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Imig: You can't fault rookies if they aren't good right away

Mar 17, 2017|

03/17/17: Paul Imig, Green and Gold Analyst, joins Tim Allen (in for Bill today). Does Davon House really make a difference to the Packers secondary?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Certain our focus right now out of football green and gold analyst Paul inmate Paul argument. Tim are doing very well and because you are mister brewer died after that out but I am for the baseball you'd start and it didn't complete sincerity. I cannot put her baseball map we opus and start. Now mandates do and it's assists as a fun time here they made a couple of foot cuts if you will today. For instance on court Dowell and Phillips all headed over to the minor league side now that. It doesn't mean they won't play in a in a cactus league game often times they'll go back over and same active we might need a couple of additional outfielders but let's get to football a little bit Paul limit let me ask you this. In the and watch the Packers season and I know that the signing of Davone outside and often when. Is that you know make a sweeping. Statement to say that that's gonna fix the idea defensive secondaries but. It can't hurt can it. What Nike give them better and that's an eight and not mention that somebody who might only a on a one year deal and he already knows the system. Knows how to work with chill wit the course coat note of course Dom Capers defense likes. Dom Capers defense a lot because Yvonne had a chance and myself and bill. With a have been Tuesday of this week in one of the first things you mentioned as. Hey if you want to strive on to eat Kraft may need to be I got you have to let me eat. If you let me be at which Jacksonville and 2015. He had a very good year as they catching up the system a little bit with the Jaguars and points sixteen. And it wasn't at that that what we're gonna work for him so. Provide an opportunity that if Randall or Rollins Oregon or struggle. You have a veteran guard there I think you also get the benefit and abundance in this is well though and I. Mentioning how he can pass what Charles wood and caught in the stands you know than what c'mon William. You know some of those guys that you know if you're Gunter and Randall and Rollins. You all kind of came together it all and enter their third season. And yet I had sand shields per year and of course that's as a conquered them one really around the team because of the concussion issues. You know made just let veteran presence alone but it could only and that you know one year net to opt out of and that being. You know the savior of the quarterback group I think there's a lot of value to especially for the Packers only have into and that's the one year and and and kind of played by here there. He I agree with you I think it's it's cover in your flank a little bit and and does this make sense. I feel this is just my thought that I feel the defensive secondaries. For the Green Bay Packers. It's taken a lot of undue grief now I'm not saying that they played well but I what I am saying is that. They're injured. And they're young. I'm. They're not going to be all pros and world beaters when you're injured in your young Nam vets in there good. I'm just saying that let's hold off a little bit as these guys approached or third year. I I do agree actually I think departed I don't know when it when a second year player with the customary it's Randall and quick laugh when you've been at the examples is. It's most appropriate. When Oakland coming in their sport in the big roll really really big role or second year even if they had a completely healthy even. That's a lot to ask I know they were first and second round picks respectively I get it old guy we're gonna have. More on their plate and the supposed to he'll handle it because of the investment that the team makes with such an early round pick. But that's a lot to ask that comes for me that's more down the roster. Not Mormeck front office issue. That you would be in a spot that okay unseal the court in anticipating and getting the first week a week one. Concussion I'll keep him out for the year but there was no backup plan at that point it was a Gunter Randall and Rollins. You are the three guys don't deal with it. And then you add on top of that the Nittany an actual course that most guys on the clock either they get hurt especially in the case of Randall and Rollins not punter. And ended on non roster and big broke and you're trying to play hoops and there's nobody behind stepped in. Which you not being able to be out there. So I I don't fault players in that situation I mean if they were overture it out on the front office if they were thrust in the rule that they were ready for. That's on the front office. I think we would if you're talking a year ago about a lot Adam. I don't know how many people believed he would turn out to be a really good football player but to our camp that are really good they're so sure you know of course. And let's just let's just say what they. Randall or Rollins become a very good player and the other stuff like let's say in two years one of them is gone and done and he's the lead again but it's not the only good player. Flip a coin parents' this year what do what at that happened that he would success at the end of the day that you referred to pick and you're out what one really good player I think it would. And I think it's a comes out which one of them did and that being people become really good players it's a bonus you know but. If you really look back across draft classes in the crossed position groups. You know for them both to become. Really good players probably aren't likely and that's that's what to do on how acquisitions help. That's worked under being the unsuspecting guy who two years and has been better as an undrafted player that at the concert. What are the two guys who were selected you know much much much much much better than then though. It's a unique spot in. I wouldn't be surprised knowledge at least one of them had a really big comes back you're like what about him it's their. Yup gimbal little chance ball McCutcheon short year as we are super bee busy year it. At Maryville baseball park but the yeah you're right two weeks out I can't way and I appreciate that time right. Aren't good. The areas ball in Vega our green and gold analysts here on the bill Michaels show.