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Jeremiah: Deepest secondary I've ever seen

Mar 15, 2017|

03/15/17: Daniel Jeremiah, NFL Network Draft Analyst and Host of the 'Move the Sticks Podcast', takes a look at the Packers' needs in the Draft. Which CBs will be available for them in the first round? When should the Pack take a RB?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Talking NFL draft and we know the Packers have been active in free agency which is not a T I my tong almost snapped out of my head when I said that. What they have been still need some help offensively right now and that it talk older more about it did Daniel Jeremiah the NFL network draft analyst. He is so you know going to be you know give you while he's gonna charge out of his now he's on the Schneider worn childlike. I don't and Jay and Daniel what's up man in my mouth isn't working why holy mackerel. Dollar created the opt out if this is it's really weird because we we were not used to talking about the NFL draft in NFL free agency during March Madness because dead dead doesn't only do everything in any of those so my he'd get ready for the draft but he doesn't talk about it so. This is all really weird to us right now. Well yeah that is similar to open but there's been a lot of names in the building as well but. Nice to see them be a little bit more aggressive and freed the on the guy's helmet and and I think. There are situated with kind of where there there needs lion draft I think the really good image here once we get to it Philadelphia. They have two big needs in my opinion number one is pass rush. Probably a couple of a home and number two. Is going to be another defensive back to add to fold sore or are they is it plant a solo food plentiful both those areas. Yeah I think there's a really good group of edge pressures. You know I think when you look in the secondary I think it's the deepest secondary group that I've. That I've done but I iceberg scouting O Reed Baltimore and I've never seen a year we have this much epic warmer and it safety so. It's a phenomenal year to fill those needs and I would say you know property data running back in the mix as well. That's a heck of a group running back so that they're going to be real to get some guys in this draft they're coming to play right away. That's gonna ask is my third option was going to be the running back situation if not one may be true reports all said none depending on who they like. That they have in the fold right now so if I'm gonna come out and I'm Ted I'm saying OK I'm gonna fill a need right away. Sitting here and I think what 2728. Some like that. Where are the green bay Packers and most likely going to go in your opinion. I think when you look at how the board stack up I think they're gonna sit there and say okay we've you know we've we've got an edge rushers we like. I think he'll be plenty or running back I think the running back thing I think they wait on that all the third fourth round you can get good players. And becoming a plate right now I think they're going to be starter corner that maybe early on I didn't envision would fall collapse and you know couple guys. Keep an eye on if you want just a real real explosive player you have a guy like Tory Jackson though he's undersized. That doesn't really fit their bill I think that you have to give that you're. Consideration you go Marlon Humphrey from Alabama will be there and I think once he will did not run quite as well anticipated from Florida. Think a lot of people thought he would be on. But I think he will be their when their pick and so if I had to guess right now today I would say they're probably gonna have a course so are other orbit will be able passing out. I was gonna say that they're they're looking for corner the other guy that I'm looking for is an outside back or somebody's gonna put some pressure. All on the on the quarterback and the guy that here I mean obviously everybody would want to see come into the fold is either TJ watt or Vince Spiegel. Blight. Is a guy like TJ why do you think he could some say he's going to be maybe a second rounder to Doug should the Packers weights or do you think that they would grab him as a first rounder or trade back to get a pick. And then get him as well. I think he'd be at. RB you know I go back and forth I think I'll might sequence put the power player rated I have had 303036. Somewhere around there so he's about borderline first round second round. But to me. The guy when you watch him and you're familiar with the development he's gotten better and better and better which means that the trend line it's just point north I think his best football ahead of them. I think he's going to be even better pro that he was in college so I mean I I would not have any problems at all they turn in the card there were the pick in the first I think if you trade back. You better not go back far is that the range where he's gonna go. What is Saddam if you lose your top three outside backers is it Ruben Foster earned Redick and Anderson McKinley in that area. Yeah you've got you've got a couple of guys so Foster and Redick in the air inside they're going to be inside linebackers. On at the next level Gerry Davis would be another inside linebacker when you start talking about. You know guys I guess you could really those guys you can. We kind of planned and what scheme is. I had a 43 they can play you know any of the three spots. But and you start talking about true kind of stand up edge guys. Now you start getting into that Peter Arnett from tendency. Well obviously most feared the very top of that list and you go Barnett that you got guys like tech McKinley in and even talk problem I think could survive out there in that role also. It's a good group there there's a lot of depth there TJ though you wanna talk about upside of what they could potentially be edge rushers you and he is right up there near the top. I've got an obviously good pedigree and a motor that doesn't stop then you've got the corners and you'd mentioned corners a little bit earlier. Now the kid did that Desmond king out of Iowa's a guided tell a lot of people are high on around here obviously L Lattimore out of Ohio State Connolly out of Ohio State trip rural white got to relish your man go through that list but. Who's all really realistically going to be there when the Packers are picking. Don't have a shot at I think both Florida kids will be there when Quincy Wilson he's tapered you do want and as well as they hoped. So I think you've terrible them created Adam. Now he's all right. We beat obviously achieved. A lot. But he doesn't play the ball great down the field so I think you'd. Be there as well the cute statements. I think are true they be as white. And you look at you know won't from from Colorado both those guys can play every position in the secondary and that versatility and the Packers have always. Put a lot of stock again and and both Smart. Talk you know they've graduated are great character he would I mean just very little risk maybe your pocket hit a home run. And had a solid double all. The thing that I like I'm looking for is a guy they did he can can go straight line speed guy that can catch yeah we see him shields went before he went down he was that guy 'cause if he got burned it was no big deal was he to make it up as you that straight line speed who's got that coming into this draft. Well I mean I think you can look at Adori Jack Ingram 43 now he's our hand so you don't you sacrifice some of the size or that speed. But then you look at you know you look at Kevin King you mentioned from Washington. He ran in the low four force you to six with three to work out war. So you don't see those come around very often unfortunately his teammates Sydney Jones fit the bill as well. But he you know had a fortunate Achilles injury at the Prodi in the days and that'll that'll white if not like out of the mix there for the first couple rounds but. You know we've got there there are some interest and I will be no fatwa from from UConn who is six foot or 220 plus pound safety. Light up and played some corner at the Senior Bowl and actually held up really well and he went out there and jumped over the mown at the top muttering in the fourth or so. There are some teams that are gonna give him a look see more well. Daniel appreciated is always in his Villa did draft draws near red red judge please review again okay. I appreciate that out here L I've moved about thirteen eight and trap and we assists. We are Houston for the Super Bowl or you down there then. No I did not I did not make it will Chara called audible at the my wife who now it would big very Smart. Yeah I was gonna say that without and that's absolutely brilliant because that was kind of similar traffic on their highways down there was. It which one of those things where you watch your Google map and it set all 24 and 44 minutes to get to to the convention center and then as you got on the highway the number kept going up instead of down. It's not exactly. What what a lottery and climb. Up. Nasal touch base again soon okay. Are you of anybody judge later they go Daniel Jeremiah he's the NFL network analyst you can follow him at move of the sticks move the sticks. On Twitter and you can also see him on that path to the draft it's Monday through Friday 5 o'clock central on the NFL network. He's a host to move the sticks podcast with Bucky Brooks an NFL now YouTube by twos all that kind of good stuff but did Daniel Jeremiah joined us on the Schneider or challenge -- Harry drivers right now you work are they treat you fair. Eighty plus years beginning it and call an 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com.