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Clemens: A lot of good things to say about Bennett

Mar 13, 2017|

03/13/17: Mike Clemens, NFL Sirius XM Radio, reacts to the Packers flurry of additions and subtractions over the weekend. How much does Bennett and Kendricks help this offense?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It or Michael the Rachel. Is a Ruben in the ritual the Rachel's made the pastrami correct on checked out there and to do that. Pretty awesome match checked I'm good it's been an exciting week and you just can never predict what happens with the NFL free agency where you surprised I wasn't surprised that Ted. I was surprised he went after Martellus Bennett are surprised he sign Maya I don't spend it I didn't. I had to triple checked at before. I said that on the air I knew we had to do Sosa so either cook or somebody else going who's gonna get to try to limit to get then Lance Kendrick on top of that our thought was another surprise here other surprise. So you get into Thursday. And you see that Julius Peppers is not been invited back you know there's no talks between the Packers and Julius Peppers so he moves and goes back home. For retirement. If you will with the Carolina Panthers that's fine. JC trenor pleas are now that's a guy that started for you on the offensive line and the Browns paid right away no questions asked. Micah Hyde. Signing with the bills and then Micah. Mike is is gonna guys they come. He's packer people straightforward. Great to talk to after game's greats talked to a labor practice. To break down what's going on with the x.s and nose in the football. And for Michael Lewis from Mike it is say thank you very much for your support packer nation but. Disappointed I never got an offer from the Packers. That's ahead scripture and I and you know is we talked about this before on on Friday I was it was disappointed that. You have to measurable say that he's not the fastest guy on the field there's so many other things that he was able add to your secondary so that just. If you RE went into this free agency knowing you had a need at the secondary. That just became bigger. Jared Cook and his agent are talking the Packers through third tonight they break off they start talking on Wednesday arm Friday. And it's my sense now. That maybe Ted. Saw the Martellus Bennett was available. And maybe didn't advance the talks Friday midday there when Martellus Bennett became. Really we can get him for that for point one mean that's the direction at that moment because you've got Jared Cook. Saying over the weekend. There's been a lot of misinformation and I want to make clear I didn't turn down anything from Green Day. So I think that Ted just went and said wait. You know Jared was injured. Came back got injured at the start of the season had a great November December made an epic catch against the Cowboys. But I get Martellus Bennett for this six with seven to fifty. I think he upgraded. Poll when that stuff was all on the table. I think they'd Ted looked at that in. I I agree with you that he upgraded. In the sense of not necessarily atlases and I think he's got a true moral of possession tight end in a guide it's going to catch you more touchdowns it's gonna be that guy in the end zone as well a lot of people think the Martellus is a better blocker too and he's a better blocker. And I agree with. So whatever but I glance Kendrick probably more of the Jared Cook it's this type of every yearly go to the Super Bowl. And we leave and we come back and about a month or two later there's some sort of a weird connection that we make. That ends up. Coming back like a boom lying to Green Bay and this fear for me it's Martellus Bennett. A guy that I didn't get talked to very much when he's with the Chicago Bears but there to super ball. Got to be around them a lot and you. Was in the locker room after they won the game and he walked away celebrating because he has this huge personality wreck east Michael Strahan he's. I mean the personality kitchen first. And so when he said there there's any walks away and he looks like Shaq I mean he's so big. Is say. Recreate Green Bay could bring in a guy like that Murton and now you find out there Brooke that guy signed there. But this poses an interest in question how does Martellus Bennett fit into the Ted Thompson Green Bay Packers this its going to be fun to watch. Now Martellus. The other thing too is we spent you know at 910 days in Houston. That's his hometown mean I mean he was like the number one ranked tide and in the country coming on a high school. He had stacks of offers from schools. And you know and at times maybe he he was so gifted and ran over everybody in the Houston area what he was the high school and before I went to. A Texas eight and that he. You know he my got a little lazy at times you know big man on campus scholarship sort of mentality. And Jerry Jones was critical of him in his time after the Cowboys drafted him in 2008000001. Year with the Giants. UN with the Bears and he had some ups and downs there but you know he was in the middle of that turmoil with marked trash man in right Lovie getting cod and all that. In a one day he's in there it's five days into training camp about four years ago. And he just hauls off on Kyle Fuller the defensive back. And got suspended during training camp because trust and having people skills and but you know he hits you he said things like that he had things when he was with the Cowboys where he was. You know I Heatley is questioning Tony Romo maybe Jon Kitna should be their quarterback and you know put a little due to videos and things like that that were sort of circumventing so I think he's grown out of that. During the Super Bowl I mean he's you know. He's back home now with the Patriots and he gets that shot a chance to win. A Super Bowl and now we have the five catches for what 6566. Yards in the game against the Falcons. Let's not forget. He had a ball on his hand it looked like you is gonna catch the winning touchdown on the call pass interference. They set it up with twos actually James White who ends up being the hero but Martellus Bennett's all the came that close to winning two scoring the winning touchdown. In that epic comeback over the Falcons. Inseparable 51 and his home town so that's where this guys that. They tried it is C he I think he wanted to stay with the Patriots. He wanted to trying to top dollar Patriots are gonna play gronkowski first in get somebody else. Contract talks broke down last November's took eight now Torre understood. I don't think Martellus got as much in the market as he wanted to Horry just settle for we and I can now run with Aaron Rodgers. Let's let's threat. So. I don't by the waiting your legacy to the Bears stick into the barely of their on the rest of I know I know the division I've played all those other teams so there's a lot to go from there. Lance Kendrick is a guy is about six foot three. Not the passes out there although he had a better time in the forty than Mark Ellis to and there are at the come line. Felix former 546 or something like that you know I watch taping him. Good enough hands he's coming from hell he's coming from five years of Jeff Fisher they never broke 500. Okay and then his coach gets fired. Last December usually LA Rams are rebuilding and they're getting their own guys and and that's why Lance is out on the street last week and I'm Tony others played times that we saw Lance Hendrickson the former badger. From Rufus king high school in Milwaukee warming up on the sidelines that are dominant. And then in the Edward Jones dome and the Packers would play the Rams down there and you could see the scouts look insane. I've been skeptic so all of a sudden Richard Rodgers drops of the back line for hours and it's. And you've got two solid tight ends that are those guys can be healthy for twelve games. Roger's gonna have a great time now who's going to pass protect Aaron Rodgers. TJ Lang's guaranteed money and 99 dollars is more than the Packers paid. In David Bottke Ares guarantee you last fall. The industry Elijah is paid guaranteed money for regarding years for a guard. That what the Packers just did for their proven left tackle after four years and David Bakhtiar. That's how. And the silly the money is the Lions paid for that. TJ well he's probably win Vijay as from Michigan heat hold us he was building a new home. In Michigan sort of getting a starter for his football days roll with or something to be at the summer while he's could be Livan. Don't forget that. The idea I agree with you very stimulating their boot would you know I seven's I alert and Leary and those guys are yeah signing. The money for guard went crazy act of the market and that was that was the end and oh by the way there's salary cap on the 167 million I don't think Ted got the number yet but the rest of the team that is I think it's been a 167 million that we we got to that a minute hero quick do you think Ted is done or do you think he's he's got to go out and get some defensive so whatever. A board tells them to. You know he'll go out there and say whoa yeah we've got to needed it and it at defensive back here we've called this guy's interest had to come and here I like I like his numbers let's bring amend. Let's talk to him he'll he'll he'll make a couple he could make a couple other signings. I I hope he doesn't think he can just sit the rest of this out now and go draft and undrafted players the Phillies other holes because he hasn't got right guy right now. I don't think is Jason spring sprigs as a guy that you project eventually to be. Blog is replacement right tackle but I think if you had to play tomorrow it's probably would play right guard. There's and Lucas Patrick kid did they'd had. He's like 313 he can looks like a mini TJ Lang TJ Lang he did starting always drafted even started that super Bulls season. Those last time I saw Ted start guards was Daryn Colledge. His rookie season 2006 you almost got Brett Favre killed so. My advice to Aaron Rodgers is as he's warming up right now working out in San Diego is take the shotgun snap and then run left. Option as to just do not expect out much coverage over there right guard right now until they can go with the current position they might they might draft a guard. And start a rookie at right guard. As always Michael and we will talk to again clearly a Qatar but it de Julio my Clemens joining us for a couple of minutes.