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Reischel: Ted Thompson has a lot of holes to fill still!

Mar 15, 2017|

Rob Reischel, from Packers Plus, joins Chuck and Winkler to discuss the latest moves made by the Packers in free agency. Are the Packers all-in for next season?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Look fifty doing the long off season. Hey this is powered team there is no off season this is chuck didn't wing clears. Green and gold daily this team will never win a championship if the defense doesn't get better green and gold particularly prone to play McCormick who office McCormick law office Wisconsin's neck and back into his thirties. Secondly I'm borrowing there that is John Freeman and on the great midwest bank hotline with the Milwaukee journal sentinel and Packers plus it's robber right shoulder. Rob good morning how are you. Hey Robbie. Or not you know what they hear one secular time these days. Now and it's Italy tournament too so they are let me ask you this player you know law. You know Aaron Rodgers walls anybody I mean it is anybody to get in the media what do you think now when he said that their hope that the all Ian. In the off season. Would. In if you went to Aaron right now and says Erin. Do you think Ted has been all in that sole far in the offseason. What do you think is honest answer would be Macias or maybe even off the record. Why and and got a pitch up in the you know this is while Aaron not shot according they're being out here to go on the record the light. It'll be really interesting the next time people which at the top Aron. But eat he is not a dancer chuck would be boy. If it at all in. I may never win another ring. They did you think it's if that. I think he might that arc knock off the record to be. On the record heat obviously be a little more politically correct in. Indians around at a young guy to step up and do that snapped an army chocolate and wait and now. The word out about seven guys know a lot walk in not just not a random I struck pretty hard and an amateur meanwhile Erik cook or I'll account in the southern. Were. You're talking about key contributors I mean really important players meet to a their pick. Offensive linemen to all inside linebackers right about quarter from a year but what might I. Even though it wouldn't let. Let snaps there than the other three that they'll bring back in our running back at what point or touchdown in the first two years. With the Packers and ideally he and I beat the I I think it got better at tight end shot but that that's about. It. If it hit the ball at man. A mandate Amy couldn't they why considerate never a problem. So you think number twelve would not this would not suffice the satisfied. The Pallet of Bob Aaron Rodgers. I mean accurately don't ever want to speak for somebody else but I. At right now aired locally. Arguing the robber racial I'm chuck and wake where I think when we ask people that question. Does it seem like the Packers are really all animal as you guys. Again here in about twelve minutes. There's the shiny objects of they got a couple of tight ends but there are sold many holes specifically running back. And then the offensive line and in U of cornerback still and the linebackers like you mentioned. You can't feel all these guys all these holes you can't find impact guys. In the draft a right I mean. Is there part of you that maybe things. There they're gonna compete as you're clearly the Packers always do. But are they more trying to re load for Tony eighteen and they are trying to be all in for Tony seventeen. You know like I joked with somebody yesterday Arctic air ball and they're all 48. They're in and out the only. Seven guys there and at least the way it stands right now but the ball takes you can get in a draft compensatory wise it's pork salt. Even that's not in it's only a light doling out but I agree with your park in in and chocolate while I mean. If you are getting better Natalie yeah you write all this are getting worse and we we can certainly look right now what its roster and what they've walked them update edit. And and I certainly it can be made that there's no weight just heat is has gotten better here. You're right park that they got them signing Detroit they're for rockers play with that and I do think you up at the B I knew it absolutely. A 100% they have the by the cart because. The other the first time you know they they audit and Adrian Klemm Arnold will win it curl the world the clock and keep the quarterback clean guys. And he gets hurt I mean they're they're gonna want to run the general manager Al belt. We we we saw that will be back in 2005. Wall over era. And and try to go Clement Whitaker that year now and just look actor and and green Bay's line. A lot now. And Elaine Taylor but an adequate starter that that nobody nobody out there would be like the lately or a whole lot of money. I do think ya Portland being fine guy that they can that they can find that there are because I think the tight end Eric so much the green gave up and dark but. That he and yet though. A divine how to my house that they do is they hopes this secondary. He becomes the best putter to secondary don't you think. Like I mean he becomes about corner I mean I do think they're pretty good at the heat up. That's all it went 21 and 42 at a pretty good football player overall but. Yeah I mean. If I gotta you gotta gotta become mine you know when when he adaptable corners just seeing where our lineup and try and in not in quite seventeen I looked at seeing group ot point three point or 36. Illegal block what what the definition of insanity right in the paint it all and all aren't. You know expecting different results and I don't know why anybody would expect that result everybody you. Everybody watch the NFC championship in soccer in only understand Atlantic outscored 63 point in Knick team shall do I mean that grind it happened in the second half and you'd chuck 32 in the first half. And if if Atlanta needed a putt up. Another two or three can't stop panicking and chuck it really caught up com and inept secondary is it still an unbelievable Matt guys at least a quarter it is. And if it connecting all the sudden they're gonna jump from number 31 and happy and that number want it at a lot I think gay finished yet and holding quarterback rating. By bringing back Randall and rotten Gunter calm that that's pretty risky business and Jack you know you brought Roger up. The start of the show I talked Iraq is a few times of the year about their peak in on me Europe and here in all if at the top five or opt. The three quarter when that guy the rookie rocketed illegal animal all day long a lot saving Green Bay trade dop. Find a way to your corner to win the draft. That in theory look like he can play. Not gonna happen right away as a rookie chop there there's a large learning curve. That player might turn into the you know economic turn in into a really good player a year to work three on the role. But as far as point seventeen chuck right now that quarterback group looks like probably one of the worst career or football. I feel the what the on the offensive side he had guard if they could find somebody to replace TJ length maybe that's step in May be right way and be great. Arnold TJ Lang has a great player he's not but I think they could they could fill that hole right there. You're under happening immediately to be he had a great player he's yelling over the last five years. You know has has read it I'll according to pro football Oca consistently in the top five guards that football. Well I think great up your hall of fame I'm guys Lewis agreed to be holed out. Garko and all being I mean he's he's an elite player at his position I understand. You know why you don't want to give him nine and a half million injury history and in a body breaking down in coaching thirty and in all hold reason but as our point seventeen shot. Com. And took the day you couldn't find a guard. It's not Eddie tech took a chance. You know it's we all remember back at all I'm when he let out our core here and Mike Wahle all walked and you know the end of the it'll probably turn out to be good the agent. Cook all of those guys mark or let the let the two years in ballot and Mike Wahle eventually broke down to worry about it will be done by auto eat. Calm but in the short term shot. Green Bay in a massive right wreck RP -- that fight that'll I'd eat at you got all remember for twelve and eventually end up getting Mike Sherman fired on the net now with a map that year and in a big reason why chop it it just didn't have adequate start. I think going Gillard adequate job but he nowhere near the football player that that either lane or hit a wide sole. I mean really oppressors dot net right now whether the crap that read whether you find the guy on the street right now but let it but mine got 24 million cap room to stop play with so. They're they're that already and that money doesn't get spent. You know had had got a lot of war still still the biggest problem guys that you were we created now in mull the doctors and picked over pretty you know. All right rob reichel joining us here on second wink or they do have a good chunk of money. Left over you look at some of the guys may be for next season because they're gonna kind of go through this again would Morgan Burnett and and lane Taylor as you mentioned they may have to a lanes Lee Dovonte Adams a duty get money of course they got a page out Janice I mean of course of course. But rob. There's seems to be a lot of money but but nothing to spend it on sold whoa I mean what could they do here in the next couple days it. I towers not gonna come here and I'm Teri polo there's no rumors about and they're not gonna give up a first round pick for one of these quarterbacks. Looks like they're gonna come in with all this money. We don't mind if he carries 8109 and he care he's typically tad but I mean Tony for Tony a million ads you gotta spend it. All I I wholeheartedly agree with you part keep in mind I probably did the rookie. Bombed. You know on in maybe. Median July you know he get one or two little guys you just talked about our long term deal gone. And and that changes a little bit but at the end of the elite company at all art eat Al. He seen 20000016. Somewhere in that range lack Eddie. They teach it should really going out on few veteran I again all. The problem in. Trying to pass on that too too much time Patten. Had needed to do some than a week you go what did that was. You know what I like it equally went to Jacksonville. On I admit that at a corner like at a a contract like that could've been structured. I'm sure real similar Martellus Bennett's work it until the year in 2017. At Logan Ryan. Leaving New England for cannot speak up one adult high level died it -- up on a ball. It went from you at all but we take him out of an -- old guys. He really didn't want me fumble on acting. Last week because what you have now it yet you've you've got the supermarket on Sunday night when everybody went through and not out to be early Monday morning. It's pretty ugly right now that I don't know what he could do. I'm at is jumps rather than maybe make a trade for a guy like Butler from New England or or something like yeah dorsett the sit and wait until picked 49 in the draft. Because that is unlikely that a more opera I go and get somebody but. This may be the groupies were connect guys heading in that 2017. And and once again I'd I don't think that's a real pretty picture the look back. Well consider yourself not going to the Super Bowl again that's so that's for sure if that's the case to the American women debt defense. I'd agree with the all Hartley soccer me yeah you'll look across the board to the all. I'd have to do on the replay it looked like I had that might have to be a draft pick it got to get a couple more outside linebackers now that effort did jolt Burke ought. So that could be a couple of draft picks. They need at least two quarters. There's a couple of your draft picks right so that let let's say even putting three quarter that pick somebody and decided ready and finding Carty. Running back it would perky and another wideout in. Welcome rod I needed it although all over the place like our hot start early in the Shell and that wants rap just won't do it. Not the time where you know guys like Bill Belichick get filled in with veteran free agent that can help a lot of all with was. Sensational at doing yet in in his decade running Green Bay. Football side things where where he would goal at this time of the year and right find that Rose will person and Iran Cox's guys like at The Who could help you out on a short term basis that's something I'd really indict any DuBois. That supermarkets and an eight supermarket line that's a good on Robbie should be a writer. I don't remark. Or. Like in round rights joining us things traveled to acted on the row Robin. Round reichel joining us on the great midwest bank hotline great it was bank when he ready eating two or back into the housing market. Look no further than great mid West Bank is agreement West Bank that counting the next step toward your new home.