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BIG SHOW 5PM: Pick a Lane

Mar 1, 2017|

03/01/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 5 p.m. Hour.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for the guy still resent the big topics from today's big you know. And late do you pick a league. Or go away and brought you by the legendary Great Lakes dragway in union grow. Go to great lace dragway dot com for some great holiday gift ideas like twice seventeen season passes and ticket discounts. That's Great Lakes drag away dot com. It is that's out here on the Wendy's big show and in the holds Chevrolet studios with the packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler in the what it only Steve Sparky Phifer I'm running back off and here's what you have to pick from in Great Lakes drag away pick a lane right way and is Ted Thompson tone deaf for did we read too much into Aron Rogers comment center lane. Does LeBron have any excuses now for not winning a title and the return of mine what former player. You wish was still involved with your team's 7991250. Or you can email us live and 1057. FM the fan dot com your member after the Packers. Loss to the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC championship game Aaron Rodgers had this little back and forth with one of the Packers beat reporters through more. Didn't know. In the offseason to get over there's no. That's usually my mistake and all for you I don't I still feel. Feel pretty young as I think I have a number of years left in me to play at a high level. There we just got to make sure were we're brawl in every year. To win and I think. We could take a big step this offseason he also send us we need to. Reload I don't think we need to rebuild we need to reload we get a lot of players were young were Vick enters for us we just need to reload a little bit. Well Ted Thompson was asked about those all in comments today at the NFL scouting comebacks it land again. We just need to make sure there were all in. Going forward. Would you take that to me. So we'll little ago. Do now. And he's still here challengers. Hopefully this helps us pitchers who doesn't matter what we're do we're trying to do something. Did you take it and all that he would like you can be more active in free agency. I do. As Ted tone deaf LeRoy are we being media guys. I was not surprised either comment at the Aaron gotten they get. Just a beat down against Atlanta. He owed no more leader. Is mentally tired physically tired. Because he put them on eight and nine game winning streak and no wind game. But he needs needs some help he couldn't get it. So was that being said. I was not surprised. That do re low comment and rebuild. That's a direct. Indictment steam on our wants some older guys. Because he mentioned the young guys to write. Directly instead. Young guy with a guy and of young guys so it did did they ghetto or maybe to hit dollar you know what maybe talk about guys just need to step up and play better. But if he did take it Aaron wants. Create instant he really does have a won't be doing Napoli you get free agency there was say you'd get a cup Aaron major do. I don't care why does it he has been our parents because Erin told to do it aren't here it's because his model told to do it I don't care it's guzzle what Butler Goldman do it. Just do it. I care what your reasoning is Ted Thompson Doug McNamee did do something because. Yen it is. Very familiar with what everybody says that Sosa me about it he felt. He does not care at all. About what anybody that organization has to say Muzak care what US fans have to say he's not Q what is players have to say I can't go and do what Ted wants to do. Plain and simple there is no debate about who is making the decisions and who's making the call you can tell and then he'll look at you this blank stare and listen. And then after you're not okay thank you know walk away an angle make his selection. I is that. That's is what this it and to anybody it's conceptual and say. You're not very good at what you do or you should be doing this or you should be doing that needs it would turn around and looked. A Super Bowl ring do you know. Large team had been a playoff how many years in a row how many times have we won division. Ten minutes is suitable blocked you would like that by could you lag or badminton championship news. But it's. Did you tell all the B oh yeah you mean it's yeah it's in championship and we all got excited you know. Is that we want you to be so consistent it equivalent average comes to is we're trying to win a Super Bowl did you Eagles say yeah. What would be cause you knowing you won't win those who blow. I don't know that I go with suitable to what you. How because we know what they knew we knew yeah. They ran on Saturday winds its yet we're not comparing it to my uncle he's able dot. Thought Jews don't have as the his actions don't line up what his warts and ruins where you don't let a guy admits jabs you to call it being hammered Gerry about. You know about. Wisconsin bad to not win it all right and we it's okay. But he told you. They play I would be if I didn't if he was a liar you're right after that yeah put his actions don't match up with what he's warts say. They don't. Like you'd have to pitch your game you sit. As a as a I don't I asked of me I tell you I don't you were people imagine over the not. So mean you should be. And it's you you don't you win when you mentioned Tim Hewitt you've got. Excited. Excited because what I similarly don't damaged right believe that we like yours but what bucks player as ever mentioned Jimmie to appear. Nobody's really what you've got. Back to back hall of fame quarterback's lingering by your general manager. Yeah I'm gonna Super Bowl. Poker chip you mean by using all music you're trying to questionable with right I don't look like. So that's around and is at. Don't deaths. Or did we miss read Aaron Rodgers diamond 7991250. Or you can email us live. And 1057 FM the fan and dot com moving to the center lane just a few weeks go LeBron James. Called for some help he wanted more play makers on his team they act out court and then in the last couple of days. Reportedly they've signed Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut after those two agreed to buy outs with their respective teams Roy are there any excuses left for the king now he doesn't win a title. I don't think any east at all I think although I think Dick who went to ease without Kevin Love this really helps to blow to return August back. Nothing that I don't I don't see anything wrong with LeBron warning more players especially when. You know Durant went to already guessed that team they have four guys and all star team. The bronze about a championship not not about did to the final he's done an animal like you who. So I don't miss eight years as he's been in the finals yet he's adding two guys that would be really going to be during May I mean. Deron Williams may give you went fifteen minutes Steve army navy tee and I don't know. Does carry air it is about him anyway Bogut. We know as well he hurt. So but when he's healthy he's been pretty good old label Golden State so. How they did in his use is now wants Kevin Love cog back in used you have these guys. People want that you went to win at all so that's is. Ireland now does LeBron James have any excuses for not winning a title 7991250. Or email us live at 1057 FM the fan back come and in the return Elaine Corey Hart back with a bruise yesterday as an honorary captain. Says he'd like to get involved in coaching the game of baseball somehow. Guess Sparky to think in what former greats he would like to be involved. But some of his favorite teams said he had a bunch spark you name to budget Yemeni left the gym and gotten up for just the guy that you. I'll get I'll say it again led Boller with the Packers obviously and I think when you talk about the Milwaukee Bucks for me it's amp itself. In into what the birds I think it's Paul Molitor for a lot of people bog he had not won a cast was I don't. So I mean our semi Gorman Thomas is not doing more are agree with the Milwaukee Brewers Dodgers ads and now maybe it's the terms on a in terms on money or something I don't know. But Gorman Thomas seems like a natural fit. To do some type of analysts work some work. Within this organization are great personality now I know you right now that's happy and that's that rocks are going you're fine. But you're bashed a knee replacement for you I don't understand why he was never really get an opportunity yet that job. And I don't understand why driving spring training games and all this other stuff down there and he's not doing any analysts work on his streaming games that and spring training. He got a ball at all with the Brewers website doing different videos and talent stories and excellent things game that's a great no brainer Manning you're just Jesus I. I've got to do I got a new pick it's a recipe cards coming out I think on any. In Gorman Thomas. Barbecue sauce. Is it is so real and aren't out of the recipe is so I don't burger it's Carolina just outside world is just really really good how about Prince Fielder. Two from I mean like you know you don't eat did you know he's getting a cooking show on that Blix yeah I told you can ask her. In the first cooking show on net and let Jack quade get he's not a good thing you read the article now now when the odd couple weeks ago. Oh he's not very different I don't mind cook. Mean he's gonna eat their stuff in town whose best guys. Out in the same you know those. I don't know who sponsors and I honestly don't recall but fielder's choice whoever win you know they do the tailgate tips during Brewers games out there in the commercials I would like to see prince street could get the kids that stature would let me quote about details on salads yeah like. Whole bank next. I can doesn't kicking show. In large part to that helped by good Fred's. Over and Robert specialty reason this spring training Doug Hoy got an Arizona. Our thoughts turned to warm today as though Cummings cleared and the adjournment of serving up quality beats from Robert specialty meats. Even cool weather there is plenty of delicious options from this master buchert starting with over thirty varieties of original sausages and rots from mild to hot. Including their Al Capone Italian sausage just. State was zesty play every loss of five they've bursting. 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And for the best the meat shop Roberts special to me it's your home. Town butcher we've reset the big topics discussed on today's big show right lane instead toned effort to be read too much into Roger's comments setter land. Does LeBron have any excuses for not winning a title now and the return when what former player. You wish was still involved with your team's 799125. Gear email us live at 1057 FM the fan dot com. And have the final say on the big topics discussed on today's big joke. When we return in the Holtz Chevrolet skewed. It's great show final segment before admirals hockey in just a few minutes in re setting the big topics discussed on today's big show right land is Ted Thompson toned after degree read too much into Aaron Rodgers all in comments settling does LeBron have any excuses now. For not winning a title in the return lane what former player do you wish was still involved. With your team's 7991250. Will try and Griese and after Philip in Philly you're on the Wendy's big show what's up Phil. It was so there are you. They don't then I was playing you. Get paid for the but yeah. Wound. Seasonal. Total. Admirals are you may be a little late good the road yeah. You know if you ask Nadal at the dunes. None on the city bridges I play in there and I mean he's that you were lay it. As a black it was just the snow and he's in Philly. Just know in Tampa two that have a reason young incited. What 63 and you'll love man. We. Got me as I see it you've been a good decision to us. Demands to have that let you know I've seen that much. Of your it's a grand I had heard is to Graham yeah I'll. Oh. Be done. You know with a resurgent that you will give like to know what you got when you wanna get it done well and you. You know it's called yes. At. Stake in the pack of that. So I I really appreciate those. There you go but it didn't say. All. He went to Wisconsin that was my big grew up. And it is no no glee. Might slugger though wouldn't you know they're watching. Ought. All the games out in fact is that it became practiced. Yeah our. And it but I Michelle. But it's a mop. The depleted what. Well. I wouldn't want to make competence yeah. I got a big names you over a trauma because. Shields is is that it jemaah. And I think you mean more intense. Nick Barnett. Jim Michael Finley. Jabbar walked one and Donald. No honestly there you go one up things really well it's not gone out before I got here and l.'s hockey yet war slider. Oh major changes oh. Blow when we got married your leg cattle Matt Capps Matthew delta don't but no longer starting point guard Malcolm Brock in back in the starting lineup. The president Chris Milton no longer in the starting lineup people have on his own you. What did I tell you a utility guy trying to determine those come and diligent he's got scored no duty to act guy they need to get our yeah blog want to play five minutes he misses two shots a Knoll then yeah it yeah ocean. These shooter yeah and thanks to Chris Thomas and the saint Paul pioneer press and mr. buck himself John McLaughlin I enjoy your him on the call. As the Bucs take on the ninety's to nine here's marquis afterwards that the Milwaukee Bucks. Pick and same post game show if you miss either of those interviews or anything on today's show check out fan on demanded 1057 FM the fan back count. That's brought you by John Paul's Buick GMC. Highway 100 in Greenfield admirals at Charlotte coming up next with Aron Simms on the call. For LeRoy Butler Steve Sparky Phifer Jeff or lost the intern front runner. I'm Ronnie Mac loss and thanks for listening to the Wendy's big show. And we'll talk to again tomorrow on eight throwback Thursdays starting at Q.