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BIG SHOW 3 PM: Do You Not Realize What's Happening With the Bucks or Do You Not Care?

Mar 9, 2017|

03/09/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 3 pm Hour - Ramie, Gary, and Leeroy discuss whether people don't care about the Bucks' winning streak.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

3 o'clock hour of the Wendy's big show live in the holds Chevrolet studios. Coming up about 315. The bucks won a game at the B Myers Bradley Center and nobody is there to watch that it really happened right now arrest near. Are you OK with the way the Packers are spending their money they re signed nick Perry. Sounds like talks there in the process with TJ Lang I'll see it a try and bring back Jared Cook. Micah Hyde those Prague and walk Gary says if you wanna be the Patriots. If there might make tough decisions like letting for example Clay Matthews walk after his rookie contract. Let's have decisions Bill Belichick makes New England you OK with that 7991250. Or you can email us live. And 1057 FM the fan back down that's brought to America met with remit your next approximate and they met what's Gabbert. They got. It up here or they're packer ever think very much rote memory. My big thing is. You call that is process. You know until the process you know we've been up and root for your future. Trouble all run which I agree with our youth. Well what people that are on. You know he's he's he's he's signing drafting developing. Real moment of that's for. You know lies in my opinion that it does it send up all. It meant to totem that you changed comment to me a shooters. Do you think there's a lot of luck involved in what Bill Belichick is Dorn. But it luck involved in every. You know indeed you've built up you know some would have increased skill I mean you've built up enough. You know I don't know what you were called but. You you've got money in the bank to play effects. You know you've built up their reputation and you can afford Rick. A few that right. No one man if you think about right he could afforded allow. They get a guy that was draw are behind the wheel and bring a mean right up the floor did you get affordable giving guys shock in Q4 five people all right let you know right. The middleman and Nolan allegedly. Don't want to also slaughter got more and no one talks about them as I reported their right uniform of condensed. You know I think he'll continue to help have fickle chances wants Faulk had double wanna take any channel the other. Are to me you know their level of rigidity. That that it adds didn't mean it it gets frustrated. Wurtman average is like out 00 im not set up. But it just school. It doesn't. Know what you know don't gonna gonna refine our our right. Probably work would you please come back around right. You're. But if he doesn't I don't think he's go loses all workers movement. We're we're Chara Joseph Jamie Collins bit that it just. What safety doesn't. Threatened to jump on that. Passes he won yes. And that they would Dictaphone ground I don't know Malcom you know you'd and you're illustrated would have process -- bottom line up to do it. Okay thanks for comedy I appreciate can downwards and appreciative. They don't want to guys. Steve taught well and others. There are free agency is twelve minutes if he has two out his contract starting inside using the money. Because I want people understand that only a you would live. Matches go but you also would've led Randall Cobb go through not a signed him back he would be gone so that's a cage and he. You would probably trade. To gate cornerback help we just had Toms so hosting. On form you know Milwaukee journal sentinel if you're looking at a veteran corner. Again people don't see they're all free agents as for his arms and want they'll do that. Had that been any other big name. Got to come man. Then nick here at they've people be OK with this kind of a ho hum sighing. It just point in the question I have for you Garrett could Julius Peppers. Was a veteran and all of favorite type. Deal. Could you see them. Replacing him what another veteran. Led to markers where to a three year deal. Like Peppers and that there's your veteran. A lot of you see them maybe doing that later this spring but they've just had no. Draft and development. And just keeping it. What it a lot would tell about the Packers here in next couple days I think it's gonna be about. She's real danger crew Woody for it and you're right markets where he normally aren't there Els got the beating and if they don't give Peppers back. I think you can only because I want to have a mature guy and you bring guy or bat we already know it's your Beagle for gaining a yard -- you need a replacement for him. So I think they're gonna do something it is summarize your chief of the interview think about it. If they bit re signed their top three players and bats are renowned McCrary TJ laying your coach that's from calls were prepared. Up ten is doing a little bit like New England though he's got a first round draft pick daytime job Utley. That's kind of an active. Via. Right but as you know is a guy chosen first round pick and probably. Won't sign a back up that kid is doing. Something like. Belichick is not let Mike I'd go mark I was a fifth round pick art. So there's similar but. You can seize Belichick said man listen. He hasn't already gets out of his way. He is older to save man listen. I wanna sign. Malcolm Butler cool cool last name. And think about trade him. For a speedy wide receiver. Are you OK with that and only process yeah boy end no it okay great. Our cause my I want might know more Korda beat Steven. Gilmore a cue from Buffalo. So do most brilliant move is to Texas. Got from other ops while others car trek. Trades him to Cleveland. Lost second round pick is brilliant now are you get open the doors. To bring here Romo. To be. Your quarterback. Of the not the future of the next two years are you thinking you may want two years away from into the Super Bowl. People want to hit to do stuff like that to. Codes and got Matt just said a lot of these teams. Haven't take a lot of chances. This is try and Nate period is safe. It plugs up a player hold it you. There's going to be a lot of holes and ate meat and listen. They don't all his miss I was who got the report out and Peppers. Robbie asked tools and I've got sort of god but you bring one back. And that's why I said you had to bring him back because you bring your light early losing Julius Peppers you're going to lead Daytona Jones walk and all like I mean any time you're already a team that struggles. As a whole as a defense and especially and getting after the quarterback switch and and in effect hurts your secondary and it comes back to the question. That we come back to every time somebody doesn't want to re signed a free agent every time somebody wants a coach fired. Okay who we gonna get. That's what it all comes back to an if you can't come to me with with a name that's better than what you got right now. Didn't you mean you just lost that argument. Flat out period end of story a lot of people just don't like and you know it if you look at the free agent market and what was there as far as edge rushers if he didn't rotten re signed nick Perry. You're going you were going to have to draft somebody as an outside rusher. That still doesn't fill all the holes that were created in free agency and guys and guys leaving. And on top of that not you not you're not using that draft pick out there weaknesses. That you have it's a domino affect you had to bring back nick Perry there was no question about it. At a reasonable price and this was a reasonable price. Did you think about it. If he goes through free agency and does not addressed to secondary are you OK with the. Wall right now worse it's he's gonna have to his if you don't. You can address it to your stories Le Roy you're dressed about a recent remark if you're doorways Mike I'm gonna have a address it in free agency. It was one situation sign your guy you log in Malaga. You'd be great if they can bring America I've back in conjunction with them on now. That's that's the icing on it but that's to Muslim blood that may not happen you made moves Micah I've. And then go get Davone how's that gonna. You could probably lose house to a newsstand want to improve. Improve the secondary. Guy around cheap well quarter to. Who are but it tar spoon spoon says he's gonna be you know he's he's better he's going to be Worrell sector. Though the Florida so. The ago. Unbelievable to imagine that phone call for take one more to its culture and Omar north American and it's good to us so that we've had what you got Marty. It up there are a different served up as well as well yeah I was talking about this for a cup that auto a little bit. About seeing all. Yeah it is not right. Because the whole plate as if you don't cut what went equal you know hot. I think what a crazy like he crede and the general. They ere don't. Got wanted to. Litigate brought up. That's about it that you look back outlook as you go here for a little while. You know. Likely it would effort and I army proper into the hall of Famer well. We Belichick would say in what McCain back last year that's about with it would have done. It would have done that. It's an okay we had to re signed big there. OK but if if if hate it would've been looking out. And speedy guard he couldn't stay healthy. How he racked dubbed them back. The other OK but different cities army realistically. And our problem is. What the Courtney capers got his guys in the NFL for sixty years yet the certainty it. It doesn't seem like we go get the players stick at it be because the guards we have. They have no they're not and like Lee Roy. Our guy who are hurt they and not play. They cannot play golf. They have no idea because you see guys running. We get after except that packer fans we're gonna go to Brett Favre be you know just like air Rogers we're gonna wait period eleven game. Maybe when a playoff game and we're gonna get bounced we have accepted. We can expect it's OK it's gone that what. Throw out things or four under pressure boss we got some breaking news of sorts when it comes to the Green Bay Packers in free agency and show after ESPN reporting. TJ Lang will visit with Detroit and Seattle says Green Bay is still in the mix. If biggest indeed Rory etc. He's from Michigan right. And we'll build on our house in that area as well. It's an ongoing process and you're gonna want to stay tuned to the fans are all the latest work on her Green Bay Packers with second you're. They need help I think no matter why diets. San Cisco. Detroit. And left and you just mention. I think those teams would throw a lot of money and especially now ziglar again at twelve million dollar deal. That's his aiming porn site I think no matter why what. TJ Lang will visit these teams he'll take the off the highest Auburn. You'll bring him back to the Packers and say can you match they would I think no matter what happens dollars. And let's I have. Department and looks like gas on Jeffries going to be Eagles yeah. Punished movement in shaken in the NFL today we'll keep you updated on it. All afternoon well I don't know what they don't and we'll get that they're in their joke of a franchise that's what they're doing home we'll get back to the Packers coming up. At 4 o'clock is Aaron Rodgers deserving number is he asked for when yesterday whether he admits that are now but he's deserving of one that's coming up. At 4 o'clock other side of this quick break take a break from the Packers stock and ask you if the Bucs running game and an empty B Myers Bradley senator. It really happens to Wendy's big Sharon holds Chevrolet studios a beer abet. Street and has been a. Funny and yeah. On the greens in. Things and you can't. Someone mentioned. Things muscle was then just. Is fool's gold you think yeah. It was long and his. Greens you can get. Question and I don't and just. Weekend songs. The role model. You don't know it's a loss. Big show a lot of those stipulated studios. A lot gets me every time nobody listens to techno. The throwback Thursday presented by investors these players there we'd like to your next week feature artists at what 057 FM the fan's. For your chance any fifty dollar gift card to best disease four pack of tickets to the Milwaukee journal sentinel sports show and a four pack of tickets for the greater Milwaukee golf show. Nominees biggie baby Taj and Gary went with that Roy was here Anita Baker I would with the doors go with one of those are your own creature artist. At 1057 FM the fan. Past ten big throwback your entered to win that big old great prize pack bucks win last night over the Knicks 104. To 93. Do you not realize what's happening with the bucks or do you just not care seven dad died 1250 or you can email us live. At 1057 FM the fan dot com because there in a playoff race. Realize they are in a playoff races are they are fighting for their playoff lives right now further harming. I don't have that up in front me I can get a minute segments or half game back but there days you were there yes and you say that it didn't look a little over there half the game on the it's by the Eagles or the Miami Heat. Thanks to mama your trailer and the seven spot. Thanks to record for an LeRoy Butler mom got some tickets in game so Brock and I Wear it. And there and I got all related to some seats on the floor to teach you so we have floor seats last night. And roaming Gary as outlook around brands and nobody's top law. Virtually have to I mean there are scattered of people but but Nixon terrible keepers of the era TO top. Odd that Lowell though there was kind of feel but now. I don't know and I certainly. Books and more of a playoff. Don't know. What has happened to his friend John. Yeah. Oddsmakers know plays news east lowered hammers. I don't know he tried to murder that you'd Duncan go out and he tried to murder that I don't know. Honestly what you you and you excited now for you to go see or. Just care about what's going on. And I don't understand yeah. When. You have a New York. But it. Goes to New York, New York mental coaches Melo. I. And folks. Unfortunately. It will I don't think some. Of us. Something with a blocked witches don't hear about it anymore it's. Gonna. Only see you don't here on the ice as to. Whether what what is your interest. Why gore. A lot of quality right now because I'm just while dom brown. I'm dumb Bobby excitement on. On left of the excitement that will pay out for the Milwaukee books. Gordon to myself I don't view that the ball a long. I'm I don't know yet I'm not we're gonna hear that maybe an agreement here I don't know a school and it you know cost too much to go who I don't know. Our team and they're. Well run so I'm so windy outside it shouldn't matter. It was pretty windy as much money shouldn't matter. Yeah. Most. Season. You have the most exciting. To be one thing no. I don't know know you know I. As for this reason the running. It. As a manager Sparky said it used to mean McCarron. It. I. Yeah Nyerere. Why land and a lot better. I and we yeah well. That's like a little kid judges think Tyreke yeah. Now why mommy Olympic high we Jozy. It should be VP. Not that that was their only rally when you look at was. I'm gonna have a great Jordy I had a worthless than that pressure. No I don't. Which are doing have been. Armed I know we're Leino grab some I hear ya until you are all in all there's Sparky. With. For awhile and it numbers that. Oh how close down his numbers were. I was sure. She did yeah. The numbers. Are better. Two YO line yet. We news equals better ago and and I. What's going Hussein. What is it with a box. You're not excited about you care how wrong we give. You a long way it is too much will Woody's I'm yeah it has. I just I don't know why there is apathy that's I don't know why that is. Other books are doing what I I think Jabari Parker is not what they've gone eight for things to bars and off. Oh. This. Except for. The usual excuses. That we hear what we ask why why give a particular game wasn't sold louder or night and close to sold out. What I'm just laid out is too expensive it's a game it's his school night our and I think there is something. Different about this year compared to other years gentlemen tell you what that is after the break and were asking you. You just not care do not realize what's going on with the Milwaukee Bucks 79912 to zero email us live. At 1057 FM the fan back now maybe touch has Micah Hyde news in a sports flash right now on the big sugar back. We've won a family problem here every game and I'm biggest man. Tigers yeah underground. Any way I'll continue. If you're within. Throughout his vague shall live and holds Chevrolet studios asking. Do you not realize what's going on with the bucks right now or do you just not care 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057. FM the fan dot com and Eminem bringing us out of the brace on a throw back Thursday presented by masters he's let us know. We'd like to hear next week to feature artist at 1057 FM the fan hash tag big throwback period chance at a fifty dollar gift card to mass disease for Patrick to get some Milwaukee journal sentinel sports show and four pack of tickets. To the greater Milwaukee golf show. Speaking of masters these other 2016 patio furniture price to move right now to try to make group for the Torre seventeen patio furniture. Check him out their two locations Springdale and walker shop and at masters these dot com here and there in the update. Micah Hyde is headed to the Buffalo Bills baby couched. Has details on the deal now what do we have got bills are given Micah Hyde thirty million over five years so base about sixth. Max that aching it's it was 32 and a half 1000014. Of that is guaranteed. That seems reasonable that's not crazy money pretty high I don't think that's on pro when I was out hiding. Yeah really. Yeah I mean I think I think rather market there room look and here and you were between two and three Mayo. Per year. An easier second guy third guy at third he's a third guy and they're gonna. I am half of what Stephon Gilmore got. You have have to make him their chest and make it into their roster to work out one they have now. I don't know that's a lot of yet. So he's make a little world harper. Yeah at Max a little or six. If viewed indeed Max it out to 32 and a half. Just I don't think people realize how free agency wurtman. No and it's not you can't look at a guy's numbers. And compare him to guys who already have contracts and right fist. And go well he's not as good as this guy's not as good exactly days ago it -- you get right now numbers you get paid based on where you stack up against other free agents right now that's how the market dictates what sure worse. Nick Perry was the Topper edwards' second best pass rusher on the market so he got top pass rusher money and it's that simple. Micah Hyde. Is probably a middle of the road cornerback so he gets middle of the road money even if you don't think he's middle of the road even if you think he's below average that's how it works. Get back into the Bucs TE 79 mental pic your email us live at 1057 FM the fan now he don't. That's gonna judge Boris outside have you mixed five up and what you got brought it. They would both guys think you take my car. First that the quick go off topic aside here I do all of this I'm year that's created because like. Every I get the last and how idiotic packer fans are would come to that crap like. That it like Morrow like this virtually that would Indians lose their jobs like I citing these guys it is money. Haggled out minds what have our own guys is a good market value contract in the this guy it's alright but. Now players that I got a lab now as far as the Bucs are considered. Look at it it's nothing really in all its not out of the range possibilities that we just that we seen this story before mean. Every single season what field along the Simon and Garfunkel hello darkness my old friends. This this team the big picture hope that they give you these little short bursts of greatness that you think are right here we go. Well and they bought a road trip then they lose you know eleven of thirteen. Every day it's embarrassing for economic big bucks and every time I try to help people that are idiotic like anti NBA an anti pot I am I ain't all you. You've got to watch this team and the ball are different now and bagel and they lose 45 they lose by general it's. It's a Moline and this box here right now sure at their their playing them good bet alright now let. They're destined to be that familiar feeling of the ninth and eat because. I don't know the a's are aware but the Bucs have the hardest remaining duel in the NBA and I believe something crazy like seventeen of their last nine games on the road. So I mean that I think that that familiar spot of nine seed and seed. You know get crabby about that the other playoff and you know that crappy enough to get. Impact player in the draft. That's that's like in the box and that's every single for a conceded that I think people are getting hired other banks. So that's where they're tighter. This is a new day. It is scary I mean I mean new or sure it's not the same box it. Oh that's just carried over. I mean you look at the new ownership he's got it done a hell of a job here Gary you've heard Sparky talk about it. People think that there's a curse on this team. A look at me like that that's real man people I'm not saying the curse is real I'm saying that that. And not even a curse and Mike the classic sense of occurs you know what I mean like somebody put some voodoo love them or something but does that this is the team. That has bad luck and when things are going good they will start to go bad. And and win it. When it becomes self fulfilling and it actually happens. It only reinforces that you're rolling right along he got yeah Odyssey got Jabar you're the hot young team in the NBA torn ACL. You lose in white and eleven out of thirteen or twelve on for whatever the number ones. I got between here and this is exactly where I was going with my keys before the break Taylor tweets that Romney's tweeting that type follow me he's that Gary Ellis and he's at leap 36. He's in the playoff run is when we actually think we can win a series after JP went down fans balloon of pride let out a lot of air. And that's what happened I think Bucs fans were starting to feel and believe. That this was something different and then that happened and they went 00 yet of this is that there's the other shoe dropping service like life. Kind of yes and Mike and like I and I can relate to it because until last year that was Cubs fan via your. Yeah. Let's go oratorio. A few tournaments were far from there from different government. A we are gonna talk basketball mares are all. We the question. Wait I hope so yeah however want talking about the Packers and that's what arteries and nobody cared about the box and gotta be real the box and are playing good. But it sooner they go on a roll it'll be like reiterate says that Christmas is older. And basically I think. You might be right about the curse and I got a name for. The spark he hurt. Brandon Jennings was gonna turn out there aren't. We're stuck in the ninth played. Very year. It I had Sparky and that's not fair sport he's. Been is that ho group it is braids out. First. Gotta throw him under the buds with park this are you didn't do it started lug before Sparky. Let's go already caught a day earlier profiles of nerve and artery. What are our guys. On. Things are all. Had a great day. Creek middle and the battered and our goal we are ever on the court and how great oh. Order I think all day. I think we'll like the one out. About seed but I'll get there part of playoff experience flat. Parker in the playoffs outside I'm not like about. Article or hear reports on why isn't anybody going well why is there any excitement. All I think those are not good rally that are not that. Video or rushed everything out like you look like that I'll go watch it at yet. I think a big difference. I don't believe in bad luck I believe it battle Russia at a lot of battle ship you guys got it right securities. Right scheme I'd love all well thought out on there they. Great player I think he's a part as well so I think everything you orders right. Stocks that Parker got hurt. Wrapper at little I'd rather have up. You're okay over there bill flied out to analyze. The elements. They kept reds ING requested. And only. Okay. That's stupid. That's the reality of it. And I'm like us again I'm not saying occurs in the classic sense of a curse like somebody rolling go doubters. Somebody got to voodoo doll out start poking Jabari Parker in the knee that's not what I'm saying man. Understand that this team. Seems to have. Bad luck surrounding them that when things are going good they will go bad have been. Oh. There at the embargo on Dario are gonna while. There are I saw. It's nice actually talk box arm. Reason that that that's not sold off its. Milwaukee has always been dealt what are you don't meet late. Where. We're the only thing that really mattered and then you any week anybody in the state has been Acker is a packer or when it. The Bucs haven't been winning quite so high. However people are quick to jump ship already all of its young cheap right now you forget comedy you're old that we have a bit weight seem like. What shoot three or trouble. Spot or. I forced or don't interest you at this site. Agree I think we got pretty lucky to watch this young age in the playoffs playing against all in on you get that little but it pitched very. Pretty lucky watching this young team yeah and in the third here after that all. Playoff push with a what you guys who really shouldn't be taken a play bush I think we all I couldn't find his way out about a change our goal you know way. Spencer all. Chipped it stands for are. Not big on any other team and you're it would be a good job. So I think I I got because John Hammond I may credit. I mean these guys trying to catch lightning in a bottle what all the fans need to just relax I mean it. It take time the NBA it's it's not ever guarantee. How long it took the Clippers how long it would take until adult eat just to get back you don't pushing for. Provide on don't I think Milwaukee were pretty lucky and out with what we got so I'm just sit back enjoy the ride. You know and an electric stuff they don't bet you all of a good day about Rocky off. You need you need about 6000 fans feel the same way bill. You can. And we said about. 151000 hot or and but rotted your that they don't rob bad luck and how to get it off yet Tony would do to Barry -- go to and they can say they got the extra large lemons you buried three dome and anybody cheap Limas has my lemons are expensive meant in his back and cheap black and yourself or are you got hooked up OK things aren't taking it out there and obviously your neighborhood on Saturday too so debut yeah maybe aren't there are people have heard from. You leave his ardent does. Well you address at the put on FaceBook. It would give a gardening thing at your house it's not happening. Lot and then when you come back out because you'll give my address to everybody thought wouldn't it already tried to give it to people that is a medical people and Allen does he was on loan. You row might know what's behind the scared. Her on the spokes team is loaded anybody. Milwaukee basketball and setting her final year he joins us next on the Wendy's big show on the whole Chevrolet studios. He doesn't. And did a breath yeah. Crowd is great shot and I don't think there's that and I think it Eminem it's presented by masters he's let us know he'd like to hear next week creature artist at 1057 FM the fan has tanked big throwback. You're injured when a fifty dollar gift card to master these four tickets to Milwaukee journal sentinel sports here and four tickets to the greater Milwaukee golf show that's here artist at. 1057 FM the fan hash tag being throwback nominees biggie. I need a baker. And the doors. Face guys on the inside. It's time to hear familiar. Basketball insider Delhi won't fool on T go by the law offices of almost full. Only on sports Radio One 057. Covers the bucks for the Racine journal times racing sports zone dot com and us right here on the fan and there's our Milwaukee basketball insider how the great midwest bank hotline right Gary how do we find this afternoon a friend. I am aren't doing well thank you. The Bucs not what's what's been the difference at this team lately in the in the last four im scared. Cameron movement obviously number one yet returner Chris Middleton it's gonna catch them. Yup yup that's what I had to do it all by himself flat out the I would have been able to do it. And then of course they record completely empty along the way. So let you know vote for a few factors to a point feel there because. So here and I don't know a great game last night knows there. Com. No I don't have to follow. The fans that is just his course agents lie. The yours. I thought I would have been a bigger crop last against Charlotte I would vote have been a bigger bigger round you gonna play golf Ron. I don't know if you were very astute in what would the books right now the move. Yeah I think there's that little a lot of people what books and that are a little suspicious yep we have dealt some reservations. You know I just aware of the students going with a Ford station moved audience. Until they win every you know consistent base sure sure Celek and Patriots I think that am support. Aren't gonna remain trust that. But yet you know in the opening that factors Jerry is Wednesday night should never ever. They were all in there of course what I want to work tonight. Yeah out they gave you look at the last four opponents you know the Clippers Toronto Philly. In New York two good teams too bad teams and now Friday you play a potential team is in your way Antonio played Minnesota. I mean if they get to the playoffs and make it to the eight spot Lehman is seven spot. It do people will people look at it is. Status quo more to same fight and just to get knocked out of me and first round or did look at it. As diss guys I didn't playoff experience. Footed future. I think it's combination of both will Rory. I would imagine there's there's a lot of daughter's eye opener you know saying hey you know Jim you'd get by I mean. While it looks respect the group that you use these seed they would just play the Cavaliers. And I don't think it would matter if Jabari Parker you're now. That there's no we have got hurt than to beat the Cavaliers. You know barring you know and in triple a lot of earlier bring. But so you know they get into the essentially you know strangers think would have and so. I mean you would be very nice to come out the dads but I was encouraged by seeing. Tony snell has gone be your shut down guy who's followed round mellow at times. You feel good about it did offensive presence on the perimeter. So B you can come back I think got to be very good they can make dad's Busch 47. Spot or even his six. Yeah I mean that in recent absences will hear in his 563. Child when you know put those laps response and I haven't opened Easley would would the events mean you know without incident. Terrific scorer you know you Q so a lot of other would be sent him a lot about it and yeah and you know it well most nights where yachts is struggling or those struggling. You know obviously yes certainly recovered and the. You're in also I think you look at these guys right now. And you look at categorically brought him last night I thought. It's also. I can't figure out the year. There's substitution pattern at all I mean yeah went. You follow the plan ahead and win the eighties and today look at it and now you look at some biggest start last night but most of it. Yeah him and this is job on the team. That's that I sit out and you see where it hits and I've been in what are you better shot block is there a nice little hook but. I don't know ahead you haven't heard he's a dog house or anything have been. He looked beat firmly planted in the dugout group you guys give me Bennett and and then today you know that gave a lot of market to see those same thing a lot more you know they got rid formally. So it'll be very seriously you know while looking old John Hampton they're doing down the stretch. What about Terrence Jones what's gonna be his role when he finally gets on the court for this team. Please sit support bout golf course so oh really did itself. There will there are some mock skeptics out there. Earns you don't. That the guy's ability but you know there's there's some lyrics like currently two. Why are bunched seemed that way home. He is a very good player you eat that was helpful. Talk with our Milwaukee basketball insider Gary woeful here. On the Wendy's big show for a few more minutes Gary yesterday after the game Derrick Rose said that when he is free agency this offseason. He would consider the Milwaukee Bucks is a puck as a possibility will they consider Derrick Rose as a possibility. You know what I wouldn't color content is what Eric yeah went left you know he's had his ups and ups and I'm when he was in Chicago what. Personally I think one of the main players yeah yeah. Two very good in spite of what does that happen. With them. Yeah and at some point one you know your your unrestricted free agent you can have any interest in playing in Milwaukee. He just smiled out of this doesn't walk away accept. I really. Has he told he told the New York Daily News that he would consider it in the net it's he said quote it's like home. Is only ninety minutes away from Chicago. Yeah it's situations. Very similar to its Bart parkers and when Jamar you like and so x.s seventh grade yeah. He played with Eric and take the wind or keep track since you met your. Integrated school player. What he and Derek you know become very very good friends over the years so. I would imagine the bush team couldn't suit. Pursued Derrick Rose what I think that the Bucs. Want to make it a priority you know he instead champs coming here. Do you know if he's backed off his his statement that he's going to be looking for Max money when he hits a free agent market because he's not a Max money player anymore Barack I'm a huge Derrick Rose gotta hate to say but he's just not that kind. You know what and up until last night I wouldn't have the same thing now I don't let that was so one single game. Let's see what some really really I mean you'd have five switch up from the roll it and but again you eat now he's got same where that was when he was the old. But he still can be a you have earned two player. That is our Milwaukee basketball insider Gary wall full find his work inside the Racine journal times Racine sports zone dot com on Twitter. And Gary with an. And every Thursday here on the Wendy's big show white Gary Els appreciate able talking and next week things like your. Your white Gary joins us on the great mid West Bank outline.