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03/18/17: Varsity Blitz High School Basketball Coaches Show Hour 2

Mar 18, 2017|

"Big Time" Mike McGivern is joined by coaches Chad Donahue of South Milwaukee and Mike Serath of Catholic Memorial. Student athletes Austin Young of Catholic Memorial and Nate Sielaff join the show. Arrowhead's Coach Craig Haase joins in as well.

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Some of the best high school basketball in the street he's played right he'll wind southeast Wisconsin. It's time to hear some of the best high school basketball coach isn't really a this is the when he's forced city blitz high school basketball coach he's shown more Brazilian boy and can't see stores no peers 1057. FM the fan's high school insider. Big time Mike Mike. Welcome back to the Wendy's varsity blitz high school basketball coach you show presented. By a local pick and save stores. I'm joined by Mike sure at from Catholic memorial Chad Donahue from south porky. Next two segments retard about our student athletes that could say student athletes of the week Chad before we get to them. As a coach in it in and I'm sure Mike will agree I love. Kids that take care of their business in the classroom. Third could ambassadors for us in art school in our community. And for me to be able atop these kids. It's been a great year for pick and save and a we've had some marvelous student athletes in the week and then knows a coach you love them these kids. As a coach when. When it to worry about. He can hear me now I know we got checked and saw Ortiz is a coaching you have you know student athletes that take care of their business class Muir at the worry about that stuff. I'm Indian concentrate on and coach gene instead of all the other little things. Yeah I agree that might say thank yes you know voters of academics over at the memorial are probably second to none and you know you can take care of business and there you. Pretty much go anywhere and hum the I we had no headaches whatsoever in you can kids and I'd got to look at the kids great reports early in the season and we have some GPAs over four point oh and so. I'm a cup don't need to worry about this don't that's one. And for a first year head coach and and he Chad your young. Coach you've only been a head coach let's leave as well as an extra in coaching world you know as a head coach is your fourth year right total yeah yes so that's that's young. You're young gun style. And I think in your walk methodology. It just makes it so much easier at the. Which student athlete is making a difference in their community in their classroom. And on the field let's make this week's pick and save our school's student athlete of the week brought you by your local big saves doors bacon saved. They're something new every day. Want to thank our local preconceived stores and home for the week yet. His name of the pin. That puts that music together force local brand New Berlin Eisenhower grant. If you want to check them on home for the weekend. Dot com to see where they're going to be playing or if you want to book them for an event again home for the weekend our student out two weeks produced you do we've been talking to him. Austin young from Catholic memorial. On Austin first and foremost congratulations way to win I talked your coaches some look we got a number of guys that might not fit that mold. But I'm gonna give you were young men that I think is is just phenomenal young kid and he's got a great future and and congratulations and that. How how difficult was it for you to be able to juggle the suit you play football you play basketball any else. You know they're they're good if you do well be nice to play baseball he's play baseball a tall aria 6666. Where your first baseman or what effort desperate but I've tried pick strikes okay. On the tickets to juggle all of that especially back to back seasons in your football program played all wait till the end. Typical thing freed it has to do the books in and take carrier athletics up. Not too difficult. It's definitely helps me. It organized and puts on a schedule that. We do a great job its image making can make pitcher kids are on top of everything and it is have and the support team around us with all the teachers coaches and parents they if they make sure we get everything done and before we can move on our action creek extra curriculars like football basketball. In the end your motivation for being such a good student athlete were that come from. I think I'm just I understand that I'm very blessed and by my parents and my teachers. To have so many opportunities late opportunity go to Catholic memorial. And I just have so many gifts tonight I'm conscientious than me using these kiss to the best abilities. And not taking anything programs and I know that I have I possess talents. And I'd just wanted to make sure that I use or. And that's awesome and you and your pointed over to the couch. My dad's here with us in the studio so I'll give a thank you and her everything he does for me. Man that's awesome might. I've but talk to your dad in gyms a number of times and he's very priority. He's prod he eat EU lovesick Catholic memorial family. And he. We we've had a number of discussions over that the years it's never been in. A supermarket or castration putting chips I think he's a gym rats well is still around he's had a engines for along you sit as I happen and so we've run into each other number of times. He's really prod he. In the work that you've done. Arm as a student athlete ended that word student comes first in in use obviously. May have taken that to heart. In the future not quite sure were you to go yet where they're gonna play ball are you gonna go over and b.'s student. You have an idea what you wanted to do get into as far as your academics. After college I'd like to be engineer oak fact. The pass of the disappointments engineering that. Most entries and you'd be in industrial engines good for you. Now when you get and I say this too lot of kids we just remember on nice have been used to when you start to speak monster company. And that come asking if I can work there never forget you guys or whatever for I promise take let's take some more pictures it doesn't matter right no that isn't it that you rarer that. Well you know what congratulations what happens next week Austin is you and I are your dad your family your buddies your coaching staff anybody wants come. Will meet at the closest pick conceived capped the moral awesome and doubt they've got a beautiful plaque for you. On and this is brought you by the your local pick conceived story can do without those guys. And we'll get some pictures the pictures coop and our website the goal on the FaceBook page for preconceived these are really proud. Of all over Pickens who student athletes. And doubt will do that next week I'm picture cell phone and and will will figure at a time that that works for you. Like that you're gonna miss this kid. Absolutely have slowed him thumb. When I was coach and a kettle marine he was a freshman sophomore. And we were game plan and again stump and when I took over the position I was like yes I gave him for one season. And we knew what we are completely different team when he's when he's on the for them when he's off today and he does great things he's an ambassador for Sydor basketball and the school in general yet that's a huge burnout where I miss him greatly. Ought to what to your class that senior class some and asks Nate this season junior from South Milwaukee so he's got another year. But Austin you're you're in that senior class has left a pretty good legacy. Behind. Yeah we we finished the season. With the most successful season that we've had in our four years at C image. So leaving the program in good hands with new coach stressed. And just leading by example as best week on the floor having five seniors was big for the program. And we just. Word. We're lucky to have the opportunity to have had the opportunity to Scholl all the underclassmen that. The new coach is awesome and that this program should is in the right to his head in the right direction Mike this is this what. Equity that he put in that the kid Sydor in his class and will talk it again the same thing with Nate coming up. Nate for south walk he's in different spot he's now. Now there's season's over he's now his classes you have to lead this. The south market team so he's gonna have to show by example. He's Austin's already done that yet he's. Watching him over the summer like what complaining you think art this guy has some then in this class is. Very were very very good. No MX trooper go and Iowa on a football scholarship Bender guiding going to make Michigan and a baseball scholarship. Lucas Morris agreed soccer player who's gonna go to Whitewater and Joseph Herman who won a state championship and volleyball. And is great athlete like that is senior class that's my senior class and Austin whose you know hopefully go to MS so way to play college basketball so. We have athlete school or MS well players and so. Time to retire. And I think I don't realize you don't wideout Doug I would you know what I am leaving the all those guys leave and I might be I might Milwaukee our youth is as is very very good some not going anywhere freshman team did while. The out we had five freshman up and they still won 1415 games that the freshman mobile at one of Andre the mercy of play it was a six man seven man. And then four up on JB and they'll stared at the level OK so the future's bright absolutely that's awesome guys really get to break others said the break. Inmates how does you pencil us in C law sealed off. Nate seal off is there soon after the week from South Milwaukee where you reach out to him. And spent a few minutes with him. Austin sick Rafa will bet. Those are yet to come to probably get your debt off the couch and slapped the headset on him and talk to him for a minute boy later in the show. I don't know what the real awesome young use call up about. This is the Wendy's where's he puts high school basketball coaches show. Presented by your local pick and save stores. I'd sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome back to the way these horse he puts high school basketball coaches show presented. Where local pick and save stores. I'm Mike we giver once had a head basketball coach at south walk each had done in Europe at best what coach Cathy Moore Mora Mike's or at. And one of our student athletes in the week he's in studio he's Austin young from cal to Morrow Renault Joan joined on the phone. By young man for self more keep taking care his business on the on the court in the classroom he's made sea of off Nathan how you doing today. He made are you there. Excellent thanks for joining us congratulations. On and be named one of our pick it's a student athletes of the week. Thank you. Hey nick let's talk a little bit about. About academics and and south Lockheed something that obviously you've do you take good care of need to hard feuded juggle beat it good student athlete is tough to do both you know athletics and all your academics. Comcast sometimes can be hard but you can at most get better and and spotted mean a player like sports and do all the schoolwork take AP classes that he can be hard sometimes. He's got pushed or could you not what's best for you. Hey Nate your motivation for being such a good Steve Napoli worded that come from. For me it's mostly to be there are best person I can be the best student the best team in the best cleric be but. Also it's mostly because I know I wanna go to college and that's hard to do for some people but the working out necessary for that. You donate we we've been talking with the head basketball coach Chad doubting you on your side from south walk he's institute you with us. And he said look we're we just don't have a lot of size so Ghali needs got to play every position that. That that we have read he defends the big sometimes he plays point guard sometimes you pleased that. The three. In different call when you don't have the kind of size it some other schools do. But gives gives guys like you chance to play a lot of minutes Otis hill. It. You hate it Chad did did dumb. You know we talked about we talked with Austin that the legacy that that's senior classic in other Morel has left is huge. Name now is his junior class is guided got to put the sweat equity and it showed his soft or freshman and incoming freshman from next year. What they're gonna have to turn the program around it was tough here. But that but this is a can a guy really made it could be the leader to say look I'm the class that started this Chara. I really expect him to be one of arm army leaders next year yet calm our senior class this year you know regardless of stats are playing time. They did set a good example east there's create the culture that we won enemy we had. It's our seniors are great in some armed and play a lot some did play allowed. I mean you talk about Keating and or he has Loney guard number one expectation as a team is giving energy handles kids. On the bench in all they were. Jen you're genuinely. Excited for the kids that were on the floor whether they were plane or not so I think he's he's as some good role models Lee a year older and look up to outta the followed that's most footsteps. He hit today we shall we kitty got you studio but I know at noon today you've got to a church event that you have to be yet. I really appreciate a compliment your time. Arm I'll reach out T either next week and the following week and will meet at the pick and save in South Milwaukee got a beautiful plaque in award for you'll get some pictures. On thank you so much for complements your time to that. You bet me I need seal off. From south balky he. We he's got to carry this thing I mean there's the junior class. Little bit light it's that Canada numbers wise but I you know I expect you know we a couple of sophomores this year also. No listen meets next year will be his fourth year actually playing underneath me when I was the GB coach when he was a freshman he had moved up. Her prime what halfway through the season did a great job when he M moved up and then as a sophomore he started the season on the JV team. Seven games until we move them up merely been plague a time when he first got moved up violated in this off series he started a few games. And only just. He's a hard worker he's a gym rat he's going to be in there is wells as the leads let these by example. Yeah he's got a wonderful future no matter what he's human it's Khartoum last night you just tell you he's a really cute kid. He before we get we got a few minutes from for it you'd to a break. I'm Mike we talk about your staff was your staff in place or was it guys it's you. Run in how does that work a count you memorial come. No I didn't really have a staff in mind that I had a couple guys and they got from personally jobs that they went. To a different school so I kinda opened it up and ahead Steve Smith from Burlington Catholic central. He sent me his stuff and I got to meet him and loved what he had to do we got a great perspective the to the game. And then Dave he Barrett joined he Kim or Showalter anyone to stay ami as the Thais to Catholic memorial with with coach young and I'm glad that he stayed he's a good guy absolutely absolutely and then the coach mills was ban on the staff is Jim freshman JV assistant so I gave him the javy had Javanese helps that the varsity level. And then Joseph by and that salaam he was part of the Tony ten. On the on their roster so a lot its like capping moral ties with that's absolutely absolutely Chad same question for you on your staff. And we had a lot of guys combat. My adversity assist it was pat McCarty is a salt walking graduate. Those are good player for them back in the day. He was averse to assist in for a few years beef you know before this season was long time GB coached. On mile when he was a player is Kendall is not known as a hard nosed. Play player an analyst and he bring brings that aspect. The practices and games. My GD coach John ball. Was a freshman coach for her 56 previous seasons before that he's the fitness senator director and that's all want you there he'd mean. As a JV coach there is there is not another guy that puts him more time. You know an end in he's sort trusts were the only and he buys and everything we're doing and love that come up with that and it's it's hard to find assistance they're willing to put in as much time as he is you will stay right as a head coach and he does that. Com at freshman level in the old deal Amare. He's second your teacher by a teacher in the middle school this is for Sierra in the program he did a great job with the freshman. Fiery guy competitive say he fit right in. You know it in in a ensured that you know this Chan I think Mike you probably knows by now but. Who the most important thing for an assistant coach is loyalty. You know what if if your loyal to the head coach to the pro cramp. Nobody trying to take your job you know I think that those of the past assisting coaches and I said earlier in that in the show I think goes a better assistant coach. I think I am a better since he coasts and was a head coach. And I think it's preside at yet throw myself infer upon us for coach Walsh Chargers what if you know that's I don't want his job and no interest in it. I like to coach next to him like to be part of the program. Aram have no interest and taken his job and I think. Like the U understood as an assistant coach Chad you same thing you know this is that's the deal that's that the hand we're dealt physicist and coach. And as a head coach you're only as good as the guys that are or were connects yeah and that are gonna push in I was looking for guys they're gonna you know. Not be yes men that we're gonna throw things that mean that I may not think in the in the flow of the game and did it happen this year which. I learn on the fly of certain things and I'm sure glad that you know those guys are saying you know time out here or maybe this guy here at maybe you know this is what their run and and it's like. Well I'm mid all of us some things finance. When you're in your head coach sort of build our slowdown yeah or as I don't white it'll slowdown and and sure channel agree your Q your three year for. And it's it's it's it can completely different you you went through the war whose first year. And they'll be other you know wars and stuff to just go through but as far as the quickness of the game and making those decisions. He's a slowdown will before you're there is a big difference in your seating down you know just as an assistant Guinean suggestions. Allen it's like. Whether he listens or not it's not a bit not a big deal you keep in the suggestions I think. No one of the greatest signs of an assistant coach is. He'll been able to hear the word Null and and keep keep Kumble was suggests that isn't yeah I just leave the bats that and I go home a piece is known to talk to so I. You know is how dare you don't think you know it big time might be. No I don't I you know I just kidding with it I think arm might be kids that. Let me ask you this when when you look back now the season's over. You're if it was a favorite memory for you is there one that you go man that was that was the past. I'm. Just the whole season like recapping the season like how it started and played. Taking over the positioning getting to know the guys like in late June and July. And now and now to see where were at and the relationships I've made and how they've bought in in the success of the program. I don't like. I couldn't I could tell you couple parts of the games it's more the stuff. In practice. On the road like before games after games you know we've had. Couple buzzer beater wins you've had a couple games three fought back down and like just the grit and like sitting in the locker room and just seemed. They know how spent I am announcement they were in dislike. We went to war together and we came out victorious and see what we can do when we do this together and just got to watch in the mold. How hard was the lock room at the -- Tough neutralize some years is it that words can't really you know you can save. As much where you want but it's tough. So it is really hard so I went through a few of those a lot of those in fact in. And you look around on and it's really different called you see the soft worst. You know you this year the juniors is they're thinking OK got another year. But to see the seniors that have put in a lot of time in in. He we talked about sweat equity and that's you gotta think the seniors this is the time that did the sweat equity and you know right I had met. The first one year only with them it's just. You just you show your appreciation towards them yet that green dealt team was playing pretty well at the end they were they came out and competed in one edit and we got down an a hole that we just can dig ourselves so you know credit to them same question for you that's a tough that last year was tough. And unless he is always tough you know I look look bad nor reflect on the season in a little. The win total wasn't what we would've liked on the you know it February they're still coming to practice with smiles on their faces they're working tired you know they're battling. In Oslo in all remember these kids is just you know being great great kids. I had to take one highlight for the season ninth. Pretty easy answer was that double over. Yeah victory over I could have picked F for you and I EI and I could have picked out one for you. You know I think ours from. There's a couple for you Martin Luther because they're losing for a while there inferred last year we won nine games that he thought we won the national championship. Likened. And like we won nine games and like coach we've won nine games. Get a free popcorn stuff like that. To to get a win down it received prairie receipt per it was really lift their critique it. In to beat him ninety to 85. So that either tells him that really good offense in Atlanta or no defense that had me. Might need to Wear blue line beat that's and to be and he ended be able to beat Dominican twice just equality. Well coached team good players and compete them at our place and impede him in that in that turn him it was I think probably. Of some of the highlights but like you might there's a number of things that happened. You know try to practice. Where will talk about for a one timer sit around watching their girl's state final in that in our cafeteria have and are team meal. And and watching these kids. As they reacted effective videotape some of it watching these kids is he reacted to other gross team was poignant. Was. Never said he knew these guys but meant something special to see that was key guys is get to break it was said the break will continue our conversation. We're who are going to probably. And no and will will love will bring again a couch and we'll try and knew about a couple of things are going I think show us what he think of that. I think you'll degrade the identity I think jacket she said Beck is it is one of ripping him or walk home. That's awesome. This is the Wendy's Farsi puts high school bass or coaches show present it. By your local pick in save stores on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. And me. Eat your and this. Welcome back to the Wendy's horse he puts high school basketball coaches show presented. By your local pick and save stores. I've sports pretty 1057 F from the fans. I might be humor don't want side. Couple in studio guest for the entire couple of hours we've been here it's been great Mike's or wrath. It's a wrap from capitol memorial finally got that right up there ago Chad Donahue. From south walk you have put him off to the couch we are joined. By our student athlete in week from cal threw more Aussie young's father Doug young Doug you know I've seen each other gyms long time. We're a lot around out there are mile and a number of years yeah that your chip Bradley got impact your eye and furthermore you're you're in the walk Charlotte area and and doubt we do cross pass every once in awhile and reverend I think it was a may be out at watch us out that Q what's recent endlessly the show went. And I didn't put two and two together until you get out of the Vienna went there I know him it would Pierce's cared for so this worked out well. Are you doing with the you know he's had a great career at cabinet room horrible football and basketball. And at least as high school career. Has it is ended and I know hard it was for me and and not just to let you know you're not the only guy that's gone through this and it's difficult. Yeah it's tough fighter you know and anticipation we knew it was gonna. There's going to be a time when will happen and it's happening now Seoul. And other kids to follow my older son Dayton Moore threw the same thing and then Austin was playing in June you know little. Grade school ball our own coached and watched in there and then. It's been gone quick con. It's incredible your parents always tell your time give it goes by too fast it just it does you question. The win Mets using great school it seem like it went on for a while. High school went quick man like him and I blinked them and I Andy when you start looking back at some of the things that. You know that that did the fun times in the crowd and the fun times on the sidelines and all that stuff. It it it. You'll start remembering stuff that happened that you Buick and you remember this this that was awesome. You really prodding him. But are really got him and his classmates and as coaches I'm a feel blessed that he's had the opportunity and taken advantage to. You know you while on the I always ask people would be what my cell was like we couldn't smile Michael won't. You know went on that Iraq and and talking with his coach. My salute this is this kid's recruit like he's the real deal and so wind when he can't smell your Cologne. Man I'm sure he's the same kid kid that he is he looks you right yeah I shakes your hand and a you gotta feel really good about that cap the memorial tests as set the path for him to be really successful at the next level no matter weight were he jokes. Yeah I'm grateful for that and it's it's truly all his mother's fault. I married a gal who's from a family of eight children. And all eight of them went there and it was like he had no you are a lot of life but our kids are normal. Ha ha ha. I don't like at Daytona thing I do think that you're missing young yeah I think that you don't like Ed and Mike over there's like mrs. young do you have an 65. Yeah you know you got a great kids aren't always there for a dollar going to be that idea. Yeah yeah yeah. Last five times over already well pretty amazing worded they'd be live close they do. Britain walks Sawyer it's perfect and the youngest is out and oh count more my three grand sizzled across street. It's like Everybody Loves Raymond and on the old guy I don't eat popcorn and watch sports plus owner cares yeah we don't know I you know what blessing for me match. It is I'd look out my window the other day I looked up my window and there aren't playing in the snow the three of them and their. Ki in his I think seven. And Logan is. Five. Personnel on 687. In. Three I I wife received an ever greater depth at all coaches are really good point is that there and they're tough kids and so I'd you know put in my boots and head over there and they throw snow balls at me and I just about where I had enough innocent boys I'm walking home I'm getting out to get hazards you guys are mean to popular so. It's it. That part is really cool it is different though when it's not you know you get a chance to watch crank its play but it is little different yeah. Doing Mallory oh you are yeah there's no doubt you while on the yeah I'm sure that you have this idea for my son think that we had his. Map laid out form but they may have different opinions on what their map should be. Is that a discussion that you guys have had and is it difficult one for you we. I'm sure it's gonna be it'll have tender moments and some rough spot some sherbet. We've we've waited for some decisions to be made around him and then notably an opportunity discuss them more openly and direct. If if I can give you attempt and and you don't need to say you've been through this already. The cool parties he has options yes and you know what the other cool parties if he makes if he makes his decisions that. A year from now he's not happy with theirs there's a second. There's there's another decision that he can make them you know it doesn't this isn't like when he gets locked in he's that sit and he has no other option so. Yeah I young man I miss that and now you're gonna win and I'm glad you can take that for awhile now absolutely the what what some what part of it where you miss football more basketball more you don't have to the past what coach is right there but he understands how. I'll take that I have had I hit it governments at all course but don't. You don't with the traveling with a view the real basketball's that that things year round yeah I mean yeah it's keeps going. Football is special and as much as they're sold fewer games right things and you're outdoors in these things in the social life around it is. Pretty impressive roaming great we've been blessed with great families and parents that we yet traveled with and one of these games with and so forth. Basketball as well it's a tougher deal because there's only five guys all their time right omelets raises your behalf through a lot of parents when there's 42 kids and floss that your given time. Yeah and and the success they've that they've had recently in pass close not been nearly what it is and in football and I know that that might. You do free walk showed capitol memorial is a football right now football school. And I think Jared I think Germantown prove to you can be both. You Camby also good and I know that's what's your your your shooting for that and he dug congratulations. My you know Serbia what a nice young man and he will do good things and world and rework and form one day so be nice yeah. Think Yuma yeah I appreciate what you do for. These sports community from the things you'll athletes it's a wonderful thing you know or he's admired that I've sort of opportunity for reason Aussie Indians again I Uga going to work absolutely no that's all I know but yeah I guess you have maybe you would you need to stir scout for green Gil Martin Luther we'll talk about that allies as golfer I thought if you would look good greeted gold and that's elevated. He's word that's you'd stuff pretty proud but. Hey guys it's cute to break other side of the break will continue were. Also good to talk to the head basketball coach it arrowhead Craig Ozzie heck of a game last night oh my goodness. I I thought that thing was over and and they got themselves back into it got to win and we'll talk to him about 1150 or so. This is the Wendy's varsity puts high school basketball coaches show presented by your local pick in saves course. I'd sports pretty 1057 FM the fan's. Welcome back to the Wendy's virtue blitz high school basketball coaches show. Presented by your local pick and save stores. Choi does it all and the entire show and it's been a really fun show for me Chad downing you. From south walk you mice rats from cap and memorial. Along with Austin young from Cathy Moore pretty tasty now from the weak chip before we get take Craig Ozzie. Couple players in the program there you make this program goal next year couple guys it tell you would mention. There we already talked to nave seal off he was second team all conference player city can know Jack of all trades who play every position for us again next year. I also had a sophomore that was honorable mention all conference at glucose ski. 02 weeks for the season I was new mature views in a play varsity and you know he kind of exceeded expectations. I think he's and it's all easily get stronger. And he'll he'll be a good player or it's all said and done and then. Starting point there this year was a sophomore is that the chat. You know a tough as nails kid he plays hired. Meena Lee will he learn how to change his game a little bit this year and slowed the game come to him if I know his mom and dad good people and a great Gary is she mean both from Dillon. In awesome job open order on the program. Another player that improved the last three seasons Hannity and I think will will will. The immediate contributor another two guys at the end of kind of broke into the rotation India and it's a get. In Jeremiah lo Cicero. I think we'll be contributors and then. After that we have some guys from the G eighty team that I think will will improve it and and I we get some young kids that you know will float the roster if you. For Mike real quick it'd soup kid is a make county memorial go next year yeah I would got a solid junior class the CJ gets and then ends they're prisoners got her third. Or rush it. Couple sophomore is up with though rich by area in the coldly. And then our south freshman of course that the that you played major minutes or so and I thought freshman and sophomore class you know who wants to know on who's gonna make your team go and I'm sure Craig ties if merit he's not worried about next jurors don't. He's got one game left. And he's joining us right now coach odds he Becky and let's say it was unbelievable. I think there. Yeah I'd I'd put that down as pretty crew. That was an incredible finish in any congratulations. To you and and two boys at arrowhead. Met Teddy coach want three and and and Brookfield central that was a heck of a good basketball team that you guys beat. Yeah I know what the real privilege to play a program that course won't it won't. You know weird. Confident that it was going to be a great game it wasn't. You know. Struck down the stretch and that's just recovered seniors and not press the guys in our squad that wanted to commission wanted to play one more night. Coach you do win after a win like that calm. Sometimes teams like he'd be they kinda c'mon a little bit flack is it celebrated so hard. Was this a business deal is awesome young was target a bucket and up to state. Well this year in football that it was a business deal because it was to the the year before. I'm wondering are you are you able to get your kids to forget about that announced her to focus quickly and Stevens Point. You know I trust their familiar like in all we'll put you to do this time a year so yeah. They've gone through gain regain regain your game again and trust that they're gonna be ready focused but. Guess we won't really find out that we get there but it's a great group that's dedicated himself the basketball and bout. It's certainly paid off down the stretch. Boy they did the plea you know there's a number of plays that people talk about from that team the one that I don't think people talk much about that that. I just jumped out of the chair was the block rated TN from the Hamilton Kent. Yeah it was the men played off Alan yeah actually kind of falling backwards and somehow you're not up where they're going. They're blocked at being out of bounds and you know I was hoping that the clock would run out but. He didn't put the actual play unit with the game should report. And they got a good look there if he hadn't. They certainly did it and you know fortunately we recovered at the Ravens should that they quit excellent all or like we talk about what that happened knowledge. Unfortunate for them for a rough than we've been on the other side and you know record yell and like it editorial river plate is he in what coach wants or coaches and great respect for him and what he's done over there and which is glad it went one more night. Hey coach I thought sell your point guard. He really kept it. Together and I thought he made some great decisions Muir studio. I never weeks ago he's so look he's really certain make great decisions from the point guard spot. And not only did he make good decisions he hits some big shots their coach when you win a look like for accent Joe's gonna go away and run away from yet. He came down to hit some big shots and you gotta be really proud of the way he is has progressed throughout the year. Yeah there's no question he's returned as a player and he realizes what our team needs is for him to be a playmaker first. Score second morneau and I thought he descended a really good player very well last night I mean 1711 and nine and state semi finals with. We blocked and you know I think that's a pretty good you info. If we Tibet from him you know difficult that won't be in this game and I you have to. A coach could luck against Stevens Point tonight and as I talked to coach from destiny. You bring that gold ball back this way that's were the ones of the ones over in this neck of the woods and down Warren root for you tonight. And it takes place spot like a really appreciate it and will do our best bring it home. You've got to criticizes a head coach at aero had Mike you've played against earlier and now I have no you'd know a lot about that program. That senior group that's a cut she group me and top to bottom they have higher. There are match up nightmare and the you chart a sub one or two. 345. And T and kids off the bench attitude up that they are still a big shot lesson yeah he's not a bench guy he's he played starter minutes yet and he's. And he proved it yet there rom. He that's a tough lake he said they got size they're athletic and we get a point guard that when he's making decisions that he made last night. They're tough to beat his shots and hit three ball and obviously three possessions in a row to get back in the game gas. And that's the narrow eyed. Jets are you guys you have put on your baseball cap and I guess their coach from baseball and caution my son's baseball team. Again. Economics and for that too it's like. It's like senior other sports like a spent some time out of the GM and that's what's been enough time minutes yet little hole. Less pressure coach your son's baseball team them not to worry if we win or lose even actually been pretty lucky and a when a lot of games with his team the last couple years. He's the young before you we got to get out here a minute that's the I Ivey had the opportunity to be in the South Milwaukee community for a couple of events. And down that's a pretty that's a pretty cool community by the support few there adding that it. The support system it has been great the players I mean I've been any piles appearance this year they athletic director at the you to Vick is agree very supportive and he's awesome out. Notes blue collar community you know I love it that's what it's like gonna view myself as a blue collar you know final work everybody you know. To which you gotta do. He might the captain memorial basketball program is good hands and meant. Pretty quiet yet very much you Brad and I think that. You know I talked bucket and free popcorn after winning nine games the Kevin Martin Luther. You know there's some popcorn coming your way right you keep going Butler coach Glenn Tait. He did a nice job he did he did that I am I late steal a lot and and I thought that he did a good job. I thought he you know there's good the the way he put his program together maybe didn't have the wins that that he thought. But I thought he did a good job in in like he said the cover was not fair no none on and off so. Think you for evidently you bet it's really good to meet shoot too good to see you again seeing eye to a reforming. Or Jays form it will do make sure you kissing ever accused Marriott. Tell them that special place in haven't. Aussie skewed to meet shoot thank you for having me yeah good luck with your decision making thank you so much yeah I know that. Sure that I was gonna be listen and then and any way that he can help club. He'll help but good luck with ads could see you thank you so much can you say to you but they should listen this is the Wendy's or simple it's high school bass while coaches show. Presented by your local pick and save stores. I'm sports Radio One 057 at them. The fans.