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Faith in the Zone with Eastern Michigan Head Football Coach Chris Creighton

Mar 5, 2017|

03/05/17: Faith in the Zone with Mike McGivern and PAstor Ken Keltner with the Football coach from Eastern Michigan Chris Creighton.

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Welcome defeat in the zone show on both sports and faith and how that to come together in widescreen touch. Right now discover how people in sports and walk in faith and but host Mike may give burned and pastor can kill you learn. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Yeah. Welcome to. For anyone on 57. And I might be your alongside my cult post. He used to treat he's the head pasture for us and Baptist Church pastor can calendar faster and doing today and a great night in the viewers today is you see today. The city's everything's going well for you there. Well yeah. And yes. Merck and you know before we introduce our our Jessica tell you on the ice. Oh football coaches show that I do every we during the high school football season and in every other week during the summer. Do you Wisconsin football coach association show. I I have college coaches on every week. And do we do was call coach's corner and when I ask for that show. Is that a majority. At least half of their roster. CU Wisconsin plate the next level. So get ready for today show. Our our our special guest the head football coach at eastern Michigan university and look to the roster. They have won Wisconsin kid gets so guess what position he place you he's from and how many falls by the way in your neck of the woods. Ticker now try again. Even more first year. So long since it occurred or how I laughed at. I said okay we got Italian man we got the long snapper from the Indians from and how many falls. And we could talk to our special guest coach Chris Creighton. About how the once Japanese going for eastern miss you coach Howard. I'm good thanks. There you can't forget. Athletic and well. Or two well. All. We got to. I've missed I missed him I've missed but I did OK I can I got them anomaly falls boy it is. I have passed you live in the long aria yeah and penal money that's a critical position under incredibly long snapper has. That sense and over the planners and you're in trouble. They could to sit at a Wisconsin border defenses and happened that's that's why they haven't had any snaps over the hey coach we really appreciate it complements your time today and and died all the research shows June argue this is going to be a great show I know it's that Tom Allen the head football coach Indiana. Hit highly recommended us to get a hold review said you guys are really good friends and thought that should be great guest and this show. And we had we have Tom mine he went to merit at the Baptist Bible culture Wisconsin. And apple to my kids went to school there so we got that that was scouts and tie in with him and he was a great guest he's gonna do good work at Indiana. No question. Yeah I mean I I couldn't agree with you more com. The way he got there and in the in the way that it came ball for him. To be head coach immediately there's. Dole yeah you know. The situation for others involved in did you get to celebrate. That com. But just thinking about you know albeit at church in the end of the moment stay. He's gonna do we always Tatis very fateful. Lives lives by conviction. It is and shamed him and and also football coach. Yes and he has that Big Ten as we were talking about it he starts off with a Ohio State I think it shows winning. That's the first game Narnia. All of this afternoon. You know I I said who set that's can actually see that happen before like your map that your I would start with Ohio State but you know what we're gonna have to players who bring a month. Yeah yeah. You wouldn't you know I'll betcha. Privately would have it any other way. Although we'll have a right. Well will be one will be Watson hale will be written to Tomlin that in no doubt he coached let's go through your background if we can't get our special guest efforts they show. Is that the head coach at eastern Michigan university's Chris Creighton. Big guys so let's talk a little bit about your background or were you grow up and and I were you went to college stuff like that. Yes sure know I held. Actually boarded my first twelve years or California born and Cisco well. For the world all folks. And has since San Jose. I'm home my fault or it was a task or priest. During that time and they've moved us up. Seattle when I was twelve that's where the hostetler in junior high and high school years. I've been in the midwest and don't light. But you know I had done. Also more other than eastern Michigan home it would probably. I'm and then moved. When I graduated from local high school in Seattle. What Dick Kenyon College which is small private Libor school. The central title in passing again had been in the mid western percents. Do they have a football program there. I like Kenyon is not near you gone to about two seconds there. And yes I would love football program. In the you know don't get to close it and get my education there all. What should you play. I played quarterback Tim and I pockets. Ego that's good combination as you can fake that punt with a good cornerback in its. With a good quarterback. Yeah and you need to get long snapper too if you punt that the right man you guys come out. On the island Hamadan man I'm proud of that voice on clay season and what year is this young man your school. You just station up. Is our second year and soon will be in the stone structure. Well where he comes from and TCO Chris is about ten minutes from the church that. That I go to that that pastor can counters that pastor at. And and I'll be faulted myself with Ted Ted tell high school in the small Baptist school in in the nominee faults and he. I would assume that that's hard working kid because through greet him. All. Yeah. That's that's awesome let's Chris let's talk will be about your your coaching. History did you know when you're playing football on ice who college said that coach who was so that you wanted to do. Yeah I did not. Growth related question you can you can shut you off. At any point but. Mare. Sprained. My senior year at Kenyon. All I was headed. To. Teach for America was the second year of the program so long is gonna graduate in the go to USC usually did it. Will ball took two months were you know on education majors. Do we wanted to teach in the go to war school district in the country go to war open. Would get also you know two months you know here you go. Lesson and then I was scheduled to teach. Source great Spanish and Compton LA and was fired up about it. And that's so that was the plan. Until last spring break. Spring break my my senior year I was with say. Well my great friend home in Cleveland Ohio where he was bombed and we were. Stayed up one night prize at midnight or 3 AM the dirt that. It was just kind of break it down my strengths and weaknesses passions and what. And a kid you not. Had no intention of coaching. At 3 AM so that'll be called football coach and we'll break it over went back to my. A college coach and said what do I do all of wanna be a couch coaching. Went from there. And that's that's awesome I eat. Look I always really envy and and have a lot of respect for guys. That that follow their dream an end and say look this is were my strikes are and I think that this is is the area that I need to pursue. Where were their doors opened for you. Did too to be able coach relatively quickly. Well let's see him in other good questions so. Still called the wall projection the first thing they did worst. I wrote 72 division one programs about being a graduate assistant. And I ended up Kate getting. You know all of responses. That some of the cools water available time now are these programs. Basically saying don't ever like this again we don't want that they do you. I taken problems on this wall and I mean everybody abided CEO Adam you know some pretty drove it. But then out concordia university. In verbal force outside Chicago. Said yes com and and it really right after Jim Tressel I'd Youngstown. Home. You know and that saying hey second after the at this point that he was. Very helpful in the process. We began a relationship because of that. That has only to this day. Com yes like started coaching in division three school. Including university and were forced to little. Know that ties there in the conference that. That Tom Allen to actually played at least when my son went to burn at the Baptist Bible class college. A concordia of Illinois was was in that conference. And that is that's awesome coach went away when she started there are the progression then for you after repeated grad assistant. Obvious is that when some doors opened up. Well I mean issued its board just to get my foot in the door and I will tell you that I think that. It was either my first or second year coach and we played the Baptist and I believe all the homeless. Senior inside linebacker you'd never. Like officially. Confirm that but we bought into that case which is and which is just so crazy. You know I think on that show last week he said he he hits you into the following week I that they can't do. The list once he hits you it's icky again blessed you to a political ploy and more I think that's a coach Allen says. Anybody who he hit eating at our problems that well. He's in great shape it is today. All of the yes so why I got my masters there it goes to see them. I'll you know kind of pick things back up with what coach Tressel. Com. You know had a again. A situation purple potentially could be look at all the ammo one via. College coach has done for two years in new lows you know they'd do. Com and I got contacted by. A Swedish. Football team. And about coming over and being the head coach in in playing quarterback. And at first thought was an interest that was still pursuing something in the states of no laughter bumper sew women you know just things will definitely ought to guarantee about get a job. I won't short short message last com. And so after I got a mastery went out and coached and played in Sweden for. He's but the war bouts and while I was over there. I got a source you know full time coaching job. Actually in the state so that season ended which was late it's almost appropriate timing. I was able to law is back into Chicago that drove down. Manchester College in north ancestry in the end what does. The offensive coordinator for the division to reprogram. There and so going off to my. So my. We'll start. There's a full time coach I mean Castro after my time and. We've a truce what was football like in Sweden. Yeah it you know there was guys on the team that played in 89 in ten years. In atlas. If petitioning the suit in 1983 and so. Com some unbelievable aptly. Mean one of the Swedish you know olympians. Shot putter you know also are off to winded and what not so great athletes but obviously just. You know had grown up with the current coaching folks it. You know in the state and so. Some really good people and some really talented players. On the with the highest level football Sweden they called the super series. And so it was it was. I think our expert. They'll be able to this day it you know it was not NFL Europe. You know it was not the next step to play professionally written like that but. You know did you power apartment in the stipend it. You know you get to do what you love and another country and so it was just fantastic expert. And you just play other teams over in Sweden. But it yet. We we sure there's they've got several different leagues again this is in you know depending on how what you do the previous year yeah they're either by history the middle of the mostly again. You know it was it was gut yeah we got I hadn't seen it and French relies. That centers have never heard of you just don't hear much of laughable Sweden's well they have great well they have great long snapper there who are up. That act better I can assure her view and I just kidnapped boys with kid to a break. Our special guest he's Chris Creighton. Head football coach at Eastern Michigan University. We're at a targeted him moved it more about his faith his journey the platform that the lord has given him. At eastern Michigan and will do that on the other side of break this his faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 at them. The fans. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports walking pace. Thief in the zone has brought to you by. Bundles of old fashioned meat market. Here's host Mike may give her. And pastor can kill her fox sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome back defeat in the zone on sports for you 157. And I might be given onside pastor came calendar. From one side Baptist Church our special guest Chris Creighton. He's the head football coach at Eastern Michigan University. During the break we're talking about where eastern Michigan is could you pronounce that then that town for me. Rudy absolutely it's sort it slant it's in Michigan and fairly close to watch in our. You know really just five or six miles. From men are so I just thought so credit against it. While well look I'm not sure enough room for eastern Michigan and I've never heard from Michigan. I just tell her yet any trips to the big house for you guys. Not my 3 year. Eastern played this year in the past. They're not on the schedule in the century ago at Michigan State. Quote here. What goes zero you you're competing with does some big time programs obviously. Firfer athletes and football players from my from the state of Michigan that that's got to be a tip for colts. A typical putt. Are no question you know goes goes to change you know all actually. In the upper upper Echelon in Opel division one football. You know bush greenbacks schools in Michigan with Easter and then central west current. And then in also were recruiting him. Dealing with those schools. You know and competing against them all a lot more than we are emission emissions state. Hey Chris I lived near. The UP. And do you get many new give many trouble players from from the UP. Don't we haven't we haven't Mike for years ago that there are bad guys on the team. You know. Throughout its history and what not. But you know we we haven't in the three years and I've been here. Aka Joseph less stuff football question memory indicated she was a little bit to by your testimony and this platform that. That the board has given you but you're at Drake university for I think six season six years. Point that that college is a great job recruiting some scouts think guys was SW guys to quite a bit when you were there. Absolutely. No question we respect. A lot of time in Wisconsin and had some great people great players. You know on our team and coach fox occurred head coach Darius is. It is you know continue to recruit Wisconsin and it's just a great. That we have the Al Wisconsin football. Coaches association clinic coming up this month in March it's the largest high school coaches clinic I think in the country. And the date Chris they asked me to speak up there. I would follow the head football coach Paul Crist at Wisconsin. Speak for ten minutes on this radio show that I do. And then Jerry Kramer which follow me which one of those three does not belong and I did I don't tell data. And how to follow coach you know these guys have to go to veto if they use the bathroom that ten minutes and I've never looked at Dover negative behavior this. The reason for faith in his own coaches we'd love to talk to guys about their faith in their journey and how it started in and if we keep getting your testimony. That would be outstanding. Sure yeah I mentioned. That must fall or. Wasn't episcopal priest and so I grew up. I'm in the episcopal church. And you know just looking back on by a child and whatnot. Specially. The parish. They helped form is just an awesome community. Obama. Folks who love each other. Took care of each other you know Susan mcginnis. Boy. Relationships my folks have put people to this day. Com that we know we have that in California since 1980s. Is awesome and so I think that I. I think about my my face and in the journey you know I just think he then a young age. You know I was drawn. People love each other calm and my father it and then went on become an episcopal bishop of the church. We need you know I I don't. Attended episcopal church now in and so we get on the ball or some mobile theology. Had gone you know different patterns. I still to this day say that my father. Lived. In you know what somebody has talked about. In terms. Sir green and two guys in the wild and other people. But it was at a Christian you know in Bellingham Washington. Going into my eighth grade year. Where you know I invited. Croatian in my Horton induced news that. That's who I love listened to anyway wanted to be in and needed to be. And does so even though it. Grew up in the church. You know that's what I've made in my professional Satan. You know what folks who play it you know things change for me I wasn't. You know kid that was into trouble and things like that but. I mean it definitely took cold at 69. Spent an entire summer with conditions international troop there and Ireland Florida. Ultimately in Haiti. Elixir group of thirty of us on the mission. Just radically impacted my life. And that was scored in my junior year. Com you know just really. One that to live. You know the way they that god calls salute. What a way to college like I said in them at a Christian roommate secular school and it would start. Some Bible studies in joint culture Christian athletes that are. I'm really. You know grew a really neat group. Friends and in the probably burst com. And then you know graduate from college you know my own and in culture and you know that's really probably would leave. Some of the ministry. You know through through coaching. Started happening and I. I graduated from Kenya went down to kill a technical. Pushed sport can't stare at a great mystery. And I'll never forget this and it never gonna change but. You know I'll Matta Christian sports camp. And what was told to football now mean it was football and water ski it and blocking. Sailing you know it was football king but I was in the ballpark opened it. In our number one not. 1 morning I was just about a mile away from added to concordia at the end of the summer and start my college coaching career and never coached. And so I had a one of those moments where but he kind of left the field at random lake put patently about myself and to some degree you know freak out about you know what might do it and three weeks some of the coach college football and place a government then people I don't know and although block. And you know I am telling you get spoke to me just say it looked. Do what you've been doing this summer and the challenges that it was just love to its you know whether it was easy to level or you don't just done. Just level and I saw them the power of the impact of that and never forget just get in their right watershed moment so it. And think it okay these kids are in a 1212 to fourteen minute B. Eighteen to twenty you'll. Calm but but why and how should that be any different you know just. To look again as a toe action and that became. Microchip floss. Load is hopefully more powerful. Than hate fear negativity and intimidation. And down. Although you know a modest got to remind myself at times by Fox News. It is what I believe in and is. Who wants to stability in down so down with them for a 25 or so years. And I've had an unbelievable career. And it's it's not because of the gains one of the places. That I have been in the world dies it's you know abandoned places that people largely not heard of that's how god works but I bedroom supposed to be and it looked at and that people I've been able to work with them players that but it coach. Com I'm not my career not over but I'll tell ya trinity. An unbelievable career no problem because I believe that. A bedroom spoke to be. In com have been you know trying to do it the way I believe that now outfitted. And Chris that's that's powerful testimony thanks for sharing that with this. And and I like to listening you know in two years as far as what again has been doing your life. It's you know too because I mean Jesus says this is held men will know you're my disciples that you have loved one for another. And we talked to several. Football coaching college football coaches and I can't remember Mike who was it said they. They need to learn to coach from the inside out first that that they want into. Be transparent they want to give their heart and they want to players Stig. You know to give them their you know their carton and then they can can start making headway on this on them fielder on the court or whatever that was weird talking about with a bit. When you're talking about loving. Your players. And how old Ian we we read in first chance chapter for the perfect love casts out fear. And my father's in the end in the presence of the war he went home vehicle or on Thanksgiving this past year. And I remember as a kid growing up in the Tillman had mowed grass. I did not address at you know when when he came home you know he wore out my Western Hemisphere. Or not. Taking care of the grass or Grammy or whatever and so the next day I am an idea man Molly grass and I used to. Tell my boys even you know I mow the grass because I feared the consequences I said that and others today you know when I go to Colorado Springs. Horry lived I say again Romeo and mowing grass four. And Yonder on net you know because I love him now because I fear him at that point. And I've heard over an hour from players. You know they might play for someone because they have this fear element with that coach. But the ones that they they really emphasized. That they do their absolute dead level best. And non that sounds like that's that's really what you've been developing in your program. Yeah you know it is com. Especially football coaches and sometimes people are just you know like that that word that doesn't make sensible. In football and you know. Much of the world is top law. You know it's not take your 32 lately just you know. You know wrapped all around them throughout their heads they are they okay. It's. You know you're usually you have to define you know what that is. Calm enough to do quickly is if they don't that you. Their best interest in mind that you care about them we've more. Com then what they can do on the field. So that there's that whole side in relationship to calm and that you're gonna hold onto high standard and keep. You know so be it is top level. You know most of the time. But nonetheless we've been doing it right it's is while. I grew hike drew within Europe and pastor's home who was he can you lord when he's in the air force. So. Iger was the disciplinarian. And you know I look at it now and I say you know Dan thanks thanks for your discipline and I think I believe early Chris that's what kids served. And young men are looking for they're looking for someone's gonna demonstrate the love by. You care about me you know this dog and do whatever wanna do you're gonna there's going to be disciplined with the NC you're absolutely you're absolutely right. He cut a Chris let me S citizen and then we get to get to break. I think coach in basketball for a long time is my 35 your coach and basketball and and the chains and I've seen in kids at DH that that I am coaching which is. You go from four maybe fourteen to eighteen in that range. Has been incredible in the last ten years it's it's wearing me out Chris I gotta be honest with you. And an idea or realize that you know I needed to behalf Dr. Phil half. You know basketball coach but. There there are some there are kids at this age that. You know it's really hard you got a coach Amal party ago love them apart now understand that. But I'm wondering in in your profession. The last ten years have you seen a change in some of these kids that your getting from the high schools. Yes good question I mean people talk about that all the time and I do thanks so you know the thing that makes it a little bit by the levee is that. They stayed the same page and I get older. And so you know I I never know how much of that is. Then changing in in how much it is you know the gullible. In. Ahead outcome to 27 years old and wasn't buried. Yet you know you did that kids and all that so. Almost you know almost. The cool little brother you know for a few years and then get buried at kids then. No still on the younger side of things so you can relate what. Then I'll move to draped Abu those. And kids. And so you know 38 years old at that point it you know who I was not a cool brother you know. And terms told me after three years like look bigger yeah you're definitely not bad you know. You know you're you're starting in the war wouldn't bother. Figure deal. That's not what I was used to war and I want it on. So I think it's political I think deep down that there is a different generations no question. Com I think some of us got to realize that war what are apt because all of a sudden. Now 48 and so. Yes it'd disconnect it and there's two ways. You have to also balance in your family. You know he says you have three children. Yeah how old are they. Well. Tom boy years and years negated its Nazi this Chris goes by fans usually men that that it I have four boys and girls gone. Obama. Would IA. You know lick look at that aspect of Pattinson to balance it all you know the football. You know in the home. I would take a year probably. Someone active in your in your local church even you know it you have all that the year. In fact close interest in win by about nine he said man this is still in the mothers and I was this and with that. You know in recruiting kids that I am taken in the church do you do you have opportunities with that was Salinger organizer. Is that canned their decision on how do you work that. I you know I think we lost him past two let's get to break its due time we will reach back out to Chris. On the other side of the break and we'll get an answer that tough that's a really good question. And will can an answer from Chris Creighton head football coach at eastern Michigan this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports and really walking me. Face in the zone is brought to you by all American window and door. Here's host Mike we get burned and pastor can kill American. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Fun. Welcome back to feed the Sony not to portray you 157 after the fan. Mike we your longtime pastor can tell from port side Baptist Church who are special just good what Chris great. Head football coach at eastern Michigan university and faster we we had a little phony issue when you talk a little dog that last question it was a mediocre question. Hamas contacts appear that's he's got the you seeded Dmitry. As Jesus Cynthia and now you're talking about yeah 33 kids I think it was ninety's to blow over soon the water and means the SE have that balance you have football they have church. And I mentioned. You know we tucked into coach Bowden and he said that when he was recruiting that he really promised these mothers and grandmothers say I'm lying I'm going pitcher boys in church. I mean do you dias it's twofold question early you know you share a little bit how how you do the balancing. Of all of of church and football and college life then and then also with your kids and your wife at the house and then. What are you able to do what's that guys on the team as far as getting them at churches are or how do you work that. Yeah well I. I started my first head coaching job of strict and they told all the sudden you're old Wilson Perry. They belong there really short column. Order I am. I mean I was. You know do what I love and religion at the other alt delete last week was cordoned off that want to you know scored nine miles an hour. Try to get this team and program golden staff and enough. We loved every minute of it. But I policy at one point said you know I'm loving this but there's no way that I can do what I'm doing the way and doing it. Buried with children and you know and hoped that that that was you know indicted will at some point. And so I'm I just read the books sold out by the court. You know you know former attention you receive. We will win it all we've had a month we announced yeah as early again. Yeah ABC's incredible and in after reading that. Com you know it by my own deduction was that well he. He wasn't able to do you look at Bobby Bowden and I didn't just really didn't know that he. You know college coaches stress in the big time college coaches that I didn't know what what did you know. If any of whom were able to do four things being sold out Canada. The husband and father. In college football coach and so I wrote. And a settlement that you want to be two weeks until you agreed to meet with me and this secretary called up to one letter instead of digital will stand out about a promise as a promise keepers of that old auto glass. Ed had unbelievable conversation with a bullet. He didn't answer my questions insular world of another letter. And you know the question is is that you know can't be. Those four things. And I'm actually looking at his response letter calling them while wall. In god just sent off you know sort it out for the problem in trying to figure out whether whether I can do that. Out fast forward buried. You know it's it's what 45 years later. Buried at a different school. And it just again fields of guide. Basically told me that the very thing that you've been trying to figure out. Whether it's possible or not. You know daddy you won each mission statement. To be sold out and a guy to be loving husband and father and influential college football coach. And down it was just an awesome you know revelation to me and that is. Those four things in that order you know in terms I want to live my life com. It's so good balance. I don't golf I don't the only thing that kind of hit. You know outside of those four things and trying to try to save them to calm. And time wise and I can't tell you that the that the order not slipped upside down calm but we're not him who won Cruz boost it needs to be doing. You know those four things do in in the order. From now Chris. Tremendous. Mission now you have for your own your own personal life I think if you went back and listened to the broadcast that we have with coach McCartney in nineteen Krugman from on this. But I'd leave coach McCartney. As he looks back the one thing he definitely regrets. Is not spend time with the same yes. Yeah and he made that perfectly clear on that show Chris several times he said look I I failed. I and use those words he said I failed. My daughter. And and and you can eat you know here's the review yours what what would happen in her life because I fielder's father. And I I think your mission statement. Is spot on you know I'd. Boyle tea I I'm gonna use that because I just think it's you know it is sold off for guy can you do that can you be a husband a father and a coach. And I think it's really difficult it's gotta be here and much more difficult you know at the level that sure that. Chris so I I commend you and I think you're right what a great mission statement to try to achieve on a daily basis. Hey Chris I I just awful fun Mike's comment their does the sold out for god and and I take teacher immunity act even your local church. You know that it's what you said that a couple times now and it'll go out. I have is active. We heard it would go to a larger church. It's 27 minutes away and it's so where where there were aware of com. And you know by my oldest is in you screw that which has been really get it. But we haven't done church. In that sense right well. Probably are harder. Art our very urgent you know ministry has always been with the staff and team. And this church is always helped and supported us and that but. So in terms of being involved with. Ben's style studied the picture twelfth you know I've always been leading goose with guys. Year. End so we. And you know level where kids are young so I think we can do this but. No it at some point our kids. You know are going to be impacted. By how the future is not normal calm in desolate something that we we Russell where. You know to this day. On the ground Jakarta. What what do you do what do you do as far as what's a guy ace. Did you were I mean you obviously want him in church you. Yummy and coach Bowden let's say he would take on the even. At times and then he'd take a while I think he says the first time and then they had to make up on their minds what they're and do I mean do you kind of do anything along that line. Yeah I mean what I wanna think about you know through the years of the I've done at all. I would tell you that. Now the guys. Guys know wine them and we we make it. Absolutely available we do we travel with. We do a chapel holding the way to a season. You know we've got athletes in action and you know culture Christian athlete. Small groups on the team in in the off season you know what I. I coaches there or you know somebody in ministry. But I've I've never made that mandatory. Never made it mandatory and I don't know that. You know it would be at state schools what I don't know that that night and tutor. Com. But no third familiar with. Coach Bowden in India grew greatly admire. You know I'm human just like the coach and impact he had. He guys we've got to get to break other said the break. I'm it's I'm gonna ask coach a crane embody a I passed just. On faith in the zone that he's gonna be really familiar with. Because this young man has something to do with an overtime win. Against these eastern Michigan on November 16 of of this last year. He was a left tackle for northern Illinois. That's what emergencies. And a basket a coach crater free I know he remembers Levi Myers who was you came in studio with us and and I will talk about that. On the other side our special guest Chris Creighton head football coach at Eastern Michigan University. This is faith whose own on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. More now of faith in this zone discovering people of sports in their walking face. Faith in the zone is brought to you blind young expressed. That the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor Ken Kellner and on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. And and welcome back defeats in the zone months or hurt you know five cent from the fans. My meager rewards that had Castro Brooke side Baptist Church. Pastor can tell there are special guest head football coach at Eastern Michigan University. He's Chris Creighton. They coach a a guest. I guess that was where those to probably a year ago something like that. I was young men that played at south Franklin high school left tackle it northern Illinois lead Don Meyer urged. End Dow boy what an awfully cute to high school and college football player he has. Yeah I like I was saying I mean if if you're start tackle it well know your your wire. Now we can't keep perspective. Two that recruit Kerry in the program and the movement. And we thought we had a this year. Yeah I see that that over time Paul Potts and I know what I'm Brooke I don't wanna bring of bed field is 3124. Determined at eastern Michigan you guys and Corey your coach. It was gone you know what it's all relative in in you know we've got a program that. They're down for a for a number of years in definitely. Had some light read into this season and we're excited about where we're at it. That was that was a fun night in that a top. But that's possible normally. Do you coach on you push the offense and defense are you just do you have your coordinators and your kind in the loop on all of us how you work that. Yes so for so many years being at the small colleges. Back in the off or Nader. Getting here higher. On the offensive coordinator coached the quarterbacks in the policy coordinator so. I still spend most my time on offense put on route that the coordinators. You know I do their thing on the side of the ball. I often call muscle the culture coach Tom. It is doubtful that we needed to really com you know here we you know matters program. Is try to build that out and com so yet it took some getting used to not call plays and did not have a specific position I was coaching them. Really thought and still do think it's the right thing to do. You know open up with this year. Are we host Charlotte. The issue played them last year and CompUSA. That had up to Rutgers in in game one of those that we. Your rival. Well like I mentioned in the state we have a central and blaster and so you could say either one of them to. Would qualify as Iran. Monica and no doubt you know pastor read only got about two minutes left and I'm just shocked. They use I I gave you. A whole bunch researchers warn that this is college coach is known profanity. And I bet half of our shows US these guys if they know they ever met Tom Landry has never swore where he was coach Jim. I give you this thing you don't bring this stuff. I I topped eight. I'm telling you straight Christmas. Or Easter Island near and then Chris I I I didn't want that in this is the first thing and he's give me a hard time we're talking to Raymond Berry. And I asked by answering because he was all about commercial lender usually absent whoa what did you think though about the fact he never used profanity. Heritage has dropped out that they've. It was 80% yeah I don't know I. He's per unit has brought up coast where tiger never touched it I gave him a Credo here with this issue and now there's a minute to go in the show and he's still do you know if I needed new cohost. Of Abdullah told bush you Kubel for coats. I Redick Chris and I'll like it and I thought after losing your testimony on I'm I'm not surprised I mean and that that. As a bully and grow and use profanity you know you talked earlier in the show popular that he you're not always give a good guy you know it's it's you have to do use tough love. I went to a college practice here for a he's now it. A coaches at a Big Ten school you can figure it out if if you're from around here but used a head coach mark caddies and and I'd never heard anything like that and how much Alice Aamodt street Jack. I would guy's guy I have been around sports forever. But that was unbelievable I know he's changed his ways at this point oh and I've read this Chris I know as a coach it's it's hard. It's a hard thing not to ever used profanity. At her around these kids that were coaching so I commend you for that. Yeah I know it it's just something that you know that's that's. We do soul. I'll like it like it. And I guarantee yellow parents out liked it too. And you know what if that's opening for you to get up to Wisconsin recruit these boys appear meant they'd be they would make you probably begin ambassadors for you. And the people that Easter misty university Chris Creighton head coach thank you so much for your time today. Good lucky in in the upcoming season it's it's a ways away but you know as coaches we'll look ahead and we work ahead of. That's right now it could also be would you and but the opportunity share. Acts like this is faith in the zone. I'm sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. You've been listening defeat in the zone with host might mean give Ernie and pastor can help now. You can hear feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find patch shows exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go get paid in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith. Join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Well yeah. The games. Our service. Noted.