's just this extremely sketchy details he had a what's gone on but bottom line is the extra frame equipment used to it to put it on the air. Has map and recovered right. Sell now they got to. Putting their insurance claim get that money back can you not how long it's gonna take for insurance he could take them. And obviously. I did read that they did back so it's the material at least soul they have that I guess. In the computers so home. But you know when we are out in a carpenter's vote bill last year and I did extra frame with Phil which again I'm very grateful and thankful to fill for allow me to do it. On the computer and fortunately went down. The week week and then it was there and and it was a wonderful experience being an extra frame and and talked in the action and have a new respect. For the guys that do it that there have that ability and up to fill time ends February kit and did at all long time I've been other oil field to and they were Milan is an hour long time ago -- he got to have the yanks big cycle of tedium Boeing Nikolay yeah you know. But they do a wonderful job and it was great to be a part of it but when the computer went down I said the filly DelHomme now in on he disliked or spurt. You know wait I mean without that computer. Oh we can't be on the air and a civil what about a back of computer and he said well. No because of this at the computer that it is it's it's just like one of the Connie writes another gun to figure out how to replace and I man I had. Yeah being arrests and see what happens and done a good luck to TBA for and go Sam Mitchell so yes of US BC stepped up gave them. Their equipment to use for this week in Las Vegas and and Phil is doing that and pulling off as best they can this week in Vegas now and figure out something I guess going forward. Oh it's determine a champion some work is not last weekend and that's why they were in Albuquerque. New Mexico to begin work. I'm let's start off first with the first match of the day and it's Pete Weber and you Webber of that first match is going against Tom small and and let's be honest everybody including. You and me I believe. We're all thinking the same thing please oh please oh please let Pete -- get on a run here and visit the rubber gets on a run you're gonna hold everybody that TV to allow Ron has done and he gets all the way to attack it at the championship. Even better right. Yeah I mean and the team is for right from the beginning and I'm like where's the Pete bad boy if you know well the first volley through with the striking turnaround right away to somebody in the face he has an asset hey don't remove himself and won again he'll work with Kimberly I mean we was just like rolled down to earth enroll yet Belle all peed in my guy. That's why god you guys are double. For ever everything happen and then we just know lean with his ears for everything that happened in the eighth. Matt OK so first things first. So you bowl and a center all week. And it's similar to what you see here Milwaukee right you know bullet Miller Park but you bowler Valero and announce who it and you ball that which is now panther arena. But she bullet Bolero leading up to it results delayed are totally different it's the exact same way it used to be at south point casino you bowl in their bowling center but then you'd goal a separate room. Reid put the stands and everything else and then they'd have a whole Brandon settle blames the date bring it so there's an adjustment period goals with that. The lanes were so different light but Pete Weber was using two different balls between a left wing and the right. And different from the Boeing L a that they qualified and that's the biggest thing that the viewer has to understand. Is when they go to that setting and their use in the same pair lanes that they actually used out and what were although World Series of Boeing's where was at Vegas real real Vegas and Marino you know in in in that convention center and historically it always has shown that the left lane hooks more than the race length. And obviously it had raised its head again the other thing that was going on as they were haven't Thomas with the balls when I called double bouncing in the hats. Or ten feet to the lane yup and did it tell Pete talked about that happening. Post and I was at the right lane Wright was saying that was happening on via correct and you know that's a big difference and ball what flame was cooking more. They're right lane once and that was the huge Jefferson that's why they were using our key was using two different bowl Hamels him. Any he's getting out there that first matches topic as their tight you know I'm it's a fresh oil pattern even though they've had a little practice on it. But I mean you need games to break it down again similar to what it was in the qualifying in the bowling Alley part. And and you know I think for me the biggest point of that match wasn't around all of if you would agree with me or not list. It MP whenever you stick on a spare shot and almost fall over in kill yourself. Mean Alison third frame his next -- first balls weren't good at all no and offense and I knew I at least a 210 split he takes it up and member Eagles crazy right. But I think that really was the difference why he lost Tom small when those two frames right there were his first balls were what were they should have been even close. I I think it kind of got in his head I mean you can talk about it when you stick like that. Now your fearful the next time that you're gonna stick to get especially when. You know he goes out and I do the exact same thing he did assure you Duke knew immediately start taking your your bowl issue. We start running the approach got okay is or something down here or was it my fault. And show the replay Peterson even said now that. Yeah he just he stuck that yeah. In its just seems like this hasn't been the first time that he's had problems with footing issues are and TB yeah. Saw an and the other thing is that people may sealed and I TV. Well maybe the bullying hilly had wood approaches but synthetic lanes sure again that different environment I keep talking about. And that's exactly right in for me that's that's where the difference in a match what did you have a different area of a match where you thought. Was a big difference are small it made a ball change yeah I did it you know and I think. That to me is why he won the match he had a much better look with is the via. Up by radical that he step by you know reverses the cash or a believer in the met the fixing was his in the fixed the first a couple for himself. Now which he used all week cheered and you know also. A ball changed committing an epic of a difference at no question and out some towns thought what goes on to beat. Webber to 23 to two old three. Not to take care of business and then you get to match number two on nets down bear it and he gets a small wood. And that matched. I come again again. I'd like Tom small would. I just have no faith in Tom small wood whatsoever so going into that match and killed on their it's probably going to be small wood a lot and dad were probably going to move on. Yeah and while I'd give more free to small and do you eat my nickname for him as the Bulldog he just keeps coming naturally like a Bulldog you know and it all comes down to block and then the thing that I saw real early what the show is. They have blocked and the loss to look and that an end in and had that happen what's ma what a match to when that happened with Barrett and mastery yet which you look at small would you leave the pocket 710 damper that. I'm crossover from parent the frame before right and he and he carries it. Brain and her let's say something but that's the exact same sometimes they got it gets a brace gonna win. He may be luckier venue that matches are all be looking at lucky gets you whistled it. Mean Adam Barrett through what eight of the first nine were strikes I think you know he was just rolls would still had. I chance towards the end it very slim chance now and anyway the seven time first of all the ninth and then it was over that right you're gonna need an open out appeared to make the match Kalus and it's simply didn't happen. But I mean could it have been a different match if it's public carries that strike in the pocket 710. Who knows you're absolutely right and done tiger mother filed their bare over smaller 235. To 202 now they did a special little thing on the TV telecast. Of where they showed all the bowling balls land. On his I fire six bottles. And then Randy Peterson took his little marker or whatever for TV and he circled the pin placements. A bit of rumble on balls and then he got a small woods and he showed the huge difference yes of that and I told Dwight before we came on their Arsenal we my guilt taking geeky here so it's okay to have the last show of the year we can get sexy in particular before you fully got to guess Carolyn and for that oh my god. I'm congress of the you know I look charm and you know we left so so tell everybody because again. He doesn't throw the ball the same way you throw the ball or I throw the ball it is still the same ball the same way that. Jason almighty throws the ball down Barrett those ball he throws a ball. Kind of all to himself kind of that power. Grip thought not in the ball idol gave right halfway and I and any kind of cuts it and just arm turns the heck out of it when he releases that. Therefore the various ways meant is completely different in the ball. While we do it locally twos. Our kids contract management so the pin which represents the top of the way people are keep its simple. Has to be positioned in an angle to maximize the bowlers in this area. So because of where Tom small what tracks on the bowling ball between that's Wright said of the from the left side of the middle finger we call that a full roller. Rainy talks about it all the time on TV that. Smaller tracks like a full roller which was what they eat -- release journal back in the 60s50s. Like. It just happens to be his release and how he tracks on the Bonnie found. That pin location down and that in a clock angle works very well for him. And made a mention that did you go to lay on his ball and almost looks like exactly the opposite or reverse of what a normal ball I'll look like and that's because this track is opposite a reverse. What most bowlers bullet today as most bowlers have 83 they called a three quarter track. Or someone that tracks about an inch off some in the finger holes to the left so for you that when you audible that comes in that she may not be familiar way. Right then from that perspective. Do you set wanted to. Go through local framed as a lot to see which it before we do this is get your shoes I'm not the bowl game just so calm why is wanna see what a mark what it. I guess from a pro shop perspective there's no what you note make the ball like that forgot that you don't know not always blessed having all these people around him. That are the top of the top have at least eighty to 90% in my customers. New customers bold goal and throw a couple shots from me so I can hit. Watched her game number one and try to match him up to the radio equipment that I am watch and where the oil line as on the ball. So I can get an idea of how they release capsule eighty to 90% yeah and I I think that's obviously. Somebody that has to be done I don't you wanna give customer service yes yes and that's legacy delayed start time pro shop in new Burleigh. I'd speaking district pro shop in new Burley and you'll be drilling of the bowling ball that will you'll pick the winner for coming up here I will do it in the third segment of the show what I just after. A ninth third I guess it'll be yet that's at 935. Herself somewhere in that area what shot more sound from the night. I were drive for a track Mikell bowling ball. Many of US signed up it MI LWC. A I and his fine folks over there have been nicer to step up but to get this ball as have people have a night it's been great all month and we'll pick a winner. Again coming up for about 993930. Fox. Yeah when I personally think Shawn. Morris went on the basis and you join us and he'll come join us and I wanna think town man team for doing all the hard work Tom's been great every year and for being a great sponsor of the show. So without them it's it's a group effort in and we are greatly. Eternally they are. Grateful grateful very you know I got to forget in the right word for me for all their help. Share our okay so we'll do that coming up in the third segment coming up in the next segment will come back and talk about what happened in the second half of the tournament of champions a TV show. I doubt Barret beat small wood next up for Don Barrett well it doesn't get exactly a lot easier Tommy jolt he's had a research in the last year or so I was waiting for Dalembert will title what happened in that match to what would happen DJ Hackett who was sitting at the one hole. Could he finish off. Not the winner of this match in that one match up we'll talk about that straight at gasoline spare time Bolick shall hear and watch Jerry Napa auto care are presented by law gearing up a lot of care association on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. So yeah. That's a waste their time bullets over is that it's about what Gary Knapp on the care association night here I'm the fancy sparked by the Dwight Alford dealt with us don't travel. I've taken a slash a office he has has his hands full extra frame. Over at deviate got camp out in Las Vegas solve this week so again our thanks Phil Brown for joining us and they are co host again this year in not doing much for interviews on the show. I'm just being an instrumental piece of the Shell like he has been the last couple years like normally talking about like the blowing encyclopedia. That is built for real he Knowles. Everything about everything and he would extra frame he's at almost every event leaving them qualifying everything else you've been here and and a your arm all year long 2017 as well as they do the extra spring tour that we talked about a couple weeks ago and all of that he's going to be a busy busy busy yeah. Increase Eminem on the show we greatly appreciated yup focus of trying to get to the second half. I'll determine a champion Stevie shall announce Tommy Jones nine he was waiting for. Dalembert and going into this match. I thought Tommy to where I was that I wasn't thinking dom buried again where we're UN. It's after the Wade Barrett lists have thrown the ball against small what I I thought beer would run the table and and even maybe even deep EJ. I get such a great look in that never pearl Ryan Bob I have an eight so. Another. And that's what Tom Barrett was throwing. Dummy this. This match starts. And right away going. He's gonna throw urethane. Titles and throw your thing packing heat can crank the heck out of him all right so you have to be able to hold the ball. Like that in order to throw your thing. That's what he decided to do you what were your thoughts won that match started that he was throwing your thing I thought he would lose I. Honestly that's all I did I thought he was totally easy argued I mean. Every time someone tries to throw urethane and TV they Lewis I'm. The ball reactions simply just not as good as what you're gonna get out of Verizon balmy make so many different resident balls against so many different looks out there. And they finish so much better than a year or same ball he must've been really competent what's his look to try to urethane and rolled the dice to throw urethane. You know when you talk about that difference. Between what he's throwing in what Dalembert sewing or what EJ attack it Withrow were smaller wherever else you throw that your thing ball. How does that change if at all and did Beckham have techie part thanks how does that change it all. How that oil is picked up on the wane when somebody else's bowling in that same track great question half I got one yeah great crush her sliding Tigers president the last well. Observes that oil lying into the Shell the cover urethane that oil lines stays on the outer Shell the ball. It deftly changed the ball reaction but where Jones was playing as far out as he was. I do not really firmly believe it was gonna affect the ball reaction because Barrett was so far insider ready by that point about almost fourth Terrell. And Jones is out by a first Darrell 67 sport so. I I do not believe that the lines were going to be crossing at that point. If they kept talking about affected they were playing such different lines. Going into this thing ME tie Jones. Was pretty much is playing right up. The right side first second or opting Peterson sits sixteen board difference I mean that's huge difference it is to see guys like that though not get its feet wherever I go up there he's probably thrown similar lines when Tommy jones'. And Tommy Jones wanted it that way and that's why you want your pin otherwise he probably would have been way out in God's country like DJ Hackett in and having to be. If jones' playing your insane around let's say thirty year old carrying that oil down it would it definitely changed the look that beard hat. There are just lost the luck that match on Jones had to believe it or not a better look even with urethane from the outside. You don't the other thing about this is. Com would you get these two guys there these are both guys. Have been on TV numerous times right many times Tommy Jones has been not been a while and helping to watch your year and a half and ninety for wac I threw itself two of them dropped. Dom Baird has been all over the world and winning tiles and so forth. So it's different than say need. Not now he's gotten some Golub early on he didn't have as much experience in you could he have the experience edge of TV and seeing certain situations play out got to kind of seen everything by this point. That and rainy and made a great point about how both of them have two of the best releases out on the tour but I do with their hands at that at the bottom the slain and I love that rainy. Points that out to the viewer and how great their hands rotate around the ball I point out something else techie guy. But I wanted to to do my. And he pointed out that Tommy John spreads that index yet you're out wide and now is an adjustment that he made about a year year and a half ago cap off for the role on the ball not write those people. Mean if you're listening to you construct your finger wide on the ball to and what you tell you why you would do that. Back many years ago they had a bowling glove called the Colbert at the cobra had the indexed under I still haven't instill where breaks in my bowling bag. Right and it was way out front to the left and what it helped you do is help get your hand a rotate around. The side of the ball a little bit more to put more side rotation on the ball I wanted at pro shops used that to try to get the bowlers to track off of the holes and try to bring in the tracked down a little bit. Not as popular as a glove as it used to be from let's say in the ninety's they still Macomb to a degree. Row beast makes a version of that. But spreading their index finger off for a lot of the pros could also help the ball to stay more center early balanced in the middle hand to. Right OK so let's that I well what happens in this match then. Barrett throws the ball high leaves baby split in the sixth for him. Dobbs started to look it up Tommy Jones comes back doubles sixth and seventh and now this is critical here's Dalembert which you do this metallic how to capitalize on it. Throws a double. In the seventh and the late Joseph comes back it makes it for growth strikes in the eighth and the ninth. And its nose and nose and Barret leaves at 1010 in the ninth and that's. And it was up pretty close match even though Tommy Jones I'll bolted about the time we don't deserve to win that match may be different and we can talk about the champion chip match. Tommy Jones deserved win as well he missed that 1010. Yeah and the fifth frame and should point out there's probably not many times I TV where you miss a single to spared you still won a match. There and that made the match real close right absolutely right oh okay so. Then the final score in that one between Tammy Jones. And down Barry Baird and loses to 482216. To get a score. In my opinion there isn't really indicative of how close it was it was closer than that until the very end so Giles over Barrett to 48 to sixteenth. Now we get to the championship match Hackett and Tommy Jones words your head at going into this. Tack get hot hand. Had a good look all week I I just again could not believe in my mind Eric. My eyes that Jones could you win using your of same from the outside even though he had a good look what that black hammer. Right absolutely and the other thing is is. He talked about it too when he interviewed Kimberly Pressler. And she brought it up if you can stand back there watching and he thought. That he it's out of the big difference between the left lane in the right lane you know and he thought it was gonna be okay. And then he had a bulletin. Right anyway it wasn't Scott it like he thought that little did he know that his shot was also disappearing. Right re different design has it changed quickly and but then again. That's what happens when your bowling last the oil field conditions are completely changed you formats we want to attack you finally get on the weights Todd Jones. In my opinion has the advantage is he was out there for match in new hot was breaking down before you out there I'll guarantee you Tammy Jones did not play the outside line. At the bowling Alley during qualifying and I'll betcha he was worth resident plane in. Like all the others you think some. Absolutely I'd love to ask him that question. You know someday but I'll but he never used urethane from the outside line he must've saw something in practice he liked and it made their move adapt point. Right on the TV pair our rights so let's go to that match you know it's our match as these two guys get going out it. I was gonna say this when they threw this graphic. Tommy Jones fifteen and five. Heading into their matching TV title matches. Yeah matches he's been in two what heat. This is to what are you want now TE title matches Dwight averaging 219 yeah blew me I mean I knew he was really good early on. I realize you've been on in team that many TV title match. Mental toughness Tommy Jones is to hold little mental toughness. And TB he's right he's meant to be there right absolutely right. Pot and so now we get on TV and your time of the single pin. Thing that he nest that was actually mismatch was and umps the previous match he misses the tension in the fifth for. So tell me this psychology from a bowl or perspective. When he misses that ten pin in your tacky to know you revel ball. Aren't you think and again life got to capitalize. We got a ticket badge of this work outs of where you are the match if you're up if you're out you want to try and throw a knockout punch if you can get it. And get momentum on your side right absolutely and I'm back in the match that's how you got to look at and I think you. Threw away 21 at least when he went consistent by Easter eleven away just leave in the tenth and and then another ten away by miss and it and then attack it. For tosses the ball over leads in three Ted's. I just shook my hand I said oh my god Marreese dome back to back opens please don't melt down on TV Egypt so leaves a three Ted keep. They'll get the chance to really capitalize on it right and that point. Now comes back Dallas the fifth you know those bad luck played he's money he comes back to the right late in the seventh frame. He throws it. Over the top of the head and same thing lead to seven count and picks it up but. My god he would he could not figure out how to keep the ball on the right side of the head pin on the right. Or any Peterson what the call it's like punching yourself in the face told numerous times you know and right and I mean if it was probably the most emotional match I've seen. All year. OK out there I thought as the okay so senate breakdown and a huge sought EJ. Good visually see EJ in here EJ get mad at himself yep that's twice now on that same length that ejected yes you seen yourself okay well. Got a couple ball he's got a ball wrapped. He'll figure this out he altered the nose at times and oral on the right lame. Well guess what is wrong because that. She sends the right did you come back in the and goals high through the nose and leads the eight count. Exit. Match point ejected full on meltdown mode yes you can hope he realizes he'd just literal way they did DOC heat is to investigate their life. I'm sure I don't. A huge blue. I've never speak. Absolutely never seen such emotion come from him I mean it was aside easily afford that used to seeing and yeah and it that a don't it is awful feeling that I had been there in in the middle tournaments and you're trying to swing in the bottom of the right but you know you swing and the ball out of the right it ain't gonna come back. Then you make your so. I don't care I'll tell you right now if I DJ Hackett. Thought almost into the gutter by half too I don't care for doesn't come back but I've not. Told them do if I miss right I'd miss right I'd not throwing three consecutive frames on the right side through those again I'm not to think that. What frustrated him so much as I think he was trying to make adjustments and the adjustments were not working the same or. Right now exact same result so frustrated in cannot say something else. I don't know hall Powell. Popular this is on tour a lot of guys do this but they charge the beginning of that match. Zach Hackett brought the exact same ball drilled like seven or a different place right and he is gonna throw that ball regardless of what happened right he wasn't throwing the ball keys that fell through though that rough. But that's all he was or throw so we start talking about earlier on right small wood makes a ball change yes. Each at one mega ball change known each it was ruled out yet he body off from the same ball to a different salad drill ball but it was going to be the same ball the same look on. It had to be something that him and Brett spangler worked out. Either during the weaker in the practiced as I mean EJ does get enough practice so. It had to be something that they thought they really like the looked up I just think the lanes just transitions so fast on both of them I if you're listening. So this ghastly spirit tumble which are right now you're going yourself all I got. Can't believe. He screw that up in Los is match you know. We hung in his fist three times rely I mean like wow you watch the TV show. We did say lost and we just said he gave it away. How old are Tommy Jones is here that have yet to give it right back she needed all barked spear that's. Stretch spread that just jet ten teams now. And you win that's all that's pretty simple gets or how good ball. Miss the head on the right side so need the adjustment. But it can't think about this your Tommy John the site you're watching tactical stupid Knowles and through the Knowles and through the the bills an eagle and I have me leave me some crazy split. Well I'd miss right I'd miss right right how much he never been got to head to. He never even got to that and what that or that six count washout is a little as we went two for ten things I want to. Well the frame before he crossed over right you know and that and that lane that's true in also he made the adjustment yeah you know and and how did your situation ticket to make able spare it is a very come over Brooke Garnett didn't and it can also had. And you can you take out the other two and he throws the ball and he misses the hat pin fifteen feet down the lane and who was left this that and it was over he got to Egypt and stack wins on the bench. That's tax breaks up. He didn't deserve to win that match did not deserve to win that know that sometimes you rather be lucky than good in that matched Tommy Jones with a better bowler and lost. And falls and of that gift you know he did just that match he got he got the gift just absolutely crazy major title sitting on the bench proof. What a motion all I mean my goodness I mean just after that match you just you're all worked up as a viewer all we all worked another wish. I PGA attack it over to Bobby Jones 208 to two all three just amazing people are gonna talk about that match are gonna remember that match I mean Joseph most of remember that match you. As early. That he shouldn't of won Tommy Jones will remember that he had every opportunity win and that right laying kill them embassy and this is the reason why. A lot of these bowlers hate bowling in these tournaments where it ends up being waged a fumble on all week. And then you go to these big type rooms and then get bringing the bleachers to wage of a touch and I got a global this is. Why they don't like it but I will tell you as somebody's been World Series bowling Dwight. I'd rather do it that way. Because from a fan perspective it's awesome it's just awesome to see the bullets get screwed in the deal I get that right but from a fan perspective it's a bass and at this point is about pleasing the fans. As much as it is and I was gonna say it is what it is just the way it is right now coming up next we'll talk wish. Boris. -- night he will pick the winner of our ball giveaway aren't tracked Mikell bowling ball. That block Kia. Area Napa auto care association was nice enough to give us to give away and cabinet was nice enough assist give away. Dwight or to a free drilling if you win the ball and ball the next segment shots gonna pick the winner will do that coming up next. It's Cassel and spare time bully shall respect human watch Jerry Napa auto care association here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. So. Catholics for example and show presented to find like hearing a lot of care association on sports Radio One 057 after and the fancy Sparky fight for along with like Aldridge. Course and spare time pro shop in New Berlin joining us now is Sean Morris and bring it Sean on why. Well because sees the ball ref and he's the one that's gonna pick the winner of a track Mikell bowling ball. I had before we pick the winner Shaun tell us again about this bowling ball and what the winner it is getting in this bowling ball. Yeah I actually getting out pretty unique product it certain jittery as he core. Off paradox which is extremely successful so you know like I what was law that it's I'm sure by the Yankees went with that are in there or ever. What about the under the covers soccer for this bowling ball high and let's say it's me. Who doesn't throw big hook at bowl on is his kid how to hook the ball more of and I war with another bowling ball. You got to get reversal to you know we had a great gamble audit to white place. Recently and the ball just phenomenal on the good and fresh it was you know the guys who we don't applaud audits we excrete couldn't agree virtual curriculum and all. You got it there you can also just covers dark it's a little longer. Yep for me Shana I I called this like one of the sleeper balls meaning in that people don't realize how really good it is unless they actually try at. And how many different styles of players are going to be able to make this ball looked really good on the links. And just about any doubt it make it work good kind of forty. We did a seminar series are strongly at this all came out in at like will do in the series meet. And you yanks had downloaded academic Baird is extremely successful state you'll somebody amount that the truck ran out. There's a lot of are still the year in the balls that got pretty good form. Talk about track bowling balls at this point me what what is. I know that the mission statement is what I'm looking for a war or what you're trying to accomplish what are you want to average Joseph that goals ended the white's pro shop. On to know about track bowling balls to for the guy. What we kind of how vital but here the ball the brand being a little bit more years. You know with the potency course yet you know just a lot of combination they're but also you know it's good or even just. You know eTech person missing this all the work. But that cattle we argue with the marketing that we're check years but more the product. What I have seen also Shawn especially in the bought the last year maybe year and a half you guys have really turned around. The technology down that have been made as track is just one of the four brands that you guys obviously rep for as your company is EB ire emanates brand international. Is it all in the R&B is that where you guys can number remodeled everything. Yeah without a doubt we knew a bit restructuring. Personalize it out and you still. Are allowed to work a little bit better as a team. And that's saw that are eighteen assist you would have fabulous job with the track products and the other three brilliant achievement. You watch TBA. Tournament my tournament of champions of the masters or were the case may be and you've got. One of your two of your guys around that show. It isn't a huge deal for you if that guy or girl wins that TV show as far is how you do your job as far as selling bowling balls and put him bowling balls in a pro shops. Oh without a doubt you know it's there it's the pinnacle of our sport. And so obviously it's you know an already because there's quite that a product out there is extremely important. They have some great from the brand make it shall surely weren't so latest and greatest saying what you just only product out there that's completely cured. Mean you got it didn't burn people I keep getting him in there and adding that. You know have got to make the show with a track global aren't you aware that your agent still so important for us and it hit it where the industry's succeed. How importing is it it in your mind then is the interaction of bowlers to fans. Are at these different events as far as helping again to sell bowling balls having debt personal connection between little Johnny. On meeting Don Barrett at a pro am before the big turning men or getting down bear to sign something. During a tournament. Not priceless you know because the fans are so close to the action they're so most media we. That he you know you act and the interaction. At the guys are great personalities like inner equitable worse you know that. That time Doherty I mean guys like that are just the prices ever. And not only that I nervously. It was a big week in up for you guys for CBI at the masters this year as a lot of even like our. I caught the land of cheese some of our guys rumors state that actually make in you know the cuts and getting quite fire like nick crumble from Whitewater. Represent an EB I am and your involvement was obviously EBI out at white water. Now for a college to. Yeah yet he can't beat you know this is that they're unique event. Because as you get more than just you know professional players. Out there and Beatty got the top amateurs comparable in in Knicks. A perfect example you know coming up. In the cup collegiate system which is so strong you know nowadays and just a although its Al it. You're right you just weren't local guys out there that make it and it's thanks pretty awesome. So how does that work Danny if you with your affiliation with different colleges I mean it it is that you. Walking in and all the rest from other companies Watson in trying to teach your products to a wind was back college and how competitive it is that amongst the bowling ball companies. Yeah city key extremely competitive because that that side of the sport this. They use exploded you know in the last few years so many good programs that are out there you know and it's great because you know that there are you to today. You know they can you get sport uses sport to get their education you know which is fabulous in order gore. College like Whitewater and in the world and in that you admit that we walking in which is so quick programs out there where you can use. No balling you get your education. And they buy a lot of equipment obviously too because a lot of the college kids carry ten or twelve balls a piece to the Germans. There you better believe they're an extremely challenging conditions. You know they have they have a variety. And they just they're Eric unbelievable just great to see get part of the industry growing. How does it work from a competitive aspect to when you start talking about you know guys when girls are getting towards the end of their college career. I'm now we're debating whether or not they want to continue line T weather be the women's to work out or the men's tour. Yet that step back the big challenges that old beat pitchers. Is that you know we've got there interest and that part of the sport is growing. You know there there high school programs the collegiate programs are going to take that next step would just great to see to get EPA. They'll come back again and it's riding you know we get hope we continue. You know. Their progression you know weather beaten badly or the professional and you know we get going deep in the sport continued. Our job more so that denied again on a nice enough to help out their idea spare time bowling Shalala can watch the arena on a care association giveaway track Mikell bowling ball. You had a chance for the last month to go on now the website M I LWC. AA are not count. Line and sign up there for your chance to win now bowling ball and how Shonn. It's your turn to give us a number on Dwight has all the numbers all over there what is it between one and 73 right before and 173 or chance. To pick the winner because of the pressure Sean able Baylor calling Kelly you. Pick the winner that you go to the white shopper called a radio station and yell at me so this way were off the hook sucked all hat. I let it go lucky number well like he twelve strikes in the game come from our. So lucky person in it is all. Look at you boy you'd like you done this before let it you called it a 300 shot right off the bat that that is that's a beautiful thing. Our children we got to it we actually have a local winner this time start good basket TD bowl from New Berlin on most of that. My so nicely done yes and I hope we also are going to be doing the drilling though cherish over the start jump Rocha for her so it's a great deal works out for everyone that's awesome. They shot that day so much for helping us out again this year and I looked Ford and working with you again next year. You get more welcome and thanks for the sport product and bestow all that good a commission which you director. Awesome Toussaint sounds good take care various job Morris again. Up from Abbott night joining us here on the castle a spare time Bolick showed resiliency by the Milwaukee area Napa. Auto care association. And oh yeah lack. Jirga was out of state Wright wasn't at Michigan last year yeah Amish again yeah Dave. Strong forgot his last name rug really nice guy and and come actually became one of my FaceBook friends from meant that's awesome yeah does that grade and and you could tell he was a real bowling enthusiasm I asked that person in any was extremely grateful that he won the. All sell pretty crazy because when you think of this show and you do the show you think about Milwaukee. I'll but it's it's really not mean we get tweets from Oklahoma City yeah I get emails from a guy out in Portland Oregon at listens every week go to this the podcast Ellison said the show so got all over the country in large part that's a TBA two or they've promoted us over the course of time. Odd to get our name out there nationally and has been very cool to have. It's a great DLE love obviously being part of it and glove rattling off the ball you ain't gonna get a better rep than Shawn Morris one of the hardest working guys out there. Now works feverishly to get the demo day has gone up at a bully knowing that the pro shop and and and thanks to him we were able to do three demo day he is on this year's solid Saddam he does all the set up all the tier downed. And promotes the product better than any of the other reps that are out there so it's just a joy to work with them. That's awesome he is Shaw Morse in from at a night. By giving away a bowling ball today and Eagles to a lucky person in new Burleigh DD ball do you know the Spurs and I do very well I'll say a person's very happy that all you have Mary Pierce county twelve I can sure as you know like to see it just. Just make sure you've got it I had a seed actually documents they saw out of me right on my customers had to come in and actually see it at that TV that's the way our number two while we will definitely correct that argument and I'm fifth Foulke got medical preview Vick coming up this weekend show that's coming up next here. Nine the counseling spare time bullish over gentlemen watch eerie Napa auto care association. Sports Radio One all phi seven FM the fan so yeah. Plus the fact it's just laser double until percentage by the want Gary Napa auto care association here on the stand our thanks to still rivals. For being on the show all year we talked about earlier in the day earlier in the show wasn't able to join us today as busy out in Vegas extra frame PBA dot com in Florida. Having him back in the saddle again next year our thanks to as well to feel October owner of council lanes in Racine another great deals on. I'm dollar Fridays all you can bowl with. From noon until about 9 PM yet to get the lanes by an 11 o'clock comes into my bowling is Don and all the bullet goes back to normal price but for five bucks you can balls much as you want. All weapons a lap point. And that includes shoe rentals on Friday is invaluable for less than seven dollars. I'm mornings like today Sunday mornings from 10 AM until 1 PM front or seven busted include she Ratliff to three hours a bull you get their attack and heck even need to get their immutable for an hour for five bucks that's totally worth it so both of those just great deals that Phil Michaels putting on Cassel Laynce. Not in race scene nine highway 31 make sure checked those guys out and I told thanks for sponsoring. Our board shall so we can happen of course Tom matching and walk gearing up a lot of care association we've talked about him a throughout the show for helping us with the bowling ball give Wayne being a sponsor of this show. A great job for him and I for helping us out too. I'd of course you delight Albert you had been the rock of the Shell since we started. Michelle was named after your pro shop spare time pro shop. A lot in New Berlin are you still crazy busy ours is starting to slow off a little bit different. No we are still a crazy busy we will be crazy busy every day. Prior I always base it opera when the masters golf tournament starts sure that first week in April. It's up I've got an all 33 years and it is amazing to me that. We will be incredibly busy everyday and then all of a son and assists like everything stops. Yup you know I assume it turns off a little on race whether YA is in all the tournaments are all over leaks are starting in the end and the assists like a switch on a law. See and that is where mom my issues come up. Lee play gets done in April right and then we have league play in the TBA when it's all done right that the two meet just once I mean it just takes too long to get there and you're kind of screwed when you are totally screwed because of March Madness air. I and college basketball screws to your you have no males in March yes to get on ESPN at that point or CBS I think for that matter. A so you have to wait till April to do team play. Non I like peavy alien and what it does I love it and I love the fact that it double again yes Darrel Owens and they Candace and I think you're terribly Mitchell yet no question I and that's going to be fun this year because he's got a whole new additions that's going to be ready to gulp for so bad that second tier and mezzanine level. And if they're gonna have people and that's gonna look awesome not so greedy in the fan and I would imagine Allen will cost side magical sound even better. Absolutely to right noises coming down on top young yeah I think it's just going to be great in one day. We'll have to get out we got to get out like heaven and a C without an official from there would be cool to get salute to right. And course yet the masters are going on this week insult lots of fun takes a Giffords shooting in the castle a spare time bowling show for another season presented to you by Milwaukee area. Napa auto care association what is a Dwight all we're doing. Summertime now take a deep breath and relax there you go last night you write your Harley red apparently. I have my summer class you know I always keep telling you there did you join at Seattle what's that summer class about. Instruction the last. I believe it's twelve weeks. Instruction class and we start first week of main finish and ready for the fall and Monday night's from 630 to about 830 and you get the ball three games for eleven dollars nice and I go down and work with you every week we we. Limit of the class. To Tony people Tony for people that's all I can do. We take twelve weeks in two people each week and a private lesson for me after the Boeing has done so we videotape amend. And break down their games worked them with a little bit and a lot of our new Berle and girls' high school girls have done for our class. And look at the year that there has that are going undefeated sixteen and zero now they're out to state that's all some good luck girls. So it's if it's a great instruction class in the keeps me busy over the summer otherwise you know in that Bigelow plague of dire times so. If it does make the Somerville might look at the whole you have to start a pro shop and grumble that in the called liberal vote either one account in the Bruin goals are signs of the people again we kept it off at Tony for. Sounds good to take advantage of that he is among the best of the best in what he does for shirt like Aldrich I support for tuning in coming up next hot stove weekly Tim Allen and baby house. The best adverse coverage for you straight ahead here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan.