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Imig: Packers have put themselves in a tough spot w/ OL

Mar 13, 2017|

03/13/17: Paul Imig, Green and Gold Analyst, weighs in on the additions of Martellus Bennett and Lance Kendricks, and also the departure of T.J. Lang. How do you address the other holes?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Wanted to I would call limit or reading all analyst joining us on the Schneider orange outline hello Paul. Bill what a weekend for the NFL and free agency out. Well we had to tell sighting which is good news. But that when you see the money that TJ Lang was offered over Detroit guys that all along when trailer signed his Diaw and all of a sudden guards became as valuable. If not more than some of these tackle contracts it was the writing was on the wall TJ Lang was not to return to the student. Yet there's a couple way to look at it and I think first and foremost look at that guaranteed money on TJ lane deal I think it was 70%. Terry got 18 and a half million dollars over the next three years. Wit I believe it in the range of 70% of that guarantees. Effectively mean the first two years of his contract are totally guaranteed. And that more than likely he's there for the entirety of the year contract. So okay he's 29 right now will be thirty by week of the regular seat and he said just about every injury offensive line have. You just don't know about your ability now. There's plenty of other questions with it and you can say OK eight all things being equal. You want TJ Lang and football team absolutely. You do you do you want that at nine and a half million dollars per year for three years. You know when you have other issues primarily on defense. That was the question obviously Ted Thompson responded with and said no I I. At that number went Justine TJ when their contract. What does that complicate to do it you've got their contract. And I think we also found out with Jocelyn and last September. Sort of the wake up and you'll about the guard position in general so I completely agree you've got the writing was on the wall. And I think don't your football team and offensive line is worse in the media. It was kind of something I think what you see the money Kamal procedure like that. Made sense from a Packers coach. So oh TJ Lang gone and what is the most likely scenario. That. Is going to a bowl in replacing him. You know I don't think moving Brian block it to guard you the answer partially due mostly become. Ryan a lot in the top five right tackle I don't need the former first round pick and I think Eric attacked. How difficult it is to be a former first round pick. And you appreciate about Pakistan because expectations are so high and understandably deservedly so for personal it but I don't know how to help list. Brought a lot of the top five right tackle do you really do you really want him and gotten as distinguished at his position. And then boom and does that not all make the right tackle position worse if you move a lot to god and support plugging straight. Street won't be as good or that tackle. As what a lot it would be in a lot it would be a good start at an artist with Leighton once I don't wanna go that route. Of course yeah after the injury break that Carter he seemed to put it a little at all. For art that would probably take a lot of work and you know you there's not like a wing Taylor on the roster right now everybody mostly assumed. Chops and got not. Now that unproven but at least he had years of experience. In Blaine Taylor kind of Clark actually did the guard a week at a cart. You wouldn't be in birdie positions court and I'm at the moment of course with eight Knicks still on the not the Packers next month or so. I think whoever started it not on the roster I don't think I'll Burke is the answer latches it outlet. I don't think it's great opened a lot of advocate Barkley either so I have a feeling that whoever starts at right art might not even be on this team. So looking at this moving forward do you think that they can fill what depth issues. I'm not overly concerned about for the fact that they we've seen sprigs play guard we know blog is what he is I thought the natural feel would have bit bin to move Bulaga down that when he doesn't worry about lateral movement anymore he's only got a guy coming out. It's Briggs is more equipped to be a tackle than the B a guard just because of the way he stands in the way he moves. So I though that might have been the natural natural flow of things I mean if you're telling me that it could be different. Then you know it is it somebody that's going to be in a draft because again if you're gonna spent a draft choice to try to fill that spot that's taking away from what you need to do defensively. It and therein lies the problem is in the past. You know in the past year and it really actually in the past six months. The Packers not only cut their two outstanding low and cut it cut jobs and they would have been on each blank but to to look you know held fast. Ten guards have let this team in the past six months additionally to that. Apology speechwriter was always like a relief to an insurance power you know what if Langley insurance policy. But once he got picked up on the first 38 skiing not that money from Cleveland now legal under the conversation we had. Where it was okay the Packers have. Even extension to Bakhtiar. They have won your weapons to lane and Trotter which of these or will be with the Packers in 2017. And I think at that high in that the general plot was. We've gotten when Pete after most likely was but we are. And that that is when completely flip on that said neither laying dorsett and nor tread are going to be back what will give fox art it million dollars now I think that we locked our when he Eckstein. And look at the agency you injuries in Chicago and what language dealing with that offseason surgery but I think right how. I'll invested the money in the past I of those four given where they're at this stage in their careers and given the importance of a left tackle compared to say it guard. Let you know I can go back to the blogger thing and say. You know we know people talk about shorter arms you know Sprague at 616 that it really typical got to just like in the and they hate start and dark now. It is at the top spot that I could put themselves in the top spot I have a backup plan. Or something in mind I I would doubt. That is a lot of art but I did that you against it at that spot you're built we're bigger beats leaders and that is gonna have to deal with he and the development. Com getting battered by the we were talking with Paul and or green or analyst going to defensive side of the football. How many holes do you think specifically need to be filled that need to be either. Are filled or upgraded. Well corner to start I don't think. And there is Randall quitting Rollins in the period under should be or will be. The packers' top three cornerbacks on the depth chart comes attempt. So whether or not that first round draft pick. Whether or not something crazy like trading for a Malcolm Butler New England works remain Johnson from Los Angeles. These things are unlikely to happen but couldn't appetite I think most likely scenario. In the first round draft pick for a corner but in the first round draft it was a corner. Thank you still putting a lot of state. In bounce back thirty years from Rollins and Randall. And I think undercurrent most warmed. Last year I think was arguably the best corner on team. At a lower ceiling and other guys in others perhaps a lower floor expressed already proven that but he might have outside of Randall Rollins. And then he kind of let it all happens. This deal probably and corner went up but the first one but you know you're oh you're never. Two edge rusher. You know you you can never have too many guys who can get after the quarterback. And you know you can always kind of take to do what it claimed that it doesn't and spending 50% of it on an inside linebacker and only to keep an outside. Okay yet nick Perry and the big deal he can perform. You get trapped I would tackle in the third round at last year's draft. So. All the guys that you value on right now mean Julius are on back Serb won and they're in Daytona Jones. Reportedly visiting the Vikings so you don't have a lot of depth there so I think for starters. When there's plenty of other. Positions. Of need for the Packers but I don't think you can start it without bursting corner an edge rusher. So offensively. They sign Lance catcher X they bring in Martellus Bennett. Mom do you think they're done then tinkering offensively with this team all or do you think that new additional wide receivers going to be needed. I think another seed yeah. Something that would. Thought we would. You know most teams if you hit it could have Jordy Nelson Randall Cobb and about Adams were Steele creek to it. About that group especially when you read in the that Martellus Bennett. Should catches surpassed his entire Montgomery coming out of the backfield should catch this engineer about this not that I would not that anybody would complain. I think at the Packers but they go after Austria under Bruno that he didn't want to deal but at the luxury that they have other needs to address that would. Now that comes out but still I mean Martellus Bennett and you kind of hinted at their -- second on Friday. Would have found it surprising that it had moved as I've seen because. It wasn't a street free agent this was a guy who will count against the Packers compensatory formula. It is not like doing at these guys we all know that he'll even when it was Peppers and even when it looked gotten on an even when it was. You know even on his list of the few freak of Jericho indebted and released book they were street free agent so. I don't think in talking about a little Europe can't beat that sewage or could eat that. We all people options and watch the Packers. He never wanted to cross our mind to even think beyond that level. What about what post and instead. So of course in the wide receiver and out today I think you just upgraded your pass catchers. Like going to Martellus Bennett something that I don't think any of us are possibly coming. Bob Pauley for a let you go another question is it when it comes to. Backups defensively. How much do you think they need another because. I don't know what's gonna have a LaTroy got me you obviously he's had his issues in the past how much do you think they have to address that middle position that nose tackle position. Because we know that they have Kenny Clarke played a you're gonna need some additional guys there how much do you think they're gonna have to address that a draft. Yet with or without which right now and I think regardless. If it's one of your biggest need positions. I probably wouldn't put it above corner on the edge rusher but that only because you know that's. And that shows coming bigger hole you have this bill on the defense were may be the only position. You can truly feel good about it safety. And that's that's really saying something speaking of which really impresses you the contract that Clinton to exclude the year that will be. But will be out quite I assume but I think you know penny Clark still there a youngster like a lot to learn. Mike Daniels in the prime of his career. Even have to put some stock into what team while we can use or round pick last year so with the without god and without him before. The very least you complain first for sure seemed like it is being reported restructured and shot it I am gonna be back with the team which is. Mindful real economic they have given so many chances which is incredible for a gotten. They are out there but you know I don't at that point that it could still use help and whether that's another first round pick and he did laps or 10 o'clock. Don't doubt it. But maybe the spot they know in the near future or they maybe could have a better and at some point a couple weeks. This is always follow Joseph again soon man okay. Our public jocular they go Paula we agree all greeting going Willis joining us for a couple of minutes on the Schneider warned challenge shatter Harry drivers right now you work hard to treat you fair eighty plus years beginning it and call an 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com the.