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Woelfel: Two wins on the road trip would be a success

Mar 15, 2017|

03/15/17: Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times and discusses the Bucks current six game road trip.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dawkins some bucks basketball. Gary wall for the receipt journal times and waffles press box and now joining us on the Schneider orange hotline hello Gary. Hello bill how are you. I am doing while I am a still searching for the fountain of youth that Vince Carter seems to have dove into you know what though I'll say this. Vince Carter I was watching is I was watching a game and they were shown some of the pregame stuff and early on. They showed Vince Carter like in there before anybody. And you know white guys like that way that continue to hang around it's because they worked their tails I mean they had talent but they worked their tails off and Vince Carter still get it done. I'll have Little League you know play that you matched up him and Jason Terry. He and they'll get to beat Ole two of the three oldest players in the NBA yeah Vince Carter for the union. Jason Terry is thirty yet and attacked you. Jason the other day I thought perhaps this might be is farewell flown. And if that belt I'm gonna play two more years for sure. And so but I mean those guys loved what they do you know I mean you can just see the passion that they have for the game. Yeah come in in the box obviously and have an answer for. Now he he might have one of the best games he's had the last decade. I think you what would you like he's parade or something and something crazed. 24 points stupid numbers and they just he was put it up from everywhere and it is scary couldn't get past. Right you know I try to build high school believers that. In that that's so long ago that was put. When he came out everybody was wondering if you double B a great player they knew you can be a phenomenal athlete. But they just had no PP you know a great player. And obviously you you know he has become that. What is success on this road trip in your opinion. Well in my opinion would be yet to win. Six game road trip they already lost we are talking. About. Do you amount of the other night but. There they should be Sacramento. And they should beat the Lakers about the other three teams left that would. I highly doubt put. To me it's pretty imperative that they do them at least two games because. They get. I think stand now eleven games left on the road okay you and there are not a good road team. And then on top of it affects some of those eleven road games are against teams with winning records so. They definitely have our work cut out against them. I was gonna say they only have what six games at home laughter something like this as well. Idea yeah well. It's just it's hard to believe that we got the all star break also in ban the season's over. Yeah if it is kinda weird because they did move the all star game. Beckham thing about a week almost two weeks and has definitely changed. The dynamics of schedule. So looking forward to this TM EII agree I you like to get at least two wins on the road trip and I understand that put. What would it mean if they could just pick off one of those teams are good might fear is is that they're gonna lose to a team they're not supposed to lose to. And losing the teams as close to lose two and you're gonna come back and all the momentum that they had just build up is gonna go right to the rapper. Yeah I mean that's the par for the course lifting and feeling that. You know it may not think that before I came and they play the Clippers tonight. And that and that could be one of those trap games for the Clippers say they got some internal things going. In they might be looking by the book just bought some. There there's been rumors that Doc Rivers who's gonna leave the Clippers after the season possibly go back to Orlando. There have been rumors that Blake. Gripped him. We'll end up with the Miami Heat next year. In it just seems like there's a lot of behind the scenes stuff going out with that team and that there haven't sank. The the other side of the coin is we talk about the Lakers. Now correct me if I'm wrong at the Lakers. Are in the top three year something like there's something there that they. Yeah I have some kind of a draft choice thing or. That yet exactly and if they're upset about three I'd go to Philadelphia and ironically. The Bucs go they had that ticket is part of you Michael Carter William Steele. But that Europe so we can Michael Carter Williams being that beside you look at potential. Very very high draft pick. So. I would assume the word you know very quietly be whispered about the that the Lakers is tanking. So because they want that top three so I understand that so that you should win that ball game but it is somewhere along than that god forbid they going and lose that holy macro. Yeah big little Lakers have you been following the alarm football story yes. Did you see that through that came out yesterday what lob the ball in his brother. I think it's what Melo who senior in high school. There are only driving around 100000. Dollar BMW. Right. Yeah dad is looking for a billion dollars 100 million dollars for ten years for all three of his kids for shoe deal. And on top of that he is already said to the world Mike kids will only play for the Lakers. What where do you go from a 100000 dollar BMW. It's what's next on the up pecking order for you know needs tires. I've I'd. You know blue leverage these aren't you don't like what else I mean you know come on you got upgrade. Imagine that your seventeen years old and you're driving around a PMW. It's not a did you see the video of that the kids I mean it's not like there house is do your 510 million dollar home. This is a small Holman in in California is now a huge huge. Well he can you say he personal trainer right into Floyd is a teacher. So they make how much a year that fact that at. Yes somebody's foot on the money yeah yeah. Yeah you know we wondered about Ruben Patterson when he was living in a Condo driving Mascoll. You know no doubt about it hey I before elegy goes so the rest of this road trip. Bomb you know like we mentioned now a nominee home games left to one is right now after the six game win streak obviously there was a lot of hey look they're kind of turned it around. Without your bar is it just a matter of rhythmic forum guys stepping up or competition or combination era. Well again that's really been stepping up for a minute is Greg Monroe I mean he's been really consistent. And if you're looking for a magic number. It's fourteen he and whenever Greg Monroe scored fourteen points or more. The Bucs have some crazy record I think they'll like sixteen and slid. The sixteen to seven in. So I think it's imperative that you know Greg Monroe could have. Points you know to look compliment gather friends of course because Middleton. Gary always a pleasure we'll chat again next week okay. Like talk chillier there Gary Wolff for the Racine journal times and now wore Bulls press box WE LF ELS war foale's press box dot com. Check his stuff out there and he joined us in the Schneider or a challenge Schneider is hiring drivers right now would you like to be part of their deep. She will course you'll Schneider hiring drivers now column 844 brighter go to Schneider job stuck out. 844. Pride or go to Schneider jobs dot com.