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BIG SHOW 5PM: Pick A Lane

Mar 10, 2017|

03/09/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 5 p.m. Hour.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He and Sparky you. Towers but having crashed in Burr. Yeah. It's time for the guys still resent the big topics from today's bigs you know. And late do you take a lead. Pick a lane and brought you by the legendary Great Lakes drag away in union grow. Go to great lace dragway dot com for some great holiday gift ideas like twice seventeen season passes and ticket discounts. That's Great Lakes drag away dot com. It is that's out here on the Wendy's big show in the holds Chevrolet studios I'm Ronnie Mac laugh along with our two former Packers Gary Ellison and the royal Butler. Maybe Tosh over there on the other side of the glass with our interns yelled go and Avery and here's what you have to pick from. And Great Lakes dragway pick a lane before we talk with Wisconsin insider John Mack the merit 535 right lane. Are you OK with the money going to re sign your own free agent center lane do you not realize what's happening with the bucks or do you just not care. And the return Len would you give Aaron Rodgers a rays right now 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan. Dot com and Gary you came up with. A lot of creative way of framing the argument of whether or not you should spend the money and your own free agents in the 2 o'clock hour roared and serve a new twist on the question. Go head. Well because you know W think it wouldn't. That. Because most packer friends want to compare. Packers Ted Thompson to preachers and what what what what an artist is a look at greatness wanted to talk about. Bill Belichick did it and does so easily you anybody can do. Anybody. You do flick of the wrist beaches. Bureau is Don and maybe they'll all recently worked well. Do you search did or Jones. Gets through Jimmy Collins. This year it was Doug brought to our what Richie Bulls wanted to bet you for the levity did got rid of their motor. Are to the Raiders. Did the usual work being lied. Message today up third play Matthew first. Rookie contract afterward. The Ruble. All those as a speaker in terms of what they traded right so obvious drug trade it. Clay Mathews some work. Tomorrow. Things and you have been able to do do got you eaten. Come out looking. A word what art. You can gold unit guys. Draft the guy does kill eyeful while jokers. Robots they're the word go brings about a god draw huddle he'll playing. Don't know why should the word. Is you guys just don't understand the greatness. Of bureau Belichick and what they're doing and doing. If it was that easy 32 other teams will be 31 other team or me and we don't have thing. I don't say that chance is Jordan. And I know he's not he's not doing what Belichick is doing and 31 of the GMs are not even though they're not. I wonder what to wish you would have been like run what do you think wearing Vince Lombardi went on there she. I don't know if you were you know of the viewers somewhere else other than Green Bay and you were at lavish. In did you average right. You're happy because it was your guy that we do Lombardi does right yet would you because it was about rod in there bask in the glory of this Lombardi. Right. Argent race it right about now we recognize. The great is a bit Barton. But you've got this much attention. Object that's what you are up against. While. You QB to have to are two ways and how to does stop. But the comparison to New England. I think it's unfair unfair because that's what great news looks like. That that's how you and that's what it is a great things like that is a generational. Type of guy. Bit important thirty years we maybe get Iguodala been able to. All the while all speak for itself and it went about my Villa beat nine. They walk you talk about Bill Belichick like we talk about. Vince Lombardi right now you may not agree on trade that was gonna go to Paris in our in our lifetime right now. There have been a better. On head coach and industrial so the question that you start asking people in the 2 o'clock dollars. Would you let Clay Matthews walk after his rookie got his rookie deal. It paired Bubba read it caught by about this and you. Them if you. Know it happens. Bubba Bubba yeah Mitt don't. Yeah. That's blower or yes I. Don't end and didn't know accountable vision and we're gonna. Go random off they go Nicole rideau. I mean did they did they feel then what some veterans. That has some sort of checker pass to Ochocinco do work obligated matter. No no work here. So that's the right way and are you OK with the money going to re sign your own guys or would you make gutsy moves. Like Bill Belichick like. Letting Clay Matthews walk after his rookie contract because that's a decision that your pitcher faced with. If you want to operate more like the Patriots make trades signed free agents. There are only able to do that because Bill Belichick is confident he can my guys like Chandler Jones walk away or trade them. And he'll just find another guy to step in. And do the same thing that's the right lane 7991250. Where you can email us live and 1057 FM the fan. Backed up moving to the settling talked a little however talk a little box which you. Bucks last night they'd knock out the next 104 to 93. And with that way and now half the game out of the eight spot. In the Eastern Conference just two and a half games out of the 6 spot in the Eastern Conference yet Gary yeah. Pelletier are those seats last night when you work. Didn't address this is on Twitter page and all you moral lots of different of him that's a bit cautious about I don't do you realize. The box. Alternately outbreaks or do you just not here courts and mark at your heels and was disappointed in return are the BC that night. Smart guy rich then you can follow rich exam and rich are CA underscored that in the end you know. Rick then give back on towards. Winning and you don't ratings bashed rains. Rich. Hearing borrow bashing prayers bro in that regard to the year. Ago week. All of us in his eye which are game that's right. Raising night and it was sparse. And I'll just trying to figure out. Well trend throughout books prayer or fans in general. Is there any love right now fourteen that's in the playoff races and gotten into a batch of range. Reached there are rating media out to all our ratings from a nearly a mile race is going to be lottery. Falters Dresser with the levels as we keep our wonderful show execute product we do all day long war one. Well today about rating and all of you as you'll course for one irons there. And be so. Sought all of think that's corner what do Butler people really don't. Outfits don't care it will there's apathy is sitting in on the Milwaukee book. I think they had the wind taken out of their sails I think Bucs fans were finally starting a thing Jabar partner that this was something different that this was a new era. Even if you weren't sold on it with the the new owners coming in. Overtime he got sort of sold on he's starting get excited about the new arena yeah honest looks like one of the premier players in the league. You're above 500 you got a playoff spot. Jabari Parker goes down with a torn AC a again. And there's that other shoe dropping again. I know you don't like it when I use the word curse Gary and I'm not saying that somebody ran a gold out in front of the BC years brought somebody got to voodoo doll Loudon sort of poking Jabari Parker is me that's not what I'm saying but. I don't. A lot of bucks fans feel like there is a cloud that hangs over this team. And there's some bad luck that surrounds this team Andrew Bogut got bad and just what it looked like that wasn't the case any mar. Their egos in carry off the court with a torn ACL. And sewed they're not really. They're not all that excited about what they're doing right now another not all excited about a playoff race Lena gets the playoffs and probably eliminated in the first round you to get the playoffs and run into the buzz saw that is LeBron James. And I'm nuts and that's how I feel I'm not saying that's how anybody else should field. Understand Nesta sense that I get from those Bucs fans that would be in those seats last night the worked in those seats last night. But it begs the question to you do you not realize what's happening with the bucks or do you just not care 7991250. Or email us live in 1057 FM the fan dot com. I got Sparky bucks weekly tonight in for the ailing did you our efforts 6 to 7 o'clock Marcus Johnson will join us in at 635 to assert. When your team players do an accurate I've been like. Given good it and all the Montero and. We're among hundreds. We moved to the return lane and returned to some Packers stock. And yesterday on ESPN radio Aaron Rodgers was told that Mike Lennon was and since has signed a contract. In the neighborhood of close to fifteen million dollars bet got signed with the Bears to Murton and he was asked if that means that him and the Packers. Should sit down for some contract negotiations he says I think it has to. When Mike Florio on pro football talk put that out there and said Aaron Rodgers is jostling for a new contract he labeled it hash tag fake news. Oh and rod is Tedy knee as the rays yesterday whether he wants to admit or deny the Roy do you give him that grades. Well look give memories but I would do that Tom Brady yeah I would make him. You know I would guarantee it to deal. Because if you look at the rays were quick if you were rages saying hey you wanna give these type a numbers Andrew Luck five years 122 million dollars. And 87 of its guaranteeing. Indeed may have signed balls and 32 million dollars this year is based out of 7000014. Million. And fix me in our roster qualities are robbed of courts and on the roster Aaron Rodgers cap numbers twenty point wanna some like that. He'll make fourteen male thirteen million. In base salary did jump subject one hand when they want me in the last would be is to get three years left this year plus two but I will do. Is now I have a mares but I will guarantee to 53 million dollars. The rest of this contract and make is based based salary like a million. So when he anybody's guess I mean huge deals like Tony romo's faults on big deal he can say man this never going to be guys say. But I'm going to be the rich and that's what Tom Brady's deal. Relevant his cap number fourteen point five you know make a big deal about it you know. If a couple years you've heard me scared to eat when it meaning anti his number is key drop. That's a platinum player he's helping his team he's getting his mind it is not about being in the highest paid all of the best. It's about winning super balls that I can get a take a break the years there and give the team look at rural. Now you can go out. It gives a player that you need and finally. Download all set up to do what Bill Belichick what it did when they got Steven Gilmore. Well Buffalo five years 65000040. Me guarantee. Because he's able to do that because Tom Brady in s.'s takes a pager so the answer is no I would do. Well and I'll make a monitor its known that roar. He's able to pay that kind of monitored Mueller Doug I guarantee you I guess is that right challenge Els ended up in those guys that Marty did you say Canada used some as you can go and you get to light there absolutely. Yeah I mean he's gambling. There maybe it'd Dahntay out comes back around at a lower price. Or. There are already led to learn about his go they're really good and we won well yeah I really don't need them then. So we reset the big topics discussed are on today's big show and you get the final say on a right way and are you okay. With using your money to re sign your own guys or would you make a move like letting Clay Matthews walk after his rookie contract center lane do you not realize what's happening with the bucks or do you just not care. And the return when would you give Aaron Rodgers and raised. Right now 7991250. Can email slide at 1057 FM the fan dot com. We'll rapid fire phone calls before we talk with Wisconsin insider John Mack merit 535. Next thing Great Lakes dragway pick land on the Wendy's big show and Holtz Chevrolet studio. What Clemens is. That you don't mean yeah. When she. Your management thought. Forcing him. Those eight. Brazing. What they show back Thursday presented by masters seats with Eminem will re setting the big topics discussed on today's big show giving you the final say out of right lane. Are you OK with the money going to re signed your own guys Packers fans center lane do you not realize what's happening with the bucks or do you just not care return mind. Would you give Aaron Rodgers a raise right now 7991250. And let us know you'd like Deere next week by tweeting your artists for throwback Thursdays at 1057 FM the fan with the hash tags big throwback. Nominees biggie and Ian Baker has zero votes and the doors is between biggie and the doors really with about. Who half an hour left in the voting. Preacher artist at 1057 FM the fan fifty dollar gift card to mess disease on the line. For tickets to the Milwaukee journal sentinel towards Jones and fort tickets that a greater Milwaukee golf shows realism about Wisconsin insider John McNamee is gonna join us and 535 C Gary let's run through these phone calls rapidly that's what it's ever know. Also I also read or your next little Fazio and effort of the numbers are resort. And I aren't personal car. Not probably literally crayon is it's actor Ricky you know but I was. I think the frustration complicating that people saying that the Packers have the quarterback. That the that the Patriots have an Iran and I'm ready I don't know my car on the coach ago. But we meet at quarterback and you know when one shall blow with a lot of free agent at Oakland today you know he's created to do it. Yeah got another quarterback means she will take all the chances that. Yeah. Dan over your outline Elin beat. Oh my word. Of that with that in. That phone call it there on. It just took Milwaukee. No trade problems extra men. It was. Made it on video. Stumbling. I didn't in that on the day. There. It's an Atlanta about the Bucs I. Bodily lipped about the Duke or games it's 8 o'clock in the arena and the credit limit of being an. War games. You don't get out and they were common early early and it they had Vick did get a lot better than an ad in a couple years. At our inability unit and and that it is not so I gave it but I think. I hit a good crowd and it surprised I think they'll get in it have been nice night out. I think strippers or Gocong Indiana's Friday yup Paula Jordan con game how has your managerial war for jury in this world class of reform movement agility government. When it was their guy really treat sewn. Yeah. Yeah. And I mean just some thousand that you work in the morning you know. Eight in to all hours. You can't make every day you know like man there's a lot. Still industry. I mean the blocks are definitely. Exciting like you know I mean Jabari seeing. Some people are just on the air lag. And that eight. I. But you know veteran pitcher Mickey Hart were bro. We're so provide for them and that's going to call Hartford followed. And told the clock to make it up days because all of it well yeah well effort. I have article altered didn't play a badger. What about and right ease up on the docket in the name up. In. There we go back cloth from the movie life would emerged. I do remember him to. You remember him do got a bit caught out there but I do remember it. What do I got I think Aaron if you want that extra money he should get it. Eric Perrin been thirteen years he knows every year that we're not gonna get an extra and more spin it to go over the topic challenge for a Super Bowl. The last the last. Or five years there's been fifteen million sit near week sixteen going into the playoffs. And if he doesn't have a good game a little. Yet the bag game. They let me put thought it -- had a good game anyway and if you Beckett may loom so it all on him but to be honest about it. How would you give it to him though would you give it to him our little bit more bonus and make him. Florida has Taylor Andrew Luck connect I got to 87 mean guarantee so would you give that type of money. I think Aaron Rodgers to do whatever he wants intricate constantly use and his general manager bill gives him hope that he will align with the people. The Q Pete like our Brady had been going into that happen. You can't compare aired live Tom Brady has time Brady's when the Super Bowl era that Aaron didn't about the purse on the playoffs and he underhanded every year will give me my money. Ordinary did you money take every dollar take at all. Nice club and business dune. Don't give money you don't have to give out he's DL but have you had any business any company does CEO deals I give big bonuses. Because of the wilderness and just and is doing your thing. But aaron's not an employer he's an employee he and Aaron Rodgers signed the contract and guess what I have control over you for the next five years three of them under contract to him under franchise tag. And if I don't need to give you raise I'm not giving you a raise due to and that goes for any industry. I would argue on the most powerful guy in that entire organs okay are you gonna hold out a way to get ahold of my. Then holed that three years ago or let's go to Brendan for your bread and your disqualifies them from brand which ago. Yeah the elephant that they're laying on. Are. It is meant for me man. You know I love the book and I guess I'm so excited when his feet and on blew out there like it I don't have cable so I listened to the bought these at every game on the radio and you know don't get me wrong I would love get out to go see these guys look for me you know. It is expensive to get out there bogey wrong I want I want aren't here I don't food game. Well you know I got hooked up a ticket and you know with it and hooked up with a ticket and I'm 75100. Dollars. I don't think it's best. That I bought some water do it feels like five blocks. I did as say Laura hill supplement because saved from fort out. Noah and they'll give Iran you know I kind of over read a little bit I think we'll look at my boy year old daughter into the they're aren't our. I you know it was a flat so you know I got to the Jerry knee you know I got tired and sort. You know we got a souvenir cup and all that was a call and look forward and did it and all of that you're. And immediate edited partying and everything it is it is so bad you get out there is some time and I was loving blocker more apparent foot. You know I'm still true but they haven't been every every game on the radio I don't hyped for the you know even that we bought our third down. I know that unit putrid gonna lead is something did but it did. Kind of got a break brilliant race getting in John Madden Marian has a real quick route. And just taken round. It rocked. A moment ago 102 round was. All right quote that Chevrolet and all that sort of looks like. It's that the real good thing that let the worst okay. And now all up well earned and not a technical. Angle you. Would like. Yeah. I'm. Know when they're. Seem all right old. Are. All got them. That post before you get underwater. She says those series and the journalists. Okay and. Yeah it is. They guys likes in Sunday's doubles here at a there was a tourniquet for equality means one clear cut favorite. A one seed that would be Roberts specialty meats from USDA prime beef tenderloin is to hand cut stakes stop pork gross score may burgers or specialty items. Like this old time butcher shop has. It's too good to go to the this to go the distance and cold march evenings. 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You also check him out Ahmad and Roberts special to me it's Waukesha dot com for specials and money saving coupons and for the best and meets chop Robert specialty meats your home. Town butcher what kind of pushed or the batters having them for the Big Ten tourney in March Madness we'll find out next with Wisconsin insider. John MacNamara right after that some of Wendy's big show in the Holtz Chevrolet studio. My colleague when. Just none of us. Throw back Thursday on the Wendy's big shots coming down to it. It's between biggie. And the doors to Adrian like that your next week at 1057. At them in the band but that's tagged big throw back you're entered to win. 850 dollar gift card to masters these core pack of tickets to the Milwaukee journal sentinel sports show and for tickets to the greater Milwaukee golf show that's the artist. 1057 FM the fan but the hash tag big throw back we'll announce the winner next segment. I'm for the big showed a jacket would Wisconsin insider John Mack. Right you might create a construction. Providing quality plaster and Stucco services with a unsurpassed workmanship. Blitz that Tom on Twitter at MacNamara rivals in there is. From do well Garrett. How is Bronson K and they doing does he look better than he has in in quite a while the other night. He did yeah you know he that they were hit five reporters. You know that. That's a big reason why it is double by it helps you specifically see Michael Scott it was a little nicked up a prosecutor at the caps. I even Nigel is it a little groin injury so. Are they were able to sit you know few practices this week and noble play tomorrow against the winner Indiana. In Iowa but I think you know this this war days off before they had to play it was that was their special is our super got a prosecuted cool. Yeah I expect to be full go tomorrow. Is a healthy Bronson ten big enough of a push a boost for them to make some noise in the Big Ten tournament and then in the big tournament. You know it is they're so there's a chance said that he is you know news. When you play that is that you know he's one of the better shooters in the conference he's one of the better players copper. You know he'll be at to see to see what Wisconsin team's. Well either. From February the entire month where they weren't very good it will be you know the second half of Minnesota. Well they outscored the gophers by nineteen points I think. You know best sample size that you saw against Minnesota in the second half. You know what this team is capable of so you know maybe thinking kind of replicate that heading into the big picture. In the NCAA turner I think they can create. You're you know some noise in there and they can be brought it up they play like that in that they played like in February. They could be exited pretty early trouble tournaments. Jamie you know that we've talked to Bob is but. Two biggest fall zone Greg Gard in that. I mean if you look at his team you're talking about his free throws balls loose some fundamental things you watched I would game to turn the ball over late. I would suspect in the game and win it in historic thing to yourself through Bo Ryan was up on a team like that that just doesn't happen free throw me if you look at a bull Ryan team just think that free throws will be automatic for them is is is there are. Q when some sort or elation in that. Maybe Greg artistry or learning on the job here. You know and that it's certainly been brought up you specifically. You know last month of may etc. rough stretch. On you know he if you look back those bowl ranked teams. They get stretches they played poorly with a loss but you know ample games in a row they did have stretches where they shot reportedly portly and you know some never memorable right they're. Aram was that you know that you can't yell at a guy to make it should regard east Edgar cracked cup though that. What do on the did you scream at a guy should read those better so. Yeah Scott and laps right now. Came a little bit later in the season and then fans used to seeing how easily grab vertically really well just haven't done it this year. You know it is that Minnesota game could spark them a little bit like a city where I think they can make a little bit of a lot because I can tell you the that this team with with senior leadership and in good you know good players are looking again when Nigel is playing well he at a better Wear a copper so. Army I think that he can make a run but you know what you brought a free throw shooting you know that that could really be about the book on the current. You know an athlete whereas you look at 42 this team you look at. For these gusts events lube it in his turner and right now we're watching or in Indiana I mean it just seems like your view look at Wisconsin's out of racquet. They can lose against anybody and I mean there's really no clear curve over here for them. Yeah you know I think the alternative is pretty wide open and that big pan ovulate. They'll go play the winner of this game right now and you know if they were aware. You look at Maryland and likely northwestern. And on the northwestern is playing very well they'd be was got this year. Wisconsin just got by Maryland at home so. You know I don't know there's a clear cut favorite this year I would say Purdue put. I think there's ample teams a good awareness and you don't wish they'd point to so you know they're distinct cubic and they don't make a little bit of a run. That is John Mack Merrill Wisconsin in setter against find his work get badger blitz dot com. And on Twitter at MacNamara rivals thanks for being a little flexible with us this afternoon. Well John MacNamara joins us on the great midwest bank hot like. If you're ready to get into your back into the housing market look no further than great mid west bank and visit great mid West Bank dot com to take. The next step towards your new home or maybe need repairs to your old home Gary other. Judge IndyCar drugs as we should go and you looking to. These big massive wins here over the last two or three days and if you're shingles is flat out and sneeze mentioning those if yeah. Side is found out that Mimi Jimmy some new siding Komondor friends over gingerly card directors. They're come over to your house give your earliest of it but honest testament to how much is going caution. And they stick right to it if you look over so we Marlin projects they they also get that done to. Talked so much you kitchen bathroom you looking to a man cave. Most certainly can make that happen does JJ contracts column up chip. But a quick break wrap up the Wendy's big show but not without announcing the winner of eight throwback Thursday next in the holds Chevrolet studios and on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. What is great show on a throwback Thursday presented five masters he's been in good order with the lemon and bring in a side of the breaks all afternoon long and had to sort of masters he's as they're 2016 patio furniture is price to move to make room. For the 2017. Edition of the patio furniture still bread you just at a lower price. And your is that masters he's at one of their two locations green dale and Walker's shot. And check him out at masters sees dot com there are also your one stop shop for all your memorabilia and man cave needs. We go over to the other side of the glass and see who you voted in free throw back Thursday next week with baby Tauscher out we have baby passions. Oh. Yeah. Along. The. 00. And I didn't know professional wrestlers. Would you like a regular professional rest of the you know and I don't know moans. Reasonably well this time. I've got a throwback Father's Day next week today marks forty years. Twenty years and it's. The notorious and humidity of it's so stupid it all that crap that comes. Oh he's the greatest rapper of all time he's certainly up there on the list top five he's my favorite. I don't care he's the best or not he's my favorite Eminem's name to Eminem is probably in there obviously to pot is and then Paul Haas holed. Enough nods at me my he's he's born at last and there is borderline top five is just a list of what you like it is different for everybody you know it. Holdren. Yeah. We are still. Also we became. Doubt his misses mr. gold yeah yesterday we gave ourselves add a glancing his ball from grace. You best rap about time he would marry. And you beyond season. Okay with a okay would. Did this become a professional wrestler baby does he need you heard me right it can't get up top that's that's that's false lead at 100% fall. Did you ever do backyard rest lingering what are those periods. I'd showed you the hole in my wall that so that's from. Did you jump bubble roof about nice slider my roommate in the long beard is a bit and all right Andy why people who yeah. Greg we also helped Al. And then I was able hold overrun. And and cut. It's not my pro alone when you actually rests. Your would also be home again. They take on a close it is now and that's that's and that's not a part of her is Linda yards and 1000%. It's. I ever did a wrestling or some other. I'm like I'm named managed yeah. Well be out of sync huge animal had been coming out what I what I've been known around Carroll is stretch Armstrong. I'm not gonna get into why that is good bomb. You're boring everybody. You want to be fast. So you can Wear on guys and give it cost you viewer base pay. What it was now I'm still do. It that's what he's gonna do some battle who has you don't cry. I'm a season to that. Ai thanks to our block you basketball inside very well for him. Ed up it's got the senator John Beck to bear and both Todd silver stud of the Milwaukee journal sentinel and Packers d.'s dye job. It's been steady of those interviews and they got today is the best thing guys band I would Sanders. Ed what 057 that fed the thread die cub that's brought you by John Paul's Buick GMC. Highway 100 being buried unit can save Saturday Saturday to meet LeRoy. Read about my house maybe pick and save right there on home third that give you that there's some value and I addressed magical tip and what's your address some government over the weekend at the parents out there and we're going to Arizona. They'll do cook out at oh yeah that's right yeah we are. Thanks realistic. Mark he's butts week is up next hosted by a guy who's really really good has radio thing you can really good team player he's gonna talk about Derrick Rose come to the bucks. Yeah that's a real possibility at least according to Eric grows in the right Gary David touched the interns and run accident Ellsbury caught our.