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BIG SHOW 5PM: Pick a Lane

Mar 16, 2017|

03/16/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 5 p.m. Hour - Pick a Lane with the guys, are the Bucks destined to break our hearts, and how big is the gap between Bill Belichick and the Mike McCarthy/Ted Thompson combo?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He and Sparky you. He hours. But having crashed in Burr. Yeah yeah. It's time for the guys still resent them. Big topics from today's bigs you know. And late do you pick to lead. I go away and it. Brought you by the legendary Great Lakes drag away in union grove. Go to great lace dragway dot com for some great holiday gift ideas like twice seventeen season passes and ticket discounts. That's Great Lakes drag away dot com. And it's that time here on the way these big show live from brewers' spring training where I Robby Mac off along with Gary Ehlers that are Steve Sparky Phifer in the packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler back in our holds Chevrolet studios in the hills corners Wisconsin still to come this hour Carlos Torres. You Brewers reliever he was none too pleased with the way Mexico. Was handled in the World Baseball Classic he told him Allen all about it that's coming up at 535. That it Mallon the franchise itself. We'll join us at 548 preview what's coming up on spring training live tonight from seven to nine that follows Sparky Bucs weekly. From six until seven but here is what you have to pick from in great racetrack away pick complaint. Right raider the Bucs destined to break our heart center lane. What you want to start seeing some Brewers prospects and the return lane as the gap large between Belichick and McCarthy. Or ballot check and Thompson 79912. ATP know what's going to wanna get in if not let us reset the big topics discussed on today's big show that pick a lane. Here on the Wendy's big show's marquee the Bucs did what you thought they had very small chance of doing last night in LA first win. On the road against the Clippers since 2007. The eke it out and now hold the seventh seed in the NBA Eastern Conference ID destined to break our hearts though is that other shoot just wait a drop. I don't know man I'm. It's why do you ask me these I'll spartans by sweeping it under the bus after example have a show. Yeah yeah Marty this is an opportunity Osborne's voice we were tonight 6 o'clock that DP a scouting Billy McKinney Gary waffle Collison throughout the entire show plus love Mike Maxi. I previews of the prospects in this year's NCAA tournament at 630 spots looking forward to that awesome offseason stuff with the bump the box. Like it did play hard right if they just play hard night in night out which drugs and all year long work hard and play hard there you don't know slogan of theirs. They're in the playoffs it's just that simple they sit as a seven seed right now they could easily get to succeed. Before the end of the season but they just have to bring that effort night in night out you can't come off on a huge win against the Clippers last night it was you just go back and look at Greg Monroe a dandy game. If you wonder how big it was for this team. Not come off that huge victory and then. Losing its later some run can't have it. You must get that victory tomorrow night these IDs in a position with three left on the rolled Golden State Portland and Sacramento you only need one of those three. Well in order to be 500 on the road trip and that it would be a huge success for this basketball team I've. Also done making proclamations about this team because every time I do it goes the other way and eventually people start blaming me when things go bad. So I'll save myself that trouble but there are born there are four teams Sparky Frankfurt three playoff spots right now between the six in the eighth seed. It's a Pacers the box the Pistons in that order. And then the Miami Heat on the outside looking in who actually are just losing a tiebreaker to the Pistons for that eight seed. So the odds are in their favor that they get one of those three playoff spots that's all I'll say about it and that I'll move on to the setter lane but that's the right lane. Are the Bucs destined. To break our hearts 7991250. Or you can email us live. At 1057. At band and act now moving to the center lane talking Brewers and speaking of the birds Casey's zag yards as the moment ago the big Fella. You went yard to right center field deepest part of the park but it just over the fence into the law to extend numbers lead now to seven to five but want to know. What would you like to see a nice wave of prospects coming up for this Spurs team 7991250. Or you can email us live. At 1057 FM the fan dot com IC meaningful baseball in September coming to Milwaukee in one. So I'd like to see some of those prospects start getting a little bit of experience the top prospects who I think are ready for at the Louis Princeton's of the world maybe Lucas there's sag maybe Josh -- Luis Ortiz of a bigger more Major League ready guys Brett Phillips Trent Clark. Maybe get up to the big leagues this year get a taste of the majors so that they're ready for it when it really counts next years' park I'm not rushing anything. But also not holding anybody back with that when he nineteen timeframe. That you Evan your mind to compete and not really paying all that close of attention to the service time considerations that you have to give. Yeah I do it's got to do general manager running back laughed. I'm. Calling the eight did I really do I think you can be in pretty good and it and you is in ways yeah yeah as the two. Matt quit today you can see what happens tomorrow but I try to get you see what happens after your will be OK with it which your job don't get another one in the NC it. Should no longer had to announce that out being foreclosure by tomorrow I'd need it yeah. Again it goes them. All do I glare and I've got a house outside. So take it out it at my girlfriend outlook apparently take it out though well there with the continued to Edmonton that's. Covering the bios. Not very bright guy next to me is kids moved out here you as he's taken me. But my tree I'll run. Now. And Jacob and build in the Roy did you isn't heated up for Jerry to stay if you they could stay there he said Gary you fund. My dream when you and then eat what you're paid for everything and there are radio dead man aren't exposed to sports history. Actor guy you lot. Not as much as we used to grow. Faster. Yes but look at 2000. 1980 live were boarding that as as the target date. As far as when you wanna compete again up for the Spurs baseball team I don't think you hold back top prospects of 2009 lose Branson is good enough to be on this team this year. I at some point and would have so for me he's ready to go Josh Gator probably ready to go by the end of this year or early next year god knows you. After the close to. Bet I think it's a little bit longer for some of these other guys write any news or demo quarry raid Brett Phillips these guys I think that's now second half. Up next year 2018. Or early 2019. Before Dole's guys necessarily. Are ready to come up and contribute but if you could add a Brentson and a heater by the end of this year early next year. Now give the fans some hope of what is coming down the line for the same Lucas Ers think again in 20192002. Lifer Irsay probably. So you're still a ways away I just I don't want to get in a situation where Ole man. Gotta bring up two guys this year to show the fans said that we're doing something old Mac Everett have two guys next year's show the fans were doing something. Let's not rush this OK just wait. Until they're ready and then move forward. So that's the center lane when would you like to see you waiver Brewers prospects coming up 7991250. Or email us live it 1057 FM the fan dot com in moving to the return lane. I'll leave this one to our two former Packers as we ask Gary dollars and and the Roy Butler Gary is the gap larger between Bill Belichick and Ted Thompson are between Bill Belichick and Mike McCarthy. Oh. Had a couple. Oh boats are out. And it would. Weird thing if from party likes right from a very normal human credit for. Wait what do you makes me. If you look at probably done it this job this off. You know they're rideau the maneuvered away when two players. Players. And in Europe ought to. If it is for him. It adjusted and started they wrote a lot about about what other what are their reluctantly to Wear for a Belichick and optical. Years. Sat out this year. I mean he's done an amazing job of making. Bottom six years ago that fifth at this year's sort of prize if you approach this year it will Lockett record. That's because BO has said it's not all your. If you didn't happen if always wants that we're here we're about. Yeah again I just tonight. Might be content to me it's coats. I mean again. When you have a owner that basically gets out of your way. You can do some things like that you can you know Youkilis out of view you know. Alleges. Murderers. You know you can say I am convicted that you know his and that may be in this does that had a clean up little bit A you can't remember murderer. It you can. Risk taker you know you go out if that's traded and you. Get rid of Jamie out and I'll. But when you didn't like to. When these people have seen them a track record a two wanted to right way or the way. For a decade and wine. Probably second when his team. And you warms up a Bulls. You know you don't want to separate them a little bit but I would list we have a question before it Rami just kind of ran through he did it cedar. We went Rhett yeah I don't know I went through what you want wanted to he's got to be Europe coaches you know GM. I showed us that woods would you rather than how how does that twist on the it's not a in the two is that a topic is the team that going to break as again. Which rather have Bill Belichick as your coach or Bill Belichick if you GM. However their attitude and greet me. Not a drop and stop it yet a man use your ass and say Liu wall. Well I had I bit and my card all the what did duel and in doing that might do the right. Back to pick one or the other I'd rather commitment GM and keep my car at the is the coach. If it would have had that too much and again if I had my way entirely I would have Bill Belichick is at my coach and GM if I'm being honest with you but we've reached that. You know when he go to sleep tonight throws and gluten. You would. Want to reset the big topics discussed out days are going to be in them and they had they would night regular guy you get adults say out of it big crowds right they are the puck destined to break our hearts. Better LA you want to be towns on the coach a huge huge what I'll. Yeah I. Yeah. Coach Wendy what it starts the Brewers prospect whether it's fair. Larger bid played well at the art or bella jacket opposite 79920. Victory against live this guy. At 105 sent it back and yeah. Just got to count does talk about when he ran out all right. Speak out about it out despite not let you get a pitch that I'm not. I hope somebody's paid him good money see by my count that's ridiculous I give me have friends. Them to have like man. Just Torrance I'll. That's you know no pickles no no and I don't have the say hey man. All here because you got to get him Reggie know it conference they drop it when you ordered. I mean baskets and got it must do to get some free once tomorrow from Andre when you're not well yeah. They'll move runners on will get one though not. Yeah it'll be our guys. Yeah. I totally off. I don't it don't matter as not outside it has. Yeah very. Exaggerate in there for you you you don't need to go outside and it's not a balmy it's like thirty something. Jericho what it's like eighty. That's just the Nationals Park. My knees is adding that quarter pound double sag has an option number four for four dollars but over a quarter pounder before Nuggets Fries at eight drink or just. Four dollars. That deals are good shouldn't exist yet it's option for about four for sleeping on the catcher period you berg in my fourth and five and yet it. It's a participating locations for a limited time only and like Roy was talking about natured Ted Ginn. The tide salad body is not enduring leg haven't fish and you know most of you so why not take advantage of it real in the crunches catches fish sandwich season. At Wendy's you're locked in for the return of what he's North American Todd Sand wedges over. Back in crunch your than ever simple right. 100%. While god North Pacific got governing Christie tangle grounds for a taste you can hear topic creamy build tires also relays at. And three tackles were crunched my says Nene to the tackles up so much delicious crunch it's a perfect lower for free sailors lovers. And it's only at Wendy's for eight. Limited. Time. Quick break they let the final say on the big topics discussed out today's big show and Great Lakes dragway pick a lane. You're listening to the Wendy's big show a lot numbers spring training and on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan's. Among them the number. It's a throwback Thursday presented five masters he's I'm Ronnie Mac off along with the former packer and badger running back scary collars and LeRoy Butler. Backer all reverend LeRoy and Steve Sparky piper are back in our Holtz Chevrolet for them realists on the fourth and hails corners Wisconsin was that I think that might have been. Like a relatively new one that they that they got out of them all that daily. The repeat over and and release that seventh straight would drought. I'll be out to get over it I didn't I didn't really added I don't know if I've always been a great senator though. But the guy like that's a yeah setting the big topics discussed on today's big show and giving you the final say out of it here's what you have to pick from. In Great Lakes drag Olympic align right later the Bucs destined to break our hearts setter lane when you wanna start seeing Bruce prospects come up. And the return man is a gap larger between ballot check and McCarthy. Or bella checked and Ted Thompson 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057. FM the fan. Dot com Jeff would we have first up on the phone line. I'll take it let's go to us after an oh curry Q your next time relate straggler jiggle and it's on Sam. They got their good. Hall I'm gonna go at and say that the Bucs are I think in the playoffs that quality depth when it happened. I mean the Bulls already were imploding and not a lot you wait speak and act them out. And I don't think it is old and on they've been kind of when needed here so. I think in the barked you know matchup you know either Wizards Celtics and you saw what they did the Wizards earlier this year at all well. I think I think they're gonna they're gonna make it play out here and it Dolly and doom play like Atlanta had it there all the Petit. They did they would the book. I exercised the call I just in joy you are not little. Brescia on these guys. I'm not I'll be lucky EKG machine and been down no. I'd do it there and then blew. There. Does that one point in laws live album a lovely eight and nine in a row early in the years if corrected that. So I just sit back and just enjoy the ride this year is the most game that they speed you'd just maybe version you went a lot of games to you know so. The support system is dead that would my hard don't just get golf. Active they league in his house well I just Internet I enjoy it. You know waiting for another couple more years make an all these guys. To really get up to speed now and a new arena opened when they cut their rhythm which I've got a piece of scissors took them pop art. Have made by you. That's when I'm gonna say let's go oh this won't stop moving things now. You know design works out best next year right. You know Beijing 2008 scene right now and you have a two years eighteen going in the night right yeah I will be excited everything all the new stuff will come out. But now didn't they in the playoffs is a fantastic. You know not makers and you Brooks and you guys saw it or not yesterday. Working out again want Marmol with Kevin Garnett yesterday out in LA. And got nets out there are some assuming maybe to get a couple more work outs and if you're doing it's not know dealt with KG this offseason to continue this this development that visa to have been working on together this season. Boy oh boy I mean you could talk about 88 nice gigantic step forward next year for fond. To add to what you got us and continues to improve a going into next season. You might be getting to where you want to be quicker than you would thought originally if font can develop quickly like I honestly care yeah. Know you what you would hope so where I think he took great throughout we're we're just come out tomorrow La he wasn't talented now they're out in LA and he's working with got to sound and Elena you should probably learn yesterday and I so. I mean that's what you want. And from there you know. March them Garrett Connor. Garrett Connor about what has gone to the Raiders he's gone to mark him off poker. Accidentally got Jerry cook and Connor bar and now that he went to the rain breaks all the rant right leaders not. Yes so six and a half with incentives that does that does it up to succeed and have me. Just to Pakistan to do that I don't know put it out of loves it. Now do you when you do start to come down here I don't know at this time. Giveaway is better for the one deal is. And normally like. We're right here next to people were injured receivable warn you that we cursing out not always good to me to do arms loose shoppers early and a lot of Smart. That's what you should be doing your general manager of these guys don't write in I actually write memoirs that right to Tony and actually new and actually greatly strike like nickel and you're on the Wendy's big showed up Tony I don't. Hello Tony I'm Tony. Cars you I think it pretty you out Belichick in. There are delicate. The big bear suit so. I mean they are ordered drivers check now do or lob and I think Super Bowl. And in and out. Few errors there is so horrible you know unless. They played and they had bull car virtual. Bubble under. I'll. Beatable. Yeah so you're right they are right. When he came out to. Be home about McCartney's first your right and a lot. Yes. I. Picked the right coach McCarthy coached great gave a car repeated brought to bow driver. Mark big whether that. The Rio mar that. Giant stride in the game when it only takes an immense mr. bill doubled and your right note from a fortunate that you think about that -- are cars. You think about the other game not too long ago. There's there's force balls right there that you love to Mort should have been more. The Patriots had bad luck to nation at two more Super Bowl and what you're right yeah no you're right there you're right. Our it would have been right exactly yeah I really happens. In it's you know. Both times than Giants mill town brown north side your next Madrid extra electrical and you go on return like Neal Tom Brown. Would terrifying you know I got to stay hot to not celebrate talk to you in awhile. Little high to the metal to build men gear title lol little picture don't you. Called marquee product to be instigated leeward ball and doing the ringleader. Nominee I'm going to be quick development work on YouTube. I haven't been got a chance talking theology lately but I was playing. Oh. It's guys going to the bottom line and that is good reviewed finally and not. Me didn't hit it well and want to do very everywhere were. I think yeah. It. I don't return leg could I think a McCartney of the bitter cold and home. Military helping Belichick is a little bit better in tip top in but not much. Because if you go or what I needed to keep doing what they're older coast. Don't we hear about women don't blow it you never fire. Don't owners are cold who's been good journey on our glue. Mobile home tired to read bill can reach. Stool you know low odds are going with McCarthy is better and Belichick. And Belichick whom little just remarkably better it is. Great ball call. I agree because we always talked about that football coach Steve how have enough owners. My current the with Rondo already being god. And maybe did as well. But we had a gap continues he wasn't named at the bad that. First round draft pick and tells Justin Harrell went just narrow that day. When when people when all start to see. First round picks not panning out. They start to pull these cheerleaders look at all the that they nine hits in the don't want they are really want to say I'm a big. The Colts is one of my. Teams are always want to see well I've BST disagree on that. But did last general manager I think did that bad if you look at his record and in his draft picks I know Bob if you it is his overall winning allows rector. I would have just roll would have put another couple years and does this decision would have on people in the building hate and not a problem. You may be right yeah that's appropriate would implode or you wouldn't I don't and so Belichick does. Fortunate have a great owner. Sit back get out of the way you let him do is that are listed to one more here before the sports lash out still in cedar berg your next on the Wendy's big show. So do. That was thrown on me you know. Pretty good about them but it's human I think what they. I didn't plan out what that is and so it is that what it is. Why did and you refereed have to be so bad I might as weird but half the calls are wrong. Haven't called alone and I'm not even close yet they can never go traveling is does. It may I love it if they lose big news for me is almost making the didn't want to because of wrapped. I was the whole. I'll that we picked it. Horrible while on the driving me bananas. Our hosts all using the bugs right in the right direction and are now. I think the go to regular yeah but I love what about what you can watch it was it left there's so horrible. Aren't I don't blame bona thanks for the Cubs failed to handle watching along watch around Cecil B it and I. I. Resent. The blood match up arms to give us a rough reaching a brilliant and I was I'm more than a lot of calls like the furniture and I was on board with this two back in the day until I was in doubt the look this is the NBA they can't hang around this isn't that does that come out there and you never really knew either growing up it's where I had a superstar in the NBA. Michael Jordan but an engine and all also another still had a superstar. And get superstar calls you're OK with that is what you say it now there's answered yet did you watch last night. You know they're not one free throw attempt in the first half so clearly the Bucs are being benefited right now by their all star yeah honest and that's not happening. But but again from from this perspective. When US stars wheels a year get calls if you dealt they're gonna screw you and not think twice about it and that's how it's always been in the NBA that's how it's always going to be. The NBA were a freeze will always tell you how well we're not hard on rookies as just a lot of crap they are hard on rookies rookies never get the better of the doubt and after Dwyane Wade. Unless your weight outside line light rookies never get the calls. Brought up LeBron got some calls and your right everything that Judas at gestures Sparky but the one thing out at two it. Is it's across the board in all sports rookies rookies don't get the benefit of the doubt from umpires and referees. In baseball basketball football and superstars. Always but the problem is that what this sport the problem is it's very hard to judge the other team sports because an elf ain't in the NFL. Mean if you're a wide receiver. What what Paul are you gonna get her not get base amassing a rookie offensive pass interference. Not saying they've they've they may call pass interference for. They make all past their periods in favor of book and established superstar wide receiver that they wouldn't give to a rookie here you agree that I'm saying. Whether it's always Ringo. And and and and but in the end in baseball spark yet I know that there is some gray area when it comes to a strike zone. But you and I both know that those Atlanta Braves teams in the ninety's were getting an extra three to four inches off either side at the plate. Craig Counsell told me that flat out when he was a burglar told me straight up did you put on his hand said. Glavine Max they get about this much are outside the outside are part of what our guys don't get them much. Actor so I'm sure it happens it happens and every sports you know you can you can complain that it's happening in the NBA but I'm here to tell you that if you're if you're not watching the NBA because of that. Just shut off all the sports just turn it all off 'cause it's happening in every single sport. You know what's more you don't need a referee for Sparky. Ball. Bowling that's right that's right Jerry rolled the three pit because there are there to Tom that's not. How is a good words you guys all know the big ball fan obviously had that did the Cassel Lynx guard temple and show a lot of seasons done now however Bart thanks them for being sponsor again this year and you always series tiger about just a great bowling atmosphere. That you have a Cassel late in racing at northern Wisconsin atmosphere kind of feels like you're in door county next have been. 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Head down to the wild side a bowling Cassel length on highway 31 and racing ain't. Check out all the details and check of the video I I did on their FaceBook page as well. Route here at brewers' spring training Brewers leading the of the home team Tim out it's coming up tonight with spring training live at 7 o'clock including conversation with Brian Broderick told Tim how close he was. To leaving Milwaukee speaking up to Mal and he goes one on one with Carlos Torres next and the Brewers reliever. None too pleased the comics go was treated in the World Baseball Classic that's next on the Wendy's big show in the Holtz Chevrolet studios and live from Bruce spring training. Do you what is it won't be around him. Think that it's going to give it full three kids that engine and if Jim I'm with them. When you show it's a throwback Thursday presented by masters he's still time to get your vote in for next week's stroke back Thursday to -- artist. At 1057. FM the fan with the hash tag big throw back. For your chance to 125 dollar gift card to masters eased. Gary nominated to pock marked with Johnny Cash I would was sublime the Roy wants to hear run DMC. Jeff for a lot ski he went with Skid Row go with one of those RE around preacher artist at 1057 FM the fan. But the hash tag big throw back and enter to win. That's 45 dollar gift card from masters he's route here. At brewers' spring training married bail baseball park brewers' lead seven to five over the we'll talk with Tim Allen preview what's coming up on spring training live tonight at seven. They'll join us here on the big showed about 548. Including his conversation with Ryan brought tonight. On spring training live meanwhile to man a chance to sit down Brewers reliever. Carlos Torres started things off by asking him how his experience at the World Baseball Classic. Was Brady's shoes good I enjoyed. Skipping out on Arizona. Her up for a little while. Missed years tremendous. I had believed that the atmosphere no matter where you and it's been tremendous and that's and then Tokyo same way. Yeah. Miami have to imagine that. Let's country vs country everyone comes out cheers. As no exception in Mexico. People which in Venezuela people itching for a recruit him chipper but he. It is that. Really healthy for the game of baseball but we we discussed all the time and it's tremendous. I do have an issue we. A couple random things but it. Issues in terms of poker players I can understand from organizations when he used to line. They don't even if it's healthy for baseball. Because there's been a comprising injured obviously. But. In terms of public for the game I think it's an obstacle that you can eagle country first country emulated to tell us anything it's that. It's healthy you know healthy competition healthy people cheered them on our baseball classic crew of its classic. The World Cup. There's yelled billion people I watched that thing you know I mean it can't be negative you know minus the entire rule debacle for a tiebreaker and the like again tiebreaker math and all that B yes that. It happens that shy of that that was. You know well maybe it's a work in progress Weathers as their third or fourth I think third and that's that I think it's a course when you can feed it out by now had I don't know I don't know easy did you try change some analysis an enemy that's. You need to be on the rules committee. This then where does that sixteen years and it's there every quarters of the day that sixty years can't be so nice by go to some motion animated but whatever. Yeah I visited us. Yeah now that's that's too bad. I'm sorry to hear that but to how much you everything LT and the I'm healthy everything's good. We read system that's working down there recently it's the worked out that all that stuff I would like some slightly better facilities and that's. Can they argue too much do it and now that you looks like you're gonna have a pretty prominent role again this year. Looking at your stats man you accountable for courts last year I think we all Wear it just all depends on them where. What happens is then the bullpen and you're gonna have to you got him fluid. And I where you start isn't really and a ring and be the next thing you know elements. If you you have to come in six anyone's ball game you might cause him out two nights later. And you my have to. Through the seventh inning another nice yeah. Court as a righty making come out through lefty righty matchup you know I mean who knows you know let. Hey everybody. Deal. I worked there butts off every single day you position play whatever role was there and play that day and I think a tremendous job. Collison asked you in the in the couple years and we had conversations. You thought about coaching no ups and not not at all I can deal personalities. I have zero tolerance for stupidity. And I could never heard. Be politically correct name announced as the say certain things and Johnson's big east and other players who are socialist. Tolerates and other things I can do it. Well and don't tune in to radio yeah. I had a actually do radio you can't do this and that's okay and it ended. I it didn't who is it that made his entire career after that. There's all along that out just don't you go crazy Howard Stern Howard Stern admitted there's a prime guy that I together. I signed up 500 million dollar contract with satellite radio some years ago and that kind of salary would have worked out you might have been 500 billionaire but it didn't really work out that Walker's apparently he owned. Stock if not half. Ownership of them serious. Yet such notable if so they really which was revolutionary at the time it really wasn't good idea. Let's think just neglected indoors you know like and then pandora came out news they can't last for him at the end of the satellite radio yeah. Well let's cut a deal alive on the radio right now. Will get in touch with the your agent you BO weekly guest states that. Down I'm down although you ratings might spike for the wrong reasons and it's OK as long as I'm that is lies on that held responsible really essay that's five could go right ahead a little run a disclaimer for you. And thanks Carlos good luck this you they can appreciate it. There is to mound with Carlos Torres I could hang out Carlos Torres meant he and I are very similar. And that he likes Howard Stern and had zero tolerance for stupidity or catering to people who need you to cater to them. I'm a big fan of Carlos Torres knows that knows a hell of an interview there to mallet. Well dozens there. Yeah I really like Carlos Torres as awesome and if he wants to get into radio I think we should find a home for right here on the fan. Good that was fun I enjoyed that. Rick talk with Tim Allen next preview what's coming up. On spring training live tonight at seven live from out here at merry fail baseball park including his conversation. With Brian Broderick told Tim. Just how close he was still leaving the city of Milwaukee meanwhile a wild pitch out here. And allows numbers to score another run I don't know who scored that run. Whoever number 93 is that makes it. Eight to five Milwaukee Brewers were in the bottom. Of the eighth inning out here at Mary bail baseball park. No need to put the brakes on is the restored that runs do you Sparky Phifer but if you need help with your brakes are really any other. Ought to repair needs where should people go for some good old know how. Well that's easy to Milwaukee area now heartburn or her after him. A block area and aren't there doesn't return a martyr it is youngsters too. I'm like why haven't liked a lot and that's march weather here in Wisconsin so Dresser car care to one of the seven area of repair shops. Milwaukee area Napa auto care association. He's only Napa quality parts in it people trusted since 1925. All their technicians are as he certified. Snap and I'll hop during the month of march when you perched high quality premium nap Avant air filter you being up to 815 dollar rebate. To bother Parrish shot nearest you their everywhere I'm telling you know of the seven spread all over the place it was obvious from Scotts and. Just go to M I LWC. A are not count. Am I LWC. AAR dot com make sure to join their email but you haven't already have a chance to win. Worry Arnold changes for an entire year how cool that beat debt free oil changes for an entire year. That's I LWC. A. Against the Cardinals and almost all of them. Balls now that we. The landlord discuss don't you don't know why doctors and. They're they don't have that. Don't pay them. Believe that whenever the heck didn't deposited the hall. All right guys if that's good enough I don't talk about when he's now. Odd this just and white AZ that in a quarter punch out double stack as an option in a four for four dollars in over a Porter pounded before Nuggets Fries and a drink. That's a deal so good. How would you Damian exist and that double sac that's my favorite one of the many. And yet it does exist I'm participating locations for a limited Todd and then of course don't forget to miles Frye which means during lengths. Some of you Catholics that actually go about the business of not eating meat on Fridays like myself. We love you would delicious tasting Wendy's fish sandwich when he's north American jobs sandwich and back and crunch and an ever 100%. Wild. Caught North Pacific god governing crispy tackle transportation you can hear probably creamy Gil tartar sauce and free pickles frenetic rods. The needed anymore crunch so much still let's just crutch it's sup par fickle or persist percent which lovers. And it's only at Wendy's for a limited time I challenge you but a better tasting fish sandwich over through a drive through anywhere in the area it is outstanding. Jeff Carl last year want throwback Thursdays they're not the use gone wild have spoken Skid Row is your winner and that's unfortunate. I if you Tim Allen looks coming up on spring training Lutz and I've a friend a couple of starters Jason Anderson sacked Davies Davies box about his though opening day. Question mark if you will and Ryan brawn how close to become of leaving Milwaukee. That and I discussed just just moments ago when he was removed from the Buick one on one with Ryan Braun with Brian brought that to come up that that well during the show we started seventh and. All right that's announced yet Sparky spots weekly is up next we want to thank our Wisconsin insider John Magnum our Milwaukee basketball insider. Gary woeful and Lewis Brentson. Who sat down with Gary Allison and myself if you miss that or anything on today's big show. Check out van on demand at 1057. FM the fan dot com tomorrow on the Wendy's big show. Gary and I sit down workers third baseman Travis job. Outfielder Brad Phillips live from Bruce spring training Cink thanks for listening. And we'll talk to you were one more day for Mary bailed baseball park tomorrow starting at two.