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BIG SHOW 3PM: Does LeBron have any excuses for not winning a title now?

Mar 1, 2017|

03/01/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 3 p.m. Hour.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Clock tower of the Wendy's big show live in the holds Chevrolet studios at the packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler in the water and only Steve Sparky five from running back off coming up this. What does 8 PM left in the tank kill tells when he joins us at 3485 from the NFL scouting Tom Byron. Still gonna check in with John McLaughlin mr. buck himself will join us on his way to the arena. The call tonight's game between the Bucs and the Jazz he joins us. At about 415 right now we want to know does LeBron have any excuses for not winning a title now 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan back Tommy caught a lot of heat. Few weeks ago Le Roy when he was calling firfer help and he said we need more play makers. And we need a backup point guard. And laid. They did it they got Kyle Korver since he made that call than in the last couple days they added Andrew Bogut. And Deron Williams to that roster and if those moves are official yet but they're widely reported that those two guys I will be joining the team and Kevin Durant went down last night with a sprained MCL he'll be reevaluated. Once the regular season is over. In about four weeks may be back for the playoffs they're hoping he's back for the playoffs sounds like they're optimistic covet but. Everything seems to be leaning LeBron is way does he give any excuses at this point LeBron not to win an NBA championship. Well I think that's way he called for their go to Primoz give him what he wants you ordered he's specific you sin of a veteran backup guard. I don't know Darrent Williams has enough left but I want to Bogut hitter Ivan tennis do I want him forever. So I I don't know what. You know what. Would be to hold up there but if you get a seven footers that can run I Bogut was B stays healthy. I mean. Because you lost Moscow the reason he's with us. Donna and they really lost Moscow when you know I mean just a big old body ailments. Would you need a big body like that those. When you look up there in Golden State so. Again is about Bogut didn't help because he dig a little banged up if you add those two guy yet. I think you could've got win the east without those guys. But isn't enough dough to good field goal is stay although during it just and I pristine it is me I don't know it extended a year. But you have to feel like put up or shut up now. In you that's of people going Izzy Columbia champ ship a busts. That he hadn't said that. There may have people below OK this is good golden spaced bill that enough you beat him last year anyway. So we expect you to go back to back it people it clear they expect him go back to back. Those Bebop they just enough firepower those are two more book that says you need. They have no both have experience. And bolt you know play very well especially in their hey days. If your bogey you get a chance a chance. To win another ring I mean hearkened not turn and down. And it all comes down to. Whether or not to rant in Plano one level the ranking player playoffs and the nets would welcomes county and really not in the blesses the NBA finals Diaz Diaz I assume it is good enough to get to the far right I think so we're not Durant and he can get there they brought back Matt arts today. Onto Golden State gets more toughness it's more defense than a basketball team maybe a little more craziness to. On so you add him into the mix for gold stayed until drank comes back a whenever he comes back three point shooters to staying open right there's and four weeks or so on in the reevaluate. So from that respect he'll be back look at him a Beasley. Busy missing three games they're gonna reevaluate you know Randy has as has urged grant as a sprain and CL. Ali Al right right. Be easier cyber extended knee a little rush him back either just takes so for that perspective I think right now I think if if you're looking at this I think L depends on how good to rant is it to rain comes back. In place to form the I think gold say sell the team if Durant doesn't lie or isn't healthy enough to you you don't throw up his twenty plus points and actually five plus point tonight. That Hinckley who becomes the favorite I think the one thing it definitely has occurred as Cleveland by adding Deron Williams and then looks like Bogut. They doubt make themselves the clear cut team. In the east if there was any doubt whether or not boss and can deal with them. I think that's gone on to Ronald as you meet wholly reliant on while there are not Kyle Lowry comes back. Well at full strength because getting a bock a I'm getting Tucker at the deadline for Toronto help the Raptors immensely to try and slow down Cleveland. I don't know but enough they'll have flowers on a 100% and that's a we have to wait right how Long Will it take already come back will he be in time. Odd to play now Cleveland series at the end of the year that's the key not a huge guy issues as those of Toronto as Lowrie Golden State is the rant is older of the two biggest threats to Cleveland it. Toronto is looking out all around I wasn't a threat last year. But Toronto I had two huge pieces a bucket and soccer difficult Ibaka the LeBron wanted to come LeBron stopper whatever yet on those two guys. I think our our big pieces for Toronto but they have to have a Lowrie DeRozan healthy Lowrie being hurt right now. Life is not a good think this Raanan trial team. Brick and now preclude us. Ibaka slow block. Bring that Alexander but judo has a game bring him out of Chicago. Does the brother have any excuses for not winning a championship now. Sell double file orders you know when seven guys and I don't think you can bet let's live. Ed what 057 FM the van dyke. So lawyers say no right now right you'll come up with what later Beers and no read no not you know that's our -- say no no excuses for this guess. No I told you I think it all based on how the Durant and lottery. As I figured if Lowrie is healthy trot give them a run acting game to Iran Saudi gold state beats them. Plain and simple. South Eagles say it's still the team. I would what do you think we'll find out next at 7991250. When the Wendy's big show returns in the holds Chevrolet studios Wendy's big show live in the holds Chevrolet studios. Johnny Mack John McLaughlin mr. buck himself feed joins us coming up. At about 415 right now talking some NBA with you and asking does LeBron James and any excuses. For not winning an NBA title now after he gets Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut. And seemingly everybody around him is getting injured 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan. Doc up let's go to Mike on this outsider on the Wendy's big show it's a might. Bigger you know. I don't decently or is that occurred just out of why cry. You know like if they and in cold. And he did you hear. Other fighters in Egypt number one Elmer the winner's check did you. That's that's its own pocket and all that that it did go out in the second week with a knee injury we've all that Milwaukee. Earlier that an old faithful or the front just. Final Mets game. I don't know how you look. Because he pretty much Watson on the team and painfully watts Duke it Michael Jordan ever sorry. Up Serb behind seem to get up but whatever fault what those guys to keep whine and cry and. So what makes you sick of you owned the team you would do what you can. So you would do what unity. What don't talk about I'd seen but I'm not out there stop Bob abroad quality shot he wants best player best player in this order. And I figured. That's that's what I love the first cut but that he hit it good enough support outside yet. And on but put toward in the coming years or lightly before he got four. For Chicago what Japan imports grand it's separate separate. But the point is so L. The best player in the MBA. And you're still whine and cry and complain and and I keep that every Irving ever log. The guys around you and you still want or. Come on here I think in the upper. Well it's working. You know I mean in this in tune. He speaks up and they act modesty could they know how bad it was when he left as the businesses around that stadium I'll battles are LeBron James left. This is an even just about an organization is not a city now made it eight and a whole different level of fact the LeBron James has on the city of Cleveland. Firm when he was there vs when he's not there. And I'm here to tell you that same effect could very well be at a city Milwaukee would yeah honest if in when his boxing gets to where he needs to be with -- says that superstar or leading it. But Steve people want to play with him. So he'd put derive message out there he's the last simply due to give him off all star he say give me some some veterans. I mean out hoping general that is I didn't have a do you need another power play makers what he's and that's all you need me I'll think his ask a falls to our. I've got top ten guy wouldn't go. Would they can't do any out of money next. I think a lot of people but it won't trade to Tristan Thompson try to shake it up a little bit and bring in another big man or some in another. I'm not ours way to do it for and then announced as you well all right well good for him so good from the charity Goodell earlier yet LB all throughout they do try to. But who I thought they won't try to move that contract. Either open it up would this summer to get somebody else. To go with them and start a new regime. Or does jive very more firepower in its best you have to react. When other teams react though the team was Golden State by game Kevin Durant. And actually in we talked about in the last segment about to rant. Aram and Kyle Lowry not gullible fools guys if they're healthy they could you Cleveland run but the one thing that. Item brought up and is a fair point is we don't know what Kevin love's going to be like either. Kevin Love comes back and he's got the same Kevin Love and he's got some rust on him he could cost them ticket cost him big time. These that he can't be that score and rebound or that they need him to beat. They're gonna have to rely on other pieces to pick up the score for Kevin love's and the playoffs when defense is our more tough need to play becomes more physical in the MBA playoffs. If you don't have Kevin Love that third start the date will be beat outside. Mark it out right now if cats love. Isn't there this playoff run in the NBA finals and he should be if he's not a dale lose in the playoffs I'll be going to make the NBA finals if they don't have Kevin Love. And a back injury is always tricky very especially for a guy seven foot because when I'm fine to recommend you cannot Mel. I don't think I made about I don't think they can beat Toronto about Campbell yeah it's been held on other being throughout. I don't think they have and they're not bogus on a score you score for you know what is this himself. Mean you'd like to be you know he had the 101012. Minutes maybe in knives are not majors he's passing and it just gives some water and don't but he insisted you're kind every agreed stuff right. LeBron it's still. When you need more eagle after. But it went JR Smith streaky about trying to get him try yeah that's why don't gather their souls streaky lets better Wendy's value milieu and it hurts if LeBron James if LeBron James is healthy. And play. They'll hit the Raptors and if there was any other variable you want if LeBron did as healthy and playing I don't rent I got better right now. But if we get to that series and there's no Kevin Love your I'll take Toronto. There's no Kevin Love there not being drawn Oca. Remember that but don't forget I want a free valley middle zionists again a lot of healthy in DeRozan and that that cast of characters that they have a healthy. And while those offer Cleveland are not being Toronto. Oh yeah two runs paper tiger let's go to Pete you're on the Wendy's big show it's upbeat. They excel with our. Sparky Sparky the air world and at the same. Cream colored green went out car free picture below their puts. Go to straight to experience. Angle I had no problem what Toronto which can blow up or without a problem especially will pocket and or outward. Well LeRoy Butler. And that's why you my paper Parker ought par. Arnold seed not there won't would have superstar are open help especially when you're looking at. But it came around don't do it better clean out Garnett but cleanly but it build an Iraq that are equally well box say he needs some help. Cleveland went out there and got some help it's not what that was our superstars Arab partners. Now and that's why you're brought spoke up taxpayer help you got one Dewayne. It's not been wrong with that meant. People seem to want a credential criticize LeBron every chance they get every little thing they Eddie don't matter but I wanna Wear let that gat. Built that team and go out there him and it's not that well with that. Like you act in the go out there and give him Michael Jordan or Kevin wrecked the mayor city won a couple role players didn't some ballplayers and go out there when it. Oh with that. Well now he's not saying these are all stars and if he didn't have the all stars around him that he does he would be saying he's more all stars or you'd be running into the arms of Dewayne wade or Chris Bosh or insert NBA superstar here. He's tried that already in warm wouldn't so I think he just wants a role players from veterans. July Jason Kidd that we had we can cut him open and take his brain out. It. And put his brain back and is he moving I think most I think most guys do a couple days but down the stretch you feel. Better with some bad that's ride your boy Jefferson has always in Iraq you know. Yeah hanging around 'cause he doesn't make mistakes. A new hit opened show out raider players and tough defense. And he just my. Going really really good. All of them well. I'd rather put my input in and not think that there is nothing wrong with LeBron he or a couple extra play makers considering. The team that is about to go against in the final presumably. Just batted at top thirty players of all time and it seemed that nothing. I mean they got to somehow compete with and you know it's always building that conferred. Level playmaker off the bench could use the regular season load. Under. Like the last guys that I just think people up on LeBron every chance they get I think that I'm bickered at the. I'll appreciate it. I think Barkley. And Shaq started the conversation. When they started on that back. When it was Barkley was that you won't hear about it you don't want to compete. Best I had a conversation in a barber shop. So to take it to another level of people thought about it. Thought about what derail the deal also lobe that lasted. But it wasn't and Golden State it was okay see people. And probably. The guy display way. Well it. If that didn't LeBron loss to Golden State and what did goes say it'll be. Milk me every edges maybe in rights everywhere. But directed. Eased in and get a lube glad but not at LeBron did he got two old guys. There's beat up and walk around like big aryan. And on the equipment and a veto the you know rent. It'd be filled in Gaza dead so a brilliant all these two guys beaten hill. But the idea they're come in and with some experience. That's kind of what he wants. And it doesn't guarantee him in pain but outside looking and I think you get duties and I think he thinks he can compete will Golden State when they get. I can't wait for the NBA playoffs I don't have you wouldn't be able to respond well and so it from now I know that I grammar and present our zoom in on me to a lot at the plate for a month and astronauts and when he does it really that far away a month and a half and holed it from Atlantic when he. Season goals in the middle of April already thought of finals. Yeah pretty good baseball mind when you are because of the plan well I will it be in Cubs motor oh Cubs crap everyday. You being the one I had signed or anything left either where I had a rarity Cubs crap yesterday I decided that I had I was related. I don't know yeah you know. Sell I say but I but we cannot just a Bulls fan I'm an NBA fan okay about the pot that the playoffs are really really the best layouts I've seen in awhile last year yet and so when we get the plan out may have nothing to with doubles doles out assaulting shakes out I think the east is. And the last. And there can be upsets. In the playoffs both sides I really do probably more so in the west and maybe in the east so wet will be over before the NBA playoffs are there are showed it to be. Really but they'll still be doing the fish fry a replica you closet Wisconsin at that yeah absolutely I should look and see exactly. I'm humbled to lineup but he out on pomp and close out imagine. Between the two Q Kolb was Scott's greatly anywhere is wins is the idiot go watch all your favorite sports action for sure whether it be basketball. Baseball you name it exotic you quibble with Scotts and great place for all that plus lots to do why are watching the games on a flat screen TV it's 62 pool tables shuffle board torn they don't lose ball tables three those. Electronic darts. Or more. Joy there award winning fish fry on Wednesdays. Fridays. Innings Wednesday and or different styles of fish wharf vs the world I would say. A. The better it is as pulled up. Prior and I'd have ever done hallways hey. Tuesday got to do to get it started reading all over here not. At odds over it you clubs of what he's up front party's hold your personal VIPs week. With L. Again in my bag and be at peace we were lush. That'll on TV as well access of whose ball being pumped to go about Wisconsin 2454. North Graeme view boulevard it Waukesha. Have miles south by 94. Check them out. Now Q club of WI dot com hue club WI dot com or visit them on. He's gotta go I sub Wendy's big show Buren back in the holds Chevrolet studios sorties big show a lot and holds Chevrolet studios I'm running back off there is Steve Sparky Phifer in the packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler re talk with Chris Thomas said. Of the saint Paul pioneer press and just a few minutes he's live from the NFL scouting com buy and also tell us what AP. Has left in the tank if Packers fans are interest and in that. Mark would you vote for Oprah Winfrey for president. Who's running against her. Well I mean I would assume it would. It would be Donald sharper Oprah Winfrey and when it's one if she was to run says she's gonna run soon went and did it sounds like I had considering a run well I don't wanna told me Alvin what are you talking about she was Edwards TV show as she and she was loud cheers on Bloomberg media's day with. Bloomberg media with David Rubenstein number her meet her about. And shares edged sign she was that his name Rubinstein. And she was asked if she would ever. Run for president in geez and I never quest never considered the question even a possibility. She began that's Jesse the question greater reconsider the idea. I just thought 00 she continued because it's clear that you don't need government experience to be elected president of the United States. That's what I thought Winfrey said. I thought oh gee I don't have the experience I don't know enough and now thinking oh. So dealt sharp inspired Oprah Winfrey to doubt consider a run for the White House. I mean she been. And he. Or about it yeah and I I can kind gallery's eyes pushing him back to Tony Tony for after he meant after you met with Larry via our president who got nick. Still mentally to fours in seven years worth star Diego of the I mean you never know it hasn't come for film school that you're that is good for Alford is always fan bases to do you actually Aussie Kim and a White House. You can double no I don't want to see kids org guided the white outs. Please god no. No. So you would vote first market I'd vote for but I think I'd think she could win I think she'd Israel's huge fares a huge fan base. I'm telling you I think she damaged and rabid fan days it's passionate it's alternate veteran countries and a point. Yeah in his four years where's the country setting I mean if it the Dodgers really good shape and easier when real progress who's against what. Countries it out on the good shape then. Whoever goes against him a lot of chance I don't know the level I status helps anymore always because because Hillary and every every. Celebrity dinner all how would or her to win. Mes got the popular vote you win. Saturn but the president prepares them. In this don't take this as a knock Burnett try to get too politically or the Wendy's make sure he was here's his credentials were was being a celebrity. That's before you give that man goes name either businessman but your body most people knew him. And as recently from being a celebrity and hosting a reality show car right. You know when I need a younger. For pleading guilty hardly any similarities to you know like endorsed him he was insular correct so people reckon that dead name. That's known rule areas. They can only get probably NBC wants to apprentice it is. There's some people probably is. All of college she oh she definitely their aggression not really left Hampshire area I don't know the same stability and run and actually I was young runnerup well. What celebrity would you want to see red for president if he can pick what's leverage you're like yeah I'd Tristan future of the country. Said Jack. Stats LL Jackson did. Israel is probably another day this lightly by B old other direct throw hold others don't. Wanted to get his buddies beat Giguere gave. Think sort of know. As I am angry snakes on a play. And these. Doesn't have appearance. Bargain you're Webb celebrity by that you tried to run the country on broad belt. President already it's via the NC is I've brought. The did it with Ricky here you get my vote and you're Chuck Cook played any of the other boarding show that Malcolm Brock did already has a Knick David. As a rookie you don't think he's earned that. Oh. About. Some things that I could possibly bring bonds up to care about like who Eds. Who is the tie and today had the energy to to be upset that a guy has a Dick David B Andy's a rookie. And it has got out there are periods and different stuff man that's his opinion and that's either a lot of people that hate nicknames in general the golf names are stupid. Think you know over his beef is big. All that aside and everybody's got it's got nickname some people think you have to earn your nickname. Obviously you can't give yourself your own nickname some people say there should be any nicknames just username your mama gave you. Mean let's got their own take on in the game thing yet it and I think what really bothers check is that the the PA announcer at the at the Bradley Center where I heard brought good scores deployed at the he says the president right or. Have you seen the yeah image and it's awesome. It's like uniform at a podium with like Mike said like from the White House that's what I wrote great I don't know why that rarely anybody obsession deftly play that I can't read the right road making everybody writes and you always have people asking like we brought. Are Logan he was ten in his body Adam right to the bucks game last last Friday. Ball. Home president for why they keep saying the president and and you explained I just. Yeah I've no problems whatsoever he nickname coming out a college. The uses. Yeah Deion Sanders. Gave me and my nickname coming out of college before college. When I entered college it was Deke DE AC because they thought out of the deacon and pitchers that would turn to a but he can't me royally. By our allies you know be into Tuesday he posted on the relief. It value Roy lead I have no idea it's a little rolling or was it the ruling there was fight nobody. And you either escalate. In Europe out that they. There was some debate whether this guy Roy or LeRoy had an idea that dealt with the lead you don't really good I thought okay. And everybody from coaches is up a code about. But he only it just on the Rolen. Is Derek LB LeRoy. Roddy did in the pen but I know when dragged him. Nude nun. But in the names of cool we got is great market and if if we did that as a topic in the future what's celebrity would you like to see red for president is that is is gonna turn into an ugly political think of that I don't know that know how okay. But the teachers asked what celebrity would you. How political because anything I didn't do you have anything has even though a whiff of a pull it is an out to repairs are though people are gonna get upset and it's gonna turn into something ugly. This and I don't wanna do that here wanna have fun on this Jenna. Will consider it I think I think it's a great question do you do on Friday Michelle Obama will be my and other again. That's she's. She's a politician I'm talking celebrities like a wife knows she's kind of politics at if you're the first layer and there what's important in the first Linear pile up all bomb on. Was the vice president and over. Oh. Roster or Samuel object I don't think you can do that can he do I don't know I don't. I don't think so I don't know I don't get out of your former president Kennedy vice president Providence diuretic cedar term limits just saw it was to happen to Oprah which I was like to the president right that some say. So if something happened to Oprah or did you study to be president and he would have exceeded the ceremony it's maybe Achilles served one term. And he can be the vice president of everybody else out there and if you don't talk about a vote that the correct thing would Beckett be Italian noted that haven't been possible bill would have been the DP Taylor. Now he just didn't sensational get some ideas from now I'll say it if you could have if you could be present go back to be BP. Bill would have been to DP dealer and it's a question she play it off his popularity. To try to win from a job this out and Reagan asked this question Ellison and a future and it political science and physics I have no idea last year on a few today. Which of racial but so think about it which celebrity would you like to see you read that president Alan Jackson and right hugs Daniel Jackson Sparky what's about to bribe the some rights adjustments pros. It. I grew. The other is that breakers obviously legislator Paul pioneer press on these live from the NFL scouting count by and that tells the AP has anything left in the tank the Rockies actually considering a run for office is in. But that's as you know. Just aren't Wendy's big shall be right back in the host Chevrolet was greeted us. Sororities big show live in the holds Chevrolet studios on Ronnie Mac awful long way steam Sparky Phifer and are two former Packers Gary dollars and and the royal Butler talk with John McLaughlin mr. buck he's coming up at about 415. On his way to call tonight's game at the B Morris Bradley Center. Between the Bucs and the Jazz joining us right now on the great mid West Bank not like he read his work inside the Saint Paul Paul pioneer press. He's live from the NFL scouting combine in India all's pleasure welcome in. Chris Thomas and Chris how you doing this afternoon meant. I go out thanks Graham it really appreciative. Any thing going out at the scouting Tom by any added it's it's still very in the very preliminary stages right nothing of substance happening right. Well they got them actually not fair amount of water right now. But no Rick Adelman addressed the media today that the come by our our Beers and I did while it's great that. In going was there any surprise. On your part yesterday when when the Vikings announced they would pick up the option on Peterson's contract. I thought they might. Where you're negotiate. It and man try to sign. On number and then it didn't work out there with your you know he's gonna survive. But Gagne not surprised that it wants and apparently. Very in this here but I think there. You know reaching out here there and it ought to be accommodating and YER. Ball and they want to give him. The fans who are is vacant and negotiate with games starting Tuesday there and mark on the night when our. Kind of gauge his market value a little bit and not. Now Rick the ailment like there weren't prepared but frankly I thought would be a little bit more. Strong in that area today it was kind of Luke warm so it's a little warm actress saying well. Well B we don't know what the market. Do you think can't they'll win to the fact about him being out all season from when they want to cut their losses. And that's the reason why it may you richt is. Is out to come by defying gravity can bring in May you know owners to get some. Guys who did not in trouble and things of that nature. Are you you're talking about it trauma beard yeah yeah 2000 and they're saying yeah yeah you know I'm doing and they can't. Well you're out certainly that bit a little bit and be the equation when you totally evaluate. Evaluate him acquire but you know perhaps they understand that. Before he returned in the Vikings. Before the 2015. Days on very agreed to restructure his contract and offensively here it is money for both. 2015. And 2000 pick then. So you know if they were trapped. You know I can't. Help grab the batters that the Lakers got him out of there there prior wouldn't have done you know. Yes a good point so what do you think a bit and what do you think. Would be a good avenue led them to exercise now the defense play well. But had to combat some of these teams they get lost without doubt works out had to come by a member. I don't know if you remember a guy might know mullah he put up some great numbers and got drafted hide. People couldn't find a lot of these teams they get and Amaral would not think you really find out in the interviews. How good a guy can help but how does a guy can help your team. Yeah are you bring have a good point but just. Another thing on piers and just because you guys are actors like doctor Eric victors when you're there. Yeah I gotta analyze the situation you think the Packers and the Raiders are part are the two best. Landing spot for. Peter let me think the Raiders where they're good offensive line in the younger Q where he could be. Are deeply there and then I'll probably thank Aaron Aaron Rodgers. Along with Peterson I mean could be up he could bring the Packers another title and it would take pressure off Adrian he wouldn't have a lot. There in the ball as much so I figured I'd throw that one up to you packed. You don't cry that's how. I guess I think would be I in this whole thing with AP is I mean he's been fortunate enough to play in Minnesota which means. He's playing it in a dome all of its home games plus he's in Detroit for a home game to every single season so he's got. Nine games inside a boarding mills elements. I just think if if your Adrian Peterson and I I don't always dad time of his being a dream gig former whatever but if you're Adrian Peterson I just wonder how much you really wanna stay. I had that bad one either of being in this division I happen to play outside in the elements in Green Bay eight games year plus playoffs plus having to play. I'm in Chicago as well this does that factor into this do you think it'll be I saw the Giants are are hot to trot for a. Yeah I mean he said before our. For bird natural grass though. That is one in pencil thing Green Day I've been tableau of course is right some are and we're not proud. But he hit Indiana found out being in 2000 and if scene playing outdoors repeat CF bank stadium or the Vikings move there are. To it inside but. You know I mean our our handicap a favorite our problem. The Raiders. I've talked to people who that created and that hasn't been an electorate than them. I mean Derek Carter go down last year. You know they might have been in the neck certainly possibly. Have featured speaker here in the league and he's got good weather there natural grass and I. Seeing that the common. Yeah I really when I look at it there Chris I really feel like no more and to name a few teams I have a the first hole beat Carolina Panthers. To continue to Ryan back. And they are dear wanna go back Ford they went to the Super Bowl back and help them in Washington. If they put a run and bag if they get to Kirk cousins situation. Straighten out and then they last year would be the Giants. He's a teams as you could throw him on in they can get to the Super Bowl but. For some reason if he did falling Green Bay what will beat a number of money you they do Packers. It would do to offer him that a making comments I want play for a contender. Is used is it reported what he's looking for yet is too early. Yeah now nobody is really thrown out of figure we'll know more Wear and is great you can start. Talk and the other thing yeah next Tuesday and make it kind of start. Given dollar possible amounts I mean I think 56 million a year or something in that ballpark. But. I think any deal you give members there's got to be in there and has been. You've got to be concerned with how much. Guaranteed money you're gonna give our linebackers going to be. When his big show on Sports Radio all phi seven FM the fan. What other Vikings in free agency do we see them being active in free agency and have you heard any names that mania tying into the Vikings. Well we'll or tackle whitworth from. Cincinnati I mean he's a dark wood gently. They're gonna look at I think I mean there. Offensive line is utterly at all it's got to build up. You're offensive line after last year where several players performed. Under par and they had numerous injuries on the line as well obviously. There if they don't brink hear them back I think they've got. Yet a running back from someone out but. That draft is going to be very deep at running back you're here. Rick Adelman with talk in Indianapolis but he's never seen the draft is deep at running back so you know I think they're competent prayer. They probably might have a better care of getting running back in the draft than perhaps the over paying for somebody. In free agency or getting somebody that had issues surrounding them. That's us a bus safe to say they would bring that kid makes and in. The one they gathered in the defy you army all right now yeah. That are actors being. Where you're not mean whoever. Does bring mixed him in. Zeke good following my own little room after cleric on me or hurt you know you're not at the end court and obviously we. That is Chris Thomas and of the saint Paul pioneer press you can follow him on Twitter at Chris Thomas and and our guess the last few minutes here on the Wendy's big Joker is really appreciate lament thanks a lot thanks a lot grew. And it cracked block guys really present. Chris Thompson joins us on the great midwest bank how I'm when he Brady get into our back into the housing market look no further he wanted to pack and great midwest bank music great midwest bank dot com to make to take the next step towards your new home AP is a possibility ahead to the Packers another hall of Famer. An edge in the future hall of Famer. Probably future hall of Famer will be out there in the free agent market here in a few days but Roy Boller being interest in him it's the Wendy's big shall find out next an old Chevrolet student.