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03/18/17: Varsity Blitz High School Basketball Coaches Show Hour 1

Mar 18, 2017|

"Big Time" Mike McGivern is joined by coaches Chad Donahue of South Milwaukee and Mike Serath of Catholic Memorial. Coaches Brendan Joseph of Destiny and Matt Klarner join the show as well.

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Some of the best high school basketball in this league he's played right he'll ring southeast Wisconsin. It's time to hear some of the best high school basketball coach should be yeah. This is the Wendy's varsity blitz high school basketball coach he's shown more Brazilian boy. Can't see stores now here's 1057. FM the fan's high school insider. Big time Mike Mike. Oh walked into the wind east course he puts high school basketball coaches show presented. Our friends at your local pick and save stores. At the playoffs those two of those games rumble wiwa hold most yards she has to watch. Know that there's a couple of coaches that might not be listened today. Because they're not feeling great but man there are some unbelievable games. At Celek Kohl Center the last couple of days let me run down today's show lets out 1015 Brenda Joseph head coach at destiny. Is gonna join us is he gets ready for a steep final run today. Matt Carter from a Appleton Xavier same thing 1050 he'll join us at 111150. Really introduce you toured pick and save student athletes of the week. Want to be in studio. And wanna be via cell phone. And it 1150 Craig how Ozzie from arrowhead or reached out to coach Diener not heard back if if he happens to be listen I'd love to have mod for a couple of minutes is that team his son had an unbelievable game. And his team held on double overtime short it's chronic guts and courage but it's a very good Washington team. I'm joined in studio by a couple of coaches want to first your coach. One kind of a first year coach kind of Chad doubting you from south walking. And Mike. Threat Surette why do I keep seeing certain I say it wrong that's Eric Mike Hsu rap from Catholic memorial that's that fifteenth timer best. When I was lasted Mike Escude and see you again Chad skewed to see you again. Chick last time Broussard each other was that a quick trip and monopoly faults correct or Germantown. Generally falls now as I think it was at German town of I think when that. Wasn't it present day when that last game for cheap he was that German token analyst and yes I'm so bad I care remember my nieces and nephew I didn't get into the game putting jackets it was GP token dosages are shoulders last game Q what's funny about that. Like I came. Chad I'm sorry I came from. And another game where there is a bench clearing brawl were people were on the court. And left that game and I started driving home and I tears in my past I was saddened by what I saw. Al sports to go to the German Tom anomaly fall skin and I said I'm not cone not doing this and it forced myself to go out there. And I saw you guys have quick trip and you're like man that place is packed you know. So I got in it'll media table. And Showalter got a dunk the first play the game and the student section in Germantown Sid that's our badger boom boom boom. And a false crowd said he's a walk up and Pro Bowl level and that went okay I'm home for whom this is why do this stuff. It was a great atlas for not a great game Germantown to go to won't. But it was a really good atmosphere and that's out whatever murmured most but that's him and it was something else with a chance to me UN. And a couple parents from some kids that were weren't cutting at that time and then transferred. Over to agree India. When will football bass or their. Arm Mike let's talk a little bit about your journey if we can't worry grew up where you to high school and high you got to cap memorial. I'm not Arum a grad David Cook coach Ozzie for three years Annan's JV coach and the coaching change they had him his first years as. I'm as a varsity coach and embassy. He's you know possibly when is second state title from then from there I. When I'm played a you do auction off and Whitewater and then right after my playing days are done I got in with kill Vogel at lake mills Playskool. And once and moved home to do my student teaching I had calmed bread buster gave me the opportunity over kept come arranger and I was with him for fighters were to my way up the ranks as certain a freshman and javy. And then I get going to be adversity assistant head coach with them. And then I'm two years last years I was at Marquette high with Casey Kovil a ski and then I got my shot this past season program at the memorial so you do. BA name drop and give you life if I don't it was a really good coaches right absolutely have learned from about us again played for and Abbas also pastor can still knock down a jump shot by a little while absolutely if you doesn't wanna reviews brother can Georgia they don't pass through each other much I'm sure none of what they look each other awful Lopez and I'm just kept shutouts this kid. That's that's awesome that's youth club and it's a great program yes he graduation scalp and more there you guys had a good year. Yes I'm very pleased and am. Into taken over the position in the cupboard wasn't dry common there's a lot of at five seniors. And all of them played for Brohm played. Come either from sophomore year on an a but the varsity level side varsity level experience. Taken over first year that's difficult for them. You know when there's a chain she you're you're wondering okay what's his can mean as far as were were so used to being in this program. Knowing what what to blow or run and and now there's change and sometimes coach is going to say hey look. Kind wee tart but coach -- he did this at cedar berg worrisome look ominous start young. We're gonna go young early and wool will get beat up the first couple years what obviously we're gonna reap the rule rewards or was that ever a consideration for you. No no I was. The seniors I saw that we're playing. Like over the summer as -- we're gonna care read these guys and we're gonna sprinkle in some of the underclassmen and get them the speed experience and it worked out in our favor of the season. Chad same question for you well where you grew up and and how you ended up in south block he I grew up and cut a and graduated from cut aid went lead early ask us did not. Participate sports there came back Saturday coaching. What returned at the cutting a coached eighth grade my first year freshman spent the number ears of the JV coach RC assistant before a LE at the head. Head coaching job up and cut a for three years. Tom after three years and I moved down was with it a little at a time away from coaching and just and coach my son. And the opportunity came up join a cell block he. So while he's at night came on as the GD coached in debt for five years and that'll. Missed this year is my first here is Versteeg. That it that it's kind of like going from the Packers to the payers is now an illegals that it was definitely yeah I think I got cabinet and I return bat the courtship that AA had some. That's a nice thing sets me by the fans and well and you know what you can't really blame. Now right eye and I I kind of a actually I like the fact that they have the passion to say hey look and you can't leave cut it you can leave cutting hey you go anywhere you want. Except south walk and it's at the evil a lot the first few weeks of the season my first season insult lock you just. Didn't feel right. It is like what a lot of my duel and here but you know coaching with coach tree and it was just the phenomenal guy John good man the kids yourself a lot he was nearly. They give me a little heed some times but they were very well mean. Yeah immunities and it kind of like being an arrowhead guy coach and a Catholic memorial. Oh good of a little piece of me. You know that's my home that's for our grew up it's very a developed in. I enjoy going back there and I'm competing against them again low butter Lamar butterflies in that game then and the other ones. Judo coach and at Martin Luther this year we played against mass in the loop Coleman at Brookfield central. And that was weird I'm a mess we're got a wife agree you know my sister my younger sister older sister graduated from mouse works. And I still on the emcee for that to be with the charity golf event. At mass were there I see all these guys that either assisting coach played for me heritage Christian Bryant and so it was a little bit odd. To to do that but same thing at the minute Kent he of coach Waller chaps. We'd been there. I was there for a one time I brought him into that program from him and he ticketed and unbelievable level. And trusted to play I think this jurors will be easier last year was a little more personal I thanked. Effect and know that it was good to beat them that to continue the playoff run that we did but it. Yeah that's hard man that stuff is that its interest in hygiene and by the way how did you do against calorie this year. We did sweet cutting a slow as it was huge La where the victories was partly the highlight of the season and double. Double overtime victory. Arm you had to get our players. Now we talked about this bad there's some mud video on YouTube but that one there is Mike they were down four with point seven seconds at the line. Brett. Made the first when we cut it to three missed the second got tipped out the kid hit a three to go to over our current. Double double or oh man you are 000 point seven our own path and you have ads and it was at home I would know it yet. And I'll take it yet that eight Wenzel and yeah I just your especially as your coaching you're not the guy in the clock. But the guy in the clock keys you know like Ireland sandwiches so that it wasn't entirely his volley so the referee's hands were not up to it and they hand the start the clout. We know what you shrugs we we talked about it and in the timeouts with Kansas of the kids back solidly era almost in tears and Mangini coached. Kids in points and then sentence. You have something better to do right and four point play that yeah well that's a good idea and it worked so gradually issues on that. Mike and the difference between being an assistant coach in Ammann as she Chad to. And moving over 68 inches on that benched. That's a world of difference and a world if it is O I'm a much better cystic coats and was a head coach I believe that I I am. Q are you comfortable yet in that it head coach job. I would say yeah yup it's a little trial by fire as you go along but come. You know attended they're coaching boys are due to coach in basketball. I think it's more of the clerical stuff that you're not prepared for of going finding games in scheduling practices and overlooking you know not only just diversity team but the JV team in the freshman team in Lincolnshire and they're Dayton where they need to be. And and and make sure that that's running smoothly also and making sure freshen a JV coaches have what they need. And just in case that wasn't enough in the beginning of the year Avery came along right yes he has tree sit era first child. Little every yup first daughter S arm came along. And dumb. That had to throw those Cubs news hole rents as well all right was there expected due date was November 15 which should mandate two or day three of a basketball on try outs and you know I think the lord that she came October Torre 92 weeks before the season started so I got my two weeks of maternity leave to stay at home and helper on the house not a time with them and then. Basketball season third and in you know I think the lord from my wife and and I little girl being supportive and and and helped me through this process in every embers to and get she's doing great. I listening so 00 era congratulations. He. You should see him light up when he talks body for that's awesome so. I eight I told you guys this ID I believe that there's a special place. In heaven for coaches wives weathered and I don't know if amber to issue issue bask offhand but absolutely she's. She's only missed I've and he's six years I think we've been seven years ago together. On Mon Henican become the games that she's missed and she's sits right behind the bench is got a spot superstitious you want to sit behind the bench with their. And it even if all my family and parents are on the other side of the Jimmer as well she's gonna says she's right behind the bench you know alms. Every game so I don't know fits better and that she's that involved or I know that your wife Mary Chad is not she's not a big basketball fan. So what's what's good about that. Is you don't have to do you got no Paris yellow and I heard yelling that you that she can hear. I know that James is a fan now he's only player Eli you those basketball is part of the pro reason on the eighth grade team so he's. Hopefully he'll be old coach him in the next years to come I would dumb. I I envy you so much I view both you guys you know my kids now I have three grandsons that little cross street. But I get chance to coach my son Matthew and it was the best three years in nothing against any other teams I've coached. But those three years or calvary Baptist 67 kids in the whole school. It's seven boys and the best quotes him a call is the Caucasian invasion and we choose what and played anywhere yet but I'd I'd miss coaching him. It was really good so when you get that that opportunity. I'm Chad I would I would recommend you pick up a book called coach and or silent. And I've heard a Vanilla only to host dodge fill its in its coats dodge coached taped at dodge pro wrote it. Older book but man the lessons I learned from that been unbelievable guys we've got to get to break bread and Joseph from destiny. He's gonna join us he's probably the hotel room. Get ready for the state finals really congratulate him and wish him luck. On the other celebrate this is the Wendy's RC blitz high school but I spoke coach's show present it. By your local pick can save stores on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan's. It's years a news. A welcome back to the Wendy's mercy blitz high school basketball coaches show presented. Fire local pick and save stores I might we give relaunch semi to cohost the entire two hours. Mike's wrath from Catholic memorial Chad Donahue. Coach at south walking. I'm gonna not say cut me I'm I don't want to say that he can head coach at South Milwaukee. We're also joined by one immersed in athletes who we can. We'll talk to more 11 o'clock about that award but Austin young from Cathy Moore was joined this awesome picks for common and thank you for me hey you guys get chance play destiny this year. Meant that's a good division for basketball team there that yeah they're playing and couple hours for this division forced deep. Final and they're playing under unbeaten Darlington baggage he has to watch starlets and quite. And undercut. That subject you to be a tough game I think for our next guest and his team over attest to the coach Joseph play doing today. Pretty pretty girls are pretty clear hey arm. IG sleep last night. Are Mariners are very good thing that we got because you're up every few hours is what that means he could go. But there you go pick or did he coach do you think. Do you think these kids understand. What's in front of them or are they just ready wood whatever. You know whatever it takes eggs to go out when a pass well game. Or did you think the and his team the magnitude of this. Yet the right now very. Actually are you in the ball watch you hereby helped out big eight Buick spirit of the notebook to get the same. Like you know the Hornish put to the cold than are actually before him from winning that that the old Terrell. And start its spirits and the problem were in the moment and what they have I want them. Maybe you're like oh capers was what coat was talking about or your long. So about it a little too old or November orchard cover our speed and control right now but repair on the ball. You know I I've had the opportunity. And I think every coach. Should you know I wish they would be able to get the opportunity that that you guys have. It is something that you guys all talk about. To gather 1520 years from now. Same major remember when this happened at the hotel gym or are we went out to dinner and did this jury member at halftime to remembered this true murmured that. And it is something that I don't know if if everybody understands that when their that you know when they're going through it but they've really understand it. Two years three years five years down the road. If it it like trying to it like tank and now here in 99. And when I can now hear it they figured they were we talk about from. On top and a little at the bus driver right course truly like Jerry your not been right now he's here or you're not totally. Arm excrete a them adult moment. You know those 22 back to back yours who knows that too minicamp. We talk about the you know we talk about warm went to eat and it was his all country buffet and how one of her kids is trying to stuff stuff in his pockets and I mean that tadic goofy news stuff. That happened we talk a little bit about the gains but who it's just the amount of time spent in together. With these players in and these kids whip with guys that they've known for a long time and coach chizik has it dawned venues that this will be the last time that you're in a coach he seniors. Are you are my I had a couple of other having my cup we emotional moment. Throughout the course you don't really blast you state your a BB gang. And oddly cute had been Whitney bit of their last minute bump that there's now more years. And April but that while not the beat such wonderful ambassador that walk are not think you know yell where's championship does but I. I ain't bad that's what it's all about your. Guys going up under your leadership. Hey coach have you I'm sure you've had a chance to to look at Terrell intent. You know very varied their undefeated. They'd they'd beats the B Cameron 6352. And die they shoot the ball pretty while. They don't have they don't have a ton I can hurt you guys I don't believe in an M wondering. I'll do what you've seen in then that might give you guys who trouble. I'm just a note here I'll be here to blend and could you don't want it got a bit wound there are very. Rupert actually they're a little shorter ball up. Number four or a great job green white guy who sacrificed some time in our though so that birdie at golf typical for Gary oak. I'll just add that at that your mind what if there. Thought the program opener. Yet you bet bull we were gonna cut you loose good luck today coach thank you so much for all the times you've given me in this program. This year we got back here more keep Lotta people root for UN very part of the job you've done a testament. I appreciate that you might well do you believe their platform the cabbage wet out. We didn't order cook all around him I probably repeat it it doubles don't get it there. Yeah it did Brett Eddie taught. You know that I'm a big fan of a viewing and I look forward had come and over the school one day in and meet a number those kids so. Brenda Johnson good luck with with your game today bring that gold ball back to Milwaukee where blogs. Article ought to look at Milwaukee walk people are just four. You've got a pretty Joseph take you very much guys do you war on the have you been apart was it would did aero head when you were in there get to state know like we thumb. To started it was the pick my junior year we are twelve and ten and I'm missing here we hits has seventeen wins and that kind of started the run of obviously what Arab that's what program is now yet I I have to tell you in in Chad I don't think you you've got with. I I can tell you that that looking back on those days. For it for me it I'd I'd barely remembered the games at the Kohl Center but I remember at that hold journey. Of getting there in. And you doubts sometimes it's hurting cats with these players specially midway through the here where things are this kid didn't like this kid in this can walk. Whatever and you remember all that stuff. The actual game itself. I don't remember all that much about it I was on America has staff Lester when we made up state and played the steal on them in the semi final bright and I was I was a great kid in the candy store just taking pictures it get in the B in the goalies in the Kohl Center. He walked him pass the badgers locker room right is going to the visitors locker room and you get to run out by you and hour before they were the first game hour before tip we get to go on on the floor rumors taking pictures and take it all ended and I don't remember a whole lot from the game I know we lost Brett. Like I just remember. Being able drive you know behind it -- in their early and walking around and and seemed like. The other teams that were there early to from the I loved it it was absolutely awesome. That first year do you guys we we played mission cut in the finals. And I you know I'm an assistant coach this point I'm on the court with you know toward during warm ups and and asked him to get a sweat going let's kick don't want. In and looked down in the kids from mission cut looked scared. And I said to our players' poise take a look bands has looked scared one must dissent it hard enough at that they heard it I didn't realize that. The game after that the state turned memo wife and I went up to Green Bay and got away for a few days kind of balanced out that it gas station. Any kid that was taken money for the guests and hear your coach a Dominican right I go yeah. He goes yes. I started from mission cut your right we were scared and I should you heard that I was a little about Eric he said yep we all heard it and we looked at each other and I do like the other guys right Matt Hughes right. He had done as you've been up there obvious. I mean as a as a fan at the Kohl Center even go on sectional finals teams just like put yourself in a situation noah's a collection. He just see the excitement from the fans and and the players you see that nervousness out of some of the kids. Me and I can't wait to the mean Ohman an opportunity finally comes. For me itself well yeah that who witnessed those in I'd coach in the. Man I hope everybody gets that it's funny because we arm as coaches and I think you guys are hopefully Mike you've developed this Chad I think you probably out. But I don't hear anything behind me anymore nothing. And ivory nick sent a guy that we coasted to many two was played at Wisconsin he came that was back when we got to a half hour on the floor the day before. And he was there are saying look I beat the game more I can't wait low block. So my wife and my son Matthew and daughter Katie we get occur after the first the semi final we won at. We get in the car and I semantic. You know little disappointed I thought it was going to be here. It's yours your kidding right now I don't know she's Michael he was running up and down behind the bench with the Dominican at all and I never saw or heard. Any of it and I think that's how that stuff happens guys let's get to break other sather break we'll continue our conversation. To head coach is one of first your head coach one. Guy that left a rival to call over to South Milwaukee that you know the rivalry when you were kidding culminate. South want to use that man is crazy and it was hard hard to find a seat I mean we panicked the fuel those at football games were unbelievable. You you to get there about two hours at a time MP four tailgate and then also I think that's coming back a little bit and I hope so. I hope so he shed doubt you'd head coach at south want keep mikes are at from capped the ball more also joined by Austin young we talked Austin will bit. On the other side of the break is while this is the Wendy's Farsi blitz high school basketball coaches show presented. By your local pick and saves torched on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. Oh welcome back to the Wendy's or she puts high school basketball coaches show presented. Fire local pick and save stores. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan I'm Mike we Cuban wants I'd like to cohost. My special guests this week. Head coach at cap but more first your head coach Mike charette. And the head coach at south more key Chad Donahue we're also joined. By Austin young here's our keep captain memorial student athlete of the week. We'll talk to him about being such good student athlete and 11 o'clock but I wanted to bring him man. Talk a Wilbon about the transition going from. I'm a new head coach your senior year Austin that sometimes it's a difficult thing for for a kid. Moses senior billions save program run in the same stuff and now this is transition how did that go for for your your group. Calm person knows. Us as a senior class we're pretty excited. With a new coach and will be we use that as motivation to to work hard form in practice and try and be as involved as possible during the summer and just take it as it is and work as ours bus blows him. Were willing to fight this season and you know we we don't need to spend much time with with with the Showalter think but there was a new coach and then. I'm for for reasons that that he was in studio and he talked about. Being able to get back to go public school. For financial purposes and it was he said look I love the kids out a cat two count more of been a great fit for me. This personally was was a better fed. And he didn't shy away from talking about it and an end of reasons that he did it but that had to throw this into a little bit of a loop is while. You know we we found out that we have a head coach in coach Showalter and I don't know maybe four weeks later. That was on and we are looking for a new head coach and then. Just two days after that we've found that we Coetzer wrath then. A lot of the kids at memorial are familiar with him. And know that he's an awesome as they had him as a teacher as in grade school so that worked out while you knew allow those kids my guess and yeah that it'd nice easy cheap while not easy transition but. You know different thing for you and and you were looking to be a head coach at that point I've been trying to be a head coach for like last eight years Welker and knock it alive applied to every job under the sun and southeastern Wisconsin. Well you know what good for Catholic memorial then there there of the lucky ones yet or we're very lucky net. Yeah that's that's awesome so we can week Ed Martin Luther get a chance to play you guys at the perfect time with it couldn't have been any week you guys came off a state championship in football. And then the category in scrimmage like the next. Day yeah they wanted on Friday yeah and then those guys are you combine in the next day and I we had eight or nine boys football players sit there. Cheer on our guys yeah I thought he did a great job with cheering that I was happy to see you got all the street clothes and stuff. And I understand they gave you a little motivation for winning three games at third. For south market you know we'd be played in the same scrimmage we also played capitol Mario and at the sure hands that was OK sorry for us via humbling when I was stride and to Saltalamacchia. Pitch or bust than go to the court of scrimmage that was listening to year's show and there is thirty some teams in the scrimmage and you'd. We're talking what every team that was in the said I gave twentieth yankees well in the third and ten at south walking down. I want to slowly kept at the caddies that hasn't. Point because the it the reason to believe in us except you know for us here is our best Millen isn't. It we did went off three of rush images that. And Austin he shouldn't be able to use me in the locker room like that I always adjusting to beat there are taken shots that's OK and that's what it takes. To send me a couple of bucks will call or you've been. Hate the the journey to you'd talked to me about this during the break. As we talked about the jury get into the cold senator in basketball. Similar for you are for football you've made his state cheers and roll. That that team that you didn't win was was rent her chief it was tough that's a hard when it come back from. And unforgettable and we use that as motivation the whole year this year in. We were talking about memorable experiences up in Madison and camp Randall's incredible and that first I'm up there we were. Taking it all and and then once we had the opportunity to get back this year is it was a business trip and we we ended up to. You took care of business. V dim memories of this year free you. Is it the game itself is it the trip up there is it hoisting that that ball what what will you remember us. Com the trip two years ago it was the trip itself. Walking in the camp Randall ripening. Stan what so abilities. But this year it's definitely. Celebrating yet you were up there to win that camp and you weren't out there to see any sites you care who's in the crowd it was. And coach young made sure of that yes and no relation right. Notes there Syria is tired we've got the best relationship there. If you ask them economize before poncho. I've I've thought about it I'll keep people from all different angles. I almost got him this year I almost had a moment try again because. You know what it's not even a thing where he's you only football coach in the C Wisconsin Oakmont but it's he's been doing this a long time. Andy you can't find anybody that cares about this school or the game high school football more than this guy he is a workaholic. You did eat I'll tell you my favorite billion stirred before you're too bright house coach in and to minicamp. And they needed a freshman football coach shows two freshman football coach stuff announced June stats for the varsity game. And we're playing them unnecessary afternoon it way fish bay and more it was up like. 45 nothing something like that with three minutes to go in the rented double reverse pass for touchdown. In after the game I was in measuring who's in there too and I said. It really the Jeb you really you need to do that eager you know like that nice notes in the dip batter that's not on me that's and you. And I walked to wake you went to about a lesson that was a lesson learned he's right. He's right in that sun on him he should he shouldn't have to stop call what he wants to call because. A word that any good. And I in that was Alou a lesson well learned from him. And I've talked to him about that like on I'm on that Friday night show and he said that was you'll make. I've really come doubt about it there hasn't mellowed out tells us is. You don't believe that Vietnamese. He tell some some pretty scary stories but I so. Will be. He makes it seem like he's been at that then. Minutes later it's OK. Do you want what the lessons you've Florida as a student athlete in 11 o'clock we're gonna talk to but. The student athletes side of this. But you'll carry these over for a long time when you win you win a geno we're going next you're closer not yet. What way to what are your options. Deciding between UW Madison for school and Milwaukee school and but that's okay. Two good choices for student athlete up that not bad. But the lessons you learned a captain Morgan and carry you over for awhile. Oh yeah. And there's those lessons that you talked about those little stories that teach teach as great things but. There's countless there's a countless number of those that I've. I've had the chance to learn under coach John for four years seeing them every day from summer until fall. And it's I'm I'm very lucky unit to have him as my coach Chad you warm before get to break. You got a lot of players at south want to play multiple sports almost everybody notes it forever stating that me evil and and one maybe two people. Yeah I think that's so important might same thing I'd let a multi sport athletes a cap memorial. And everyone of our players and throw our program are multi sport athletes after they were I think most of them are three sport athletes mean when you compete you will you can keep. You don't use a class gay played best of the football wise the best conference in the in the state of Scots in the hands down by a cure anybody set of agreed an NL go to argue with anybody up north anybody in the valley. Come talk to be brought it here I don't play us I don't approve. I think and pass well now aero as there green probably. We'll get a chance you know Stevens points Goodman and I am at the rim skier go to state last year and it's all right have a Garrett wanna go Maier on a few years back yeah oh. Hum best hole mail and we got a couple state titles under our belt of America memorial. Not bad plays good basketball class act one ended the year that and he goes TJ bray hit one at the buzzer. It was one of the years that I was at to Medicare we. We played right after that and that was I remember seeing that shot it was good stuff guys askew to break in the said the break. Retire to the head coach at Appleton Xavier. Matt corners played for state. Championship game meant. In division three they beat rip in the other day in. And we lost to rip and so I know how good rip in this I'm just not happy Xavier is got a bunch of juniors on that heat for those hoping they'd all be seniors. It's a separate it is the Wendy's varsity blitz high school basketball coaches shall present it. By a local pick and save stores on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Us years and news. A walk back through the Wendy's varsity puts high school basketball coaches show presented by your local pick and save stores. I'm Mike wee girl wants said the head basketball coach from Kelton memorial Mike's or at. And that basketball coach at south block each had Donahue. Also joined by our picked it saves to Napoli to week that will talk to him about that on the other side of the break he's Austin young. From Celtic were more Rose while we're trying to reach Matt Carney the head basketball coach at Appleton savior. You're indeed the division three state finals today against press count to get his chance see that game at all. I watched a little bit of it. Yeah press cats get that seven footer over Israel dealer there you know I don't know how you push UMB a if you push him three feet out your fine. But he's seven feet east thick and he's strong. And he's getting where he wants to beat him and well tell you lake mills is fun to watch a hit to all kids all guard six feet. Our coach richt and at that thing Roanoke I don't know I'm a fan and has shooters shooters her dad is on the program for all over the place up and they are all six feet tall. And they double and triple team this this big kid from press that could stop them I think he had thirty yeah and then Xavier goes on beats weapon and I know first can't. How good rip in this. They're they're tough. And does senior team Eddie much at 36 on us Vander plus had 21. Xavier. It's just tough kids knocked down big shots they won 8174. That's can be a fun game to watch. It is and and he does a good job of we can't get ahold of of Matt it's OK but if we can we'd love to wish him. Wish him luck in and talked to by how he's Q stop that some floater that it meant did you guys know there's no seven footers around here this year was there. Who students of the no I know Thursday's South Milwaukee an element in the woodlands you know there and there wasn't really any I knew we had destiny. Middle season and their McGee and Bernard barnyard via those who know 66 or 76 days but. They want it they played like seven children and let their their wing span is exhausted about India to go against both of them so yeah it was it was a good experience is quite good actually played against this seven footer from press got a couple times and Owen. Oh and Hamels own Hamilton in a U ball and he's he's he's very great player the he he's gotten a lot better. I know that as a freshman software they weren't sure but. Then I know that shot it that Jeter's you have I don't know we'll find out where who we finally we did get a hold of of of the head coach at Xavier a couple hours before the players stayed final a coach Carter howry today. I am doing not real well and it's badly I think it. Meant. You know what that's I know first hand how good rip and his coach Rick coach of Martin Luther and they beat us by fifteen to get to that keen to play you guys. You guys played awfully well that was a good team you guys beat. That was an outstanding basketball team yeah there's actually no if ands or buts about it in there had been gearing up. For this moment for. A long long time and so I think I'm very appreciative of the effort that I guard forward and kind of an epic guy epic game that they played. Which. Allowed us to do it can't get another another shot today so yep absolutely. Absolutely not taken for granted and I'm very appreciative of the opportunity to. Hey coach I gotta ask you again watching your Ki im. Com and NF coach for a really long time and and it's so apparent to me when teams that guys really get along. And they date they don't mind making the extra pass and they don't really seem to care who scores. That that's very apparent to me with the Xavier team. I got the word we talk about allies trust. When the season start. We use. You've got a new team and a lot of those guys. You know I graduated last year. And we got new but you can accept it and spot and and these guys are apple Burnett that truck yet they want to ran yep that's it but as the piece that you. Yeah I get along off the court on lock room which also I would trust each other make plays. And that's a bit extra or to work in progress but yet it's group. Some little best place for us. Are you still their coach. You're about that. No no worries I I agree with everything you said with that it is it is different. And the fact that that I noticed that of just watching your team play I I I think got good good for you when your staff. And these kids coach quick question you want to give away the store but. What's the idea how you gonna stop the seven footer own Hamilton. OJ no we watched a lot of film lapped up 48 hours nobody else to figure out. He he kind of does what he wants and there. And in order Trier Bassett to keep the Bard is Eric it's been really really difficult because about. 77 in airports yet. And of the tried try to you know played our normal base help defense carp that still you know it's not backing away from what we've done for the last 27 games so. We're gonna try to the limited starts passing and that we regard typical look at that and then. And we really have not seen anybody else have any success doing it and I guess that's probably why press cups where individuals. They met its studio this is a young man named Austin young who played against say he plays or Catholic memorial. But he played against. Him a couple of times and a U Austin did you front him or did you. Wait a I guess you just try to push him away from the basket. It was Ted I'm. Fortunately catch the ball as far from the group is possible. Mean with him being seven foot and enters a that is there's a limit and you can use to. Mad at lefty coach yet coach if anybody can come up with something that I'm sure you guys could luck today. We gobble we watch in that game and and would look to see Appleton Xavier. Bring that gold ball home. Now I have obviously I we entire community up an apple that they think they were up front you know we've had. Super excited and the last in the season and I got to give our best shot no doubt about that thing. You've back coach thank you very much in again good luck today and my coach they did the nerves that he has to be feeling and I remember that part of that. You know just the nervous feeling like man. Is it ever gonna get here let's get to the sank. You know work or hang around the hotel we're doing walk throughs in this you know in this area and were doing a walk through over here in telling kids to go to their rumor. Or whatever it seemed like that day what it would take forever. You know weighed into it do we never could. Couple days prior late in our seem like a regular hour and then when you're ready for something like this it would Reagan era and straight not. And we try to go to other teams you do other things to distract these kids and it was so it was difficult guys it's get your break others said the break we will while once again talk with Austin young. In them and asking the question where is motivation is come from for being such a good student athlete 1115. Review the same with self walk he student out there the week. Nate seemed I talked to him on the phone coach mentioned met the kid get a kick Cummins Duke he's got a church event. At noon that says he has to be better he would come would Cummins duties while 1150 Kregg Ozzy from Carroll had. Will join us as well this is the Wendy's farce he puts high school basketball coaches show present it. By our local pick and save stores. I'd sports 31057. FM the fan's.