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03/11/17: Varsity Blitz High School Basketball Coaches Show Hour 2

Mar 11, 2017|

Mike McGivern is joined in studio by Ty Moseler of Milwaukee South Division High to bring you up to date on high school basketball playoff action. Former Dominican standout, JR Blount, now a coach at Drake University, hits the Coaches Corner.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Do you ever wonder why a coach does what he does. Once is coaching philosophy. From offense or defense to special teams it's time for the coach's corner. Brought to you by the blue. Stratton college athletic department's. Straight college athletics for sponsoring this segment. Good musings brush my takeaway it's news on 53 weeks. A couple of homestead high school football coaches in that band. Go do what takeaway to official dot com to check out where they're playing next support local bands man this is that's a good loser good guys and they've. Play good music we're joined by the assistant coach at Drake University. He's a Dominican grad a chance to see him the other day in Milwaukee. It asked him to come on if you have ever heard me speak I guess to kick to Monta athletic banquets and speak to churches. A men's groups I talk about JR ball. And I talk about him for a couple reasons one. Overall. With him through and through as a basketball player and as a kid he was the best player I've ever coached in 35 yours. Academically. Athletically. He was the toughest mighty kid spiritually yet again just a really good spirit about him and he refused to let us loose. And so when I talk about him if I have paid spectacle is grandfather this and his wedding if try to give him a block for return little would cheer our story never have to work again. We are too hard I JR Blount for Drake University hey coach thanks a lot for coming to Martin Luther the other day and talk. Voice. No problem thanks rather than he grounder glad you have got a win. We did get the win it was good we sort of feature alma mater but we we hadn't had a duel we had to do. HI so in front of these kids he. JJR I if I can ask how old aria. There are 29 years old he said to these kids he said I eat is look. I believe on the best basketball player in this room and if you're dealt mean I have my shoes in the car we can go at a right now are. Kurt and I knew I was raised my hand I wanna take you know hesitate and not net com all of that. But what I'll tell you what for a guy hit at his age. Who is who now understands and he understood he'll want Tom global really now keenly understands what these kids. Have to duty to be recruited high wobble. EE he's got to make these guys gotta make the right choice is it's an expensive date he said one of our kids you wanna be cooler Jewell a B recruited. Any cues like I want to be recruits were you need to look up here that game meant. And it was like it was eye opening and we talked about social media we talked about what what guys look at. Arm when they go recruit kicked. Chairs like look upon calmness you play I know you comply. Emma get their twenty minutes early watch how you in Iraq and body language and how referees and other players up and I say that the kids a roller right Simien and I walk away say an old man to know he's talking about and G are blown. When he says it. They got it and they understood it and I appreciate it. AJ what subs are your travel or were you right now. And they're not Pinehurst North Carolina. Like a powerful rally ever at the he. North Carolina South Carolina your college regionals. Home not a there have been role in the air origins from Uga from. That after a practice or the Chicago and I caught high school game and then pull up the next morning and then. Walter state university in. Moorestown Tennessee. And that next day were and who. Oak ala Florida and then got Parker yes bit more and loss first round and respect earlier today it's well. They're pretty good you have it well responsible and to be able to travel and not have to worry about a lot of things and it's. You know it is seen these kids injured causes. With different deal you know it's yeah. A little bit the AA you wish you know kinda mentality it wore along with and got. High level athletes out here than you got guys that are playing for scholarships you know in all the coaches are here. It's a little different high school cause they're a little bigger a little stronger and they they understand your game a little more but you know still not. As defined that you see in the in. Division one division to division three had a setting Luke. With the culture and they're really officiating and biggest failures it's. You guys plate to follow players in the Al lot off play out here it's like him a lot of folic. But you know these these kids are playing Harden or that there aren't for scholarships and you know it's good to theaters there's a lot of good prospect they're. I would like to need to give a shot out you work for a dominant image up front are correct hair yes sir and Lotta people are probably around here don't know that there head coaches a west Alice hill graduated went out of you are shall played division two best ball in Minnesota believe it was one on up. Now and he's a good man and I I hope that he is able to retain positioning keeps orcas. Jeff writers truly one of the good guys in the business will help anybody at any time in does things the right way. They say he knows his best volleys also very kind individual oh. Things your own good for Jeff. It is looking it's looking promising her now you know we're just taking it day by day like our our athletic director. She she gave us they embraced the role scored on a recruit masters either. You know run rock. I mean he's also like racquet and he there are a lot of their lot of people in this business and not all Merck is there. Sliding Jeff runners yup you tough. Or run run awful Blazers. A great guy it's hard to explain why it is just awful we'll do everything in either reason why I got a great and they just trying to. Taken me under way and it helped me throughout the process and out has been a lot of work foreigners. It's just probable and will experience since. Part of every day expressly offensively. He's. That there are mine like aegis won't global mean you've got. 101000 plays in there and citizens it's unbelievable. Just to BO work similar problems you know we hope for the best and you know the right thing why are there will work I'll. I've before this you're with Lance correct for a while. But what. Now for kids they're listening what's the difference. Day you know you've done both now as coaching. And you know every kid thinks he can play Kentucky or Duke and they don't understand how good you have to be to be able play at a saint Wheeler led new L Lin went. You know you've been and coaching both sides. What are the the major differences that we you're trying to explain to kids. That you know to be a little play. Yeah you know you know first thing before any before it it's geographic here or there or not that's at all levels on. That's the first thing we looked for so executed. Okay he's pretty good. They're coached literature tackled for a Scripps that. Before anything else or what level very very Coker. Can't go on point seven know it got report 50 great great now. Or moving on forward. That the biggest difference I would think between. There's a water in division two level all it you know I would say is probably size and stirring. On usually. I have all told Lowell and really skilled and you know you just aren't that bad they would need in the sprint like you know the kids come in at the bit although they're using a little more stronger arm. Maybe it a tad bit more skilled athletic. Usually. Athletic physical play a big part of how we crew OK this cute expire in their perch is extreme but. You know the six the 65 kid jumps on your own baseball commit a shot Joker will take to expire QB got a little or lack little more let us citizen. They know you're gonna face you know alternately where a player or two talks they have played Illinois State over the top 25 teams and you gotta go into. There's Thursday in northern Iowa team that are currently good you gotta have some of that side and lettuce and let. I will say. On a starter Michael heard Stevens Boynton who wanted to ask what senators are the best team that I've ever been apart. And those guys were not athletic. What they were very fair you know and though they just knew how to play the game. It became got a basketball IQ and I don't so everybody that accidentally that team. Would still beat any team that I've played on or have been a part of coaching. And I think truly feel there and then we started at 65 setter and the ball to guys out there that Appleton could don't crap on compare us or. Bill they're the best thing rather been a part of it and the remarks are two great great things. I don't think people understand sometimes get a good yet to be though just played two. If you went and visited Marion or written right now. You'll get killed in there and Jana and I know you score fifteen points a game now in high school and pick a really good. Those guys will kill you and you you know you go oh would you say it means that they don't understand how did you have to be. To play at any level of college bats well. And it and it's it's a level load of commitment and dedication. You know you have to happily it's not just okay play on our team and or thirteen game in go to practice from six paid every night that ball bat or play like. I mean you go like we had three guys are clean record this past summer and they all made all for a 100000 shots late. I mean it'd Betts all over a thousand makes. A day in the summer you know some days it's. Fifteen under the next day that's five losses but. You know it is it the dedication. That that these guys hate him he he got one. Play basketball professionally they wanna you'd paid out of this sport and you know that's what it takes so. You know operate a lot of kids say and you'd you know they have dreams and aspirations of doing their put it on there and have put those words and actions. On and to be able to current. You to that point and you know that's that's all the biggest differences. Mentality that they have either won it or you talk all. I'm guessing one of those guys have to be read generate that made all yeah yeah. Hey hey this starting point guard and at Stevens Point team he was pretty athletic I thought. All girl yeah (%expletive) In any game you know you know half year starter a year freshman law. Law. You know each he would come off the bench at that time news scrub woozy Judy and was it Jordan and who's your point cart. On Matt mulls this OK yeah. Miami we we were stacked with I tell my news. All of a young man sooners and you need apply who. You know you didn't come like Earl quietly and international players and gators and title would imply. I'll area you know Garner. He doubted our level sometimes drove listen to show you want to take back seeing uses to throw out here are are out. You know if you. I guess it's only two when he when he registered each year it. I was ruin his confidence so we had to stop play and so my. Matt I'll tell you he's doing really good things here in this see Obama and the kid is clear that thought he Parker Brett poorer as part earlier Greg for a while. Hey Ty real quick Quinn went Jay came over to one of our practices the Tuesday with with Kerry TV said. Man that kid looks (%expletive) he places slates role Harris. Compare that said it's a really good two person I'd I had conceded Tilley said it now everything that kid does I think. And it does it looks just like to row so. Yeah let's say we were gonna get I drove from nearby. I know you're gonna structural shoots awards this past but yeah we don't keep had a muted talk that was hysterical you know wallet and every practice doing drew shoot. Rules through Everett Aaron every day. JR take you so much so it's just a blessing to have you on the show. Good shooters slow baby I've CJ. Did you get home Duval low one day you're world order thank you are. You bet share want to assistant coach at Drake University read it to break oh said the break the freshmen coach at Germantown. They went undefeated this year and how many guesses the first and had a freshman coach Tanner have you had on on the floor I have not I have not puts I work with a girl who. Her son plays on the team and about midway through the years Sid you know. There's been no undefeated freshman team at Germantown never if we run the table go undefeated. You have yet our coach on. And a goalie out. He ended up doing that I fell one of those boys would would knock a Moffitt they didn't. So were gonna talked that in fact Cole played for coach Showalter. Hughes on that team up in Oshkosh I was at that key. That that twelve seconds or 32 thing we'll talk we'll talk to Cole Rendell on the other side again a freshman coach. At Germantown this is the Wendy's varsity please high school basketball coaches show presented by your local Pickens case torched. I'd sports Radio One 057 at them the band. And Reyes. Here. A. How welcome back to when he's varsity blitz high school basketball coaches show presented by your local pick conceive stores. They threw join his time might be Gilbert wants side my cohost this week head basketball coach of marquee south prime Mosul or. So the freshman that's well coached at Germantown first your coach. First your coach coale right. He is joining us they went undefeated this year and I appreciate a few minutes in his time. Coach congratulations. The first time in Germantown bass while history that depression she was gone undefeated. Yeah yet first time. I would be back in the day it was Washington high school you up on and I'll determine how we got that information from odd. Legendary coach who that quote we've been around her account forever. On actually coach my momma at Washington high on the either want to pass on information that we've never had a freshman team in it and you think either a JV team as well. So that the debate costs accomplishment for the duplicate that here. Yet here he really was I got a chance but watching guys play against Hartford. On the effect it was the Kaymer the ref free went down at halftime. And yeah I kind of felt bad for the guy but I think he gets he wasn't feeling well as will hide in that gym in the basement but yeah. Coach I was impressed with the way your team played on the U guys either of the kids they came off the bench played really well you played fast. In in it look like a the other things that you learned from coach Showalter are the things that you were put men you guys are getting the ball down in a hurry. Getting good shots knock it shuts down to plays pretty good defense that was impressive. Yeah I mean 11 through fifteen on the guys really bought in. On as far as what our system is common yes that was. Kind of put in Buck Showalter Amon Steve Martin who had coaches decided to keep it because there in April Baltic. And that. That's showtime it did not get the ball and on on media that that basketball court capacity can be could be sent on the court get immediate bucket. All I think our team with the epitome of didn't you need bucket rather than working hard for for bucket that you don't necessarily need to get the ball court arm defensively. I was very impressed parking structure all year. Obviously you can't be. And in front of everybody all the time. But structure why the kids. They didn't let me people in the lane on help side defense was phenomenal on and that's just all of their effort of all fine and then and be in team players and the true epitome of what the team won't lose no one cared who got the credit I don't care what. Who got a point who got the steal whatever it was it well getting everybody mature route about a player that could be an and the team about the division clearly we work. Hey Cole army. The NBA depending on who we talked to. The freshman team. Is is he you do you're getting them prepared to play varsity basketball obviously wanna get wins and you wanna you wanna make sure these kids have a good experienced. So they stay in the program. You fill IKEA obviously got the wins you feel like you accomplished all the things that a huge Stephen to had thought about arm with this team. Yeah I mean. We gotta win a couple are in the beginning of the year who. We thought about moving up to javy. And whatnot maybe a couple of university but with whipped the success that they had of the group. I'm we just didn't wanna make them up on we kept them together. Onward to the big part of the freshman and I believe I'm the kind of girl that cohesive unit and then keep it together for weather Steve your market next year. At our keep in the didn't make so they have one of Walt while getting a win I feel like me in my that the coach Alex Lloyd. Bomb who also I would shoulder. Willie did a great job I'm I've had multiple kids who. You can already get the playing time that the immediate thought they went out on sub of the of the more funnier they had playing basketball what it was because we want below because those. Of kind of the camaraderie of the team. Also think of the freshman year goes certainly it I think they've kind of exceeded expectations of what they are gonna come after at a restaurant or an article. Now you're your coach and a freshman team did you have any other responsibilities said coach Martin put on you as far as. Scouting or doing things for their practices there you know working with the varsity. I had it when I'm. Would work out at during game document that and I've had. Bomb as long as well as would all the adversity coaches kind of look at output he had to talk about a half time somewhat in the game. On maybe it check if somebody's not doing it well could go out week. Coach Martin can't keep on everybody. At our practice goes I. On their kind of on an office or when they practice well there was record score five unless freshman we cracked at five every week every day. By stopping at at the party practice I could on the when I did act. They're the couple crack of a jump in and Aaron and played with the kids and kind of game a look at somebody different. I help through some drilled a walk and drove it maybe we you don't freshman level that he never thought of that help in certain situations that we did back with Showalter. Little lot. A lot of stuff that I did when I could. Open looking to expand that. Morse their roles are on time management wise goes on the in the upcoming years. So coach I work with Michelle folks in her her son is a car down on your team. And I thought she had some good guards on on that crew open and his decision making that they had at at the pace that you want them to play was the impress apart from a. Yeah. The group or guard we have is is. I mean top to bottom that probably some of the best of diversity come to the program yet we've had neck shoulder got a long Ginn. Rick Bauer Malcolm bowers all these kids come through that program. And but top to bottom Oliver in a class the the I've I mean my point guard Brandon Knight I've been soul. I Jake a Pat Lee I have mixed fluke direct car left guard Trevor Lehman making Brad all the kids. Want their fifteen at that everybody about all my guard Donovan very comparable playing. Met any point in the in the game on the during the year if I had if need be on. But the decision making may have. It incredible like he's out of the paper we require. They just make extra path they they don't force too much. And that. And that partly I'm on our block is kind of let them play they make they're they're fresh they're gonna make mistakes. Look part of learning. Good decision making is learning the plays terrific you can't make good decisions that are afraid to make a bad one. I'm so there freighter to get taken out for one turnover. It doesn't make really make sense to try to get them to mold them to try to make good decision. I'm because just afraid to make a battle and we I'll let him play. I feel like that really opened up their creativity and let them make the right path. Yeah we got to work on the defense have been on the folks sport as who we get our current. I told. I told we Shelley he turns out Loeb a modest gets out of his defense is stands who go to work I'm at that she's recognized sport. Yeah yeah up. I'm all the spending it bite by one of the the biggest dog that are seen I'm at that level bomb. Freshman wide. He is just relentless on the deep at that. I do curry. We get all all he'd like to play a little pre date you'll much yeah. And yeah does elect elect little that little free safety position like the play. What Kobe can Dugan the Spurs. So we got we got to work on that a little bit but I'm ball depending on the giving up I've I've I don't know ever seen a comment you guys haven't and nobody who's. Al has been a but in practice he even worse. Yeah you he is just I think you get mad the all right I. After that helped stop the united on defense the whole arm but that the kind of effort in the end the parent I look are a lot clerk I'm we thought. Those two all year our our our. And I'm on deep and we put him in that we need it and stop. That are at our back up guards and and anybody we needed. All the bucket off or we need to get a quick deal on both two of or the two to do it. He called thank you so much for color is your time congratulations. I'm not undefeated year for the freshman Germantown warhawks I have now paid off that that that MA with Michelle. BA anytime anytime Cole thank you very much o's get through break they had bass spoke which lake mills the Al cats. Do joining us. There's still play division three will get a run down from. He in my and I'm their side of the bracket. I Steve Hank went is that coach shall join us on the other side this is the Wendy's perceive what's high school basketball coaches show presented. By your local pick and save stores on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan's. And Reyes. Its here's and use. Welcome back to the Wendy's or privilege high school basketball coaches show presented by your local pick and save stores. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan I'm Mike we give relaunched nighttime mostly at fassel coached at Milwaukee subdivision. It's a Thai capital. Conference north division. Blake bills 91. Late set Luther six and four Columbus six and four Watertown Luther prep. Six and fours walled they I think six and four hold on Martin Luther prep Ford's six. In lake real secure business in that conference and they're still playing the other big game to what today effect it's tonight. At warning key. And they play Adams friendship. The number one and number two seed and we're joined by Steve Strickland the head basketball coach it really knows dusty takes for column it's your time. They'll probably keep you know it so. I'm looking respect. So bad if we need you for the next hour you you're ready right. That's awesome or men really good year for you. And still play which is awesome I'm sure that lake wheels communities as jumping up and down with this team. Oh absolutely. It's on fire right now the fan support is really something that energizes our players and we keyed up the diamond and it's just spend so much fun to see. All the excitement around on him and see a lot of speed that it that we get and you know I you know short trident and the talent that these kids. He that. That game against turner double overtime how'd you sleep that night by the way. Or Matt out. At bats. I can imagine all the players all football team and they disliked it all out there and dishing that somebody that Olympic Games because that was just. Two great teams so trading in makers. Coach what are you know but ends friendship. Very athletic team they play allotted to own. And they got two very good scorers. You know Kelly and in Joseph duty here. Dated anybody we've seen a year or so. You know aren't when you're playing this time your anybody you played really good so you know it they pose some challenges left purity or. A secret informer on your ear assess just how you played for Sony correct. And you play and then you played at point afterwards. Kind sire memory as a player that's how old I am not hearing here you are battling the statement you know basically we just weren't used to young buck yeah I don't own a handgun and now you're gray hair just huge. Are you running the same stuff that you did earned that you guys did assess its Hamilton under coach running. Yeah we run a motion offense. Really trying to strip lot of the same things of course Maroney probably in school which you know be unselfish. Played together in and play tough man to man defense so that's kind of are calling card Q. Is you need like a degree in brain surgeon you surgery to be a little on the stuff that coach Arnie has he has run over there so. It did take so I would imagine that year I knew what year four year five. Yet my pick here and Mike Mills. And then it takes time many if you're trying to get years your feeder program's younger groups to running that stuff because it's you know the stuff that you guys rendered it's complicated it's not. Something you just pick up any year. That you need kids trying that for through freshman through JV so they have a feel for by the time they get to playing for you correct. Brack and I'm fortunate that I have very good assistant coaches at all revert levels that. You know understand motion understand that a teacher at and in our youth program Tuukka a lot of good people working at their young kids so when they come to the high school. Garrity a step back so and you combine that with with the skill work better to do that at all Joseph Pesci would. It's very up the defense. Coach would give us a little idea and I in this year's team. A lot of seniors is it a a younger team. Give us an idea and I and I'm this group. I'll got a good mix we start to seniors both are going to be playing college basketball next year. I was searching juniors and then saw more so. The mix of different ages. At a combined together and natural well but. We're all about you know between five elevenths excellent their five guard. We just share the ball moved around. Everybody can act on the street so there's little ignored height for. But then you're right run great stuff today is because again Mike you always joke to me about it size and our place right I don't think you're allowed if you play for coach Tony to be over six to me huh you have to be under sixty would you have to be able to dribble shoot pass it's like Joseph Roche today says rockaholic when I was Geron colleague ate there all other guys six foot and nick but they all knew how to play and Nate they defend like crazy it and if you don't if you are five guys willing to play defense he'll remind you had. Coach who would so if there if they play a lot of zone. What does that do for for that change for you guys 'cause you like. When a team plays you guys managed EU bad dorm to doubt and not down threes. Guy gets his own what is it would secondly due to you guys. We feel pretty confident played against zone but it seems to try it this year but. More of our best streak in the best ball teams are shooting ability. And it happened though so I'd get in the ball moving and just understanding where. The openings are going to be in his own. Is going to be key for us and making sure that that ball keeps moving against that don't like there is they can trap a little bit out of that. It's an extended zone it's not a pack in zone so we gotta keep the ball movement against that because it's it's the ball starts sticking guys and then the ball moving get up. Final shot so that that's going to be something that we wanted to make sure we do tonight. Utah I was up on lake mills doing a segment for around the corner Chama give in and I'd do and I'm the all cats and the on basketball program at lake melts. They didn't have much success before he did that segment now look at them I've taken full credit for this you're our school and where since it's spread out what I UK. Your foot but no I did were anywhere or anybody you know or not has caught a coach that was fun coming up that they're really appreciate. Your hospitality. Yeah out and create had you there and have showed it on lake mills which is really special place a lot of awesome people and we're proud step. You know it is represented emperor for a brief period of time here and have a Brees kinda I Dinah. You see what Kurt or Steve I I don't know if if if people don't understand it. When you say lake mills is a great place and you're not kidding I spend their a couple of times. And it it it is a special community. Which really are people that that that are very warm and walk reads used to their to their town they wanna come up and help you come up and talked Kiet. I I really like the vibe I get from lake mills. It's that saw them and it at the plate that are do we want to get there. Like you said government so welcoming it it's a great quality polite. But it's really the people that make it special you know that that's part of what makes what we're doing right now so much on that. We have such great people supported us and and were just proud to be able to be part of that so yeah like that are. You can't buy you keep winning you're gonna give free haircuts and end and breakfast at that little plates when you first come in town. And I'd say there's this sub shop that vets do you give free sub every once while you keep whenever things are going to be good for you there Steve. Are you are. Will it at a boy will could like a good luck tonight hey I'd love to play against him that means we'd be up in Madison so. They I would Q you're your take credit for our success and take credit for years to you guys that had done great things that really short run. Yet we just got good players it now has not who's you with us Coetzer. Yeah. Mean I saw some good luck 7 o'clock tonight at wanna key against Adams friendship go get one today Steve. You've got to. Let's get to break and could guy good player runs great stuff when he's decade he has hurt us place around as he has an influence he has he has he. You're right though that I don't think I'm Smart enough to run that often hawk. I think rescued teach it tourist sorority can teach it to us. Now which is key to give debated passive takeaways I'd be a passer yet it'll be easy but snows here to break goes so I will wrap this thing up. Ms. Summitt asked tie for some predictions by the way. This is the Wendy's person he puts high school basketball coaches show present it. By or local pick and stave stores. I'd sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Garcia what's high school. Basketball coaches show. Presented by our friends at your local pick and save stores. On sports Radio One 057 after the fan might be curious who wants our time mostly at basketball coach at south division you going to any games today. I am I'm an head over to us Al central after this and then Tennessee from there. Or in the evening so you're gonna go watch for essential Vinson. 730 away fish fans might want to come and cheer on those spartans. I got Martin Luther by thirty in the game in that week. Let's just you say they want to predictions there's a prediction they can for Louis arena showed the showdown this is the Wendy's forks reflects. He out whatever mad. If we kid in. We just hang in there and they're cut Britain's good you play yeah there though you've seen them play us. They are they are what we art they're big and strong but were quick we guess who quick heads he lets talk about that percent of its a game that you're going to. Created it in two different styles as we talked about a rod. And the very straps that they're gonna see. And how is Vince again and be able issued how well this Vincent shooter from the outside because propel essentials gonna. Take away the paint and forcing taking tests junction is do packet is in and bill the NS put a body and these guys. You know Toronto they're small they are watching them against her said they do an excellent job of box knocked him they put a body on yup I watched him play home stepped in during the winter weather warming up. You just looked at homestead warming up and went. To new game yeah and and and central. That kid from central I'd like eight threes in the first half which one others have like three or he has that kind of dark haired kid not a Weems you have four kids you can. You can't we Malone and and actually she kept kept the kids the same spot the same shot and he kept train and it. And never got a hand up on and ended that was they do a great job the space in the Florida I don't know how to pass. They are they have very good feel pretty game is too when you stand ago when it's time to not when it's time to kick it and it's time to take it. What's your feeling none none liberal and Aznar Washington what did you it would you like in the central in Vincent. Under city conference coach so yeah it could be be great for the city conference to have a team up there and Vincent. Men and their speed and quickness a think makes a bigger difference in what Riverside speed quickness was. But I I think Brooke to essential handle it just fine yeah I think that once. One or two possession game and it comes down to that a flip a coin. And New Berlin eyes are more Q Washington real similar to the Bruins are a lot of what India or Vincent ever so essential game. And you know how well this as our handle the pressure and having so many kids from Washington and get up and attack you get to the basket and as an hour does. You know they defend so well that they'll make it tough on on Washington and I'm Dan if you you wanna get about 1985%. Your picks right I'll just keep cup and mark Millar he what to what. For a team like arm and New Berlin eyes are to be Washington what do they have to take away. I you have to takeaways and getting to the basket and them playing volleyball to themselves that they missed the first Shaq is you know a bad shots are quick shot. And they can just keep playing by about themselves tip the tip until they. Any and you give Washington 345 cracks at it there's good enough that there eventually gonna score that. You have to get them to taking contested jump shot. Keep the ball the paint and then you have to make sure you get that for business if you had to pick the best team in the city conference three teams tied. Out of those 30 who's the best team do you think. I would debates between then sent and Washington took act suits she tees there's still won it up. I think the best player was Terence Lewis are absolutely I'm hands announce he's talented he's so good he's really go up really cut. On the cedar berg and any could call on out. I'm the one cedar berg yeah I I feel close to that last year yup and I think guy. UConn and not having that Adam Smith kid having another score and seater bird's there. They're good they're another one of those things that they don't make a lot of mistakes they they take care of the basketball there. They get the right shot from the right kids and they they defend. And make you. Take tough shots. That what the wants to that kid at who caught it was huge huge at kids really good unity and defensively. Yes you don't want her and she was so good last last year and Diener. And Peter son out that he cheat just wouldn't let wrong you know what he does have no space there and I think that was the difference that came. I'm with you I think cedar bring gets this one you know I think tickets this year burst long and they're athletic and they're good in their wall coach didn't. And if he gets up by six or rate he can. He can shorten a game that they do and they may free throws they don't miss free throws he cut coach guys used to same and dieters. He's just spread the floor taking time off the clock he doesn't we'll that now yeah he did against you should have no doubt. I was like he used to yell dieters debt he said in the game of basketball back twenty years doing the stuff and now he's 21 at. That's okay he's he does a good job over there let's skip Bob. Or talk about that there and there in the rip the Martin Luther game. And the depth that I don't really wanna know with the destiny Howard got thrown into and over Cochran followed city yeah I YouTube and I think. I think destiny. On the skewed just drove hours grow I don't that I Howard drove it I don't know I have no white I have not I don't always are but they don't have I did they don't play anybody like tests and I. Most teams don't I mean at their soul. Athletic again destiny's Ross seems that they have size they have length they have speed they have quickness they have kids that can shoot it. They they can get you going up and down and once they speed you up making keep going at their pace and most teams can't continue at that pace. Who do you like in the Columbus Catholic Russian game it said TC ever so therefore ought without without Columbus Catholic. You know their their point Cara Garrett been happier if they had gotten them yet teamed up last did you know that there won't to private school going to Catholic school. There's this may seem happy you think they recruiter profit and Columbus I'm sure there's a lot of big recording packets in the Columbus area that I pick up cats from he. You know their there's thirty not a setter he's at halftime he plays in the band. And they played at halftime went to saint Vincent's. And if you check yet a year from DC ever get there quick sitting up there gathered all the guys at Auburndale potter and other ago. Tumble if they look. Maybe kids to Catholic he wants to hang out of kids and have similar release India that's right plus he can shoot off Graham got it is a if that's. That's why they're going they're good for them. The team that surprised me right now is Madison knee scan back to division. One they're talented though they are talented and entering Monday so Matt I notice head coach after his credit is not conference schedule. Was a bear was at I don't know it offhand how many they they one of those games. But he went to Minnesota played tough games they play can caught up they've played mark had. They took on a tough scheduling and they got guys here I went back to yearbook just say it and get mark Millar. He's got three out of four alive. From his November picks in each division still does your wrists and knees was wanna bump now he has Asmara today. And get first Steve concerts and Owen a Steve Collins. All his years it is winning when he had the NBA players and render balloon Wesley Matthews in key Nacchio. This might be his best coaching job where they don't have the NBA talent this year and here they are here they are at state again. I can't think keyed up is of fifty L gift card from our friends have plays firm of my general buy something there at perfect thank you. Hit it you know what there's enough to buy they're two great test sponsored great friend of his shows of thank you so much that. People are plays firm of fleet. If you can make it over away for straight and it's 730 or look towards seeing. You says gimme crowds I don't deal with crowd really gets shot out over a hundred get a ticket rip it doesn't send you guys are winning by thirty out a watch you guys next weekend TV in Madison. The real access guys trying to pick Ty thank you very much I think you've revenue that's a Wendy's Versa puts high school basketball coaches show presented. Our local pick and save stores. 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