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03/11/17: Varsity Blitz High School Basketball Coaches Show Hour 1

Mar 11, 2017|

Mike McGivern is joined in studio by Ty Moseler of Milwaukee South Division High to bring you up to date on high school basketball playoff action.

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Some of the best high school basketball in the seat he's played right he'll read southeast Wisconsin. Its toll here for some of the best high school basketball coach isn't really a this is the Wendy's varsity blitz high school basketball coach you show presented quite. Can't see stores now here's 1057. FM the fan's high school league. Insider. Big time the Mike Lee. Semi what are. Here's my timing yeah true weddings vs was high school that's what coaches show presented. Prior local victories save stores. Six joys semite you really want side by coast this week I love to have an immense. I'd prefer he couldn't commit could use coach and that's when he's open this week time moser. You don't have that worry that the Saturday and I was up an effective he did if there's an a chauffeur yeah high quality though the no no no. Coach I was though. The year had the Cardinals we're fine. It up we were okay. By seniors. Know that balance now. He have got a a student athlete of the week plaque award that I have in my car. That once mice and once the season then they get it at a couple of them and I have one for. For more your kids and Dante Ellison up yet thinks for comment due to show that that I was up in Madison listening to you guys. So it was great I could hear clears today and he did a nice job and viewing down which tows toes cut. I can't take too many days off then what you guys take that job is easy this and on talk basketball here eight did you really yes it is so that we run down today's show for it. 10 o'clock in fact we're gonna reach out to mark Millar right now. I talked to move it about some of his picks to win today sectional final day and a boy side. 1015 Kregg ties you for Merrill had they're still playing 1045 running chosen from destiny. Well join us 11 o'clock coach's corner chair plot from Drake University. Use in town talked about coming on 11 o'clock and he's gonna join us 1115 to freshman coached at Germantown. Cole Rendell is gonna choices he they went undefeated this year the freshman team. And as usual woman I work with who son is on that team it but halfway through the season. She said hey if we go undefeated we ever coached on how I go yeah I never thought they'd do it and they didn't I gotta pay the better off. At 11 o'clock 1130 to head coach at lake mills the wildcats are still plant. And I've and met Steve a couple of times he will join us but right now mark Millar. Hey I got ripped by mark will be made some remade at least one bad Dow picked the other night when Martin Luther beat Dominican but other and that he's been pretty good at these picks. Fact etc. Texan you're dead to me I'll never talk to you again but can you from are show once. Saturday scope what we're destroyed by mark Millar was forced out net mark Horry today. I've got Mike Florio I'm doing good man there's a lot of good basketball games going on today holy cow. Yes obviously it sectional up finals Saturday one of the better days of the year and until next you know and I look Manning yesterday and make my prediction I'm not. You know some really. Many games it could go either way. So you know that makes for exciting. Exciting basketball and and you throw and you know and that and packed gyms and you know what's at stake and it makes it even better. You might fevered and I've read the the piece that you put out with your picks my favorite was when we got written you for having too many fox valley teams Q do you live in fox ballot. And you're like I've lived there like fifteen years herself that. Guys who story but that. Australia has pretty good best also those are pretty safe picks are marquis had some really good basketball. He let. You know I I I don't look at that at all I'm actions just you know. Think about you know I've seen many of the teams play obviously at some point virus during the season or maybe over the summer and other personnel and coaches and so or. And you just got to make an educated yes but. You know what the Dominican pick over Martin Luther I just kind of you know they they are playing very well at that time and I don't know yet. Of course you know what Jim Gaza at the Helm of course Jim and all they both have some state title you know. We need we know ball cans and keep it to get out a championship rings Brett you know I mean they're a little older maybe more experience but. You know your kids Martin with her you know. Are gamers and they present during the regular season matter in your conference championship and then. You know coming back to beat Dominican now about a week or ten days after the. Right it was. Heck of a game down a did happen and it looks like we won by fifteen but it wasn't it we hit some free throws down the stretch let's start if we can with division one. That Oshkosh Stevens Point camp. Are stressed north against Stevens points he was point 21 and for our special earth 25 and oh. I think that's going to be a heck of a game Stevens Point. Obviously lot of pride in that school they've had a tremendous months of success last couple years. In Oshkosh north right now play and I'm all cylinders they. The they struggle a little bit through the playoffs I think they'll last game they struggle will be open. That certainly is a team go lot people think his chance swim all thank. Well absolutely I would be one of those that that think that you know that you mentioned there are sectional summit on him marsh they were bound to happen MacKey Bert and last minute or Q. I'm in and Marshall student game largely with their three point shooting but Marshall also has good size. Couple six or cans expired yet Manning at their two guards were. I think first and second team all conference kid so. In of course partial to nudge behind fashion. Conference. You know whiskey and point it in him twice the street about sports teams at middle and an order well. I agree Durham all which advocate going universe in Minnesota so you know it summit it's good competition. And you know joy it was kind of comment actually I was gonna come back and playing shape at that particular time I think there are now he had to when he. Points nineteen rebounds here be Saturday against marsh real. I you'd obviously ample per anybody. I think a key for spat will be the guys around him he need to step up through Blair was a coal player of the year actually with Joey in the stands Bellic conference. You know I think he's gonna have to score more than fifteen points today. And then in and there are other guys vote Rosen senior guard pretty good sectional semite and he he needs to come true. If they get contributions. You know I mean it didn't get three guys in double figures and maybe a couple other guys with 604. You know I think they have a chance. But north has such really good balance on it strong defense and and no huddle and obviously yeah after going through the FDA with an eighteen no record so I detect north but I think it I think it's a game a lot of people. Hey mark let's talk about a couple of fights he's from this area and in and how you're feeling divide those really talk with Doug creek rising next. From arrowhead they play catch a boy you in north against a really good Kimberly team. Error led 25 Kimberly 21 in end for. And aero had you know beaten bay port beaned appeared. They they're playing really well and a cure really got buy him a nominee falls. And you're picking Kimberly in that one I I think that that that he was going to be good and I think aero had. And my side they may they may get Kimberly. Yeah you know that was one of the games that I went back and you guys at air and went to the you know like to cuddle up to completely. You know back to the beep beep or huge that was very impressed. You know and obviously Greg does record Japanese got he's got three guys there like I'll ask all. On his roster. You know him and maybe another one or two that are younger so you know he's got he's got good players got good side seat belt. I'm Ian Hamilton and and then you notre ballot and quickness. To attack in great opportunities for his teammates. On the other hand Kimberly you know they play in that and that I think is probably the best conference state. Actually association a second that we. You know I got to get going to Green Bay and tiger was 68 step outside or inside that. In the can go and Wisconsin football and in an emblem was terrific maybe depressing. State. A football basketball baseball. But you know this one or actually a lot this was there really are like the cheek on top and went with Kimberly just because. You know I think any animal Amer early exit I think. He's one of those guys that makes the plays maybe doesn't score the winning basket but it's big rebound and I think extra pass. He's. It's as well that sub margin. You bet mark we only got a few minutes only get through a couple of these marquis Vincent against Brookfield central. Vince since been playing pretty well and tie you'd you know all about them I've seen Brookfield central a couple of times. If if Vince he can spewed Brooks is central while. It's hard to do with Brookfield central guards are so good Irish had a big game Thursday night as we hosted the Rivers said Brent essential game and when Riverside had to extend. And try to get up and a broken essentials guards. And they couldn't contain them you know feels under guards dribble where they wanted to leave you can't get a I've gone out of there are good. Gathered and and wall coach both teams well coached. I know that Vincent a lot of athletes in in and their wall coach say I've had their coach and studio. Our market I'd I'd just a quick. Paragraph Purcell and why he picked more Q Vincent. Well I I I think this conference at the top does your strong you know that the teams at tight lead. Championship I think Robert very good. I did pick central to beat Riverside. I just thank. I think Andrew Lewis is really a handful copter prevention and an ad in just a broken and really. Any take one of those two guys. Ilya. So I I just have a sense that you know getting by one city team is is a great accomplishment. If it Brooks actual good bye to that's an even better accomplishment and again this is a tight one. And I love the way of central place but. Taylor and I'm Matt I am I what repentant. He and in division to cook call on and cedar berg. On the Becky resentment Nash had today at 1 o'clock C universe twenty form one. Onto carters sixteen in nine. And anytime you play time Jeter TB you you know that side he's due a battle with yet. I your pick was Q corn out on on that one. Yep yep or your economic games that were really hard to act. I went against Peter Berg against round here end and of course that line and and beat her now. So. You know I'm guys Hubert Hart went for me. You know to really get a great grasp on timing it. Some obviously and in the shootout when they got beat by also west but. You know yes. I think Jordan McCain might be the difference in this one I could be totally. I know John juniors a trip exceed them. Is a real efficient player. I really like. Is to feel for the game and the fact that he. He scores without taking you know a ton of shots he makes good decisions also. I adjusting. The fact that it's Simon Nash I think helped climb up that's fox valley area I don't out of their comfort zone. They they anchoring it just a top man. In in the big stage it seems like Jordan. Steps up his game a little bit but you know the role players were on our very good to air Carl export junior. I'll eat curry 67 junior. He could match up inside with Matthew barber. You know temperature at short and clean bond counsel they might be the difference scamper for us Peter Berg they have really good solid and and can make winning plays. You know local book certainly come out on top but I did car. What game are you going to today mark in in if you are how do you pick with all the different games that are gonna. Well you know it it's hard for me out today because there are other guys from from sports side or the state tournament so. I probably will actually just stay in and and enter scores and stats and mantra or. You know tweet information about dust up I hear about because it's because of what you descent it's hard to pick you know one to let you know I'm at if I might sneak over to watch out. The Madison Madison memorial immigrants are at the start clock. I think he's playing very well and you know it just going regular seat in another part and get ourself. You know the record isn't great but but they got players so. Back Becker bureau but in. He time and ask you the other dud division Choo from tears run your New Berlin Eisenhower is more Q Washington at Brown Deer today it's about 1 o'clock. You seen Washington. I'm sure you've probably seen ice now rice now you know what should I don't care that first and they played in that the fresh Collison Washington Dan had just Terry Ellis again to Elan in those two are pretty good. But I I don't know how big of a difference and makes for how Eisenhower would prepare they're gonna do what they do and did they don't make mistakes. They take care of the basketball they gave good Shasta right kids take direct shots and they defend like crazy you know no matter who they're playing against. But those tumors are so talented. I would imagine that be another game mark that you probably had a really tough time picking a winner. I'd get you know and I I picked against Lleyton are a couple times now and I ain't great sport compacts. So I'm in airplanes and Jets passport it. Losses early January and you know it went cop so competitive this year at western side. And LeBron you're what a on the eastern side so. You know. Again I I just thought the city was really good at the top job in -- the medal you know tight team was Eric. You know obviously at the bottom maybe wasn't strong but it's probably about most weeks. So. It about Washington's size you know like our guys have some size obviously. But that the quickness there. A guy like Ellis com and and Stephen Holmes you know and in the paint might be the difference. You know and India certainly yet it wrong obviously he's he's a big time player shot maker. But. You know this is going to be your helmet came I think ago it down about are so I could see certainly our wedding. Well point we ran a time I can't concluded that that local division 31. So obviously we're just get a goal we'll go past that effect in division for will talk to print Joseph beg coach suggested 1045. Hey mark take you so much for your time really appreciate it. Okay have a good day might it's I am not. Enjoyed the day. Daycare you bet that's mark will it mark Millar with sports dot net. Get to break others had to break head basketball coach at arrowhead. Will join us this is the Wendy's pars he puts high school bass while coaches show presented by your local pick and save stores. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan's. You yeah. And Reyes. Here's. Welcome back to when he first he blew his high school basketball coaches show. Presented by your local. It can save story on sports Radio One 057 left in the stands. I'm Mike we your once had my close this week the head coach and Milwaukee self time mostly. So I picked arrowhead and you know figure I better pick a reprimand their coach on cricket bat Craig highs in coaching arrow had. They get a big game meg coach how you feel it. You know and the butterflies are starting to crank up a little bit saw I think I'm ready. You guys play tonight catch a void in north 7 o'clock against Kimberly. On coach could win against they've poured the other night could win against appear you guys claim pre pretty while the Sammy you're correct. I would like to see excellent public great program and well it is 00 and walks. You know we're lucky to get buyer bought on. Our seniors are quite well right now and if that around the program a long time. On. Hope that there. Think they're quick and then they certainly have the last. I don't know if he had a chance to your mark Millar and and we talked to about. His pick of of Kimberly in this scheme do nice who look date he had some good basketball players and could athletes. Andy Sid is a really difficult choice who went back and forth on this thing. But I ended up picking Kimberly what do you see in tape coached that that tech Kimberly is gonna give me give you guys problems with. You know again a great program but quote disciplined. You know they're able to do multiple saying with. All you know so it's except inside outside their exit it just so there are ample the current. Then a group a group leader. Ever saw more. Who aren't. On the basket. You know their point guard I think it is just. A year to the end of the year and films. And you're compared to the end of the year. At a very very. That really did not do a lot of cook him. A cup is dribble and finding the right guy and that should ask so. Oh and we're just excited you'll play against such over. He tie when you look at the box score of beep or cure really. I'm sort B pour and die arrowhead they had five aero and had five guys in double figures the as C filed an eighteen. On Hamilton at fourteen to ran it sixteen. Cunningham at sixteen. A Marco had twelve. That's when you when your watch and taping your figured OK if we can take away this they're take await that guy or slow this guy down we have a chance. When you have five guys that that all had you know twelve to eighteen points. You know pick your poison and right arrowhead has death think his second score southern player earlier against peer which by the way it was a great high school game that went back in forest. And arrowhead has kids that can come off the bench he can score and like he said now becomes tough is too. You're you're worried about trying to guard guys second shoe to bass blog as I can go out to bouncing our guys that can score in the inside. So it is a little bit of if preparing for them you're counting gambling saying hey let's take away that you know one or two kids that you can't take away Alderman. Eventually. Again you look at Aaron had scores that they score a lot of points in the means that a lot of kids at school yeah if. I'm if I'm coaching against Euro ahead and trying to figure out a way first and foremost slowdown Cunningham appoint cart if we can slow him down not let him get gaps. And because he can not only can he score but he gives the ball up really nicely I think that's were I would start do you think that that's what they're thinking coach. Yeah and our our would have picked that but he should that. So could put the ball in you know against a port he had sixteen points but he had nine assists and nine rebounds. And three steals so. You know we accused. And play and now more point guard as this has progressed and it certainly courtroom. That other guy baskets and we're sure that they're gonna do some things and try to limit his penetration. Now we'll have to try to counter that with other guys. Lille looking at here. Playoff run here Kregg you don't appear really good. They port really good and I got Kimberly and obviously if you're here in Madison next week you're playing another good team but looking at what you do not conference wise. You don't shy away from playing extremely tough teams you know whether it's home or away neutral sites. You know how does that go on to play for you win when you're looking at being able to make a run in the playoffs with a non conference schedule on top of how good the classic it is already. There you know itself. That certainly it will also. Hope that that helps you sometimes. You know you don't go the way it is quicker locker nickname but we covered somewhat but. Clicked this felt like really challenge them that we couldn't think of ourselves and I thought we certainly get that. And I also met our. Like I just the thought you know furcal classic next year and and I get a contract I got to play and then I you know what's called up bill but it was a miracle a player coming up. Are you could but I got usually you're you're not play in us we're not playing you guys are there. You know that begin to south division and that I'm not put us against you guys I know that. Hey I'd day job to talk him into or we go to break me merry that's what that's at those sub division boys need to play there boards. He cat Craig before we let you go. You've only lost once inside January. Seventh. And that's got to feel pretty good the team obviously he's he is is sharing the ball and getting after the practice and do some good things. In order to be Kimberly if if vice and look what what two or three things have to happen tonight for error led to get a win what would you say. I think we have to execute offensively. Don't equipped internal although student situations. They're gonna give different looks. And now we're gonna look to beat yourselves different looks and on the defense that won't they are putting their scores you know the that this group scores kinkle Kris you know you can't let. You know somewhat fortunate we had a big game each team score and perhaps it's so. Not essentially take away their main guys offensively take care botched. That have caught it well each corner each other players have to Oakland system that you're in it you know are good things happen for. Greg good luck tonight 7 o'clock tip catcher Borg in north against Kimberly. We wish you well safe travels for you guys and hopefully are you guys get a good went. Hey I appreciate it appreciate you picking us and hopefully. Which have been a couple words of thanks a lot yeah. That they care correct Craig has the head coach at arrowhead you they had you know what it normally when you're talking big matchup suits. It's aero had Kimberly football I think you know this will be a great game albeit if you're lucky enough to have a ticket I would say. I'd be surprised if this is more than a one or two possession game throb with how both teams are. You know they apply in the value they college you have -- open and Kimberly is shot. You know that's how do they city's arrowhead of of that area. In I've said this and the year few times but. And the big show 34 years ago via poll who's your favorite college football team a Wisconsin 21 Michigan State to its second. Airway and took third was awesome act as you for calling Golan hated me talking about were nine and they get the humor and joking and one Lotta people do this pitcher Franco said the break. Tight and it's hard to move it about some of the things that that. Coach is either arguing there should be doing if they're still. Coach in this time mural in the year Jeter give rubio looked like how would you now but you certainly know you've been around policy it's hard to buy a couple of games that we haven't talked about yet. And then at 1045. Bernie Joseph. Head coach at destiny. They got a scare from saint Joes the other night. Did you see that picture of the way I did that tired ban the I saw her I know there is no replay there's no lead back boards. You know you're trying to go off a bullhorn and allowed noisy jam. It out. Hats itself it's a tough on we'll talk to he didn't care about that they got the winning the and I'm knee run librarian another move or not. We'll talk to him at 1045. JR Blount treat universities who joins settled Levin. Cole Rendell who's a freshman coach at Germantown at a payback of that on that one. Now we'll talk to him and 1130. Steve Franklin the head coach at lake mills the oh wildcats are still playing it. That's running the showdown will will luck continued talk of playoff basketball. On the other side this is the Wendy's Farsi blitz high school pass while coaches show. Presented by your local pick in save stores on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan's. Oh. Yeah. See. Hello and welcome back to the Wendy's horse he puts high school basketball coach show presented. Prior friends that are vocal perfect in save stores on sports Radio One 057 F from the fans. I'm Mike we your wants out my cohosts a three time most work I loved reunion because you've seen just about all these teams for the most part. Arm we're talking during the break a little bit about the Martin Luther ripping Damon and we played you guys and you've seen rip and play. And it really is it it it's two different teams they're big and strong and were not. And Dade and probably don't have the depth that you set or the quickness I don't think you know watching them against wall plate the queen get him off the trouble will that. They're seniors who were sophomores for the most part got some pretty good chews up quite an and all that matters is. I don't think it doesn't you don't know it day. If you have a sophomore especially given up as a freshman. They've got forty some games under their belt right in and they can make a silly mistake just like is the senior yeah I make a silly mistake to. Because of the magnitude of the game not because he's only a sophomore. Even if they didn't play varsity. As a freshman or sophomore they got 25 games under their Albright is point eight. Dave did experience some things. I don't know if any of you may have experienced what they will experience has 73 atmosphere wise crowd Wallace. Going to go wop I normally they'd be open doors at at 6 o'clock for 7 o'clock game. I got there at one minute after six and couldn't find a place to sit as an Eric and I have been a 115. Kids in their aunt and last year I was up that. Can Conner to watch right stoning and Xavier plain out entered six Tony or cocky guys standing in the back there was no I mean the place is packed already for these games which is great. I mean that's what this is all about for an you know these these atmosphere is he's game right for the kids but. It's tough sometimes with how practice and went over his face bit oh yeah yeah and begin how was samba and were you guys packed the other night. Decent crowd it was a good but to essential brings their people they. They're I think Dick and can sense at that there in the midst of making a run and not just this year but. You know they bring a lot of guys back there right they're here and about a four or five year window or cycle of being really good seeking kind of feeling salmon being built up and and Rivers sides side you know they. Terrence lewis' you know down homestretch for his game and I think people on you know wanted to see him play right because you know. When ain't that day if and when they did lose it's his last game and you know here's a candidate for mr. Wisconsin yet tough but tough and of the game for them from what I hear a wasn't there. It was. Follow you filed out there's a technical stars so I'm we got the technical and doesn't matter the matter puts. Difficult you know always stood chippy game in general and wasn't you know. You know I've Riverside has seniors and they don't want to lose their last game they've they've been thinking state for three years right and -- feel essentials kind of the new kid on the block in on David. Com sophomore since sophomores and this is her first half through it and they know how to play. Saw that there was a little chip innocent in the game which is fine is expected at this point I mean teams are islands and to now losing the home. Yet nobody wants go home at this point arm at all I know the atmosphere for the Dominican game that that we had winds tonight west L central is unbelievable. You know it's a big game. When 45 minutes before game time you look across the floor and sit in the second row right at mid mid court is Don got. I mean you're like OK if he came in for this one it's it's it's a big camp. Men their talents that at Jacoby jones' who can go because he can go. And where you're meant we we played while the second half an inning and were lucky enough to get to get that win but he did pairing guys in that he did it. Reach out over there I you know that's a tough deal that they kind of locked in some regards in all young. You you have a program that's been winning stay winning stay winning state and now you're in new guy in your trying to get to know your kids and learn their person has and they're trying to learn. You and you'd you know every course does it differently you know they did it different than what Derek did. And trying to get their trust in that first year it's a challenge yet it it it definitely took while if you look how they're playing it didn't hear a lot better than earlier in there. Yet I I agree with that I I definitely agree with that he would judge somebody told me that that he had made a comment he said hey at. You know leaving the city conference going to the metro classic that division three I thought. Okay you know this is will be okay. He made this a tough conference and there's always very talented teams and good coaching and real all of up and down. You know even guys that. Munich coach have a parolee Kevin sent to a guy Charlie movies like Ball State two years and I don't ever doubt in terms of talent knows what is don't get Christensen at receiver Luther all the way slower courts yep all natural moves and these are these are some of the better coach has been a Ronald an online time. And they really understand it's it could conference. Jason it received prairie these cannot help my destiny. Had a great year. We carry and has good players brim and he has good players those kids can straight up play yeah I agree with you what some. City conference for you up downed. About what she thought. I like what mark said that the top was very good the top three that tied Vince and Washington are sad very talented. Hamilton was force they were they got some guys there had a group of three or four kids that were very talented. No attack knowing can beat up on each other and then. When you have a conference a size that we have to thirteen teams. It's going to be really difficult for thirteen teams still all be very good and very competitive there's always going to be a couple that are on the downside caller or just don't have enough players. Tell wise to be able to compete with two teams that are in the right or half upper third. He had Mets QB like that every year any conference that has that many teams now you know if you have an eighteen conference you know. Little bit easier to have more competitive teams they've cut off by teams that could potentially be down yet less question. With with school choice. Palm schools like Martin Luther you know words words words now it would get kids from the city that normally would maybe go new city conference. Do you see that taken away some of the talent from absolute a 100% absolutely. Yeah Cooley vowed journal open enrollment which is probably more for a W team. But absolutely that is harmed the city conference and I remembered years ago wind it was a first time in thirty years and an MP esteemed and make it to stay. And people no one from the city conference but. Look at the other teams there's marquis kids up there but it said toe C east in Germantown on their chest not. Then sent or playing teams that everybody was uses seeing up there and absolutely. That's made huge difference is that account in laps or less question that a conversation that you city conference coaches have a lot. Yeah absolutely I know I mean I think we had just talk three or four years ago when some of the smaller schools popped up that academy of the science and young card said. Maybe they didn't have the depth at the time to compete with the city conference but if you took the top two or three kids and you try and their teams. Like it was 2030 years gone put them back in our conference now that means then sent had one more kid that made them deeper. Madison maybe had one more kid that was a starter for them that could be compare it to help them. Are competing games and you're taking those kids in putting other schools will locating the C covers is going to be down. Yeah well we're in talked to of the head coach a testament. About. While will talk to be a more about their their wins in their games they play today but. That's another school that they're really talented very talented yet be the most talented team and say. Could be the most talented team the state I agree with not a debate that branded Joes is gonna join us at 1045. This is the Wendy's varsity puts high school bass while coaches show presented. Fire local pick and save stores. Can't seem to be team dinner where it's ever again. I won't ever say that again and I just it didn't cut Sports Radio war on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. As far as public high school basketball coach Shula present quite a local preconceived stores on sports Radio One 057 F from the fans. The head coach from destiny he's been really kind with his time. For me Michelle and I want to take him for that he's joining us right now they get a big key today. Hey coach you sickened as sick as Siena metro classic teams at this point. Are Menem a granite so it's. Men seats Jose give you everything they had that was a heck of the game from what I hear. Amazed and it was it was such a London we Jerry would actually out. Gave up opportunism are from some of the mistakes that we see it horrible warm but it was a great catch and Jose Winston does a good job with those guys. Under an excellent job you wanted to Garrett I mean even though he's four years well for your order to me I looked up 20 man. A childhood basketball are our star with career to this day and I just appreciate what he does what to give Kenosha little. You know we judge is second to dated to you'd be able hear his name on these airwaves 22 more seats in the zone show. Where ya though I guide to recorded this we talked to Mike Wilks. OK and we talked about Jose Winston on that show is. As well so you get by saint Joe's and have received prairie toads don't sleep on those guys that's a good basketball team. It would probably go out like score I mean a the outcome of the game JT Brothers when nominal player coached Jason does an excellent. Child with thirteen deported to you know they'd they'd match you make a mistake it can't talk to them what. Hey coach so you play at round here tonight at 7 o'clock against the four seed Howard scrawled. Who upset the one seed in that they beat ozark keeping you know Zaki pretty good I don't know much about Howard's Grover if you got a chance to see anything on them. A little bit of a mound that article right. You know they just peaking at right time mark they're definition of March Madness like you know they're long on their feet. They'd actually. And I hope Gary can hit a quirky percentage is depth we wanna be a good game this week. While trade you know there are there's been conversations it's as. Ty said before winter break that. You know it when you talk about the best teams in the state. And if you throw destiny into that conversation. Nobody's can even you know play twice about it. Coach so it was job. It was a little surprising to see teacher has struggled with that with saint Joe's though I know all about saint Joes if you're just on the outside looking in. Say chose the four seed. Mandated dead that team gets after it they make good decisions in their wall coached I think your battle tested now at this point. It you can say oh man I mean it out. If we need to have so many type of armed and Witten OK it was kind of a pitching game and east chair to meet these true young. About 78 of those type book. Scenarios we can had to repair we battle out there and energy spirit like he can not take for granted only went in his case is strategy to beat out. Super. Yeah hey coach you guys you know get spiel one season and and the team mom coach who were still in it are your kids us sticking together pretty Wallace. As I age you know kids get tired of seeing the same face and no practice and against the same guys your kids there they see the and end game at this point. Right now they did it actually sticking together all the work. More than anything I'm lacking in regards to that seeing you know with the winter safe and also was there with a mission very very arc. To get I think 78 album with together last night were a real good and spit at night. Over each other's style and I think that's noted during their way into passed along and off the court like gear so there's stick together because if you gain I got into the top. It me and Mike were talking earlier about when your knee sectional finals in these games are at 7 o'clock at night that's an awfully long day for these kids to sit around and be anxious. Excited about playing the game that sometimes it's a little bit easier to have the 1 PM game where. Get up get something needs and blown the game is out and says sit around thinking about they. What kind of things have you guys thought about do and are planning hear for your kids today to be able to get ready for the game tonight. Well tell them that you know what should travel some talk to go supports them both in their partners plan you know. Think that more blushed and played there are Brown Deer they have a lot of playing a little canes are going to be there it would have been there yet I'm a bit and get up to him. Did not speak about it getting so much order to strap it. It's a play to whatever game they choose to let you know. Go out you know and watched old gang in the end you look look up here and this time I'll walk do so. Opposite occurs in that you know Mehrtens and in the bottom together inside of bask barber. You know tied stuff 'cause we moved her game 73 because the Martin Luther girls camp. State championship of regained Green Bay is going on so our kids they went up to the semi finals but they're not able to go to the finals. The cool part is three feet and buses of kids we'll turnaround after the state championship came through the girls and drive right to white fish back. So they're gonna get a double header with us today. Well we've played in our conference we play Saturday night games sore kinda used to this. I'll hopefully that that that that helps us little bit but our kids are coming gators shoot around and then we've got some big screen TVs at the school we can watch the girls camp. It's Anthony eat watchable film we get a bus and go. You get a good AG or there he's got coordinated for the bust or an olive Green Bay and Sapp and off a year place on the way home yes of course he's jaws score is really good values are so good basketball coach so Terry that. It predicated good luck congratulations and a great year I know that when it Archie earlier you didn't say it was C championship or bust. But I know that that's something you guys have at least as a coach and seventh talked about you know we don't we don't look at have a we work ahead as coaches. And I know that you guys have done that make walk you make your school prod the day coach. I ditto ditto Aram out I'm actually talked to my uncle Ali if you guard you know you have the tools to do it among notre. And and like a fair. Although you're on the outside Europe only a lot cute and acting so. We are adept we try to represent and album nick of movement here former walk. Yeah I agree will make you Johnston uses good of basketball players I think Dominican has had. There's been a couple you know that have gone a long way but nick you certainly he's in that conversation. Being certainly one that the top players ever to my of that school so if he says we've got to the talented to go far. Men that that's a good day I appreciate that that's. That's coming from a guy that knows the game good luck today coach. Same deal spectacles content might. Event see you run it at VC UC destiny arresting him twice has come against tech and then has some again interest seeing case and you know if Colin. With different people talk bar across the state in only. You know we're not a coach so we can look ahead iron about these games at them playing Darlington in the state final. I get number one number two the net doesn't always happen where it number one and number two. For the rankings actually right wind up playing each other in the final they catch each other early somebody pulls off an upset but. You know there's a really good chance at those two are playing each other and it's probably could be as good of the division or final. Is you can see when you have you know those two teams playing chose I hope that doesn't happen division three. Why lose division three. Ripken's not won it in and the. And let's hope they get upset and summer along the way maybe the next twelve hours or so let's keep to a break. Other celebrates air blown says to coach at Drake University will join us for our coach's corner. This is the Wendy's mercy puts high school basketball coaches show presented. Our local pick and save stores. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan's.