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The Fan's Basketball Insider Gery Woelfel

Mar 12, 2017|

Gery Woelfel joins Sparky on the Bucks Pick n' Save Post Game Show as the Bucks win their 6th straight.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tony's now as Gary woeful on the great midwest bang hotline Gary thanks so much for joining us your thoughts on tonight's game. Well here but over in your return to show yeah I now now I was tough but they figured it out. Yeah now that they're played very well I mean nobody NC they're union captain and circular more comfortable. With the role. It's going to be really good it's good to see how that went up when you know you're agreement storybook or the Miami Heat. Who are reply in the box right in the standings right. Guess what the record last week five games. What. 21. In four that's pretty good. It's incredible for a in the last week bosh win. Yup may have done a great job on her Spoelstra too and they're doing without a star player. Yeah yeah so I mean that is to be fun to watch you know that their upcoming that's it's been road trip. I think it was good to be you know pretty typical. It's interesting America's tonight the head coach up from Memphis pretty much set after the game might have retreated on Twitter on a they're just. Playing awful right now are as a team sell. If you look at this West Coast trip you start would Memphis Monday night while the post game show again Monday night after that one bats a winnable game. Sacramento is a winnable game obviously and the Lakers are winnable game so those are three. If you get out of this 500. I'm pretty jacked up it being filed under on this West Coast trip coming home one game under 500 and more than likely still sitting with a playoff berth that point. Before you get in line in Chicago back to back at the Bradley Center. Yeah I mean that the absolutely thrilled that put book simply could you know. What pokes its unions. It and you know also what looks and where they got more rolled to run away from the team that are in trouble man behind them. So low it's all too important for them to while we're on the road. I senate earlier in the post game show it adds wanted to pointed ought to give those tuning in. They start in Memphis on Monday night okay and that's fine but this is the cool part about this road trip. They then go to LA probably Monday night after that game from Memphis they're an LA Tuesday. And Wednesday against the Clippers stayed LA Thursday. Friday against the Lakers before leaving Friday night so you're in LA for four days you're not hopping on a plane after every game and having to move cities. That's a huge benefit to this bucks team. I voted unity you're actually rated at one over is still trouble like last year. The only side it. They'll be fine I think the you know leadership or that he'd lose a little more stable but that. There was a year all right Gary is Gary well thanks so much for coming I'm on.