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03/11/17: Wrist Injuries - Dr. Amin Afsari

Mar 11, 2017|

Mike McGivern is joined in studio this week by Dr. Amin Afsari to talk about wrist and hand injuries and their rehab and recovery procedures.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They dumped on last night's game or are you all weekend warrior that's still thinks you've got what it takes a play. Nagging injuries are slowing you down it's time to talk to some of the region's top sports medicine specialists this is the midwest orthopedic sports medicine show. All you want to know about sports medicine. Yeah yeah. Sports medicine shelf. Odds for Radio One 057 after the fans. They should join his Sam Mike we your alongside my specialist do you gets really good to see him. Doctor Meade as far faster mice are you red state fair park together I was on time several protests there isn't a little different when you're out there and were this big building and there's just. The kind of workers in guy's going to their boots and stop people wanna remind. Kind of look at you lakers you know they just stand there was essentially what he's doing well. And heads and I don't argue your microphone and they're big candidates this portrait of behind assembly called the small shall yes there was because suit but on the ball but could you start with you were loved back. Powervu bad everything's good for you as the great timing or lamp doubling. Good and amp up. I did my 630 work out this war and paranoid or two ago. Now in my coffee would sell would you you'd done this morning six or get run manner work with my boy is at the performance than. There's there's several dead bugs out there. Who do you work out and have not as I do you could try to look at me the drilling. I'm like Clinton definition. Of that bad and I try like crazy and 34 times a week. I gotta tell you this is as improved to good accomplishment. A humble working out with the with Patrick the trader at at Martin Luther and the first time this is probably fourteen months ago after the first workout. We Isa list is kind of find out were round and a couple of things and he put. He put the bench press is lows cam with hundreds of Iraq on its 200 pounds yes. And I got one up. Kind of shaky start last week I did three sets attempt. At 200 so in that a year. Of of just we like three days week it there with him. All the cities Tokyo realist find out where we've got war roof come to know in three and now the first set was kind easy the second set was not who's your third one. My arms are shaken but I got it done you're going to be in a come by next year is that an instant hit hey I like the guys athletes perform integrated air and ground. We got some we throw some throws threw some ropes around flip some tires and great way to start the week and I'm not sure I don't those ropes man never I don't like those for hopes. Hate another my favorite their hopes it's a lot of fun now I I like to TRX for its Latin is so you do TR Syria like toast our body weights and yet that and netstat normally shouldn't be very good for born mice guys but I really like those I'd. I feel like they'd they'd sit against the wall on the crow pretty and and it if you've never used him you think SOB deal try it. It's it's tough how many guys workout at 630 mortar and that's. 38 ounce they would they record turn out. Need in nets out in in americorps and yet he's at. These still have that half court bass won't absorb there was shoot hoops and play. That's awesome my. I said big fans I think he'd do great work through the people that work out with some early really liked them a lot he a couple of questions. Or comments. I feel bad for Andrew Bogut he played 47 seconds for the Cleveland Cavaliers. And he fell and broke his leg. Yeah and he is now he's done in I don't I would assume that his best workers probably over. I don't know that for a fact but 47 seconds in his Cleveland debut hmm yeah. It's but let's see a show of hands on all three guys in the room. Who didn't see a common. Who denies the. And that you know what's the over under was eight minutes so he went under by bio ways and now they're TARP on and are sent there gonna sign. Larry Sanders. While Larry back in in the NBA he. Are they saying though he left because he couldn't stop smoking pot the late swallow compiled more than I think that's what it'll be interesting. Instead he's cuts to what he should feel pretty good his body should be well rested. A couple of other NBA players Anthony Davis of the best players in the end in the week he suffered a a left wrist contusion. That kept my the second half. He had gone up for an LU. And he hit his wrist on the rim before falling hard to the crowd. And he said look I'm I'm feeling pretty good but I hit my I hit another pretty bad it is pretty swollen in an injury sort tried to catch a pass pollen terrible. Just what Colombia did to it at this point is is that it is. How uncommon is that so I. Depends if they injures really from hit the rim is that it Venice problem could very well be something minor. Or contusion or bone bruise. But if you're around if his injury is more so with landing once you plant the hand in the body weight comes on there could be something non. Lake comes Alexi significant ligament injury which may news surgical intervention and then ends weeks of recovery yet it's hard says. But if you just bruised sit on the rim I think that's kind of be really comment now an actor so I threw it yeah I was gonna say it's guys frustrated. Unless the rooms at six feet on that I'm not hitting that bank but I would assume at that long ball. That some of these guys are gonna get league Bruce up their hands or fingers their wrist. When Europe here in the room. I have Su in those injuries can range from you know. When you get up there and jam the finger. You know it could be anything from minor sprain which dismayed you'll swelling and tenderness for weaker two or could be a fracture which requires. The surgery and out for weeks with pins and so on so forth so. Never know unless some. You know but our times is if you follow me on Twitter Mike. And what's had a count it's adds AAF sorry. And AFS they aren't so today. They passed and by the time results we note what I think you're the video I see these videos and yeah injuries occurring I can usually. Put out a little Sweden Q and my you know opinion. About what it looks like and how severe. Moments on this made those injuries and and you know and campy exact every time obviously but it's fun to. I Madonna darts opinion. Kiss you you see things different UC absolutely yeah I I normally if if somebody like it's undercut. For some reason I've intensity closed my eyes and throats over. Again just kinda like I adequacy. And I'm not sure that's all well today that easily injury tricked fool me would have been not an actor on Allen was that did look like Benicio injured me. When I think I'd ever heard a lot of people to an F yeah. Those fortunate it was just a sprained. In other one that I wanted to test you bod Evan Turner Portland Trail Blazers is out indefinitely after suffering a right hand fracture. The third a medical our poll. On Thursday on Tuesday evening. And he talked about on its common year before players to fair fracture matter carpool. I just this season a pocket I consult fractured his fourth and then they talk about the recovery time varies from player to player usually depends. On if the player needs surgery. When when they talk about that third would be Q can you explain that when you read some news says he fractures the murders fourth I don't really understand that. Usually own will for slows my wheel house. Hope they hand surges and offers for a resurgent your read my we also third man carpal is usually the long finger fueled fears are straight the longest finger there is an. If you follow that fingered out of the meta carpal and that's the third minute purple poke at a user I don't like numbering Matta couples to some. Some docs for communicating over the phone number of the Thomas won and some won't some stumbles number of the index fingers of one so I use a long finger meant a car and so. That dom. One thing about carpal is is the knuckled it actually sticks out the furthest Alina when you're making a fist. And down that's the one that boxers punch with exits that's and the index along finger the ones approved list used to a punch with. And that long finger med cart when their fractures and depends on the shape of the fracture the severity it may require a plate and screws but a lot of these pro athletes I think many times docs will. Choose to plate and screw it to stabilize it immediately and then you can get them moving right away. As opposed to treating illness in the lot of people non professional athletes would treat these without surgery. And allow them to. Just. Rests in the split while heels and get them moving later there's no rush to get so you know most of our patients Specter of professionals work. So I'm. But in the NBA a lot of times obit though who played for the plate screws up there of course is risk of death surgery and that's stiffness but at that level of professional play their room. They're all over them with answer it. I can you Q you'd like I'm making a fist and when you talk about putting a plate. Obviously it it it's a small plate because we're at where we do is go behind at the plate also on surface of the bone. So make incision in the tendon extensive tendons out a way there's a little layer cover a soft tissue covering over the bone. Mean size through that fuel impact. For the played on it's going to be who is usually a 22 millimeters thick later 2.4 millimeter plate. And screws. The same says two were two point form on the Packers Q what they have all the movement that they have in their hand before the surgery once therapies done they'll have to see movement almost always there and there's a rare chance of getting significant stiffness. This tendency sometimes attendants' cart down quite a bit but that's pretty rare. But with the you know at this level again of play in the way is there room. Medical care is at that professional level there's therapists are seeing them immediately either working with the multiple times a day. And they'll get that tendon movement. Hate this Philadelphia 76ers have Ed just their wrath of injuries and and they have no luck keeping guys. I'll put in mid December juror judge your delist. Who is a card for them underwent what they call successful surgery. To recur torn ligament in his left wrist. Which will be a more wise for the next twelve weeks. Is that the zoo wind when somebody has a torn ligament in their wrist. Arm and I just wanted if we can again and I know this is radio put. When you win their child but third visit torn ligament in their risk it would it be on the top here where do new closer to the. Own. So I know it's going to be so it's going to be between. I'd I'd put money on this well is he ruptured his ski full innately human OK so there's there's. Eight small bones and arrest those bones are linked together by ligaments between those little balls has little ligaments with in the restoring itself. And towards the thumb side of the rest. On the back terrorists if you put your finger. I would describe as pumped out follow the long finger down yep tourists joined right in that soft spot okay. That is where this gave fluently humanist and when those two when that's gave Lilly were ruptures. He can happen. Slowly gradually over years is how we typically see you put an injury like this you fall on your outstretched hand you risk goes all the way back. He went through Dane did the other quote on the after the surgeries done it was it was done. At it at its Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City and the president of operations for the 76ers said. While it's unfortunate that I humorous remainder of the season for confident today's procedure resolve the wrist injury. And relative. And related discomfort excuse written. And I would assume that that he may have tried to play with that for that. It's possible. Depending on the severity of minutes those two bones. That's something that that you know when it happens that you like there you wanna get to north exit rows of the quick. If you get a fresh ligament this torn you wanna get that before its cars and and and that's the tissue becomes. A little bit too generic Ewing gets there quick and fix it so that's not one that you wanna play through the rest this season because that'll affect dresses career. My special guests this week in and here is he is a specialist at the hand wrist. Elbow shoulder pain we're gonna talk a lot about basketball injuries we're talking about how to prevent some of them. As well use doctor meat thus far you can go to my mosh dot com. For more information or if you wanna referenced you can call. My boss. For Ellen Buckner who's son not only if I think had tested up once with and yet to come back you didn't again. Yes so he she loves you doctor Meehan and yep if by year reference Al departure would be great reference fourth for him. I would skewed to break this is the midwest or three sports medicine show on scorcher anyone a 57 FM the fan. This is one of your favorites earth. There are so they go you're getting index on those brits experienced senior stranded dance like a guy from. From up north that's I was so I appreciate I appreciate that my special guest. In studio good in my must dot com for more information and doctor Meehan after sari. His Twitter account a game. FS ER I. AF sari and you know what I want to start to follow him because when there injuries and he sees it. He he's gonna guess what it is and I I would assume that he is who write more than than not. He is his expertise hand. Right hand out while. In bridges though wolf of the shoulder. The last time we had John but it's been a while. On him before getting into some of the Basque well things always talked about with with injuries and how what what the you your background in and why you on your specialty is is that he had you'd you'd set on the show one time and NF quoted at. That human. When you look at your hand and in the amount of of things going on and and in the month of bones and it's just that it's a remarkable. A body part. It's it's amazing it's very intricate the amount of anatomy theirs is very interesting to me personally that's why I chose hand surgery. And as an orthopedist. I've year's north. You know that that gives you all the tools he needs to really known intricacies of and the anatomy and any time. And he's cancer has been through fellows who were all focused on being able to regain functional hand and then put the function back it's as close and almost possible. Some some injuries so severe the hand as main old unit you know he get he put it together and get what you get with in terms of stiffness but the vast hundredth time. Purdue Illinois when things go get full function backs get people back to doing what they love to do. One of the things we talked about working out yet cheers and it's 630 day one of the things said that have been doing a lot of is putting on MMA gloves and and hitting a bag or over game different different ways. And there are times where I don't hit it square and that that I can you I get it just a sharp pain either in my wrists to the side of my. Here and what that does the keys to focus to make shark hit this thing square. But what's funny to me is the pain is really quick and sharp and then it just goes away. Yeah that load bearing as our congress can be ours receipt if you don't know how to. Punch correctly or incorrectly got hit with the index along finger and you really don't lock terrorists and in. In position wrists appropriately after wrist if you it was kind of a floppy loose risk you know in a percent hurt more men that's that's when I do or if I don't hit debate square where I'm Amy if I hit a little bit off. And it it just is so quick in sharp but that it just it it it just goes to be a good points remind. Remind your listeners. It's not Smart to hit immovable objects known as C that a lot you'd be surprised really. Have to slide feet today in new movable object probably gonna break about a car reports usually the fifth carpal announced on a boxer for a. Born in you that Enes Kanter of the Oklahoma Oklahoma City Thunder who did that earlier this year as the chair of let's now he's been out her. Quite some time you know us thus far for professional athlete has those and you know I come from alarm long line of 100% Irish guys. And so there's a number of for camped covers that have had to seek doctrine spike Blake cube because of you know there are set to hold temperate and global. Will move on from that accuse my mom's it was insane don't talk about her family that that way. He March Madness is is here and now I know that he hears in in the high school game it's. We as sectional final game tonight in your neck of the woods would play out white fish bait as well mater against written. And they utilize white Jewish baby because it's a bigger facility than a lot. And it's interesting because knock on wood we've we've gone through this year pretty good. You know we've other than. One of our best players not being able play because he had tied tore his ACL week before the season and we've cats in Nixon and some guys out. For weaker to hear there. But at this time of the year everybody's battling that. And it's interesting to me knowing that you were coming on today. Last couple of practices. A really watched our kids and a different way than I had prior to it. And I'm surprised. And and maybe there's more. Wrist injuries and finger injuries and hand injuries when it comes to basketball at the high school level. But I surprised that I don't see more of that. Yet it's it's it is is surprising we don't see it time athletes coming in through the season it's not like you see you even more on earth human. You know a couple of week would be surprising. You know that is why willow Oz has in my dual sprain a little jam and and kids wanna keep playing obviously and no 1000 high school you just sort of keep planned out. But rate earning no rarely there's a wrist injury or sprain or a finger injury which comes in after the season's over and it turns out that was a bad idea it's to ignore it because some of those injuries are pretty significant. When can we talk about risk brains because you see those armed. A lot in an end you know they'll say some real fall or they'll be playing defense and they'll say oh he's just it's a risk for and he's fine. But I don't really understand. If you do you explain what what a risk brain is rather than you hear all the time but I don't know if many people. Under knowledgeable must know what it means to us. I like like any joint is that wrist is held together by ligaments in a sprain refers to. And injuries those ligaments. The communal ligaments between the small bones with in the wrist itself or can be a sprained salute to that what's called the extra sickly human switcheroo ligaments which spam on the wrist joint from the room. From them from the radius the bone in the form. To the wrist bones itself. Is intrinsic connection and sickly human tickets pretty complicated but suffice to say. If you stretch a ligament further than it should be stretched right that's gonna hurt. It's gonna swell and have some pain with that sometimes it's minor and if it goes away within a couple days or other times. He continued to have some pain in the ones he got to watch so for a ones they continue to swell and hurt. Really longer than days to a week. It's something that should be checked you don't you don't wanna rushers gave fluently human for example. Or. Sometimes you break the ski foot bone itself that's at the base of the thumb if you file your thumb down to the wrist joint is what's called the snuff boxes so shallow. Own spot in little indentation in the portrait comment. And in that space in view of persistent pain for more than a week after a fall on the wrist. Should check it out you don't wanna miss a broken ski football which feels like spring. Yeah what's the name of that the ski for nobody but that he said there's it's it's called the snuff box the snuff box. Now that some stuff some sort this all sort of snuff back tedious and go on there I don't years and years ago my grandfather what are those it was a whole different at a bowl. Hey when. Most most the time when you were risk rated it it can can keel with with time and mom. However if if there is a ligament that's tore completely. Then surgeries required. Exactly now it's the peasants look at or talk about those for example ski Flint ligament was torn completely and execute injury we've fixed those. Other extra sickly human swindles are torn now sometimes an MRI to show that in infants. An extra sickly human a lot of those can heal on their own they don't all. Require surgery and that's where the extra year of training of fellowship for answers comes he. Where did you do that and and why you with a hostile for joint diseases and in common man and that was agree your phew I'm sure it was a break here except for the two cranes collapsed. Well when you get a call from your wife that. AM in your votes are surgery and she says the train at in the block just collapse. All of that's the scary you almost ten this this Cherie call have you been back. To New York since Natalie yeah act Thanksgiving into the Thanksgiving parade haul off on this that. It was great it's always an adventure New York City will throw you or you lose. I've never been there. And I need to idea he knew what I wanna see Madison skirt card and yeah I growth as the knicks fan for some reason I loved. Now Walt Frazier and and end. And that team I deed to butcher Perlman roll in and saw it always is accuse like I need to get tipped Madison Square Garden one time to go to go to the big east tourniquet. Yeah he's a reserve reiterate I'm not I don't think this year and I are then down. Now wide then what do then what was the coach of Syracuse jealous about that eight. Need to be a big market. I don't know. We'll figure that out as we get to operate other sather break. We're gonna move offers sprains and wanna talk to about fractured fingers and enhanced and Ed before we get done. On the show I really wanted to talk will open about preventing some of the basketball injuries. And there are some things that come and ask you followed with a piece that it that I read this morning. About ways that you can prevent a some of these not always a coach who is apparent. There are some things that you can do to make sure that the stuff hasn't happened that. But skipped other set of prequel consider a conversation doctor I mean after a sari you use Twitter account is 88. FS. AR hi. In follow Oman on that he's get some great stuff on their this is the midwest. Orthopedic sports medicine show our sports for anyone of 57 FM the fan. Songs occupied doctor means apps are. Think our policies. Let's go ahead and Sonos has the thickness of the house but that those guys got the greatest. And now that it's a cute it's I'm sure they're still playing all right yes there's this station. Welcome good to us or SP sports medicine show on sports Radio One 057 at the fans you got a big night. Ignite the and that daddy daughter dance tonight I missed that stuff Sony and Isabel and that's awesome words. Oh it's over the tell quote cool that's going to be fun how old machine. She says seven. She's excited yet its review on. My sorry can't coming game today that's okay 730 at white fish Bay's mighty spartans were agreeing to Martin Luther. They will come the tape of him right before the things the aid on me now maybe. A navy guy it's cute to be tough to park over there. I write they're written. Rubin faithful show up. Realize people metallic there's a lot of south street park in there and pretty much dead at. I told does somebody from work it was a shortest and Hoover over your life easier a lot easier RC five bucks you ought to worry about. Turkey he lets talk we talked about risk Brees will be its last segment when it posted you'll basketball and in. Again I'm I'm surprised that we don't do you have more of these but when you talk about a fractured fingers or hands. That I used to always think it was it was when somebody you catch the ball correctly and today they hit a finger. I'd talk and other coaches there's a lot of a lot of times were either there or seen on some injuries to the hand for playing defense. Yes of playing the way I'd say well as a as at the box in my. Tonight those guys come around picks and they are screening each other they're the they're physical and it's it's it's not too much different than in high school I mean guys are going added you have. Your your funny no on the low post and down and then you're coming off screens in your fingers can get him pretty easily. And we go watch out for you know common injury with noses some with that if you if you look away last night allows a ball UCLA game. While Bill Walton was going off on there and it has not so. He's get a little insist that she would little senile maybe but. It's it's awesome was until but Basel bought the accused look at all Herschel Lucy if any was comment a little air ball comes and I don't think temple even hit the rim and then exits jammed his thumb bent backwards. And it looked like you just set them off the rest of the game hit a poor game two loss at Arizona. But it some in its simple little things like that he's just just jam and hyper extends and yet but probably isn't his injury looked mostly doing nothing to worry about is me if I'm determined keep and keep my high seed goes is it they're good gap they're very good area and again I want to predict at least the sweet sixteen and one bad bad predictor. You wanna be in our pool here I run it. If you're bad at that I'd love to have you yeah you have hit it perfect out of step that a majority audience know all I hear you think that a valid they are about the European allies might feel a little bit. Not what some of those finger injuries if you if you. Sprain severely he can feel like a sprain but you may have broken a bone may have a chip. Attendant pulled off with a with a flock of bone. He can get a mallet finger reared and the joint to joint closest to the tip your finger kind of flex is down and doesn't straighten you can get a mallet finger. And those big entry almost always with a splints. Well k.s and he's surgery if it's the middle knuckle. Bozo wants to roost there's Khamese a earn a rare occasion a sneaky Nancy injury where if you imagine a ball and caught and these joints really the ball a cup and they have to fit. Together. Like a glove perfectly and now they don't fit together if food if there's a chip on bone and always some of that joined shifted out of place even by a couple on millimeter too. Sultan need us nominees to fix and not ignored a Louis yen up with arthritis on the road and then and there's always going to be stiff and painful. Lot of arthritis in in the hands cracked yet have a lot no NIC both fingers is the arthritis in fingers typically. Doesn't hurt people very much it's not tremendously comments or him and we do it's certainly good. You see more commonly. Arthritis at the base of the thumb is more tends to be more painful as we get older. But in the fingertips they get they get big Neal ball list that'll great. But in terms of function. They tend to work fine still in the don't tend not to hurt two months while than we've Mon yeah exactly and that's that's for comes were hand surgery focuses on functions and that doesn't hurt is the only operating on trees that show arthritis. He down. Can you explain in in in I know that it's not. That the risk to the hand but on mobile for. It when you when people are tar the mud in L wall proms and and there's a friend of mine that. Was a power for awhile then and he has some really problem with ten united sin in the L wall. And you know he is using data played basketball up till through high school and stuff like that and and I don't think he had any problem with that than. But with what he did for a living I think his knees or are you struggling and he talks about having tendinitis in in the elbow can you explain that. So tendinitis is some most commonly receive on either side of you know either the inside the no votes words where your defuse qatari side were though what touches you decide your own. Belliard chest and they're inside you know was would be called golfer's elbow and back towards outside the elbow is called tennis oval. And it's just a repetitive you know yeah repetitive use injuries just happens is so common I see a cope at least. You know five to ten times a week people come in with tennis so will. And it's repetitive gripping lifting and even many times without any particular injury or particularly. Strenuous job even can have. Easy and if they if aid that is something that goes away with rest if it in and you don't need surgery but if if surgery is. Is is needed to that that part of the Elmo said is that a major surge is a tough on its. It's long to recover from its of relatively. Speaking minor surgery. From my perspective however. It's a long recovery takes on tentative pact to pain free and full strength. What what else with that as a lot of stretching it says a lot of their. And home emphasizes. Ibuprofen doesn't just take care of your breath and typically no but you'll you know a lot of times it helps while it recovers and many times there it heals up on its own. L Oprah side this time in this not something that I've heard much about so I don't really know. Much about that at all but it. And juries who researchers has shown when I was looking up some injuries that that happened. To the handed the wrist and the elbow of that came up and Joyce are renal over the body of and its vast sums and I hear much about. Yet united era this vote NBA players. No but the ninth Florida. It's typically repetitive leeway leaning on the elbow it's directly in the back to the Novo. It is possible looted of fallen hid it and defeated Arnold sometimes get a whose favorite there. Or even a tennis ball fills up with fluid. One of what the person is is an empty sack it has a little bit of food and it and it allows the skin to move over the bone right there. And we have verso all over the body those Bursa help. Two issues that two different tissue plains basically glide overs. Are you able to train knack for an urge you dad away by itself exactly in drain in the office. Sterile drainage and some tests prove court is on in their does to reduce inflammation. And many times that those trick there's a rare occasion word it requires surgery and taken out. And that there can be a down. I can be a finicky Bursa at the although I've seen it come back even a pitcher. Yeah I you know they today in this article attire while Blake Griffin of the clippers has dealt with that or recourse or reliever the heat are. Yeah and it's. A particular I saw Blake he was in town as well last week. You know what and before hopper she caught. So gee you didn't see him in your office she summit to gain on an idea and India and a game in and he yet he just thought let's talk to. I was I was expecting more and yet he can shoot to open he says that in commercial he can get a he didn't if he's listening you can follow him on Twitter but I have touched her it would be eight after. S a my special guest in Britain he's always fun doctor mean F sari is hearing good in my must dot com for more information. I'm gives other break we'll talk a little bit about preventing some of these sports injuries. Our sports basketball injuries on the other side of the break this is the midwest to earth. I've sports Radio One a 57 FM the fan. Still do that in numb all wounds. How can sit and fifteen. Martin's. Hit Dennis was on non aligned. Match then it's colonial and not a good thing hangs his friend's car is right he thanks you by the and this is his theme song down to the papers showed again that sponsor of tractor I mean I'm sorry if I I I area and that's not bad you could be called worse let down now I directed a failed state. If they start calling this turbulent air ball all the time matches and as stumbles on days is nothing but there you hit a boost today one of those are known as the day it was Johnson's positive. That's awesome hey I wanna talk we'll do this unless couple minutes that we have talked about. Our high school season is is we we have a couple weeks left I hoped but that age you start and I know that as a coach if you wanna have some of these kids killed some time off there before. On the delighted these kids jump right in a new and what age you season comes the sometimes point 23 games that day yet in tournaments. It shall we talk about perverted trying to keep on a kids perverted preventing injuries and it comes to basketball. First of ball first and foremost when you have you have their body rest up a world that. Yeah correct yup breasts is key. I mean you hear from Aaron Rodgers all season long address is key. Diet hydration those are all important things. Lucky from. For kids and youth is on their side. I mean there there are pretty flexible but you wanna stay stretched out on stay limber length his strength remember that and and and but good strength program helps a tonne as well. And always a couple weeks ago we had gone on my high school show a woman who's who's basically asleep coach from rural and Andy. She is she said look you don't understand how important a good night's sleep this as a student athlete and as a coach. Where as coaches racquet any of those right now how if there's still play and but. As student athletes she said look it's so important that they get a good eight hours sleep. And in in your field that you would agree with that correct absolutely. It it it helps prevent it and helps heel injury. It does and dump. But where we really see it is in the weekend warrior as yet older. He get out on ice you know again these youth at that that until high school ages kids are pretty resilient the bodies are pretty resilient put. But training stretching strengthening could sleep hydration good diets are important. When you talked about the hydration be tarred by the could diet. You know we we we talk about that a lot as high school for our kids. Especially this time a year because you stirred don't want seasoned men and innate to get tired here announced the attire of far. Of trying to follow the directions but as coaches we. I think we're Smart enough to now the practices and says two were two and a half hours. Why are now in our you know half are watching film hour hour and fifteen minutes can herself on. And costly talking about those things. Say what you need to get home get hydrated get a good meal went there and get good sleep because that that sets and tease apart. Dad and I can't CA dome I would buy this advice if you think in the in high school went. Probably not sleep and enough maybe. Maybe because stunning yes but dom maybe. But he adds key is critical and then especially as you get older you know interest Sunnis mention those two days and and hours of practice today meant the Detroit Lions physical therapist and after Ayatollah Al. How great the Packers are said I asked him if the new CBA. Is causing. More injuries because it seemed emulate. As they've got a rude to a days and they took easier on the players seem Vickers injuries have skyrocketed. And from his perspective he thought nominees have really just not true that the number Rangers about same but. So we should continue the two a day continued through this cap and get a hit every practice. Yeah that's interest I'm wondering com. Doctor Terry if if the reason it seems like there's more injuries is because there's more. Ways social media more ways for us to find these things out painting. May need them maybe more highly are reported. But but there was on a soft tissue injuries with the Packers this year and you know no wonder if that's repetitive sprain strains and dom. Why here on our on our big show I'm your guy guys Collins say they've got to. They've got to change your strength and conditioning coach may have to change this and because is more injuries. Well a couple of years ago they were the least injured team I think it must go in cycles. Is in how lucky in our times to just feel unlucky. A couple of things before Unita here with with preventing some of these injuries he used to be that that. We always had guys put put ankle braces on. And to prevent the injury now that the knowledge is don't do that and unless they've been injured. We don't really talk much about he had a hand in the wrist and how to you Wear any kind of brace or anything like that other than when he gentle finger was still tape it up and. A buddy taping helps after injuries as when he sprained finger buddy taking can help protect the fingers to have it Jason finger will prevent her from getting re injured or or a percent again making it worse. Taping up a particular knuckle. Occasionally half way as your healing sometimes votes just tape him up a particular knuckle to help give some resistance to a paper extension injury recurring. But I dumb to prevent injuries there's no need to Wear a rapper on the wrist or taper anything to prevent. Actually grows beyond a late trainer at this new school I coached mosh them calm person and in every once while I'll have a player. That that just is he oh he'll want his wrist taped. And I can see her thank can. In her head in and if this would makes a player feel like. Yeah it it feels better he can shoot better with that let's wrap that but I know that she's thinking this isn't gonna do anything sometimes to some mental things some players out there at that tape that spot for whatever reason at the makes a shoe better. That's fine keep it to put any color tape he wants if she knocked down some shots the way he talked about the mental part of this. We'd for some of these kids at this age is the first time they've ever been injured. And to get through the mental part of that is is just is difficult sometimes is to get through physical part. It is it's tough to get through that and it's something. I went through and in high school would torment PC Omnia and from a senior basketball but. It's tough to get back up the work through that boy that's tough to lose your senior year. Was hoops how's soccer player so you know what I loved soccer players does that affect the senator is hey you know what I love have a soccer players do you guys can run all day. And defect plus shoot a low sight of the shootings the which you can defend Wright had exactly all day he's doctor mean F sari. He checked the my Twitter it's eight after. S a yeah our high or check out him attests. My much dot com for more information on on him it's really good Caesar you telethon tonight buoyancy to the west and it yeah I think you I appreciate that it'll went. I hope so man and be great this is the midwest or speak sportsman's show. On sports for anyone a 57 app down. The fans.