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Mike Clemens has choice words for Ted Thompson....

Mar 10, 2017|

03/10/17: Mike Clemens of NFL Sirius XM Radio reacts to how GM Ted Thompson has handled free agency so far...and he's not pleased...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They don't they might Clement. I'm I'm with your listeners right now I can I share their anger and I'm trying to see if I can talk him off the ledge a little bit today. A Ted Thompson is a tremendous talent evaluating her. And there's a couple times of the year on the NFL calendar. That just like when your kid in school you know you think you'd you know Cain then you get their report card in June of two weeks after school it sounds like. Or actors what do we mean deep plots I thought was Kitna be right. That's the way these players feel that's way these coaches feel that's way. They're teammates feel today so you talk about Julius Peppers signing with the Carolina Panthers OK that's a retirement and run around right right. TJ Lang listen at the start of camp last year Ted Thompson sat down Josh satin and then TJ Lang and said. This is probably your last year's Green Bay packer. And it's is turned out the last training camp for for Josh in. So they come into that that might be happen now TJ is talking to John Schneider Pete Carroll about. Playing some guard for the Seattle Seahawks may be blocking for Eddie lacy possibly the Micah Hyde situation. Is very disappointing and Micah there that's a packer people that's a top character guy. Who was great to go to after games three and after practice to break down from a football standpoint from an x.s and o.s standpoint. Great character guys. Hi football. I Q. Made a tremendous play in a game against the Lions when he was thrown into duty there versatile. Everywhere from safety to. To corner to nickel and this is Ted saying to you you know we're gonna move forward to Marius Randall at the star noon at the nickel okay that's what we're doing that's what the plan is. Buffer for my kinda say they didn't even make me an offer man I wanna go to Buffalo I want a ring. We came one game short again and going to the Super Bowl I wanna ring hiking in real one year deal something we're that close. Sew a mad if you think fans if you think you're frustrated. I guarantee you Aaron Rodgers is three times as frustrated. Joseph with the defensive back coach is three times this frustrated what are you do when to me I don't care what you think how good the quality of the draft is. We want to win now and in this year I'm got another tool years was some rook to replace Micah Hyde and that's what's going on right now that's the frustration. That is you're right it's a frustration right now and when you talk about you know Ted in the sense of with fans. They see the people that you know they want Ted to pick up all coming off the board in going whoa wait a minute what he what do you do it. Why is there the in Ted we trust when. We really don't trust him anymore. You know I know that's the argument of former. And Packers cap guy a vice president Andrew Brandt who you know you've had initial numerous times who sat on they show. You know we used to sit back and call this the week of stupid money people are gonna play crazy prices we understand that. I'm just here to tell you there's a lot of these guys who don't think there has been without much. You know just. I really wanna get a rate that may be able talk about me going to free agency I'm ideally get more free agency here from now if I get a and I just knowledge that some of these players they really do want to hang around and be part of that Aaron Rodgers Mike McCarthy Dom Capers aero. And then maybe it's about get their money and the back end of their careers. And they don't understand why they're not being renewed at this particular time in their careers that they can play ball with Ted looks at that board. He's got 300 players from the com bind he's get ready for his draft board ought to the right is the Packers board. I play here's a 110 players were really interested in that we think would fit and and anything Weathers from the first from the seventh round. And they got us free agent board and I you know he goes into this every year the same way but if all the free agents left bold we'd be able to do well Rockets rookies here it's an undrafted guys. All the players will get a David Bakhtiar a that's bet that I'm. He started the first day in training camp has Clay Matthews couldn't beat him I Adam for four years at rookie money. Has a starting left tackle the National Football League protecting Aaron Rodgers Italy cornerback and I didn't have to pay him to the last minute last fall. Any and a volley put in some left tackle money into that. But those other guys they're all make in 700000. And have to worry about 8000012 or Cleveland really twelve million for a guard. All right you go with that I got three guys I got four guys for twelve at half a mile line brought that your gonna pay one guy next year. To protect whoever the ex could be the cornerback in Cleveland elect what that so that's what's going on line. It's today and it's maddening to a lot of so but he keep the thing is. For which your player if you're one of the twenty coaches in the packer staff. It's like we want to put the best players on the field not tomorrow's players Ted the best players and he's like value now. Value right he probably doesn't even make an offer for Micah Hyde because he thinks my kicker probably get a pretty good contract. So I don't wanna put out there the low ball number that I gave my tied to settle and up in the media. So I won't even put an offer out there. That's why plays that way. Because you get to be so parent I'd about. And about. When I think about decisions. And it's not because Micah Hyde is a slower player or the measure balls with the Packers you know personnel department has on that guy. It isn't all that other stuff too about value money value contract and sure you gotta be sensitive to that. But at the other hand you know your core players are more than just four or fine. There's there's more guys like that like a Micah Hyde the least you can head to work with them. Now this Jared Cook things what I did do. Why did you sign in this guy and give it a rid trade Richard Rodgers. Yet you get Jared Cook on paper now. Get rid of Richard Rodgers. Give away some crappy draft picks Ford and and get one of these tide is the draft. Richard Rodgers doesn't matter tied it doesn't matter when. It doesn't matter. And you collect cook walk out the door and to the chemistry he got in November December. With Aaron Rodgers. And Aaron Rodgers kept saying we gotta be all end this the guided Indy he admits this whole by the way the offense desert don't feel Jericho became a part of that. So the situations. That you're quarterback said after losing to Atlanta. In the NFC championship game saying we don't need to rebuild we just need to retool noon. These kinds of positions right here that we just talked about that's what he's pointing his finger to. And how those coaches have to reinvent the wheel again. And it's maddening.